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REVIEWS OF New Millennium Driving School, Inc. IN New York

Ana Ramos

Great instructors, my lessons with Geo helped me strengthen my driving skills. Very professional instructors, I really recommend New Millenium Driving school to anyone wanting to learn how to drive or strengthen their driving skills. I am very pleased with my experience with New Millenium Driving School.

Eva Orozco

(Translated by Google) It is good to know more things that one does not know when you drive and here they teach you to know something else so that we have more care to drive

Ranu Basu

Mani is great. Because of him I passed my road test with ease. I highly recommend New Millennium Driving School for the learners. You'll get much more than what you are paying for. Mani is the best.

Elena Barere

Sabrina Bitar

Everyone was very professional and I would highly recommend this driving school. They offer various packages that you can choose from to learn how to drive and fit your needs. Elizabeth who organizes your lessons was very responsive and was always a pleasure to speak with. Moreover, my instructor Manny was patient and very clear in terms of what you need to learn/how to past the test. He really helped me feel confident and make sure I was prepared for the test. I had close to zero driving experience prior to signing up for new millennium driving and I passed my test the first time! They’re definitely a great driving school.

AK RuizG

I took the Defensive Driving class last Saturday at New Millennium Driving School . Even though it was 6 hour I’ll like to say it was exciting, the instructor was knowledgeable and friendly. I really learned new things that can help me improve my driving skills. I have taken this class previously in a different location , it is true that I paid less but... it was boring and waist of time. I’ll never forget what my grand mother use to say ....what you pay is wat you get. Now I know better, you want a good class ? this is the place .

Yesenia Carvajal

T Gibs

Me and two other of my friends had horrible experiences. I had a road test called them a month and a half prior to set up a lesson along with the car for the road test. my lesson was on a friday i got a call 4 days before the lesson to be told the instructor i wanted was on vacation so i said ok the following week she than calls a few days before that and says ohh hes unavailable for the time you want now she tells me the only thing she can do is set up my lesson before my road test which was 8 in the morning smh that lady is pathetic real pathetic she wouldnt stop calling me to pay when she couldnt even give me a set day for my lesson i already paid half the fee by the time this nonsense was going on oh and to top it all off my instructor that i asked for which was manny didnt even take me because this lady messed up the schedules yet again!! waste of time and money smfh i told all my friends dont waste there time here at all.

Anne Randall

The entire staff at New Millenium is professional curteous and skilled. My son had an amazing experience with Mr. Kim and Mr. Manuel. They absolutely taught him how to drive in 10 lessons because my husband and I couldn’t manage to get him to learn. They took him to his test and he passed on the first try! Their prices were very reasonable too. I HIGHLY recommend. We will use them again for our next son.

Yuna Bx

I had no driving experience and I needed my license for a move. I tried one school in the Bronx and they were very unprofessional. I found this school and they gave me thier best instructor Jose. I did the 15 hour package and passed my test! I just scheduled a highway lesson. If you live close to NR this would be the school I would choose.

Sabria Hamilton

Took the defensive driving course here and had such a positive experience. The establishment is very clean, organized, and friendly. I would highly recommend coming here for any of your driving school needs. New Millennium makes booking easy as well, everything can be done online. Highly recommend this driving school.

Nicholas ALIPUI was a great drivers ed teacher. He guided my son with the most relevant tips, dos and don'ts and other safe driving routines that helped me pass the test and become a safe and confident driver. I'll gladly recommend the New Millennium Driving School and Mr. Kim. Great value for money and highest level of professionalism. Great job!!

Esco Bar

Alba Lucia Orozco Polo

Ness a.sattar

Thank you. Thank you Manny for putting up with my crazy work schedule, and for your patient and encouragement when I am frustrated, I had no previous driving experience and I passed the test the first time, I will be thankful for you all my life.

Wendy Palmer

Thanks to Mr. Ali today I passed my driving test ..... we focused on what was getting more complicated and he showed it to me until I did it, thank you very much. excellent instructor

Gloria E Vindas

The staff are very courteous, the instructors very professional. BEST driving school in Westchester, you can not go wrong with New Millennium Driving School.

