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Sasha Persaud

Just passed my road test this morning on the first try! As a first time driver, it's safe to say that the instructors are so very helpful and tell you all that you need to know to pass, ESPECIALLY Sharmala. I took her for every lesson and she's wonderful!

Katelyn Nadel

You have to get Urmila she is absolute amazing. She taught me how to drive and be confident driving in less than six weeks and I passed the test the first try.

D Huggin

Well, I liked the fact that nothing was complicated. They always made me feel at ease. Specifically my driving instructor Urmila. She actually made it a joy to learn. I'm forever appreciative to her for that!!! I'll be sure to recommend Ena Driving School to anyone who wants lessons!!!

Diana Matute

I would HIGHLY recommend Ena's Driving School to anyone. no matter what age, who is looking to enroll in a driving school. I strongly believe that taking driving lessons at Ena's Driving School was worth the investment. Driving lessons are not cheap so it is vital to look for a driving school that makes every dollar worth it; and Ena's Driving School is the PERFECT place to go. I paid for the package that was comprised of the 10 driving lessons and ended up taking an extra class because I needed the extra help. Before starting my driving lessons with Ena's Driving School, I had never once driven a car. I am truly grateful because for someone with my inexperience when it came to driving the only reason I passed my road test for the FIRST time was due to the guidance from my driving instructors; in the beginning I had Mark as an instructor but for the majority of my classes Renny (sorry I know I butchered your name) was my instructor. The main reason I believe I passed my test was due to the fact that my instructors gave me specific tips on whether it came to parallel parking, making a right turn, making a left turn, etc. Also when I was driving, they would always be observant of the mistakes I would make and correct me which I found extremely helpful because it is better to have instructors that tell you when you're driving incorrectly then to have a driving instructor that just disregards your errors which would lead you to failing the road test. I am also very content with Ena's Driving School's customer service; they are very helpful and kind, and they always call their students reminding them of upcoming classes or whether they want to schedule a class which shows they care about their students. I think everyone should enroll at Ena's Driving School, it is worth the investment.

cindy belgrave

One of the best driving schools in queens.Instrutors took their time and made sure you got everything right..Must say thanks a million..

Danielle Barron

I got the 10 lesson package and I had Jose he was great he helped me with my turning because I sucked at it .also I was a new driver and nervous but Jose helped me relax and I just took my road test today and passed on my first try And also when waiting to take the road test me and three other females in the car was discussing how they had Jose also and he was great with them too

Christopher Haimanchandra

i just started my first lesson today and wow i chose a really good school. at first there was a small mix up but it was understandable (name problems). i gave this school a shot after coming from A&D driving school. and ena is 10000% better. my instructor dean was cool, made me feel comfortable and felt like driving came natural


Really helpful school. I would recommend not sticking with one driver when doing the lesson but trying two out because they each have valuable lessons to teach for the road test. Passed my test thanks to them

Melisa Harris

The instructor was patience and helped me a lot. I went to a motorcycle school before Ena and I gave up because it was a group and i was going at a slower pace than the rest of the students . With this school it is a one on one with the instructor and you get to learn at your one pace and time schedule. I pass my motorcycle test after my tenth lesson and it was well worth it. I could not ask for a better school.

Rebecca Hernandez

Instructors are great especially Sharmala. I passed my test today on the first try.


I took the 5 package. And i passed my driving test. Thank you soooo much. Great driving school.


While exploring the various choices of driving schools within my area I came a crossed Ena’s Driving School. According to the reviews, there were numerous responses and everyone loved Sharmala as their instructor. Coming into this process it was nerve racking. I had no driving experience however; the 5-hour class was very explanatory and beneficial which Sharmala taught. Going forward I only took 10 lessons altogether with David, Tyrone, and Sharmala without any practice at home. The instructors are outstandingly helpful, supportive, caring and highly trained, with easy to learn methods in driving especially TYRONE and SHARMALA. They both made driving more stress-free and comfortable. I had my road test and passed on my first attempt thanks to my amazing instructors. I must say though, before my road test Sharmala went above and beyond by checking in and reminding me to take my time and don’t be nervous with a few other reminders. She’s seriously the GREATEST! I am very pleased to say, Ena’s Driving School was such an incredible experience. I’m so happy to have chosen Ena’s Driving School as my number one choice. They’re the best driving school, such friendly environment with some amazing people and great prices. If I had to do it all over again I sure would. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Maria Eliz

I've been to many driving schools and Ena's Driving school was the best, so good that I commuted all the way from the city for every driving lesson. They are affordable, very friendly and they always cater to your needs. All the instructors are good but I had Sharmala most of the time and she is great. If you have a class with her you'll know what to expect on your road test.

ashti m

Well as a first time driver who was terrified of driving in New York City, I can finally say I have overcome my fears. I started my driving lessons in July and even started driving on the wrong side of the road on my first lesson! However, I had Sharmala as my instructor who took her time and patience with me, even when I became frustrated. Up to today while I am driving, I can hear her say, "when you're breaking, look up at the mirror to see what's happening behind you." I am so happy I passed on my first try ! And now I am one of those typical New York drivers. Because of Ena's Driving School, I can drive any car I want to and even parallel park without hitting the curb! So thank you very much to the staff of Ena's Driving School for working with me to get my license.

Big L Lutchman

They do a great job with students. They learned how to teach students behind the wheel instructions, including David, who always reminds you to always check your blindspot on the mirror. It took me only one try and I passed.


I took my road test today and it was my first time and passed it. I would like to thanx my instructor Sharmala for guiding me through out every step of the way. She actually took her time and was very patience with me. If I did any mistakes she would automatically let me know and keep practicing on what I needed help with. It's a great school and I would recommend anyone to this school and if u want a great instructor... Sharmala all the way

shreya ghiya

Hi there, I took about 12 classes with Ena's school. They do know the tricks and techniques to pass the test. They will help you good. I have a wonderful experience with Ena's driving school. Not so expensive and great teachers. I took the classes in year of 2012 and worked with Andrew, VJ. Great experience!!


I must say thanks for the patience your instructors showed me. Thanks to Brandon , Vadesh and Tyrone. ( Forgive me if I spelled the names incorrectly) I rate you all the best instructors in queens .You all made me overcome the fear I had of driving and I thank you. Also thanks to the office staff who were very professional. You will be recommended by me for a very long time. Again thanks Neil.

elvis martinez

RealGreat place, where patience is key real easy going people with great instructors. Elvis Martinez

Carolina Benavides

I passed my road test yesterday, first try! My main instructor was David & he was great. He is straightforward but means well. I had Sharmala for one lesson, shes great too, makes you feel confident and helps lose your nerves. VJ drove me to my road test & you I can tell hes an amazing instructor as well. My instructors were never late, front desk personnel are understanding and have amazing customer service. I have no regrets. They are a really good driving school with prices to match.

