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1672 E Gun Hill Rd, The Bronx, NY 10469

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REVIEWS OF Normans Auto Driving School IN New York

lori walker

The prices are reasonable and Norman is a great instructor . He works with your schedule ,very informative, and makes you feel at ease for those people who feel they are absolutely afraid to get in a car (i.e. Myself ) and now I got my license !

Timothy Chau

This is a great driving school. There are more than one instructor. Norman's parallel parking technique is simple and works well. Surprisingly he was able to find me road tests quickly despite me asking for only Friday. Norman is polite and a straight shooter.

talisa lawrence


Bulbul Miah

Spent money for no reason.

lupe fuentes

Normans Driving school is great. My son has a busy schedule he is a senior in high school and on the track team. Norman worked around my son's schedule and was able to help my son pass his road test. I would recommend him he made my son feel comfortable and confident. Thanks you !!!!

Lettitia Martin

For professional, friendly and efficient service I recommend Norman Driving school.

Melanie Perez

Elly Lopez

Norman is a very good and thoughtful driving instructor! Thanks to him I pass my road test on the first time! Totally recommend him.

Sherlyn Collado

I totally recommend Normans Auto Driving School, to anyone interested in taking Driving lessons. Norman is very patient with all his students, He gives you extrategies to help you pass the road test and he makes you feel comfortable with yourself behind the steering wheel. Also if you need to watch the 5 hour class I recommend you do it with him, the way he teaches it if different and is dynamic. They have very good prices compared to most of the Driving school around that area. I took the 5 lesson package and I passed the road test the first time, you just have to be open minded and listen to him and you'll be good. Oooh and they are bilingual (spanish and english)

camille bell

I passed my driving test first try, because Norman and Stephan gave me the confidence and skill to not worry or panic.

Dreni Isufi

Hands down the best package deals you can get in NY. Also great instructors and I passed the road test the first time. You can’t go wrong with Norman driving school.

Elimar Perez

I had Kimberly and Norman as instructors and they know what they are doing. They will point out your weaknesses and fix them immediately. My friend and I have both passed the road test recently. I recommend this place to everyone, especially to beginners that need to gain confidence behind the wheel.

Worlasi K.

Norman is a great instructor and I am very grateful to have had him teach me how to drive. The employees are patient and always willing to help make the driving experience a comfortable one. Thanks to Normans Auto Driving School, I passed my road test on the first try. Definitely register with them!

Tamara Gayle

Keshawn Sterling

I was a student here. The people here are very patient and willing to help you. It took me 20 days to get my license. Thank you Norman!

Raymond Matias

After conducting reviews for 4 star+ driving schools in the Bronx before booking a bigger package, I have to say Normans was the worst one. For one, pickup was late over 30 min meanwhile a call was placed to confirm time for pickup 1 hr prior. 2nd, 2 driving instructors was in vehicle for reasons being training: understandable. However, when you are training someone on a students paid time is unacceptable especially when they have to re-do 3x for not getting the intro right. this took 15 min just to learn about controls of the car and not actual driving. Third, instructor Norman was more interested in talking and talking about my personal life/job then actual teaching. There was no parallel parking taught, 3 point turn, constructive feedback, stop sign 3 second rule...etc as oppose to other driving lessons I took taught. Overall, it was basically money spent to just driver his car. On the plus side, Norman is a nice guy and willing to work with you but on the teaching side 1 star.

Victoria Leeking

Norman Driving School is the BEST. Passed Road Test on first try. Thanks Norman!!!

Talou Diallo

I had a great time and i got my license the first try. Definitely would recommend this school

Cheryne VanDuyne

thanks to Norman and his wonderful team they are the best they work together to get the job done. Norman you are a wonderful tracher keep up the good work and you have the best team. Paul and Bundle you guys were great and know what you are doing any student get u to work with sure of getting their liscen, i highly recommend. Thanks again guys

Solange Des

Norman's Auto driving school is firstly reasonably priced. The Owner/instructor will accomodate the times and days you need. His instructors for driving lessons and the 5 hour course are professional, in my opinion, all the while making you feel comfortable as well as making you laugh. I was completely new at driving and with Norman and Stephen's help I passed my road test on the first try!!! I am grateful that I found Norman's auto driving school, in my opinion his driving school is the best choice.

Samia Ali

There were some scheduling conflicts but Norman was very accommodating and overall he was very comfortable to drive with and helped me pass my road test! He’s also a super awesome and informative teacher for the 5 hour class :)

Steven Salmon

Norman is the BEST Hands downs this man is Amazing. I took his package 5 Class plus road Test plus Car Passed my Road Test today !!! he is the truth Take his Classes!! NOW!

Terry Braxton

NORMANS driving school is amazing ! I spent over $400 with a driving school before meeting Norman. I failed my road test three times before meeting Norman. I did three lessons with Norman and passed my road test the first time in pouring rain. Norman really cares about his students and it’s not all about money for him. I gave him a very hard time and he was very patient and understanding throughout the process. I wish I came to this school before. He taught me how to park, and do better turns something I was not getting from my previous school . Also he gives you his own evaluation before u take ur road test just how the examiners would do. If you want to pass come to this school.

