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REVIEWS OF Loyalty Driving School IN New York

Kevin Tylutki

Victor Maldonado

Good driving school teach very well..Simon, Emma, great ppl...Thanks guys...Would suggest anyone here...

Ja gd

Simon might be having a bad day with me. He was very rude and insulting. Not recommending.

Bahodir Goyibov

Great driving school.I recommend this school!

nody nona

I had an experience that I never imagined I would have in this country. This experience was unprofessional, rude, threatening, and harassing in nature. I will give a through synopsis of what happened: During my driving lesson my instructor (ALEX) asked me to turn left, I saw a car coming in the street. He said to go but did not clarify where to go. I waited for a moment to get clarification on how to proceed but he yelled at me instead in a vile manner “GOOOO!!” It is clear that I am a new driver and am still learning. The instructor didn’t like how I waited due to my confusion. This man went to the extreme extent of physically grabbing the wheel from me, forcing my hands off of it and turning the vehicle himself to hurry and turn left before the oncoming vehicle came! This is a severe risk to myself, him and the oncoming vehicle. Instead of teaching me safe driving habits to save some time, he risked a severe T-bone accident due to his lack of patience. This man behaving the way he did put my life as well as others in danger. The manner he spoke to me in was harsh, derogatory, unprofessional, and had a threatening tone to his voice. The way he spoke was severely aggressive that I felt personally physically threatened and ran out of the vehicle fearing he could physically hit me. I did not come to this country to get treated in such a horrific manner I came for more opportunity. This man instead of being understanding that I am a new driver and patient with me was instead the complete opposite. I left the scene crying and walked home due to his extremely intolerant treatment towards me that day. I am deeply offended and hurt by this encounte. This was simply uncalled for and is not justified by any reason. Even if I made a mistake while driving he does not have the right to speak to anyone that way especially a woman. This man verbally harassed me, and this issue needs to be addressed immediately.

Phil Chan

Thank you Loyalty driving school. Today, I passed my test and it’s all thanks to Simon.

Amanda Basile

Loyalty Driving School is the best in all of Brooklyn. If you do not go with them you will be making a big mistake! They have the best prices and the best instructors. They really care about your safety and helping you to learn the right way to drive. The lessons are very helpful and I could not have asked for a better place to go to. Thank you Simon, Emma and Alex for all of your help I could not have done it without you.


This school was recommended to me by a few friends and initially I wasn't excited because of their teaching style. They will push you and they will demands certain things from you but at the end it all paid off. I passed it on my first try and the mistakes I made were the very same mistakes that they constantly they pointed out. If you want to pass go to this school

Angela Mbrice

I've had a great experience here at loyalty driving school. they've taught me so much and helped me pass the road test in one try.

charlie crisano

After taking several driving lessons with Simon, i passed my road test on the first try. He pushed me and pointed out everything i did wrong. i was frustrated at times. But in the end, it paid off and i passed the road test on the first try. Emma and Simon were amazing and worked very hard on making sure i knew everything i needed to know in order to pass the road test. Simon was amazing. Very patient and very informative. I would highly recommend loyalty driving school for anyone who is looking to take a road test or for any other classes they may be looking into. They also have very good prices compared to all the places i checked before them. This place is great. thank you, Simon. And thank you Loyalty Driving School!

Stephania Montoya

I chose Loyalty driving school after reading the good reviews it was the first time ever learning how to drive and I wanted a lot of practice. Emma is a very nice person she was always willing to help. My instuctor was Simon and he is a good instuctor but, makes comments that are inappropriate and at times gets easily frustrated. I paid well over $800 and at last I wanted to know why I kept paying $40 for each class when it was $38. He never gave me back the $2 from each time it just kept piling up and he would brush it off and say "Ask Emma". When I went to speak to Emma in person, she was confused and saying I didn't pay the $50 for the 5 hour class, but I did by check and she had no recollection. Simon then came in and he was very rude rushing "Emma to hurry up and finish with what she was doing". On the day of my test he told me to bring $78 in which I did. They owe me money but have no exact idea of what I paid on a daily basis a receipt. I would stay away from this school very disorganized and messy, nice people, good instructors but disappointing for the amount I paid.

