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Carmen Ingerman

Just passed my road test in NYC with flying colors- thanks to Grand Prix Driving School!! I took my 5 hour permit course at Grand Prix (easy peasy lemon squeezey-- just one of those things you gotta do and get it over with)... and we even got out early! I also took driving lessons there- I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! I took my lessons with Alberto--- he was the best!!! An amazing teacher and also a cool guy. He even texted me a walk through of parallel parking so i could review the steps at home before my test. On the way to the road test, we practiced in the area and he gave me extra pointers! It helped me with my confidence for the test and everything went as smoothly as possible!


5 hour class.

m f

My story is very similar to many who have posted before me. I had experience with a previous driving school where I was unable to get my license, twice. After many years of putting it off, I took the recommendation of a friend who suggested Grand Prix. The staff there were all pleasant and professional. The office itself was easy to get to via F, 6, 4, 5, N, Q, and R trains. When taking the five-hour class, you get a nice spacious room with comfortable chairs and a nice window for natural light. Tommy was the presenter for my class and was very interactive and animated. As for the lessons, my instructor was Alberto. He was a patient, caring, and knowledgeable instructor who gave clear instructions and had an approachable teaching style. This was very important for me as I was nervous about resuming to drive after such a long hiatus. I was able to learn to drive in the city, during rush hour, and at night in my first lesson! He offered constructive critique and assessments of my skills that were helpful in improving my driving. His methods can give you the confidence and foundation you need to start being a successful and safe driver. Overall, I enjoyed and am happy with my experience with Grand Prix.

visar peja

i just passed my driving test thanks to Alberto who taught me how to drive the car professionally. i recommend Alberto from grand prix to everyone, not only he is a good instructor he is a good friend he will give you confidence in driving. thanks Alberto!


After failing my first driving test, I had lost all hope. I tried Grand Prix and they assigned me Dennis. I would give him six stars if I could! Excellent instructor.

Johannes Larsch

Dennis is an excellent instructor! I wanted to get my license as quickly as possible and indeed, we went through the entire process in just two weeks: Friday, I took a first single hour driving lesson to see how I was doing. Monday, 5h pre-licensing course. at that point, I booked a 5 hour driving lesson + road test package. Tuesday + following Friday, Wednesday and Thursday I took more lessons with Dennis. In the meantime, the school had managed to schedule a road test for me in Yonkers on Friday, just 14 days after I first walked into the school. (I had to pay the extra fee for expedited scheduling). I drove all the way out there, and we did some last minute polishing near the test area - And I passed! The whole thing was a bit pricy but I guess it is the upper east side and I really had nothing to complain about. I highly recommend Dennis as an instructor. He was always on time, a thorough teacher and a lot of fun. He taught me how to drive and how to pass the test (which are overlapping but clearly different sets of skills)

Michelle Hernandez

I wish I would have started my first 6 lessons with Grand Prix because I would have been ready in 3 lessons. First of all, let me start of my saying that both of my roommates took classes at Grand Prix and we all passed our first time. I had never been behind the wheel till 2 months ago so I had a lot to learn in a short time. 2 weeks before the driving test, I decided to change to Grand Prix as per my roommate's suggestion. And I'm glad I did. Dennis taught me rules of the road in only 2 lessons (one being the day of the test!) and he helped me improve my parking in 1 class (I had a completely different method before). More importantly, I didn't know that my left turns were poor (nobody addressed it before) until Dennis walked me through it. He even had little cars to explain why they were poor which to a new driver, made it MUCH easier to understand. I wish there were more reviews of Dennis here because his calm demeanor and jokes the day of the test (yesterday) helped me be relaxed. I passed my first time- with a great parking and 3 point turn (my only problem was speeding!). If you want to not only pass, but learn how to be a good driver, go to Grand Prix and definitely ask for Dennis.

Mark Bollok

Having Manny as my instructor I was very comfortable with my driving test. The school, itself, was very courteous and the taking the 5 hour course here was extremely easy, thanks again to the school, I now have my license and am ready to go, I'd choose them any day.

