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REVIEWS OF Jessi Driving School IN New York

Blaze Spliffz

Good place to start your training. The information is great the teacher's really know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

LiT Charles

Jessi driving school is the best. Is absolutely great, they teach you everything you need to know. I went n for one class only and passed it right away on my first try. Thanks to Jessi driving school n Mario their awesome teacher

Jimmy Serrano

The whole process from: 5 hours class appointment, Driving classes and road test schedule were SMOOTH & AMAZING! Javier Clement, the driving instructor, was the BEST EVER in every class I took. Very Detailed Oriented and very polite. The office staff was very pleasant to deal with. All of them were very cordial. It an AMAZING SCHOOL!! - I passed the ROAD test on my first try. THANK YOU YOU ALL!!

jatina whitehead

i passed my road test they are very nice people whom make you comfortable and confident about your lessons and your test. plus the cars are easy to drive.

Diamond Scott

Great Reasonable prices. Great People. Mt instructor, Mario was very helpful and polite. I passed my road test with no problems. Thank you so much Jessi Driving School!

Karisma butler

The staff is great , experienced and very helpful , they teach you everything you have to do for your road test and they are very patient with you .

Melissa Flores

Just took my road test today and passed on my second try. Thank you Mario and Alfredo two of the best instructors that are honest and patience with you. I definitely recommended this driving school. Thanks again Mario you are the best!!

Sashagay King

Good customer service they did a good job

Cassandra Acevedo

Just passed my driving road text!!! Thank you Jessie Driving School !!! GREAT instructors... I absolutely recommend this school.

Ben Cardoso

Great School to learn how to pass the Road Test. All nice Instructors. Thanks Alfredo! Overall a Great Experience!

Jazmin E. Valle

I love this driving school. Great staff and the instructors are exceptional. They helped me polish my driving and focused on making sure I passed. I want to thank Alfredo, Javier and Mario for all the feedback and patience you guys had.

Dionis Hernandez

Fantastic staff and instructor's! It's been nothing but short of A+ service. I recommend this school to everyone.

Vilma Estevez

5 hour class was awesome with instructer Hector. Highly recommend this place

Ryan Roberson

Great staff of instructors and office workers. Very upfront and honest. Fair prices and policies.

Andre Benjamin

Worst driving school I've tried. Most of these reviews are fake or solicited. Some are done by the secretaries who work there. They barely speak english, instructors yell and are impatient, the manager or whatever he is, Hector, doesn't even acknowledge complaints. I question his reading ability and his English comprehension. Why even have English speakers if all you do is speak Spanish? Just wants to grab your money to support his rich life style. Don't go here unless you are a part of his Dominican gang member crew.

Wanda Huggins

My experience with jessi was excellent. I would recommend it to anyone. Special thanks to Javier couldn't have done it without him.God bless you all

Antonio Galicia

Took the road test twice and passed thanks to Mario. R & Alfredo for not sugar coating anything and keeping it 100% with me, repetition is the mother of skill and that’s exactly what we did. Over and over until I perfected and built the confidences for the road test. I recommend any of these two driving instructors !!!

Fran Espinal

A good school with amazing teachers, especially Alfredo


I have a license from France but after a few years here it was time to get my NYC license. I got a package at Jessi. With it you get the 5 hour class, one 45min driving lesson during which they explain what is going to be asked of you during the test, and finally they book the appointment for you and you can use their car for the driving test. Great experience. Thanks!!

Decatur Gooden

Excellent Hospitality Throughout Your Process . Even If Your Not Within The Bushwick Area I Would Recommend This Driving School

Kierra Hayes

Amazing school. The staff were very professional and helpful! Alfredo and Mario taught me exactly what I needed to learn in order for me to pass my driving test. I specifically liked that they were very patient and accommodating.

Jonathan Rivera

This place is really good. The employees are really nice and the instructors know what they're talking about. You MUST listen to Mario at the 5 hr class and in the lessons. I also had Alfredo as an instructor and he is just as great. Don't fight with them and just learn. They'll get you where you need to be. I passed on my first shot with only 5 points. Thanks so much everyone

Sai'Jae Sage

All the staff at Jessie driving school was a blessing to me during my driving experience at their school. I obtained my permit 3 months ago therefore i needed the best to equip me with proper instructions on driving. I love jessi driving school and recommend them to all.

Sherie Beaver

My instructor was awesome he let me knows if I'm ready or needs more time my driving ia good. I did have problem parking and having my wheels straight so the new parking skills excellent ...that 5hrs class its very good I truly recommend every one to go to this school.

gabriel ramirez

Great team! Took only a few classes. Same instructor took me to the road test and helped me out. I passed my road test in one try! Thank you guys!!!