Aliesha Thomas

Very patient, answers all of your questions to the best of his ability and very dedicated. Highly recommend Normans Driving School ! :D

ruddy furcal

Norman would teach you what you need to know. He is straight forward

Anika Stone

Yeahhh I pass my test today. Would recommend this school to anyone. My instructor was a very good teacher. She made me feel comfortable around the wheel.

babatunde adenowo

Norman is such a great guy to work with i just passed my road test yesterday on my second attempt he told me everything i need to know I'm glad i met you at the gas station one week to my road test.


After failing five times at another driving school, I came to flavors and I passed on my first try

Jazmine Monae

Norman's driving school is one of the best in the area with reasonable deals. My instructor Stephon was absolutely amazing, he made sure I was well prepared for my road test. He was flexible, patient, competent, and made things very comfortable. Because of him I passed on the first try.

Gabrielle Daniels

They are one the best driving schools in the bronx. They work with their students and their prices are really affordable. Try them today and you will not regret it. I recommend them.

Jadene Stewart

Thank you lord for all making a way when there seem like this journey wasn't going to work out for my good. I went here with no experience in driving, but that was quickly change, eventhough at time I've second thoughts but Google land me at Norman Driving School

Christine Richards

Great experience. Instructor was Norman who was very thorough, patient and professional. Got my license on my first test. I would recommend this driving school to anyone who is serious about learning as your experience will not be regretted.

Abhey Heer

Great experience driving with the instructor. Also very good prices.

Salimatou Hann

Norman is the best instructor I ever had! He teaches you everything you need to know to pass the driving test with flying colors! I passed mine the first time! Thank you Norman! :)

Salim Sabi

Dovet Mcfarlane

Great place to learn to drive beginners or relearning.

Lakiya Hubbard

I PASSED MY ROAD TEST! Norman and his staff are A1! They care and it shows! They make you feel comfortable! The prices are legitimately unarguably cheap as they come for a driving school! PERIOD! I’ve been to a few! The information they have is accurate and they really want to see you flourish!

brenda mejia

I sign up for the 10 lesson package.I came from a previous school but needed more practice and someone more committed to his work. Norman is very professional and he will quickly notice where you need practice and will give you plenty of advice on how to pass the road test. He will accommodate your schedule, his staff is very professional and have great packages at a good price. He will also give you a mock test and this will definitely helps you to succeed on your road test. He speaks Spanish and that's plus! Thank you Norman! I passed my road test on my third attempt and thanks for this guy!

Kathy Harris

Norman is one of the best instructor that I have ever met. He teach's very well, like other people say he is calm and patient unlike other instructors who yell, Norman absolutely does not yell. He help me to pass my road test and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to learn how to drive. He is one of the top best, better then any of the instructors that I have met. K Alleyne

saurabh yadav

Either you are a beginner or an experienced driver , norman driving school would be a good choice towards making sure you pass you test . Norman is an excellent and experienced driving instructor and would quickly judge your flaws and try to rectify them , while making sure your confidence remains up. Highly recommended ( i passed my driving test) .

Stephanie Martinez

I was seeking for affordable driving lessons and Norman beats the rest! Best economical deals hands down. I went to take my 5 hour and never saw a video. I sat through 4 hours of a lecture that was sprinkled with self promotion and self grander. He gave examples and questions to the most far fetched scenarios. That part was tolerable. Why I'm writing this 1 star and it should be 0 is because I from the beginning said I want all my driving lessons preferably back to back instead of spaced out due to limited time. They agreed and I paid for 1/2 of the package. I however was able to find a school that had availability back to back so I wanted to get my refund. This man was blabbering off about how everyplace is the same and how he can hook me up tomorrow with a class. However his tone and words weren't of a customer service who is happily ready to help and understand he was making it sound as if he was tired of me and all I wanted was my money back. I called him and he told me how I was being rude during the 5 hour and that I have to wait a week for my refund. I told him I wouldn't be able to wait went in person and spoke to his daughter who gave me attitude and told my boyfriend to shut up. He insisted on having me wait finally he came and gave me back the money and still approaching me with " let me ask you a question" he's a narcissist who needs the last words and has no regards for perfessionalism and customer service. Horrible I don't recommend god forbid you want to cancel and he tries to con you.

Clari M

I had a great experience with Norman. Took classes for about a month and reviewed most/all key points when driving. I was very prepared and calm for my road test, which I only got 10 points in. Would recommend. Thanks, Norman.

vanessa pierre

Norman is an excellent teacher with a calm demeanor, I highly recommend this driving school.

Candice Mark

As an international transfer student, I thought this school sounded good because all their lesson packages were well within my budget. But it was a huge bonus that the instructors were all great - my own instructor, Stephon, was inevitably my favorite. They're calm, give you great tips, sound advice and hold your hand every step of the way. Learning to drive with them is akin to your first bicycle ride with dad. I 10/10 recommend this school.

