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REVIEWS OF Bath Beach Driving School Inc IN New York

Eridik Soni

Elyse Bento

Robert is simply the best! I never thought I could learn to drive. Aside from his technical knowledge and teaching ability, Robert's caring and compassion inspired confidence. I was also impressed at the smooth administration of the school's office.

Mirza Gapizov

Rodonna Sabatelle

I cannot form enough kind words about Bath Beach Driving School, but especially towards Mr. Robert. Let me begin by saying that everyone in that place has a heart of gold and want nothing but the best for you! They teach you the RIGHT way, not only for the test but how you should be driving in general. Whenever I had a a question or last minute change, they were always so kind and understanding. I started with 0 experience in driving. I had no hope in myself, but Mr. Robert did. He had patience of a saint!! I'm telling you! He showed me the ropes & explained the rules of the road to me. He never made me feel silly over my mistakes but everything is a lesson learned and how I could do better. I remember telling him on my third lesson "I don't think driving is for me" as I am sobbing in the car, and he looked at me and said "Would you tell your daughter that?" He made me believe in myself even with just knowing me for 1 hour of our lesson. When I passed my road test, it was a bittersweet feeling, exciting that I finally got my license, but saddening that those 1 hour classes leading up to my road test with Mr. Robert had come to an end, but that's okay! I'll be scheduling my highway lessons with you soon sir!! Thank you for teaching me Mr. Robert! If you go with Bath Beach Driving School, you won't go wrong! I promise!

Ina Zenelak

Great staff and teachers. I took my five hours here and the class went by quickly with Robert as the teacher. He was funny and made it enjoyable to sit there for five hours. After that I took driving lessons with him and out of all Robert is the best. He is honest and tells you how it is. He thought me a lot and I passed the test. He would see key mistakes I was making and point them out. I am thankful for going there and having them represent me. Would recommend for any first timers.

Ravikumar T.T.

mariam jibladze

Thank you bath beach driving school for the great service you have. Every person is so nice and everyone makes your day positive. I want to share my experience. When I first went into this school my english was not perfect , so I was afraid of 5hour class-how it goes and etc. My instructor Robert was and is the greatest person, no matter how good you are in English he will explain everything so that there is no chance not to understand anything! I passed my exam because of him! He was always saying this to me - " It's not my job, I am here to make your life better/to change your life! " Exactly thats how it is, I am more confident now! He teaches you from the heart!!! His life experience makes you part of his journey, I am so proud to have had a chance to meet him! Robert - is the person that everyone needs once in their life. I am happy to have him as an teacher, because He Is The Greatest Man !!!

May Yeung

Had a wonderful experience learning to drive with Bath Beach Driving School. Support a longtime small business in the area by coming here! Shout out to Robert! (P.S. I passed my first road test!)

Marat Khasianov

Nice school! I passed exam on first attempt. Lany is a very polite and nice instructor. Thank you

Stephan Musaev

I took 11 hours of driving course there and all instructions were super friendly. I drove first time when I attended to course, they have teach me very well and you can handle almost any situation while driving by yourself alone. Simple they will teach you how to drive professionally and teach you how serious is every little detail mistake. Thanks!!!

Nemorio Soriano

Just passed my driving test today with 10 points only. Has the best instructor for weeks robert. I recommend getting your drivers ed course here seriously. Made me feel so comfortable driving and i wasn't nervous at all for the driving test. Picked up some really good habits for driving safe. Thank you so much for lessons.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Best Driving School Ever!! Thanks to Meghan and Lenny I passed the road test on my first try

sarah yafaie

I highly recommend Bath ave driving school. Everyone there is so kind. I had Megan and Robert as my driving instructors and they were amazing. They are friendly, respectful, they teach you step by step and help you with what you're struggling on. And of course I passed, all thanks to them. P.s. (Robert), my husband was crazy proud

Sofia Rampulla

From experience in this driving school; it is full of kindness and all the knowledge you need to know about the road. My driving instructors Robert, Lenny and Anthony have taught me well before the final exam and in result I passed my road test. Thank you bath beach driving school.