Jose Fernandez

For me it was a great experience to go to Jessi Driving School, they are very good people and very attentive. The lessons are very effective, as long as you pay attention, effort and focus on what you are doing. If you always do what the instructor tells you, you will pass the road test. I took the package of 10 lessons without ever having been driven and I passed the first time, if I did it you can also do it

BrandonLee Torres

Great experience with lessons and instructor Alfredo! Every lesson was extremely helpful and help me pass my road test with flying colors! I Highly reccomend this school for driving classes

Karina ReyesM

I love this place i miss my apoiment they were very hopeful to have all my schedule together so i can get better all of them are very nice professional,first test of driving first time passing.

Rafael Rodriguez

Just passed my driving road text. Thank you jessi driving school great instructor I recommend coming to this school.


It's very incompetent.

Hector Pujols

Great group of people who genuinely want to see you pass your road test. They explain during your lesson what to do, and if you don't know how, they'll explain how to do it. Remember to ask your instructor, a couple days before the road test, if you are ready. If you aren't, reschedule your road test. They've been in the game for years, so they've seen many fail grades from drivers that weren't ready (I was one of them.) They provide other services as well.

D'Trini_Qidd _Quan

If you want to feel confident and pass your road test, I truly recommend Jessi Driving School, besides, the 5hr class is really fun. Thank you @JessiDrivingSchool.

Learie Scott

They are the best when it comes to teaching you the book smarts behind driving. I wouldn’t call Mario a driving instructor, he’s more like a driving professor. I highly recommend using this driving school to progress further in the driving experience.

kelvin caba

I had a great Experience with Jessi driving school i was able to pass to from a learners Permit to a drives License. Great Instructor and staff they are one of a kind.

Chrissy Marie

I don’t know how they have so much good ratings. This was the worst driving school. I had Mario and Alfredo and I wish I could erase them from my memories. Mario didn’t give me no directions at all and when I asked questions, he wouldn’t even explain. Three lessons with him and he was always in the phone. He also said some rude and sexual comments that made me feel uncomfortable. Now Alfredo, my first lesson with him went great and he explained everything. He even confirm everything about Mario bad teaching. My second lesson wasn’t great. I guess he thought I was white and that’s why he was so nice because the moment I spoke Spanish it went down hill. He become very aggressive and nasty. He began yelling at me and start using his phone and not even paying attention to me. At one point I braked hard so he would get off his phone. If I did a mistake he would stare at me like if he was killing me in his head. There’s one girl who works in the front and she just looks at you like if you’re stupid and she doesn’t understand what you’re saying. The best thing about this place is Javier. He was so helpful and calm. If you have to go here please ask for Javier. You won’t regret it.

Jessica Colon

I took my driving classes at Jessi driving school with the instructors Javier and Alfredo. They were very patient with me and push me to do better because they believed in me. Lissette this one of the receptionist she's very customer friendly and kept in touch with me. I had never driven a car in my entire life and I was so scared to drive and to be behind the wheel. But as the time past and I kept on going consistently to the driving classes I started doing better and I wasn't nervous anymore. I finally passed my road test. I highly recommended Jessi to anyone that wants to learn how to drive and get the license. It's never to late to learn something new.


This place is the absolute best. I've seen it in that area for over 20 years and can only imagine the thousands of people they helped get their licenses there. They offer a large range of services. The prices are fair. The staff of bilingual and friendly. I got my license through them and have and will continue to recommend new drivers to get their license there too.

ariana martinez

They Are Amazing! I started off with a Package 10 lessons/5hr and Road test(Plus The Car) which was 400. Because I had the 5hr class already before coming here they substitute the 5hr in the Package for another lesson. So it was 11 lessons and Road test. My First 2 classes were with Alfredo the rest with Javier. It was amazing. I went to my road test Friday and failed by One mistake which the guy on the road test said "I got to close to a car" which I was about 1ft away so he pressed the emergency brakes . I then went to (5days later) and Passed it with only 10 points Taken off. I would recommend this school to Everyone I know. They are nice and kind. Even the women's in the front desk.

Cesar Beltre

GREAT! I never had any type of driving lesson ever and with only 10 lessons between 2 instructors I managed to be a full blown driver with in a short period of 1 month and the best part about it was I passed with flying colors! It’s all about the effort and the willingness to listen to your instructor and take all the knowledge they provide! Thanks guys for an awesome experience!