A Lopez

GREAT experience! Friendly instructors and passed my test on the first try along with 3 other students from this school:) highly recommended

jeffrey peeks

I signed up at the end of February for five classes I have took four class no road test here we in June was still no driver's license go figure

ashley guzman

Norman's great he makes driving feel so easy, couldn't have asked for a better instructor

Marques Sanders

This is a great driving school! Norman is a great, informative individual that leads a wonderful ensemble of instructors. I was recommended by my cousin to try this school and they didn’t disappoint. We both got our licenses first shot! They really help build and strengthen confidence behind the wheel.


Norman is a great teacher that knows how to get his students to pass the road test. Highly-skilled driver and easy to work with.

Derrick Li

Norman is very nice and helpful. I booked the road test rental car and an hour of practice before test and passed the test easily.

Mark Moncrief

I came in with no driving experience and Norman managed to help me feel safe on the road as a driver, I thank him to the fullest. This will be the place you want to go to for driving experience.

Shawniqua Barrett


Jodi Ann Leslie

If i could give more than 5 stars I would, I highly recommend Norman Driving School. Leo has been a great instructor, he believed in me when i doubted myself.... and I took my driving test and passed... Thank you Leo and Norman, I really appreciate you guys.

Melly Maldonado

Excellent teachers (Norman and Kimberly) passed my test on the first try eventhough I bought more classes than I should have. Money well spent and they work around your schedule. I highly recommend it.

Courtney Trimble

I think some of these ppl leaving five star ratings are friends or relatives of the owner. Horrible customer service, canceled lesson after lesson smh. I purchased a 10 lesson package n was told that if I paid all upfront, I would receive an 11th lesson free. Our second appointment, Norman was a no call/no show. I called him to see what happened n he nonchalantly stated that the car had mechanical issues. Fine, but a call in advance would've been nice. During a two month span, I only received 6 lessons. He canceled so frequently that I would have to call him the day before our scheduled lesson to ensure he was coming to get me. The last straw was when I called to ask if he was still gonna make it to my lesson....which was a few days b4 my road test. He had a family emergency n told me he couldn't make it n that if I failed my road test, he would give me free lessons to prepare me for the next one. I demanded my money back n took my business elsewhere. Once he gets u to pay upfront, he could care less about your lessons. And he does have way more students than he can accommodate. Run far away!!

Kevin Billups

Instructors are very down to earth including Norman. In addition if you work with them they will work with you. Great SERVICE!!!!!!

Abigail Amani

The price is great and I was able to overcome my fear of my license today. Stephan was my instructor and he's such a great and sweet person.

Robert green

The prices are good and affordable and everyone that goes there can testify but aside that the services they render are horrible. You make an appointment for a lesson and they call you on the day of appointment that their car has broken down and its in the workshop. they keep postponing your appointment date till you're almost fed up. Also , whenever Norman picks you up for lessons he's always on his phone making calls and texting , it's like you're his chauffeur and driving him around. After the lesson is over you feel like you really haven't learnt anything but just a drive around. This school is a total disappointment and i regret wasting my time here.

Marquis Howell

My Norman's driving school experience started as a Christmas present from my mother. As any typical new driver, I was not only excited but very anxious as I awaited my first lesson. Finally Norman calls me and tells me he's here in front of my home. I was so terrified yet ecstatic to finally get behind the wheel of a car and learn how to drive. As I arrived to the car Norman eagerly got out of the car ready to greet me as his new student! Norman being the great teacher he is understood that as a new driver I was nervous but he managed to calm my nerves and reassure me that driving isn't hard, it just takes practice! I step into the drivers side of the car after introductions and begin to pull off as instructed. That was my first lesson. Now 10 lessons later and a newly licensed driver I couldn't thank Norman's Driving School enough. Norman is a phenomenal teacher who not only works on teaching his students how to drive but also teaches his students how to feel whilst driving, what exactly to look for, and what the majority of the standard things inside of cars do. Norman works on your confidence as a driver which in my opinion is one of the most important driving skills. Always time, never yells or puts you down when you make a mistake; all the qualities that make a good teacher. The service I received from the driving school was not only exponential but very reasonably priced. I recommend this school to everyone who's a beginner driver and looking to learn how to drive in a safe and comfortable manner.

Shaleader Laing

I was referred to Normans Driving School & would definitely refer anyone that needs lessons to this school.

Jasmine C

I went to the 5 hour class on February 11,2017. The class was informative and organize we had 1 break for 10 minutes we watch a clip of a video for less than 10 minutes. He likes when you participate and he ask questions. He also was late to get to the class. Overall it was a good class I learned things that I didn't know. I'm going to go back and read my book front to back.

Zhen Ren

It's a great experience to learn from Normans driving school! Mr. Norman is very calm and easy to communicate. He also gives lots useful tips for the road test. So glad I passed the exam and highly recommend Normans driving school!

Ezra Bailey

My experience at Norman's Auto Driving School was Amazing!!!!!!!

Sue smith

Wow. What can I say. Kind, patient and a perfect gentleman. I am 60 years old and thanks to Norman I passed my road test yesterday. If you are looking to learn how to drive, look no further. You will not be disappointed. Norman is the man. Always goes the extra mile for you.

