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REVIEWS OF Jersey Tractor Trailer Training IN New Jersey

Jeannie Telles

couldn’t have picked a better school ! instructors were super patient and really knew how to explain the maneuvers. i had two different instructors and each one had little tips that helped me pass my road test in the first try. They made me feel comfortable driving such a big vehicle (i’m a 120lb 5’ 4” young lady btw) and they made sure to teach me all the little things that other schools don’t teach (overheard from ppl that didn’t pass) . Definitely no regrets going to this school ! CDL Class A wooh !!

John Buckley

I like for everyone to understand that JTTT provided me the knowledge and hands on training to be behind the wheel with an instructor who guided me on a path of experience to achieve.

powder mill towing

Absolutely amazing experience couldn't have asked for anything better from these guys. if your thinking of going to this school 100% do it . Listen to what these guys tell you to do and you will have no problem passing the written test or the road test.

Harnak Singh

I went through a refresher course at this facility. When I obtained my license, I had no confidence in driving and never bothered trying to get a job driving. After going through this school and spending more time behind the wheel my confidence went through the roof! The teachers are absolutely great guys, and they are connected with a lot of businesses that are willing to hire you once you complete your course with them. I would not recommend any other school.

bob dangelo

ok is my new job requires a minimum of a class b within 1 year of hire so I went jttt to gt my b license. I had spoke to mike and he was great .I went home and tried the disc ,I had gotten a blank ,so I had to drive back to get a new disc, not a big deal but a small inconvenience as the school is 30 mins away .so I pass my permit test and he says well come in to make a copy and fill out an availability sheet .I asked if there was any way to do that through email or fax or anything ,no luck so I had to drive over there again for another 2 minute visit.3 days later I get a call to get my schedule ,again no way to do it by email or other option so I have to drive over there for another 2 minute visit . after studying the pre trip paperwork and the video which have a few differences on them my lessons start and my first instructor did not seem confident in his job .as I was doing my pretrip he was reading from the paperwork and he was pointing out things that were on the paper but not the video and vise versa ,in my opinion if you are an instructor you should know the pretrip and not have to read it off the paper. lesson 2 I get a new instructor, Josh. GAMECHANGER as son as I started my pretrip I noticed a difference and he says ok you are doing the old pretrip the new pretrip is much shorter and you don't do this and that anymore so basically the pretrip changed in 2 days ..I was beyond aggravated as now the video and papers I had studied were no longer completely relevant and my instructor from 2 days ago had no idea about this ,,I was aggravated and disappointed in the school ....I was now struggling with the pretrip because I was not sure in myself anymore because I was not sure that the school knew what was going on ...josh stepped it up and had me do a phone video of him running through the pretrip so that I had a new video to study.that was the biggest and best thing I could have ever done as it brought all my confidence back ..after a few more classes I was ready and josh told me straight out I was going to pass and I did .I passed and I don't think I would have passed if I didn't have josh ...he put in a lot of work for me and I could not thank him enough ...THANK YOU JOSH the only cons of my experience were not all classes were the full 2 hours , the blank disc ,the fact that they don't use email or even a fax to handle the paperwork ,its not 1985 ,and lastly my first instructor he didn't seem like he should be left alone with a student if he doesn't make the student feel confident by not completely knowing the current curriculum

Rafael Flores

Im a recent graduate from JTT and the Best school you could ever attend and experience it for the career of your life. Best of the best Instructors , and you get one on one to learn and hands on. I give this school 5 stars

Adam Smith

Best school in NJ to get your CDL. Instructors are phenomenal and very knowledgeable. Go in and ask for Jayson Moody! You listen to everything that man says and follow every step for his maneuvers and I promise you will pass on your first try. He truly cares about his students and when your with him, you are puttin in serious work. OPERATION PUT A HOLE IN YO BACK!

Tracey Gerrity

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training was the best choice that I made, a great school. I recently obtained my CDL license, Class A. They are so professional and knowledgeable. No matter what I asked, they had great advice for me so I could have a better understanding to what I was learning. I had absolutely no trucking experience and had to learn it all. I checked out a bunch of schools and wasn't convinced until I met with them. I studied really hard and with the help of these great instructors, I was able to achieve my goal!!! Thank you again for all that you did for me and believing that I could do it!!! Anyone looking to get your CDL license, I totally recommend you going to Jersey Tractor Trailer Training.