The staff is the best could not get my licences without there help shout out to mario

idea loco

Excellent teachers (Alfredo) (Mario). Awesome environment....even learned a little Spanish during the process. Jessi Driving School is by far the best ever!!! Highly recommended. Special thanks to the young secretary (Isabel) for being super professional and polite. She is very patient and guaranteed to provide you with the best information.

john gutierrez

Very good driving school. Excellent communication with the instructor. I recommend this school to everyone. And the best part. Their cost is very affordable compared to other driving schools.

Ajei Baker

Without Jessi’s Driving School and driving instructor Mario, I wouldn’t have been able to pass my road test today. If anyone decides to take lessons with this school, I suggest Mario R. He is truly the best. Thanks again!

Geovanni Colon

Passed my road test thanks to them. Great mentoring experiences from each of the instructors. Just listen and learn and you’ll pass!!

Negrobello00 Teriek

Great school learned a lot

Demetric Forney

I haven't had a driver's license license in a lot of years. My instructor, Alphredo was knowledgeable, insightful and exercised patience...which is what I needed most. The staff are courteous and professional. The rates are reasonable too. I highly recommend Jessi's Driving School to anyone....whether they had some driving experience or have none at all.

Kiera Johnson

I Just passed my driving test (second try) but I did it!! Every instructor was awesome! Mario is laid back but he gets things through your head. Definitely recommend coming here for their service.

Michael Reyes

If there was 6 stars, I would totally give this place six stars. I was a no show for my road test; Jessie's scheduled my road test again immediately, I didn't bring my Permit the day of my second road test because I lost my wallet the day before; Jessie's got me a temporary Permit, and the energy of this place was always positive. I can tell they like what they do and treat you like you are their only customer which they don't want to lose. They're definitely customer-oriented (they will meet your needs as much as they can) and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. The location is great (easy to find), the price is ok but they will work with you, and they're very urgent; every time I went for anything it was 1,2,3 process.

Aliya Parris

Yayyy I passed my road test Friday (first try)! I had a great experience with this driving school. The 5 hour class with Mario is so informative. I listened hard and did everything I was told. I asked a lot of questions and felt more comfortable after every lesson with Javier. I purchased the 5 hour class and 5 lessons. It's an extremely professional and warm environment. I'm looking forward to my boyfriend and I going to Jessi`s Driving School for the defensive driving class.

Josian Estrella

AMAZING SCHOOL! The teachers can be rude sometimes, but they really do care about you. They teach you everything you will need to pass your road test. I would strongly recommend this school to everyone.

Paris Chin

This driving school is so bomb! I already came with my 5 hour class & I purchased the 5 lessons which they threw in an extra class to make up for the 5 hour. Mario & Alfredo was my driving instructors & absolutely amazing ( 5 stars each for both). Went today & took my road test & passed with no violations on my first try, my road test instructor was impressed with my parking ( I swear I seen her face). Came in not knowing how to park & bust it out calmly

What’s Da Feels?!! !

Awesome staff. Ladies at the front end are respectful and kind. My only instructor was Mario. He’s the man. You will be ready if he says you’re ready. He’s experienced, seriously you learn more than just driving from him. You’ll learn a little about life as well. Passed road test first try with very little to no error.

Alex Chuya

Highly recommend jessi driving school I passed on my second try. I’m blessed too pass

Shimrit Or

If there was a way to rate this school negative stars I would have cause they really are the worst. With the exception of my driving instructor, Javier, everyone and everything about this school is horrible! If you want to be treated like an idiot, worthless hood rat, then maybe it’s the place for you. I took the 5 hr class one must take before being able to take the road test, and it was the most waisted 5 hours of my life. The class is done in the middle of the office, and they don’t even provide proper seats fit for adults. The instructor is rude and sexist. All the men are “puppy” and all the woman are “mummy”. When talking to a man he will say “your car”, but when talking to a woman he will say “your daddy’s car”. We spent 20 min on handing out 3 peaces of paper to less then 30 people. We spent 25 min on learning the certificate for taking the class is valid one year. Yes, it took 25 min to make that point. If you show up late to a lesson, you forfeit your money and will have to argue to get the remaining time you are owed and pay for. They will not mention the actual test takes place elsewhere, and that they expect everyone at 8:45 in the morning to basically wait till whenever the actual test it. Zero respect for the customer, and anyone’s time but their own. Simply, THE WORST. Stay away from this place.

deyanix veras

First time driver, passed my road test — and I have to say I’m glad I came to this school. The instructors are great and care about you. They are honest, even if a little brutal, but it helps! My lessons were with Javier he is kind but tells you all you need to work on. Also did one with Mario, he is a little more agressive but his honesty helped very much on what I needed to work on.

