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REVIEWS OF Bronx Driving School IN New York

Michelle Batista

Super satisfied with the office staff and my teacher. I passed on my 1st try!!

Guillermo Vargas

Best driving school in NYC they got me my road test in one week. ( I needed it for work) got a warm up lesson from OMAR he put me on to all the tricks to get this done on the first time! nice cars also easy to drive.

Erika Padilla

D.J. Jordan

Great service, easy setup, competent and comfortable instructors, and affordable packages. It was my first time driving, PERIOD. My instructor was Adrian, cool guy. He made me feel alright behind the wheel, and told me everything I needed to do to pass the test. Definitely recommend for first timers.

Wendolyn Ventura

Amazing school! Jose is the best ! Thanks to him I passed my exam. He's very patient and nice , highly recommend this school .


I would like to thank Solomon, my driving instructor. He is the best instructor I ever had. Very patient, encouraging and optimistic. I wish the School all the very best and keep doing what you do! You guys are the best !!!

Caroline Reyes

Bronx Driving school was absolutely amazing! Worth every penny! My instructor Ralph was great, very knowledgeable and patient. Always told me what key things I needed to improve on! I’m so grateful to Bronx Driving school and Ralph specifically for helping me attain the freedom that comes with having your drivers license!! Keep up the good work guys!! Anyone who is serious about getting their license should come here!

marta gomez

Best Driving School Ever!!!!! Everyone in This School Just Amazing They Truly Care!❤️ My Son And I Got our license Because We Chose This School ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Very well organized. A relaxed instructor really helped to reduce over thinking and stress. I passed first go. I took three lessons and needed a car for the test. I have previously taken driving tests in Europe and passed them first go. I initially chose BDS as they were close to the dmv neighborhood/driving area, and are good value. Thanks!


Amy was so nice, she gave me the pep talk and confidence I needed to pass my exam. My instructor Ralph was great! BEST SCHOOL IN THE BX!!

Omar Cabrera

Sabreena Medina

Best driving school in the Bronx!!!!

Misael Jimenez

(Translated by Google) I RECOMMEND A FRIEND AND I took the 6 lessons for the CDL CLASS B, and thanks to what the intructor WALTER CORLETO taught me I passed my Road Test and I already have a job driving. Walter is a true professional in his work as an instructor, and whenever he explained to me how he had to do things he told me that if I had any questions and if I didn't understand something, Walter was always willing to explain to me in a way that was more easy for me to understand .. I am super happy and I recommend this school .. Thank you ROAD WAY Driving School (Original) A MI ME RECOMENDO UN AMIGO Y Yo tomé las 6 lecciones para la CDL CLASS B, y gracias a lo que me enseñó el intructor WALTER CORLETO pasé mi Road Test y ya tengo un trabajo manejando. Walter es un verdadero profesional en su trabajo como instructor, y siempre que me explicaba como tenía que hacer la cosas el me decía que si yo tenía alguna pregunta y si yo no entendía algo, walter siempre estuvo dispuesto a explicarme de una manera que fuera mas facil para yo entender.. Estoy super feliz y le recomiendo esta escuela.. Gracias ROAD WAY Driving School

Malcolm B

All I could say is this school is really really good my instructor Sam was the greatest he was very patient and knowledgeable I toke my road test today for the first time and passed with a 80% score thanks to Sam even though I was nervous he kept reassuring me that I would be fine and continuously went over step by step everything I needed to know to pass if your do decide to choice this school I highly recommend taking lessons with Sam.

Jenny Garcia

So happy I chose this school! Great experience easy to schedule my instructor was a nice man named Maximo. He made it super easy to park was my fear but not anymore got it on the 1st try


I passed first time. Very satisfy

M Lopez-Marrero

best driving school i took 10 to 12 lessons good instructors they go by the book anybody that wants to learn to drive go to them i thank elsa, omar and jose for me passing my road test they taught me the rules of the road and they are experienced instructors i recommend you to go to them


they got me my road test ASAP which i needed and fixed my driving problem so I could pass on the first time amazing school very helpful I highly recommend them

Nina Morales

Jerick Sanchez

Amazing experience. Went with the school to take my road test, and had Sam take me there. I was nervous at the beginning but Sam constantly gave me tips as to what I should be doing, he also threw in some jokes here and there which helped ease my anxiety. I ended up passing the road test on my first attempt. The man really does go the extra mile and he does so with no complaints. I'd recommend this place and Sam specifically to anyone who asks for a good driving instructor who can help ease their anxiety.

