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Ukr87 Girl

I am only using them for the road test, but I am writing review because I received amazing customer service from them today. Fairly priced and very helpful place. Thank you John

Elaine B

Julian & Kenny were my instructors ! Passed my road test the first time !

Aminata Jalloh

Request Cindy as your driving teacher, she’s amazing! I did a lesson with her the day before my road test and she made parallel parking and the broken U Turn so easy, I wish I would’ve had her from the beginning. I just got my license and I couldn’t have done it without her!

Sunshine 31

This school is the best place for first time drivers. I was a little timid at first ,but my driving instructor Kevin made those feelings go away. He is the best teacher . He took his time with me and I learned so much. He is the reason why I passed my road test today. Also let me not forget the ladies who work in the office. They made sure to keep me notified on my driving lesson dates and times via phone and email. You can’t go wrong with this company. I will recommend them to all my family and friends and especially instructor Kevin.

brittany medham

Today i took my road test & i passed on the first try & i owe it all to Kenny & Neal . Kenny was my instructor for the majority of my lessons who didn’t play , many different times i tried to give up but he wouldn’t let me . He went above and beyond for me to make sure i got it right . In the middle of my lessons he resigned and then Neal became my instructor , Neal is so calm but stern. We went over parking a thousand times until i got it right . I highly recommend this driving school & make sure NEAL is your instructor i guarantee you pass on the first try . Thanks image driving school

Charlyn Flowers

Bruce thought me well Despite the mishaps at the end I made it through

Beatrice Valcourt

I passed my road test to day was so confident with Andre Tillman the best instructor so respectful and patient teach you the right way to take the road test once .please don't ask for anyone ask for Andre Tillman the best and the best for ever.Ask for Andre Tillman again at image driving school.

Challia Chestnutt

Jamel very patient and chill made the experience calm and very informative...thank you

Louberthe Vilson

The staff is very friendly and patient but the instructors, specifically Cindy really change the experience you have driving. As a first time driver I was pretty lost and nervous to do anything and driving gave me bad anxiety. I bounced between instructors but I continued to feel uncomfortable driving until I was able to take a lesson with Cindy. After three lessons with her I felt comfortable driving and I even scheduled a road test appointment. I wouldn't have been able to feel so comfortable or prepared if it wasn't for Cindy. She's a great instructor, a great person, and I am happy to have met her and thankful for the comfort I now feel behind the wheel.

Kennylovesyou John

Best!!! These guys teaches you everything you need to know. They are very nice and they work with you. They are a bust company so make sure you call early to get youre classes set up. Highly recommend. They come and pick you and and use the entire 45 mins to teach you all you needed to know. Love them.

dexter giovanni

the 5 hour class was outstanding, I forget the lady's name who taught it, she is a short, italian lady, very intelligent, acute, and eloquently informative. her methods for articulating the lessons are very effective, shes extremely good at what she does, not to mention she has good jokes, which she acknowledged I noticed lol. GOD BLESS Her

Nigel Clinton

Great service and passed my road test my first try request Ernest for lessons

Chanelle Mitchell

Image driving school was excellent in helping me pass my road test!! I’m so excited! Couldn’t have done it without my instructors Debby and Neil! Thank you so much

Kadesha Gadson

The driving instructor called "Alpha" is very detailed in his instructions: Its a sure pass with him. I did pass with 25 points. Plus the overall customer service from the school is excellent, i would recommend it to anyone.

Lakisha Trader

I had a great experience with Image driving school. The prices were better than most places. The reception staff was professional most of the time. I like that i could pay over the phone while other places only accept cash upfront. Their communication was excellent. I always got an email, text, and/or call. My instructor was Alpha. He was great! He was patient and didn't mind repeating himself often and i needed that. I made LOTS of mistakes and he always encouraged me and told me I would get it. There was a point where i didn't take lessons for months. When i started again he remembered where I left off and we picked up there. When my road test came up he was encouraging me and really cared if I passed. He told me he even prayed for me. That meant a lot because I'm Christian and firmly believe in the power of prayer. Jesus certainly answered. Alpha was over all a great instructor. When my son and daughter begin their lessons soon, they will take them with Alpha. Thank you image driving school.

Roshea Holness


Jesse Foyster

I have no complaints about this school! Classes were very helpful and the people at the office were so nice.

shayanne worley

Image driving school is the best !!! I took a few lessons with them and i nailed my road test as if i already had my license for years . Thanks image , Bernard was a good teacher.

Kimberly Haynes

The instructors were super helpful and prepared me for my road test. Even my five hour class was super informative and I learned so much. Thanks to everyone at Image. If possible take lessons with Kevin or Bruce, they are the best!

chantele winchester

Mr. Reid is the best. I could not have ask for an better instructor. He was kind and patient with me..if you a taking classes please ask for Mr.Reid.

Meredithe McKellar

Image Is great! They have great prices! They’re very understanding with scheduling lessons and paying on your selected packages! The 5hr class instructor is amazingly down to earth, made everything easy to comprehend. I took lessons with Abraham, he’s simply outstanding! I passed my road test the first time! He’s great at making you feel at ease, an his learning style is great! If Abraham isn’t available Ernest is equally great! Also the owner is such a nice guy! As well as all the support staff!

