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REVIEWS OF Ez Pass Driving School IN New York

Yari Baez

Sue Samuel

Rude and unprofessional.

Moatamed Sharawy

So i had a road test and i wanted to book a car an take a couple of lessons , Once i steped in and asked that fat lazy secretary , she was like , to go there you gotta pay 140 + restrictions , so i was like okay no problem , and then i was asking why its so expensive , she got mad cuz i just wanted to know information , she was so rude , and i advise anyone going to this school , think again , its bad treatment , they are so rude , they just want your money , they dont care if you pass or not , Think again , its waste of money an waste of time too .

Rudy dominguez

Melissa P

Ez pass is the place to go for driving lessons. It seems like people had mixed success with their instructors, but I loved all 3 of the instructors I had. Nelson: Really focuses on nailing parallel parking. Super chill dude, so friendly. Elliot: He gears everything towards the test. Every time you mess up he'll tell you exactly what you did wrong and say, that's 5 points, that's 10 points etc. He would also do practice tests with me during lessons, telling me how many points I got and the things I needed to correct next time. I found this really helpful! Jose: So good! He actually went to the road test site with a student and shot a video of all the turns they make you take. He showed me the video a day before my test so he could walk me through each step. My boyfriend used ez pass too and the instructors would usually let one of us ride in back while the other was driving. We both took our road test at Cunningham park yesterday and we both passed! Thank you ez pass!

H Basnyat

Jose , the best instructor . worth taking lesson with him .

jean kalkier

if you want to enroll this school, i think instead of that, best thing to do with money, that to make donation a church. Completely they just want to get the money, that's all, if you know how to drive and won't bother them with questions, you are the perfect customer for them. But the time which you lost, will be a lot in here, they don't have a clear knowledge about DMV rules. I strictly recommend to find another school. This place is total scam.

Antoaneta Dzafic

Best school ever! I am an anti-talent when it comes to driving, but these guys, Angel specially, made me overcome my fear of driving. All of them are so sweet and professional, calm, and they give you positive reinforcement!They teach you step by step how to turn left and right, how to parallel park, and how to develop confidence in yourself! I would give them a 6 stars, if possible! I strongly recommended this school! Passed my road test with only 10 points off, and I will take more classes with Angel to teach me how to parallel park on the left side and how to perpendicular park! Thank you so much!

mike pinero

Let me start off by saying the only reason I am Giving this school 5 stars is because of Angel. He was my instructor, he was as amazing as some of the other reviews on here state. He is super patient and knows how to teach and does everything for some one who has never driven before should need. He never made me feel any ill feelings and that in itself was an awesome feeling, his detail and attention to your needs as a student was just amazing. If you are going to take driving lessons from this school try to book with him as much as you can!!! Pros: you can start out with one package and then upgrade to one with more lessons if you need to with out having to pay out the ass for a different package. And you get the use of there car too which is a plus! Oh and Angel! Cons: I'll first day these cons for me are big things because I am in the customer service business too. The girls that run the front desk/reception area should not be allowed to do so. I went up when I signed up at which time I was told to take my 5 hour class asap cause then I could be scheduled for my road test. I signed up for the first Saturday class, I get to the school that Saturday morning as scheduled to only be told with an attitude by Eddie the owner that I was not on the schedule and to have a seat and wait for the girl who scheduled me to come in 10 or so mins later. I complained about this being the only time I could do it after being prodded to take another day, once the young lady came in Eddie proceeded to take her into the office and I could hear him angrily say things to her, he exited and told me to take a seat and do the class. I was given angel for my first lesson and afterwards I decided I only wanted to learn from him. Then one afternoon I called up about 2 weeks before my road test to schedule some lessons and asked for angel and was assured I could get him to take me on my next lesson. The day comes and I get a call from a different instructor. At this point I was frustrated and walked over to the school and went up stairs and was met by Nicole and Eddie. Nicole proceeded to tell me that it was a scheduling issue and that angel was off, I asked why I wasn't notified and was met with a very nasty and hostile attitude from Eddie with a remark of "this is why we have other instructors." Ok I get it but the idea is if you have a client that wants something that pays for a service you do what you can to accommodate that, don't give an attitude. Over all my expirences with the staff in the office and the owner himself was poor!!! And I believe as a person who is in sales and service if it were not for Angel that place would not have any business and the day Angel leaves they are going to loose a lot of people! Angel is the most booked instructor for a reason!! He is great!!! Just be warned if you have to interact please make sure to follow up and get a name when you make an appointment! Oh and I did pass my test!!! Thanks Angel!!!

Erica Melo

Passed my road test this morning with Jose! Incredibly pleased with his professionalism and patience! I was pretty anxious about my road test as I had failed it once before years ago with a different school. Wish I would had found Jose sooner, he was very informative and not only pointed out all the things I was doing wrong, but gave me options to fix them. Very pleased and grateful! Got my license! :D

Justin Williams

Yorlenys Lora

I love this driving school, first of all let’s start with the attentive staff!! Every time I call schedule classes I also get a reminder call or text. Would totally recommend it , I got package which was a great deal my instructor name was Ruth very nice , attentive and pleasant to work with.

