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REVIEWS OF Best Way Driving School IN New York

Cee Dis

Just passed my road test on the first try! Pedro was great in identifying who would work best with me and that was CRYSYAL. I thank her for her patience and expertise. Money well spent! I would recommend to family and friends.

Liza Rivera

Mary Anyane-yeboah

I just passed my test. Diego is so good and the people at the office are exactly. Am so thankful

Mimi Melendez

My experience with Best way was amazing! I had no experience with driving and when I told the owner he had no problem comforting me when I told him how nervous I was. The receptionist was very Kind and always called me in the morning of the beginning of the week to set up my lessons around my work schedule at whatever time was convenient for me. Last but not least my instructor Emilio was amazing, He taught me not only how to drive but the confidence to drive and was with me every step of the way in helping me get my drivers license from not knowing how to steer straight to the day I passed my test. I will never forget someone who taught me such an important life skill!!!! I’m hoping that this review will encourage more people to go to this amazing school. I always recommend this school to everyone I know. I went from a job as a money room attendant to working at the department of health and mental hygiene all with my drivers. Thank you best way !

Malaika Ahlam

I’m so grateful that I attended Best Way Driving School for my 5 hour class & in took driving lessons through them. Everyone in the office was very kind and professional and were accommodating and flexible with scheduling driving lessons also. I took many of my lessons with Diego, who’s a phenomenal instructor. He taught me how to successfully parallel park in just one try! Their goal with driving lessons is not just to teach you how to be comfortable behind the wheel and on the road, but to also pass the road test. My other instructor Christian was also amazing and he prepared me fully on the day of my road test and helped me ace what was required of me. I felt 100% confident during my road test because everyone, from the owner, Pedro, to the receptionists, were very encouraging and reassuring. I definitely recommend Best Way Driving School to everyone and anyone who wants to acquire their drivers license in a professional, accommodating, and affordable driving school.

Ros Mary Morales

I passed the first time, they are the best


I failed the road test a week before going here. I took three class at S&S Auto school and felt I didn’t learn anything. I didn’t want to go here because the reviews aren’t great but I had 2 weeks left to learn for my next road test. My first lesson was with John, he teach me knowledgeable things but I was not comfortable you can see he gets upset if you make a mistake. When I left I felt I would need 5 classes or more, so I purchase the 5 lessons. My Next lesson they switch my instructor I was a little annoyed due to the fact I wasn’t told prior. I told Pedro Dont switch my instructor no more. Well a miracle happen! My next lesson was with Crystal. She is absolutely amazing. I felt very comfortable and confident with her. She teaches that you understand. She is not critical at all. Crystal breaks down every step and let you know your mistake and how to fix it without feeling grilled. I told her my weakness and we worked hard on it. Anything else she felt I need to work on we also did. She is the best instructor. Every single lesson I took with her I learn so much. I took two 90 minute lesson and a 45 minute lesson the day before the road test. She took me to my road test which helped me relax and I passed my road test! Thanks so much. The receptionist is very nice and she always kept me informed.

marian b

Grey S.

Mari Ynoa

Thanks to Diego I have my drive license :)



Lisbeth Alarcon

I'm not from the bronx but I so happen to work nearby the school. Taken the road test twice in queens went to two different schools and worse instructors didn't learn a thing. And short period of time in this school took 7 lessons and I passed. Crazy to say all thanks to Genaro he was hands down the best instructor very patient and straightforward. I pass the test with 80 percent. I'm beyond happy that after my 4th attempt I passed. I get very bad anxiety but so glad my instructor was able able to take me today gave me that confidence and reassurance that I need it.

Rosemary Suarez

I wish I can give them no stars they are the worst school .... I spent time and money here and all I got was instructors talking bout the damn weather all the time and instructors flirt with you instead of teaching you it gotten so bad during one lesson I stop and have nevours break down and cried cuz asswipe kept punching breaks instead helping me and telling me ....... I went to better place and I passed if your going spend money go a good place that will help you and teach you if first time driving

Nima Ehsani

Fair price.

Quantele Perez

Barely one star. Manager is extremely unprofessional and has not trained employees on policies, promotions and packages. Barely speaks english then looks at me crazy because I dont speak spanish. Horrible experience .

Daysi Marquez

This is the worth school, they only cre about the money, when i have my route test was to 7:15 am and was frizing and raining and they dont rembember about my apoiment and the owenr Pedro just told me are you going to wait or what i just say i dont have a choice, them i fail my test and he told me dont worry we're going to fix that, but it is only when i call he put me with the secretary and wanted to charge me $ 20 for making the appointment and the car 70 He do not consider myself or that were irresponsible to let me out. He is like a brain washed when people take the 5 hours, just to get the packet! Esa escuela es malisima, irresponsables, mal organizados.