Haunted Blouse

Took my test today and passed! Thanks so much jessi’s

laurys bonou

Great service, Mr Mario is the best. Thank you Jessy driving school.

Ivan Cruz

Definitely recommend this school, instructors are professional and VERY helpful. I took 4 classes and they took me to my road test, I passed with flying colors.... Mario (I know you read these) you are the best.


Great service, great instructors especially Alfredo. I recommend their service to everyone A++

Kelvin ElDeLaGreña

Best driving school in NYC. As soon as you step inside they treat you like family. They were very specific every step of the way in teaching all you need to know to pass the road test. Thanks to Mario and Alejandro, I passed my road test with a perfect score!

Ahneja Marc

If you are a Frist timer and want to learn how to drive. I recommend Jessi Driving School. I’ve NEVER drove before, so I signed up for 15 lessons which was much needed. The staff was always kind and professional. I took lessons with Javier, Mario and Alfredo. Each one have their own way of making sure you know the rules of the road to pass the road test. I passed my road test frist try. I was so happy! Go here for your lessons.

Katherine Leon

Best school ever !!! Highly recommended it took my road test today and passed it Alfredo & Mario, Javier are the bomb from the beginning they keep it real with you I went in not knowing how to park or make a u-turn and now I’m a pro !!! Thank you guys !!!

Malvin Cepeda

Amazing driving school, very friendly and straight up. They tell you the truth and help you out a lot, you just have to ask. Thanks to them I got my license on the first try.

nuran khan

The best driving school around here. They are very professional and every time you go in to the office they are always happy and ready to help. Also the best instructor there is Mario.

Jennifer Maguana

Thanks to Jessi Driving School I was able to pass my driving test. My first lesson with the instructor was intimidating, but afterwards I got feedback. The feedback that the instructor gave me helped me do better on the next lesson. The feedback that you get on every lesson is explained to you throughly so you understand what they expect from you on the day of the test. The are very determined to get you to pass the test and I highly recommend this school. None the less they give you your money’s worth.

Karmen Naidoo

Great instructors and team. They explained every process and the expectations the cars were in great condition which made it easy to drive. I researched a lot of other schools in the area and by this was the best value for money

anthony alvarez

I came here because of how highly the school was spoken of through reviews. Turns out the reviews were accurate. Passed my first time after only a few classes. The teachers are relaxed and know what they're talking about. Highly recommended for any skill level

Tumyra Jenkins

I had the best experience at Jessi's driving school I actually thought I wasn't gonna get my license but i did and i wanna say thank you to the driving teacher's that help me get my license Mario and alfredo sorry if I didn't spell your name right alfredo but I really appreciate all the help and I will highly recommend you guys to other friends and people that I know are trying to get there license Thank you so much

Khaliq Shariff

Very good with there instructions and lessons you will pass especially if you have them to help you.

Cassandra Graham

Thank you to the staff of Jessi driving school I passed my road test today 11/27/18. I took the 10 lesson package & with the help of my instructors I passed. (Special thanks to Javier.C) The entire staff was great from the ladies in the office to the driving instructors. Thank You

kayla anglin

Signing up for Jessi driving school was the best decision I've ever made. My instructor Mario was so informative and detailed on each lesson. I passed my road test on my first try and I recommend anyone to take their lesson with Jessi!

Kyosha Henry

My experience was pretty good. I already had a few lessons from another school but the instructor I had at Jessi Driving School taught me a few tricks to make parking very easy. Passed the road test on my first try! Would recommend

Carolina Joaquin

Came here because I was recommended by a friend, and I passed my road test on my first try! Just took 2 lessons (since I already had knowledge in driving) and Alfredo just pointed out what I was having trouble with and I passed my road test!!!

Angel Ramos

Mario is the best

James McGuigan

Excellent service. Everyone at the school is so helpful and professional. Helped me lose the bad habits I had picked up over the years driving in Ireland before I moved to USA. Couldn't be happier with the experience.

i8 8i

Excellent ! I love the tips & techniques that they show you. They try to compress as many details into every driving lesson, so you can do your best driving !

Dilinyer Torres

Very professional staff, the 5 hours class went smooth, the teacher is super cool so you basically laugh the whole time but at the same time you learn a lot. I just took my road test today and passed it . i recommend it 100%

Edison Paulino

My experience was really good. The 5 hour class was good because the instructor would make you laugh and keep you entertained. During the classes to practice for the road test , my instructor was really nice and he observed me first and then would help me fix my errors. Overall Great Instructors , great prices. I recommend this to anyone looking into getting their license.

