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REVIEWS OF Kilmer Driving School IN New Jersey

Alisha Dar

Ibram taught me all of the necessary driving skills. He was very nice and very patient. He was on time and my driving became much better.

Jessica Babich

Thank you Kilmer! I learned how to parallel park and k-turn thanks to the instructor (something I was super nervous about). The instructor was very nice and I passed my road test the first time! Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone.

Alexa Maiorano

Very nice guy and very good teacher. Recommend!


Driving experience was excellent. My instructor abraham was very friendly and instructive and experienced. He taught everything required for the test and more. Overall a very positive experience. Will be recommending to friends

Kero Dawoud

The driver and the experience as a whole was excellent! 10/10 would come here again.

Kawaii Potato

This school was really good. I learned how to parallel park, do a K-turn, how to do turns in general, and more. Would recommend for beginners.

saira sheikh

I took three and half classes with kilmer driving school before my road test. Three classes were two hour each and the fourth class was one hour on the road test day. The instructions were very thorough and descriptive. The parallel parking and K turn were taught in proper details. I was able to carry out instructions of the examiner in the road test easily and passed the road test in first attempt. With utmost confidence I recommend this school to all new driving students scheduled to have a road test.

Alina Cabrera

this service was really good and fast. it was nice and easy. i never drove in my life and this was my first time and it was great.

shinil pk

I had a good day with Kilmer driving school today. I fixed an appointment with them for my road test and the experience was amazing. The tutor was cool and friendly and he had given all the tips required with in an hours time. And I am done with my road test.

Jocelyn & Alex Show

I would recommend Kilmer driving school. Everyone is very friendly and will help you to pass your test. My instructor was great. I highly recommend coming here .

Cristina Losada

Excellent service!!! Would recommend to anyone, would not have passed my test without Ibrem

Kimberly Avelar

Wonderful experience! Very friendly instructor who teaches you everything you need to know for the test as well as driving in general.

Andrew Yuen

Thank you so much Kilmer Driving School! I just passed my exam and it is all thanks to my driving instructor! I highly recommend this driving school for anyone needing instructions!

Mariam Soliman

Excellent service

Felix Perez

Work really well for my daughter, would recommend to anyone in area

Joey Temenski

Great service, very professional to the point and covered exactly everything on the test.

Mariam B

Really an amazing instructor.. He taught me very well and I passed my road test... Thanks to Ibraham.. Definitely referred to all my friends and everyone

danny rios

I learned how to K-Turn , Parallel Park . I felt comfortable learning how to drive , it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be . I would recommend plenty of my friends to join along this program because I experienced plenty of good and important things that would help me later on while I continue to drive .

Julian Melendi

Great experience, would highly recommend. Passed my test.

Erykah Ca.

Excellent driving school and instructor, highly recommended and helps you become confident on the road.

Mrs. JNH

Service used for road test. Nice instructor.

Kiros Mina

I passed. Excellent services

Ashley Allen

Great instructor!!! I recommend 100%. And I passed, you will too.

Malak Alromaizan

The instructor is very nice and helpful! I would recommend him!

Silvi Kabra

This driving experience was great, I came in knowing nothing and left after 6 hours feeling very comfortable driving! I’d recommend it to any new driver looking for help!

Kayah Ali

K-Turn, Parallel parking, Signals, Turning, Stop signs. Very good service.

Ridge Sanger

Doubts the authenticity of my bill, talks on the phone all the time while driving, does little to nothing in preparing you for cases which might happen on the test. I would spend that money on getting your next car and just teach yourself.

Emily W

They did an excellent job at instructing me on how to drive. I feel confident on the road now.

Julian Kosewski

The service was very good. The car felt really nice to drive and the instructor taught me a lot of new things that helped me drive better. I passed because of this great driving school defiantly recommend especially for the price

Ahmed Elbaz

i passed excelant service

Sam Lotsvin

The lessons were an enjoyable, stress-free experience. I learned to drive, and I passed, so I can safely recommend Kilmer Driving School.