Chantee Campbell

Well first and foremost I have to thank my FABULOUS instructor Sharmilla. She was great every step of the way. I took the 10 package lesson with the school and I must say if it wasnt for that package and my outside driving on my free time I would have not passed my road test on my 1st try. I was a new driver all around, before going to this school I had never been behind the wheel of a car. So yes, this school is great but u still have to practice, practice, practice. Thank you Ena's Driving school.

Juwan marshall

Greatest experience ever!!!! The teachers were phenomenal. They taught me step by step what to look for when taking my road test and cause of them I gotten my license in 2 months. I recommend everyone looking to get their license to come here

Janiece James

I recently joined Ena's Driving School in the middle of Dec 2013. I signed up for the package that included 5 driving lessons, 5-hour class, etc., and later decided to upgrade to the 10 course package. And EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT! I knew nothing about driving. Ena's driving school not only taught me how to pass my road test but they gave me the confidence I needed to be a safe and effective driver. I'm glad to be an Ena's Driving School Graduate. I got my License Ya'll !!! YAY !

Natasha Andrews

I love this driving school Sharmala was my 5hr class instructor and I also did a lesson with her she's really good she was very straight forward with me and made me feel confident to pass the test and I did !!! If your not an experienced driver I highly recommend this school. Hope this review helps.

Tiana Hamilton

Love this school, i passed on my first try. Its affordable, they not only teach you how to pass the test, they actually teach you real life driving skills.

Farisha M

The staff at Ena's driving school are great, they have flexible hours to work with your schedule. My lessons were with Sharmala, she is very patient and genuinely cares for her students. She corrects your mistakes and works with you until you get it right. Once again thank you to Sharmala and Ena's driving school for helping me to pass my road test.

Adriana W

Very nice staff. The 5 hour class was enjoyable and memorable. They made driving fun and easy.

Yisell Salcedo

I took the 10 lesson package since I've never really driven before. Sharmala by far is the best instructor I had. She is extremely patient and explains everything in detail. She answers all your questions and constantly gives you advice on what your doing wrong so you can get it right. While taking my lessons she made sure I was comfortable with her and not once was I nervous. She shows you exactly what to do to feel confident & pass your road test. You can book your lessons the same day as your 5 hour class. I would recommend booking all your lessons with sharmala right before your road test. I say this because if you would like a lesson with sharmala its very hard since her lessons fill up fast. So plan ahead of time. Ena's driving school staff are very polite and go above and beyond to help you. They worked around my work schedule and always call the day before to confirm your lesson. They have very flexible hours, are open to book lessons 7days a week and also have pickup services. My road test was on July 2nd and with only 10 lessons I passed my road test on my first try. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Natasha Corporan

Great school went to a different school worst instructors always on their phone this school took their time and I passed my road test with flying colors I give it 5 stars

Alejandro Pamplona

Great driving school, recommended by my mother. Instructors teach you everything you need to know .

Romnee Hayes

I had the greatest experience learning to drive at Ena's Driving School. I had Sharmala, Jose, and, David as instructors. I learned exactly what I needed to pass the road test, and attained the skills to be a confident driver. This is the best driving school in NYC! Thanks a Million!!!!

Denny wu

Great driving instructors, they really take the time to teach their students.

Yan E

Hi! I passed my road test at the first try. Thanks to the amazing staff at Ena's Driving School in Richmond Hill. Thanks! Ery Escoboza

natavia lucky

This is honestly the BEST driving school! Passed my road test on the first try with no problem at all. I had Sharmala and Vijai as my instructors for my 15 lessons of driving and they were both very patient everytime I had a lesson with them. I would recommend people to go to this driving school in a heartbeat and I would also reccomend new students to have Sharmala or Vijai as an instructor if you want the absolute best experience driving. Thank you Ena's Driving School. :)

Tareen Ahsan

Took more than 10 lessons since I was a new driver and passed my first road test! I recommend Urmilla and Raymond for instructors as they are very encouraging and down to earth.

Lolena Tucker

This driving school was recommended by one of my co worker's and I'm glad she did. The staff are very nice and helpful. Also, I had a chance to drive with all the instructors and I highly recommend Sharmala, she was excellent and very calm. You can tell she really wanted to show you how to drive. I also liked Ryad( don't know if I spelled it correctly) he was calm also and did not show any frustration when I would mess up. For David, to some he might seem like he is being harsh but I didn't feel that way. He was very stern and I can tell his intentions were for you to be a good driver and past your test. He took me to my road test and really helped calm my nerves by constantly reminding us the guidelines to pass. He was excellent for that and he shows his faith in the student. All the instructors make you feel very comfortable when behind the wheel. As for the staff in the office once again they are very pleasant, I just wish they didn't call you so much to make an appointment even after you tell them you will call. I'm a working single mom and have to do things according to my schedule. Another con was when I had an appointment scheduled they changed my time without consulting me first to make sure it was ok and at the last minute I had to cancel. I heard from other students that this also happened to them. Overall, it's a great school with great instructors and would recommend them to anyone. Also, I passed my road test so their job was done lol.

Hersh Bhadra

I took the 5 class package which included them taking me to the road test in their car. I lessons teach you exactly what you need to know for the road test. Even if you are a good driver, take at least a couple of classes with them. They have a cool technique of parallel parking and U-turns as well as making you turn your head around for every maneuver in the car (turning your head to look is required for road test). They rescheduled easily and provided flexible lesson times!


I just passed my road test....Thanks to my favorite instructor Edwin for your're the best...

Shiwam Doebri

Amazing Driving instructors and service. This place knows how a driving school should be for all types of drivers. Highly recommended.

timesha frank

Truthfully the best driving school ever !!!!! I passed on the first try. The instructors were fun especially my favorite "Urmila", who's a real joy drive with. She's the BEST !!! Taking lessons here was awesome. I would recommend Ena's driving school to you all. I would do it again just to take lessons with them again.

Melissa Santana

I passed for my first time on my driving test.these driving instructor's are very friendly.I definitely recommend this driving school to others.



Dalencia Rivera

I highly recommend this driving school, this school helped me pass my road test on the first try. The instructors there are amazing teachers.

Ricki B

Had a few instructors , but I must say Sharmilla was one of the best instructors I had . She is straight to the point , assertive and not afraid correct your mistakes. She may be a bit harsh at the beginning, but its all worth it. She targets and focuses what is needed to pass the test, in addition to your weak points. I got my license on the First test ... I would definitely recommend Ena's Driving School and Sharmilla ...

