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REVIEWS OF 10 and 2 Driving School IN New York

Sarisma Hernandez

The BEST school IN NYC. Nikaury is amazing, patient, kind and so accomodating with my schedule. Paul is the BEST INSTRUCTOR EVER!! He's patient, kind and very understanding. Jose was also a very patient. CALM instructor. I did not think I would pass and I passed on my first try in NYC! (Took it in GA 10 yrs ago) DO NOT HESITATE TO BOOK YOUR LESSONS TODAY!

Victor Perea

I am Glad to say that i pass my road test in my first try. This is the BIG THANK YOU to 10 and 2 Driving school they have the best teachers, Maximo help me alot on my turns and i master them with his help. If you want to learn how to master your driving skill you should come to 10 and 2 Driving School to pass your road test. They are very helpful and they could help you out !!!!!!

The Love Of Nikki

I would like to thank this school for helping me on another life accomplishment. A special thanks to Paul (Hi Paul) for teaching me a parking skill that I can carry with me for the extent of my time driving. I had a hard time comprehending different parking patterns but Paul showed me a parking pattern that came to me in 5 easy steps that resulted me in getting my license on the first try. The instructors were great, the staff was always pleasant and the classes are extremely affordable. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Shout outs to Sam, and Maximo. There is another guy but i cant remember his name. But all my instructors were excellent!!!

Elaine Urena

My experience with 10 and 2 Driving school was awesome. The instructors were very helpful, they teach me wonderful driving skills. I would definitely recommend this driving school, Because of the wonderful instructors and the great lessons I passed my road test.

genesis pelegrin

Best school ever. I took my lessons here and i finally passed my route test. I am very thankful with the whole they never let me down on this entire process. thank you 10 and 2.

ramon santos

I had a awesome experience during the lessons and during the road test. They are honest and let you know what you need to do in order to become a better driver. I am very pleased with the way they treated me as a student driver and on the road. Got my license on the first try thanks to them and I would always be grateful for that. Thank you guys awesome team you guys have going on here.

Nikolaos Prokovas

Simply the best school to learn how to drive. All the instructors are great and i recommend them all to be honest. Also I recommend to take the 15 class package because it gives you the confidence to pass on the first time. I took 18 lessons and I passed on my first exam. Thanks alot 10 and 2 driving school and I recommend everyone to come here.

Mohamed Abbadi

10 and 2 Driving school is the best driving school in NYC. The moment I walked in business I was welcomed by Nikaury with a great warm smile. I automatically felt comfortable with her, as she seemed very caring and eager to help. I told her that I have never driven before and she told me not worry and that I will have a great experience with them. After that I decided to go with the 15 classes package. She was able to schedule my exam within the next 5 weeks, giving me enough time to take my 15 classes. The instructors at 10 and 2 driving school are AMAZING. Paul is super positive and upbeat. He has the best tips for parallel parking. Sam tells you stories while you drive so that you could feel relaxed and comfortable. Maximo has great tips and tricks to help you make perfect turns at the intersections. He will go out of his way to make sure you get it. I took my road test and passed it with flying colors. I really recommend you guys to attend this driving school they are a great

Melinda Rivera

I must say 10 and 2 is awesome, the instructors and staff are great! I took a 5 class package which includes the 5 hour class, road test and a car for the road test. It is definitely money well spent. Sam and Maximo are awesome instructors. When I waited for my road test at the road test site, Sam gave me a refresher by showing me a model of cars and going over the parallel parking again and also when making left turns to stay on the correct lane. 10 & 2 is an awesome team of staff! You guys rock! Keep up the great work!!!

Yessica Stephan

This has been quite the journey! I am soo glad I decided to come to 10 and 2 Driving School to start over. They have treated me so well and have taken the time out to strengthen my driving skills. Paul has been such a great instructor; he has the passion to teach and ensure his students receive the best instruction. Thank youuuuuu!!!!!

Amy Alexander

If you care about learning how to drive, look no further! This is the best driving school that there is. The goal of this school is to teach you how to drive, not just take your money. The staff are friendly and extremely courteous. The instructors actually dedicate their time and go out of their way to ensure you are 110% ready for the road test. Truly this was an amazing experience. I took the 5-Hour pre-licensing class, and it was so educational and interesting that it felt like not even an hour passed by when the proctor said, “Thank you for coming.” I started with zero driving experience, nervous to even touch the wheel. But after a 10 package class, I am now confident and very experienced in driving, with a license! Thank you 10 and 2 Driving School. I will recommend this school to everyone who needs the services! P.S. My driving exam was during the rain but because of my instructor I was confident and ready! I passed with zero points! YAY :) (Thank you Maximo (My instructor) you are the best!)

kalifa kenneh

Thanks to 10 and two family for making me best driver. Very glad today. Special thx to Nykiury!!

Yuraisi Encarnacion

I went to another school before this one and failed the road test twice. I refused to retake until I met Maximo. He is the best instructor you could ever ask for! He helped me so much I can’t even put it into words, all I can say is thank you. In general, staff in the school is very friendly and helpful. Thank you Melissa for helping with my transactions. I would recommend this school 100%.

Dyllon Velez

Great driving school passed 1st time

Cadence Rivera

I highly recommend going to this school! Paul is an amazing instructor he really focuses on the problems you have when driving and improves them. Definitely go to this school if you really want your license!

Laura Wojcik

My son attended a well known driving school; plus private lessons. Neither of the 2 taught him parallel parking. Even though he is an exellent freeway & surface street driver; big surprise; the 1st part of the Driver's License Test is Parallel parking. If you make an error on parking you are Failed & Out of $50-$60 bucks. Thankfully we met Yvonne @ 10 & 12 Driving School. She teaches EVER part of the Test so that you PASS! I recommend this school to every & any age wanting to pass and become a confident and comfortable driver and parker.