Alana O

Just passed my road teat this morning. Augusto is the best teacher! Very patient and taught me to drive in Manhattan at rush hour. Has a great parallel parking technique that even impressed my test instructor. The school is very professional and calls to confirm appointments etc. All around great experience.

Hugh Collins

TERRIBLE ORGANIZATION: On the day of my test, I showed up at the school. My instructor had forgotten about my test and was on the other side of town. I ended up going up to test with a new instructor and a new car. The new instructor made me realize how bad the first one was. I had been making lots of mistakes and never been pulled up on them. This was just the latest in a series of organizational screw-ups from the school - canceling lessons, getting times wrong etc. I passed the test, just. Maybe there are worse schools out there, but I find it hard to believe they are worse organized.

Eddie Bustamante

Terrible and unprofessional. They advertise all these services on their website but have stipulations when you attempt to book. For instance, I only need a "car and instructor" for my DMV road test. This service is advertised as available at a cost of $200 on their website. However, when I call to book this service I was told that you have to go to Yonkers to use the service, why? I live near the Red Hook DMV office where my road test will be scheduled. I was informed that the instructor (not the school) requires that I PAY ADDITIONAL for a driving lesson before he would allow me to proceed with my DMV road test. WHAT?!?! Seems like mild extortion. I recently attended a 5 hour class which is REQUIRED by the state of NY, I was home in 3 hours, math seems off. The videos were from the 80's, no exaggeration. The class is held in an abandoned nail salon. GO ELSEWHERE!!!!

Angel LaMarque

Augusto is an amazing teacher, can turn a nervous driver into a professional

Thibault Padiou

The experience was amazing, the driving instructor Augusto is the best you can get he is really great and teached me the best and safest method to drive and I passed on first time

Iain Douglas

Really great experience for a learner driver - Alberto my instructor was excellent and after the course I passed the test first time. Highly recommended.

Karaam King

I took my road test twice with another driving school and I failed twice. Took my last one with Grand Prix today and passed. My instructor from the other driving had good intentions but she always left out important details and left me unprepared which made me a nervous wreck. The lessons I took at Grand Prix were nothing like what I received at other driving schools. The instructors were patient, attentive and gave both positive and negative feedback. Even though I liked all the instructors I took lessons with my favorites have to the last two Alberto Carreon and Dino (I never got his last name.) Alberto's mock road test really helped prepare me mentally for what I would face on test day. And because of him I finally mastered parallel parking. He also cleared up things I had questions on, like stop signs and being observant on the road. Dino's prep the day of my roadtest was priceless. By practicing every maneuver I would have to do the day the test, my anxiety was relieved and I was able to concentrate on doing what I was trained to do. Thanks to Grand Prix I only have one problem now...figuring out where to buy my first car! Thank you guys for helping me finally get my license. I would happily recommend you to my friends and family. BTW, Whoever wrote that these guys are unprofessional and disorganized don't know what they are talking about. I received a call one day before each appointment. The instructors always called or text 10 mins before they arrived. They must be talking about some other school.

chiara de biase

Alberto is the best. not only he is patient and makes sure you are prepared but also it's great having him with you on the day of the test as he keeps you calm and focused. Definitely an asset to this school!

Roger Wilkins

William is literally the greatest human driving instructor that could ever potentially exist. Brilliant mind. He breaks things down. He is logical. He keeps things simple, while at the same time letting you know everything that you need to know in order to the pass the test. Amazing guy in general as well. Would highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn how to drive. He will drill the fundamentals into your mind while putting a smile on your face.

Oliver Gibson

Great service. Friendly staff. Engaging and clear instructor. Welcoming atmosphere and extremely comfortable seats! Thanks!

