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ryan behnken

joey’s a great instructor, who was very helpful, and taught me a lot. i’d recommendation skillful to all my friends.

Ch.Blima Kahan

I took my driving lessons with Denice! She was really amazing and reassuring teaching me all the tricks so that I would be calm and confident at the test which I was! Passed on the first try and it’s all thanks to her!!

julia burger

A big thanks to my instructor Kayla for teaching me so much during my 6 hours and helping me pass my road test!! She was very patient with me and made me feel very comfortable driving for the first time :)

Michael john

I highly recommend using skillful driving school. Joey was my instructor hes very polite and patient. Without him I wouldn’t have gotten my license he’s an expierenced driver and teaches his students how you should be driving on the road. Great instructor and great driving school.

ChrisZboss Gammer

Joey was great and it was easy to communicate with him. Highly recommended Skillful Driving.

Fernando Velez

I completed my 6 hours with Joey and learned a whole lot about what it’s like to actually be on the road.

Kayli Escott

I spent 2 hours with joey before my test and I passed perfectly !!!! He made me feel much more confident with the skills I had to perform. I highly recommend Joey!!!

Brandon Walsh

My driving instructor’s name is John. He made everything very easy to learn and perform and my experience was very enjoyable.

sandra dadda

At first, I was terrified at the thought of starting to drive but John helped me through every step with calm and ease, not snapping at my mistakes but helping me through it. He's really easy to talk to and provides memorable tips and advice on driving. I feel comfortable driving already and especially driving with him!!

Michael Foley

These guys are great!! They worked around my son's sports schedule, were very timely and friendly. His instructor, Josh, was the best ask for him. Price was on the lower side too!

Madison Sousa

Joey was very helpful throughout my entire experience. I made a lot of a progress in the two days we drove together. I would definitely recommend to everyone!

Crystal Vargas

My driving instructor was John and he was great. He helped me build a lot of confidence behind the wheel and made learning the skills of driving easy and comfortable. I would totally recommend this driving school.

Acclaimed Detective Agency

I am very HAPPY to use Skillful Driving School "Katie" was our instructor and she was very very nice, polite, courteous, Knowledgeable, and excellent representative for Skillful! Unfortunately I used another Driving School in Brick and was not happy with them even though I already spent money.. I called Skillful and spoke to Ester and she explained the whole process and I was sold! I wished I called Skillful first!! I believe in good reviews it shows that the business cares about their customers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!

Nicholas Guiomar

Skillful driving school helped me to get my license and I enjoyed being taught the basics of the road by the best Joey the driving instructor he helped me perfect my parking basic driving skill k turns and etc and in the future any of my friends who need to be taught I’m sending them to skillful driving school so they could have as good as an experience I had and be taught how to drive like a pro!

Maxine Jacey

I passed my test just recently with Joey and I could not be more thrilled! This driving school made me a better driver and I know I am prepared for the real driving world. So thank you Joey!

Zachary Dave

I had John, he was an excellent teacher, and taught my great ways and techniques to improve my driving. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor!

Brooke Levin

My instructor was John Natoli and he was amazing! I felt I really learned so much in the 6 hours I was driving with him! He taught me how to parallel park, turns, K-turns, park, etc. and he even gave me a sheet of instructions on how to do each skill incase I forget in the future. He was very easy to talk to and very good on teaching me every driving tool needed for the road! I feel very ready to take on the roads confidently thanks to him!

Diogo De Oliveira

Joey, was an amazing instructor, wasn’t mean, he taught how to control the car, amazingly. Now I can drive safe and sound. To him I thank for that. -Diogo


Great driving school, very adaptive. My instructor was John N. and he allowed me to take to the roads at my own speed and it worked out great!

Kimberly Liu

Joey was a great driving instructor and now I feel comfortable driving

Sean Cook

My instructor had a very calm demeanor at all times during the 6 hours. Joey was very insightful and had a lot of solid advice. I highly recommend Joey for anyone’s 6 hours.

