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REVIEWS OF New York Commercial Driving School Corp. IN New York

Jose Santo

estoy muy satifecho con la gran profeccionalidad que brinda esta gran escuela de manejo muchisima gracias por su ayuda excelente personal de trabajo

Pablo Lopez

I was on a time crunch as my learners permit was due to expire within a couple of months. The team did everything possible to change the date of my original test to be before the expiration. Although this caused a little mixup on test date, the instructor was great at fixing it and took me to the test area. He assured me on a few things before the test and I managed to pass it (just)!!!

Jennifer Ferreras

Great instructors, nice friendly place.

loudwing suero

Nice people the best school if u really want to learn how to drive truck or car , the best instructors ok no se confundan

Ronny Tavarez

Excelente trato desde el staff de la oficina hasta los instructores Ah y buenos precios

Nataniel Matos

Excelente escuela, Gracias a Mr Elliot, Jovanny, Noel y todo el equipo.. A+++

Yoni Ortiz

Rosalia Altagracia

This is the best school to learn how to drive a commercial vechicle. Very good pricing and customer service. I recommend this school to everyone.

bryan beltre

Best commercial driving school in nyc

Miosotis Perez


Best school hands down. I got my license here first try. The instructors teach you exactly what you need to know and how to do it, and all you need to do is listen and execute. If you fail the test its because you are an idiot and you should do everyone a favor and consider biking instead.

Carlos Roa

La mejor escuela de manejo de new york!

edwin rodriguez

Milqueya Perez

Super buena los profesores te te explicar muy bien me encanto aprendi tengo mi licencia ellos lo hacen mas facil la oficina tambien explican todo muy bien mister Elliott. Un muy buena experience Gracias....

Honest Opinions

This is an amazing school got my license on my second try due to the lack of me not finding the right instructor. When I did though everything was easy. If you come across and need an Instructor ask for LUISSSSSSSS. LUIS is the best person to go to as he is calm chill and not quick to hit the break but always watching and making sure you are ready to pass your Road Test. If Luis ain’t available though go for Williams also a calm person who is teaching you. Be careful if they put you with Kimbo, you want to drive not read a book

Junior Flow

one of the best school around nyc to get your CDL and great affordable prices


These people just want money if u wanna save your money go to another school trust me.

miguel alcon

best driving school in new york city.i got my cdl threw this school about a year ago,and im a little late to post a review.but i have to say that from the customer service to the driving instructors it is a top notch school.thanks guys

Eduard Dominguez

Muy buena escuela y la más esconónica

Shirley Skelt

I PASSED MY ROAD TEST!!!! I thank first of all God, and then Luis my instructor. His patience and knowledge made it possible for me to pass my road test exam. His teaching style and techniques are what any new student need to feel confident behind the wheel. Overall, Commercial Driving School has an outstanding customer service! Janet always greets you a warm smile. She is also awesome! Thank you God, thank you Luis, and thank you Janet, thank you Commercial Driving School for your services.

kismery sanchez

Exelente escuela,me enseñaron mucho,gracias a Ney que fue el primero en darme las clases a Luis que me enseñó bastante y al señor William que gracias a sus consejos en una sola clase que tome con el me enseñó mucho,sus consejos me ayudaron mucho y ya por fin pasé mi examen.

emmanuel de jesus espinal rodriguez

Excelentes instructores para su licencia comercial

lucas manuel polanco de los santos

Demasiada buena mi experiencia con esta maravillosa escuela

Get The facts

New york driving school is a great school thanks to them i passed my class A road test!! Their very helpful and very responsive to any questions you might have..

Willys Luna

Muy buenos instructores, la mejor escuela sin duda...

miguel angel Natera Suarez

Rafael Gomez

(Translated by Google) I feel very grateful for the services offered by the school, both the administrative staff and the teaching staff, excellent care. Your instructors with very good knowledge of driving and traffic regulations. My wishes are for it to remain forever and continue to improve more and more, for the benefit of our society. (Original) Me siento muy agradecido de los servicios que ofrece la escuela, tanto el personal administrativo como el personal docente, excelentes atenciones. Sus instructores con muy buen conocimiento del manejo y de los reglamentos de tránsito. Mis deseos son de que permanezca por siempre y que continúe mejorando cada vez más, en beneficio de nuestra sociedad.

Jordan Sanchez

Unprofessional, they never pick up the phone when called and the guy in the front desk gives you an attitude whenever you ask a question.


