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Best driving school ever! Passed on my first try. Robert was a great instructor, he showed me great technique to pass the test. I highly recommend Manhattan driving school!

Camilaa Paglia

I took 5 driving lessons before I passed my road test today. My driving instructor was very caring, patient, professional and responsible. He knows how to teach you to drive a car. His car was in good condition and clean. Best instructor and many thanks to Alex!!!!

Sz-annlee Dickenson

I purchased the 5 lessons package and my instructor was Robert, he is the absolute best! He helps you with everything you need to know about driving and he's very nice! I recommend him to anyone who is looking to get driving lessons to request Robert! I took my test today and passed!!!!! :)

Rawan Dashanan

This driving school worked wonders for me. Eric was my driving teacher and he was wonderful! I had went to American driving school previously and had a horrible time with them canceling appointments and not showing up. Eric at this driving school was always there and even gave me time on the weekends to work on the driving with him. Go here they are really reliable.

Kevin Yeung

Highly recommend this driving school to anyone. Robert is an amazing driving instructor, and because of him I became the first in my family to complete the road test on my first try. Such an amazing instructor, he'll make you into a fantastic driver in no time. I've never handled the wheel of a car until the first lesson we had together and he taught me how to drive on the spot. It was an amazing journey of redemption.

klodi gjoni

It’s the best driving school! Kevin it’s the best teacher , thanks him I’ve got my driving license!

karina ventura

With a very few experience with driving and no experience on parallel parking and no experience on doing a 3 point instructor Robert is the BEST for teaching me how to perform parallel parking and 3 point turn and THANKS TO HIM.... I PASS!!! (ON FIRST TRY) He made me feel comfortable, confident and satisfied!. I totally would recommend this driving school.

Christina Cornell

Thank Manhattan driving school! Passed the road test on my first try. Robert was the best teacher. Very calm and understanding. Would recommend this auto school and Robert to anyone. Five stars for sure

Lisa Mihal

I passed because of Kevin. He was accommodating, insightful, and concise when giving directions. Any question I had about driving he gave me helpful hints. He is an excellent driving teacher!

Daniela Gamble

I had Eric as my trainer! He was great.. helped me pass my road test. This school was amazing!

Ro Cio

Alex was a great instructor. He thoroughly evaluated each area of my skills and guided me in being a better driver. Thanks Alex for your professionalism!

Robert Letsch

Alex is wonderful with new drivers - instilling confidence and common sense skills from the moment you get behind the wheel. I got my license yesterday all thanks to him.. ☺️☺️

Patricia Yusuf

If you are looking to get your drivers license and need expert help in doing so then look no further, this the place to get it from. Great instructors with vast knowledge, recently helping me get my license. Had the best time ever at this place..

Marinela Mici

Manhattan Driving School was OUTSTANDING! I just passed my road test 3 days ago and this is because I received the best lessons from my instructor Alex, who is an incredibly talented teacher and knows everything about driving and safety and helping a new driver like myself gain the confidence and skills I needed to pass my road test! Yeah baby!!!

Haley Baron

I just passed my road test with Eric, he was a great driving instructor. He has a great small car for parking and driving with him was very easy. I really wished I would have done more lessons with him it was really worth it! I took 10 lessons and the road test and passed on first shot! Eric was outstanding!

Farida Rahmani

This is by far the best driving school for taking the 5 hour class at .. The school was easy to get too and the test questions were simple as well.. Videos were up to date.. I really enjoyed taking the class here from manhattan driving school and Kevin the instructor gave lots of road test tips. That was a big help for me ...thank you..

Andrea Sosa

Alex was my driving teacher and he was very patient and helpful. I was nervous for my test but well prepared. I passed on the first try !

Holly Brenner

Eric was outstanding he made the lessons go by quick and easy. I passed my road test after 10 lessons with him. Friendly great service

Bianca Ciavarella

BEST. DRIVING. SCHOOL. I rarely give compliments but this school deserves it. The office is very organized. I tried a few different driving schools and I couldn't get a decent instructor, someone who would actually tell me what I am supposed to do. Price is not among the cheapest but still fair. If you want to get your license in the summer this place is it. Took driving lessons with Alex and he was very patient with me and showed me everything I needed to know about driving. I passed on my 2nd time after failing the road test the first time from a different driving school. Best driving school, that will get you your license. Go here and good luck.

Cree White

Manhattan Driving School helped a lot when it came to getting my license. Robert was such a patient and helpful instructor. I had little driving experience and passed my test the first time thanks to him! I'd recommend this school to anyone...They're very professional.

Jackie Goodwin

I had Kevin for several lessons and I can say he gave me superior service. Not only did he show up for all the lessons but he gave me neat tricks on how to pass the road test the first time. Thank you Kevin for all the help! Jackie

Keiran Hall

I just passed my road test with Alex right now!!!! He is so awesome person.. And he will help you with any difficulty you have with driving. With out his help I would still be taking the bus. Thanks so much I loved it here.


Got my license in June after taking lesson with Alex. He was patient and taught me the proper way to drive. Never felt nervous behind the wheel like it can be with other instructors from other schools. After I passed, Alex gave me a high five, It was a great moment to finally achieve this goal. I'm now a proud owner of a 2015 silver Dodge Challenger. My dream car. I thank Alex for helping me make it possible.