Mark Bather

Image driving school is the best!!! And if you want to pass your road test, ensure that you get Ernest. He is very patient, knows his stuff and makes you feel comfortable. One Love!

Doris Marrero

I learn all my moves in one day by my instructor I rented a car the day before my road test just to get familiar with the car we drove around for an hour and a half and in that hour and a half I learned three new steps that I did not know and because of my instructor showing me what I was doing wrong and what would make me fail my road test it's because of him I passed. I swear I did not have no idea that I was going to pass I was a little sure of myself but in the back of my head I had doubts. I was so happy to pass my road test and get my license. I am thankful and grateful. I will recommend this company to anyone that wants to pass a road test. Ty so much for The Learning Experience

obednego Benjamin

It was a long time coming but I finally pass all thanks to Debby (I believe her name is). I only had her twice out of the 12 lessons I had. She was amazing she gets 5 stars. Wish I had her for all my classes.

Marsha Belmar

I would like to say a big thank you to Bernard my instructor, because of him and his teaching techniques I passed my test today my first time. The way he teach me was very professional and just before my road test at 11am we went over my parallel parking and I must say it help I did my parking perfect. I must also mention that the staff at the driving school office are very friendly and professional and always answer any questions I had, thank you to the 5 hour class tutor for making it fun but same time a very educational class. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone looking in the future.

Aisha Flowers

They were very helpful, patient, their instructors saw to it that I understood everything before the end of each lesson

Hilary Hills

So thankful for this school and it's instructors . I had the pleasure of being with Joel as my teacher . He's extremely nice and teaches you tricks to help you manuever the road . I also had the pleasure of meeting Dan, who is very funny and helped me calm down before my road test . Passed on first try ! Good luck to all

d J

Bruce Is the best instructor ever! Give that man a raise!!

Morgan S

The service is great ! I worked with instructor Ernest who made sure I was more than ready for the road test. I struggled with parking originally and within one day he was able to turn that right around a very few steps.

Sheik Wait

Just took my Road Test and passed on the first try with zero points during the test! Every detail my instructor told me was accurate the not only was the package affordable but the customer service was superb.Debbie was my instructor she is awesome,efficient and down to earth the lady knows her stuff.!!!!

Diane Legerme

Image driving school Was great! my driving instructor Cindy was amazing to say the least. I never thought a female can teach me how to drive perfectly and confidently and she did! I passed my road test on the first try!!

Tanshia Morgon

I passed my road test with the help of Phli & bernad "Phil is the best instructor, he will teach you everything you need to past the road test. I can't thank him enough for all the help that I got from him. Thank you!!! I will recommend anyone to this driving School

Lando Bando

Took a lesson 2 hours before my road test and thanks to Debbie I passed my road test . She taught me everything I needed to know in order for me To pass . Thanks alot

Sutanya Johnson

Thanks To Bernard , I passed my road test on the first try , he is very patient with you and calm he might seem to be a little annoyed at first but when you get to know him he's very cool .

Breanna J

Cindy is amazing she made me feel calm and comfortable. I had 2 lessons with Jamel and felt like crying the whole time. If it wasnt for Cindy I would of took all my money back from them.

Yo pal

All thanks to Andy who helped a lot. Give you good points when driving and took his time. explain techniques on how to maneuver driving. One of the best at image. Andy you the best continue the good work.

Kayla Young

Called in to inquire about booking a lessons package but, due to the complete attitude I was given over the phone, I’ll take my money else where.

Reanna J

Took a week of driving lessons with image . Great service from the office to the instructors. Josie in the office was super helpful when booking lessons for me . Phil and Alpha are the greatest instructors ever . I was super prepared and confident on the day of my road test and passed all thanks to the 2 lessons I had with Phil and the 6 I had with Alpha .

Nay Coffey

Earnest is the best!! He promised me 2 lessons and my license and I got it!!! Highly recommended!!!

Quasheema Cook

This school is so unprofessional. I'm a HR Manager at a very large HVAC company located in Brooklyn. This driving school is a few minutes from our location so I decided that it would be a good idea to hire them to conduct our Defensive Driving course (WRONG!) 1st off let me start by saying the moment I called & explained where I was calling from & what I needed (a quote) the young lady asked me why? I happily told her I was a business professional calling to get a quote for my company. Mind you we have about 15 drivers. The young lady then transferred me a manager. The manager took all of my information and repeated it back to me. She told me that I would be receiving it ASAP. I never received anything. The next afternoon I called back & the manager told me she would be sending it now. I still didn't receive it. The weekend passes and I wait until Tuesday to call back. Now I'm transferred to a man and he stated that he was out of the office and usually he does the quotes. He ensured me that he would be emailing it to me shortly. Fast forward to a week and 2 days later..... NOTHING! This business conducts themselves in such a childish and unprofessional manner. Please save yourself the time and the money. Go to a business that actually values the customer. Obviously this place isn't it. I'm so happy that I found out what we were dealing with before my boss actually made the investment.