Nick J.

Great School an Staff. I recommend them for your Cdl training.

jaron knox

If you wanna learn from the best, you gotta go to the best and Jeresy Tractor Trailer is it. And go see Sir Moody at the school, best teacher there is, hands down. He will grill you, then mold you into the driver to need to be, to make it out here in this trucking industry. There’s teachers, then there’s Moody (the best there is). So if you wanna be best and get taught by the best, hit JTT and see Mr. Moody!!!

Jovany Vasquez

A friend of mine went to this school. Everyone was highly skilled and knew what they were doing. Great school to become a great truck driver. Keep up the Great work guys!!!

Justin Delia

Great school! The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional. I passed my test at DMV with a perfect score in all 3 parts which is a direct reflection of the quality education and attention to detail you will get from Jersey Tractor Trailer! One thing that does need to be said is that you get out of it what you put into it. Go to the pretrip classes from 8am to 12pm Wed-Fri every week until your test and study your materials you get at home! They'll certainly do their job, but you have to do yours too! Thanks JTT for helping me start the next chapter in my life!

James Courtright

Amazing instructors, great one on one training, and just an overall amazing driving school. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get their CDL and start a career.

Patrick Vassell

This Is the best trucking school you can go to everyone there look out for you and I like the facts that they give you one on one lesson when they are teaching you to drive the truck.

Billy Munson

Friendly, helpful and overall great experience. Glad I picked this school. Passed first time.

Samuel Zorrilla

This is an OUTSTANDING school!!! They're all about getting their students prepared to obtain their Commercial Driving License. They will push you and drill the correct information needed to pass your pre-trip inspection, maneuvers and road test. If you come to learn and are willing to put the effort in studying outside of school, you will have no problem passing the test, but passing the test on your first try, is PRICELESS.

John Doer

Just finished training and starting a new job in about week. Can't say enough thanks for the help in getting the CDL and job placement assistance.

Joseph Fanelli

My pre trip instructor, Calvin, was fantastic. An overall very good experience. My driving instructors were also outstanding. I would highly recommend this driving school.


If you want to pass your CDL road test, this is the school you want to go to. They offer 1 on 1 training and my instructor, Jason Moody, is the best there is. He fully prepared me for the pre trip, parking maneuvers, and driving on the road. Not everyone can teach as well as he does, Moody is the man. I recommend this school to anyone looking to attain their CDL. -RapCity

Donald Libonati

Jersey tractor was a great experience. They will give you all the tools you need to pass the written and the road test. My instructor Paul gave me not only the skills needed to pass the road test but tips and tricks to make me a better driver. All of the instctors are expricenced and very patient. Also the school is the best price your going to find.

Jim pellie-sosa

Definitely the best in the business! I received my training here years ago and passed the test the first time. Just recently I recommended jersey to my father in law who also passed the test the first time. Even at his age, instructor Amad built his confidence and helped him believe in himself. He gives a lot of credit to Amad for being patient with him and teaching him exactly what he needed to learn to pass the test. We definitely recommend jersey tractor trailer school!



Rosie D

My husband came here to get his class A CDL. He didn't pass his first time for the maneuvers but the owner William Oliver went above and beyond to make sure he passed his second try! For the second set of classes, Paul helped him understand the maneuvers and he passed!!

Ivan Rojas

Great system to learn the right way and thanks to Victor, Moody, Josh, Andre good instructors and also the salesman Motherwell has good cookies

kinley louis

Jersey Trailer Tractors is one ☝

Jesus Melendez

Firstly, I’d like to thank my instructors for putting in some great advice and positive reinforcement while I trained at JTT. They pressed on learning all aspects of the CDL road test including the pretrip inspection. Passed on my first try. Very thankful.