Laura Vargas

I owe passing my road test to my driving instructor, Robert! He is patient for those first time drivers which makes learning easier. Highly recommend him for any / everyone in need of driving lessons.

Danit Feldmen

I had the luck in finding Alex from Manhattan's Driving School, just listen to what Alex says and you will pass your driving test with flying colors. He will give you the confidence to trust yourself during the Test.. Look no further than Alex!!!

Bijaun Jackson

Best driving school I recommend this to everyone around the neighborhood. Very professional staff and also the driving instructor Mr. Robert kind hearted and thoughtful guy no matter how hard he is on you he wants the best for you especially when it comes to driving!!!! Thank you so much Manhattan Driving School

Maylene Robles

Great place, My instructor was Robert, he is an angel of a doll. Robert is extremely helpful with even the basics of driving and is very professional as well as knowledgeable. He arrives on time for each lesson and will make sure you are 100% ready for the road test; I passed on my first try. Thank you so much Robert, could not have done it without you! I would definitely recommend this school.

Veronika Drafi

This was the single best investment I made in my life. Not only did they teach me the basics, they helped me tremendously with the road test. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a very little to no skills driving.

Lorenzo Soto

I passed first try thanks to this school. Robert is a great instructor and really help me become a better driver. The first lesson I took was the first time I have ever drove and I still passed the first time. I recommend this school to anyone who needs their 5 hour course and has to schedule road test. Great School!

Inga Lach

Manhattan Driving School is a prefect place to learn how to drive. From start to finish they really make you comfortable behind the wheel

Sweetlocs Taylor

My instructor was Robert. He was AMAZING!!! I did very minimal driving many years ago. Took 7 lessons with Robert and passed my drivers test this week! So thankful for this school. He never made me feel nervous, always encouraging and very patient. Glad that I went with this school. Highly recommend.

Jamie Jenkins

1st time passing! The driving inspector Alex is very knowledgeable and patient. If you are nervous or apprehensive of learning to drive, all your worries will melt away. Alex explains in great detail and makes sure you understand all the points you need to pass your driver's test. He was very kind and articulate in explaining if mistakes were made. Definitely give this place a shot, you won't be disappointed

Melissa Coates

Not a good place to learn. I only gave 1 star to get to this point. Honesty they deserve nothing. Still waiting for a call back from June. Consistently is awful.

Neha Jain

I had the best time learning with Eric, he really motivates you to do better when your at your worst! My dad could not teach me driving so I ended up going here. I am so happy I did! Eric really cares and shows you everything about driving. Take lessons from only him. He is a miracle, I never thought I would be driving. I'm driving thanks to his help. Thanks Eric !

Nwachalu Koneski

Fantastic driving school and affordable! I chose the 10 lesson package which includes: 10 (45-minute) driving lessons with door-to-door service (instructor picks you up from your home and brings you back), 5-hour licensing course, and car for your road test. My instructor, Rob, was absolutely amazing. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism, excellent driving instruction, punctuality, and most importantly, encouragement and patience - he is simply THE BEST. I passed my road test on the FIRST try with NO errors! I highly recommend this driving school and Rob.

Jenny Liu

I just loved driving with Kevin and his car was super easy to drive. Took there 5 lesson package and the road test last week. Passed in flying colors! Thanks Kevin

Smiley W

I passed my test today!!! and I couldn't have done it without my instructor Alex! He is very patient, articulate, and knowledgeable about driving. He really helped me perfect my parallel parking and broken u turn. The cars are practically brand new and very clean. Alex made sure I was more than prepared to past my road test and gave me the confidence I needed. I highly recommend this driving school!

Glenda Ebersole

Alex is the best driving instructor EVER!! He is experienced with teaching and giving out helpful advice . Alex helped me prepare for my driving test calmly. I was ready to do this and I passed first time. I recommend Alex to anyone who needs help in driving. Thank you, Alex..

Marina Vlahovic

Highly recommend! The instructor Alex comes to your home which is a plus so you don't have to travel all the way to the school to take lessons. Lessons were reasonably priced. They were very professional and knowledgeable. Alex thank you for everything..

Ithamar Lucien

I recommend this driving school to anyone wanting to pass the road test. My driving instructor Robert was very patient with me (Especially with parking) and in doing so I was able to grasp the skills needed to pass the test. The 5hr. class with Kevin was very informative and personally aided me in improving some of my own driving mistakes. In the end I passed my road test on my very FIRST TRY!!

Ketones Sherer

If you want a good quality lessons with an awesome deal, Eric at this driving school has to be your first choice. Yesterday was my road test and I passed!!! I'm so happy to get my license thanks to this awesome company. Eric was an excellent motivative driving teacher. During our lessons he would always do his best to keep me calm and relaxed. This is what helped me the most and his tips! Thank you Eric for helping me get past my fears. You were totally awesome!

celia ramirez

Don’t take lessons here I paid $500 for a package deal— only to barely see my instructor once a week. I’m working full time and have set days off but my instructor Kevin never has the time. It’s ridiculous really. He’s really good at selling himself I’ll give him that, always boasting about students passing. They don’t have the time for new clients so if you want an instructor that’ll prioritize you and give you help and actually tell you what you’re doing right and wrong I suggest anyone but them.

sean jeffres

I was blessed to have the most patient instructor who took his time to teach me. And thanks to Robert I passed my drivers test, he is the best, very calm spoken and he will coach you to strive for your best. Thank you Robert and Manhattan driving school. P.S Rosa is soo happy right now

Micki Wieringa

Honestly I don’t know how anyone would dislike coming here. Kevin was absolutely a gentle man and kept me cool in my seat. I PASSED MY ROAD TEST YESTERDAY and owe my license thanks to them... Thanks Manhattan Driving School!