Kent Barrow

Extremely professional. Follow up emails and calls to ensure you are on time. Got my driving license in 1 week of doing the 5 hour class using their expedited service. Highly recommend

Hugo N

I will never come to that driving school again. Monday I made a reservation by email for 2 people for the 5 hour driving lesson. Someone just answered "we need a telephone number" without any other comment. Thursday, I called to confirm the reservation: the guy on the phone said that it was still OK. Saturday, we arrived at the driving school but it was closed. We called and the guy said that they moved! How are we supposed to know that? It's not mentionned on the website! We gave our names to confirm for the second time and he gave us the new address. When we finally arrived (right on time), the same rude guy at the front desk told us we were not on the list, our reservation had never been confirmed and he can't do anything for us as the class is full. More over the class is not at 10am as written on the website, but at 11am! How could we know that?? He said "I don't have access to our website, you should have called and ask." I sent an email, I called 2 times to confirm but he doesn't seem to see where the problem is... This poor guy has a really simple job but does it in a wonderfull mediocrity. Total waste of time. I don't recommend that school.

Christopher Cronson

I am very happy that these guys were around to put up with me. I was very nervous at first but my instructor Alberto was incredibly at handling me and now I feel that I am truly a confident driver. My schedule is nuts and they were very helpful with booking all the things i needed to do. Vince at the front desk is also lovely. I say this because he had to deal with my ineptness on the phone quite a bit. I also would like to point out that none of the instructors were ever condescending or arbitrary; they were always understanding and would explain why they told you what they told you which i find to be very important. I also would like to point out that i passed my test on my first go and most certainly would not have been able if it wasn't for these gentlemen.

Alok Sharma

With absolute zero driving experience, I was least confident of getting a driving license in the New York city. After 3 years of hesitation, I thought of giving a shot. Searched for driving schools and found Grand prix in the immediate neighborhood with excellent reviews. They offer several packages which fit your need. I took a package of 7.5 hours driving which also included the driving test appointment and 5 hours classroom teaching certificate. The five-hour lecture was wonderful. Big room, great chairs, big screen and a jolly teacher Tommy. When all the students agreed, Tommy skipped unnecessary breaks between the lectures and we were done in around 3.5 hours. Trust me, in that wonderful atmosphere you would not even realize when the class would get over. The office staffs are great and very helpful. It is always a joy to talk with them. They were very much flexible with timings and put their best to adjust the classes even when I made last moment changes. I started taking lessons with Dennis, a great driver and a wonderful man. When I first met Dennis and I was hesitant to start learning driving in the crowded city in the rush hours, to encourage me, Dennis said that like people make cakes he makes drivers and he meant it. I was a less confident and a very nervous driver and Dennis made it so simple with his teachings, tips and talks that I did not even realize that I am driving in the crowded New York city. He is such a great teacher that I find parallel parking and 3-point turns the simplest tasks to do! He even took me to highways a couple of times, took lots of mock tests and gave me all the fine details of driving. At the end of my package, I had few lessons with Alberto, another gem of Grand prix. Alberto too is a thorough instructor and you would never need to tell him what is your problem. He will watch you driving for 10 minutes and tell you the easiest way to fix your problems. With these two instructors, I passed my driving test in the first shot !! They teach you not only to pass the test, they teach also you how to drive efficiently and safely. I would highly recommend Grand prix and these two guys. I was truly luck to land up with Grand prix and Dennis and Alberto.

Kirsten Eiler

I'm a native New Yorker, and after years of renewing my learner permit without learning to drive, I finally decided that it was time to get my license. I looked at several schools and decided to go with Grand Prix because of its location and longer hours (I needed to take lessons either before or after work). I found the school administration organized and professional. They always got back to me when I needed to make or change lessons. But the best part of my experience was my driving instructor Alberto. I had very little driving experience when I started, but Alberto was patient and worked with me to build my basic skills and then develop more advanced ones as I got more comfortable and started putting all the pieces together. I loved going to my lessons, and I became confident in my ability. After all these years of being too scared to learn, I discovered that I actually love driving! I passed my road test on my first try and got my license. Because of my lessons with Alberto, I felt totally prepared for my test. No matter what level you're at, if you're trying to get your license, I highly recommend using Grand Prix and asking for Alberto to be your instructor. You'll be prepared for the road test and more importantly you will learn to be a good, safe driver.