Victoria Guzman

Horrible they over price courses the 5 hour class didn't last 5 hours it was just broke down to the basic they picked my up at my house and left me in castle hill not back at my house and when I called the lady wouldn't give me her name she but on some guy called Rick who was real rude and basically told me their nothing they can do and I can take my money else I can't believe how they run business

RiRi Amethyst

I was referred to this 'place' by a teacher I thought I could trust, little did I know how 'scam-y' the place is. Classes are overpriced for I got in return, example most of the driving teachers speak broken English, besides teaching me how to drive, their literally control the car for you and I only received proper instruction after I made a mistake. One teacher I had once was a very douche guy who was so careless on how to teach me, that I gave up during the lesson and requested he drive me back. The worst part is that male ‘teacher’ is the son of the owner but he acts like a careless ass, I’m was really grateful I wasted money on that guy, and I only requested him because my usual teacher was booked . After the four or five weeks of leaning from this place I canceled my future classes because I knew I was wasting money & that I felt I never learned anything while wasting my time here. I'd only recommend if you can tolerate broken English and enjoys wasting money. This school did not help me.

Abraham Cruz

(Translated by Google) The best driving school today in the bronx (Original) La Mejor Escuela de manejo que hoy en el bronx


Highly recommend! Very professional staff and teacher..I took my CDL class BPS and passed with the 10 lesson package! Ralph is the best of the best! Thanks again Bronx Driving!

Cudley Anderson

Very professional and Informative staff. My instructor was very patient, specially with the parking. The School is very big and roomy. very comfortable sitting. (nice leather chairs. lol) Passed my road test. Thank You Bronx Driving School

Naya Robinson

I had an amazing teacher and i passed my road test w a perfect score , they aim to please and everyone i recommanded passed

Yaritza Tavarez

The best within 6 lessons I passed my road test on Wednesday

Pedro Pagan

TL;DR: My experience with them was so bad that it inspired me to write my first review. Unprofessional, incompetent, and more expensive to boot! I would NEVER recommend anyone to go here. They have a lot of available scheduling time because few people want to go back to them for a second lesson. --- If you are desperate enough to go here, ask for your instructor's certification BEFORE paying a penny (search the NYDMV's website for "Requirements and forms for driving schools and instructors"). I think they employ people off of the street. I went to a different driving school and as soon as I told them where I went first, they said they've heard tons of stories about this place from students who left from there the way I did. I'm not repeating their hearsay, but apparently this place has a reputation. It's no surprised that they recently CHANGED THEIR NAME to "Bronx Driving School". So, I scheduled a lesson for what I thought was 4:30pm. I call the next day to confirm and she said it was 4pm. I probably misheard her - she had a Spanish accent and I wasn't listening closely enough, totally my fault (she was actually the kindest, most professional, and most competent person I dealt with at this school). I would lose 30 minutes of my 90 minute lesson to that mistake, so I asked if the instructor can drive 5 minutes away from the original pickup location to save me the 25 minutes it would take to travel there by bus. They refused. The 5 minute drive was just too far for them. Fine. I eventually meet the instructor. He's sitting the car talking on the phone. His breath smells like he smokes a LOT of marijuana (I've known people who do this and I'm familiar with the smell). He continues to talk on the phone for a short while after I get into the car. No introduction or attempt to help me find the lever to adjust the seat, just total focus on his phone call. We eventually pull out (with him still on the phone), and within a minute he reaches over and turns on the radio to Hot 97. RAP MUSIC, DURING THE DRIVING LESSON. Putting aside the fact that I hate rap music, there should be -no- music playing during a driving lessons at all. We drive somewhere safer place to practice (rap music still playing). He gives me some advice on the way there. Not much, but some. I ask him questions and his responses are not very helpful at all. He sounds annoyed to answer any questions at all ("how early on should I signal for a turn on the test" is apparently a guarded secret). After a parallel parting attempt. I turn to ask him something and he interrupts me, and tells me to pull out and drive while I ask my question. He said he's on a schedule. The 10 seconds to hold still and answer a question about an action I was -just- about to perform (pulling out of a parking space) was too much to ask. At the end of the "lesson", he barely gives a proper goodbye. I had to approach him and offer a handshake out of decency. Completely unprofessional. This school willingly employs(ed?) a *probable* drug abuser that plays distracting music during a mediocre-at-best driving lesson. I can't judge the other driving instructors since I didn't take a lesson with them, but clearly the school has very low standards for hiring. My story is very similar to other stories I head about this school, so it's probably just a running theme with this place. I -immediately- called the driving school and cancelled my next appointment with them. If you don't believe anything I wrote where, or just really want to go to this school for whatever reason, schedule a SINGLE short lesson with them, get proof that your teacher is ACTUALLY certified to be a driving instructor, and pass judgement on the school yourself. Also, take a single lesson from one or two other schools to base your comparison on, especially if you plan on paying for a big package of lessons. It's better to wait longer time for appointments at good schools than waste money at a place like this. Don't go here.