Jennifer Camacho

Overall the school was fantastic.When I first began my lessons I had absolutely no experience driving. I'm 17 years old and passed my road test on the first try after receiving 5 lessons in May and 10 more in July. The instructors are very helpful, friendly, and want to see you do well. I would highly recommend this school to anyone, beginner or experienced.

Justin Khan

At the end of June, I called around for Driving Schools that would have any available bookings for July because I needed to get my license ASAP. Eventually, I found that Ena's Driving School would take me out of their normal areas to an area that had the date available, for an extra fee. I took the booking, and 5 lesson package. As I already has taken the 5 hour class with another driving school, I was giving an 6th lesson instead with the package. The receptionists were all very nice, and the instructors were all helpful. Sharmala in particular taught me many useful things that helped me passed my road test.

JoeSoEpic TV

This is the best driving school you will find !!! The people in the office are awesome and the instructors are great! I took jose, ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM!!! He's awesome and knows how to teach, super down to earth and chill and very relatable, trust me you will absolutely love and fall in love with him and I'm a and guy lmfao. Just playing lol. But if your desperately looking for a school like I was months ago and search reviews to make sure the school is up to standards, this is the one my friend, look no further! And good luck :))))))

Vien Cheung

Thanks to Ena's Driving school, I passed my road test on the first go. The secretaries are friendly and flexible with scheduling driving courses. Sharmala was one of my favorite instructors. She was patient and professional. I would highly recommend her!

Kristoff Vansluytman

Couldn't drive before, but I'm able to now

Ahlam Alsaidi

Everything’s great about this driving school! Great instructors! Thanks to Enas driving school Richmond Hill location I passed my road test with my first try .

Ashley Rodriguez

Worst driving school ever. The lady at the desk is unprofessional

Adeisa Emanuel

I want to say thank you to all the people at Ena's driving school at the Richmond hill location especially sharmila and jose who was the best driving instructor I ever had. I believe that this driving school is very convenient for anyone who works and is trying to get their driver license, because they work with your schedule so that you can accomplish your goal.Therefore I would recommend this school for anyone who are trying to get there license; because the staff and instructor are very motivated and cooperative which made me feel right at home. Thank you again

Brandon Autar

Ena’s driving school has done an amazing feat, they turned this nervous wreck into a licensed driver. I was way too nervous about driving my entire life, and decided it was time to get my license this year. I’m so glad I chose Ena’s Driving School, the entire staff worked with me, from the receptionists to the instructors. Their packaged deal is a winner! I work part time and I go to school, and it was nice knowing they had an easy way for me to pay for classes. The instructors are extremely patient and help you to memorize the basics and safety of the road. Absolutely everything taught will be on the road test, so you do the classes, you pass the road test! I didn’t think it’d be simple, nor did I think I would get my license. But now here I am :) Thank you Ena’s Driving School!!

Nirveeta M

The staff at Ena's Driving School is very professional, friendly and patient. I had Sharmala, Jose and Christian. Sharmala was my main instructor, she is simply one of the best! Within a couple of lessons my driving skills improved tremendously. She will teach you everything you need to know. She also quickly corrects you on mistakes and makes you practice it until you're perfect. She makes parallel parking which I thought would have been tough very easy with her simple technique. I was also very surprised when she offered for me to even message her if I forgot any of the rules that she had taught me earlier. You can't go wrong with staff like this. These instructors genuinely care that their students pass the road test. I definitely recommend Ena's Driving School and don't forget to ask for Sharmala. Trust me it will be worth it! I passed my road test on my first attempt and I couldn't be happier! :)

Aamil B

I first started with the 5 hour class with Dean. Funny guy & went through every video with proper details and instructions as well as humor. I did my 5 package with Enas as well. My first lesson was with Vinny. Wasn't the best, because he 1) arrived late by 10 mins. 2) cut the lesson short. So I asked for a new instructor. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Vishnu. Best instructor hands down. Shows up on time. Teaches well, communicates well, you won't regret it. By the 3rd lesson, my parking was perfected. By the 5th I was ready to take my test.

Kadmiel Keller

I live in Brooklyn and after reading the reviews, I had to make the commute to Queens. I didn't regret it one bit. The driving lessons were great! Thanks to them, I passed my road test yesterday!!!

Kimberly Sarmiento

Really good driving school. Helpful staff and awesome instructors

sandy kaur

I had no driving experience when I started with ENA, but they taught me everything and I got my license! The instructors are caring and really work with your schedule. I definitely recommend this school.

Pretima Persaud

I passed my Road Test today on the first try! It wouldn't have been possible without the help and guidance of Ena's. They were so patient and understanding. A big thanks to my instructors Tyrone, Raymond, José whose no longer with them, and the boss, Vijay! They made the rather difficult experience a breeze. Vijay took me through the turns until I reached perfection, making me a great and safe driver on the road. This was truly a remarkable experience and now I feel confident behind the wheel. Thanks again Ena's!!!

Capri Oestricher

Great place to learn how to drive!!! The instructors take their time to teach you the fundamentals, it's not about the money like other schools are. They genuinely want you to pass your road test and you will! Thanks Vjay, Tyrone and Cruz!

Shaay Gxldieee

i passed my road test with flying colors. I highly reccomend this driving school. Nyasia Robinson ( Brooklyn, NY )

Pablo Talavera

Great instructors but the scheduling takes away the 4 stars. The staff in the officce need to learn how to make a schedule they don't have a clue. I would say it was the worse experience if it wasn't for the instructors. GREAT INSTRUCTORS BAD OFFICCE WORK.

Gianne Michelle

First Off, I had NO REAL driving experience prior to coming to Enas Driving School, just driving aimlessly in parking lots lol. I had the pleasure of working with a variety of instructors with a total of about 15 lessons. I think it helped a lot getting insights from different people, it also helps you to be comfortable with whoever in the car with you. I did a majority of my lessons with Sharmala (She's Great! BTW). I was very nervous and she was very No Nonsense(at first) but extremely patient and helpful. A friend of mine went to another school and said that her instructor sat and talked on the phone the whole time and it was such a waste ; that is NOT what you would get from Enas. I felt like I actually learned a lot in my first lesson! I would recommend Sharmala, Ray, or Vijay. They are very patient and very clear with instruction. They all aided in building my confidence as a driver, whatever they see you need work on they don't hesitate to correct any issue you may have or correct any concerns you have. You can tell that they do their jobs because they honestly enjoy and want to help, opposed to just wanting to get paid and getting it over with. The reception staff is also EXTREMELY friendly, anytime I came in (usually early for my lesson), they made sure I was comfortable. They never hesitated to ask me if I needed anything, any refreshments etc etc. They also do an amazing job with checking in on you, sending reminders and making sure to schedule you at the best possible times. I'm definitely pleased with my overall experience with the school, honestly. Unfortunately I won't be back, BECAUSE I PASSED MY ROAD TEST! LOL but if I ever decide to dip into motorcycles or something, Guarantee I'll be back!

ariel nunez

Great driving school!!!!! Very very good instructors who know what they are doing! They work with you till the very end

Abidur Rock

i want to thank Ena's driving school for their service . Instructors were good on communicating with their student . My experience was really good because i was told how i should perform an action and observe my surrounding . I want to Thank Sharmala and Veejay for spending their time and guiding me through the process. Vejay was an great instructor b/c he knew my struggle and put so much effort so i can be perfect for my Road test . If any goes to the driving school ask for Vejay or sharmala even though they both good instructors. Thank you , Md . Abidur

Bibi Mamood

Sharmila is my best instructor. I will recommended anyone to Ena's driving school. All employees there are polite and courteous. I took my lessons think I will not pass first time but thanks to Sharmila for the confident that I pass my first time try...