Sydney Underwood

I was extremely happy with my driving instructor, John Natoli, for my six hours. He taught me very well, and gave me useful tips to help me with my weaker skills, such as turning and parking. In addition to being an excellent teacher, he was also friendly, funny, and made my first time driving less scary. Overall, John Natoli was an amazing instructor, that I truly would recommend.

Josh Kizel

John was amazing! Building confidence is key to becoming a strong drive and that’s what he did. Driving on busy roads and highways built up my confidence. When I first drove with my parents they said it looked like I’ve been driving for years. I would definitely recommend John. He is awesome!

Jocelyn Luna

I got a chance to work with Joey and it was AMAZING!! I worked with him for my 6 hours and on the day of my test i passed on my first try . Thank you skillful and joey . I would totally recommend them


I had John as my driving instructor and he made my driving lessons so much better than I could have imagined! John was so relaxed and trusting which kept me calm during the lessons. Rather than demanding orders, which most people fear when they’re driving, John helpfully gave me tips for me to incorporate on the road. He was super nice, easy to talk to, and very patient. I would highly recommend John to anyone interested in lessons!


Thanks to John I went from a beginning to a pro in just 6 hours. Really helpful guy and pretty funny.

Derek Vastola

Passed today with Joe! He was amazing!

ella p

John was such a great teacher and showed me so many new skills I will use forever! From the very start I was very comfortable and felt at ease knowing I could ask anything! I would recommend skillful and John to anyone!

Jordan Murphy

Very kind and respectful instructors. John Natoli was my instructor and he was very helpful and kind throughout all 6 hours. 10/10

Taysa Hagan

I 100% recommend John he is so nice and really helpful! I had an amazing time doing my 6 hours with him and will definitely be recommending him to all my friends! :)

Aurelio Mota

Joey is an amazing teacher, he has a lot of patience and he made me feel very relaxed while i was on the road, I wouldn’t of asked anyone else to help me out .

Nicholas Guerrino

I don’t know the name of my driving instructor but he was a 22 year old man. I expected it to be ackward, but he made it so easy to be comfterable. He took my nerves away and made me feel safe while driver. I highly recommend skillful driving school

Margaret Albinowski

It was very helpful!!! They gave me so many tips on how to parallel park and K turning. I couldn’t be more grateful for this driving school and my instructor John who helped and encouraged me with my confidence as a driver.

Jack Keelan

John was a great coach and gave me skills that will be useful for the rest of my driving career. If you need a driving place go Skillful and go John Natoli.

Yung Busto

Just spent 2 hours practicing with driving instructor Paul Principe and I am more confident than ever that I will pass my road test! He went over turning, parallel parking, k turns, cruise control, and he even took me on a highway (by request) all in just 2 hours. Would highly recommend!


My driving instructor was Joey and, not only is he friendly and kind, but he is also extremely good at what he does! I passed my test without making one error and I KNOW I wouldn’t have done that well without him! He is very patient and went over every single detail of every single item on that test with me meticulously. His words of wisdom and encouragement helped a lot. I definitely recommend Skillful Driving School and Joey!


I had a pleasant driving experience and loved the new car they had! At first I was nervous because driving with someone you don't know is strange but Paul, my instructor, was really good and super nice to me and I feel very confident for my test now! Thanks Paul!

Tom C

Without John I probably would’ve failed my road test. He’s a great instructor as well as a great guy. He helped me feel confident going into my road test and even made parallel parking fun to do. He’s funny, polite, and very easy to talk to. I HIGHLY recommend John if you are going to Skillful.

Joseph Kim

A wonderful instructor teaching the basics and things to do in certain instances. Strict but really chill at the same time. Thanks Joe

Arsh Gupta

My experience was great. I highly recommend John. He was a great teacher all while making me laugh and enjoy myself.


Alan korets is my instructor.Such a kind and humble teacher.I felt comfortable driving with him.Huge thanks to him.