Elli Bee

I was a nervous driver before I went to this school. I never drove before and took only 6 driving classes and passed thanks to my teacher Elsa.The staff that set up my appointments was very nice and always called me to remind me. I would recommend this school to everybody!

charles ancrum

Amazing school, great staff so glad I came here passed on my 1st try

Florencia Mejia



Eugenia Gonzalez

Love it I took 10 lesson with Elsa and she was great pass it on my first try!

Yahindy Romano

I Learned to drive with this school my instructor was Elsa. She was very patient and friendly. I never drove befor i took 8 lessons and passed on the first try. Thank you BRONX DRIVING!


Best school in NYC i came from Harlem and was not disappointed!


Great school!!! Amy is so nice and supportive, they also take online payments and work with my super hectic schedule. I would recommend this place to anyone.

keith jusino

Learned a lot the instructors are very informative and show support all the way till you take your test.

Lisa Henderson

For a little short of time, I have been with them, I have experienced that they are professional. I came in for the five hour class, one lesson and the road test. After you take the five hour course or before they schedule you right than and there. The instructor gave me more information than my last school. Passed my road test and would recommend my friends to this school. They make sure you know what to do to prepare for that road test!!! Thank you Bronx driving school.


Hi what’s up everyone. Just wanted to share my experience with Bronx Auto. For anyone looking to get your CDL B this definitely the place. The prices are fare compared to others and they try their best to fit their time with your schedule. I want to specially thank instructor Ralf. Although I had to reschedule my road test for a second time for lack of studying, and take make matters worst I started studying on the last day before my road test.

James Ronar

passed my road test on the first time. sure i passed not the school but i was taught what i needed to know. instructor was a man of few words but when it came to teaching me he would say what i needed to hear for me to learn.

Jonathan Cabrera

They are very professional. Classrooms are big with leather seats and AC. And the best things is that they have brand new cars that makes it easier to learn.


I wish I signed up earlier. Amazing service overall by the school. I took 6 lesson between Omar and Ralph and passed on my first try. The office staff is very helpful also 10 stars actually

Gabriella Pizarro

Really happy with this school and Ralph and Samsung!

Christine A

David Van Zan

If you are a new driver or have never driven before this is the school for you. Frankly even if you are a seasoned driver you could learn a thing or two here. If you are trying to learn something and the instructions are hard to understand you may become frustrated if what is being taught to you is to simple it may become boring the instructor's find a fine line in between that creates flow and allows you to not only perform what you have been taught but to also understand it. They were able to provide me with a five hour course, multiple lessons and an expedited road test with an unbelievable price. The staff were kind, courteous, professional, and went out of there way to make me feel comfortable and relaxed in a somewhat stressful situation. Side note the instructors are hilarious so be prepared to learn, laugh and have a great experience.

JOHN Marks

This school was great! I had never driven until I came to Bronx Driving School and I was assigned to Elsa she is awesome. I took 8 lessons and passed on my first try! I highly recommend this scbool!

Arturo Roschz

Great school and great instructor too. passed my school bus road test. Thank you.

Jeff Binet

Amazing place helped me pass my driving test within 1 go. Great instructors and very flexible on lesson times. Highly recommended!