Emilia Usa Cornejo

(Translated by Google) Excellent I recommend it (Original) Excelente lo recomiendo


I signed up without any driving experience. I took 7 lessons before taking the test. Their pricing was very competitive and their service was more than satisfactory. Norman is very friendly. He treated me with respect, professionalism and patience. Took 3 lessons with Norman and he came near my house each time. Took 2 lessons with Leo and he also came near my house to pick me up. Took 2 lessons with Bandor and he didn't pick me up; I had to go to the driving school for the lesson. I wasn't happy about it but I didn't mind. All 3 instructors are good people. They will tell you what you are doing well and wrong. I would recommend this school to people trying to learn how to drive.


Norman is simply amazing.. He helped me get my license today I'm so excited, I passed with the first try. He patiently guide you towards the right thing to do. Thanks Norman and God bless you.

Andrea Santana

This couldn't have been the better choice. I found this driving school. The staff is friendly and accommodating, Norman has a very calm persona which makes learning how to drive comfortable and stress free. The prices are fair and I would recommend this school to anyone especially those who live in or around the 10469 area code.

Kristal Dixon

It was a great experience, especially Norman the owner took the time out to make sure I knew the best techniques in passing the road test...nevertheless I passed yesterday...I took the road test 2 times before and this time he said dnt worry third time is the charm and today I am proud to have passed so thanks Norman

Aly F

I tried a few schools and was not happy with my experiences. When I started with Norman's driving school I was a super nervous driver and didn't expect much. But the instructor Stephon was nothing short of AWESOME. Made me feel comfortable with driving, was super patient, if he was ever late he called ahead to give me a heads up. Passed my test on the first try. Never ever thought I'd be less nervous driving let alone have my drivers license but with Stephon's guidance, tips, and patience, I am the proud owner of a driver's license. Thanks, Stephon!

Tia Cherry

Norman helped my brother and I pass the driving test on the first try. This got 5 stars because it is family-oriented, comfortable and relaxed environment and all at a great price!!

Jose Almodovar

My experience with Norman's Driving school was exceptional. My instructor was Norman himself and he was excellent. I am certain the other instructors are as well. I never drove a car and Norman made me feel comfortable and was very patient with me. I took the 10 course package and it was well worth it. I passed my road test on my first try :). I was so impressed with the school that I enrolled my wife for classes. Thanks Norman and thanks to all your staff.

Odany Salcedo

Great driving school with great ,affordable prices .Go ahead and try it out for your self .I knew how to drive before but not how to drive correctly and i had bad habits but this school broke those bad habits and i thank them for that .I passed my driving exam thanks to this school .

Deidra Logan

It was a pleasure having lessons with Norman and also Stephan. They were both professional and made me feel comfortable and confident. I got my license on my first try. I would definitely recommend anyone and everyone to choose Norman’s Driving school


Norman makes you feel comfortable if you've never driven a Car before. Definitely take advantange of the affordable pricing and come here. You won't regret it!

Shannon Simms

This review is not to insult, but to share my personal experience with this business. I paid a discounted price for a 10 lesson package upfront. I was only able to schedule one lesson per week with my instructor, (who was also the owner) and it was always stressful scheduling lessons because he would tell me that I could get a lesson one day and then when I called to schedule a time, he would tell me that he can't put me for the day that we agreed on. Sometimes the only days he would have open would conflict with my work schedule and then he'd have to "fit me in somewhere". He would constantly talk on the phone or text during my lessons which would cause both of us to be distracted. After completing about 7/10 lessons I was offered an additional 5 lesson package for a discounted price if I paid upfront and I agreed to take the deal because I felt like I needed more practice. As the phone problem persisted I asked for a refund of the 5 lesson package and he promised to correct the issue without a refund. He would usually wait until the time of my scheduled lessons to tell me that he would be arriving 30 minutes late which was very unprofessional. In the end, I did pass my road test on the first try. Norman is an excellent instructor he prepared me well for my road test and he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel, however the stressful experience and poor service that I received is why I would not recommend to anyone. As I said before, this is just my experience. If you decide to choose this driving school, never pay upfront, just pay as you go. Good luck

Thanusha Thambithurai

Norman is an awesome instructor. He taught me everything within about 10 lessons (great pricing compared to other schools out there) and its because of him I passed my road test. I highly recommend him he is a wonderful teacher from start to finish.


I recieved a driving package from Normans Driving school as a Christmas gift. A way to push me back into getting my license by my mother after failing the road test three previous times. I used to pass this place on my way to work and always overlooked it. Once I called, I was immediately scheduled my first lesson that same week with an excellent driving instructor(Kimberly

Dema Dalia

Signed up for driving classes with absolutely no driving experience yet I learned everything to make me a confident driver and feel safe on the road. Norman explains everything clearly and even provides simple explanations to do things such as 3- point turns and parallel parking. I also had some lessons with Leo who like Norman is an excellent instructor. Leo really tests your driving instincts and makes sure your paying attention, which is very important while driving. I am very glad that I signed up to take classes with Norman's Auto Driving School and I highly recommend others to do so as well. Both Norman and Leo are amazing instructors who will teach you the importance of driving and help you become a safe driver on the road.