Patricia Castillo

Kevin Ruiz Graciano

I really want to recommend New Millennium Driving School, after taken 15 hours of practice I passed my road test on my first attempt. I didn’t know how to drive and I started from the beginning, they showed me where the brake was, where the accelerator was, how to adjust the mirrors and basically to know the vehicle so I can feel comfortable in the car. I was a beginner and had no experience at all. They accommodate themselves to my busy schedule since I’m a full time college student with a part time job. So I thank you New Millennium for putting up with me and helping me to get my license. Now I can drive to school and for that! HI 5.

Diliana Damianova

Very professional environment and excellent instructors!

Laura Zenker

Great instructors and very accommodating school! They really care about their students and set them up to succeed, not only to pass the road test but to become good drivers in the long run.

Janielle Latoya

kofi aban

New millennium helps you not only pass your test but become a good driver.

Anastasia Alegrias

Excellent team, wonderful service, exceeded my expectation!

I. Day

This driving school is a rip off. You dont get 4 points off your license. You only get 10% off your insurance. The 6 hour class is over priced. You can take it online for $20 less. Your car insurance company can seend you a link to take it at home at your leisure. There's even a $25 class at Mt. Vernon library do research before you give these crooks your money

Haitam Coughlin

Marie Guillaume

Earlier today I took a Defensive driving course here at New Milennium. The teacher was professional and showed a lot of interest in the teachings. I was able to retain the information given and learned quite a lot.

Ronald Pazos

Excellent service, very kind and professional service... Thanks to my instructor Manuel for being that patient... I made it with just 10 hours.

Sylna Ramírez

(Translated by Google) The best driving school, I definitely recommend New Millenium. I took 5 lessons with Mr Manuel Vindas thanks to him yesterday I've passed my road test at my first attempt. I'm so satisfied and thankful with New Millenium. Whoever wants to learn to drive in the correct way, this is the right school. New Millenium, the best driving school, I took 5 lessons with Mr. Manuel Vindas and thanks to him and his professional instructions yesterday I passed my road test on my first attempt. I feel so satisfied and grateful to them. Whoever wants to learn to drive in the right way is the right place. (Original) The best driving school, I definitely recommend New Millenium. I took 5 lessons with Mr Manuel Vindas thanks to him yesterday I've passed my road test at my first attempt. I'm so satisfied and thankful with New Millenium. Whoever wants to learn to drive in the correct way, this is the right school. New Millenium, la mejor escuela de manejo, yo tomé 5 lecciones con el Sr Manuel Vindas y gracias a el y a sus instrucciones tan profesionales ayer pasé mi prueba de carretera en mi primer intento. Me siento tan satisfecha y agradecida con ellos. El que quiera aprender a manejar de la forma correcta este es el lugar indicado.


I'm very pleased with the service that this driving school has. My son was very happy with the instructor that he had, he recently pass his road test, after 10 hours of practice, I'm definitely coming back with my next son. As a mother I highly recommend New Millennium Driving School to help your son/daughter to learn how to drive.

Vincent Suner

Just passed the road test last week! Yehey! This school is awesome. The process of obtaining license in NY became a lot easier because of them... from behind the wheel training, to the 5-hour prelicensing course, and also setting up an appointment for the road test. My wife is going to enroll here, that's for sure.

Dee V

Purchased a shift stick lesson from them as a gift for my spouse. They cancelled the day before with the excuse that a mirror was broken. We had to reschedule due to their inconvenience to a Saturday. As parents to very young children this was chaos enough on a weekend. The lesson was cut short by the instructor because we were late but even still if the whole class was taken it was not worth the cost. The receptionist was not very inviting over the phone, indifferent/rude. The worst thing is that the car did not seem to have been fixed at all(never had anything broken) I'm under the impression the instructor cancelled to convinence himself. My advice would be to stay away. No plans on coming back or recommending to anyone.

Carla Romita

Terry is the absolute best. Clear and patient instruction inspired confidence and success. Money well spent!

Isabel Olivos

thanks Mrs Mike

Amar Rajani-Bangser

This driving school is amazing, I had Mr. Juyong Kim as my instructor and I couldn’t have asked for more. He was there when I had questions and always had the perfect answer that’s suited my way of driving. I went from an uncomfortable driver to passing my road test in only a few lessons. If you choose to use New Millennnium make sure you go with Mr. Kim. He knows how to develop your skills and make the most of the time you have!

Julie Mede Moussa

jean small

Excellent Driving instructor. Thanks to Mr Manny. I would recommend him to all who want to learn the right way.