Best experience ever ! Great people excellent instructors. You will pass the first time if you fallow the Instructions.

Ellin Acevedo

En mi opinión aquí en New York Driving School están profesionalmente preparados para hacer que los estudiantes salgan preparados, no como en otras escuela que solo le cojer el dinero y no le resuelven como la Trucks Driver School ubicada en Prospect avenue, ahí a mi experiencia no le recomiendo a nadie que vaya porque no le importan nada más que el dinero que usted le paga, no se preocupan por el estudiante al contrario solo le gusta que el estudiante repruebe el road test para que le pague más clases y seguir cojiendo le el dinero, sin encargo en New York Driving School se preocupan por su aprendizaje y prepararlos para que usted pase su examen en la primera vuelta y eso se valora, eso es lo importante, gracias de nuevo New York Driving School por ayudarme a tener mi licencia CDL son los mejores, gracias Mr Elliot...

Aaron Persaud

Jonathan Williams

I went to this Commercial Driving School back in October of this year after I wasn't qualified to get a voucher because my drivers license was only 8 months old. Its now required for license to be at least 3 years old to qualify for free training at a CDL school. Fortunately, I'm a secret shopper that does assignments and get paid for it and when I came to this school, their rates are affordable that I didn't have to go into my personal pocket. I went to the training site in the Bronx on Commerce Avenue after getting off of Zerega on the 6 train. The instructor of the Bus, Jovanny Blanco, was wonderful training me on the School bus during my 10 lesson courses. I admit that I was nervous when I got on the highway, but managed t get used to it and the skills test was also nervous wrecking but was good. I took my first road test on 11/26/2018 that Monday and afterwards, I passed everything except the driving portion part, but I did past the hardest parts of the road test. I didn't feel bad and I called again to take the road test closest t date, and to my surprise, the next one was on 11/29/18. I took it again on that day and passed the driving portion. I then went this Monday on 12/03/18 to the DMV and paid the fee. I GOT MY CDL PAPER and will get my hard copy within two weeks. I'm very happy I did the research around the boroughs of New York CIty and stumbled upon this School as their rates are affordable and help passed to get your CDL. They do also help getting your drivers license too. I live in Queens and I did an estimated time to get from home to where the training site is and it was worth it for me because I made it worth it. I would recommend going to this school if your willing to travel to the Bronx to get the lessons and the road test site is further down south from the 6 train station (not far as I was able to walk down). If you wish to get your CDL and find the most afforable school, this is the place and its up to you to make it worth it. XD

Lenier Rodriguez

El que se quema es por que quiere, trenenda atencion y buenos instructores 100% garantizado

Rich Rivera

Highly recommended driving school! Staff and instructor are very reliable. Thanks.

Juan Ortiz

Darlin De La Rosa

Highly recommend this school

Humberto Green


pedro trinidad

Dios les bendiga a todos para mi fue un placer tomar las clases en New york Driving school por la forma en como los instructores esplican los detalles necesarios de manejo . Es una escuela prestijiosa la recominiendo para aquellos que quieran tener su licencias gracias.

Omar Ali


Joel Santana

(Translated by Google) Excelent company (Original) Excelente compañía

Yovanny Yovanny

La mejor escuela para la licencia comercial, te ayuda, te oriental y te dan muchas facilidades ademas tienen los mas atentos y profesionales instructores y comensando por su director todos tienen un trato muy humano, estoy muy agradecida. Atte. Vivian Pascual

Jesus Vizcaino

Lo mejor qué hay en ny la mejor escuela

Anaise Carbonell

Chris Matthew

Neury Guzman

Gran escuela, grande instructores y un trato amable y placentero.. BUENA ELECCIÓN PARA APRENDER MANEJAR.

JS miguel Jimenez

Me senti muy contento con los servicios y atenciones de la Escuala New York Commercial Driving School. Yo los gantizo que ustedes van a pasar su licencia de una vez. I am very happy with New York Commercial driving School Thank You All

Wilmer Vilela

Una buena escuela de conduccion te motivan, te ayudan y tienen paciencia para enseñarte. Y en los chat que ellos tienen cada dia aprendes más.

Jean Cabrera

Reallly goood school, i did 3 driving schools and like this one , believe me the best one great service and more .