Nursing G

I had such great experience with 10 and 2 from beginning to end. I failed my road test in the past and was very discouraged. I signed up with other driving schools before but was not seeing any improvement. I kind of gave up. But then I came across this school and everything changed. I became more confident and now have my license. They are patient, professional and knowledgeable. Paul especially is a great instructor. I would recommend this school to anyone who nervous about driving , limited in driving experience or anyone who has failed the road test in the past. P.S. If you need to learn how to parallel park this is the school for you.

Alicia Francis

I passed my road test the second time thanks to Jose. Now let me tell you about my experience with 10 and 2! I originally took 10 lessons with Maximo and while he is a good teacher for some and everyone has different methods, we weren't compatible due to his way of teaching and I don't do well with constant yelling. I did learn from him; however, my experience with Jose went much smoother and he had a different method of teaching and even did certain things differently, including NOT turning all the way to the left when pulling out. Too much unnecessary turning can cause you to lose control of the wheel. He's also big on automatic recovery when driving allows for it and teaches you to recover manually when mandatory. I didn't practice doing a U turn with Maximo until my very last lesson. Also, I didn't do any parallel parking until toward the end of my lesson package. Maximo said my turns had to be perfect first. When I bought another 5 lessons (+1 extra lesson in replacement of the 5 hour class I already took) and had lessons with Jose, we did straight driving, right/left turns, U turns, and parallel parking EVERY single lesson, which helped me make incredible improvements on my driving. On the day of my road test (January 9th 2019), I had a double lesson, but the first part of my double lesson was with Kelvin and the second part was with Jose. I've never took a lesson with Kelvin up until that day and he straight up told me he doesn't think I'm ready for my road test after our lesson and spoke to me about rescheduling. After listening to his unnecessary speech, I said ok and went to go take my last lesson with Jose. The nerve of that man trying to tell me what I'm incapable of, but that was just the extra motivation I needed despite me already being nervous for my road test. I passed my road test confidently with only 10 points. Keep in mind that different instructors may tell you different things or one instructor may tell you something that contradicts what another instructor tells you, which doesn’t help at all.

Tiffany McMullen

My experience with 10 and 2 Driving was amazing!!! Paul and Sam are great instructors. They were very friendly and patient as they explained things to me and answered all my questions. I greatly appreciated how prepared Paul was for lessons. Not only did he show me via the lesson, but he traveled with diagrams that he would use in his explanations. That helped me a lot being that I am a visual person. Overall, my experience was great and I highly recommend this school!

Damian Cedeno

Good School. Easy. Good Instructors. Good Staff. Highly Recommend it. Worth the money.

Ange Mallonga

I had classes here April 2017. I had Paul as my instructor. He was extremely patient and he really did take his time to explain in detail. The management was very accommodating too. My older sister is going for her driving lessons soon and I recommended 10and2 Driving. You should too. Thank you!

Battlefield Terminator

The staff at 10 and 2 Driving School are very nice and professional people. i would recommend for anyone looking to get their 5 hour class and driver's licence to apply at this school. i highly recommend it! much thanks to Mr. Maximo for showing me the in's and out's of the 4 point driving to pass my driving test! Thank you 10 and 2 Driving School! i got my licence! :)

Julissa Sosa

Awesome driving school! The team is wonderful... I highly recommend! I was a first time driver, scared, and pregnant! They helped me overcome my fear and I passed! Great instructors, but I recommend Paul:)

Shamsudeen Gimala

10 and 2 driving school is the best. The tutor(Max) was perfect and aided me in understanding rules for the road test and beyond the road test which gives you different perspectives when it comes to driving. They really care about students and as students have different measures of grasping knowledge, they have various strategies tailored to different students. Most importantly, they make you feel comfortable and you learn a lot. They are the best.


Come to 10 and 2 it’s a great driving school they teach you everything you need to know to pass your test.

Arianna Rosado

I took lessons years ago and failed my first road test, after that I was immediately discouraged and didn't want to try again. But here I am years later. I chose 10 and 2 due to their amazing reviews and I was not let down. I am naturally a very anxious person and the instructors worked patiently with me to meet me where I was at. Special thanks to Michael for helping be build my confidence and skills on the road through each lesson and to Paul for his strategic yet simple steps to pulling out and observing steps (pay attention to the numbers pasted in the car, they will save you a lot of confusion and frustration!). I would highly recommend them any day.

John Jimenez

Make sure when you sign up, take it "Maximo". I passed the test on my first try. He's fanatic with his students... he makes sure before you take your test that you're ready. The DMV recommends 50 hours, I passed with 10. That should convince you enough. Good luck!

Aidan Fortunet

The instructors actually wanted to teach me, and show me the errrors I was making so that I could fix them. Calvin was relatable and got me to understand the basics. Maximo was funny and showed me things in depth so that I didn't interfere with traffic. Everyone was nice and helpful.

dannesha johnson

Great School !!!! Paul was my instructor he was great very good, he makes sure that your pass and you become a safe driver and make the best decisions while driving and he will help you definitely get your license. Nikaury ( front desk) was always helpful and always called the day before you have a lesson to remind you. She also did a great job scheduling lessons around my crazy schedule. I've also heard excellent things about the other instructor as well . If you want to get your license and the best affordable prices go the 10& 2 !


This place is amazing. From the front office (Nikaury) shes there to answer all your questions and helps with anything you need. To the driving instructors (Paul, Sam, and Max) these guys are amazing. Whether you have driven before or not they help you with everything you need to pass the road test and become a better, safer driver. With the simple steps they teach you it makes driving a lot easier for you to learn. The best part is how friendly everyone is, they make you feel like family. All this for a great price. I recommend this place to everyone!