Hannah Elizabeth

The best place if you want to get your license. I highly recommend Eric at this driving school. He gave me 10 lessons before I passed my road test! Eric was very friendly and had a new car he was teaching in

Myrna Bado

A big thank you to my great driving instructor, Kevin. I am so happy I passed my road test today. I have worked so hard and with Kevin's guidance, I was able to achieve my goal. I also want to thank Kevin for being so patient and showing me the right way to "safely" drive. Kevin is a wonderful instructor for new drivers and experienced drivers in retrospect. There are no words to describe the Manhattan Driving School, they are beyond wonderful. Kevin, you are the best...5 stars for you!!!!

Kayla Urbanowski

Before encountering the Manhattan Driving School in Yonkers, I had minimal experience with driving. I was fortunate to be paired up with Robert, who consistently went above and beyond during our lessons. Robert was extremely knowledgable, calm, and supportive, offering advice when needed, and dealing with my plethora of questions. Today, I took my road test, and passed on the first try, and I owe it all to Robert. I was the definition of nervous during our final lesson before the test, and Robert worked to calm me down and remind me that I was well-prepared for the exam. I can wholeheartedly say that if you want to learn how to drive, and become a confident individual on the road, Manhattan Driving School, and specifically Robert, can help you accomplish these goals, and offer so much more! Thank you so much!

Nurul Yuliastuty

Manhattans Driving School is truly a professional and experienced driving school that greatly prepares you for the road test. My driving instructor, Alex was very thorough, patient, and helpful. Kevin who works at the front desk and is also a driving instructor, gave me an insightful lecture for the certifying 5 hour lecture course . I owe my road test success to the whole faculty, and I strongly suggest for you to enroll here. Thanks again!

Sharon Brown

I just passed my road test!!!! I could not have done it without the most patient instructor I have known Robert!!!! When I had given up on driving he reassured me that I could do it. Once again a big thank you Sir and keep up the good work.

Amanda Gonzalez

I love Manhattan driving school. My instructor was Robert, he's excellent. He's very patient, respectful and nice. I've been to two other driving schools and I didn't like the way they were teaching me. When it was time for the road test I failed and I was so disappointed. But when I was driving with my instructor Robert I felt confident enough to pass my road test and I did! Manhattan driving school was worth my money.

Itsjust Jay

I took 3 classes with Robert ( who is an amazin driving instructor) and I passed my drivers licence on the first try. I took my five hour class here with Kevin and he made it so much easier to sit down for 5 hours and watch a film. I would totally recommend this school to every one, they are amazing.

Maria Finlayson

I would highly recommend Manhattan Driving School to anyone! I was a beginner driver when I first started my lessons and with the help of my instructor, Robert, I was able to pass my road test on the first try. I can truly say that I had a great experience and if anyone would like to learn how to drive I would recommend Robert. Thank you so much!!

Midiam Diaz

So after taking lessons at two driving schools I finally passed my road test with Manhattan driving school. Robert was awesome, detail oriented and he gave me the boost of confidence I needed to pass this exam. Thank you so much Manhattan driving school and Robert for your time.

Imee Mallari

My experience with this driving school was great! They aren’t the cheapest but they help you at the end and that’s what makes all the difference. Thanks for the help getting me my license.

Melanie Flores

I love this driving school. Not only are they curious and professional, they also bring a lot of value to the table. I've recommend them to others and I became a customer through a recommendation of a friend and I'm very thankful!

Aracelis Balbuena

I’m a licensed driver all thanks to Kevin’s amazing driving lessons. He has been teaching driving for many years and he gave me so much confidence that now I can drive on the highway! If your looking for the best ask for Kevin him self to take you out. You will see the difference in your driving in just a few lessons with him. Very friendly service

Anida Lulanaj

Passed the driving test. Kevin was very helpful and gave good advice. I couldn't have learned as well as I did without him.

Carlito Stinson

I recommend this driving school! Great instructors, mine was Robert and is a great instructor. Kevin gave me my five hour class and was extremely cool and funny. This driving school is the reason why I just passed my road test today on the first try! It's all worth it and I'm extremely relieved.

Carly Goldberg

Thank you Manhattan Driving School for a great experience. Everyone was very professional and the program they have is great for new drivers. I felt very comfortable here and learned so much because of the easy to learn driving steps and wonderful instructors. Great job!

Ammel Hosin

I did the $300 package which included five lessons, the five hour class and the road test appointment. I had some trouble with the five lessons because I switch teachers. I first had a lady named Karen she was nice but was moving in a very slow pace. I switch to Alex he taught me well but was very rude most of the time. He cared way too much about his car than actually teaching you. His teaching revolve around you not messing up his car. The day of my road test he was extremely rude. It was 90 degrees and I was burning in the car with no Air-conditioning. After my road test he asked the DMV instructor if I passed she said "yes she did a great job" he said to her in front of me, "Really because she did a terrible job with me she was horrible!" The whole ride home he was bashing me saying things like "wow I can't believe you pass your horrible", "your parking made me want to throw up" "I had students way better than you and failed, I can't believe you passed" I was so hurt after passing my road test he said all these terrible things to me. I recommend the company gets new driving instructors.