Agil Huseynov

Marguerite de Chaumont Quitry

When I first went to Grand Prix, I had only had a couple hours of driving experience and wasn't very familiar with the process of getting a driver's license. The people at the office were very helpful at explaining everything I needed to do and set up a plan of action for me right away and took care of booking the road test. I met my instructor, Alberto, two days later for my first lesson. He put me straight in the driver's seat which I was dreading at first but he immediately calmed me down and put me at ease by talking me through all the motions. Alberto was always very patient and calm and overall an excellent teacher and mentor. He gave me confidence all the while pointing to my mistakes so that I could make note of them and not repeat them. Within two months, thanks to the school and Alberto, I successfully passed the road test on my first try! I sincerely recommend this school to anyone who would like to get their license.

m serres

Grand Prix is a great driving school, Dennis is the best instructor ever! He is a knowledgeable instructor that prepares his students very well for the road test, I certainly recommend him!

Gregory cooper

Living in New york rarely do we need to drive, but moving to another state i was forced to finally get my license. I would like to thank Grand Prix staff and Alberto for being nice and helpful, and real professionals. It was a pain free 6 week experience. Got my license and is now confident to drive wherever i please.

Solange Gonzalez-Diaz

Grand Prix is a great Driving School and Alberto is the best instructor ever! He is polite, calm, patient and his explanations are extremely clear. I took a 2-hour driving class with him and my driving license the next day and passed my driving test thanks to his advices. I will recommend Alberto and Grand Prix Driving School to all my friends!

Eric Stotter

Dennis was a great teacher. I learned a lot from him and I was very comfortable with his laid back teaching style. I passed my drivers test on the first try. I would recommend the school and especially Dennis for his teaching to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!

Raica Oliveira

this morning i had my driving test and i pass immediately on my first road test,thanks for the help of the amazing teacher that i had AUGUSTO,he knew every little detail to make you become a good driver and great tips for parallel parking. without his help i wouldn't be able to do it. im forever grateful xx Raica

satnam lovely

this school no good they lair i putt a appointment for 5 hour pre listening course about 10 days before they said me your class is on 08/25/2017 confirmed but when i reached over there at time they said me today your class is cancelled now u need to resuduled i was very upset that me according to me i give only them -5 star in review

Tijana Richards née Mihajlovic

I had absolutely fantastic experience with everybody at this school! Everything started with me taking a 5 hour certification class with Tommy, that was not only fun and very easy, but where i actually learned useful things - for example that crossing hands over the wheel is not just my father's whim request, but that actually one can get hit with the hand over the airbag that pops out of the steering wheel right in the face if the hands are crossed over the wheel. After the 5 hour class, i spoke to Vincent and bought a 5 hour driving lesson package with Alberto. I am big on Google+ and Yelp reviews, and Alberto had absolutely highest reviews everywhere, and every bit of it fully deserved. Alberto was super nice all the way through the 5 hour lessons, very professional and very common sense. He thought me push and pull steering technique, and a simple 3 move way to parallel park. He literally told me how much to turn the wheel in which direction, to aim for angle of 45 degrees, when to back up straight and when to start turning in the opposite direction. In our 2 last lessons i parked all the time without any mistake and only in 3 moves. I took the school's car for the road test, and Alberto took me to it. Just to mention that Vincent was super nice and polite, calling me twice the day before the exam to remind me of the exam, when and where am i to meet Alberto, make sure that i have Alberto's cell phone number in case anything goes wrong and what i need to bring with myself to the road test. On our last lesson, Alberto gave me 2 mockup road tests, where he was acting like a very tough instructor, it was tough to stay serious :) because he is super nice, but it really helped me pay attention on what i need to focus during the exam, where am i prone to make mistake, and to get a sense how the exam looks like. On the morning of the road test i met Alberto near the school for our last lesson and the review, he took me to Bronx where i took my road test, and nearby we had the last lesson he showed me neighborhood, and gave me all the tips i could have received for my last day. We ended up waiting for 2 hours before i took my road test, and Alberto was very friendly and nice and we talked random things which really helped me relax before the exam. I passed my exam and then Alberto took me back to the city. I was very happy that i finished and passed my exam in the first take. Overall i strongly recommend school overall, as everybody are very very nice, friendly professional and approachable - from Tommy, Vincent, to the lady that I think is Vincent's replacement (she is also super nice and friendly but i don't know her name) to Alberto, which I strongly recommend as a very good and true professional instructor. Very pleased and happy with them all. Thank you Alberto for my driver's license!