Kara Cannon

I had john. He was very helpful and encouraging and created a comfortable yet challenging work environment. i feel like i genuinely benefitted from the experience all with a smile on my face. his jokes were great and he was very personable. 10/10 would recommend!!

chris zahariou

This driving school is very nice I enjoyed learning how to drive here with my instructors Paul and Joey, Paul helped me with my lessons and Joey was very encouraging and helped me pass my test on my first try for my license.

Nicholas Sudano

Mr.Natoli was a great instructor for helping learn how to drive from the neighborhood to the road. Thanks.

alex gaeta

Joey was a fantastic instructor, helped me immensely. Very insightful, personable and gives clear instructions!


Joey did a great job at showing me how to parallel park and i hates it at first but now i love it. I’m definitely more comfortable on the road now. Thanks Joey❤️

Julie Scully

I enjoyed my time I rode with Joey great expirence

Melissa Restrepo

I just received my permit today with the help of Paul. He's a great instructor and a highly advise you go to him. Very helpful parallel parking tips and he is calm and easy to talk to.

Randy Morales

I completed my 6 hours with Joey. Great lessons and helpful advice.

Naysha LaNea

This driving school is unprofessional. Before I started lessons, I researched local driving schools and I picked skillful because they had the best reviews. But unfortunately, my experience was not that great because their service sucked! Great drivers that helped me past my road test on the first try. But my overall experience was horrible. When I called to schedule my lessons, I was thinking I’d have 3 lessons within a week back to back or something close. However, because of spring break, they didn’t have that much availability. Ok fine right? Well my lessons were scheduled once a week spread apart between the course of almost 4 weeks and my road test was scheduled about 5 days after my last lesson. I got practice in between cause I was lucky enough to have a spare car at home. So my first lesson was with Doug who was very informative, he had a cool and calm demeanor and he trusted me. Great. But the car I started in needed work cause a piece of the front of the car was basically dragging. So we had to stop my lesson and go to the mechanic. It wasn’t even a big deal at the time. They fixed the car and gave me all of my time. My 2nd lesson was with a different instructor. She was nice but because she wasn’t the same one from the first time, I was given conflicting information. Luckily my next driver I had Doug again. Car was fine and we practiced the road test so when I went for my test, I passed. Great. But before my road test I inquired about Doug taking me to the road test and they were trying to charge me to take the test. They wanted like $100 to bring me saying that they were taking me in their car and their car passes inspection etc. I’m like, yea so does mines ✌

Jason Caston

Joey was a very good teacher and I learned a lot and feel comfortable behind the wheel because of him.

Julia Maia

I just passed with Joey!! He is very helpful and nice!!

Tyler Spires

Just took my 6 hours with Joey, and he was very calm. He might raise his voice but don’t worry he’s not yelling he is just trying to make sure you understand what you need to do. I enjoyed every bit of my 6 hours.

Mya Fonseca

I had John Natoli and he was extremely helpful. He was very easy going and helped me with a lot of great tips along the way. The company was also very helpful. It was overall a great experience and I'm glad I went with skillful driving!!


Today was an awesome experience of driving the first time, my instructor name John, was the most nicest person I ever met, at first I was nervous when started holding the wheel he told that I shouldn’t be Nervous he thought me very well on driving I highly recommend John for the instructor for real.

David Mosqueda

Did my my 6 hours with Joey. Honestly recommend him. He gave me confidence and gave some good driving tips. He made parallel parking easy for me (trust me I sucked at it). He honestly believes in you and he tries to connect driving with other activities like sports, riding a bike, etc

Will Santoro

My instructor, Joey Kritsky, was a very kind, funny and helpful instructor. He gave great advice that will forever stick with me when I drive.

Madison Wade

John was so friendly, and helpful. Before going in for my 6 hours, I was terrified and was not very good at driving. After some of his encouraging remarks and all of his lessons, I’m going great!

Mo Gartenhaus

Very professional service !

Dan Portnoy

Great experience and the cheapest school i could find. Wouldn’t have been able to get through my 6 hours without my great instructor John!