Zibare Racine

it was a nice experience, i learned how to be confident with myself and the best way to do good at the road test. every single trick and the easiest one. Thank 10 and 2

Cynthia Cessant

I RECOMMEND 10 AND 2 100%. I passed so I endorse this message. My favorite instructor is Paul. He is attentive, prepared, and has a wonderful sense of humor. He not only lets you know what you are doing wrong, but he helps you to realize and correct your mistakes. And on top of that, he keeps a file on your progress, which I believe should be a requirement for all of the instructors. (It doesn't help to be forgotten and not know where you left off, which was exhibited by a few other instructors). I also noticed that there was a personal connection because of it, which is a plus. I also like Sam. He is very laid back and lets you make the mistakes you need to make in order to learn from them later. He also provides you with some online learning tools, which is perfect! He is very funny and has a pretty cool hobby (just saying, he can make a mean leather anything ^_^). I wouldn't say I'm a fan of David, though. Sure, I learned some things, but his technique is a little more aggressive, where he has to be in control and grabs the wheel--in order not to "waste time". I was scared half to death every time he did it. He called me a "bad driver"--hello! I was still trying to learn and I've never been behind the wheel of the car--mind you that comment came after I've had a couple more lessons! Anyhow, I passed my road test, special thanks to Paul and Sam, who were for the better part of my lessons, my instructors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Katherine Carrillo

I was a first time driver and had a deadline to pass this test for a new job. I originally was working with another driving school but didn't enjoy it. From the minute I switched over to 10 & 2 things got better. From the office staff to the amazing instructors. Michael was an excellent instructor, giving feedback and helping me with everything. Very understanding! Today I passed my road test with minimal points off. Thank you to Paul for some last minute tips that went far on today's test!!!! What can I say! This company really cares, helps with scheduling, give reminder calls and give the tools to pass!!!!! A+ guys! Wishing you all much success and thank you again for giving me the confidence to get on the road safely!!!!

Angelica Mezon

Very informal and great with new inexperienced drivers. Instructors are friendly and inviting. 10 & 2 is the place to be and worth the experience.

Tyese Collins

AMAZING!!!!! Worth the time and money. Passed my road test on the first try.

Sean Mckelvin

Definitely a great school to attend. Instructors will definitely give you the necessary tools and ideas to pass your road test with ease. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get their license.

Mariella Avendano

The driving school experience with Sam and Paul was amazing they are great instructors love them and thank them so much for all support.the teaching techniques are great .thank you so much for everything.

Michael Ramos

I highly recommend 10 and 2 driving school! All of the staff here made the overall experience a great one. Super friendly staff and the two instructors I had were extremely patient and knowledgeable.

Massi O

Good school!! I completely recommend it, Maximo is amazing, very detailed in his teaching. Other instructors are great too! I passed on my first time. Thank you!

Daisy Nava

I absolutely loved it, they are really strict and hard on you but it’s worth it. They will constantly tell you if do make mistakes. Previously, before coming here I Went to a different school, I failed my road test twice and when I found about this school I saw the reviews. I passed my road test, I took the 10 lessons. Thank you calvin and maximo for being so hard on me. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a driving school. It’s worth your money, you will not regret it.

denario watkins

Great place to learn how to drive and everyone is respectful. Also had a great driving instructor. I'll recommend friends and family to com here.

Camille Kristyn

One of the best driving schools i reccomend anyone looking to get there license to go here the staff are very friendly and the driving instructor Paul is one of the best teachers! I got my license on the first try! Thank you guys soo much

Lilly Castillo

The worst school ever don’t go I got my money back and went somewhere else. First day a instructor got into a accident with a student. Second day my instructor was annoy with me. He had no patient very rude and among so many things. The 5 hours class was good but other then that worst school don’t waste your time.

Ravelius Maximus

Great school with awesome instructors.. Maximo is the best!! Their staff was really accommodating and worked around my busy schedule to set up my classes and road test. Thank you Michael, David and Maximo!!

Erlyn Montero

Thanks to 2and10 driving school I had a good time when I was taking my driving classes also, thank to all the staff members and my two instructor Paul and Maximo they are the best instructor ever I had. Today I passed my road test. The school has the best affordable packages than others driving schools. They really género y and they really explain everything you need for the test. I would recommend to do your practice and 5 hours classes in 2and10 driving school. And also Nicaury thank you so much god bless all of you guys I'm very happy I going there very soon for more class in the highway✌️

Chevon Stupart

Learning how to drive is a big learning curve. This process cannot be rushed no matter who you are; i had never driven a car before or even sat behind the wheel. The experience i gained changed my prospective on how i look on driving. The instructors at this school take their time with the students. If you're uncertain on something don't be afraid to ask they will explain to the best of their ability. Please take full advantage of this school they are willing to guide you through everything. I was recommended to this school by my best friend now i'm recommending it to you guys; i scored a 10 on my road test GOOD LUCK AND DON'T RUSH YOUR LEARNING CURVE.

Flaco Navaja

I highly recommend this driving school! The staff is super friendly and professional. The instructors I worked with were informative and helped me pass my road test on my first try!!

Alexis Flowers

10 and 2 driving school instructors are the best!! They push you to do your best, they recommend links to help you more. Their office always make sure and remind you of your classes.

DAisy Valera

Finally got my license!!! Paul was awesome and very helpful. Such a professional team and will definitely recommend this school to friends and family. Thank you 10and2.

Raul F Adon

My experience was pretty I felt so confident at the moment because my instructor really took the time to make sure I was driving safe. Thanks David . I also want to thanks the personal of 10 And 2 Driving School for being nice and very organized, and aware that I was being on track with lessons. I recommend 10 and 2 Driving School for everyone that wants to drive safe.