Laron Blakely

My grandmother found out about this driving school in June of 2012. My 10 driving lessons was by 4 different instructors. I felt extremely confident. Great information was taught to me by the 5 hour class. I failed my first road exam. Couple moths later I had 5 more lessons and passed my road test in December of 2012. Overall great tips for passing the road exam. what you are taught here will be will you forever. Doing business with this driving school will ultimately make you a safe careful driver.

Nadine Taylor

hello ladies n gentleman i know its late about 2:57 am am up cant sleep because i still cant believe i got my drivers license all it took was 5 lessons it was great i was confidence n relaxed i accomplished my goals for this year of 2013 an it feel Amazing the people is cool the car runs smooth the right place at the right time. If u go take ur lessons at this school n u fail that means u was not paying attention or u really not ready to be on the road for that road test all it takes is prayer so make sure u pray n ask god to be with u during that moment thank u Enas n god bless ur company.

Heidi Lema

Great experience compared to other driving schools I went too... Great caring staff and helpful instructors. Passed my road test today :) definitely recommend this driving school to anyone.

ramesh sugrim

BEST EVER!!! this driving school is very organized and reliable. i highly recommend them to anyone seeking thier licen. i passed my road test the first time with very few points. the instructers are very helpful and know how to teach you without being to strict. BEST DRIVING SCHOOL EVER!! thanks VJ, DEAN and all others who help me!! so stop reading, call them.....

Jon Sarmiento

I passed taking this school. Intrustors are chill and really give you good tips to pass the test. Would recommend

Esteban Pineda

I had an amazing experience with them, I'd recommend the school to anyone at any level. Their pre-licensing course is interactive and the Instructor a very pleasant person. I'm a beginner, and I took just 5 driving lessons and passed my driving exam on the first try. Great people and very professional.


I love this place , there service is amazing, I recommend my sister here and she loves it -Joshhua D :)

christine boutin

I don't know what to say. I passed my road test today at Cunningham Park on the first try thanks to Enas! This is a very good driving school. It exceeded my expectations. Staff I encountered are very organized, courteous and professional. If you want to get your license and drive well you should come here. I wish I came to this location sooner. The staff are very friendly and personable. They would call me the day before and sometimes the day of to confirm my lessons. I found the place very easy to get to (Note, they may ask you to come to the office to do your lessons when staff are not able to go to your area to pick you up). Front desk staff also work hard to make sure you get the instructor you prefer mostly(I also recommend you book your lessons earlier in the week and request who you want to enhance your experience). Even the front desk staff are very kind. I was surprised that they knew my name when I would come in and wait for my lessons to begin. I had about four instructors including the owner Vijay who very patient and kind. I will say i had Sharmala and Tyrone as my main instructors. I could not ask for any better. I felt conflicted at times with various teaching styles, but eventually today during my test I picked what worked for me and found tuned to my own vibe. I felt that the instructors may have been very forward at times, but I realized it was because they cared and really wanted me to learn the right way and pass. The other instructor I had was David, who I did not work well with and changed right away. This week and today I realized that there is a formula to driving well thanks to all the instructors I had.. Sharmala: I found her to be very patient, assertive, knowledgeable and professional. I found a big difference with both my right and left turns on week three. Before I came here, my turns were improper. She along with the other instructors would call me out on them. She taught me how to angle the car in two increments and how to inch up to see ongoing traffic that I could not see. Today I felt her telling me "Quick on the wheel, not the gas" and to slow down while making turns in general. I also love how she made me correct my mistakes immediately, especially with parallel parking. Another thing, she taught me how to cover the brake smoothly when doing both Parallel Park and K-turns. Tyrone: He made me feel very comfortable and confident while driving. He would get frustrated with me at times, but I know it was because he cared; He was also very knowledgeable and became more patient with me as the lessons progressed. I was surprised at times to find myself having a full conversation with him while actually driving correctly. There were moments when I disagreed with some aspects of his teaching, but it was worth it and made me better. Tyrone helped me a lot with pulling over (which took me a while to grasp), making right turns, keeping proper car distance, and paying attention to pediatricians and motorcyclists. Vijay: No words. Very patient, knowledgeable and smooth. He showed me how to let the car roll and to maintain proper speed. I found his style to be very similar to Sharmala's, especially when it came to turning the wheel and inching up. I had him twice, and he showed me many scenarios in driving that I could encounter both on the test and "real world" driving. I really am grateful to have the opportunity to work with him before the test. David: Even though I found him to be very overwhelming to deal with and talkative at times, he taught me a lot about car control and observation. He always told me to look at my rear-view and other mirror s to check around me when braking and doing other maneuvers. He along with the other instructors showed me how to cover the brake and gas at the same time to better control the car. Once again, thank you Enas for helping me become a confident and competent driver. I look forward to coming here soon to learn how to drive on the highway!!!

Rakesh Reddy

Stuff they are really excellent and quick respond. Thanks

Oliv p

Enas driving school is great! I passed my test with 20 points on the first try. I recommend this to anyone who needs to get their license. They have a diverse set of instructors who will teach you exactly what you need to know

Robert Harper

Id like to thank Enas driving school richmond hill location for helping me pass my road test on the first try!

Rima Akhter

I am superb excited I passed my road test☺☺☺.A huge contribution one of the instructor from Ena's Driving School to getting my licence Mr Tyrone.He really did the hard work and great instructor to me ever!!! Thank you Mr Tyrone and all of them behind in the driving school. "Ena's Driving School is a right place to get your driving licence.The instructor are really great"

Alya Seidi

I passed my road test 2 days ago first try thanks to sharmala . She's absolutely the best instructor and she's down to earth , cool , veryy helpful and knows what she's doin . She's give guidance throughout the lessons and is very vocal which helped make things easier for me since I need to hear what to do before I do it instead of guessing what I should go when a turn or stop sign approaches . She has great technique and tips to help make driving easier . Great scheduling services was able to get 4 lessons right before my road test which helped a lot and people are genuinely trying to help u . Thanks enas driving school highly recommend u !!