Joey was my driving instructor and he was really great and got me to pass on my test first try

Vincent Gianotti

On 9/17/19 I was driving on Rt-530 then Dover Rd and the GSP and had the unfortunate experience of following this vehicle. On Rt-530 and Dover Rd the driver was looking at and very chatty with the front seat passenger. At the same time the car was driving about 15 mph under the speed limit and using the entire driving Lane and almost crossed the center lane several times. I flashed my headlights a few times and the driver sped up quickly now driving through a 35 mph limit and school zone at about 40 to 45 mph. On the GSP North the driver used the proper signal to move across two lanes at once and quickly sped away. Not good advertising for the company and certainly not a way to teach a student driver.

Maggie Downs

I highly recommend Paul. He teaches you everything you need to know about the road test and will definitely make you a better driver.

Ana Flores

I passed my test thanks to Joey. It was a great help, the encouragement and coaching was very appreciated.

Gavin Danitz

My instructor John, made my 6 hour driving experience very enjoyable. I felt very reassured the entire time and was able to learn very quickly. He is very easy to get along with and I definitely would recommend.

Dominic Tesar

A big thanks to John! He was the guy I had as an instructor. Very nice man, taught me lots and was very helpful and calm! Definitely would recommend!

Tzvi Kaufman

All of my driving age children have used Skillful Driving School to learn how to drive and we have been extremely satisfied with their "Skillful" training.

Ay Goldman

Joey's an awesome instructor helped me pass in the pouring rain no problem

Christina Walden

Joey was an excellent instructor. He was prompt and very knowledgeable about all aspects of the permit process. My son felt very comfortable driving with him. Highly recommended.

kyle tash

John was really great and helpful. He gave tips and advice for anything i had trouble with and was a really nice guy

Jordan Pacheco

I just received my license yesterday after working with Joey before the test. Joey was also there to help me earn my permit earlier this year. I highly recommend Joey to anyone looking to learn how to drive, he was super calm and kind throughout my entire experience with him. He taught me almost everything I know about driving and no matter how nervous I got, he always reassured me that I would be fine and kept me relaxed. I went from not knowing how to drive at all to receiving my license 6 months later thanks to Joey.

Cecilia Perez

My instructor's name is Joey and he was very polite and friendly the entire time. He's patient and only wants the best for his students as he puts safety before anything, I feel better about my driving thanks to the six hours I did, I highly recommend him!

Esmeralda Betancourt

Called and made a one on one appointment with Denise & passed the road test in one try. Recommend recommend recomenddd. Loved her. She’s patient and so sweet.

Marques Merriweather

Just got don’t with my 6 hours and It was a great experience! My instructor Joey was very kind and let me drive to my school and work and places I normally go every day. I highly recommend Joey.

Austin LaPorte

Paul was my instructor and he was great he corrected every mistake I made, he taught me a bit about laws that I didn't learn in school like no switching lanes in an intersection and more. Very helpful in getting my permit. Would recommend.

Maggie Mendelson

Paul was absolutely amazing! I failed a few times doing it on my own I felt like Spongebob and thought I would never get my license. Paul has an amazing way of teaching you how to get the parallel parking and the K-Turns down. I am so happy to say I finally got my license!!! Skillful is amazing and I HIGHLYYY recommend Paul!


Joey was my driving jnstructor and the overall experience was amazing. I’ve learned many things driving with him. Although I made a few minor mistakes he was very understanding and guided me through the process and helped me fix my mistakes. Thanks Joey!


I had a wonderful experience. I was the worse driver but after only one failed attempt on my end I had passed the second time. My instructor was Joey.

owenm am

Joey was my instructor. Learned a lot, would recommend.

Demi Luu

i had a great, safe and learnable ride with Joey!

Marizol Martinez

I went for 3 hrs of driving lessons and really regret contacting Skillful driving school. I had instructor Katie and she was extremely inpatient. She would get mad and yell if i made mistakes and would also start using profanity. Totally would NOT recommend her it was a waste of money

vincent saburro

John was my instructor and he was the best instructor that I could've asked for. He was nice, funny, and he knew what he was doing. He is an overall good guy too!

angelica rojas

I called a driving school in brick (a month in advance) and they said they would get back to me on when I’d get lessons (they never did) eventually I contacted them and they would NOT accommodate to my working hours. So 2 weeks prior to my exam I figured why not try another driving school so I called skillful driving, SO GLAD I DID!! They accommodated to my working hours & I learned so much. I passed my road test with no problems! Instructors are super nice and helpful. Will recommend to friends and family!!