Savannah Sweberg

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN BROOKLYN!!!!!!! I took my road test twice in Staten Island and failed! Simon was my instructor gave amazing advice, showed you how to drive, PATIENCE! He is amazing! I recommend him! I took my road test in Seaview with him and passed the first time! Him and Emma at the front desk are amazing! They go around your schedule with out a problem! The best driving school! I recommend Loyalty driving school! I wish I would’ve came here first!!!!! I learned so much from Simon with only five lessons. Thank you Simon for everything!

patricia penkower

I would most definitely recommend using this driving school! My instructor Simon was great! So helpful and patient. Simon made sure I had everything I needed and needed to know for my road test and I passed my road test no problem! Thanks Simon and Emma!

Danielle Vitale

Took my 5 hour class and 5 lessons here with Simon. Helpful and friendly staff! Simon is an excellent instructor and gives a lot of helpful advice. I passed on my first try. I would definitly reccomend Loyalty Driving School to everyone!

Amber Pagan

I chose this driving school because of their reviews and I was not disappointed! Simon and Renny were excellent instructors and Emma was very kind. They all take their time and figure out exactly what you need. They may seem strict at first but thwy mean well! After 5 lessons, I passed my road test on the first try. They're fantastic!

Marina Gonik


Rositaa Pani

This school was a very bad choice. I don't know if I would call it bad luck, but every time I would call to schedule a lesson they would cancel on me or send me renNY who I must say has an old car and then 2 lessons later I took the road rest with Simon's car which was brand new but way different. He told me the day of the road test he knew I was going to fail but he didnt want to tell me because we were already on our way to s.i! Really rude.!! I must say this was a rip off of my money and time. And I failed my test on my first try and they never told me about retaking my road test. He dropped me off and said, call us to schedule more lessons. What a rude unsensitive guy. I would not recommend this school to anyone!!

Tony Phu

Simon was very helpful during my driving process and day of my test he was capable of fixing my mistakes and that allowed me to pass . Only took one lesson and I’m very appreciative of the school.

Marina Demchuk

This driving school is the best; it has nice and responsive manager and instructors. I received all need information over the phone and scheduled my first driving lesson. The 5-hour class was on time and it was a live very informative and useful lecture (not video) My instructor, Simon, was very flexible concerning the scheduling. He is extremely experienced and he shares every single detail you need to know to pass the test. We have covered and practiced any possible scenarios that could have happened during the test. He is teaching not only "to the test" but also to driving in everyday life. I had no previous experience and now I feel confident behind the steerwheel. I passed the exam from the first try! Thank you very much, Loyalty Driving School!

lisette cuahutencos

Everyone was so kind, Emma is a sweetheart! Mitch was a great instructor.

Elina Bourne

I found Loyalty driving school by accident. Just stepped inside to find out the prices and packages. I am very happy I decided to stay with them. The price for what you get is good. There is a 5 hours driving course on site with a great instructor. School owners are warm, caring and very helpful. Simon's sense of humor still haunts me up till now. He makes his lessons fun and not boring.

Imperial Talon

A big shout out to Emma and Simon, very great people who can help you succeed! Great personality and approachability!! 5 lessons, road test passed, a big thank you!!

Ori Oriada

Just passed my driving test today .I highly recommend this school. Alex is very good instructor

Luca D

Great driving school. I highly recommend Simon and am a great driver now because of him.

Alexis Dibbs

This driving school is very welcoming. I came in with barely any knowledge of driving. Emma assisted me with all of my questions and concerts. The prices are super reasonable. I purchased package one and passed after taking my first road test. I would highly recommend Alex as a driving instructor. He taught me everything very well and we practiced what I needed to work on as well as things I didn't to ensure I passed. You will not regret taking classes here! Everyone is so friendly and nice.

Анастасия Малова

Jonathan Le

I used to have a lot of trouble driving at another driving school and I have failed my road test before, until I've find this school. Simon is a great instructor with a lot of years of experience driving. I didn't do well the first time I took the road test with him. But, with enough practice, I ace the road test. I took more than 10 lessons throughout last year and 8 lessons this year. To me you should take as much as you need until you know you're 100% ready. I stay calm, focus and confident. I've felt comfortable and confident while driving with Simon and he taught me great ways to be a good driver and how to ace the road test. I am very very happy, that I pass the road test and I will be able to get my license. The price is $35, each lesson, much cheaper than other schools that are about $40 to $50.