Mariana Jimenez

I am grateful I found Norman. He truly made me feel more comfortable driving and giving me tips along the way thag I needed to correct. This was truly money well spent.


Price was fair. Leo and Norman are great instructors. Leo allowed me to record his driving tips on my phone which helped a lot on the day of the road test. I've never driven before using Norman's driving school and I got the 5-lesson plan. Got my license on the first try.

tamari robinson

I had the pleasure of taking my driving lessons with Norman , he is a great instructor w/ good prices and can accommodate your schedule. The best part is I PASSED MY ROAD TEST THE FIRST TRY! I would definitely recommend him to anyone who's a beginner like me who wants to pass their road test! Thanks Norman!

Kristina Fernandez

Norman is an amazing instructor, he is very calm and very knowledgeable. As long as you practice and listen to him you will get your license.

Aleyna Roman

I attended here for my 5 driving classes and also 5 hour class, and instructors are on top of their appointments.

J.Daniel R.

Norman is a very amusing driving instructor. Very calm and has knowledge of the rules of the road. His driving packages/lessons are affordable compared to other driving schools in the Bronx. He is very patient with his students, and I recommend his business as a place to invest your money, and expect to come out with your Drivers License in a reasonably short period of time. - J. R

Krissy Mc

Norman is a great instructor who really takes the time out to teach you the ways of the road. His prices are great and totally worth it. I would highly recommend him.

Erra Titan

Overall Summary: Excellent! Upon having passed my road test (first try too!) I can say Norman is an excellent driving instructor, he makes an effort to teach you driving from the ground up by allowing you to have a handle on the student driver car in order to have a NATURAL grip while driving, and is committed to work alongside with you. Aside from this, he is also very patient with you as a beginner, and will even let you know how he feels about your driving skills as you get closer to your road test. I chose to give a 4/5 because he can be a little tardy sometimes but it NEVER gets in the way of your learning experience because you will get better with each lesson (trust me). Norman's school offers nice and affordable payment plan options that can guarantee to last up to six months (one of which offers a free lesson!), I spent 5 months (still 10 lessons) working with him (due to college studies getting heavier over a certain period), and never had any problems returning to finish my last set of lessons that remained! Last thing I could say is that should you choose this school, you better be prepared to be put behind the wheel on the very first second you jump in the student driver car!

N stylez

Lobo teve

just passed my road test today an i'm very glad i came to this school to take my lessons. not only are the instructors excellent at teaching they're students but the price is also very affordable. if i could give this school more than 5 stars i'd give it a 10 out of 10 !yes! they're just that good. costumer service was excellent an would recommend this school to anybody who's looking to get they're drivers license.. overall an excellent experience at an affordable price ***** *****

Laura Clarke

Great driving school. Persistent and good prices. Norman made the effort to pick me up for lessons at City Island all the time. Cant thank him enough for helping me with everything and finally getting my license :)

tina barrett

I didn’t want to leave a bad comment but this school lack professionalism!! Pay half price don’t pay in full or pay for you classes as you go because once they get your money they don’t care thank god for my instructor Stephon he’s the best I paid for ten classes at first which I had my first class with stephon and the second one with norman it was horrible he was on the phone with other people it was as if I’m in the car alone by myself!!! I paid for additional classes because I thought I wasn’t ready and only got 1/4 classes I paid for I called and inquire about my money back Norman said he’s going to call me back and it’s been 3 weeks and still haven’t heard from him. I passed my road test thanks to stephon I think he should go on his own he’s too good to be working at this crappy place

Victoria Rodriguez

NORMAN IS THE MAN! My first road test exam and I passed! Norman makes you feel confident and NOT nervous! Anyone and everyone looking for a driving school with a really good instructor hands down should call Norman!

Sheva Mills

Love these instructors, they are definitely the best at teaching you what you need to know! Norman and Kimberly are highly recommended.

Carolin D

I started of not knowing a thing about driving. I took on 10 driving lessons, by my 4 driving lesson with norman I was already on the road on my own. It was an amazing experience, norman is very professional, and great at was he does. I passed my driving test the first time I took it. Definitely recommend him to anyone wanted to learn how to drive the right way, Thank you norman !!!

Kenneth Camilo

Best driving teacher in the Bronx

Dawarlin Collado

Had a great experience at this driving school. Norman will teach you how to drive not only so you can pass the test, he will teach how to become a smart, educated driver. The prices for the lessons and the 5 hour class are the less expensive around the area (trust me I did my research). Also, the nice cars he uses to teach make you feel more comfortable while driving and that was one of the reasons why I pass the test on my first try.