Ambioris Rosario

Mi nombre es luis Ambioris y mi experiencia fue increíble con tan solo tres lecciones pude pasar mi cdl primero Gracias a Dios y después a la new York commercial driving School

Jairon Alberto

Muy bueno instructores y muy buena atención les enseñan tanto en inglés y español sigan adelante

Louis Vasquez

Great school !! Along with great instructors and also patient instructors. Affordable prices not like other over rated CDL schools. Always on time and they know what they are doing.

Melbin Santana

Excelente personas mr.eliot es una tremenda persona y yovani un buen instructor vale la pena la escuela.

Angelo Batalla

Un buen instructor y exelente equipo

Luis Carmona

Nicelly Brito

Just have to say that Luis and Don Ney are the best instructors ever!!!! Got the 12 classes package, I took most of my classes with Don Ney, and like 4 or 5 classes with Luis and I have to say that I'm really happy with the results. Don Ney will transmit you peace and Luis will make sure you learn the techniques. Passed my road test the first time I took it!

Aventura y mas Adventure and more

Ismael Berroa

xi liao

This is a terrible school, I bring my own appointment to rent a car here.I am driving school on the afternoon of January 5, 2019.This male employee told me that I need to cancel the b class to be a class.When Icanceled, he immediately stole my agreement so that I could not test at 10:00 on January 9, 2019.I am Chinese, I speak English too badly, he is dare to do this,

alfi hernandez

Muy buena escuela y un excelente personal buenos trato y atentos a la hora de solicitar sus servicio.un buen equipo de instructores.

salvador colon

Excelente escuela para aprender y te ayudan de verdad.

Juan Mingeli

James Ronar

got my cdl here. Gio is an amazing teacher

Luis Reyes



Erick Lopez

Muy buena escuela y buenos equipos para enseñar .

Daniel Garcia

Noel R

(Translated by Google) It is the best school and the instructors are the best there is

cessil urena

Charilyn Reyes


Great school great teachers. Giovanni is the best. Thanks guys for everything I have my cdl class A cause of you guys. You guys are the best in NYC!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Mercado

Aimmie McAllister

Great school

Ivette Marmolejos

The School in New York.. the office staff the instructor are very helpful they teach you very well.. nice experience

Sokol Gashi

I found this school for myself based on reviews, so I think is time for me to write one. I just pass the Road test Cdl A, first time, in the beginning I thought it's going to be hard, but after I start working with Giovanni (my Instructor) everything just came easier. He is very professional,very nice person. Also the staff at the office are very nice too. So one more time thnx Giovanni. And good luck to the others. Best Cdl school in Nyc

Franklin Valdez

Excelente escuela, con instructores capasitados y detallista en cada pasos a enseñar

Nelson Sepulveda

Mr Elliott and Ms Stephanie took care of me throughout the process. They were very helpful and explained everything. The instructors were courteous and patient. Thanks to their team effort I passed my cdl A road test.

jean laguerre

Worse place ever ! If you need your CDL license, avoid this place. The so - called instructors in this driving school wont teach you anything to past your test. And when you go to take your test, the same vehicle you drove the day prior to the test or even a few hours before the test, wont be the same... For instance, you'll be driving the vehicle, everything would be normal. But when you get the vehicle for the test, many things will be wrong with that vehicle. They do that just so you can fail the test and keep on paying for more lessons and test's schedules which are very expensive. Watch out, they are crooks!

Donald Urena

Excelente buen trato del personal y de los instructores.aaah y a muy buen precio

Ada Diaz

The best driving school. Very professional and dedicated team.

Salvador Elacio Diaz Palma

This is the best Driving School in New York State. They helped me to get the class D license (the regular driver license) almost 10 years ago and now they helped me to get the Commercial Driver License. All the instructors are good, they explain everything to you in a clear and understandable way. I recommend this school if you really want to get your Driver License quick!!

william R Maldonado

gunz 1258

I highly recommend this school! The instructor's are to the point and thorough! Made the experience super easy and affordable!

Rhoda Kyles

Oliver Germosen

Thank you !

Rafael Cerrata

Dionela Maria

Horrible service. The instructor was late to location and said she would deduct the time from my 45 minutes. The staff is uninformed and unclear about the way they do things.So disappointed going to finish the last few classes here and go elsewhere. Would not recommend this so called "Driving School" to anyone.

Rene Loredo

La mejor escuela para sacar la licensia de conductor commercial. Buenos entrenadores, y los mejores paquetes a precios comodos. No lo vea como un gasto, si no como una inversion. En una semana recupere lo que inverti para obtener la licensia clase A. No lo piensen mucho y meta mano!