Kenny Manuel

Grand Prix Driving School is a great school. I passed my road test today and its all thanks to Alberto. He is a great instructor. He showed me my faults and mistakes and he help me to correct them. Alberto is patient, caring, and he wants you to achieve your goal of passing your road test and receiving your drivers license. I took the road test twice before with two different driving schools before and I failed the road test twice. The instructors at the other driving schools were rude, hostile and didnt care about whether or not, if I pass my road test. With Alberto, he gave me the confidence to do well, and he was very helpful when answering my questions, and pointing out what I needed to do to pass my exam. I recommend that if you are going to sign up for Grand Prix Driving School, ask for Alberto as your driving instructor. He is definitely the best instructor that there is.

Jeremy Shepherd

Alberto was an excellent instructor. He knows his trade inside and out and will help make you a good driver no matter your current level of skill. Before I signed up for Grand Prix's package of lessons, the five-hour class, and a road test, I took a road test on my own in a family car and racked up 80 points before I hit an automatic fail. (To put that simply, I failed miserably trying to do it on my own). Eleven days and three lessons with Alberto later (plus an hour or so of practicing we did right before the road test) and I passed easily. I went into the test with confidence that less than two weeks before I simply did not have. He knows the city well and will take you to places to practice that are virtually identical to road test sites, run you through exactly what the DMV expects of you, identify your weaknesses, and help you turn them into strengths. But he doesn't just teach to the test; he also taught me things that you won't find on a road test site (highways, bike lanes, etc) and that helped me feel prepared for anything. I was recently certified as an EMT, but without a driver's license you can't drive an ambulance (obviously) and hence I couldn't work until I got one, so my new career was completely on hold until I got my license, and I never would have gotten one without Alberto's help, so I owe many, many thanks to both him personally and Grand Prix as a school.

Tserenna Erdenebileg

nader jalal

Juana Libedinsky

Alberto, the instructor, was extremely knowledgeable and patient. Experience could´t have been better.

Chris Sullivan

I signed up with grand prix in late July. Previously my brother had taken lessons with them and found it to be very rewarding. Knowing this before hand it was only natural to have me sign up with them. They talked me through the lesson plans including the 5 hour class as well as the road test. There are several packages you can do and I took the minimum of 5 lessons. Each were an hour long and were very thorough. Before the lessons would start the instructor would message me to give myself some time to prepare. This is good to know because they do not leave you waiting. The school also makes sure that your appointment is still on for the date you are available. My first instructor, Alberto was extremely detailed and talked me through the lesson as I learned how to drive: this included observing, signaling with turns, parallel parking and make 3 point turns. Very easy going and relaxed but very detailed and cautious. He helped me feel confident in my driving skills well up to the point of my driving exam (which I passed today). I highly reccomend him if you are a beginner. In the chance that your instructor isnt available for extra lessons like mine wasnt, they arranged me with a new instructor just to brush up on my driving. This instructor was Dennis. Extremely easy going as well and helped me fine tune my parallel parking and observation with the turn signals . I also highly reccomend him. I am now a pro at it! They both made the driving experience easy and relaxing. I cannot say that enough to describe their attention to detail. Thanks a lot grand prix. I reccomend this school to anyone who needs to learn ASAP.

Gina DeCesare

I had a very good experience at Grand Prix and recently passed my road test thanks to Alberto's help. He really did a great job showing me what I was doing wrong and getting me prepared for the test. The mock tests he gave helped me overcome my nervousness and feel confident. Also, he was always on time to our lessons. I would highly recommend him. I also had a few lessons with Eddie, who I would not recommend. He was late to both lessons I had with him, and was even rude about it. I also feel that I didn't learn as much from him. I had one lesson with Robert which went very well. I took the 5 hour course with Grand Prix as well. It was very professional and the teacher was funny and helpful.