Rickney Hunter

A lil expensive , but Kenny is GREAT HE ACTUALLY TEACH YOU HOW TO DRIVE And Not Just Tell You !


Got my license today after driving with Image for the last few months. The instructors are amazing and the front desk staff is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Darren, Ricardo & Alpha. They all helped me achieve this goal.

Kadejau Cooper

My experience with Image Driving School was great, from the 5 hr class, driving lessons, all the way to the day of my road test. And a special shout out to Phil, one of the best driving instructors out there. I would definitely recommend Image.

Yevgeniy Milman

My girlfriend purchased a package worth around $350 which included 10 lessons, a car for the road test and 5-hour class. It seemed to us as a good deal, but the service that was received was below average. First of all, the instructor she signed up with kept cancelling four times and as a result she was given different cars and different instructors who each had their own teaching style that confused my girlfriend. The worst thing that happened was that on the day of the test, her instructor got sick and she was given another guy to replace her, who started teaching her a different way to park and as a result, she failed. When speaking to the manager, we were able to get a test rescheduled for no fee, but still have to pay around $60 for a car. I would advise people to get a private instructor than to go with this below average driving school.

Yalissa Colon

I would recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to get there license, I was taking classes at another driving school and I thought at that time that driving wasn’t for me and as soon as I switch over to this school I felt much more confident, I would recommend taking classes with Abraham he was very good !

Imperio Brito

I had a great experience during the whole process. Mabel (office clerks), Karen (5 hours class) and Ricardo (the instructor) were very friendly and professional! Pass my road test on the first try! It's a great school, I’m very grateful and I recommend it!

Daniel Zabari

Prices are great, people are great, teachers are great.

Keshawn Purcell

Image driving school is awesome! My driving instructor was Melvin . He was very patient and detailed oriented about instructions for the road. He prepares you for the best and worse things of driving, while pointing out your mistakes and explaining how you can improve, not only to pass the road test, but to become a better driver overall. Once again I want to thank Melvin and the image driving school staff for helping me get my license.

Kristine Wyllie

This is a very good driving school. I did the 5 hour class, lessons and road test with them and have no complaints. The staff is welcoming and attends to your needs and complaints. Debbie was my driving instructor - she is AMAZING ! Very patient and friendly woman and definitely practices what she teaches. She made sure I was prepared for the road test. Passed on my first try. Highly recommend them.

Memie Luvlife

Jamel is the best. Always on time. Talk with a clam relaxing voice. Teaches what you need to know. And if you are lacking in one area he will make sure that get it right. The office workers are very professional. Text you when you have a lession. Text u about your bal. They even send me a post card with my road test app. When What Time and The place to meet the driver. I left ARC driving school and stop my lession bcuz the man his the olny one doing everything he gives the classes and lession never on time. Yell at you. Always rushing. Not profession at all. I made the right decision by leaving and going to image driving school. Thank you For your professionalism

Lisett Lamour

Friendly staff, especially the ladies on the phone. Easy to book lessons. Bernard was a great teacher. Very calm demeanor, glad I had him as my instructor. The only downside is that some of the cars aren’t as well maintaned as they should have been.

Adry Luna

Andrew is the worst instructor I ever had, apart from being 30 minutes late, he stole the time to teach me, just to be arguing on the phone with another intructor, speaking badly to me as if I was guilty of his problems, even on one occasion he left off the car to discuss with that person. I felt so humiliated that I just started crying and he is very arrogant, I was so afraid I just wanted to finish the lesson fast. Never again. Best instructor are Phil and Andy but they wasn’t available that day that’s why they sent me this disrespectful guy.

Sarah Lin

Very nice and friendly drivers, but not worth your money. If you have a family member or friend who can drive you around, don't bother going to these people. They are nice but don't actually offer and driving tips. Just watch you and criticize you when you make mistakes. They are also NOT respectful of time and not accommodating. The end time of their 5 hour classes are not accurate, you might have to be there for another 30 minutes later. Not accommodating to people who have tight schedules. If you need to leave even 5 minutes earlier they will not give you your certificate. Friendly staff, but I'd prefer rudeness with flexibility over friendly and not accommodating.

z MaverickHunter

Great driving school. I passed on my first try. My instructor was Debbie. She was nice, helpful and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel even when I made mistakes.

Michele Okeyemi

Just trust me ask for Phil, I swear you will get your license. I've drove with ALOT of instructors from this school and I can personally say that he is the best and clearest instructor there is. I failed my road test twice, took only 3 lessons from him and he was able to instill confidence and clarity in me so that i was able to pass the 3rd time. If there is one thing this man can do, its drive and teach people to drive. Periodddtt. Im just glad I got my license however.

Stevens Paul

I recently passed my test and I have to say without a doubt this school made a difference. Better pricing, more in-depth driving techniques and awareness to each individuals particular need to pass. Delroy, is impeccable and extremely attentive regardless of the fact that he has to be because any mishap can be deadly. With that said, I will undoubtedly recommend this school.