Christopher Ferreira

The Best Driving School for Sure. Kevin for the 5 Hour Class was super easy, quick and Enjoyable. My Driving Instructor Was Robert, and he is for sure the reason i passed my driving test. Honesty with Robert as your instructor you have a very high chance of passing, although i heard the other instructors are very good too. Robert is very Nice, he is very flexible with scheduling and a Fantastic Teacher. Nothing but great things to say about this School and Robert. Honestly Learning to pass the driving test does not have to be stressful, boring, and miserble, like some other schools. With Manhattan Driving it's easy, Quick and Honesty enjoyable.

Lisa Salvadorini

I just passed my driving test this afternoon and my instructor is Robert. He is so nice,very patient ,always cheerful and positive. His car is clean and neat, and he teaches in every detail about the driving test, I've never thought I can get my driving license at my first test but I did !!! Thanks Robert ! You deserve a 5 stars rating !!

Sulé Griffith

Today I have in hand my license for the first time EVER and it happened on the first go round. I'm so excited and very grateful and thankful for Robert, my instructor, who was always patient, prompt, understanding, and clear with instructions. The staff there was also quite helpful and the 5hour class was so edifying and such fun that I didn't realize it could go by so quickly. Above all... they are AFFORDABLE!!! Thank you so much you guys.

Peter Mardjonovic

Ask for Kevin as for your instructor, he is the best! Has lots of experience. Took 5 lessons with him and and passed my road test. I never dove before in my life.. Good place to start learning driving.

bracha waldern

Great driving school. Everyone in my family (Mom, Brother and Sister) went to Manhattans Driving School and we all got our licenses. Great staff with great options for those who feel comfortable with their driving capability. Cool, relaxed teachers who know what they are doing make the school great. Keep up the good job!

Rajas Patil

I just passed my road test with Eric, he is very chilled instructor. Even after making dumb mistakes he never lost his temper on me and encouraged me to do better. I really enjoyed learning with him. Excellent driving school!

Kara Mac

This day is the best day of my life!!!! I just got my license all thanks to Kevin's help... Kevin was so nice to me and never once yelled when I made a mistake. I went to 3 driving schools before coming here and failed the road test 5 times. Without Kevin's help I would still be with out a license. I recommend Kevin to anyone who can't get it right the first time. Thank you Manhattan Driving School for great service.

Meriah Rae

Good driving school and Eric at this driving school is the BEST

Luis Francisco

Worse service ever they don't follow up on people. I lost my routes appointment because of them never call me back or anything I won't go there even if it's free

Lisa Cole

I took my road test with Eric, he was very good at explaining everything about driving

Shannon B

Such an AMAZING experience, I had Robert as an instructor and passed the first time! Hes calm and is always on time with appointments. He is very flexible with your schedule. TRUST ME your gonna have a great driving experience. THANKS ROB !!!!!

Noel Petrelta

Couldn't have passed my road test without Alex and Manhattans Driving School! Having never driven before, and with no outside practice, I was able to learn everything I needed to know from Alex , who is an excellent teacher. This school also made my road test and the 5 hour class without any hassle. Highly recommended.

Lisa Roma

This place is great. The cars are easy to drive and you get your license at the end. Thanks them I can drive on my own way.

Zara Kausar

Good school to learn your driving from. I had Robert as my driving instructor, who was really good and calm to learn from, I passed first time round and it's all down to my driving Instrutor who was amazing so thank you Robert :)

Pamela Michno

Kevin was really nice. He taught you tips that are useful on the road test. I took the 10-lesson + 5 hr video course package and passed the first time. Recommend this school to anyone who needs there license! Good luck everyone.

Florina Hosty

Eric was a wonderful instructor! Go here you’ll get your license. Great driving school!!

Vazquezly In Love

If I can give any less stars, then I would. Kevin has to be the most inattentive and unprofessional person I have ever had the disgust to deal with. I have TEXT MESSAGE RECEIPTS of my reaching out to him to follow up about services that I paid for. After growing tired of the back and forth, I requested a refund. It has been almost 3 weeks and they keep telling me to check with my bank. And please don’t sit here and try to call me a liar because I will expose all evidence. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

Payton Owens

I took my road test and 5 hour course with them. They were very nice and showed you what to do and not to do on a road test. I recommend them to all of my friends who are going to get their license because I took my road test with them and passed on the first time.

Umar Noor

My driver instructors name was Robert and he did a phenomenal job teaching me. He gave me great techniques and tips on parallel parking and the 3 point turn. I highly recommend you come here to learn how to drive.

Irina Furtado

Eric was great driving teacher. He helped me pass my road test

richard cruz

This driving school is really awesome. I am a new driver but with the help of Robert I was able to pass my road test. I was actually able to do everything within maybe a month from the 5 hour class to a few driving lessons which I took maybe 5x I want to say. I took my road test and on the first try ever passed. I recommend this school to anyone. And if you get Robert you are in good hands he will keep telling you what you are doing wrong and practice until you get it right. Very felixable with hours also. Great experience

Alexa Williams

I passed my road test last week - all thanks to my amazing instructor, Robert!!! Robert was by far the most kind, patient, reliable, encouraging instructor I've ever had. Overall, Manhattan Driving school is the best when it comes to getting your license. You will not be disappointed!!!