Cee Cee S.

I hate this driving school. They are so unorganized and almost every lesson I scheduled there was a problem with. The owner Pedro worries about nothing bu money and does not value his customers. Every thing with them is about the dollar. Everyone here is Hispanic and I honestly think they are racist and only deal with people of color because they are just that greedy. $450 is way to much money for a 10 class package and it is not even worth it. I had 10 classes and four different instructors within those classes. How is someone supposed to learn effectively that way? That is like giving students in a school 4 different teachers withing two months and expecting them to learn and retain information. not going to happen! Do not go to Best Way!

Steph Hunter

There’s Only 2 Good Instructors . Everyone else is Rude and Racist. I Had 4 Differnt Instructors And they all taught me a million different ways to drive it was so Confusing.

Keisha Foster

My Husband passed his test yesterday I'm so proud of him. Thank you Best Way he only took 3 lessons with you guys. Now it's my turn I'm following my husband I'll be coming to start lessons

Charrel T. Filmore

I had picked and chose Best Way Driving School in 2015. I wasn’t ready so I had put getting my license on hold. I returned this year and my instructor was Crystal. Crystal is an exceptional Driving Instructor. She is multitasked, understanding and intellectual and fun to be around. I loved the way she teaches. Everything she has taught was a great benefit for my road test. The school is very patient and informative. Whether you’re a beginner or an intemmidiate, Best Way will make sure that you are on your level and will work very hard with you on your weaknesses. I’m an endless self- improver -so improving students was my favorite quality I’ve admired from Best Way Driving. It’s not about just learning how to drive. But, learning the necessary tools to become a great driver! I passed my road test on my first try, and It was a tricky snowy day. But- I did it! Thank you Best Way: Thank you Crystal! I recommend this school to anyone!

argelis Tavarez

John Chiang

Saw this car on the road. Broke about half a dozen road rules, didn't indicate when changing lanes didn't give way at a stop sign. Definitely would not recommend this company.

William Rodriguez

I think this website is bootleg, they quick to take your money .. Just paid for defensive class online and can't even get in. I'm on the phone right now with a different number they gave me. 20 minutes waiting and still waiting.. Going to cancel through my pay pal... Waist of my time. Don't bother with this site. Go somewhere else for driving school.... Not happy at all!!!!

Jasmin Robinson

This is a great driving school for beginners. I took the 10 lesson package and I passed the first time. This is very professional and helpful. Also one of the best instructors is Crystal.


There are only a few good instructors here, some of the staff are professional and I mean only some. I went to this school when it was under another owner. But when I came back things were really unorganized. Especially the main school. Because the main school was unorganized it affected everything in the other school. The top administration is the real issue. Talk about money hungry and not caring about giving their students a good driving education. I even saw the owner of the school flirting with one of the workers, I wonder how his wife would feel about that? That is really unprofessional especially in public on the clock. The CEO/President represents the whole company and that stunt was one of many things wrong. I heard many students complain that instructors were rude, loud and screamed when things were done wrong. Only 2 decent instructors there... everyone gets HORRIBLE pay compared to what driving schools are suppose to pay their instructors. Obviously the only one making money is the owner because he boasts about having mansions, etc. Though if he owned mansions the school would probably not be in carajoland. The owner speaks english but its real hard to understand him. Therefore unless you speak Spanish you're done. They make empty promises, lie and cheat the system to keep their corrput business going. Its a disgrace to Hispanics who truly work hard for their money only to repeat the same systematic corroption. They might as well be in bed with politicians. They dont have instructors to meet the needs of both schools because honestly, who wants to work getting paid below minimun wage when driving instructors should be making $25 per lesson? The owner avoids conflict and tries to cover things up in order that things go his way rather then keeping integrity. Then again, he did flirt with another woman so integrity is out of the question. I wouldn't recommend this school because it's filled with gangster wannabes.

Sidike Doumbia

Angiie Tata

Best school ever! When I went in, I knew nothing about how to drive. Their instructors know their stuff. I passed the road test with one try thanks to Best Way Driving School. Great job guys!

Nicole Cortes


Edd James Ynoa


they teach very good

Cerafin Melgar

Very nice Driving School, everybody there is nice, they help me pass my test road, today I am happy, thanks Diego you are the best!!!!

Savitri Chandracomar

Excellent school for beginners. Professional but friendly staff - especially Aricelis. My husband chose my instructor Diego, who was very patient and taught me well. I recommend him to ALL beginners. Thanks for helping me pass my test Diego...couldn't have done it without you.

