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REVIEWS OF Master Driving School IN New Jersey

Daniel cruz

This place really thought me how to drive thanks to the amazing instructors Jose and Napole because of them I'm driving a truck with confidence

Tamisha T

Thankyou Daneil

Nafisa Usha

They don't pick up when you call and also don't let you know that you have to cancel an appointment 24 hours early. So I just ended up paying $70 for one hour. She really wouldn't let me reschedule. But the guy who was teaching me was really nice and helped a lot. I didn't even have my permit with me and had to be picked up from my university. I don't understand why she wouldn't let me reschedule. I also tried to call the day before to cancel, but they never pick up their phones.

Abel Semunegus

Thank you so much daniel.

Darlene Blanco

I loved coming to this driving school. i was treated with respect and patience and I learned how to do everything perfectly!! I also recommend Cesar he was so nice and helped me alot and gave me so many tips!! Thankyou Master driving school

Mervyn Ojukwu

Thank you much, Mr Daniel


recommended to me by word of mouth. Never used this service, but I hear they do good things. IC

Angel Leonor

Before I came to Master Driving School, I never had the chance to be behind the wheel of car. I was nervous at first, but my instructor, Cesar, made me feel at ease and in just 3 classes, I’ve seen significant improvement. He took me step by step and showed me the basics and that put me at ease when I’m driving with other cars. I’d definitely recommend this school for those who don’t have much experience driving.

Daniel Baker

I obtained my CDL class B through this school. Danny was very very helpful as were my driving instructors Napoleon and Christian. They were very professional and helpful in every way. An hour after I passed my test Danny called me to congratulate me. Very friendly and patient. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get their CDL.

Quan Muhammad

Very professional and extremely helpful. The guy Danny makes you feel comfortable and confident about achieving your goal of obtaining your CDL and he also has a leg up on future employment if you succeed in passing your test.

Jean Stfort

Good school, I'd highly recommend based on people I've known who have obtained their CDL.

Blessed Promises

Wow. Am in awe ! I.C

Naz Highlights

They take they time with you and you’ll be able to adapt quickly , I recommend having Edwin as the instructor many thanks to him.

Dwayne Dixon

Very professional service helped my succeed. I.C.

Aaliyah W

I’m so happy I completed the program! Thank you so much guys I.C

Lorenny Batista

My instructor was Edwin and I injoyed the way he gave me the class teaching me my turn and parking I recommend this instructor to other

Anessa Recalde

I went to this driving school and i loved it i definitely loved my driving instructor named cesar he helped me in every way and taught me the little things i needed help with i definitely recommend this driving school and this driving instructor.

Kyahasia Traynham

Honestly I went in with a dim outlook, but I can say they surpassed my expectations! I.C

Joy Osahon

This is a great learning environment. If you want more information, feel free to stop by their office. The staff is great! I.C

Nature Cartier

I really do appreciate you guys ! I.C

Shareef Long

Daniel was very helpful and supportive during my whole training at master driving school scheduling me and keeping contact.

Lacresha James

The class is well organized and they moved at my pace ! Mr daniel

Guerlina Rosario

The Best Driving School in Town! Short time Effeftiveness, Great Service, Affordable Prices, Flexible schedules, Very kind and professional Staff!! Definatelly I will recomend this School!

Gene Howard

Xi was sent hear by the owner, it's great

Salvador Martinez

Great school recomed to anyone who wants a career... I.C

Amari Torrence

They had great service! I.C

Shabana Hassan

Great school, wonderful experience.

Luis Z

Excellent, they show u everything u need to know to pass the road test and u can see that they are very dedicated on what they do.

huncho nye

Thanks for the great service! I.C

jonasia eley

Great service I.C

Alannah DeVito

I had a great experience . Thanks I.C

Christian Raynes

My wife told me about this school , and didn't lie not one bit. Great pricing, courses that you can take at your pace, and the people are friendly! I.C

faheem pickett

I enrolled to obtain my Class A CDL and I got it thanks to the training instructor 'Danny'...who has been extremely professional & proficient with pride in light of his motivational tactics regarding the services rendered contributing to my career as a professional truck driver. I recommend any and everyone with inexperience seeking a career in this industry to come here to get their career started.