Jeffrey Adjei

This was a great thing for me. The service in here is great. I highly recommend going for classes here, you will pass no doubt !

James Lopez

Take the classes! At least five, (ten is safe) it's not a bad deal. Past driving experience does not guarantee an automatic license. I would recommend sticking to one instructor--Sam is very helpful, very friendly, and if parking is a problem, he got you... Ask for him! The other instructors are great, but just stick to one for a better experience.

Nykeau Williams

Only took two classes and I passed. Would have never passed if I didn't come to 10 and 2 driving school! Thanks to Maximus, Michael, Rosnelly their the best!

Julia George

Maximo was heaven sent! I hadn't had lessons with him prior to my testing date but he gave me a very detailed review of what was expected an hour before my driving test and I passed! I wish I had him from the get- but the school overall was very informative and worked with my schedule. Thanks guys!!

Michael Rodriguez

i would recommend 10 and 2 driving school to as many people as i can. Very professional and knowledgeable.Thank you guys!

Willy Gil

I took my road test back in 2013, and I failed. I got dissapointed. Like a month and a half ago, I came to 10 and 2 Driving School. So far, the best school for new drivers. From the front desk, to the instructors, even the guy who used to left me voice mails on my phone, they are incredible. Sam, very funny guy, and he makes you laugh while teaching your lesson so you do not get nervous. Paul, very straight forward instructor, he knows what he is doing. He taught me how to parallel park in 5 moves; just amazing. About David, nothing to say... I just passed my road test, and I recommend everyone of you that if you want to pass your RT, just come to 10 and 2 Driving School. Thank you guys, all of you. :)

Fredrick Campbell

I hear about 10 and 2 driving school from daughter i also attended and passed my road test. The expirence was very good i give them 100 out of 100!!

Arlene Castillo

My permit was expiring soon and I found this driving school near my home. Having had limited driving experience from a few years ago, I was impressed how easy it was to learn from this school. Julissa and Nikaury were very understanding of my fears of driving and gave me lots of advice. They also managed to fit all of my classes at convenient times and were always reachable by phone. My instructor, Sam, was very patient and super helpful. He always made sure I practiced what I was poor in and encouraged me whenever I made mistakes. Having passed my road test today, I couldn't had done it without their help! I strongly recommend this school, they truly care about shaping you into a confident and safe driver.

Satoru Kuroda

I feel lucky to have chosen this school. All the staff are friendly and they teach you exactly what you need in order to pass your road test. Schedule always came ahead of time, and all the instructors were on time for my lessons. Big thanks to everyone at 10 to 2 for your support and guidance.

Neyra Velasquez

10 And 2 driving school is amazing... i went for my first driving lesson on 5/4/2018, and my second class and road test was today 5/7/2018 and i passed.. thanks to the instructor Maximo you the best. I learned so much from you today and that help me to pass my test.. i recommend the school to anyone who's looking to get an awesome experience in driving.

Nneka Archer

10 and 2 driving school is absolutely amazing. The staff from the instructors to the receptionist are very professional and helpful. This is my second time taking the road test. I'd taken it previously with a different school. If I had gone to 10 and 2 from the start I know I would have passed on my first try. Great staff, Great prices, and worth every penny. So happy I am now a licensed driver thanks to 10 and 2! :)

Arleen Marie Nieves

I did my research looking for a great school in my area, being that this was my second attempt I wanted the best, and luckily I found it!! With 10 & 2 you get the best instructors with the best rates, I didn't have to break the bank to get on the road with them and that was HUGE for me. The staff is lovely and flexible with my schedule, my instructor quickly picked up on my weaknesses on the road and we addressed them thoroughly till he and I were both comfortable with my driving, and a few classes in I already felt so confident on the road! I passed my road test with very few points and I have them to thank for! Thank you 10& 2!

Franklin Araujo

I had a great experience at this driving school! The instructors were great and teaches me everything I needed to know for my road test. I also passed my road test on the first try with a 10 lesson package , thanks to my instructors.

Ashley Johnson

From the people in the office, to the people who help you drive, everyone is wonderful. If you are experienced or have no experience at all, this is the place for you. Paul takes him time to teach people and you learn how to drive with the steps he teaches you. He takes the time out to help you understand what you're doing right or wrong. I recommend that everyone come here!

LeTicia Cancel

I'm very happy I found this driving school. The price is great and the instructors are awesome! I passed on my first try :) A big thank you to Sam, Paul and David!!! All 3 are awesome instructors and if you take lessons here, make sure you get a change to learn from all 3. They each have their own style which was really helpful. Thank you guys!!!


I appreciate the structure & setup of this school. The 5 hour class was really enjoyable - fun, informative & interactive. I purchased a 5 lesson package & took all of my lessons with Sam. He is an awesome instructor. I felt confident behind the wheel with him there and with his ability to answer any questions that I had with clear explanations. I passed my road test on my first try! I highly recommend this school for others wanting to learn how to drive.


10 and 2 Driving School is the best . All the staff especially Nikaury Henriquez a very friendly and kindhearted person , my loving, patient,hardworking and encouraging driving instructor Paul and Maximo thank you too for your word of encouragement.I will never forget you guys you all were amazing. So my dear friends out their do not hesitate to enroll with 10 and 2 Driving School for your lessons,road test and 5 hours classes.