I had John as my driving instructor and he was really the best! I was so nervous first starting my 6 hours and he made me feel like i had been driving for years. He was never reprimanding and he made me laugh the whole time. I would highly recommend John as your driving instructor.

George Santiago

This is a great driving school. I highly recommend Joey he is kind and a very good helpful instructor.

Lillian Timpone

John did an amazing job helping me with my six hours... very kind and calm when he’s in the car helping.... always teaching in a way I will get understand in a very short amount of time.... he’s wonderful. I would definitely recommend having him as an instructor.

Matt Gee

John Natoli was a great instructor super nice and a very helpful person

Tristan Serrano

Just got my license today with Joey. Highly recommend.

michael benjamino

Had a great time learning how to drive and receiving my permit. I recommend John for driving without a doubt.

Max Fusco

My instructor was Mr Natoli and he was amazing every step of the way. 100% recommend him and the school.

Corrine Test

Took my 6 hours and driver's test with Skillful and I'm so thankful I did! They are super great at teaching the skills and very kind people. If I recall I had Doug for my hours and Allen for my test practice. I am super happy to have used Skillful.

Sethro Jango

Had Mr.Natoli- the best driving instructor. Knowledgable and explains concepts very easily. Hes fun and jokes alot.

Jordan Reck

A really great driving school. Learned so much within my six hours and really do feel prepare to drive. Highly suggest John as an instructor. I didn't feel stressed about learning and felt it was casual and easygoing!

Tayvian Baker

I drove with Joey today and he came to help me practice for my road test. I was very nervous, but Joey gave me such helpful tips and tricks for parallel parking. And even though we practice for 1 hour I became so much better. And I passed my road test too!!


John is a great instructor teaching me everything I need to know about driving. He's funny and dosent make it awkward to be with a complete stranger in the car for the first lesson. This is a great driving school with great instructors!

Malikaa Alby

The instructors are very kind people and really relaxing. They aren't too overbearing but they're quick to help you fix your mistakes. I had Mike the for a few lessons. Very cool guy! Joey was my instructor for my test and I was kind of nervous to have new instructor (I need someone who's cool, calm, and collected and won't freak out or I'll freak out). However, I found that he too was a good instructor. Def would recommend! (I actually already cousin used their services and passed her test in nov)

Lauren Sims

Best driving school. I just received my permit today, and i highly recommend Paul. He's very calm, he's very kind and very caring. I did both my lessons with him and he was very easy going. He made the experience much less stressful and more enjoyable. The lady over the phone, i can't seem to remember her name!, but she was also very kind. My brother will be coming back to get his permit in a few months!

Gabriella Jandersit

John is a great instructor ! He really helped me and was very patient. I’m now ready to drive! Highly recommend.

Natalie Kosh

I had a guy named Joey and I HIGHLY recommend, he was very clam, and intelligent with ways to make driving easier! If I could go back and pick again I would most definitely pick him again.


MR. ALLAN KORETS is an excellent driving instructor. He is patient and reassuring. The 6 hour driving lessons and driving test review were thorough. (I passed!) Just the boost I needed to feel confident and safe while driving. Thanks again Mr. Allan Korets, Im so glad I chose Skillful Driving School.

jarrid markowitz

Very satisfied with joey as my driving coach when I needed extra help he was all for it thanks Joey !

Victoria Silva

I had an amazing experience with my instructor Joey. He was super helpful with helping me learn how to parallel park and hone all the skills I needed for my test. He really instilled the confidence in me, and as a result I now have my driver’s license! Thanks Joey, and everyone at Skillfull Driving.

Amanda Blazis

I took my driving test today and I passed all thanks to Joey who really helped me through it. He was very calm and sweet which helped me stay focused. He also really believed in me which gave me a lot of confidence. I 10/10 recommend skillful I’m very happy I choose them, great outcome!!