Francesca Tartaglione

Awesome driving school, great instructors!

Sarah Case

Grand Prix was so helpful in preparing me for my driver's test! I had failed the NYC road test two years earlier and was very nervous about taking the test again. So last summer (2013) I got a 10-lesson package of lessons with Alberto, and I took a few lessons with Alex as well, and I passed my road test in September. Alberto is a great teacher and has a lot of experience teaching driving in NYC. He taught me how to parallel park, gave me pointers for ways to not get little things wrong on the test, and did a mock road test that showed me my weak spots. He is very friendly and made me feel less nervous about driving. Though I went over everything important with Alberto, I might recommend taking a few lessons from a second instructor, because different instructors highlight slightly different things. My second instructor, Alex, who gave me 2 lessons, emphasized good braking and speed control, and I think my driving is smoother as a result. The 5-hour class was so much better than one I had taken 2 years earlier at another NYC driving school. Large, cushioned chairs; nice office.

Tashi Tsering

Passed road test in second time. I wasn't good but the instructor was really nice and my teacher thought me everything in two hour.

Lance Lange

Great driving school. Went there for 5 hour class and immediately after signed up for a road test package which includes lessons, road test appt, and use of their car for test. William was my instructor and I feel I was very lucky to have him. He’s a terrific guy and makes you feel very comfortable behind the wheel. He pinpoints your weaknesses and help you improve in those areas. Gave me confidence to pass road test which I managed to do on first attempt. Can’t recommend Grand Prix and William enough.


Augusto was an great instructor and gave extremely good tips. Wouldn't have been able to pass my test without him!


Did my 5-hour licensing course here followed by 10-hour class session that I completed within 2 and a half weeks. I have zero experience driving and passed on my first try thanks to the help of Augusto, an excellent driving instructor who genuinely cares about you. We were able to share a lot of laughs, funny stories, our views on the World Cup, and personal experiences while I learned everything I needed to know for the road test. Augusto breaks everything down into science from parallel parking to lane switching to 3-point turns. He told me to not hug him when I pass but I still practically jumped onto him. Very grateful for Augusto I would highly recommend Grand Prix Driving School. Altogether I went from someone who didn't even know how to drive to a licensed driver in 2 and a half weeks and honestly had a really great time with the staff at Grand Prix and with Augusto.

Nancy O'Brien

I highly recommend Grand Prix Driving School. I joyfully passed my test on Thursday, in Yonkers. I never would have passed if it the instructor, Mr. Barcena had not been so knowledgeable, kind and patient. Having a great sense of humor and knowing when to use it effectively comes from years of experience which Mr. Barcena has. I had my license for decades but I neglected to renew my license because I had not received the renewal form in the mail and my inability to use my brain and check the Year of expiration really altered my self confidence. I felt like such a dunce. It seems funny now but I was so distraught and demented it physically hurt. I am so, so thankful to Mr. Barcena for getting me through this. Thank you and good luck taking the test.

Kim HeeJoo

After I got the learner's permit, I took the "5 HOUR PRE LICENSING COURSE" and "ROAD TEST PACKAGE" from Grand Prix Driving School. With the valuable advice and pratice, I could get the driver's license really easily and efficiently. The teacher's name is Alberto who helped me to take a road test practice. Even if I had over ten years of driving experience in my country (I am an international student), he helped me a lot!!! From the basic to the advanced techniques, he was really skillful and experienced instructor. I really appreciate that. Thank you, Grand Prix and Alberto!!!!

Emmanuelle Aaron

Great experience! Thanks to my teacher Dennis I passed the test after taking only 15 hours of driving lessons in total (I never drove before in my life).

Brian Kaufman

Passed my test and had a great teacher!