Leslie Rivera

I had a amazing experience with 10 & 2 Paul went above and beyond to improve my driving the staff is very helpful and flexiable I would recommend the school to everyone if you really want to learn to drive n learn with out being judged 10 & 2 is for u thank you Paul for everything

Habiba Diallo

The journey I had while learning how to drive was one of the best experiences I ever had before, which actually made me even more proud and confident to face challenges. I remember one day my grandfather told me" No matter how difficult something may be, never be afraid to learn from it" and I seen and I learned a lot. To be Honest, I may not know how many instructors you guys have but all I know is that SAM IS ONE OF THE BEST INSTRUCTORS I EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. Not only that he make sure you're happy but also he make you feel proud of yourself no matter how bad you may perform and that's what clients are looking for. All the best SAM!!!

Elizabeth Graham

I needed a driving school close to home and I found 10 and 2 Driving School. I began with taking the 5-hour class and then bought a session package. The instructors are very efficient in helping me to understand the rules and regulations when it comes to driving. Scheduling times slots to drive was very easy and the school calls to give reminders for dates/times which I liked in case it slipped my mind. I had 2 different instructors throughout my sessions and they were both very good. Maximo and Sam helped me prepare for my roadtest and I passed on the 1st try! I can't them enough for helping me get my license. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to learn how to drive!

Seidy Delossantos

This was my first time taking the road test, and I passed. My instructor was José, THE BEST!!! I took 3 lesson, one of them on my day of the test which I recommend that you do too. Excellent overall

Amanda Vasquez

They never gave up hope on me. I can honestly say that I love this driver's school and love the people as well. Great service and overall, very comfortable and happy people.

Dana C

I had a wonderful experience at 10 and 2. I would recommend this driving school to anyone who is looking to drive. My instructor gave me helpful tips that helped me pass my road test. The staff is very welcoming and helpful. They also work with your schedule.

Taleisha Neal

10 and 2 driving is an amazing school. Paul is the best to work with. He's patient and very understanding especially when it comes to first time drivers. I highly recommend this school I passed road test on my first try.

Dezo Don

They are great people here it feel like you around family.They help you with everything real nice people I learn so much in a lil time. Thanks to M.r Paul an Sam! All the staff there are cool people thanks a lot guys and God bless.

joselito roman

this school is great the staff is super friendly and jose my driving instructor was one of the nicest people ive ever dealt with the man taught me everything i needed to know to pass my road test jose is the man you want to take lessons with and shout out to abdullah the owner hes super cool and set me up to win i recommend this school 100 percent by the way the last time I was in a car was 12 years ago I failed my road test miserably and said I’d never drive again and this time I passed my road test I was a nervous wreck and made mistakes but still had the knowledge needed to pass because Jose taught me everything needed

Ekaterina Golovinskaya

Thank you 10&2! you were a HUGE help to me!!!! Paul was my instructor and the is just THE BEST!!!!! I gave myself a last chance, I've tried 2 other schools in Brooklyn, and private lessons as well, but failed 2 previous drive tests!!!! 10&2 - YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!! thank you so much. Every penny well spent, and the time!!!!! PS: I had 15 lessons and passed on the first try.

Jiggy Margiela

Thanks to all the staff and the support from my instructors I passes my roadtest. Great services.

tiece juniaus

Two classes I passed my road test the instructor was patient and knowledgeable I refer this school to all!!!

Mario Germosen

Great lessons in this driving school. Maximo is a great instructor. Also the staff is very professional.

Larvin avila

my experience with the 10and2 Driving LLC was great they will show step by step how to parallel park and how to do the 3 point turn. from my experience the 10and2 driving will be the best driving school for you from 1 to 10 i will give them a 10++ because they make shore your ready and prepare to pass your road test. when i took my road test i was nervous but when i got in the car and turn it on my confident came in and i was ready to pass that road test and when the road test was finished the instructor told me i pass my road test and i had a big smile.

Mario Carranza

Very good driving school, goal oriented and attentive. They provide information on each class to help students as well as procedures to apply during the exam, making it simple and efficient.

Hector Santiago

This is a great place to learn how to drive if you have never driven before the best in the Bronx

Mich Marie

Great instructors, very patient and supportive. Instructors are always making sure that you learn different techniques for you to adjust to the one you are most comfortable with. The experience was awesome and made me feel comfortable while being on the road!

Chassidy Desiree

10 and 2 Driving school is the best. If you decide to take lessons with this school I recommend Paul as an instructor, not only is he certified, but he is also patient, and gives instructions well.

Whalesska Filion

My instructor was Jose and he is great teaches well , He showed me how to park perfectly and I passed my road test and got my license with his techniques , totally recommend him and the school is great in general

Emily Pena

My experience with this driving school has surpassed expectation. I was motivated and taught well. I want to thank all the employees but especially my instructor Paul who was very supportive and encouraging all the time.

Angie Bardales

Really great driving school, Paul was the best and helped me a lot, corrected my mistakes, gave me tips on what I had to work on, and made me feel comfortable enough to lose my fear of driving. I recommend this school - even the staff at the office is great. They make you feel welcomed and are all really friendly. I passed my road test on the first try!

Jaime Palacios

I recommend 10 and 2. The staff is always doing their best for you to pass. Had a great experience with you guys thanks again.

ol3 -

I am very happy to deal with this office .. Everyone is friendly .. The driver is excellent I have obtained my license after so many tries They made me feel very comfortable and at ease when I was nervous, my instructor Jose has a very positive energy and taught me to be confident. Overall I had a very positive experience with this school and recommend anyone to come here

angel meza

the experience i had with 10and2 driving school was fanatic the people are amazing people to get along with and they take the time to go one on one with you to teach you the correct way to drive and to assure you that you pass. this is one school i recommend to everyone.

Soleila Gonzalez

This school has awesome instructors. I personally want to thank Sam and Paul for making me feel confident and comfortable with all the lessons, and prepping me tremendously for the exam! I passed it in one shot! Thanks for everything!