Marlin Roark

If you care about learning how to drive, look no further! This is the best driving school that there is. The goal of this school is to teach you how to drive, not just take your money. The staff are friendly and extremely courteous. The instructors actually dedicate their time and go out of their way to ensure you are 110% ready for the road test. Truly this was an amazing experience. After taking 5 lessons & the road test, I am more experience in driving with a licence. P.S. My driving exam was during the rain but because of my instructors advice & teachings I was confident and ready! ( Thanks Phil, you are the best)

Markova Casseus

I loved Image Driving School. Within a few lessons I was able to build my confidence as a driver right before my road test. My instructor focused on my weak areas in driving more so than other things and I believe it made a difference. Looking forward to taking the defensive driving class and possibly a few highway lessons in the future!

Rebecca Auguste

From Audry : I started practicing driving with Mr. Reid (Delroy) at Globex driving school and he changed jobs to Image Driving school and I had to follow him because he is just an amazing Instructor very patient and gave me some execelellent tips to parallel park make a three point U turn. I'm so happy I sticked to him because I am a new driver and was able to pass my road test on the first try. Thank you so much Mr Reid :-)

Bernadette Clinton

Ernest is the best instructor!!!! He is patient and teachs you exactly what u need to know. This is my first time with Ernest and I passed. Four other people was taught by him and they ALL passed. A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO ERNEST!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

Keisha Boatswain

This driving school is the best five hr classes was great and my driving instructor Neil was excellent.

Compton Lawrence

I personally am quite skeptic about these driving schools, since I had a bad experience of another school but then I decided to give these people a chance and they obviously are about the same thing. Do not go to these places, they're all about their money and do not care if you actually learn how to drive or not. All the ladies behind the desk like to act kind but they're actually not so kind and understanding. The school would like to think they have the best teachers but they do not, some of the people that work there act like they know what the students need and want but they in fact don't. Whatever system they work with at this place is so broken and messes with the accounts of the students so often things get mixed up or end up in error or mistakes. So my expectations for these school or business places are at an all time low. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.

Sam Joseph

Thankful for all the help and support from the school. I would definitely recommend any new drivers here for the quality assistance and help from the school. Thank you for everything.

Kayla Baruco

I was nervous starting the driving lessons. My driving instructor, Alpha, made sure I was well prepared for my road test and I passed! I was recommended by my sister to use this driving school and I'm glad she did. Make that call you won't regret it.

Sadman Sakib

I’m not the one to complain and leave bad reviews but this school ripped me off. The old African American guy took money for 6 classes but I only had 3 weeks for the road test. This guy promised that he’ll be able to do all 6 classes within that time period but he never did. Classes were supposed to be 45 mins long but we would only let me drive close to 30 mins. Disappointed

Alba Felix

Passed my road test today thanks to the help of great teachers like Cindy and Abraham. Cindy has a great attitude and helps you feel so confident as a driver and Abe is so patient and his tips helped me so much today! I also appreciated how well the office kept me informed on all the dates I needed to remember and what my balance was, they always answered all my calls and questions thanks guys!!!!!

jymani Armstead

Worst school ever I went here 10/31/17 I paid 138 for 1 lesson n a car for road test let me tell u as soon as I got in the car the black instructor was doubting me of not passing my road test because I taking a lesson before a road I mean who wouldn't then on top of that he have a nasty attitude very ghetto and hood they hire anyone he had on a do rag and we was arguing for the whole entire lesson I didn't learn anything he like to be right all the time and will yell when u do something wrong this is practice obviously I don't know much if I did I wouldn't be there so why yell he very impatient how can u teach me how drive while u texting and driving then when I was driving he told me to move to the right lane I did then he steer the wheel almost had another car hit our car then he got mad at me as if he did not steer the wheel he will text on his phone and not tell u anything SMH maybe there other good instructor but after I paid 90$ for a rush road test and 138$ for 1 lesson and a car for a road test barely learn anything that my last time going back also I failed my road test because I was so frustrated at the instructor that I couldn't focused on my road test he just want to sit on his ass and get paid then watched the clock huffing and puffing cause he ready to dismiss omg worst experience ever

Eddie F

Great value. I did one of the class, lesson and test packages and passed first time. Really friendly staff too!

Daryl Surin

its a great school and i really recommend Alpha. he cool dude and will really help you to get your licence. thanks again

Joanna volcy

Had a great experience.thank you your patience and help

Kisha Lopez

This is a very excellent school, the teachers are professional then just don't let you drive for are guarantee to learned what it takes to pass the road test. Kenny, Ricardo and Jamal are some of the best teachers they have. I recommend this school.

Kirby Charlery

Excellent service. Got me a rush test within a week. The instructors are patient and skilled at their craft. Jamel and Phil are awesome. Did one test with Jamel and two more with Phil to help me pass my test. They gave me the necessary pointers and I aced my test. Couldn’t be more pleased with the service and professionalism. Thanks Phil and thanks Image Driving school.