Teena Thomas

Manhattan Driving school is the best !!! They helped prepare me and shape me to be in the best condition possible for my road test. Thanks to them I was able to pass with flying colors ! Mr. Robert, my instructor was truly amazing. He pointed out all the faults and taught me how to fix it and also commented on the good qualities I had in driving. The instructor for the 5 hour class was also really good. It really doesn't feel like 5 hours when the instructor likes to make a lot of good sarcastic jokes. He also gives you pointers on what to do and not to do on road test day. Truly the best driving school out there !!

Mike Ramdon

They really do care about you and not just your wallet. Everyone from receptionists to instructors and the manager are all very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this place for people wanting to learn how to drive or even if just looking to schedule a road test, this place is great!

Gina Infante

The best driving school in Yonkers! Very reasonable and you have the option to choose a regular or hybrid car to learn in. Ask for Alex, he was my driving instructor. Gives good driving tips and advices. At the same time he's easy going too, doesn't stress you out. Overall, an amazing experience. And most importantly, I passed the test in my very first attempt! Yuppiee

Nastasia Mason

I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone who is new to driving and to those who have lots of experience. Personally, I had never been behind the wheel when I started taking lessons with Robert however after about two and a half months I was very experienced. I passed my test on the first try. Not only is Robert patient and understanding, but he is also a great teacher. In conclusion, this is a great place to learn to drive and would really recommend it.

Kay Lynn

This driving school is awesome! The 5 hour class was made bearable because of Kevin's great humor. Also my driving instructor, Robert was amazing. He gave me tips and tricks to parking and driving in general. I highly recommend this school to all people. Did I mention I Passed my road test? I passed with barely any points (its bad if you have a lot of points). Thanks Manhattan Driving School! :D

Lu Hernandez

This school has great instructors and there prices are much better than other driving schools in Yonkers

Domy Anaya

Eric was a very friendly and helped me on the day of my road test! He has a new car and picks you up from home. Good service

Marie Tufts

I highly recommend this place. I started classes with another driving school and I had a lot of problems with the instructor: - problems to schedule the classes, - cancellations - late arrivals. When I changed to Manhattans Driving School, I was happily surprised by the professionalism of Kevin and there staff. They call 30 minutes before the lesson to confirm, there were no problems to fix the appointments and they have never arrived late. The best of all, I got a license now all thanks to there help!


I was unexperienced in the beginning but Robert taught me in 16 classes how to properly pass the driving test, which I did on my first try. I highly recommend Manhattan Driving School.

Daniel Vasquez

Eric is the best he helped me allot!

Nicole Drew

Excellent driving school!!! Took lessons from Eric, he was brilliant! Helped me on my road test and passed me. He has a cool car that was easy to park with.

Lisa Cooper

My son passed his road test with only 4 lessons. The instructor was wonderful. They made the 5 hour course fun and interesting. I would absolutely recommend this driving school to anyone. I give it 5 stars!!!!!

Andrea Lopez

I was a nervous wreck until I met Eric, he really did a great job keeping me comfortable in the car. My dad kept on yelling at me so I thought it was going to be the same in drivers ed. It was so easy learning with Eric. He has a great personality and knows how to teach people how to drive. After 10 lessons I passed the road test thanks to his help. Thanks Eric, you were awesome!

Rene Ramos

Eric at this driving school is professional. I could not turn if my life depended on it and Eric helped me out so much I could not believe it. He has a great car to learn in and driving with him is fun! I took 10 lessons before I passed my road test in Yonkers.

Brandy Schwartz

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED SERVICE. If there is anyone you should be looking for as a driving instructor it would be Alex. He is literally the best driving instructor, kind, honest, and you will learn a lot from him. I took the road test with Alex last week and passed for the first time. Alex you get A++ for being the best driving teacher!!! PS: I have spoken with Claria the receptionist on the phone countless times, she is very sweet to talk too. Useful Funny Cool

Christine Bertrim

My first driving instructor was Kevin, who was nice and funny but he did not help me as much as Eric did! In total I did 15 lessons and took two road test before I passed my test on second try. I think if Eric was my first instructor I would have passed the first time. If your looking for good quality of lessons I suggest taking them with Eric, he is very informative and helps you with anything you don't understand. I give Eric a 10 out of 10! :)

Catarina Hlozek

Thank you Manhattan Driving School and Eric for your hard efforts! My driving skills were wack. I had no skills.. but that did not make the team any Manhattan Driving School hold me back. Eric gave me so much confidence that I passed my road test after taking 10 lessons with him. I don’t even know how he did it! But thanks to him I am a licensed driver!!! Yayy

Luis Pena

One of the most helpful school you could ever go to. Mr.Robert is super helpful and a very good teacher. Completely recommend it. A 5 hours class is a guarantee pass!

Marina Blanchette

I decided to finally learn to drive after being too nervous to start. I picked Manhattans Driving School after reading a number of reviews for different schools and instructors. The 5 hour lesson with Kevin was easy and painless. I took 10 total lessons - with Robert and the road test with Alex and passed first try. I practiced on my own also few times after I got some practice with my driving teachers Everyone at this driving school is patient, encouraging and helpful. Robert was a great instructor and pushed me to be confident and relax my nerves while driving. Thank you so much!