Karamoko Fofana

This school is the best! The teachers are passionate and they have time for everybody. I call them for any information about the school and they made themselves available. I really like the driver and driving packages- good prices for everyone. Big thank you to all who helped me pass my road test.

Adalberto Moronta

I Will like to thanks everybody at 10 and 2 driving school. They really prepare you so that you could pass your road test. They always make you feel like you welcome here.

Angelica Mejia

This is a great school. The instructors are awesome! They are always understanding and very loving. I had an amazing experience. I recommend this school.

Evelyes Rodriguez

Staff is amazing, my instructor was Paul. The BEST, very caring and knowledgeable. He know his stuff and he takes his time to make sure you understand. Thank you very much!

bella vee

Yay... I'm so excited I passed my road test today .... thanks to 10and2 they are the best.. the instructors are great .. and thanks to Paul he's the best I passed with no points on my test which is a perfect 100% couldn't have done it without you guys... ya rock!!!!thanks.


This school is GREAT!!! They have Knowledgeable instructors and Good staff. The prices are reasonable compared to other places I had a Wonderful experience and will be signing my son up next year.

Kazi Ashraf

The instructors are very kind and helpful, but strict at the same time. They will not be acting all polite to make you feel good, if needed they will be somewhat harsh, but it helps to be cautious of the mistakes you usually make. Also very timely and doesn't make you wait for them for a long time. Would definitely recommend.

Tyesha harrison

I had the 5 lesson package. My instructor was Jose. Passed on my 1st try. Everyone was nice and helpful would recommend to others

Nomalie Saintyl

First off, let me say that the people who work in the office are so friendly and courteous and that goes a long way here. They are so patient and understanding, when it comes to rescheduling to accommodate you. Also, I love how they provide reminder calls when you have a scheduled lesson coming up. Initially took a six lesson package with this school but it was apparent after the first lesson that I would need a little more so I upgraded to a ten lesson package. Please keep in mind I was taking these lessons on my lunch break with no additional practice outside of the school. Needless to say, I failed my road test royally but I blame myself for that one. I quickly rescheduled my road test again and purchased an additional six lessons. This school usually places you with multiple instructors which has it's cons and pros. The good thing about it is you learn different ways of performing certain maneuvers but the con is sometimes the next instructor might not agree with a certain maneuver you may have learned from a previous one. I must say that out of all the instructors, Sam is the best instructor. I specifically asked for him the second time around. He's very patient and provides an opens atmosphere where you are free to ask questions and voice your concerns. He'll show you different ways to perform certain maneuvers and he definitely gives you room to make mistakes but most importantly, he corrects you and tells you why its wrong. I love that he constantly evaluates you similar to how you would be evaluated on the actual road test. Book your lessons with 10 and 2 Driving School. They are the real MVP!!! Make sure you ask for Sam when you book your lessons with 10 and 2 Driving School. I guarantee you it will be money well spent.

Deanna Blackman

Great driving school. They build connection with students. The best Trainer were Sam and Paul. Sam has a lot of patience's and works with you. Paul is good and has great notes to help you pass the road test. Something Paul can be a little hard on the students but it all pass off. Passed on the first try thanks to the two of them. P.s. payments plans are great!

carlos vides

It was an awesome experience. The receptionist are awesome, they work around your schedule and are very attentive each time you have an appointment, as they call you to remember you each time. What I am really grateful is that they prepared me for my test in less than 2 weeks, and I surely passed my first time thanks to their awesome teachers. Thanks a lot!

Raquel Rodriguez

Maximo provided me with the exact tools and guidance to pass my exam on the first try! They were flexible with my schedule and easy to work with!

Carlos Ramos

Excellent teacher Mr MAXIMO excellent school I recommend 10 and 2 driving school for everyone

DM Jdm

I enjoy the experience I had there, I learn a lot, they help me honed my driving skills. They have great instructors and thanks to them I pass my driving test. I recommend this place they will take of you.

jeremiah johnson

It was a great experience being taught here. I learned a lot and it really helped me to pass the road test. I would tell anyone to come here for their lessons. They also are very good with emailing and getting in contact with you before your lesson. Thanks to everyone there God bless.

shaniqua walker

I went to two other driving schools before this one and stayed with them. Paul was my driving instructor and he took the time to notice my faults and correct them. Their price is fair compared to other schools with higher prices. I have already recommend this school and will continue to do so in the future.

Lucy Morris

My experience with 10 & 2 Driving school was very great. Overall the staff was professional and friendly. From the first day I took the 5 hours class to the last day of my road test, I was impressed by the wonderful knowledge that I gained. The 5 hours class was very informative and lively. The time went by really fast and the instructor taught exactly what was necessary for student drivers. The class was so interesting that there was no room to feel bored. I signed up for the 10 lessons package and it was very successful. I had the opportunity to work with wonderful instructors such as Paul, David and Michael. Each instructor had his own way of teaching, and I took each advice which added to my success in 10 & 2 Driving school. I had 95% of my lessons with Paul and he was very patient, willing to teach, and knowledgeable. As he taught, he allowed me to practice more areas which he observed to be my weakness, until I improved greatly. He was very positive and was honest with me. If I was doing something wrong he would correct me and give me a positive reinforcement so that if I was improving, I would also notice. This positive reinforcement helped to boost my confidence and courage that I was going to pass my road test. I had my last lesson the day of my road test and it was very helpful. With the wealth of Knowledge of all these instructors and help of God, I passed my road test!!! If anyone is searching for a driving school, I will recommend 10 & 2 Driving school without any reservation!!!

william rivera

Thank you for 10 and 2 driving school to help me pass my road test.The instructors were great and I truly recommend them.