Ashley Walker

Bernard is the perfect instructor. He is very patient and thorough when it comes to teaching you how to drive. After one lesson I knew how to parallel park perfectly. I say ask for him when you go.

Lynn Smith

Last month I was searching for driving schools located in Brooklyn and came across the website for Image Driving School. I read the online reviews and noticed an instructor name PHIL who was highly requested and had great reviews. I called and asked to book my session specifically with Phil due to all the great things I read online about him. I booked a practice road test the day before my road test and the session was GREAT. In a matter of 45mins Phil taught me exactly what I needed to brush up on in order to pass my road test the next day. Today Phil and I went to take my road test and although I was nervous he instilled confidence in me and assured me I’ll do great. I passed my road test thanks to Phil :) Check out IMAGE DRIVING SCHOOL AND ASK FOR PHIL !! Good luck everyone

g tg

I just passed my road test ! and it's all thanks to my wonderful instructor Alpha . I was a very nervous driver but he was always calm, patient , and encouraging. Most of all he was always on time ,and never on his phone .He helped give me the confidence that I needed to pass my roadtest.If your goin to Image Driving School ask for Alpha he is the best !

Slimm X

Best driving school and good instructors. Personally I’d recommend asking for NICK ! He’s literally the best instructor and he helped me get my license on my second try.

Dayna Haffenden

I am a firm believer in getting what you paid for. Let me start off by saying, if you make the mistake of attending this driving school, make sure you are blessed enough to have KENNY! Kenny is a blessing from God himself. He pays attention to detail and makes sure you are ready for the test. Just make sure you listen to exactly what he has to say and I promise you will succeed. I took my road test today and succeeded because of Kenny. My road test was in starrett, one of the hardest places, and I still aced it. I signed up for a five lesson deal. My first instructor, Darren, terrible! He told me don't look through your mirrors, to follow him on youtube, look at houses while driving and had the audacity to start putting lotion on his body during his lesson. My second instructor, Kevin, a young guy who just stays on the phone the whole time and tells you that "you're perfect." I was blessed to get Kenny for my third lesson who tweaked mistakes and realized I wasn't perfect. He perfected my driving within two lessons. I always wonder how much better I would be if I had him from the start. When I complained about Darren to the school, the staff said, "we saw when you were registering and the new girl at the office said go with darren cause he's good. We all laughed in the office because everyone knows how unprofessional he is." HOW UNPROFESSIONAL IS THIS ORGANIZATION! The package price is amazing. If you do go through with this, try and get on Kenny's waiting list cause's he's that good and the reason why I have my license today.

Nadine Lewis Newman

Thanks to all the instructor who taught me, but most of all thanks to my instructor Ernest who make me feel comfortable, I would recommend him anytime. Thanks to all the ladies @ the front desk especially Mabel, always be there to assist me.

Dasia Tenielle

Googled this place last minute right before my road test. Literally just finished my 1st lesson with Cindy and I feel amazing about driving. Cindy is the absolute best! If your nervous about your 3 point turn and your parallel parking call and request Cindy!!!!! Thank you guys!

Vern Rodriguez

I pass my driving test on the first try,this is a great school.My instructor was Julian,had lots of fun driving, gave me lots of encouragement.

monica mcrae

Ernest is a great instructor so get him when I first went to him I did remember nothing I learn from last year and he show me his way and it was easy to remember

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Mickayla Lall

Ernest is the best !!! If it wasnt for him teaching me his parking strategy i wouldn’t pass . Thanks again

Chanel Graham

I picked image driving School off of a recommendation from my friend boy was she right about these guys. I took two lesson with Mr Andy and not only did he help me but he made it fun while doing so! Thank you Sooooooooo mich Mr Andy for helping me. This guy is amazing so if you chose to use this school ask for Andy your guaranteed to pass your test!

gloria cordero

The first time i took my road test i passed i only took 10 lessons and the 5 hr class i had Ibrahim they would could 5 stars but the ladies from the main office have an attitude and the prices are high, lower in other boroughs

Trevor Vaughan

Connected me with a great instructor EARNEST. And helped me pass my test with easily!

Dr. Mable Elliott

Many blessings to the most high God. I want to thank Cindy for a fantastic driving lesson. I haven’t driven in 30 years and Cindy made me feel so comfortable. I was a nervous

Abigaelle Colin

I'm so happy I passed with the help with Alpha. He's very nice and helps you understand everything with no rush. I recommend him because he's greatttttt

Kyle Smith

First I would like to say that i had two instructors during my lessons at image driving school. My first ten lessons were with Nick and I had a practice road test with Delroy. Both instructors were extremely helpful and always pointed out any mistakes or errors that I made while driving. I also found myself recalling certain tips and guidelines during my road test that helped me remained calm and clear while I was driving. In addition the office staff were welcoming and polite. Image driving school would be the first place I recommend to anyone who wish to pursue their license.

Clessa Shillingford

Really good school. Friendly staff. Instructor Earnest in particular is very helpful. Everthing you NEED to know to PASS, he will teach. His methods are fool proof. Highly recommend him!