Doris Cortes

Awesome school ... The teachers are great at explaining things and showing I would recommend this school to anyone who is a new driver

Juan C Cabrera

Great school great instructors

HECTOR quinones

ONE STOP SHOP....I got my car, CDL B license and auto insurance there too.They really are the best!!! Ask for Rick.

Bee Mota

Amazing service Aimme is so nice


best spot in nyc maximo is great

Rc Inc

10 Stars

Sabrina Smith

Excellent Instructor by the name of Ralph helped me get my CDL on the first try not easy but with his guidance I was able to get it done thank you BDS!

Samantha Gervasi

I highly recommend this company to any new drivers out there. The five hour class was actually interesting and you leave learning something. The driving instructors make sure you know what to do on the road and why, and The office staff care for you and are extremely friendly.

Jericksson Sanchez

It's a great experience I love it so far I recommend to you guys to go to Sam he's a funny relaxing guy and now I drive very well but I'm still improving !

humberto alba

Mejor escuela en el Bronx


Thank You so much Ralph and Jose wish I would have came here 1st and never wasted my time somewhere else. They are amazing!


The service is amazing, I wish I could give 10 stars. The entire staff is great. My instructor Omar was very encouraging and helpful. The office staff went above and beyond with my schedule. Thanks Rick and Amy!

Ryan Garcia

Worked with Sam, took 5 lessons and was nervous about my road test since i did not take that many classes and passed. Sam is patient and mixes in jokes to help you remember and feel comfortable during the road test. Definitely recommend.

Naili Ortez

Great instructors specially Sam!

jose aponte

Superb service. I got my license and insurance here!

Enrique Jimenez

The price is crazy you can find better found many almost 120 cheaper for 8 lessons

Long Haul Papi

(Class A Commercial) I felt rushed...I'm pretty sure they are great with "Cars" but There "Tractor Trailers" are not up to date difficult to control and the trainers their names I forgot old guy and middle aged guy both Spanish could careless if I passed or not and would always shorten my lessons by 10 minutes for their benefit. I passed my test based on my own knowledge and using YouTube which he will tell you to use lmao! But as for that I wouldn't recommend CDL Class A Training from them. I didn't even get a certificate or job placement as promised lml! Its w.e I'm making $22hr now thanks to myself once again.

Neno Banks

I passed thanks to Jose D

Eddy Cabrera

The cars are brand new and their Instructors are very patients.

Emily Faustino


Scarlett Ortiz


Well the woman with the glasses is kind and cute but otherwise this school is worth your while of money taught me how to drive but I had previous experience with my cousin and friend and other horrible driving school like" ADAMS DRIVING SCHOOL" CLEARS THROAT BUT LOVE THIS SCHOOL EVEN THOUGH I DONT MESS WITH THE BX BUT HAY


thank you so much Ralph for making my CDL dream a reality! I passed on the 1st try and now I work for MTA thank you Bronx Driving School.

liox ktucd

Don't go to this school if you do not have any driving experience or you have never driven before. On my first ever lesson, I wasn't told the functions of the car. The instructor told me to put my seat belt on, look at the mirrors and then started barking orders. Mind you, the car was already on. I did not even learn how to turn on the damn car. On the second lesson, he was all about speed. I am not sure how you can be a new driver and speed your way through NYC. I understand that we shouldn't hold off traffic, but don't bark orders and yell if you don't teach anything. He put me in a bad mood before I started the lesson and kept aggravating it for 45 minutes by barking orders that don't make sense to me. Third lesson, he acted like a license test taker rather than an instructor. He brings his notepad and paper and tells me to do my own thing, then barks and barks when he thinks I am doing something wrong. He says "turn here, no over there at the light, wait a little bit, now go, why did you go? What are you doing?" Well, you've been warned. If you need a driving school that makes you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel if you are just starting to learn how to drive, go to another school. You won't cry over money lost and you will feel much better about yourself.

Corina Liranzo

Great experience with them. The instructor showed me great techniques to use for the test. I took my test with confidence and pass. Highly recommend to anyone who just wants to pass their road test!

Robert Trump needs to be on Prozac López

aundrey chullan

After failing road test 3 times I went to Bronx Driving School the same day as my road test thanks to the instructor Ian I was driving like a pro in two hours before the test got my license without loosing a single point thanks guys

Ayomahade X

Tatiana smalls

luis bmx bmx

Front desk terrible service never again

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