Kelvin Santana Ozuna

Fantastic school . I pass my road test on my first try. The instructors are incredible and knowledgeable. Front desk very friendly :)


Great driving class, good teachers. (Shane)

Maimouna Sylla

I just want to thank 10&2 Driving School for helping me get my license! I began driving with absolutely no experience at all, but the instructors (Maximo) at the school were so patient, kind, and informative when teaching me how to maneuver a vehicle. Special shout-outs to Nikaury for always being helpful when handling my needs. Request Maximo! He is so knowledgeable about driving and will tell you exactly what you need to know in order to pass!

Celine N

This is surely the best driving school in NYC. the staff are professional. the instructors are amazing; they make you feel comfortable and confident behind the wheel. i never drove before but after one month with them i couldn't believe myself what i was able to do. and the parking, OMG! Paul is the king of parking. he taught me the best & easiest way to park; easier than counting 1,2,3. God bless u guys

Joyell Davis

Maximo is the best! I passed the road test with 5 points. I am very excited.

Iesha Ellis

Sam Is The Best Instructor There

Alberto Caamano

This was a great experience they help you through all the steps needed to get your license , through the five hour course the driving lessons. The driving instructors always tell you what you need to improve on and are really nice, I got my license today and I'm excited, hope you get yours too.

Joelisa Pichardo

Absolutely loved taking class in this school, (for some reason it has 5 starts :), they are great). I loved how instructor Paul teach, definitely recommend him... Nikaurys and all the staff really respectful and educated. The prices are perfect for the amount of knowledge that you get in this school. Just come to this school, you won't regret!!! By the way, I got my license :) :)

cataline vincent

I passed my road test on my first try!! My instructors were Jose and Kelvin. Kelvin is a serious professional and a fantastic instructor. I highly recommend this school.

Ivan Rojas

Excellent instructors, the office always called ahead to remind of my classes. Always worked with my schedule even when i had to make changes. Highly recommend this driving school.

Jeremiah Cruz

Good teaching skills but you have to be corrected. Overall, very good school and reliable teachers.

Zeyad Mohammed Abu Nagy humad

I passed my road test on the first try, great school I would recommend to anyone .

Matthew McDonald

I heard about 10 and 2 driving through my school and I'm so glad I was able to come. The staff is highly professional, they often call and remind you about upcoming scheduled lessons, and the instructors are amazing. I couldn't ask for better. I did some lessons with Maximo and he really helped me clean up some bad habits and gave me confidence in my driving. He even goes a step above and carries the evaluation chart, keenly observing for any errors and is quick to correct them. I passed my road test 05/23/18 on my first try. I recommend this school to anyone and everyone, you will be blown away. Thanks 10 and 2.

Brenda Diaz

After working with at least 2 different driving schools this was the one for me. The staff and instructor's at 10 and 2 Driving School are very professional, caring and fair. My Instructor, Paul, "Thank You" for your patience and quality instruction and tough love approach when needed at times. I definitely recommend this school.


10 And 2 Driving school is well-organized, and their office staff and driving instructors are friendly and professional. Prices and policies are reasonable with no hidden charges or surprises. Just passed my road test two days ago. (first time). Simply a great bunch of people who will work with you. Give them a call.....The worst thing that can happen is you'll end up with your drivers licence. Thank You 10 And 2.

Malik Webb

When i first started my lessons i was a little nervous and didn't have any road experience. Then after a few lessons i realized driving wasnt that hard you just have to listen, observe and be aware of your surroundings. I was also a little nervous during my road test but i just had to stay focus, which i did.

rinny gurreo

I have a good experience i learnd alot , and i give a very high recommend. Im excited that thanks to 10 and 2 driving school i got my license .

King Sight

Went great there great staff is awsome and the instructors! high recommend them help you get your drivers on the first try

Jose Marte

I Had a great experience with 10&2 driving school, the whole staff was very friendly and made me feel welcome. I have taken my lessons with Paul and hes a great teacher with great techniques that will help you on the road test. You would not regret choosing 10&2 driving school, they will make sure that you learn to the best of your ability and you will help you pass your road test.

Kevin Saenz

The experience was great, they teach you every single thing you need to know about the road test before u take it. They take you to the place of the road test. Overall my experience was excellent and i would recommend the place to other people.

Steven Grullon

I'm glad to say that I attended this driving school. Without any experience at all behind the wheel, I was super nervous, the workers were very supportive and understood that. Not only were they helping me with any issue that I was having, but by the end of the program I'm proud to say I was not only a graduating student of the program but a master now. The best teacher at the school in my opinion, are both Sam and Michael. If you're looking to get a teacher, those are whom I suggest most. I was rewarded with my license on my first attempt of the test thanks to them!

Clifton Darlington

My experience at this driving school is definitely one to remember. The staff and instructors are very friendly, when it comes to getting your license they are ready and willing to work with you in achieving your goal. I would highly recommend and give a big thanks to the two instructors for getting me my license, Maximo and Paul, thanks again.


The instructors that teach you actually take the time to make sure that you understand the way around a car and how to use it properly. The instructors will be hard on you but it’s because the want you to be the best driver you could be. This is a great driving school and I implore you to participate in it.

oumou drame

Awesome!!! Everyone is great! My instructors were maximo, Sam, and Paul. I had more classes with Paul and Sam; they're so sweet and nice. I love Paul because he is very observant and notices every mistake, which is in student's interest! He really care about students doing well on their test. If you want to pass your driving test, 10 and 2 is the place. Thank you guys!!!! Got my driver's license!!!

Laura Elena Díaz de Ortiz

Great driving school. I highly recommend it!

Miriam Arana

Best driving school ever. Great staff and even better instructors. Paul helped me a lot to understand what I needed to work on. I definitely would recommend every one to come here.