Tom smith

They are really good affordable and very helpful. Mr.Bernad the best instructor he will teach u all u need to know.

Low Glo

image driving school was the best my instructor Delroy showed me a bunch if new things that i did not know at first about every day driving i took a few lessons with him and felt like a pro then took my road test and passed as if it was nothing on my first try.

Brianna Hedge

My instructor was very straight to the point and gave me that extra push I needed to overcome my anxiety with my driving. He showed me how to not only drive but master my control and gain confidence with my driving.

Vinessa Richards

I did my 5hr class at this school and the jokes were never ending. But when I started my lessons I was a nervous wreck and Andre the driving instructor was amazing he was so patient and he helped me every step of the way never made me uncomfortable or anything. I would recommend Andre to anyone who is new to driving or even those who need touching up...he gives straight forward methods and instructions and is great at what he does.I got my license today and its all because of Andre. I'd choose image driving school & Andre all over again. Andre is in high demand so book him now!

Tamara Lawrence

My experience with my instructor was great he had patience and was very friendly. I am not only happy that I passed my road test but I’m happy to know that have gained some confidence when it comes to the road which means a lot to me. Abraham & Alpha were great.

Duncan Anikwue

Before my road test, I took a practice road test with Image driving school and the instructor taught me the best way to pass my road test

Manny santiago

Good working people and straight forward with everything.

Yelrontre Mills

Please pay attention these people lie like crazy to get more money! ALWAYS CALL THE DMV TO CHECK for what ever u need!!!

Rachel Carrington

This driving school is absolutely amazing. I passed my road test with just 5 lessons, I highly recommend this driving school to anyone looking to pass the road test but yes you do have to put in the work and focus!.

Martin Simacek

Amazing experience. Did my 5-hour course on Friday, they managed to get me a road test on Monday with a 45 minute practice lesson before, just perfect. Friendly staff, friendly instructor who really wants to help you. 5 stars.

Ayana Guerra

I passed my test the first time due to Earnest. From the minute I meet him he made feel comfortable behind the wheel. His experience and style of teaching help me overcome my nervousness. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better instructor . I will recommend him and Image Driving school hands down .

Akenya Temple

Today I passed my road test and passed on my first try with only a few lessons . Ernest is the best instructor . This place is great

Jaitrell Dublin

This school helped me improve my driving skills, eventually helping me when the road test came around. The instructors were kind and very chill making me feel comfortable. -Paul is the man you want in your passenger seat

kye battle

Image Driving school is the best The instructors have a lot of patience and really work hard toake sure you achieve your goals. Debbie and Ricardo taught me very well.I went from not knowing anything to learning a whole lot .Thank you Debbie and Ricardo.I did it.

Shantisha Love

I had instructor Andy & He was Amazingg !! He Taught me everything i needed to know before my road test and i passed! Thanks so much andy for taking your time with me and making sure i was able to be well prepared for my road test

Darwil Christophe

Alpha Diallo is the best, passed my road test the 2nd time. He’s a great driving instructor and has a lot of patience.

Sean wilson

just pasted the road test first time 12/28/15,very good driving school.The driving instructor I had was very good he had some step by step points to driving and driving safe and driving to pass the road test. I recommend this school. If you decide to go to this school.The instructor's name is Kenny.

Jordan Edwards

I Would Definitely Recommend This Driving School. I Took 3 Lessons Prior To My Road Test With Ernest And Passed On My First Try !! He Was Very Patient And Broke Everything Down For Me, He's Absolutely The Best And I Am Very Thankful !!

Ray Rav Onna Map

Great driving school, true professionalism by a phenomenal driving instructor “Earnest”! Definitely book him, he makes driving feel easier than ever!

Ruth Camille-robles

abraham one of the bebesbebest instructor, very knowledgeable. thank you

Naomi D'Anjou

Image was great. My driving instructor Julian was fantastic and made it easy and fun to drive. I was able to pass my road test on the first try. Staff was very friendly, the prices and packages for the lessons/5 hour class were great and I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Shanique Lawrence

If you’re looking for a driving school that’ll help you get your license guaranteed then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Brooklyn Drives/Image Driving School. I was super nervous at the beginning of every lesson that I took and my instructor NICK really helped to reassure me. I had no driving experience prior to Image and I was able to take my road test and pass it on my first attempt and this was all thanks to Nick he is the best there is!!