Eveline Orosco

Best driving school, reasonable pricing and package deals. They were very professional and the owner was super nice and very smart. He knows what he’s doing, he also answered all my questions and signed me up right away. I would recommend this driving school to everyone who is looking to get their license. My instructor/owner was great and super professional, gave me the confidence I needed to get my license. Thanks again Norman’s Driving School. Now I can go anywhere I want. From 0 to professional. ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

chantique morales

If I had to recommend a driving school to anyone it would be Normans Driving School. No matter if you are a beginner or somewhat experienced he is the man you would want to teach you. He makes you feel comfortable while you are driving and not a drill sargent. His techniques are very easy and useful compared to the guy I drove with before and failed my first time. Today I took the road test for the second time and passed thanks to Norman!

Myranne Sanchez

Leo is a great teacher and really cares to help you learn to drive! Great communication and he helped me pass! The 5 hour class is also very informative.

Caira Santos

Made sure I got my license before I left for college. Super kind and personable. 10/10 would recommend.

Prince Amir

Aja Rodriguez

Norman is wonderful! Super patient, quick to correct any mistakes you may make (not in a mean way), and puts you at ease during your lessons. Gives you the needed tools to not just past the driving test, but to be a knowledgeable driver for years to come. I went to Norman after taking my first test with another driving school. I wish I had initially gone to Norman instead of going to the other company first, but I'm glad I found my way to him. Thanks again Norman!

Rose Rodriguez

Norman is such a great instructor! He has such a cool and calm demeanor that is very reassuring. Especially for someone (like me) who was fearful of driving before starting my lessons. I just took my road test and passed it on the first try :)

keisha bless

He knows exactly what he is doing .he works with your schedule He's a very patient person .I would recommend him to anyone .

Kashawn Barnes

Very good driving school!! Norman help me pass my road test on the first try so listen to him he’s smart.

Justin Simmons Bronx Homes

Background: I took my first driver's test three years ago after 10 lessons with another driving school. I scored more points than the Golden State Warriors (that is bad on your road test). I let it go for a few years. Recently, I have started ramping up my real estate business and needed to cut down on travel time (among other life needs). I decided it was time to get my license and a car, so I looked through reviews online and came to Norman. I signed up for the 15 class package and paid upfront. Overall, it was a great experience. Norman is an excellent driver, an excellent driving instructor, and a very nice guy. He taught me the mechanics of driving, rules of the road, how the test would run, and built up my confidence, which is key. A lot of times you know how to drive, but the nerves you have make you mess up more than you would in normal circumstances and, therefore, you wind up failing the test. Norman protects you from that issue by building your confidence and providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to drive and succeed on the test. I felt so good about about my abilities that I took my test only after 12 lessons, despite having paid for 15 upfront. I passed my test and my wife and I are looking for a car right now. Not only did Norman congratulate me and thank me for being such a great student, he also scheduled me in for my last three classes so I could get more experience on the highway. If you want service, value, and the skills to be a good driver and pass the road test, come to Norman.

Jarolyn Encarnacion

Individual lesson was 35, which is a really good price but Instructor was on the phone with a client on one line and the driving school on the other, not even paying attention or giving me feed back. Basically paid to drive his car. Will not come back

Shane Cherry

Norman was very informative and extremely helpful. He was patient, calm, understanding, and with his great teaching skills I was able to pass the road test on the first try. 5 Star Teacher.

Terry Lewis

Normans Driving School is hands down the best driving school in the area! I tried this establishment after I went to Paradise Driving School and failed my driving test — Paradise’s staff was inconsistent in their teaching styles. However, all the instructors at Normans Driving School are consistent, meticulous and give excellent feedback — they really care about their students. This gives credence as my cousin passed the driving test on his first try, and had the same assessment that the staff is amazing. I highly recommend this school. If you want to pass, Normans Driving School is the best place to visit!

Jan Michael

A great and courteous driving instructor, gives you an in depth knowledge in driving. Price offerings is great and flexible for the entire learning experience. Highly recommended.

Chula Rivera

I was nervous to get my license in the first place, but once I met my instructor it was like I was driving with a friend. I had instructor Kimberly. She made me feel confident and in charge, even if I didn’t know much as a beginner driver. She was able to tell me what I needed to improve on and worked with me to improve it. Well worth the money I spent. Thanks to them I’m a licensed driver.

Sheannette J

I'm happy that a family member of mines referred me to Norman's driving school. When I had told my cousin that I wanted to get my license but I wanted it to be local and affordable, he gave me the number to Norman's Auto Driving school. My cousin told me that he did his driving lessons with Norman, his prices are affordable and Norman is a really good instructor. I had called that same day and scheduled to do my 5hr class. I now have completed my 5hr class and I'm going on my 4th lesson and I couldn't be happier, and I must add that the price is incredibly affordable! At first I was really nervous about driving but Norman made me feel 100% comfortable and confident about driving.