Ismael Javier

I had a very good experience driving with this company. They encouraged me to stay focus and taught me good techniques to help me with parking, U-Turns, and managing my speed. Overall I had a comfortable time learning with 10 and 2 Driving School.

Julian Lopez

10and2 driving school raises the standers for all others schools, they have a very organized, respectful, and EDUCATED staff / instructors. 10and2 has developed a system to where customers do not have to worry about anything, losing papers or having to remember appointments ect. Because the staff calls or text you to remind you 24hrs that you have an appointment or road test. Did i mention that they serve coffee and donuts for there early 5 hr class !!!!! Iv tried other driving schools and NONE can compete with 10and2. 10and2 really encourages students pass their road test and would go out of their way to make that happen.

AM Media

I enjoyed my time with this school. I recommend taking many lessons so that you are confident. The instructors know how you can pass, so more lessons are better than less.


I went through 2 different instructors (with Ferrari driving school) before I read reviews online that ultimately convinced me that 10&2 is the school for me. At first the receptionist's verbiage (nikaury) and lack of etiquette threw me off but it was a license that I was destined to acquire so I didn't let it bother me. Julisa how ever, was able to accommodate my very unique request and set me up with Maximo who was stellar at teaching me what it is I needed to know in order to pass my road exam. I briefly met with Paul and Sam who provided me with their expertise service and vehicular knowledge that also aided with my success. Thanks you all at 10&2

meli feb

I choose this school based on its reviews. The school was very professional and lived up to my expectations. They work with you to fit your schedule. My instructor was Michael. He was very patient, professional, observant and he helped me understand everything. I choose the 15 lesson package and passed my road test on the first try. It was a big accomplishment for me, something I thought I could never do. It was a very exciting moment for me. I recommend this school to everyone, first timers or people seeking additional lessons. Thank you 10 and 2 Driving School staff and Thank you Michael!

Rhonda Green0625

I had the best experience with 10 and 2. Paul was my instructor and he was very professional and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. I had 4 lessons with Paul and passed my road test the first time. Paul was patient and informative. I would recommend this school and Paul as the instructor to anyone. 1-2-3-4

Jacqueline Cruz

this place helped me with getting my nerves in check by teaching me the fundamentals of driving. the road test was a little nerve raking but I now have my license. very good place

Jorge Rojas

I chose to do my driving lessons here after switching from another driving school, and I'm so glad I did. Everyone at 10&2 has a very friendly and professional staff. I took a majority of my lessons with Maximo, and passed the road test the first time!! Maximo is very good, if you follow everything he says, you will pass for sure. They are also very accommodating with their schedule.

Godfrey Sakyi

I was really worried about which good driving school around me that I should enroll with worth my money. I did my googles just like you doing right about now and I came across 10 and 2 driving school. Which is approximately 15 mins away from home. I got the 5 LESSON package which was quite affordable compared to other places around me. I had Micheal and Maximo for my lessons, mostly Micheal. Micheal was really helpful especially with my turns ( which i sucked prior) and my parallel parking. Maximo on the other hand, was extremely helpful perfecting my turns especially on intersections and my acceleration. Everyone here from the manager, receptionist , interns to drivers are very professional and want the best for you. Don't stress yourself if you have a busy schedule because they will work around it anytime. I made several adjustments to my lessons because of my work schedule. Ooh I passed my road test. ONE TIME!! Enroll with 10 and 2 driving School and I KID YOU NOT your time and money will be worth it. So far as you put in enough efforts, you should be GOOD.

Soyre Pena

10 and 2 driving school I wish I can give you guys more that 5 stars.. They care about the students and will match you with the right teacher for you. My teacher was PAUL he is the best he really cares about his students and is always there to answer your questions. He made me feel super comfortable in each and every class when we got to the road test he told me to relax and be positive. Today I passed my test and is all because of PAUL.... Nikaury in the front desk she is a sweetie always with a big smile... I also had a class with MAXIMO he is a very good teacher also... I am glad I picked this school. One of the good things is that they will work with your schedule availability...

Raphael Fiadu

It’s a very good driving school and they have the very best of instructors. It is also worth your money, I advise anyone who is looking for a driving school to come here and with focus you would surely pass. Maximo is a very good driving instructor.

Jesus Pena

Each instructor teaches differently but ultimate their goal to is to see you pass. The experience was amazing and passing felt amazing specially since your instructor will be there to celebrate the moment with you. I highly recommend 10 & 2 because when it comes to teaching and driving as a whole they are the best. I'd like to add a side not that this was my first time taking the test and passed it.

mike addo

This program is amazing. I went from not knowing how to move a vehicle to knowing how to drive well in a matter of 2-3 weeks. I highly recommend people looking forward to drive to join the 10 and 2 program!

Abel Herrar

My experience at this driving school was really good. Everything my teacher said about the test right. I really enjoyed the classes.

Joshua Dimas

The Staff Is Very Helpful Respectful & Wonderful. The Driving Classes Are Very Good For You They Prepare You For The Road Test & Make You Feel Comfortable Behind The Wheel, If You Wanna Learn & Pass Come To 10 & 2 Driving School

Tyrese Jordan

10 and 2 Driving School really gave me proper tools to use on the road. I felt more and more confident to hit the road with every practice lesson. Everyone is amazing

Kashmonae Lashure

My experience here with 10 and 2 has been amazing. I have learned so much that will help me with my driving in the future as well in general. Come to 10 and 2 , It's worth the experience and your money will be well spent. Thank you to my Instructor as well as the 10 and 2 driving school team.

Luis Martinez

Had a great time learning how to pass the road test. Thanks to Paul and Sam, I passed my road test on the first try. 10 and 2 is a great place to learn how to drive. They will help you learn how to pass the road test.

Mory Sakho

It was a great experience. Shout out to Paul he was a great instructor

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