Stephen Kirby

I completed my 6 hours with Joey, and it was a positive experience.

Chaim Eckhaus

Hi my name is chaim eckhaus I did some practice with Joey before my lisence test and I passed it without a problem Joey is a really good instructor motivates you that you’ll pass as well as teaches you what you have to know in order to pass


Skillful Driving School helped me tremendously on passing my road test! Joey was my instructor and he did a great job on helping me as well. Skillful Driving is the key to success!

Huihhh Joiggg

Just finished my 6 hours with John Natoli. Great experience and very great guy to drive with. Made me feel very comfortable and confident while driving and because of him I am now I very skilled driver.

Sean G

I had the driving instructor named Joey and he taught me everything i needed to know, from top to bottum. He was very understanding and when i made a mistake he helped me correct it and told what to do next time. He was somebody that i can trust on the road and overall a very safe driver

Ariana Urrego

I had a wonderful experience with Joey as my instructor. He was nice and made my experience great and he taught me a lot.

Zaevoyn Cousar

I completed my 6 hours with my instructor Joey. I had a great time and learned a lot from him. He is an excellent teacher!!

Naomi May

I just took my road test with Joey! And I passed!!! Wooo hooooo. YAY!

Marian Burris

Joey was brilliant, he made me stay focus and I passed my drivers road test. Yuppie!

Payton Wolfarth

Joey was very helpful on the road and very knowledgeable. He was very helpful in giving tips and instructions. I would recommend him and the driving school.

diana dominguez

A big thanks to the instructor Mr.joey for the 6 hours lessons.

Soccer Is boy

Joey was an amazing instructor! Really recommend this driving school, and get Joey if you can!

Kav Persaud

Had a wonderful experience, learning & understanding things I wasn't aware of when it comes to parallel parking, k-turn & driving on the highway...I did my DMV road test & pass.I would highly recommend John, Great instructor !!!! Thank you.

Kiera McDonald

The experience was very great! John was really nice and helpful! I would definitely recommend!

Yanely Bohorquez

Great school , took my 6hrs with skillful and road test practice as well . I had Paul as my instructor before taking my road test . He was very patient and made sure everything was correct . Before taking the test I was very nervous but thanks to Paul I passed my test ! I recommend using skillful and request Paul if you can :)

David Cohen

My daughter just got her drivers license after taking lessons with Skillful Driving School, besides teaching her how to pass the driving test on her first try, they taught her excellent lifelong safe driving techniques. The instructors were patient, pleasant and thorough. Highly recommended.

Meredith Bova-Smith

My daughter's instructor, John, was very personable. His teaching techniques took away her nervousness about driving. He taught her all she needed to know in a calm and relaxing manner. She enjoys driving now. I 100% recommend him.

victoria riccardelli

I passed with Joey!!! I used the refresher before my test and he gave me important pointers that I really had no idea about. Thank you skillful driving school you made my 17th bday!!!!

Jenna R

I had a wonderful experience with skillful driving school. My driving instructor was John. He was very calm and full of good driving tips. Highly recommend!

David Rabanales

I took my test with Paul príncipe today and pass he gave me some great pointers on how to parallel park, I will rally recomend Paul to anybody. Thank you

Ryan S

A little while back I was nervous sending my terrified 16 year old out the door for her first time ever behind the wheel with a stranger. The man who picked her up was nice and reassuring. I didn’t expect she would come home smiling and looking forward to continuing. Joey, her instructor, made her comfortable and was easy to work with and available to reach any time. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking. His attitude of kindness and safety first was so appreciated. He was sent to me from another friend who’s son loved driving with joey and said he was great but I couldn’t be more grateful for him to take the extra effort to calm a scared new driver.