Melv Garcia

Excelente service y profesionalismo. Na vamos pura verdad la escuela para los pobres es esta> para que quiere su licencia sin mucho costo. Si le sale cara es porque usted no puso de su parte. No he visto una mejor...

Apolinar Suero

La mejor escuela, seriedad, puntualidad y un personar de entrenamiento alta mente calificado.

JG Comedy

Para mi la mejor escuela de ny,instructores de primera,un personal super atento,atenciones como si estuvieras en casa,ademas el contacto directo con el dueńo el sr elliott,se la recomiendo atodo el que quiera obtener,su lisencia regular y CDL,att PURO GONZALEZ!!!

Mabel Cano

This is a great school, excellent staff and very professional. Recommend this school to everyone.

Darwin Garcias

(Translated by Google) They only waste your time and are only interested in your money (Original) Solo hacen perder el tiempo a uno y únicamente les interesa tu dinero

Joibel La Cruz

Cuando son ellos los que incumplen con las reglas no piden ni siquiera disculpas. Pero si es uno el que falta tiene que darles dinero. Son muy peseteros

Frank Cotrone

Great instructors, they over prepare you for this test. Would highly recommending studying at home and looking up YouTube videos. The instructor the night before your test will prepare you and give you structure.


Good driving school, Good instructors they help you become more comfortable and is very direct. They are very informative in the 5 hr pre licensing course they do it the way it supposed to be done. The office is organized and clean and the staff is friendly and helpful. Only problem is that it’s to expensive.

Gabriel Taveras

I recommend this school 110% because of their great customer service and the excellent training that their instructors provide!

Amado Badia

New York commercial driving school is by far the best driving school that I have ever attended. The staff is extremely professional and helpful and the school goes above and beyond to accommodate your schedule and your needs as a student. The school instructors are very respectful and professional. The classes are very easy to understand and they make it a priority to make sure you understood the lesson of that session. I highly recommend this school especially for those who are interested in obtaining their CDL license. Thank you Mr. Elliot for all your help and helpful tips which has allowed me to succeed as a professional driver.

David Garrido


Brandon Priebe

La mejor escuela de Manhattan, la recomiendo. Un servicio excelente en todos, muy buenos profesores

Maria Villar


Mahoma Estévez

Maximo Pichardo

Highly recommend this school these guys go through everything you need to know about the truck and everything else and very affordable!

Tony Ramos

(Translated by Google) Thanks to the New York School driving school to the instructors especially to the instructor Jovanny for his good teaching and to Stephanie many thanks for your help many Blessings for all. (I just passed the Road text)

Johan Madera


esneider rozon

Best driving school in nyc. not doubt

Jesus Rafael Munoz Molina

Very professional driving school. Good place and great staff. thank you all for the help

Miguel Villanueva

Muy buenos metodos de ensenanza utilizados por los instructores. El seguimiento a los avances de cada individuo los hace unicos. Instructores y personal administrativo altamente calificados hacen de esta institucion la mejor en toda la ciudad.

Wellington Pellerano

Very good school professional really like to Help us I recommended to any body thanks.

Alex Fontanez

Muchas gracias ala escuela new york driving school Pude lograr conseguir mi CDL clase A Los maestros Son expertos en enseñasas Gracias a jovanny,Danny y Mr.cee Me enseñaron las herramientas importantes para poder pasar mi examen

Selina love

Jose Mendez

The BEST Experience, the instructors are very friendly and the driving classes are the best.

Robert Jimenez

The best CDL School, good teachers and everything perfect!!! I got my cdl class A in just 1 month!!!

Clasport Santana

Hermis Arredondo

Great school, they have very affordable packages. I got my CDL through them. I would definitely recommend it.

Big Fabe

Highly recommended. Great staff and the instructor are professional.

Luis Trejo Sosa

Great school with dedicated team. Congratulations for CDL trainer Dany! Highly recommend.

Jorge mendez

Great instructors very knowledgeable and patient highly recommend the school. They provide help even after you receive your license.

Jarvis Rosario

Una de las mejores escuelas de aquí de New York, los de las oficinas con un trato excelente y los que dan las prácticas se preocupan porque a prendas y siempre se le ve el interés.

Nana Ubri

Lionel Rivera

AFFORDABLE! .... Excellent service ...with the experience and patience to teach. ..THANKS AGAIN MR . ELLIOTT. 2 YOU and Your TEAM!!!!


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