Liiyah Parris

Everything went smoothly, even though I got my license on second attempt! You receive calls in advance prior to your lesson, so you won't forget. They are quite flexible with hours and your schedule and the driving instructors are friendly; There was never a dull moment with any of my instructors. Just have your mind set on your goal and be willing to learn and follow direct instructions and you'll pass with the help of Ena's Driving School.

Guli Rozikova

I recommend Enas driving school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive safely. Sharmala is very Polite, Patience. It was easy understanding her methods on driving tips, which help uderstand the mistake I was making during my driving lesson.Thanks to Sharmala because I was able drive on the road safely and pass my road test. Thanks Sharmala

Taja diva

THANK YOU! Excellent experience with Enas driving school. I had Videsh as my instructor, he’s excellent and a patient instructor and I learned a lot from him. I would recommend him 100% if your looking from Enas driving school. But overall it’s a great driving school where you can become the best and safest driver out there!

Laxshmi Ramroop

Enas driving school one of the best the instructor Tyrone. Was amazing he teache good he have patient With new learners and explain every thing strep by steep I pass n it’s all thanks to Tyrone .. thanks miss Enas for the all u did your were amazing first driving school I see have so many friendly person ....

Saarah Ali

Enas driving schools helped me to pass with only 10 point on my road test. Rayad was my instructor most of the time. He was very patient and made me practice on all the mistakes that I was making to ensure I wouldn't make it on test day. I had sharmala once and she was amazing as well. She was straight to the point and I felt very comfortable with them both. The day before my road test I had Jose who reminded me of the little things I should watch out for which helped me a lot considering I only made one mistake on the test. The 5 hour class with dean was very entertaining and was very informative. The only thing I would warn people about is the instructor David who likes to talk a lot about irrelevant subjects while you're driving and is a little personal, but other than that it's a great school.

Felicia Tsao

Got my license today, thanks to Vijay and Sharmala! Was easy to understand them and I'm super happy! Would absolutely recommend 10/10.

Sean Marroquin

With no driving experience what so ever, this school shapes you up and prepares you for everything you need to know for your road test. Adequate teachers, thank you so much Jose and Sharmala, excellent driving school! Passed on my first attempt!

Sunny Bal

Worst school on this planet...always say u on the day of class instructor is no avaliable ...n instructor dnt hv skills ...always ask for $20 all frnds fail second time bcoz of them ...badest school, waste of time and money...keep away from them...plz

Kesh Harry

Friendly and knowledgeable staff


Sharmilla & Urmilla are two of the best instructors you could have! David's cool too.


Excellent driving school. Thanks Ena's for helping me get my Driver License. I recommend this school!

Sandra Guallpa

I failed my road test with another driving school and decided to give Ena's Driving School a try. It was by far the best decision I made since I passed my road test today. I want to say thank you to the BEST instructor at this driving school SHARMALA!!! Thank you for your patience and guidance throughout our lessons. If it wasn't for your explanation I wouldn't have been able to pass my road test. If you want to learn to drive safely definitely take your lessons with her.

Keshav Teeluck

I would highly recommend Ena's Driving School to anyone wanting to obtain his or her driver's license. I managed to pass the road test after taking 10 lessons and having never driven a car prior to those lessons. The instructors Urmilla and David were extremely helpful and made sure I learned all the necessary steps needed to pass the road test. I want to thank them for repeating everything as many times as it took for me to remember (my memory was terrible when practicing driving). The 5 hour class taught by Haresh was entertaining and informative. Those 5 hours went by quickly. I also want to thank Jose for taking our minds off the road test while waiting to take the road test. I had a lot of fun. I can't thank the instructors enough. Thank you!

Zabrina Mohamed

I had a good experience with Ena's Driving School Richmond Hill location. There instructors I felt helped me to pass my road test. I would definitely recommend them for anyone who wants driving lessons. Zabrina Mohamed

Herman Fermin

This school is amazing the instructors are excellent. They help you out with your skill. Plus they helped me pass the first time.

Stephen Moonsee

The drivers are good. However the office/communication is sloppy. Also don’t let them talk you into getting the 10 classes if you get the 5 and practice regularly you’ll be fine.


Thanks to VP Driving School formerly known as Enas Driving School I just successfully passed my road exam. The staff are very respectful, patient, and driven to make sure you have a successful outcome as I did. I will recommend this school to anybody.

tomas rondon

Extremely professional school. The instructors are friendly and very helpful. You will have no problems passing your road test.

Mario Campoverde

I had no driving experience whatsoever before coming to this school, but the instructors are extremely good at teaching you the right ways of driving. I personally enjoyed Tyrone and Sharmala thanks to them and everyone else I earned my drivers license just in time for my birthday! Highly recommend this school!

Talia Alexander

The best! I had no driving experience prior, but with all the help from Sharmala I passed. The drivers really help you and explain whatever you’re doing wrong so you can understand how to fix it and what not to do.

Alina Semenova

I had purchased a 10 lesson package that included everything you need like the 5 hour class and the road test. I had no driving experience and I passed my road test the first time that I took it. I had my 5 hour class with Sharmala and I had requested her as my instructor for my lessons. Sharmala went above and beyond my expectations! She is super organized and experienced, when she teaches you to do something she teaches you the right way, and you can trust her. She's very patient and knowledgeable and will answer all your questions. She started me off with simple directions and then as the lessons progressed she created an individualized lesson plan for me that would sharpen my skills and prepare me for the road test. Sharmala was always precise and made me feel comfortable and confident when learning. I cannot say enough good things about her! I did try one other instructor but I wasn't as happy with them, but they were also very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Sharmala! Overall the school was a good experience for me and they do make the whole process as simple as possible. Your instructor is the most important part though.

Laja Ahhbu

Sharmala was an amazing teacher. I couldn't drive before I went to this school I couldn't even turn correctly. The rest of the instructors were not as patient with me. I had just about 8 lessons with her and she shaped me to be a better driver and I passed my road test on my first try ! Don't deal with anyone else just her and if you listen to her you'll pass it's just that simple .

Aaron K5

With 3 lessons i was able to learn so much n pass the test on my first try. They really did a gud job pointing out what the instructors want. ~Aaron Fadul

kazi sharmin

Ena's driving school is the best...I never drove before coming to this school. All instructors are very good. They are so friendly and helpful.. With their help I passed my road test..Specially thanks to Tyron and Vijay sir..They helped me a lot with patience... I recommend all to go to Ena's driving school

Naresh Veerasamy

Great Staff, driving teachers are excellent at what they do. They did a wonderful job! I recommend them to anyone✌

kim k

Ena’s driving school is the BEST driving school in Queens . The instructor’s are very patient and polite. They will let you know what your weaknesses is in driving and they will help you fix and errors you are making . The office and and phone representative’s are polite and helpful . The prices are reasonable as well . I would highly recommend this driving school to others . I got my license with the help of these wonderful instructors here at Ena’s Driving school.Thank you Ena’s Driving school!! Tyrone , Vjay and Cruz Thank you!!