Jacob Williams

Very happy with the services and advice given. My instructor Allan was a great help and fluidly answered any questions. Absolutely deserving of 5 stars

Satiera Caze

I took my 6 hour course through skillful driving and it was so reassuring. My driving instructor, John Natoli, made sure I was ready for driving, turns, and parking before I needed to implement these techniques on the road. As a first time driver, his calm and reassuring demeanor really helped me be able to learn all I needed to be able to do on the road. Highly recommend this instructor.

Michael Star

Great experience Joey was an excellent teacher and made the whole ordeal very easy

charles klein

Denise gave me one lesson and I passed my road test with confidence. Thank you Denise!

Melody Salguero

Driving with Joey was easy and relaxing.

Lucas Whelan

Joey was my driving instructor and I had a fun time learning the rules of the road. He was a very good instructor.

Ariana Guzman

Joey is an amazing driving instructor who showed me how to parallel park

Manuel Rufino

My Instructor Joey was very helpful, was on point giving tips and advice on how to do it right on the road. I may have some minor issues during the lessons but he was doing his best to make sure i was focused and ready for my test.

Angelina Avallone

It’s a great driving school. I had John Natoli an hour before my road test and he made me feel very comfortable behind the wheel as well as very prepared. He’s a great guy with an outgoing personality, he sure knows what he’s doing. 100% recommend

Juliana Ulis

my 6 hours with joey was great! he step by step guided me through everything i now know!!

Greg Boerum

I would certainly recommend Skillful driving school. They are one of the cheapest available, and are very convenient. I was able to be picked up from my house and did not need to bother my mother. My instructor Joey was great, he made driving for the first time less intimidating, and was always correcting mistakes and encouraging success. It was definitely worth the money.

Nicole Katerinis

My daughter just completed her 6hrs with Mike and I couldn't have been more happy with her instructor. He was very kind, patient and a great teacher. My daughter felt very comfortable with him and learned so much in those 6hrs. Money well spent. Def recommend this company and Mike.

Ashtin Earle

I wouldn’t have been able to make it through my 6 hours without my instructor John! He is super funny and kind, he helped me so much with my driving and made my time very enjoyable. Great instructor!

Nick Cerulli

I had John, he was an excellent teacher, and taught my great ways and techniques to improve my driving. I will definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor!

Geometry nerd

A huge thanks to my driving instructor John Natoli who was very kind, patient, and helpful during my 6 hours. He was prepared and was able to teach me everything I needed relatively easily. My experience with Skillful Driving School has been a very pleasant one.


It was a very enlightening and enjoyable experience. My instructor Joey Kritsky was very patient with me and helped give me the confidence and knowledge to have a safe and fun driving experience.

William OBoyle

Big thanks to my instructor Joey... Very professional, caring and kind. One of the best teachers i've had.

cindy kraft

Skillful Driving was wonderful. Professional, easy to work with, dependable. The instructor Allen was awesome. A++, Highly recommend.

Caitlin Harmon

Had an absolutely amazing experience with skillful driving school! John Natoli was my teacher and I couldn’t have learned from anyone better!! Highly recommend!!!

Jacob Leiva

The instructors here are really helpful. They know when to keep cool and when to tell drivers what to do. I couldn't pass without the help of my instructor Joey, he was 100% on my side through it all! Anyone who wants a license should really join up with these guys! I'd highly recommend Joey for anyone who wants to drive.

Alexa David

my instructor john was really great he took us to the amc parking lot and i got my turns down really well and made sheets to help me with parallel parking and k-turns.

Chance Drew

I drove my 6 hour with skillful driving school joey was my introductor and I learned a lot and helped me get my permit

Taylor Valenti

A big thanks to my instructor Joey for teaching me so much during my 6 hours & helping me pass my road test!! Joey is such a kind, patient person and driving with him made me feel so comfortable. He taught me a lot-considering when I went to take my test I breezed right through it! Practicing my K turns & parallel parking more than 20 times really paid off and was worth it. Thank you Joey for everything!!!! :) I would highly recommend Joey and Skill Driving to my friends.

Miah Whille

John natoli was the funniest and nicest man , he was very helpful throughout my experience. I feel like I have learned so much from him. I am so happy with my experience and I definitely recommend requesting John for your lessons.

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