Isamu Sherman

Took the 5 hour class and 10 private lessons with Robert. Passed the road test on my first try. Great school and a great instructor.

Tyana Dorsey

I did my road test with Eric, and passed. He will teach you everything. He was very professional and I am glad he was my teacher.

Rohit Gaur

Ask for Alex. Fantastic instructor, very funny, always felt safe driving around with him. Loved that we got to drive around in a Chevy Volt because that's the car I'll be getting. Great beginner car. He was always prompt and friendly. We got to drive wherever I wanted to go practice (my neighborhood, place I'll need to drive for work), and he was very flexible. I live on a busy road, Alex was still happy to pick me up from there for a lesson. That made it super convenient. Oh yeah, and the fact that the car is labeled with "Student Driver" around made the drivers around me much more forgiving and patient. And they gave me lots of space haha. The instructor has brakes on his side of the car, so he's got your back. Highly recommend!

Nicole Rico

Just got my license with Alex! He is the best.. Took 5 driving lessons and learned much more than I did before. If you want the best go with Alex! He will get you the license fast.

Jason Sotomayor

Not the best place. Literally went to take my road test and they did not tell me there was a 200 dollar fee to take the test using their car. I was highly disappointed when I failed. Place is a scam.

Trevette Lyons-Chambers

I will say this school is a must. I worked alongside Robert. He is a charming gentleman who loves his career in teaching others to drive. He was very direct, calm, very approachable, understanding, full of advice and most of all honest with you. When I first started working with him, I felt scared and unsure that I could do this. He gave me an awesome pep talk about having rights of the road and not to be scared of the wheel. If anyone that has any type of anxiety, fears or social anxiety please work with Robert. He will help you and won't stop helping until you get your license. This was my first attempt and I passed my road test. Thank you Robert.

Aaron Perez

ROBERT IS A SAVIOR, after switching from a horrible driving school in south broadway I come Here and start taking lessons with Robert. Robert is very attentive and helps you learn the whole way through I highly recommend this place and I hope You’re blessed with having Robert as your driving instructor

Ileya Williams

Terrible driving school. The instructor, Kevin, is never available for a lesson. You are lucky if you get one once a month. I was very respectful and tried to be accomodating but I was met with hostility. Completely unreliable, very disappointing. I strongly advise against getting lessons here.

Martha Alfaro

If you want your drivers license this place is IT! They are the only driving school that picks up the phone when you call them the FIRST TIME. Booking appointments are very easy and at times that suit you. They really care for you here and the instructors really take there time to show you everything about driving. I took the road test with Eric after 10 classes and passed. This is a great driving school!

Soleil White

Robert is an amazing instructor, as well as very patient and detailed. I was extremely anxious the days leading up to my road test, and he helped me perfect my skills and pass on the first try! Also the 5 hour class with Kevin was very resourceful. Highly recommended!.

Kassandra Rodriguez

My driving instructor Robert was great. He was very patient and understanding. Thank you for helping me get my license. Robert is an amazing instructor he is the best instructor in Yonkers and the Bronx.

Ibee Juju

What a great driving school!!! I started this summer with driving lessons with Alex, he was the key component in getting me my license today. Claria the secretary was super helpful, always professional and VERY flexible. I would recommend this facility to ANYONE. Highest rated driving school... could not be more pleased.

Jinal Shah

This is one of the best driving schools in Yonkers. I had an amazing experience. My Instructor was ROBERT and he is the BEST. He showed me some great tips and tricks for the driving and especially for parallel parking. He is a great instructor, very patient, and professional. I passed my driving test with a perfect score. All thanks to ROBERT for his help. I highly recommend this driving school to everyone.

Julie Pham

Kevin is the best! I have nothing but positive things to say about him as an instructor and the staff in general. My son drives quite a distance to high school and is frequently on the freeway. Kevin had him drive on multiple freeways and also on the traffic circle right away. According to my son, he was always very patient and calm no matter what! I found him to be very personable and he spent the time with me after each lesson to go over what my son had learned and what he needed to work on. My son passed his test on the first try, and I think Kevin was a big reason why! I have recommended him to many friends without hesitation and everyone has been very pleased. This was a rare experience where I can honestly say I was 100% satisfied in every way!

Rishi Xyru

I'll definitely recommend this place to anyone! The staff is wonderful. The driving teacher Alex was awesome! After passing my road test its easy to see why they are the best. Manhattan Driving School went way beyond my expectations... I wish I could give them more than 5 stars, they deserved it.

Deana Wells

Extremely friendly and knowledgeable... Alex was able to answer all my questions I had about my daughters driving skills. He was right on the money and saved my daughter from taking the road test again. She passed with no mistakes on her driving test. He can teach drivers of all skills levels or those with no skills too... Bravo and Five Stars!!

Navin Jagwani

Eric was a very good teacher. Take lessons from him he was very easy to learn with. Excellent service.

Eddie Beniquez

Robert is by far the best instructor I've been taught by. He makes you feel very comfortable behind the wheel. He makes everything nice and simple to learn how to drive. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him.