Carolina Liranzo

My instructor was Edwin, very Nice teacher I’ve learned a lot loved my class! He tough me how to park and the K turns I recommend this class for anyone.

Patricia Simpson

The school was very extraordinary, and I learned a lot, I would refer anyone to enhance and further their driving skills. I.C.

Felix J Escoto

Amazing school! Very efficient. The instructors are very patient, understanding and flexible. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a CDL School.

Arias Miguel

This place was a complete scam. I bought my 2 hours 7 months ago and i wanted to use them but they kept telling me to wait for my roadtest even tho my roadtest was 6 months away. Now my road test is in a week and they showing me there policy telling me i have 90 days to use it. So they said they can help me if i buy more service. I am very dissapointed of this place and i want to warn you guys to make sure you wont go through the same mistake i did.

The Martian LifeForm

Is it me or are they just great at what they do? I.C

ross p

Thank you, guys! you are the best!

Sonia Suazo

I just recently got my CDL and my instructor jose help me feel secure and confident of myself and I'm so thankful for helping me. I highly recommend this driving school

Jahmeel Wallace

My instructor was Edwin and I felt comfortable and relaxed, he was being patient with me and I would like to have Edwin as my instructor for my next session


I’m doing my six hour driving course. My instructor’s Edwin. At first I was super nervous because I never put my foot on the pedal but after 15 minutes I was way more confident and relaxed. I learned how to do my turning and got way better at it. And compared to how my friends’ experiences were with their 6 hours (at different places ) I definitely had a way better course and instructor than they did... 100% lol.

America Lugo

The most honest review you’ll get. So I payed $210 for 2 classes and to go and take my road test to borrow the car, and I won’t say I’ve never driven before because I have , but very little. I had very little experience and my test was 2 days away. On my first day I had an instructor called Cesar and he basically took me to a really quiet and residential zone where he taught me how to do my turns perfectly along with k - turning and most importantly PARKING. One of the most important things he said was to try and not to be nervous and just trying to focus in driving and getting it right. My first day o learned how to k- turn perfectly. The only thing I needed was parallel parking. The second day comes and it’s 1 day away from my driving test. I was hoping I get the same instructor and I did and we mainly focused in parking and I finally got it. Then we just took videos on my phone so I can go over them when I’m about to do my test. Cesar was one of the BEST instructors I’ve ever had. I’ve had Driving School with other schools and it just wasn’t the same as here. He likes helping people and making them perfect what they lack and not to forget Cesar is pretty funny. And if that doesn’t deserve him a raise I don’t know what does

ivy naomi

this driving school took SO long, they take their time processing everything and things that you would’ve been able to get done the same day with other driving schools you have to wait up to three days to get done here, plus they’re not very efficient you have to go to them to do everything in clouding sign up pay and pick up my permit, other driving schools do it with you while you’re taking your lessons. also there was a lot of unprofessionalism between my driver and I, i’m not going to go into details but i would not recommend this service. you’re making a process that should take about a month into three

d 95

Got my license now im going back to get it my cdl when i turn 21 :)

Anika Jishan

I had Ceaser as my driving instructor and he is honestly the best instructor. He took the time to make sure I understood everything, I feel way more confident.

Niyah Jackson

Straight up, they're second to none! I really do love the involvement of the staff, they're patient and willing to do what it takes to see the students succeed! I.C

Matthew Sanchez

Good drivers school and request Cesar he’s the best

rashad king

I was searching for a good school and found them. I appreciate the commitment of everybody on board. I.C

Isaac henry

thank you so much guys. You have a great set of staff! I.C

Craig Lee

The instructor are very nice and they listen and help with any problems we have while showing interest and understanding of the CDL process I.C

Joan Mejia

Daniel has been very helpful and understandable when it came to any situation since the very beginning . He is very patient when it came to taking care of the whole place as far as seen. If it’s was for me to recommend any other person to attend to this school would be mostly because of him.