Tymel Cutler

Great instructors very helpful, very patient and very honest. Alfredo and Mario were very helpful instructors.

Justin Otero

A great driving school for first time drivers, staff is extremely helpful and friendly, prices hands down great highly recommend this school

Benjamin Vazquez

The Best Driving School !

cristofer morfe

If you need you license come here , they dont want you money they just want you to pass if you not ready they tell you if you’re , trust them you are .

Jhonathan Fumminn

Great team. All around.


Best driving school out there passed first time, Mario listen to everything he says he knows what he’s saying. Good prices to.

Yenny Lantigua

If I have more than 5 stars I would give to, Jessi driving school is the best school in the whole area of Brooklyn, the instructors are well prepared, and the girls at the office make sure that your classes are set up in your most convenient time, always accommodating you. The 5 hours of classes is the best I've seen. Mario is an instructor who is makes sure you understand what is coming on your road test and prepare you for that. About the classes of driving lesson my instructor Mario was very patient and very knowledgeable about the road test. Clearly pointed out my mistakes and prevented me from making the same mistakes. He make sure you go ready if you are not he will told you to cancel. I've referred multiple people to this school and most have passed on the first try, if not then by the second try. I highly recommend this place! Thank you Jessi driving school

WhatTheBuns ?

Didnt take my lesson and haven't driven in 6 months but I remember everything I was told so its lit you hurddd, definitely go here or you not passing fam

Tron Tron

Not sure what's going on here, but I had to be reimbursed because they couldn't handle having more than one student at a time on Saturdays. Also, they should have some native English speaking instructors. Overall a ghetto school. P.s.- having your own staff post 5 star reviews doesn't count!

Jerlin A

I absolutely love this driving school. The staff is super attentive and caring. I took my 5 hr class with Mario, who is super honest and funny but don't let him crush your hopes. Thank you so so much Felix and AC for being wonderful teachers and having the patience to deal with my crazy personality. Also many thanks to the whole staff of Jessi's, especially Hector, Jason and the fabulous Ladies that gave me so much hope.

Suhail Jorge

Excellent service, great staff! The Best driving school in the area. They will do anything it takes to make your experience a positive one. Totally recommended! 5 stars

Kathleen Garcia

I Love this driving school the instructors at this location are great I was ready to give up after not having any time to drive on the side but I listened to Mario added some more lessons I didn’t give up like Hector encouraged me I’m happy


I AM TOO HAPPY ! The ladies are awesome as well as everyone else . You will learn what you came for and get your money worth. DON'T BE SHY either they are great people . I went to my driving lesson on 11/6/17 he ease the tension of me being afraid ,and i (ACED IT ) LOL ,WAS IN TEARS ..... Thank you JESSI DRIVING SCHOOL !


Took the 5 lessons package & GOT my license on the FIRST TRY! I highley recommend this place and the instructors are great. Special thanks to Mario!

Rafi Santana

This is the one stop shop for everything that has to do with driving lessons, pre licensing course and license issues in the area. It’s has been here for years and the staff has always been helpful, guides you in whatever you need. Mario is the master in the area, the best 5 hour class in Brooklyn, truly unforgettable. The office staff are great, always a smile on their face. Totally recommended.

kristine vasquez

they are great, you can truly tell they care and want you to do your best. I would definitely recommend them!

Nicoll B

I loved my experience with this school. I highly recommend doing the 10 lesson plan even though I got the 5 lesson plan and passed on the first try but I could’ve done much better if I had taken the 10 lessons. Mario is a dynamic instructor that gages your attention and you never forget what you learn. The staff is friendly and very easy to work with. I took 2 classes with different instructors and they were both great as well. I couldn’t be happier with my experience there.

Eteareia Jones

Great instructors especially Mario he tells you how it is and let you know how to fix what you’re doing wrong. great service, great prices and they really help you prepare for your road test.If you want to pass on the first try go to jessi driving school

Mariah Cruz

This has been a wonderful experience ! Hector and Alfredo have been the best helppp ! I took about 6 classes Alfredo was with me each step guiding me and truly helping me! When going to take my road test i felt super confident. I passed on the spot and now i have a drivers licenses thanks to them :)) im so happy

David Teco

Highly recommend jessi driving school I passed on my first try. Thanks to my driving instructor Alfredo

Jessi's Sweet Treats

I took about 15 driving lessons here and passed my road test On the first try. The instructors are definitely tough and honest. Highly recommend!