Hector Rivera

Worst "school" ever. Hole in the wall business. Needs to be shut down . Soend your money elsewhere!!!

thalia serrano

I work right across the street from this driving school and I thought I'd try it out. I had absolutely no idea how to drive before I started taking lesson's with Norman. I paid for the 15 lesson package and right now I'm on my 13th. I started out unsure and insecure about driving and now I'm ending with confidence. He teaches you everything efficiently, he's brutally honest and he tries his best to make sure you have all the tools you need to pass your road test. HIGHLY RECOMMEND you take him!

alexander torres

This company is beyond unorganized!!! I DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THE ONER GOES ON VACAY AND UNABLE TO REACH HIM or anybody of that matter for classes i paid for . My driver is always freaking late by like 30 minutes & The owner is money hungry , i don’t understand how you can’t answer the phone for people to schedule lessons but you could blow up my phone because i told u i wanted by more lessons and your blowing up my phone as if i owe you something.i said i wanted to buy more classes i didn’t say when and you blowing me up rushing me !! ITS just completely unorganized!!! AND MY INSTRUCTOR MARCK , A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME !!!!! It’s literally been 3 days of me calling the office to schedule a lesson and no one will answer !!! At this point i just want my money back !!!! IM LETTING EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO GO THERE !!!


Norman is an amicable guy. On 4/11/2017 I paid Norman for 11, 45 minute lessons before the 11 lessons I made a decision not to pay for any more. My goal was to pass my road test on the first try and I did not see this happening if I stayed with Norman because after 11 lessons I still had not learned enough to pass and was very frustrated because Norman schedule did not work with my schedule and he was always late and always on his phone whenever we had a lesson and don't get me started on the time we were stuck in traffic on Mosholu Parkway. Norman kept telling me how "not everyone passes the first time" I couldn't get my money back so when I had 3 lesson left with Norman I signed up at another driving school on 5/17/2017. At the new school I found a wonderful teacher who understood my goals and with his help I was able to pass my road test the first time without any points. I thank Norman for giving me my first LP lesson that's why i've given him 3 stars.


Great lessons with Norman. He made me feel super comfortable and explained every driving technique in steps where it was easy to understand. I passed my road test because his driving techniques were VERY USEFUL.

shanice manning

The best! Definitely worth every penny, I passed my road test after 7 lessons!

Zaida Rivera

esther eneanya

Chelsey Acevedo

Very please to say this is one of the best school in the Bronx, I’m very happy with this driving school !!! I was able to learn and become a license driver.

Wil Fiorentino

Great experience. As a first time driver, the 5 hour class was much more interesting and informative than a class I had taken elsewhere. The lessons were good, Norman did a good job making me feel comfortable and gave specific directions for 3 point turns and parallel parking. Passed my exam on the first time (on a rainy day no less). Would recommend to any new drivers.

Gee London

passed on my first attempt for my liscense with Norman. Excellent teacher with patience and dedication. Makes complicated maneuvers easy and fast to anticipate

Jennifer Myrie

I had an AMAZING instructor who really built my confidence behind the wheel. However, poor owner, he scammed me into postponing my road test to a different location and then proceeded to give me a car with a messed up engine which basically cost me my road test and then he tried to blame it on me. On top of that, he had the audacity to schedule another road test for me without my permission. I loved my instructor but stay away from this school. It’s definitely a hit or miss unfortunately. I’m definitely taking my business elsewhere.

Sadiyah Ahmed

anecia haughton

He is awesome, just trust what he tells you.

Mercedes Lopez

Passed my Road Test on my first try! Great price and flexible scheduling. He may show up late to the lessons but he makes up for the time and uses the time efficiently. Thank you Norman.

Abraham Torres

Made sure I know everything before I take the tests and very patient pass my first time never drove before 5star school

luke scott

Normans Auto Driving School is literally the Best! Passed my test on the first try. The driving school and instructors are very reasonable/ price. I would recommend this Driving school to anyone in the bronx!


TERRIBLE school. My instructor was Mark. On the day of my test, he was no where to be found, despite me seeing him walking around the area. He wouldn't pick up his phone and I had to go it alone with some random instructor and some random car. DISASTER. I failed despite being repeatedly told my instructor and others that I was an ace. That experience was scarring and now I'm afraid to get behind the wheel. DON'T GO HERE. PLEASE. The place is also disorganized and unprofessional. I was bounced around two different instructors before I was loaded off on the one who ditched me. Honestly, the people were nice and the whole school has a nice atmosphere, but nice doesn't make up for crushed dreams.


very unprofesional in every aspect there service is atrocious on all levels . poor cordination unmovtivated drivinh instructers and they have no idea on driving or how to teach .

Emily Rox

They are the best team!!! From start to finish the crew made sure the process was easy for me. Norman is an incredible teacher. The day of my road test him and his team made sure I was calm and ready and I passed on the first time. Something no one I know has done. I would definitely recommend everyone I know that wants to learn to see him. He is the best!!

Mariama Sinera

Worst driving school ever I don’t recommend

Kinyada Arrington

Wonderful instructor, highly recommend this place to all that want to pass.

Medel Tejada

Take it from me guys. Before I was looking for a best driving school around my area and browsed the net. Then I found this school for numbers of excellent reviews. Literally, this driving school deserve a great recognition for having a wonderful staff from reception to instructor of 5 hours class to my driving instructor. They are always polite and calm..main reason I easily learned well. Now Im ready to take exam and just waiting for my schedule. I just wanna say thanks to Stephan for helping me to drive RIGHT. He is so nice and very encouraging. I never regret trusting to their best review so far.