Ramón yordano Peralta Ureña

Excellent Driving school. All instructors are patiens and very good teachers. Get My CDL with no problems i will recomend this school ever great Job Jose and all the staff at master driving i coundt find a better school For my future thank you guys!!!!!

Maria M Garcia

They are always on time, and are very helpful.

peter bauza

The school program and the staff,for my experienced,so far the program is good, you get the info the you need, good environment as well Iget all the help I need so far, very good school I recommend this school to everyone is looking for a new carrier to change your future,this is the right place for you and family...

Vanessa Evans

It was a great experience,gives good driving instructions.. IC

Danaysha Cummings

I like the attitude of the people there. It really made me feel comfortable, and that means a lot to me! I.C

Janiris Craig

Professionalism is top notch!. Dani was very helpful and accommodating. Yohel was amazing. Thank you Master Driving School. One happy camper here.

Stephen Yeboah

Thank you!!! I c

Cierra Brown

Thank you so much guys! I.C

Danny Dorney

Was a great place to learn to drive on all levels IC

Jeremih Branch

Thank you Ic

Jasmine Carrasco

I took 2 classes with Cesar and he taught me everything I had to know. He is a great instructor! Because of him i was able to pass my road test.

Tracy Cain

The staff service is unparalleled . Thanks mr daniel

Yohel Pena

Best driving school ever love it

Hey Terk !

Thank you very much! I.C

josin gutierrez

There amazing people they will help you with anything you need help with.

Dennis Demetrios

Man! You guys exceeded my expectations! Daniel

Allan Campbell

My first encounter with the representative from the very start grab my full attention to go with this School for my training. The staffs are very friendly and helpful *( Daniel ) is very knowledgable getting you the right information you need to make the right decision. He's always give you tips to have you think differently then nornal when it comes to CDL very polite and respectful of everyone option and give his full attention. He does his best to get the best out of his student that attend their program at Master driving school. My instructor ( Jose Pena )have all the right tools to get you going on the right path he will give you the keys and the tools but you have to do your part. #I love the program. I wouldn't have went anywhere else. FYI: I haven't taking my license test at DMV yet but just to let you guys know if your looking for a CDL program Master Driving School in Paterson NJ is one of the best if not the best. FYI: I had three school to choose from and I am very glad and please I made the right choice.

ang batista

i took a class a couple weeks before my road test and it was okay even though it could’ve gone way better. The day of my road test i wanted to refresh my memory and i had Cesar as my instructor. He knew exactly what i needed help with and gave me some tips to help me pass my road test. He is the best so request him when you decide to take a class


I’ve been using this service a total multiple times, & Cesar is the only instructor that really helped, I 100% recommended him to be your instructor, thanks again Cesar.

Moon Lockhaert

Great learning environment. IC

Juwan Phillips

Well program I.C.

Gabriel Plays

Horrible terrible service not on top of things made me wait so long for my permit n everything

Reaz Khan

My instructor was Edwin he is very good teacher Feel every comfortable with him was nervous at first but he made that go away in the first 15 min I learn my turns I recommend Edwin to other students

Riley Smith

I didn't think I was able to get it done, but they explained things very simple! I.C

Juan Martorell

Great school loved the instructor. Master driving school worked around my schedule. Chris B

kelvin baez

Great school I got my CDL CLASS A they are very professional and friendly.. thx

Mike Masty

I really wanted to go to Windsor Driving School because they claim you could have your license within a month... when I talked to Daniel at Master Driving School he said it would be a mistake to try to rush through the driving classes... to truly learn how to drive you should take several months... I figured it was just a sales tactic... after taking a little over three months to complete the entire program I obtained my CDL A license... I also realized there's a difference between being able to the pass the state exam and truly being able to operate a tractor trailer safely and effectively... if you want the latter I strongly suggest you go to Master Driving School.. by the way I was just offered a very good paying job today (3 weeks after graduation)... I highly recommend this school!

Ronald Morrison

Thanks for all the help realy. I will recommend you to my friends Daniel

marquise hicks

Thank you so much daniel . my family really does appreciate that

Sarah Remy

Thank you so much Mr. Daniel !