Quasheba BeyTM

I am so glad I came to Image for my driving lessons. They were one of few places with a great pay as you payment plan. They also text you reminders which helps so much. One thing I do suggest is finding one instructor that you really like. Due to my schedule I had to take 3 different instructors....and each one had a different approach to driving! Needless to say I was a little confused. 1. Cindy: Natural born teacher, gentle tone. I enjoyed my first 2 lessons with her. We were high fiveing and everything. I went from a terrified little thing to a more assured learner. 2. Debbie: Sweet, sharp and to the point, I had one lesson with her. She also has the most amazing English accent. Her tips on parking and turns helped alot! 3. Ernest (My favorite instructor!) What I loved about Ernest was his down to earth, real style. I received my license in just a few weeks and this was really due to trusting his words that "I got this". My last two lessons were with him and he was what I needed to get ready for that day. He didn't conflict with what I had learned before but corrected me and pushed me to improve my turns and parking. I took a lesson with him the same day as my road test and requested he drive me there. I highly suggest taking a lesson the day of your road test. That helped me clear any jitters and tune up before the test. When I passed my road test, I felt like he was an awesome uncle who was there at one of the most important events of my life. Much gratitude Ernest and the entire Image Driving School Team! Quasheba

Natasha Wongwon

If it wasn't for Alfa and Ernest, i wouldn't have pass the test. Alfa thank you for your advice and patience. Ernest thank you for your words of wisdom and advice. God bless you both. Thank you once again. I passed!!! Yeah. Lol

Jack Hadad

Absolutely amazing experience, great teacher, ask for Ricardo

La Rosa Stewart

Thank you to the Image Driving School staff they made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. My instructor Andrew Anderson he was very supportive, kind and he is a PHENOMENAL instructor. I would recommend Image Driving School to anyone looking to get their license and if your looking for a EXCELLENT instructor ask for Andrew Anderson you won't regret it. He helped me get my license on the first try and he can do the same for you too. Thank you again to all the staff at Image Driving School but most of all thank you Andrew.

Rafaelina tigre

This driving school was amazing. They call me all the time to let me know when was my next class. The staff was really nice. And the one that show me how to drive cyndy was amazing thanks to her I pass my road text the first day :-)

Romalda alexander

Thanks to image driving school I got my license on my first try. I would recommend this school to anyone thanks to my instructor earnest he was very helpful and patient

yaseem Jones

This school helped me alot. They are very consistent and professional. Took about 7 lessons and they took me to take my road test and i passed onbthe first try. Thanks you guys.

Jose Cruz

The BEST driving school I've been to. Jermell is bar non the best instructor. Then Melvin provided great insights prior to my road test and I GOT MY LICENSE!

Elecia F

Image Driving School helped me in passing my road test. I was uncomfortable with my parallel parking and thanks to Junior, I was able to execute it though I was pretty terrified when I actually had to do it on the test day. I drove at Starrett City and the examiner had failed everyone prior to me knowing this made me nervous. Their five hour class also reinforced the rules of the road and the talk at the end by the owner gave me an heads up as what to expect. He was pretty comical too! Gave it a four star cause they told me to get there at 8 am for my 9 am appointment and up till 8:49am the driving instructor had not arrived.(It was not Junior!) Otherwise they are good.

brian ramesar

Great place, Great staff, Melvin is a great instructor. I felt very comfortable behind the wheel because of him.

Kaitlin Hernandez

This school is amazing! The positive reviews drew me to come here and I was not disappointed! My instructor was great and always clarified things I needed when asked. The workers at the desk were always helpful and catered well to my scheduling needs when issues came up. I owe Image Driving all my thanks!! My license would not have been possible without them!

Thanks to Image driving school I pass my road test today. I took five lessons, my first lesson was with Jamal who was very rude a smelling like weed, after which I switch and got Ernest. ERNEST WAS THE BEST!! this man gave me the confidence I never had, from the first day I took a lesson with him I got so comfortable, he is an excellent teacher. Thanks again and good luck to you all.

Lisberly Trinidad

THANK YOU SO MUCH BRUCE ! With only 11 days driving, and five lessons.. I took my road test and passed it :)) !! Bruce is super funny and a great instructor.


The people in the office are always messing up pickup addresses, appointments, just about everything. The inscrutors are ok.

Dejah Cummings

Amazing instructors. My driving instructor was very friendly and helpful. He got straight to the point with me as soon as I got in the car. The girls at the school were always friendly and called to remind me whenever I had appointments. Overall I love this driving school and would recommend any newly permitted driver to go there if they want to successfully pass their road test.

Diandra Fletcher

From start to finish my instructor Kevin was so patient with me and not to mention the regular tips and timely reminders about my upcoming lessons made it easy to change a lesson in advance if I needed to. I passed my road test yesterday and the encouragement I received from Kevin definitely helped to boost my confidence. Keep up the good job guys !!!

Li Mo

My 4 starts are for the instructor I didn’t get my license yet ( just started) but the instructor is patient caring and does not just talk he knows his stuff. As far as the company... what they fail to tell you in their big add ( $80 to start on packages) is if you do not live in a certain part of Brooklyn you have to take a double lesson in order to be picked up. Unless you come to their location( located in Canarsie), which is unfortunate for some people who have no access to a car or close to public transport which adds to the amount of your lesson as well.(5.50 plus lesson) I say that Because most schools are free or would just tell you, your too far) . The place is more of a money making business with over 6 staff members in a narrow row( they also do insurance) than a concerned company, compared to smaller driving school... who get to know their clients. The girls on the phone are pleasant to draw you in but when you come in pay and sign papers their focused has left an on to the next..( maybe they get commission).... overall the focus is the driver an I’m beyond satisfied so far... also a good thing once you take a package if you need more lessons than the amount you took additional lessons stay at package price. when I get my license I will definitely post back on the experience.