Auset Rivers

Just passed my first road test!! After only 3 lessons with Jessi driving school!! And I couldn’t be more pleased with their services. They were throughly informing, organized and efficient. Definitely reccomend Jessi Driving school for all first time drivers! Thank you guys!

Abimeleck Soto

Mario was my instructor for both my 5 hour class and lesson. A little tough love along the way but he tells you the truth. If you listen to him and follow his instructions to the tee.. I’m confident you’ll pass as I did! Thank you Mario! You were truly helpful.

Taylor Dugger

Great driving school! The instructors are very helpful and tell you exactly what you need to do in order to succeed on the road test. They are very honest and will inform you if they think you are not ready and should reschedule your test date. Additionally the staff is very nice, polite and accommodating!


Great lesson and services

Nakaiya Nicholas

The driving instructors were very helpful. They made you feel comfortable. Mario accommodated me due to the fact I missed a lesson and a another driver cancelled. He came in an hour early before the road test and gave me a lesson. This lesson built my confidence and enable me to pass the test. Follow the rules and be observant.

Nia Stevens

Passed my test! These guys really know how to help someone get the rules down for the test. Mario will tell you like it is, which is the best way to learn. Would highly recommend.

tracy ann greene

This driving school is legit the best one out here in Brooklyn. The staff members will also help you understand every aspect of driving and I'll especially recommend Javier C because he took time to guide me and I also got my license thanks to them.


Mario and Javier were great in helping me prepare for the driving test. They let me know both what I needed to improve on and exactly what the inspectors would be watching for on the test day.


Best driving school! Passed my road test on the first try. If you’ve never driven before I recommend the package of 10 lessons . Instructors Mario, Javier C, and Alfredo are all great and take their time to teach u the proper way to drive safely

Giisselle Santos

I recommend this place, the staff are friendly and helpful. When you go here ask for Alfredo as your instructor, he’s really good at his job. I took 5 lessons with him, Alfredo, and passed my road test the first time!!

danisel rodriguez

Great school. They are very knowledgeable on what they do and patient with their students. If you listen to instructions there is no way you would fail your driving test.

Jermaine Tillett

Realistic and professional business and instructors. I passed my road test today after taking 8 lessons total. I did the 5 lesson package and paid for an additional 3 because I needed the practice to ensure I passed and which I did.

Jeffrey Rivero

One of the top driving schools in Brooklyn highly recommend. Great instructors and customer service at the school. They make sure they teach what will make you pass your test. 5 lessons was enough for me because i have someone who lets me drive and learn out of the lessons but if your someone who doesnt have any experience or have a car you use, 10 lessons is recommended.

Fabian Rogers

Great staff, great experience, great patience, skill, and honesty with you as a driver. Everything I needed to get my license! I went from no clue behind the wheel to complete comfort in a matter of 3 months. Take their advice, they're never steering you wrong.

Adalberto Perez Jr

This driving school was very professional, organized and attentive as well. My instructor was great. Before my road test I was confident I would pass because my instructor did a great job of preparing me. I would highly recommend this school for anyone wanting to pass

Shontane Feggins

The best school in brooklyn. Took my test today past and so did the orhers i was with. The orher schools everybody was not.

Ruth Vasquez

Jessi Driving school is the best school in New York. The instructors are no only friendly but professionals, they know their job well. All the staff make you feel like home. I recommend this school to anybody who wants to learn how to drive.



Judely Collado

Amazing staff members and instructors, driving lessons are very helpful. I had a wonderful experience overall!

Jeremy Sylman

Great experience working with Jessi Driving to achieve my goal. Down to earth always keeping it real instructors use what I like to call the "tough love method". Teaching with brutal honesty at times but always with your best interests in mind, in my opinion.. Very happy I chose Jessi Driving

جلال الحب

they got trained people there

Hope Adventure

Today I passed my driving test first try! Even if you know how to drive it’s important that you drive a particular way for the test! This school will teach you that! I took the advice of The school and did 5 lessons. The receptionist are terrific so are the instructors. Everything at this school is set up so that you can sucseed and pass your driving test. Pay attention, show up have a good attitude and you too can get your license!

Ana María Rosario

Best driver , they all good very happy I pass my road test

Joshua Vega

Highly recommend. Instructors are to the point and tell you what you need to do in order to pass the test.

Elodie Fayn

I can only recommend this place! The 5-hour class opened my eyes!! Not only was the class fun but it was also inscructive and made me realize I was not ready to take the test without classes! And it was true! My first class, Mario told me I would have failed the test within the first 5 minutes because of small mistakes I was not even aware were mistakes! I passed the test the first time! Trust them, those guys know what they do and they are so good at teaching you!