Andrea Cristobal

I am posting this review for my mother, who used their services: I highly recommend Grand Prix Driving School. They made learning to drive simple and comfortable for me with their road test packages, which includes a 5-hr pre-licensing course, actual driving lessons, road test appointment, and use of the car on actual road test. My driving instructor Noel was very patient, and he gave clear and detailed instructions. He corrected my bad driving habits and gave tips to make driving easier, which were very helpful and made me feel confident while taking my test. I passed my road test - and I have Noel to thank, as well as the office staff for being so friendly and accommodating. They never failed to call to remind me of any appointments and to always check if my documents are complete.

Ciccio Chirco

I took the 5 the hour course and driving lessons at Grand Prix. Alberto was my instructor. He is very patient and gives clear indications on what you should and souldn t do. He gave me specific directions to pass the test. We also did a few mock road test that help me prepare mentally to handle stress on the test. He is a great guy and instructor, and if he tells you that you're ready and you'll pass, you WILL. I was really nervous at first,but end up getting only 5 points thanks to him!

Caroline Bottger

If you're looking for a driving school in the city, Grand Prix Driving School should be at the top of your list. Alberto is the best instructor you could ask for: he's calm, patient, and he pushes you to do your best.

Rhoda Kyles

Fatmir Hulaj

Wonderful school. I took the road test package which include 90 min lesson before the test. I passed!!! Had a very nice instructor that had lots of patience. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Nick Vaughan

As an adult immigrant who has been driving for more than 20 years, the 5 hour pre-licensing course was really just a formality on the road to getting my full NY driver's license. That said, the course was better than I expected. Our instructor, Augusto, genuinely made an effort to engage the class and shared some life experiences with us. He moved through the material at a reasonable pace and kept his cool despite needing to repeatedly tell the teenagers to put away their cell phones. The videos from the '80s and '90s were priceless (I grew up in the early '80s and some of the clips were older than me). I thought the emphasis on the danger of texting while driving was very important, but conversely I felt the 30 minute video about wearing a safety-belt was overkill. It's not 1984 guys, no one thinks you're "a sissy" for wearing a belt in a car anymore. 15 minutes about how seat-belts save lives would have been more than adequate. Overall I would recommend this class and advise you skip the break in the middle so you can go home early.

Devon Shepherd

I'm a 35 year old woman with a lifetime fear of driving and Grand Prix Driving school helped me get my license on the first try! I bought the 10 hr package and then added an extra 10 hours because I knew I needed them. They're a busy school but I never had any trouble booking lessons, and everyone who answers the phones and schedules lessons is pleasant and patient (even when I can hear the phone ringing off the hook in the background)! Let's face it: the 5 hour class is going to be boring in the best of circumstances, but Tommy (the instructor for the class) is funny, and the chairs in the room are so comfy that it's over before you know it. Dennis was my instructor for most of my lessons. This guy is the best instructor ever! I honestly don't think I would've passed if it wasn't for him. I started out as a very nervous driver and he pushed me just enough to give me confidence. I know some instructors just teach to the test (3-point turn, parallel park, blah blah blah), but your driving life doesn't end with the test. Dennis actually paid attention to the way I drive and gave me specific pointers that will make me a better driver. For example, he noticed that I tend to brake when changing lanes, something I knew I did (unconscious fear of hitting another car, I guess) but never really noticed. He also gave me great tips on how to keep moving in Manhattan traffic. I'm sure of lot of these things are common sense to experienced drivers, but for a nervous beginner they are the foundation for the confidence that one needs to be a good driver. Of course, we also did plenty of practice road tests as my test date approached so that I knew what to expect. He marked me way harder than my examiner did, but that helped tighten up my driving for the test. I also had several lessons with Bill who was also great.He's a funny and interesting guy and he made me feel at ease right from the get-go. I'm not going to lie: learning to drive in Manhattan can be scary. But everyone at Grand Prix made the experience as easy and stress-free as possible. And now I have my license!!