Nel Huang

I found loyalty driving school online after comparing different companies and decided to test it with 1 lesson. I felt very comfortable with Simon and he focused on teaching me how to pass the road test. Very happy I chose this school

Jay Y.

I chose Loyalty Driving School because of it was close to home. Little did I know that this school was a great choice. Emma, who runs the desk and manages the school, is a sweetheart. She's very understanding and works with you to plan events that best accommodate your schedule. Simon, my instructor, was kind, informative, and patient. He will work with you because he wants to see all his students succeed. His tips and quirks are only meant to ensure that you'll be fully prepared for the road test. After 10 lessons and some personal driving time, I took the road test at Seaview. Passed the test with flying colors on the first try. Thank you for everything!


Simon is a really great instructor that can teach at all levels. I started out knowing nothing, took 12 lessons with him, and passed on the first try!! Emma is incredibly nice and helpful with administrative issues. Took my 5-hour lesson with her too and it was great.

Bryan Greene

I'd recommend Loyalty to anyone learning how to drive! Simon is very patient and teaches you everything you'll need to know to pass the road test on the first try. Was a very good experience thanks again Simon and Emma!!

Alan Chen

Fantastic! Emma was extremely nice and accommodating to my schedule. She helped me find the best time for my driving test. My instructor, Simon, is one of the best. I learned everything I needed for the driving test within a month and a half. On the day of the test, the weather was terrible. It was pouring and the roads were flooded, but Simon reassured me of my abilities. I passed with flying colors!

Stefano 91

Before I decided to finally go for my license, I did a thorough research at which driving school was best to go to. And after seeing all the great reviews on Loyalty Driving School I decided to give it a try. The first time I walked in they were in the middle of teaching their 5 hour class, I went in and Emma who is an absolute sweetheart was there to help me. She got me all set up for my 10 lesson package and gave me my first lesson appointment. I had both instructors, Ricky and Simon teach me to drive properly. They both have their own ways of teaching but are both excellent instructors. They don't make you feel nervous and are very good at teaching you the right way of driving. My first time taking the road test I failed, but that was OK because many people they I knew also had trouble passing the first time. Simon assured to me that I will pass my second time and to not bring myself down. I took 2 more lessons with Simon and on my 2nd shot, I passed with flying colors. I definitely recommend Loyalty Driving School to anyone looking to learn to drive and get their license! Their prices are great and Emma, Simon and Ricky are great people!

Magdalena Ostrowska-Was

Loyalty Driving School is the best way to pass your driving test! The couple who own the School are very nice. Simon - driver teacher looks like a tough guy but if you fallow his instruction the driving exam will be so easy for you. If you want to pass your driving test just sign up to Loyalty Driving School - don't wait save your time and money!!! Me and my husband recommended truly this Driving School. Magda and Slawek

Aislin Azcona

Very helpful, passed my test on the first time. Simon was an excellent instructor.

Chris J

I started out with Loyalty Driving school with the 5 hour class. I was almost certain that I was ready to go straight for my road test.. I decided to take 1 lesson with Simon. I'm glad I did, because I WAS NOT READY and would have failed my test, no doubt. I decided to take weekly lessons with Simon and they all worked out to my advantage. Simon taught me everything I need to pass the test, which I did on the first try. I took approximately 10 lessons with Simon and each was well worth it. If you decide to take lessons with Loyalty driving school (Which I recommend, even if you are experienced) Simon might make you nervous at first. Get passed that, because the reason for that is, he actually does care that you learn exactly what you need to pass the test. Keep in mind, he's also thriving to maintain a good reputation for his school. Take lessons from Simon and learn to drive, turn, observe and park with precision. Put it this way, I took 10 lessons: Passed ; My wife took 13 lessons: Passed ; Another person that was with us only took 2 lessons: Failed!! All on the same day. Other school's students that were out there taking the road tests on the same day, did NOT have the same success rate. I don't write reviews for anyone online, but Loyalty driving school definitely deserves the credit from me. I thank you for everything that you've taught me, Simon. Emma, thank you as well for the confidence you had in myself and Lisa. Much appreciated.

Nature Ganganbaigal

the instructor loved to put you down and attack you as a person when you delaying an order he gave you. Is this a lesson for insult or a lesson for driving? Yes we all need a bit time to learn that's why we take lessons.


My sister told me about loyalty driving school because her experience there was great i have to say i had a great experience as well at Loyalty driving school the lady at the desk emma she was very nice and my instructor Simon you could tell that he want you to pass. I did my driving test and my first try I pass thank you Simon at Loyalty driving school I really appreciate you.