E Mango

Book a lesson with Cesar Rivera!! In just one class you feel comfortable! He is the best instructor there is and will teach you all the tricks to pass the test.

Rasel Chy

Really awesome . I am very happy that I passed my test today. Special thanks to my instructor PABLO .Thanks a lot for your tips to improve driving skills.

Jason Field

thank you so much Mr. Daniels

WeMax Wild

Would recommend to others , thanks to I.C.

Khalil Montgomery

Great learning environment! I.C

Melanie Alianna-Faith

I’m so excited to finally hit the road . I don’t know what would’ve happened if they didn’t give the extra support. I.C

steven cisneros

Just finished my six hours with my instructor Edwin. He's a great teacher and helped me a lot, he gave me a lot of good tips on parking and is a very nice guy. Getting everything set up was very fast and easy and only got one lesson canceled due to extremely bad weather glad I picked them.

Robert Bentley

Had a great experience here. IC

Angelo Martinez

thank you so much guys! I.C

Jim White

Thanks for the great experience!

Shubon Husan

It was a great experience doing my driving class with master driving and I recommend Cesar for your driving instructor he would be a great driving teacher. Thank you.

Julius Acevedo

I have learned a lot from this certain driving school from where to turn on the road to pushing the brakes a certain way. One of the great driving instructors here really made driving school fun and enjoyable and his name is Cesar. If you are looking forward to start driving I would really recommend learning at Master Driving School for there is so much you can accomplish in just a after of days.

Ronald Walton

Thank you so much Mr Daniel!

William Garzon

My instructor was Edwin and he told me how to properly turn and to stay calm. I really recommend him for driving lessons.

Nydrese Cole

Thank you so much man!! I.C

Shazzad Uddin

The course was simple. I had Edwin as my instructor who told me the rules of the road.

Ray Swinney

Anybody that tells you this school is anything but great is insane! You guys just simplified everything! I.C

Aleisha carmichael

Ceaser is the best driving intructor to go to. With him I passed my road test, he is bilingual and is really good with teaching the skills needed to pass the road test.

Gisset Pinateli

It's a very good school and I highly recommend it. They are there for you every time you need help.

Asher R.

My instructor was Ceasar! He was a great personality and good at explaining the way of the road. I would recommend this place for nervous learners.

Zineb Sribt

I'm so thankful to my instructor cesar. He makes me feel more comfortable with driving . It was a good experience for me Thank you so much.

Evan Miller

I like the method you guys use to teach. Outstanding school! I.C

Samory Wilson

I don’t remember that one guys name but he made things seem easy. He was really organized and wasn’t all over the place! Thanks. I.C

Tia Armstrong

Thank u so much Daniel

John Buggaru

Thank you so much mr Daniel

Manuel Luna

The best driving school Very good hard working and Understanding personal My love and respect to Jose Napoleon and Emilio This group of people really works with you To help you achived your goal Very respectful people's I recommend this place.

felix vergara

This is a joke!. Worst service!

Jaylin C

Ceaser was a great teacher. Very patient and skilled. He allowed me to drive without being panicky, and that made me comfortable. I recommend this driving school, as I took five, two hour classes and I’ve been doing great so far.

Emily Martinez

Amazing experience! I recommend Caesar he’s an amazing and patient teacher.

Angelica Alayon

I honestly had the best experience ever! Ceaser was my instructor and he’s very patient with me and takes the time to explain everything in detail which I very much appreciated, I didn’t think I would learn so so much but I did! And I’m grateful for it.

Lekan Salami

Thank you so much guys I.C

safiiya andrews

Thank you so much . It is rare to find a school with such good staff and a curriculum that one can easily adapt to! I.C

A. J.

If you wanna learn how to drive the fast and easy way then this school is for you! The staff and instructor's are very good and straight forward. Caesar was my instructor and he did an excellent job at teaching me defensive driving.


They were very patient with me, while they taught me how to drive. I ended up passing my test on the first try. Thank you very much. ~IC

Ana Castro

Good services and excellent instructors!

Karen Montero

AMAZING! I was very nervous to learn how to drive and would get anxiety Ceaser made me feel very comfortable, and taught me a lot. Would recommend 100%.