David Andrade

Thanks for the lessons passed my road test easily!!!

Jose Ceballos

Great experience working with Jessi Driving to achieve my goal. They help me really good

Alina Kozyrka

They are amazing. I have really complicated schedule with work. And no much time to make my driving lessons before I live. They helped me with everything. So friendly and professional. Amazing teachers. Highly commended! Pass my test from first time:)

Daysi Flores

Great staff!! I had a couple of lessons and finally got my driver's license. Mario, Alfredo and Javier C. are great teachers. Loved the school!!

Ali P

I decided to take Lessons with "Mario"at this Driving School and I must say it was Remarkable the 5hr class was very Informative which helped in understanding the Knowledge of the road and your basic everyday driving. The receptionist Miuset (Sorry if I spelled her name wrong) was also a delight very Informative as well and a pleasure to talk to. Overall I did pass my Road test the first time and now I am an Official Driver"..I Thank Jessi Driving School for all the help that they gave. I recommend them and give them a High 5"... Alicia P.

Antonio Juarbe

This place is awesome . Great staff and the instructor of the 5 hour class gets straight to the point . I picked the 1 lesson package and with everything he taught me at the school I finally past my road test with breeze. Others show you a lame video but this dude literally draws it on the bored and acts really good to show how to pass the test by the book. Thank you jessie driving school

Angelica Maldonado

This place is really good and the employees are very nice they are very patient and they guide you through the whole step of the way if I can do it you can too

Franchesca Crespo

The instructors are great the front desk staff are also great. I love Jessi Driving School

Kayla Jimenez

If you are looking to pass your road test then definitely go to Jessi Driving School. Learning how to drive properly was a great experience, especially for someone who used to get really anxious behind the wheel. From the 5hr class, through my 15 lesson package, I was able to gain my confidence in driving because of the caring staff at Jessi’s. They offer extremely accommodating schedules and pricing. I was able to pass my road test on the first try just after 5 weeks of lessons. As soon as I completed my road test, I immediately signed up for the Defensive Driving Course. It truly is a one stop shop! I highly recommend Jessi’s to anyone!!

Marisol L.

EXCELLENT school that I highly recommend. I had my road test 2 days ago and PASSED!. I took my 5 hour class there and chose the 5 lessons package, as someone who was also practicing on the side I felt that 5 lessons were enough. Mario is an excellent instructor whom I recommend. He WILL keep it honest with you and correct you whenever you're wrong without sugar coating to make sure you're prepared for your exam. His professionalism and many years of experience pay off when his students pass their road test on the first try like myself. Thank you Mario & Jessi Driving School!!.


I highly recommend them ! The staff is amazing very nice ! Javier thought me how to parralel park and let me tell you I suck at parking but he was so great and pacient at teaching that I pass the road test! It was the first thing i had to do and i did it! Thank you again to all the staff members!

Alex Roman

This school is very good they polished up my driving skills and prepared me for the test I recommend Mario as an instructor and I’m very happy with my results .

Clorisa Martinez

This is the best school in brooklyn they teach you exactly what u need to know they correct your mistakes to prepare you for the road test they teach you thorougly how to drive my instructor was very thorough explained to me what i needed to do they really teach you very well thanks to jessi school i passed my test and got my license i highly recommend this driving school

Anna Kareva

I had a 5-hour class in Jessi School and passed a road test from the first try. Communication from school was always good. Thank you!

Michaél Kutz

Best driving school ..

Kenny Cruz

The best place to get your lessons and license . Everything is broken down to you in the simplest form . The staff is great and very well organized . Mario is one of the best instructors there is to offer . In just a few lessons , he cleared up my bad habits and got me to pass my license on the first try ! I wouldn’t recommend any other driving school honestly . This is where you need to go !

Luis Morales (2013)

Great place!! Suggest everybody to go and take classes in Jessie! They keep it real & tell you if your ready to take the test or not.

Gregory Gale

Fantastic experience, great instructors and wonderful people in the office, highly recommended. The instructors are experienced & knowledgeable and helpful with communicating the skills needed to pass the road test.

antoine pope

Excellent I got my license 1st try. All I needed was what the instructor told me I needed. He asked everyone a question and based on their answers he gave separate unique instructions. Worth the money.