Bryant Mena

I highly recommend Manhattan Driving School. My instructor was Robert; he's definitely good at his job. Prior to my lessons with him, I had no idea how to drive. However, thanks to Robert, I passed my road test on the first try.

Jorge Mejia

Never touched a car up until about 2 months ago when I had my first lesson with Robert. He was very patient and helped guide me to passing my road test on my first try! I don't have one bad thing to say about Robert's lessons or the 5 hour class. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to learn how to drive and have little to no experience. Thanks Robert and Manhattan Driving School !

Tuffour Roland

Best driving school ever! My instructor was Robert and he's such amazing. With a little experience in driving Robert showed me everything I need to pass my road test on my first attempt. He showed me how to perform parallel parking and 3 point turn after only 2 weeks of course. Thank you very much Robert and everyone else in Manhattan driving school. I highly recommend this school for everyone.

Jen Wong

I took 20 lessons with Eric for about 2 months and it was REALLY GREAT ! He has a great car that he teaches driving with and he really kept me comfortable behind the wheel. I have terrible fear of driving and it took me years to even work up to get into a car and learn with someone. So to say I can get in a car and drive on my own finally is a huge accomplishment. I just want to say anyone looking for a great driving school should take lessons here. Eric is very nice and will teach you driving the right way and help you all the way...

Gena Finn

They have clean safe cars I would recommend them to anyone who needs there service. I loved driving with Kevin he was very professional.

Nyokna Thorpe

My instructor was Robert. He was very patient and courteous. He show me some simple ways on how to parallel park and 3 point turn. They really work, once the timing is good. I would recommend anyone to attend this driving school and ask for Robert. Whether you are beginner or you have a little experience he will help you to get prepare for the test. I did some driving course with Robert and pass my driving test in one attempt... Thanks again Robert.. you're the best..and thanks to everyone at Manhattan Driving School, Job well done...

Cheryl Amoyaw

I highly recommend Robert for driving lessons for anyone who REALLY wants to get their license. He is very cool and he is someone who really wants to teach you, and tells you exactly what you need to do to pass the road test. I took the test 3× and failed. Thanks to him I finally got my license.

Delisa Miller

I made a decision to get my license in May. I took classes on the weekends with Mr. Robert. His instructions, patience, and constructive criticism helped me pass the road test on my first try. I am truly grateful to have had someone of his expertise instructing me. Thank You Manhattan Driving School.

Mary A.C.

I highly recommend the Manhattan Driving School and easily give it 5 stars!! I only wish there were more stars ⭐️’s to give! I was fortunate enough to study under the brilliant tutelage of Kevin Advani and feel blessed for the experience. Kevin is a seasoned professional who effectively combines his masterful knowledge of driving with well cultivated patience to give you an essential knowledge base, comfort and confidence in your driving. Testing environments are extremely difficult for me but Kevin guided me thru the process and gave me the necessary skill set and comfort level needed to achieve licensure. I could not be happier with having chosen this driving school and couldn’t have done it without Kevin. And did I mention he’s funny? Yeah, you won’t stop laughing throughout his courses.

brian M

I'm a first time driver and just passed on my first try thanks to my instructer Robert. He was very patient and explained everything in a very clear way. I recommend learning from manhattan driving school

Tony Fioti

A very good driving school

Charles Valentin

Went from never being behind a wheel to passing my road test in a little over a month. Robert was an excellent teacher who went out of his way to make sure I knew what I was doing and passed. Even the five hour class with Kevin was enjoyable. Will definitely recommend this school to anyone looking to learn.

Nicole Prati

The best driving school EVER!!! They use brand new cars and always on time for the driving lessons.. Passed my road test first try. I recommend them! I've referred them to all my friends.

Effaii Missy

The driving school was awesome! I passed on the first time. Kevin is a great instructor. He is patient and will teach you U-turns and parallel parking in easy to follow steps. I have not had a chance to drive with their other instructors but I've heard good things about them as well.

Bruce Maxwell

Eric was wonderful driving instructor. Take lessons from him you will learn allot more than any where else.

Tonsofbunz T

I had Robert as an instructor and I have absolutely nothing negative to say about him. He is calm, cool and collected and helped me pass my road test on the first try with a perfect a score. I highly recommend this school to anyone in need of quality instruction.

Sonesh Malik

I was so lucky that I Chose this driving school, and My Instructor, Mr. Robert is Fantastic, Amazing and very nice instructor. I only got 4 lessons from him before my Final road test and On the day of Test, I was getting nervous as usual, But he calmly handled it and boosted my confidence. He showed me all the steps well and I passed my road test in first chance. God Bless Him and Thanks for all the lessons he gave me to pass this test.

Jerry Thomson

Took lessons from Eric he was really nice instructor. Helped me pass the test. Thanks Manhattan driving school for all your help!

Min Hee Yun

Eric saved me from failing another time. If it wasn’t for him I would never get my license. His level of service is worth every penny.

Anibal Figueroa

I just passed my road test with Alex this morning! Excellent service and very friendly instructor.. He will defiantly get you prepared for the road test. Thanks so much for the parking tips! I enjoyed it here.

alexandra tejada

Buyer Beware!!! If I could give zero stars, I would! My daughter prepaid for classes over a month ago. The first class scheduled was cancelled only after calling to see why the driver had not arrived. Their response was "we overbooked." Since then, she has had only two sessions and it's been over a month! Every week she tries to schedule a class they tell her the driver is unavailable, on vacation or a business trip. I've never seen such unprofessional customer service. Will be visiting the office for a refund- hopefully their doors aren't closed for business. Don't see how a legitimate business is able to run, providing such terrible service.