Trecia Parduram

I did my driving classes here and obviously i passed and omg the instructers were so polite and patient and also there prices are so affordable. I also took my brother there he started today, couldn't have ask for better instructers. I assure u that it would be worth it going here.

Gordon Bi

Enas Driving School is so helpful and friendly! They are patient with you and practical in regards to driving rules.

Jenn Tutiven

I took my road test today 9/29/15 and passed it on my first try. I had Jose as my instructor and I must say he was Great!!! He was very patient and very professional. I would highly recommend the school and Jose as your instructor.

Jennifer Diaz

Very good instruction. The drivers here know exactly how to teach you to pass, and work with you on weak points until you are comfortable and consistent. I took the 10 lesson package and passed on the first try.

hannah vaughan

I took my road test about 3 days ago and I passed on my first try. Before I went to Ena's driving school I had no experience. I bought the 10 package at first and for my first 3 lessons, I had urmala, Jose and David. Urmala and Jose are good instructors but I specifically wanted Sharmala as my instructor because of all the good reviews i read about her and I would rather stick with one instructor. Sharmala was an amazing instructor and because of her, I passed my road test. She was patient and I always felt comfortable around her. She saw where I was struggling (my turns) and she made sure we worked on it every lesson until I finally perfected it. When I first had her as my instructor, I really did not know how to drive, and as we progressed with our lessons, I felt like I was actually driving. The staff at the driving school were also very polite. Over all I had a good experience at Ena's and would recommend that anyone go there.

Ashley Sitaram

I would recommend Ena's Driving School to anyone who wants to learn to drive safely! First of all I want to say thank you to my instructor Sharmala..she's great at what she does..thank you for your patience and your guidance..also a big thank you to VJ.. without you guys i dont think i would have pass my road test with just one guys are simply the best!!

Tay Diva

I would recommend this school for anyone! I been to other schools but this one is by far the best school. The Richmond hill location instructors are the best, and they will give you all the tools you will need to pass the test. I passed on my first try. Thanks Richmond Hill. Kintaya B.

Daniel Perez

I took the 10 lesson package having never driven before, and passed my road test on the 1st attempt! My main instructor, Sharmilla, is very patient, kind, and cares about her students. I was also instructed by Urmilla and David who were equally kind and patient. This is a great school!

Luisa Inoa

Best school ever. I failed my road test two times until I saw the reviews on Enas and decided to take five classes. Take Sharmala she is the best and will teach you everything you need to know for the road test. Thank you Enas for for everything.

NIKIEMA Racine Arthur

I just got my licence with ENA’s Driving School Richmond Hill location. The instructors are all professionals. I will defenitly recommand ENA’s driving school for your lessons. You will be satisfy with the service quality. Thank You from Timbila Nikiema from Long Island Jewesh Hospital

Rajeevan Anthonypillai

Excelent service. My uncle passed his first time, They are very patient when instructing. I recommend this place because they have very good prices for their packages and their instructors are very kind and they actually help you.

Lauren Ella Wheeler

Yesterday morning I passed my road test! At Ena's of Richmond Hill, I had Sharmala, Raymond and Vijay for instructors. Mainly Sharmala though. Every instructor I had was amazing. Sharmala and Raymond teach similarly, that's why it was easy to have only them for instructors. They made driving fun and helped me relax behind the wheel. But, they made sure I had the most important things down pack for my road exam. Sharmala taught me to "cover my break" as well as "signal, gear, steer." And she helped me perfect my parallel parking! Those main things helped on the day of the exam. Sharmala really helped me relax and stop over thinking driving. Thank you Sharmala! Out of my 10 lesson-pack, I did 6 lessons with her. So she basically taught me everything I know. The office girls are very nice but they try to make you use all of your lessons quickly by making you "double up" on your lessons. They are why I give 4 stars instead of 5. When waiting in the office for help, they are not focused on work, playing music, chatting about their personal lives and they answer ALL of the calls on speaker

Christian Garbutt

This is the best driving school ever!!!!!! Took lessons with Urmilla, and she is down righ the best instructor ever. She's really cool and knows what she's doing. I passed my road test on the first try!!!

Christian Illuzzi

Excellent driving school! I successfully passed my motorcycle road test thanks to VP's Driving School (formerly Ena's). Amazing instructors and service. They are very friendly, respectful, helpful, patient and professional. They always call you to remind you of any upcoming appointments or schedule changes but will work with you if you need to reschedule an appointment. (My suggestion: book appointments either a week or two in advance, they get booked quickly!) They teach you everything you need to know to make sure you will be prepared for the road test. I highly recommend this school if you are looking to get either your driver's or motorcycle license!

Kevin Garcia

One of the best experiences I’ve had in learning how to drive and ride motorcycle! They taught me everything I need to know, they had all the patients in the world they would never get frustrated with me even though I had made a mistake they would always preach practice makes better and practice did make better and thankfully I passed my road test and my motorcycle test on the first try thanks to them. they taught me everything I need to know, they had all the patients in the world they would never get frustrated with me even though I had made a mistake they would always preach practice makes better and practice did make better and thankfully I passed my road test and my motorcycle test on the first try thanks to them I am very happy with my experience here considering everyone is very nice and helpful and is always trying to meet your needs and work the schedule around yours. This is one of the best if not the best driving school there is in Queens New York. I will definitely be recommending Ena’s driving school to all my friends and family who are in look of getting a license or just learning how to drive better .

Oswald Leitch

Perfect instructors guaranteed to pass on ur first try

S Bent

I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I am 36 yrs old and a 1st time driver. I found out about Ena's from Yelp, read the reviews and was convinced this is where I needed to go and I had to use Sharmala as my instructor . From my very 1st phone call Elizabeth (Office Assistant ) took her time to answer my questions. I scheduled my 5 hr class right away and purchased the package for 10 lessons ($360) and scheduled my 1st lesson. I started my 1st lesson on 6/28/15 and from day one Sharmala was super patient with me even though I kept fighting the staring and she had to talk to me a lot. My 1st lesson she had me parallel park and gave me great pointers to always get it right. That had seemed like the hardest thing to do so when I saw I was able to do that it gave me hope. 5 lessons in I would still forget things but she was always calm and gave me positive criticism that I could use to make corrections. For my 6/7 lessons she was on vacation and I had to user another instructor and he and I did not work well. I was happy for Sharmala to return to pick back up where we left off. She suggested I pay for the extra 5 ($115) and I did. Around lesson 9 things started to feel better and by 12 I knew I was on my way. The 5 extra lessons gave me huge confidence because I did not really have access to a car outside of the driving school. Today (9/3/2015) was my test and I passed. I got 15 points for parking a little too far away from the curb and for not checking once. I am so happy. Now I can return to work as a teacher who is finally driving. I plan to get a car and start driving myself right away. If I had to do it all over again I would chose both Ena's and Sharmala.