Jeannette Cabral

Great people really recommend

vicky lopez

I had a great experience and the staff was friendly and accommodating.

nelson leon

Michael Santos

times of operations seem to be ignored in this place. I've called twice to schedule a practice course, on two different occasions, both times around 3pm on a weekday and no one picks up.

Shirley Lopez

The staff are very friendly and helpful and I have nothing bad to say about my experience.

Khusi Sharma

Pingues TV

read this before waste your money !! One month ago i went to this driving schools and i pay for 3 driving classes road test apoiment and 5 hours class everything was ok after 1 months they call me to schedule my driving classes and i choose friday, Saturday,Sunday by 10 am like one week after i went to take my first class and they make me wait 15 minutes then they tell me that they have to cancel the class and then they tell me they will give two classes in on day i say ok i went to take my first class the next day everything was ok so the next day i when again to take my two classes from 1 to 2:30 and i was there at there office by 1:30 and i realized that there office is close so i wait to the instructor call me like the last time it was 1: 10 and i call the office they not answer the phone then i call the instructor didn't answer either i kept waiting in to 3 :30 and they never call me back the next day a have to take the road test so i call them and explain to them what happen and this guy tells me that someone or some how my phone number was changing from their system that was magic and after that i went to take my road test and i fail and this's how you lose your money just because they are not responsible enough .

Omelfi Mateo

Today Sunday sep 3 2016 I came at 3pm to take my 5 hour class. This so called school needs to be more professional which they aren't at all. The girl and guys sitting at their desk literally just talk among themselves the whole time and talk on their cell phones but not only that "ITS NOT A CLASS IS A CIDEO IN THE WHOLE 5 HOURS" you get breaks early while they just talk crap and we write nothing because is like watching tv. I went to messy driving school and I didn't like their I tractor fro driving but I loved the class. The person there was very informative. Also you get great 5 hour classes at Fuzion driving school. This place is about their money but they are so LAZY. The people here that write great comments are usually afiliated with this place and are giving fake self results.

Rosa Espinal

Altagracia Genao

EZ Pass Driving School is great! I was super scared of driving so I procrastinated with getting my license. But a family member recommended EZ Pass Driving School and I thought I would give it a try. I took my classes with Miguel who has such an easy way to him which calmed my nervous and made me feel so much more comfortable with the car. I followed his instruction, tips and tricks and he even drew me a picture of the steering while which made me understand it so much better. He was amazing to say the least. My classes had to be rescheduled because of a snowstorm and after only 3 lessons I passed my road test!!! I recommend Miguel to anyone who is super nervous about driving and is looking for a great instructor.

shepard schiff

Passed on my 2nd try. Good teachers. 10 lesson plan is worth it.

Amaury Xxx



max Laguerre

Had a amazing experience. Mr. Denis made sure that I was ready for my test and went out of his way to help me receive my licence as well as made sure that I was ready and safe on the road. I wouldn't have any other teacher

Shakeeba Davis

Very pleased with this company the instructors we're very knowledgable and helpful with any questions that I have had money well spent

Jumber Kurtanidze

Junior Bonilla

Big A

I wish I coule give this place -☆ they don't deserve the 1 start I gave. I've been driving for a long time but my wife was a new driver and wanted to take some lessons since I didn't have much time to teach her. I said sure find a good driving school and go for it. Well on her 2nd day one of the instructors was trying to sell private lessons, on the side of the 10 she already paid for. That shows you that they don't care if you learn or not they want to take as much money from you as possible. Instead of teaching students how to drive they try to sell lessons on the side. I hope whoever owns this busines is aware that the staff is going to destroy this business. Oh and my wife didnt pass the test in the end, I wasn't surprised at all I would have been if she passed. She drove with me for the 1st time in her life and let me tell you after taking calls with this school she's no better then the 1st day she drove. Ez Pass Driving School is not about teaching you how to drive its about taking your money. I remember telling my wife to parallel park the car after her 7th lesson and she had no idea how to park. I really wanted to go on ride with her and the instructors so i can see the nonsense she was being taught. But she didnt want me to. Because I would not have stayed silent watching unqualified incapable people trying to teach. If you're a new driver I'd recommend that you stay away from this fraud of a driving school. Find a real school where you will learn how to drive safely and properly if by some miracle you end up passing a testwith EZ-Pass Driving School. You will be a danger to yourself and others on the road. Learn from a friend or a reputable driving school. If you value learning and safety you'll stay away form EZ-Pass Driving School.

Maple Jay

This driving school is all about the money. They try to rush you through your lessons and lie to you that you’re to take the road test but in reality your not and they just want you to fail and come back so they can make more money

Edward Vidal

Gladys Mendoza

Michelle MacDonald

I had a wonderful experience and the workers was extremely nice to me. I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone....

Binod Shrestha

My daughter took 10 classes from different instructor. I choose that driving school because it is close to my house. I was happy that my daughter learn something from them. But after the road test it was totally disappointed. She did a lot of mistake even a very basic things like turning. After that i talked with her and she even don't know about wide turn. How it possible? is the instructor did his job? or and anyone can be a instructor? I never suggest anyone to go their and spend both money and time for nothing. Be careful if you are sending anyone this driving institute.

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