Steve Park

I was a first time driver and I had zero experience behind the wheel. I purchased the 10 lesson package and I have to say that my teacher, Robert, was the best sort of teacher an inexperienced driver could have. Critical when necessary, encouraging when possible, and always calm and friendly in any given situation, Robert helped me get my license on the first try and gave me the confidence and skills to be an excellent driver outside of the school. All in all I have to say that my experience at Manhattan Driving School was absolutely fantastic and that anyone else looking for a good driving school should look no further.

albin morina

The driving lessons consists of Kevin telling you how you will pass the test because of him and " I'm gonna get you ready for the test!" Repeated in various ways. Yea I guess that's why I paid 45$, but all he did was let me drive around Yonkers did one U turn and parallel parked once then schedule another lesson 2 weeks later like I would remember everything.

Colette Carey

Awesome experience with Manhattan driving school! Robert is an amazing instructor, very patient and overall a very nice guy. He is thorough with his lessons and helped me pass my road test easily! The five hour class was also a great experience. Kevin made it entertaining and very comfortable. Would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for a good Driving School.

Daiva Stankeviciute

I first started with Kevin, who was good but he was always busy.. I asked if he could give me someone who had the time and I got Alex! Alex was way better than Kevin for the fact he always had time for me and I always got a clear understanding what I was doing wrong. After a few weeks I was able to pass the road test all thanks to Alex’s help! If your looking for a good instructor at the school ask for Alex.. he is super friendly and always makes time for you..

Deirdre Neider

I’ve tried calling yesterday since 12:30 and voice mail later that day I called every hour till 4 yet no one. So I tried again today. I visited yesterday at 2 when it said it was “open” like the sign said but it was locked and no one was there. I would like lessons and my 5 hour class here but it seems like it won’t be possible if your voice mail is always full and no ones ever in office. 08/14/2019: UPDATE: my niece can’t even get ahold of them for weeks also. I took my lessons here and passed my road test but it’s so unacceptable and very unprofessional that a business won’t respond to customers who want lessons.....

Ashok Kishnani

This driving school was awesome thanks to this school

Jordyn Ward

Alex is, as they say, "Very Good Driving Teacher" Joking aside this man is a teaching guru!!! He's calm, supremely professional.. and just very, very good at what he does... I tell you to go here first! I had a great experience!

Borc Suede

I want to say thank you to Eric for the training. Definitely learned allot from him. He is very friendly but yet strict when he wants you to do something right the first time. This really helped me allot! Thank you Eric, you helped me pass my road test. Thank you Manhattan Driving School!!

Deniqua Ortiz

I had Robert and he is an EXCELLENT driving insrtuctor! Today because of him I FINALLY got my license!!! Although he's stern, he makes sure that you pass the road test. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND ROBERT TO TEACH SOMEONE HOW TO DRIVE!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ROBERT!!!

Katrina Elliott

Karen was my instructor & was amazing ! She was always on time for lessons & called when she was outside. She's very relaxed & explains everything in a calm voice which is great for nervous drivers. She also has a great electronic car that drives so smoothly. I recently took take my road test and passed on the first try ! This school is very professional, I loved my experience !

Cormac O'Brien

I was practicing for my driving test and I had 3 lessons but the instructor named Eric thinks that I need to spend $500 on ten lessons other wise I would be a failure. But I passed my drivers test so he was wrong. If you like being insulted or told you will fail then go here. Eric isn’t polite at all and he makes me nervous.

Amy Ortez

We highly recommend Eric at this driving school. Our daughter passed her road test first time with flying colors after his six comprehensive driving lessons with Eric! He has a new up to date car and is very flexible with timings. I couldn't be happier with the level of service and care we received from them. Thank you!!

Viktoria Korovina

Great service. Great instructors. Very encouraging. Kevin increased my driving confidence. Kevin made me very comfortable on the day of my test. He was there the entire time and it helped me a lot. Without Kevin's help I don't know what I would do..

varsha khatwani

Eric was a great instructor, he taught me, my brother and now my mom how to drive. We all have our license thanks to his help. Eric is very nice and really takes his time teaching you the basics of driving. A true gentleman I highly recommend him as your instructor. A good school!

Willy Michaels

I could not have passed my road test without Kevin’s help! His awesome personality and jokes kept me from failing the test. He definitely knows what he is doing

David Hansen

This is one of the best driving schools in Yonkers. I looked at the other reviews before choosing and I am glad I did! They are very professional, driver was always on time for classes. Passed the test on the first time. ROBERT is the best instructor!! He really helped me!! It was money well spent!! Thanks Robert you really are the best.

Magen Shift

All driving instructors were professional and very helpful in teaching me how to drive. They were on time and courteous always. No complaints.. I passed my road test first time here.

Denis Sandro

I'm still taking driving lessons and haven't passed the road test yet, but I do really love this driving school. Everyone that works here cares about your safety and is really trying to do the best job possible to help you learn how to drive. I'm an older student with a lot of fear on the road and they have helped me work through this fear giving me really useful tips. I would gladly say that anyone should use these guys to learn to drive. Thanks

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