Ross Spaner

I actually had a great experience going to this driving school and would recommend it to anyone and everyone

brian carrasco

I enjoyed my experience at Kilmer driving school. My instructor thought me so many things and those things made me pass my road test. I appreciate all they done

tyriek bryant

Really good teacher. Very patient and definitely prepared me for my road test. I would absolutes recommend anyone in the area that needs to practice for their road test to go to Kilmer Driving School.

Mario Rezkalla

Very good school. I passed my first time. Highly recommended

Erica Pinho

i highly recommend this driving school! The guy is super nice and funny and always makes sure that you are driving correctly. HIGHLY recommend !

Leilah Mohamed

Great service. Recommend it! I passed easily!

Sahreb Aamir

I passed and the instructor was very helpful, knew exactly how the test was going to be and told me what I needed to do

MJ Chu

This a great driving school! The owner does the driving lessons and is very friendly. I literally just passed my road test. He gives great tips and advice, highly recommend!

Jerson Perez

The school deserves 5/5 stars I had no prior driving experience and started practicing with them just a week and half before my road test and with just 6 hours I passed. Totally recommend

naomie perciney

Rating this a 1 star because I had a bad experience with them. Some people is just out there to take your money if you don't open your eyes. Two weeks ago I scheduled an appointment with an instructor for some driving lessons, instructor called and said he's going to be late which was fine. When I got in the car the only thing this man cared about was money. He goes "where's the money!" I opened my wallet and handed to him while quietly observing him. Told him that it wasn't my first time driving and he said get behind the wheel. Drove in circles for for an hours and couple minutes. The whole time driving in circles he kept yelling at me. I was very nervous. The whole time I'm thinking to myself, you're an instructor and everyone make mistakes you're supposed to be soft with me and I'm paying you my money and you're not teaching me for free. When I completed an hour of driving he asked rudely, "do u have your phone on you?" I said yeah. He goes, "let me see?" And snatched it out my hand started to go to the website to rate his self. I watched him click on the 5 star rating. I said to him, what are you doing? He literally answered " this". good thing I am never sign in into google. I said to him " I'll rate you when I get home." After that experience with you just because I'm nice you thought I was going to rate you a five star and you tried to rate yourself off my phone. Those 5 stars rating that said all good stuff about him I don't even think they are true. I said never again. I had 25 minutes left of driving with him because he made me drove home before my time was ended and when I approached him he said" next time." There's no next time after my bad experience with you. My road test was coming up he didn't even follow up to see if I was comfortable enough to take the road test. Anyway I'm glad he didn't call. I wouldn't work with him again. Sometimes when you see a website that's all 5 star rating, you have to see for yourself if those ratings are true or not.

Daddy Brill

everything was good and it was super helpful i’m glad I took lessons with him , i recommend him .

Vatsal Tiwari

Excellent Coach and Teacher. At the end was able to do everything for the test.


Very unprofessional. **** I left a negative review and they called me a liar

Reia Miwa

My experience with Kilmer driving school was amazing. I took the car service and the lesson and helped me get my license in one try.

Jesus Gonzalez

The service was amazing!!! Would recommend to anyone who needs an instructor.

Kevin In Heaven

An hour of practice before road test and he only did about 15 minutes. Straight up dropped me off of DMV after I passed basically telling me I’m on my own. But overall it was alright. (P.S.) Had to call me to make sure I wrote a review lol

Asare Bampoe-Parry

It was a great experience ever since I did my 6 hours. Ibram set me up for success and i ended up passing my road test. I will continue to recommend this school to all my friends.

Daya Bello

Excellent service! if it was for them i wouldn’t have passed. highly recommend

Nisha Khan

I passed my road test and I recommended to anybody and everybody! It’s a super useful organization that will get you where you need to be. :)

Dana Tong

great service. Gave a lot of good advice and passed.

anish patel

Abraham was very helpful. He made the 6 hours feel easy and very comfortable. The service was great and the car was very easy to drive.

Miranda Worden

He was quite a jolly fellow. We were driving down route 18 when i made a wrong let turn. We heard a giant crash in the trunk... followed by screaming. He told me to pull over, and he got out and pulled a body bag out of the trunk. He threw it into it into the woods and then we drove off. I didn't think much of this at the time, but then he pulled out a knife and started hacking away at my dash board. He pulled out a print out face of James Franco and placed it on his lap, then he repeatedly stabbed at his crotch. He then told me he didn't like spider man. Other than that' it was a pretty good experience and I gained much knowledge.