Natalie Seda

giving this driving school a 1 star is a stretch.. first thing's first they need to hire people who know how to treat others and aren't constantly screaming that you're doing something wrong! the whole point of people going to driving schools are because we need someone to show us how to drive but instead the instructors scream and jam on the break and not tell you how to correct your error! my instructor gave me the worst anxiety and made my experience the worst! and after 5 lessons i still felt i needed more because they barely showed me but only told me what i needed to do.. and the 5 hour is a joke pedro will tell you what the examiners at the road test site expects from you but its A LIE!!! they tell you everything you need to do to fail! you know this school is a joke when you have to purchase your own vehicle and pass your road test without their help! save your money and stay away from best way

Ros Morales

Yeni Martinez

By far Best Way Driving School is one of the best driving schools I have been to. I had gone to another driving school in Astoria before coming here and I am so glad that I stopped going there because I learned so much from Mr.Diego. Mr.Diego is one of the best instructors I have had who actually cares that his students know how to drive safely and correctly on the road. He has a very calm demeanor and that helped me a lot with my nervousness as a first time driver. Thanks to him I also passed my road test on the first try. The office staff is also friendly and very flexible .

Alberta Shabani

Don’t ever take Emilio as an instructor he is horrible, very unprofessional and not patience at all. First time I took a lesson with him he was rude and giving me attitude, I thought maybe he was just having a bad day, so I gave him two more chances and his behavior didn’t change... He was giving me attitude and every time I made a mistake, he would yell at me, I told him that he needs to learn how to speak more nicely to me cause if I knew how to drive I wouldn’t pay him to teach me, he flipped out when I said that and kicked me out of the car like a psychopath!!I still don’t understand how people like him have a job. Horrible experience I don’t recommend him to anybody he is unprofessional instructor who just hates his job...


TLTR: extreme flexibility, excellent service, very affordable in comparison to Manhattan prices. I was under a strict deadline to get my driver license, so had to sign up for a test on White Plains instead of in the Bronx as there were no more slots available. The Bronx tends to be Manhattan driving academies favorite place to get the road test done. So I called Best Way Driving School just 3 days before my road test. I knew how to drive, but let my driving license expire a decade ago after living in Manhattan for so long without the need of a car. I called at 9 pm, Pedro answers and with a lot of flexibility, schedules not only 2 back to back sessions but also he offered to drive me to the White Plains testing site with the car I used for the test in exchange for a reasonable fee. The sessions were very useful, they removed bad habits I had and the better way to do parallel parking and do the 3 point turn stuck with me from now on. The feedback I've gotten during the session was polite and very accurate at the same time. It allowed for a fast learning curve. Overall, going to the Bronx to get my road lessons done in this academy was a very efficient use of time. In hindsight, I should have bought a package that included the 5-hour course as well (I did that at a driving academy in Manhattan instead). I passed my test without any points taken out (your max is 35) but a bit of a feedback that matched 100% what Pedro warned me about, so there were no surprises.

natalie Mont

This school does not even deserve one star. The instructors are good, but the school is disorganized and the staff are unprofessional.

Jayden Wilson

Victor Hugo

Pretty cool people with some nice deals. Points off for the tricky salesmanship


Drivers are disrespectful, would never ever go here. Instructers are trash scumbags that just want peoples money would recommend anywhere but here Saw several of their cars out in the road, breaking many rules. Cutting people off and cursing at other drivers

Sadia Danice

Robert Barrett

Great school to get lessons from help me a lot And I passed my road test the first time taking it I would recommend this school to anybody

keilly lopez

Excelente perdonal. Preparado y atento ante cualquier dificultad que se tenga en las clases de manejo para presentar la prueba.. agradecidos dl señor Diego un duro muy buen profesor.. gracias Dios a el empeño de ello al ayudarme a mejorar mi dorma de conducir pude pasar el examen el dia de hoy

yajaira paulino

Gracias a Diego por su paciencia y dedicación cuando me dio las prácticas,no pude elegir mejor escuela para tomar mis clases de manejo,gracias al personal de la oficina muy servicial,pase mi examen en la primera se las recomiendo es LA MEJOR!!!

jan9333 JK

Jenissa Charman

I love this driving school , the instructors are awesome they teach you the best skills to pass your road test . The instructor is amazing always on top to make sure you pass the road test . I owe it to them they helped me a lot . I tried many driving school doesn’t compare to this one.

Richard Morales II

Went to the best way on lydig ave and signed up for 10 lessons. The lady on the phone Sally was always super nice and helpful. Would always send a text the day of to remind you of your lesson. The instructor Cystal was great. Makes you feel comfortable from the first time you sit behind the wheel. Super friendly and informative, she gives you everything you need to pass your road test. Needless to say I passed my road test with flying colors on the first try. Nothing but high praise for the staff at Best Way over at the Ludig ave. location.

Tamika Simmons

I absolutely had one of the very best experiences with one of the very best instructors by the name of Crystal she makes the learning process so much easier I highly recommend her she is a such a professional and overall joy to be around


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