ExE Dual

Called me out on what i need to work on, overall had a great experience. The instructor i had was Edwin.

Melbert Downs

Thanks for the service! I.C

chaz levister

Great driving school for CDL they gave me multiple chances the instructors was great and understanding and was very helpful the whole staff is great and helpful i recommend people to come here

Robert Faniel

I had a great time at the school. Very helpful. Daniel .

Kiana wallace

Very professional and friendly instructors, they really take the time to make sure that you are ready for your road test.

Isaiah Clinton

I’m looking forward to a bright future, knowing I have the right people in my corner!

shazna ali

Instructor Aldo is awesome! I passed my road test because of him! This school helped me a lot and they're very nice people! Highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn quickly!

Francisco Castillo

Very Good instructor Cesar

Yuriria Sanchez

My driving instructor was Ana and she's was nice also has a lot of patience cause I sure was nervous

brielle solomon

Thank you

Brenda Ramirez

Nice and fast scheduling, i took 5 classes and they were all with Cesar and let me tell you he is a great instructor and will go through any lengths to make sure you pass. God bless him for helping me pass my road test!

Robert Hardiman

I obtained my CDL Class A through this driving school. The professionalism and the consistent aid that was always available to driving students from Daniel Mendoza was outstanding. I would recommend this driving program for anyone looking to get their CDLs.

Adrian Martinez

My instructor was Edwin, and I just began my 6-hour course. I’ve learned a lot from my instructor in just my 1st class. We’ve practiced turning, speed limit and all around driving My instructor went into full detail while driving. Edwin is fun to be with, humorous and doesn’t make the environment awkward. Would extremely recommend the instructor (Edwin) for yourself or child!

Osiris De La Cruz

I highly recommend them. Great staff and instructors i was able to pass my cdl A test on my first try thanks to them. They will teach you the right way to do things.

linda camacho

Had a great experience want to drive and have a awesome teacher I revommrec ceaser he straight forward and speak the truth and he will definitely help you pass I'm going to book ceaser again because I know he help me. He awesome and great

Leva Source

Best CDL in New Jersey. Instructors and all employees are so friendly.

Fanny Jorge

Thanks a lot to Cesar. He is a great teacher and he is reccomend. He teached me how to properly parallel park a vehicle and how to turn a operating vehicle properly. Thanks for his help that I passed the Driving Test. Thank you Cesar.

Elkiller 253

Edwin is awesome instructor recommend him to other students. Felt very comfortable and learn a lot

Judy S

my instructor was Caesar and he taught me how to perfect turns and drive with ease all while making it a fun experience

Sharde Rankin

Good school I.C

Jerico Arias

Great school - IC

Marlen Cabrera

I took my road test 4 time within a year, after so much disappointment I reached out to the school and after one class the next day I took my road test and finally got my license!! I’m very happy with the awesome customer service and the help I received!

Ashley Johnson

They are always late but yet you pay for 2 hours and don't even get 2 hours

Lovecity 96

What a great experience ! I.C

Anthony Grant

Thanks you so much guys ! I.C

Gnanasekaran kandan

I passed my road test in first attempt. I am happy with this driving school. Instructor is very nice person and excellent.

Richard Banyai

Starting with Morristown office which Daniel runs with an efficienent and effective style and is in the wrong location due to his knowledge, his effect on making the whole process go smoothly and make you comfortable is second to none . He's there for you when you need help with a quick answer as well. Because of Daniel I would recommend all my friends for where ever Daniel is located. He's bring Master to the table. I'm currently taking CDL class A Passed my test's because of Daniel. I'M currently taking CDL class A

Allendy Guzman

I started without a clue on how to drive and with three 2 hour lessons my instructor Ceaser taught me everything I should know. I recommend this place and Ceaser if you want good service and a great teacher.

Capone iOS

it was good , amazing experience

Leonard Saltos

Master driving school is a great school for cdi the instructors work with you to help you achieve your goal also they help you find work once you graduate from the program. I would like to thank Daniel for all the help and support he has given to me thru out this program.

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