Sanjar Usmanov


Nice place to start yur driving, No dull moment in my 5 hours class. I recommend this place for everyone, instructor his so nice.

Alex Av

Tania Lacks

Yes I past my road test today ! Thank you so much Barbara she's amazing! They all are amazing to ! They have the best Instructor!

Erik Dolores

Recommend to all really good and nice driving teachers

Anzhela Ruvinova

I want to say a big thank you to all the instructors I had Lenny, Robert and Lynn. Especially a big thank you to Barbara for her patience, dedication and hard work with me . I haven't drove for a while and once I got to the school it was great, all I wanted to do is drive and guess what I PASSED first time YAY!! Thank you all so much...

angela coleman

Absolutely amazing experience. Took 7 classes with Lenny and had my road test at Lenevar Staten Island and passed my second try. Definitely could’ve got it the first round but I let my nerves get the best of me. I thought it would be awkward to learn to drive from someone that you don’t personally know but Lenny made me feel so comfortable and extremely confident. I feel like I was able to make a friend in a way too. Great people at this driving school HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Yelena K


Emily Pollio

Great staff everyone is friendly and very helpful


My brother passed on his very first try with lessons from Barbara. My brother had to learn everything in roughly less than 2 weeks because of his circumstances and Barbara made it happen and was willing to work with us and try her best. For starters, she was very patient in accommodating lessons for us and then taught my brother everything so well that he passed on his first try. Thank you, Barbara! My brother also dealt with Anthony on the last day and had great things to say about him as well. The office staff over the phone is very pleasant too as opposed to some other schools that seem to have poor customer service. Honestly, I would recommend this school to everyone. They were awesome.

Ali Ali

ulises Marquez

Jose chicas Gracias Rober gracias a todos por enseñarme y compartir su esperiencia en clases de manejo empeze de cero y aprendi rápido ahora tengo mi licencia en verdad una experiencia inolvidable con ustedes muchos sustos que le di a Rober cuando anduve empractica pero contento conmigo mismo saludos Jose chicas Thanks to Robert and everybody for teaching me and for sharing their experience. I started from zero in the driving classes and learned quickly and now I got a license. Really an unforgettable experience with you. I gave Robert quite a few shocks when I was out practicing! I am very happy with myself. Greetings!

Kamal Ali

mohamed mousa

Excellent teachers really motivational and will do anything to help you, passed my drivers test with one try

A Torres

I recommend this school to anyone who wants to get their license. I had 2 of the best instructors. Anthony & Lenny made me feel comfortable and at ease. The school always contacted me and kept me inform on any changes when it came to my appointments. I had the best experience with them. I passed on my 1st try. Thank you Anthony & Lenny you guys are the Best⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Salvatore Fevola

Lenny is a pretty great teacher. In 6 lessons I almost didn't lose a point on the test!

Jordan Munive

Very recommendable, my instructor Anthony helped me learn how to drive and i passed my road test the first try in coney island.

Diane B

Thank you Robert, Mitch, Karina, and Barbara for helping me pass my road test and finally feel comfortable behind the wheel. Organized, professional, and dedicated owner and instructors. A very good value for your money. Thank you again.

Imran Zahoor

Anona R

Deliza Liz

I've had the best experience with Bath Beach Driving School. The team is so attentive, organized and kind. All the instructors are A+ but I've had majority of my lessons with Lenny , he also took me to my road test which I passed on my very first try of course. I cannot say enough good things about him, so I will just say he's the ideal driving instructor anyone could hope for, he made the entire experience so easy with his detailed explanation and patience. I highly recommend this School.

Maia Mamisashvili

Great driving school!!! Very professional staff!!! Especially Robert. Thanks to him I gained confidence and passed the road test after failing about five times before I took driving lesson with Robert!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you Bath beach driving school! Thank you Robert!!!