Joyce Lewis

I was pleased with the services I received at IMAGE DRIVING SCHOOL. The representatives was very helpful & courteous. Although I failed my first Road Test with no fault with my Instructor Bernard, I passed the second Road Test. Bernard was patience & instructed me on what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear which enable me to drive better. Thank you to the Team at IMAGE DRIVING SCHOOL.

Saul DeCoteau

Very rude owner. Front desk staff is so unprofessional its frightening to do busienss with Image. The lady is illmanners she doesnt lnlw how to speak to people. Change in attitude is needed hrgently.

Leisha Gonzales

Great staff , Great instructors.. They are very professional and knowledgeable!! Passed on my first test!!

sing finn

This Company Is Absouletly Horrible I Had Promblems With them last Year Idk why i Gave Them another shot Today was my first lesson instructor didnt show im telling you dont go with this company if you dont like headace

Baqir Ahmad

I had the best experience with driving here with my favorite instructor Nick! My instructor was NICK very funny, patient, caring and understanding and always punctual and on time. He was very instructional and very informative BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER! (I passed) Thank you so much Mr Nick!

reshmi nair

Kenny is an amazing instructor. He's patient, his teaching methods are impeccable and because of him, I was able to pass my test confidently and with flying colors. I've tried learning from multiple teachers from different companies but none of them can compare to Kenny. Thank you so much!

Giovanna Vernon

I transferred to Image driving school and ONE LESSON w. Delroy before my road test and I passed. I took my road test a few times before and I always failed. He is excellent! He gives excellent pointers on what you should and shouldn’t do! I would recommend him to any and everyone. Thank you so much

Akeen Morris

My experience was great. The instructor I had was absolutely the best, it took me a few classes and I'd pass smoothly. Instructor Alpha Diallo, I would highly recommend him to anybody and the school itself. Thanks to everybody at Image driving school.

Javon Walker

Amazing school... enjoyed coming there to take my lessons. Everyone was very generous and helpful THank you Image/Brooklyn drives. Fyi i recommend driving and learning with jamel. He was a very patient teacher.


I got my license in 2000 ans this is the best driving school ever. My instructor was Ruben I think he was the greatest. He taught me what I needed to know to drive.

Ms SlimTeresa

First I would like to say that if you are thinking twice about this school, don't. Please call and go visit. The receptionists are well mannered very helpful and not to mention respectful. When I first started my classes I started wit Ernest and ended with Marc. They are the 2 best instructors ever. I passed my test last week at seaview thanks to the skills theu taught me. I recommend either one with 10 stars. The 5 hour class taught me way more than I knew about driving. Trust me it will ve worth every penny. Tell them Ms Clayton sent you. Best of luck if you decide to choose Image.


As a learning driver I def recommend not going to this driving school. They have the worst driving instructors I ever had! One instructor was barely paying attention and texting on his phone the entire time. Another instructor was very rude and made me feel very uncomfortable being in the car with him! Waste of money.

Sofía Tolentino

I couldn’t be happier with Image Driving school!!! From beginning to end, they were always there to assist me. Special thanks to my instructor, Earnest, for being patient and teaching me the necessary skills to pass my road test, and Mabel, one of the office assistant, for always being kind and friendly assisting me with the whole process. Thank you Guys!!!

Tashana Gordon

This driving school is the best.... I've never drive before when I apply there and I took a package of 10 driving lessons, my instructor name was Debbie she's the best a swear. First shot on the road test and I passed debbie encourages me a lot!! I'll recommend image driving school to anybody

Brenaisha henry

Great school. I failed my road test 2 times before with another school and was referred to Image from a family member. I would definitely recommend Earnest, he is the best!!.

I. Reynaldo

I had a good instructor in my 1st lesson and it was with Mr. Kenny, then i took my 2nd lesson with Ms. Debbie but it didn't work that well...shes good but i will recommend that you must stick in one instructor. Now i already took 11 lessons with Mr. Kenny... I can say that He's very nice and best instructor ever... he knows what his doing, hes job. He teach me 1 by 1...and i am confident that i can pass my road test. He has a lot of patience were the others don't have. The money that i paid are worth it!every single pennies! Don't be afraid to try, like was my 1st time.. i had a lot of thoughts before... lots of what will not know..unless you try. No regrets to went in this driving school. To my instructor Mr. Kenny. Thank You!

Savannah Padilla

I passed my road test two days ago and it’s all because of Image Driving School. They help you feel confident on the road with their lessons and their 5 hour class really helps you learn a lot so you can apply it when driving. I was able to use their car for my road test which is great because I was already used to driving their car. Once again, Thank you!

Black Spit

Delroy made it very comfortable and gave very good pointers which helped me pass... I appreciate him much as well as the school

Malika Jamison

Thanks to Alpha I passed my road test on the first try!!! I would definitely recommend him. His teaching methods are excellent. Thank you Alpha. Your THEE best!!!!!

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