Samuel Kibathi

Great place to go and learn to drive. I passed on my first time. Would recommend to all.

Chankyu Kim

I passed at my first time through Abram ! He was very kind and a good teacher. I highly recommend that you guys get your license from this school!

Jade Wurst

Great experience!! Learned a lot!!

Nazeeha Latif

I had a wonderful experience. I passed as well. I recommend this school for everyone learning how to drive. They are the best!!

Chanell Goodman

I passed on the first try, great learning experience. I recommend for all new drivers.

Audrey Vargas-Cruz

I recommend this driving school 100%. I passed my test on the first try, thanks to him.

Marina Michael

When I first came to him, I had no idea how to parallel park or k turn. He was able to teach it to me in 30 minutes AND I was able to pass the road test on my first try!

Danielle A

The instuctors are really nice the whole experience went really well. If you have to take you driving test I recommend Kilmer Driving School.

alexandra duque

Wonderful instructor the service is great and they helped me pass my road test.

Priscilla Cortez

Awesome! Abraham was a great instructor I passed with flying colors!

Christian Castro

Very good first lesson from them! I learned how to better control the gas and brake, how to correctly turn the steering wheel, as well as how to merge lanes. Instructor was very patient with me when I was having trouble and helped me get a better understanding of the basics of driving.

Nazneen Marcel

The instructor was very helpful I passed my test in the first attempt

Ibrahim Hussein

The service was very nice. The instructor was very helpful and patient with me. I really recommend this driving school over anyother.

Thinuri fernando

Instructor is great, and funny. I highly recommend this driving school. The price is great too!!!

Bhushan Jadhav

Very satisfied with the service and learning. Highly recommend.

Surya Ananthu

Great Service. Just passed my driver’s tests. Prepares you very well.

Giuseppe Gambino

This is prob the worst place ever they are so unprofessional and unorganized it’s hilarious. Like I called this guy and he told me it’s 140 for your road test and to come tomorrow at 9 which I did and 30 mins passed and he didn’t even show up so I called him back and he said no we don’t do test here. I hope this place gets shut down

Moreen Rezkalla

It was good practice before my test, and I passed! I would recommend to any and everyone looking for an instructor.

Vague ness

the instructor was very friendly and aided me with any problem i was having trouble with. ( this is the student driver speaking) i passed my driving test on the first try flawlessly. i would highly recommend to anyone.

James Zheng

The service is excellent

Nicole Mezquita

The instructor was very helpful and gives lots of tips before the test. I recommend 100%

Rose Byrne

The service was fantastic. I passed my road test the first time! This driving school was great

Nazarena Ponce

It was great! Taught me everything i needed to know for my drivers test and i passed! Would recommend it to all my friends that are in need of driving instructions!

Oval Rex7124

Passed my drivers test great school I recommend

Gabriella Sapsa

Service was good I would totally recommend!!

Tabetha Ashley

Abraham driving instructions in lessons were very motivational and he helped me pass my driving test after teying for three years. Thank so much Kilmer driving school.

Pradeep N

Service was excellent. Trainer was very cooperative and helped with all traffic rules.

Kelli Borrie

I liked how the instructor was nice and diligent and my friend actually recommended me for this school because she really liked it and overall I learned a lot, I can parallel park and do k turns and I just need to work on being comfortable but overall I really liked doing my six hours


Passed my road test on my first try, instructor is very patient and kind.

Kelly Tsui

i passed!!! I love the instructor he really teaches you everything thoroughly step by step. def recommend :)

Meghana Reddy Kalluri

Very nice service. Passed first . Friendly drivers. Do take driving lessons from Kilmer driving school!

Ana Fernandes

An amazing service!!!! Very great people and most importantly i passed!!!!!


The service was great. Feel much better about taking my road test in 2 weeks! Instructor was very patient and friendly. I recommend this drivers school.

Pooja Bhalode

The service is good and it helped me get to learn everything. The teacher is also good. I would recommend this driving school.