Juan Luis Arias

Good services and good teaching for those people who doesn’t have knowledge for drive and for the ones that knows how to drive but don’t know the rules of drive. I recommend 100% the best trainer ALFREDO C. Mio personal

Robert Rosario

I consider a person like SHIMRIT OR to have a very poor lack of courtesy and knowledge as far as judging a highly profesional driving school like JESSI DRIVING SCHOOL is for me. I had my lessons with the instructor by the name MARIO ROSARIO, which in my experience as a person that came from driving in another country, I consider this to be a highly skilled and very profesional center for people that need the assistance of a very highly rated driving school to fulfill there needs. SHIMRIT OR you probably have never visited a school this profesional and with the lowest rate in a big part of the new york area of “FAILED PASS STUDENTS”. As far as the new york requierments for driving lessons and 5 hour classes this by far if not the best its number 2 in the list, If they recommended a certain amount of classes judged on there experience with the student and you could not afford it, then you should consider try learning how to ride a scooter cause you know NOTHING of what a skilled school is. I passed my test succesfully with the recommended classes of MR. ROSARIO and for me I have never felt better in a 5 hour class with a very relaxing and profesional way of showing a student how this is really done. Guys you are the best and I highly recommend you guys with anybody of any age or sex, very courtious and very smooth and respectfull in all of the classes. I give this school 10 stars !!!!! In just only a couple of weeks I accomplished my goal, now I am very very happy and statisfied student, THANK YOU MARIO and THANK YOU JESSI DRIVING SCHOOL !!!!

Flerok jones

IF YOU ARE NOT OF LATAIN DESENT DO NOT COME HERE.... Their goal is for you to fail from the start so you can comeback and fail again every other review is done by Spanish if I could give 0 stars I would

Jose Pena

Best driving school and the instructors Alfredo and Mario, the 5 hour class very informative 100%

Tyquan Thomas

The instructors and staff are the best and serious about making sure you are prepared to pass your road test get your license. Mario was my teacher for the 5 hour class and my instructor for 2 of my 5 lessons and he is a great teacher.He gets straight to the point and tells you everything you must know in order for you to pass. I just passed my road test today and I couldn't be more thankful and grateful for the instructors and staff. And more so MARIO. YOU ARE THE MAN.

crawssed V

Great friendly instructors that teach you exactly how to pass your road test. Highly recommend. JV

Ashton Evans

An amazing school. The best 5 hour class in the city. So informative I would have taken it twice. Mario, Alfredo, and the entire office staff are so informative, inviting, but diligent in helping you with anything you need for the roast test and beyond. I just passed today on my first try. Bless this business. If you want to learn not just to drive but to be the best driver you can go to this school. So happy.

Shamilyee Shah

I had the most best time working with this driving school. I passed the first time! I would recommend to anybody who wants to get there drivers license. My instructor was Mario Rosario who was an awesome teacher and he’s funny too! He’s the reason I passed. The system they have here is organized and I would recommend to anyone. COME HEREEEE!

Crystal Pena

This place is like no other. They honestly care about your progress and will tell you if you’re ready for the road test or not. I took my lessons with both Alfredo and Javier, and the 5 hour class with Mario and I highly recommend them all. They’re tough on you, but it’s only to prepare you for the big day and to ensure you pass on your first try! (Like me!) Thank you to the instructors and the recioptionists and everyone else at this driving school!

alba Nieves

I loved everything about this driving school! From Mario to Alfredo to the girls at the front desk. U guys are great! I Was so nervous but I passed my test today on my first try! I would recommend Jessie's to anyone.

Alan Lucero

Best driving school hands down! All staff are extremely courteous and all the instructors are helpful. Special thanks to Mario for helping me pass my test. Highly recommend.

Jesus Benaventa

Excellent school. I was so nervous, but my driver instructor helped me a lot to get my confidence and past the road test. It has been a great experience in USA and in NYC. Thank you so much Javier for patience and and made my confident driving. Jesus Benaventa

Brooklyn Reds

Having had limited driving experience, the instructors taught me very firmly but compassionately how to drive. They took the time to show me my imperfections and used my next lessons to improve on my previous mistakes. The postive reinforcements combined with the hard core truth helped me pass my road test with flying colors. Everyone from the receptionest to the jantior has nothing but love and respect for all customers no matter what their ethic background is. What a marvelous driving school.

Christian Molina

The staff at jessi driving school was nice and professional in every ways. I highly recommend Alfredo as a driving instructor. He is very patience and easy to get along with. Alfredo will tells you the mistake you made, and how to correct it. At the same time he help boost your confidence while you are learning how to drive. I highly recommend jessi driving school for anyone interesting in becoming a driver.

Dayna Riley

The women that served me at the front desk on 11/2/18 was extremely courteous and helpful. I would recommend jessi driving school to all.

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