Renault Chavers

I had a great experience with Normans Auto Driving school, I passed my road test with them and I reccomend this school

Genesis Urena

My experience with Norman was an absolutely successful one. I can confidently say that Norman is an extremely competent driver and driving instructor. Prior to enrolling in a very reasonably priced package with Norman, I did have a four lesson experience at the Six Step Formula driving school in castle hill. Obviously I did not find the instructor at Six step to be someone who could actually teach a Non driver, atleast He could not teach me. He was far too impatient and did not articulate well. It was nothing but a negative experience and the only reason I stayed after one class Was because I had already payed for the package. So after such a bad experience and with my road test nearing; I felt the need to do more diligent research in my next driving school choice. I wanted an instructor who could teach me how to drive safely, according to standards, and at my pace. And that is how I found Norman (Driving School). None of the qualities that I mentioned in my experience at Six Step Formula were present throughout my 15 classes at Norman's school. Thank you for preparing me to pass my road test on the first try Norman!

Jaelkis Grullon

Normans driving school is affordable and he works with your schedule. Although he was running late, he sometimes called ahead of time. N I did pass my road test on the first try.

Keshia Notice

Great school. I went from 0 driving experience to successfully passing the road test on the first try. My instructors Norman and Stephon were great during both the driving lessons and to prepare specifically for the road test. If you want the best chance to get your driver licence I recommend them strongly!!

Roy Boodram

Mr. Norman have keen observation and gives you the best advice to help you pass your road test. he is a kind, patienet and toleant tuitor. This is the qualities of a good teacher. I do recommend him, I live in astle hill but went to have my driving class that far.- at east gunhill road.

Soneya Jhingree

Norman is an amazing instructor. He's very patient and reasonable. He will try his best to make you past that test.

Laura Romero

If you are searching for a place to learn how to drive and pass your route test ( Norman’s Driving School ) is the right place. Norman is a great driver and patience. He teaches me what I needed to be on the road. I am so happy that I passed my route test right away. Norman is kind, respectful and very professional on what he does. He make sure you learn what needed. I am very happy for my license and I can guarantee this is the right school for anyone who wants to start driving.

Greg Harris

Norman is unquestionably an all star driving instructor. He will show you the in and outs of operating a motor vehicle while at the same time, demonstrating extraordinary patience and mindfulness on your readiness and difficulties on the road. I would certainly recommend to him to any person aspiring to get their driving license. Norman all the way!

Elizabeth Bermudez

Yaaayyy!!!! I passed my road test today on my first try. I will be honest I been practicing with my boyfriend and by myself for a few weeks but I knew I needed a professional instructor to teach me some skills and to let me know what I need to improve on. So I began my research and found Norman's driving schools and other schools but then I started reading reviews on yelp and I decided to contact Norman and I am glad I did just that. I did my 5 hour with Norman and 2 lessons. Not only did Norman help me in passing my road test but this was my third time taking my 5hr because I let it expired 2xs but this is the first time I actually learned things at my 5hr. Thank you Norman for all your help, thank you for making me feel comfortable and confident on the road! Thank you Kimberly for taking me to my road test and telling me to relax and reassuring me of what to do. I will be sending my mom and sister to you guys and whoever needs a driving school! :)

Sparkle Sillim

I had Kimberly as my driving instructor. She was very good and patient with me as it was my very first time driving. I passed on my first try. Would totally recommend this school


This is a tough one to rate. So here's the deal. If you want to attend a 5 hour pre-licensing class, this is a good place to go. Norman is a good teacher, despite the fact he was late, and the class was not the typical drudgery you'd expect. He added in practical info in addition to all the driving tenets you would expect. As a driving school, it gets tricky. This place seems to be in a bit of constant disarray, as every appointment I've had had to get postponed or moved. On one occasion, if I hadn't called the office, they would have missed my lesson entirely. As for the lesson itself, Norman is a decent instructor, but he is on his phone pretty frequently, which does take away from the experience. Too many times, I was driving while he was chatting away, with me left wondering when I'll get his attention back. In regards to pricing, it should be said that this place cannot be beat. Every other driving school in the Bronx I checked was more expensive, so Norman's wins out here. Overall, this place is a bit of a mixed bag, and I would suggest using caution.

Dacia Grandison

I learned so much from Norman. I really appreciate all his effort and help. He's one of the best. Thank you Norman because of you am now a licensed driver.

princess williams

I would absolutely recommend this school to anybody learning to drive for a fact 5 stars , my driving teacher was stephan i always felt so comfortable from day one he went with my pace , worked around my time if i needed it was willing to meet me at My location without any problems & i passed my road test the first time without any doubt he believed & encouraged me in me even when i doubted myself at the last moment great teacher

Jorge Martinez

The teachers are patient and very informative. Its totally worth your money.

Nadine Holmes

Love the communication and advice giving though each lesson. highly recommended for nervous drivers that's taking the test.

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