Tyroneivich Sandvich

My brother bought me the 5 lesson package, and I hated every minute of it. Symon, a person who can't tell you what mistake you made until you did it. I drive normally and he insists that I drive like a "maniac" even though I drive the mileage he tells me to drive. He's a person who's not so comfortable to drive with. You mess up? Curses you out in Russian and makes you feel bad. Would not recommend.

Megan Rodriguez

Great school called to schedule the road test for earliest available date and they helped me out. Took my five hour class and lessons here aswell. Great easy going instructors. Passed my roadtest on my first try.

arlinda F

Took my five hour class and my lessons here and passed my road test on the first try!! My instructor was Simon and he was awesome, really helped me learn how to drive good. Taught me everything I needed to know. If your looking for a good place I would honestly try them. You won't regret it!!

Karina Stepss

So happy with my experience at Loyalty Driving School! I went to a different driving school and failed the road test because I felt rushed and was not 100% ready. I passed with loyalty driving school on my second attempt! Simon was a very excellent instructor. Very patient and professional. He not only taught me exactly what I had to do to pass the exam, but also taught me to be a cautious and better driver. I became very comfortable and more sure of myself behind the wheel. This driving school was also much cheaper than the one I was in before; $35 for 45 minutes, instead of $50 for 1 hour like I payed the other driving school. They also offer the best test sites. I am very happy that I was referred to him and upset that I did not go here first. I would recommend this diving school to anyone who wants to be taught in a professional setting. Emma and Simon are the best!!

Larry Cruz

Calvin Truong

Great learning experience here. Emma was very helpful and made sure to answer all questions I had. My driving instructor Simon was excellent. He is clear on how his instruction and helped with any questions I had while on the road. I took about 7 lessons and passed the road test on my first attempt. He wants you to pass and will do everything in his power to make sure you are prepared for your road test. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking for one.

Armin celjaj

Simon was an excellent instructor, gives great tips and genuinely cares for his students.

James G

I could give zero if i wish. I tried my best to stay polite and calm with Simon but he was very aggresive. Totally understand if you want to correct your student that's why we let you instruct us. But verbal attack and puting you down? Do we really need that? F no!. Not going back to this horrible place

menatallah algohary

A great school with great staff .. best driving school thanks for all effort

Monineath Pen

I'm a new driver. I took 5 classes with Simon and I just got my license today! Overall, I'm extremely pleased with my experience in this driving school and looking forward to taking highway classes here too. I honestly love this school. Simon and his wife are amazing people and great instructors. I would definitely recommend to friends and families.


I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to take lessons at Loyalty Driving School. Emma and Simon were both very helpful, lovely and kind. Each lesson that I had taken, I was able to gain confidence and learn a lot in the process. Simon had taught to me to be a safe and cautious driver along with teaching to pass the road test. Simon was always on time for the lessons which I valued a lot and always works on your schedule when you're ready to take a lesson. This driving school was simply amazing, and I recommend this to everyone because I had such a great experience, that I want everyone else who wants to learn how to drive, to have the same great experience as I did. Thank you so much Emma and Simon, Nihada

Happy Child

(Translated by Google) The teacher is good, the place I would say does not look like a class, but for a one-time 5 hour visit it will come down. Conducted in English. (Original) Учитель хороший, место я бы сказала не похож на класс, но для одноразового 5 часового посещения сойдёт. Проводится на английскому языке.

Aylin N

Not patient.

Elijah Estevez

Dorota Dworak

I recommend this driving school, my instructor Simon is very good, very patient. Emma is also very helpful.

Dil Khosh

The Best driving school ever. I'm a new driver and Today I past my road test:). Thank you Simon, you're the best!!!!

Adilia Verde

Passed my driving test in one go, great instruction and prices.


I waited 2 years to get my drivers license and I got it in ONE month with them!! I took 5 lessons with Mitch who was hilarious and great! The 5 hour class with Ricky got me to learn so much then at the end I passed my road test on the first and only try and am now an official NY State driver!!