Shanz Remlap

I got my license today thanks to Mitch!!!!! I recommend anyone looking for a driving school to with with Millenimum and ask for Mitch!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad Saad

Alina O'Brien

Wonderful driving school. I had not driven for over 8 years, and had only driven overseas. Mitch was a kind and patient driving instructor who gave me a lot of confidence in my driving ability. Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Ms. Goci

Thank you New Millenium & Emanuel for changing my life. I tried many years to overcome my fear of driving but I couldn't. Until I met Emanuel who showed patience and professionalism. He didn't just teach me how to drive, but also how to drive safely and enjoy it. I really appreciate the great support of New Millenium. Highly recomended!!

Edith Cofie

Terry was great! I was such a nervous driver after going to a different driving school and failing. I had lost all confidence in my skill and was hesitant to retake my test. Terry was patience and helped encourage me - and thankfully, I passed the second time around!

kim williams

Lady Cude

The New Millennium Driving School is a great school. The instructors are friendly, punctual and extremely professional. Thank you for all your help!

Paola Viviana Martínez Forero

shawn henry

Monique C

I bought a package and since day one I only had problems with their instructors and with their receptionist that gives customers attitudes and is disorganized. My first instructor was a mix of yelling and texting. I complained and asked for another person. Then came an old guy, probably the owner. He didn`t have any patience to explain or knew how to, and to make things worst he was super unpleasant. On my road test day, they messed up my schedule, making me extra stressed for no reason. I failed my test and decided to give another driving school a change. And this was my best decision ever, I learned, I didn`t have to put up with bad instructors or people giving attitudes. And on my next road test, I passed.

Ivonne Valencia

Awful!! I call them for some information about my road test and they were wrong. I made my appointment with them and I paid them for that. But now they don't know nothing and all DMV information was wrong if they don't know please don't give wrong information. I'm so disappointed and frustrated. I'll never go there for any service and I don't recommend it.

paras gorgeous

Thanks to New Millennium driving school I have learned the key essitentials to the road test, from the rights and wrongs of driving on the road to parallel parking in one shot. Specially Many thanks to instructor Juyoung for the driving lesson and making me more confident for my road test . He is a great instructor . 2 lessons with him and got my license

Amy Caminero

Great service and teaching...passed my test on the first try!

jovanna romero

I am pleased with the service and courtesy of New Millennium Driving School. The secertary, Elizabeth has been kind with scheduling and preparing me for the road test. I would like to thank my driving instructor Johnung. He has taught me to become a better driver and to have confiedence. I passed the road test 7 days ago and brought my first car. I couldn't be with a better school. They geniuely care about students and want them to become the best drivers. Big Thank you

Lizeth Bañol

Certified people, with ample knowledge, friendly and very efficient. Are the best choice.

Ruby Pressman

New Millenium Driving School is great!!! I have had an awesome experience here. The teachers are excellent and give great instructions, and everyone here is nice. This is definitely an amazing place to get lessons! Highly recommended.

Xavier Rogers

This driving school is fantastic! I had Mr. Juyong Kim as my instructor, and his teaching style was perfect for me. I'd only been behind the wheel a couple of times before my first official lesson, so we started off practicing basic things like turning, accelerating and braking. After I was comfortable with the basics, Mr. Juyong reviewed with me everything that I needed to know how to do (3 point turns, Parallel parking, etc.) order to pass my road test, and even gave me a mock driving test right before I took the real thing. Low and behold, I passed my road test on the first try, after taking about 7 classes with the school. Thanks to you all at the New Millenium Driving School, keep doing what you do!

danielle rodriguez

Manuel started late didn't know the answers to his own test and he kept repeating himself and forgetting where he was. He wanted to get to know us which is ridiculous becase it was a one time only 5 hour class. If you want to sit for 5 hours and learn nothing this is the class for you....HORRIBLE!!! Sorry but maybe they need someone a little younger to "teach" the class. Oh and he made us stay longer.... Worst expierence ever!

Christine Asokumar

Realm Codling

Thanks to New Millennium driving school I have learned the key essitentials to the road test, from the rights and wrongs of driving on the road to parallel parking in one shot. Many thanks to instructor Kim for teaching me during my lessons, because of him I passed my road test on my first time with a total of ZERO points taking off. I thank the staff for this amazing experience and will always recommend this driving school to my friends and family.

Sufyan Raja

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