Augusto Deoliveira

Malina Buturovic

I love this driving school! I had a wonderful, really helpful five hour certification class here and then a PHENOMENAL lesson with Augusto--who essentially taught me how to park (after years in which I haven't been able to learn). He was great company too :)

Karin Bradeen

Oladele Ojo

My experience at Grand Prix Driving School was very pleasant. From the first call to the pre-licensing course and the road test, it was smooth. I paid for the expedited road test appointment, they got me a date in two days; that was money well spent. My instructor Jeff was just as cool as you can get and that sweet lady at the desk as you walk in. Called the School on Saturday 21, took the pre-license course Monday 23, road test on Thurday 26. Passed, Licensed, Awesome!

Jonathan Stotter

Dennis was a great teacher. I learned a lot from him and I was very comfortable with his laid back teaching style. I passed my drivers test on the first try. I would recommend the school and especially Dennis for his teaching to anyone who wants to learn how to drive!

Joe Price

I am an experienced foreign driver getting my license in the US. I went for the 5 hour course and the Road Test Package which included expedited road test booking, a 90 min pre-test lesson and the use of a car for the road test. The 5 hour course had lots of availability and runs weekday evenings which is convenient for me. It was well taught by Tommy and included lots of useful tips. I was able to get a road test set up about 1 week later and my instructor for the 90 min pre-test lesson, Perry, was a knowledgeable and good teacher and also good fun. As a result I was able to pass first time. Overall the experience was very easy, fast and hassle free, I would highly recommend it to anyone in a similar situation to myself.

Angela Carabelli

I have to thank and pay my compliments to Grand Prix Driving School for their excellent staff - always very professional, helpful and ready to adapt practice appointments to my schedule. I particularly want to thank and commend one of the best driving instructors I know - Dennis Jackson. With his friendly, upbeat personality, he guided me along our driving routes with great calm and composure, always watching, however, my every move, and having me note my mistakes with the meticulousness of a DMV inspector. In a nutshell, if you are serious about getting your driver's license, Grand Prix and Dennis Jackson are serious professional resources that practically guarantee your passing the test - seriously!

Lucinda Zilkha

I had a great experience at Grand Prix Driving School. The five hour class was efficient and well taught. All staff were polite and helpful. My lessons with Alberto Carreon were great- they were focused and thorough without being intimidating or daunting. Alberto was very good at clearly breaking down a broken u turn, parallel parking and everything else I needed into clear steps that were easy to replicate. After my five lesson package with Alberto I passed my road test on the first attempt! I plan on taking more lessons to perfect my highway driving. Overall a fantastic experience!

Juliana Gomez

I took the 5 the hour course and driving lessons at Grand Prix and passed the test at the first shot! Alberto was a great instructor. He is very patient and gives very clear indications. He gave me specific guidance to pass the test and general advice about driving around NY and on highways. We also did a mock-up road test that help me prepare sociologically to handle stress on the test. Be ready for a not very nice test official. I also took lessons with Mani he was also great very experienced and calm. I actually liked being able to take lessons with different instructors because they have different styles and give you different tips plus you get the chance to drive different car. Grand Prix did its best to accommodate to my schedule providing early morning and weekend options. The best part was being picked up at my house for my lessons!

Tommy Harrison


Kačka Gerstnerová

Modern classroom, comfortable chairs and nice stuff. I really enjoyed class with our funny and nice instructor. Thank you so much! Highly recommend.

Anna Pomeroy

I took the 5 hour class and also driving lessons with Alberto. I just took my driving test today and passed! He was a great teacher!!

Cléophée Montagnana

Great driving school! Augusto was a great instructor and I got my license on the first try, definetely recommand!

Charlotte de Brabandt

Writing my first review ever. Cannot recommend the school.

Aaron Lynah

Recently completed a course with this school and had fantastic time. My instructor, Mr. Barcena, was both knowledgeable and funny. Highly recommend this school.

Lara Kleinschmidt

The people at the school were not organized, and often called me several times to ask me the same question. HOWEVER, my driving instructor, Alberto, made up for that AND some. He was the best. He could not have been nicer or more helpful. He was incredibly thorough, and he was incredible attentive to my specific needs as a driving student. Above all else, he was sincerely encouraging, and really instilled in me the confidence to believe in myself and, ultimately, pass on my first test. He was a joy to work with, and I cannot thank him enough!

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