Abhie Maharana

Just passed my road test for my provisionary license today. Ibram was an amazing instructor and took time to teach me well during my 6 hours. He also did two classes before my test just as a refresher for the actual test. After his amazing instruction the road test was a breeze!

Sexual Choclate

Abraham taught me everything I know. Ended up passing with flying colors and no mistakes.

Ichung Tan

This is a great driving school. I learned a lot from the instructor and I recommend this school! :)

Reinaldo Rodriguez

I passed and it was all thanks to this driving school, honestly didn’t know what I was doing until they helped me out, would recommend

Pranav Udeshi

Would recommend to freinds!

Jensy Estrada

The instructor was very helpful and very nice, he teaches me everything for the road test, he was very understanding. I recommend this to anyone who wants to pass the road test.

sidd viswanathan

Very good service. I learned parallel parking well and other good tips. Ibrahim is very kind and knowledgeable.

Vanessa Simoes

Loved the service. I learned how to park, turn properly, k-turn and pull out. Had an amazing g instructor. Very funny and keeps you relaxed. Money well spent./

Sheleena Shrestha

I will recommend Kilmer Driving school. Abraham is good instructor as he poses a skill of making the student learn and drive safely. He is awesome.

Bryan Sousa-Catarino

The instructor is a great and friendly man, he knows what he is doing 100% and truly cares about what he people he is teaching to drive. Would 100% recommend to anyone

yasmin awad

The instrucer was great. They are very helpful. They came exactly on time and made me practice a lot. I passed my driving test with them and they waited until I get my license The price are good and service is great.

Matthew Diaz

Great guy and a great driving teacher plus I passed on my first test. Would recommend to use his services.

Rachel D'Armiento

I real recommend coming to this driving school. The instructor was very nice and extremely helpful. I was not nervous at all after I did the one hour refresher course with him. I was very confident on the test and I am so happy that I chose this driving school to help me.

The Gale Juezan

Very friendly Abraham and I passed the road test same day he taught me. EXCELLENT Teacher

Sasha Magnabousco

I just took my road test and passed very easily from the instructions given by my instructor. My instructor was very nice and precise with directions.

Nicolas Utarid

Very good service

Alexa Sapsa

it was very good service !!! I passed and definitely recommend coming here!!!

Aliza Martinez

Great service, great communication, great driving instructors.

Bryan Chan

the school really helped me pass my road test especially during the 6 hour service.

Piyush Bhartiya

Great crash course on driving. Ibrahim is a great and practical training. Would recommend.

Chrisbette Penalo

Kilmer driving school is a excellent driving school it taught me everything i needed to know to drive safely. My instructor was great he was patient, calm and overall a great teacher. Definitely recommend.

Sienna Benjamin

Service was great! The instructor was very attentive and made sure to correct all of my mistakes before my test. I passed because of him.

Jolie Harmon

I would recommend !

Allehs Dahsra

I took 6 hours plus the day of test class with IBRAHEM! Today i passed my road test in first attempt. I went to another school they helped me to overcome my road phobia but I was not good in parallel parking at all. IBRAHIM very calm and comfortable person,he teaches me Parallel parking perfectly. I will definitely recommend KILMER DRIVING school to all. Thanks again IBRAHIM.

Polina Poliakova

Abraham was a really great and experienced instructor. Very friendly, approachable and extremely helpful! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor!!

lil ev

Very good service, very helpful, they tell you everything you need to know about driving very friendly person

Mahi Haider

The service here is great, the instructors are helpful and the test proctors are very nice. I would highly recommend this place to take your test.

Valeria Ugueto

Really good! I passed the test from the first time!!

Saphiya Sultan

My instructor Ibrahim was very nice & patient and taught me well , I learned how to drive from him quickly and passed my test !

Gabe Szumski

The test was very easy going after doing the 6 hours with my extremely nice instructor Abraham. Once he shows you how it is done, its a piece of cake.