Belmary Balbuena

This is a great place to take driving lessons. The instructors were great, they were patient and very helpful. They make sure you know exactly how to pass the road test. I had a chance to drive with all the instructors and I highly recommend Sharmala, she was excellent and very calm. You can tell she really wanted to show you how to driveI. I started off with the 10 class package and upgraded to 15 because I felt comfortable with them teaching me how to drive. I passed my road test . I was very satisfied with my experience with Ena's driving school. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to be good and safe driver....

Shanice Manigault

It took me almost a year lol but I passed my road test on the first try! The ladies here are very nice and helpful!

Rahul Bodalia

Everything about this driving school is excellent. My wife met with an accident 8 years ago and decided not to drive again. But her driving instructor, Vijay, built up her confidence and tought her driving. Today, she has her license, she is driving confidently everyday, and it is helping her tremendously... All thanks to ENA driving school.. Richmond Hill...

reshana singh

Tyrone was a great teacher and I passed my road test. They are really nice.

Pris Vj

My husband and I joined ENA's. I've driven previously, in my country, but my husband has not. Ena's was very understanding and told me that I would be good with a 5 package and my husband took a 15 pkg. We both took out test yesterday and got our license. What I liked about Ena's: the people. They duly followed up and called with reminders before each class. Very flexible with our requests and were not very business minded in trying to push us to take more than needed. I felt that I was paying for what was required and their prices are also very reasonable. Shyamala was my instructor. She was great! Vijay took our last class before the exam and ensured we perfected everything before our test. He knew spot on what needs to be improved and provided alternatives if one method didn't work. My husband also had Mark and Dean who taught him and said they were all great as well. I would recommend Ena's to anyone. They truly give it their all to help you pass the exam and also give you so many tips to perfect your driving skills and parking skills!!


Best driving school in new york. Greatest instructors you can find. Do what they say and youll pass.

donna singh

Was a great experience for me. At the time we I was extremely New to the driving scene but after my lessons I was confident and I passed on my first try. -Steven Singh

Tonya Litchmore

Tyrone is the most patient & bet drive instructor!!! I know without a doubt I will pass my road test because of his knowledge, diligence, and kindness. He is very understanding.

Nachum Beer

Took at least 5 lessons, the 5-hr course, and the road test (car and appointment) with Ena's. Generally had a positive experience, particularly by the road test. As Vijay drove us to the testing site he gave us valuable last minute tips and helped calm the group down. We all passed. The negatives: I had several different instructors for the driving lessons, of varying quality. Also, you may have to order a lesson a few days in advance to ensure a lesson. Of the instructors I had, Jose was easily the best. I highly recommend him. In the 2 lessons I had with him, I learned all I needed to know to pass the test. Thanks, Jose, and the rest of Ena's Driving School!

Tracy Budhram

6/23/2016 I actually just got back from my first road test...and yes I passed - thanks to Ena's incredible instructors!! My favorite was Vijay who was extremely patient (I've never driven on the road prior to his classes) and have given me strategies which helped to pass the test. Sharmala, Tyrone and Raymond are also excellent! I would recommend this driving school to anyone who's serious about getting their license...My sister will be starting very soon :)

Keiana Q

I recently took my road test, and passed on my first try. I had no prior driving experience before Ena's Driving School. I heard about this school through a friend and after reading the reviews online, I decided to give it a try and I am so pleased that I did. The instructors are great, in total I took 11 lessons, but a majority of my lessons were with Sharmala my experience with her was amazing! She really has a gift when it comes to instructing her students, I used to be very hard on myself and anxious when driving for the first few times, but slowly but surely I got a hang of it, all due to her. She does a good job of correcting you on your mistakes, reminding you the rules of the road and making you feel confident behind the wheel. She is a highly requested instructor, but I recommend that you request her, at least for a few of your lessons. Her honesty and expertise will lead you down a path of success. Also the staff at Ena's are very polite & eager to work with you and your schedule. If you haven't driven a car before or you really want to see improvements with your driving skills, I recommend Ena's!

Lydia Turley

Great Driving School! Enas is one of the finest driving institutions in Queens NY I took a ten lesson package and with the help and confidence I had from their instructors SHARMILA and DEAN I was able to passed my road test on my first appointment and had my driving license just a week after!!! Great place to learn driving!!!! ABUBAKAR SANA

Krystal Soodhoo

I signed up for the 5 lesson package, and that with 30 hrs of driving w my father was enough to pass the road test. My instructor, Sharmala, was very good, she got straight to the point and taught me exactly what I needed to know in those 5 lessons to pass the road test. The instructor Raymond, who took four of us to the road test site was also awesome; he helped to refresh our minds on what we needed to remember, it helped so much. I would recommend both of these instructors if taking lessons here. With their instruction you will definitely pass :)

Michael Alexander


waldy leonardo alcantara marrero

super professional and very friendly people that will help you to get your license. thank you guys for your excellent professionalism and for being so positive. thanks to the instructors for their professionalism. I recommend this school 100%.

Adele Luis

Do not waste your time and money.

Imara Wills

I took my road test today for the first time and passed thanks to my instructor sharmala. She is very patient and her teaching method is very easy, I recommend this school and strongly suggest sharmala as your instructor.


Incredible driving school. Had the ten-class package with truly attentive instructors! (Also passed my test on the first go) Instructor : Sharmila

Jose Benjamin Rubio

It's the best school to take your classes, I was pleased with everything. The instructors were very patient and very friendly, they make you feel comfortable. I recommend this school to everyone. No doubt is one of the best schools in New York. I'm so glad I took my classes with them. 100%!!!

nolina browne

The best driving school ever!!! My intructor Sharmala was amazing in explaining the rules of the road .she made you feel relaxed and calm all the time. Believe me it was hard but with the right help,i did it!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!

Cristian Roibu

Amazing staff. I bought the 5-class package here for the motorcycle and I can safely say that I feel more knowledgeable about driving. I passed the road test exam with no worry. If you want to learn to drive a motorcycle, you wouldn't go wrong picking Ena's driving school as your source of training -Cristian Roibu

Ms. Wiggins M.W.