George Tyreek

Let me start off saying the man who teaches the 5 hour class was fun and funny and made you feel welcome , but the person who instructs you during your driving was so disrespectful and gross I paid $500 and never took the full lessons because the fat instructor was a horrible teacher he grabs your wheel and tells you turn right/turn left at the randomest times. He smells very bad and I am sorry I’m warning everyone I don’t recommend this driving school I’ been disrespected by the instructor he made feel incompetent when clearly I am new at driving SAD.

Tetyana Tyniv

It was a wonderful and excellent experience with Loyalty Driving School. I never drove before and took lessons from the scratch with Simon. Today I passed my road test and I'm so happy that I chose this driving school. Simon was very patient and gave helpful tips how to be a good driver. He was always on time and flexible to my schedule. Road test was performed in quiet and safe borough. I would highly recommend this driving school to my friends and to everyone. Thank you Simon and Emma!

Victorio Chiu

Great driving school!!! Passed the test on the first attempt. Simon is an awesome instructor, very accommodating to your schedule and tailors the classes according to your needs. Emma took care of me very well and scheduled my road test appointment without any hassle and on the date I wanted! Would totally recommend this school.


Emma is such a sweetheart and Mitch is probably the coolest driving instructor you'll ever meet. Passed my road test on the first try!

Casheena James

I had Simon as my instructor and he was very patient and knowledgeable. He didn't stress me out and I felt very comfortable when I got behind the wheel. I passed my test on the first try.

Jenny Rodriguez

Great driving school, would recommand to anyone , Simon was a great insructor , I passed my road test on my first try .

Nadia Moseshvili

Maria Orlova

I had a great pre-licensing class yesterday! At first, I was like, watching a film about road signs for 5 hours - what a nightmare. But Ricky changed my mind about it. It's amazing how he turned something generally known as boring into something enjoyable. He told us some great stories to keep things interesting. The class was interactive, very informative and fun. Ricky informed us on what to expect on the test and some do's and don'ts as well. Would definitely recommend this place to everyone!

Christopher Bello

Simon was a great instructor. He taught me everything I needed to know for the test plus some. He made sure I knew everything there was to know, and he teaches very well encouraging you to do you best! Would recommend Loyalty, and Simon to anyone who needs to learn how to drive! Thanks

Albert Realini

Absolutely recommend to anyone. Great school. Great people. Very caring and understanding. Simon is the best instructor and really prepares you for the test. A++!

Aziz Elvira

Отличная школа а в особенности инструктор Д.Саша, профессионал своего дела ! 4 года назад сдал с ним роад тест с 1-го раза, все доступно объясняет и показывает..... Советовал своим друзьям все были довольны

Anika Chaudhry

I highly recommend this driving school! Emma and Simon are great. Very flexible and great customer service. The cars you practice with are new and always clean! Simon is an excellent instructor. I took a few lessons & a highway lesson with him. He was very nice and calm about everything even when I made mistakes. He wasn't rude, never yelled and was always encouraging. Scheduling my road test was easy. Just told Simon and Emma when I was ready. They took it from there and kept me up to date with everything. I took my test and passed it on the first try. I was confident and wasn't nervous- all thanks to Simon! Overall, Simon makes you feel comfortable, gives great tips and genuinely cares for his students!

nazish adnan

Really good school an Simon is a great instructor I passed my 1st time

Musa Khuzin

Thanks so much for lessons from Alex and Simon , professional Instructors, nice new cars.

wgrwg grwgwrg

Simon is the best instructor. All lessons were great and clear for understanding.

Aldi Gjeci

The worst experience!! I have been waiting for two hours freezing outside their office for them to have a lesson and then go take the road test.Never came!!! No one answered the phone!! After three hours or more they call me to say that they forgot I had the road test at that day!! I also took the 5h class there!! While having the class we were listening to a man snoring there.

Lǎng Xiao

Very engaging and informative five hour initial (mandatory) lecture course. The driving lessons are carried by a seasonal instructor Simon; who provides tough-love, but very helpful instructions and tips for the road rules. Great pointer/foolproof way about a perfect parallel parking and k-turn, that I will never forget in the rest of my driving career.

Alex_ Joya41

Just took my Driving test and Passed. This school is great. Simon was my instructor and was really patient with me. He is strict but after taking the road test, I can see why. Great school definitely a must.

Abi Asemooni

A quote from the instructor: "don't turn the wheel, then I have to buy a new tire for the car!!!!"

Eugert Kacupaj

Passed the road test on my first try with only 5 lessons. Can't complain with the results. Definitely got my money's worth.


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