Bipin Tripathi

I was looking for a driving school and on web I found that Kilmer Driving School has very good ratings. Then I joined Kilmer driving school and Abraham was my instructor. During first day on the driving he was very well behaved. On day second after my driving class he requested me to give my comments and ratings. I thought that he is a good instructor so I gave good reviews and rating just after my 2nd driving class. On third driving class he was behaving very unprofessionally and rude. After taking 6 hours driving classes from him, I was not very confident about my driving so I thought to take more classes. At one time point I was thinking to go to some other driving classes but I continued to Kilmer Driving school and completed 10 hours driving classes, because I was now comfortable with his car and booked him for my driving test. He was always telling that he will come for the driving test but he did not came for my driving class nor me informed me that he was unable to come. On test day I received a call from Jim (Instructor of Hometown Driving School) that he will take me for the test. I was nervous at that time because I practiced for 10 hrs on one car and during test I am going with some one else. Finally I went for the driving test and failed. Thanks to Abraham (Instructor of Kilmer Driving School). Then I scheduled again for driving test and booked Hometown driving School (Jim). Jim is a very professional and skilled instructor. He helped me a lot. He was very supportive. Finally I passed the test. All credit goes to Hometown Driving School and specially to Jim.

Sudharani Kankanla

Very good Service. The instructor was helpful while teaching and reinforced basics for a good learning experience. Definitely recommend.


My expirence overall was great. I learned to parallel park and about k turns. The driving instructor was very helpful and relaxed. He taught me a lot. I recommend this 10/10 to everyone who is looking to learn from here.

Jonathan Diaz

Funny guy and great service. Would recommend to a friend!

Ashley Kijak

Instructor was very kind and helpful. Good experience

Madison McKenzie

Definelty recommend. Instructor was very helpful and persistent. Passed on the first try!

Lena Copperman

The car I brought to take my driving test didn’t have a center emergency brake. Luckily Abraham was at the dmv and was able to let me use his car!!! His car was clean, drove really well and he even told me the ins and outs of the test so I was well prepared before hand. I passed without fail!

Najee Tanksley

GREAT, I recommend everyone coming here. I LOVED it.

Rahim Shabazz

The service is amazing and the instructors make you feel comfortable. They teach you everything that you need to know in order to be successful on the road. They are respectful and very patient. If you need to schedule your driving test and if you need someone to help guide you with your driving Kilmer is the place.

Joshua Chreer

I booked the road test package for $140 which included an hour refresh course and car for the test. They stated on the website that they offer free pickup and drop off. He came with another person in the car and took the money up front. When we got to the DMV to practice driving, he put the other person in to drive and we alternated. Instead of the hour refresher I paid for, I got basically half an hour if even that. When the test was all over, he refused to drop me off back home because it was "too far" even though I lived in the same town as the DMV, and just left me there at the DMV knowing I had no-one to pick me up.

Ar An

Abraham took me for 3 classes before my driving test and the test was a breeze. He teaches with precision. Every night before my class I received a phone call as a reminder and I liked the personalized service I received. However, the cons were that he was on his phone a lot while I was driving the car and he took my phone after the driving test to rate himself on Google. I edited the 5 star rating now. He also charged me more for the driving test than was his initial quote because he said it wasn't where he normally went. Overall, service was good but some unethical behavior and issues.

Alfredo Narvaez-Flores

Learned a lot from abraham and tahira,great instructors.

Akash Shah

The service is great. My instructor was very helpful and friendly, but never hesistated to tell me what I did wrong. I learned many skills that are necessary, and anyone who wishes to go here should not hesitate.

Tatiana Sales

Had an amazing experience! I passed my road test on the first try! Will definitely recommend this driving school to my friends and family.

Mario Lopez

Great instructor picked me up he let me get comfortable with the car which helped a lot. Thank you very much everyone should get lessons and reserve this instructor

Kunark Kapoor

My instructor was actually the owner of Kilmer Driving School. The owner/instructor helped me pass my road test as he taught me a great method for parallel parking. I had previously struggled with parallel parking but the method that I was taught was extremely efficient and easy. Ibrahim (the instructor and owner) was extremely patient with me and helped me improve on my driving. I would recommend this driving school to anyone trying to pass their road on their first attempt!

Zain Khan

Very good recommend all my boys. Simple and amazing instructor

Saida Ramirez

Great service !! Very helpful and friendly. Highly recommend.


Really good service..awesome driver. I would encourage everyone to try this driving school first.

Jeremy Cuevas

Great instruction, instructor was very patient and thaught well.

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