Moon Child

I had a very pleasant experience with Bath Beach driving school!!!! I had absolutely no driving experience before taking my lessons and I passed my road test! The instructors are awesome!!! I had Lenny, Frank, and Robert. They really take you step by step through everything. Any mistake you make they will correct you and give you the confidence to do it right the next time. I definitely recommend this establishment - especially to people who may be nervous to drive. Thanks very much Bath Beach driving school!!!!

Mira Avdia

Thank you guys for everythig that you did for me.i passed in my first try and i feel relieved.thanks to u Barbara for your good lessons and a good comunication with me.thanks to u Robert that was so patient with me and my attitudes.thanks for all your staff.YOU ARE THE BEST!

Lisa Wu

If you want to learn to drive with confident, then I would say go with Lenny. He is so patient and explains what is needed to pass your road test and drive on the road. He will let your know right away what you need to look out for [per driver] and if you will be ready to pass without misleading you. He give details on steering and corrects you without being judgmental or upset, all he wants to do is to make sure you will be a safe driver. He makes me feel very comfortable behind the wheel and always a wonderful driving experience each time.

Amber Jones

If you want to learn how to drive with the upmost confidence, I definitely recommend Robert as your instructor. He's extremely patient, has a great sense of humor, and is the most experienced and dedicated to his work. He's worked with me, my brother and a numerous amount of my friends and we all passed the test with flying colors!

Atewogbola Damilola

osaf mir

Robert is strict teacher but thanks to him I'm pass road in first try Thank you Robert sir

Mirabel L.

Best driving school ever!!! Barbara taught me how to drive in Staten Island (she knows the island very well) and she’s so amazing, very friendly and great interpersonal skills. I took 6 lessons and passed on my FIRST TRY !! I struggled with making turns and she helped me build confidence in my turns and improve greatly.

Neil Katz

Mikey TheHobo

Su Sy

This is a wonderful, welcoming establishment. I would definitely recommend all first time drivers or if you are someone that needs to get behind a wheel due to being licensed but inexperienced this is the place for you.. They even have highway lessons (for licensed drivers only). My instructors name was Anthony and he was just a pleasure to work with & of course I passed ! He eases your mental stress telling you jokes and just taking to you like a regular passenger would .

freddy zosayaz

Amazing place to do drivers ed Lenny was such an amazing guy to learn from he has so much patience with everyone. And I like how they handled my situation with my road test they scheduled me to the next closest date that a road test was going to be available and I passed. I highly recommend this place

Wendy Lliguichuzhca

It was an amazing experience! I had many instructors but out of them all, Marcus was the best. He really got me comfortable on the road and I think I'm a better driver because of his constant emphasis on improving. I passed my road test on my first try and I'm beyond thankful!

Zainy Mann

This is one of the best driving schools ever!!! I literally had a bad time looking for a good driving school or staff!! That's the reason i failed my test 3 times. I was so pissed off. Then I got to know about this school. It's ratings was pretty good so I decided to give it a chance. They lived more to my expectations. Staff is really nice generous and understanding. I told them that I need an emergency date within 15 days if possible. The lady there said she wont promise but she'll try her best. To my shock she called me after 6 days with a date on the exact location I actually wanted to be in 'Coney Island'. I was so excited!! And the best part is I passed the test this time too ❤❤❤ I suggest just go there if you are in need. These guys are cheaper than other schools plus more professional.!!

Gabor Gyuricza

Long story is short,Robert is the best.He teached everything correctly to me and we practice a lot to the road test.I passed the exam

Anthony Ivanoff

Great place with instructors that will point out everything there is to know about the road once you start driving and will make you feel very comfortable and confident. I highly recommend this place especially you live in the bensonhurst area. Megan was my primary instructor and she was great! She would observe any errors I made and corrected them until I was able to perform maneuvers correctly on my own. 5 stars without a doubt.

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