If you want instructors who's going to make sure you pass; this is the school you need to come and learn. Keep up the great work guys

Stephany Gomez

I came to Ena's after being recommended by a friend, who like me had previously failed the road test with another school.The prices are very affordable, and they really work around your schedule. The instructors are very very helpful, I went there a nervous wreck, and walked out with my license! I took the 5 class package, and had Sharmilla for 3 of the classes, and she helped me so much! She has patience, points out exactly what you've done wrong, and makes you feel very comfortable while driving. I 100% recommend Ena's driving school!

Korrie Malano

I took my driving lessons , 5 hour course passed my road test on the first try . They are very patient with you and very well worth the money . Will be taking my motorcycle classes here also

Dwight F

This is a great place to take driving lessons. The instructors were great, they were patient and very helpful. They make sure you know exactly how to pass the road test. I started off with the 5 class package and upgraded to 10 because I felt comfortable with them teaching me how to drive. I passed my road test today. I was very satisfied with my experience with Ena's. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to be good and safe driver. Great school!

Wasique Safin

Ena's Driving School not only has amazing instructors but also amazing service. I was given a road test date on the first day when I took the 5 hour certificate course. They work with your schedule. They always call you a day before your lesson to remind you. The packages they provide are relatively inexpensive. I took the 10 lesson package. I took the first 7 lessons with an instructor named Christopher. He is very calm but at the same time he's very informative. After that, I took 3 lessons with a senior instructor named Sharmala. She is very calm and knowledgeable. She tells you exactly what you're doing wrong and she ensures that you don't make common mistakes on the road test. She improved my driving drastically that I took 2 extra lessons with her. Thanks to Christopher and Sharmala I passed my road test on my first try! I highly recommend this branch of Ena's Driving school for those who want to learn to drive properly and pass as soon as possible.

Nida A. Mumtaz

I passed my rest yesterday.... My instructor was Sharmila... She is very helpful and teach you with patience... I totally recommend her to others if they wanna pass their test in first attempt.

Andy Blanco

Hired this school to teach me how to drive, and it was a good experience. The staff are really friendly and professional and helpful. Special thanks to Jose, and Sharmala for putting my nerves at ease and being patient with me. They have good and fair deals and also, reasonable prices for the driving lesson packages. Definitely give this school a try. I passed my exam easily with their help, thanks enas!

JC Perez

I would recommend Edna's driving school to anyone. The instructors are very patient and friendly. I've never driven before signing up for lessons and they prepared me very well to pass the road test. You can request an instructor and I would highly recommend Sharmala, Jose, or Christian!

Nicole Singh

I would have given 5 stars, but unfortunately the office lacks basic professionalism. I’d like to blame the time I signed up for classes (middle of summer) kids are off from school so of course it would be busy. The actual driving instructors are amazing. Sharmala and Tyrone really helped me a lot in perfecting the different techniques when it comes to the test. I was a very nervous driver to begin with. I give all of my thanks to them for passing on my first try. DO NOT FALL FOR THE OFFICE GIRLS LIES. They answer most of their calls on speaker so if anyone is in the office the whole conversation can be heard. As a customer that was a huge turn off when I witnessed it. My biggest issue was a week after my 5 hour class I get a call from the office and the receptionist tells me that I MUST take a double lesson as my first lesson and that I was getting a deal of a life time because Sharmala doesn’t take beginner students. Both of which were lies. I was easily convinced being that I was eager to get my license so I agreed. Then the next day I get a call from another woman that works there trying to change my time and instructor for the same lesson that I was told was a “one time only deal”. I ended up canceling and having to a pay a fee. Mind you they were trying to get me to use up my lessons as quickly as possible because this happened in July and my road test was the 14th of September. I only signed up for 5 lessons. They definitely change your times frequently so if you have a tight schedule stick to lessons on your day off. Don’t let them bully you into scheduling lessons that you don’t want and keep your lessons closer to your testing date!

Katherine Jimenez

I'm a 33 year old woman, who had never driven before and now needed a driver's license badly. I signed up with Ena's after reading all the excellent reviews. Now I'm here to tell you that everyone was right. This is an awesome driving school for first time drivers. The school will not schedule you with the same instructor unless you request it but ALL their instructors are good as they all teach you exactly what you need to know to pass the test. The ones that will make you feel most comfortable are Raymon, Urmla, and Sharmla. Their vehicles are in good condition. The office staff are professional and courteous. The five hour class is actually five hours long so schedule accordingly. In my experience as a first time driver, I was very nervous so I upgraded to 5 additional lessons after taking the initial 5-lesson package. I had discovered that the more you're behind the wheel, the less worried you'll be during the test. After just 10 lessons with either Jennifer, Urmla, Sharmla, Raymon and David I passed my road test on the first try. Jennifer taught me how to adjust my mirrors and park on my very first lesson and I never messed up again. There's a formula to it people! Urmla taught me how to break smoothly and how to do the perfect broken u-turn. Sharmla taught me how to turn. Raymon taught me how to let the car "roll" and helped me build confidence. He's a delight to drive with. Finally, David taught me observation and how to control the vehicle in any situation. He also accompanied me to my road test and was giving me pointers until the very last second. A million thanks to the entire team at Ena's Driving School.

brica tecaxco

Very good school and instructors give great help defetnetly recommend this place

Sam Saidi

OMG today I passed my road test and all thanks to Sharmla. She taught me everything and was so nice, seriously, I have had instructors before, but sharmlas teaching was the best!!!! Ask for sharmla and you will pass.

John Banks

Great service, I passed my road test on my first attempt. Really helpful instructors who know how to help. I am now a confident driver due to them

Aneesah Hardy

OMG so I got my license today and I am so exited. I decided to come here even though I live in the city because they have great prices. I had 6 lessons and most of my lessons were with Raymond and 2 were with VJ. The first lesson I had I am not sure of the guy's name but he made me feel really bad and really made me second guess myself. I was so happy/relieved that my second lesson was with VJ. It was a completely different experience. Raymond and VJ are equally great and they made sure we over things that I really needed help with instead of just letting me do something for a few minutes. I felt confident with these two and comfortable enough to ask questions even about the simplest things. I've had my permit for years and never really drove so I was basically like a beginner. Another great thing that I like about this place is that they are fast. You can book lessons quick and days away and also they booked my road test rather quickly. I worked with them for about two months and my permit was expiring in June so I really only had one shot to pass and they helped me do it. There was a miner mixup in scheduling where I wasn't told about my last lesson being rescheduled but they did work to fix things and get my lesson back with a minor 20 minute delay. None the less I would really recommend Ena's driving school. They made sure I understand everything and I left their classes confident. Thank you so much!

Luis Ioannou

This school has amazing instructors however the office is very unprofessional and aggravating. If you reserve a time for a driving lesson, 80% of the time they will call to confirm the day before with another time or even day of. It happens for almost every lesson.

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