Kevin Yozsa

Went to Jersey Tractor and came away with my CDL B license on my first try. Calvin is the pre trip instructor who does a great job. You must practice at home and you will get your license. It is a great School with commitment to the students. Victor did most of instructions and a talented instructor he is. Take the pre trip seriously because that part of the test is nothing to take likely. Thank you Calvin and Victor for everything. STAY SHARP!!

Victor Mattey

Old dilapidated trucks which constantly break down, no AC or heart but they will hold you to your hours driving. They do not offer free classes until you pass, they just continue charging you until toy pass or you go broke, and their trainers are just regular drivers with no proper education experience, they are just there to sit in the passenger seat and critique. I saw a student drove with the air brakes on for 1/4 mile and neither noticed the damage being done nor the smoke billowing from under the truck! They are also pretty disorganized and have instructors with attitudes who obviously just don't want to do their job! Witnessed an instructor speak terribly to a customer just because they were recording the training through public assistance or government grant, it was completely disgusting, and in front of potential customers, i do not recommend this place not even to my enemies!

nicholas comasco

Great school no problems excellent staff

Danielle Tudor

The initial scheduling and entire process took a little longer than anticipated. However, the instructors are very knowledgeable. Many people do not pass on their first try, but I don't think it's a refection of the school. It's just a hard test, which it should be. These are big trucks.

Guillermo Arias

Had an overall good experience with the school as I got the CDL . They give you all the tools necessary to pass the required DMV tests. I highly recommend and thank Calvin for being able to get the CDL.

Edward Gains

Great school great instructors got my cdl from here.

Andre McKinnon

My experience was great! My instructor and class teacher was Jason Moody. He helped me pass my Pre-trip and Maneuvers. I would recommend this school and this instructor to anyone trying to obtain their CDL. I cant forget Rich another instructor who helped me as well. Check them out. 1 on 1 training is what this school offers.

My Account

I would use two allegorical characters for this review. The first character is a keen hard-worker, and the second is a JTTT student. The keen and clever hard-worker would never sign up for an overpriced CDL “school” such as JTTT. Instead, he or she would apply directly to any major trucking company that offers a cost-free in-house training, while earning money (yes, you read it right - you will get paid wages while training to obtain your CDL) with a guaranteed job placement upon successful completion of their corporate driving program. This is me after the second attempt at my CDL test - more on this later. If you fall into the latter category, as I did in the past, and sign up with JTTT, pay for the program with your own money, then you get no credit to complain if the end results do not match with their promises. See, once JTTT takes your money, then you become just a number. Whether you pass the basic skills or road test, they do not care. You will be entirely on your own. Second attempts will cost you $300 + additional brush up fees at a rate of $125 per hour (I stand corrected). Shoddy training with equally shoddy results. Just ask about their passing rates and do not accept a generic answer! If JTTT's training program is as good and effective as their selling and persuasive techniques are, they should provide real data statistics about their student driver passing rates. You will be repeatedly told to practice for the pre-trip inspection (you have to study on your own, but it’s straightforward) while wasting at least 30 minutes every training class doing the same task. Although, pre-trip is mandatory and a requirement according to DOT rules and policies, it should not eat up from your allotted class time. After that, you travel to an off-site location for your maneuvers training which includes offset backing, parallel parking, and alley docking. They do not have enough training space at their physical location, and for that reason, you would spend about 10 minutes traveling each way to an offsite dead-end street in Lyndhurst (check the map photos). By now, you have already wasted 50 minutes instead of practicing the basic skills maneuvers. Every class instruction starts at least 5 minutes late and ends about 10 to 15 minutes early. That's another 15-20 minutes wasted. As a student, you’ll have less than 35 minutes left to practice your maneuvers (per two hours of class time). One of my instructors was actually napping (eyes closed) while I was doing the pre-trip inspection. Others were glazing onto their cell phones even as I drove onto route 17 to the offsite street locations (again check map photos). After all of that "training” I failed the CDL skills test, but as a consolation, I nailed the pre-trip. Instead of signing up for additional classes and settling for another $300 charge to retest at the MVC, I had decided to apply to a major trucking company (name intentionally left blank in case my comment is struck down for a trademark offense). I trained free of charge for 165 hours while earning wages. Search Google for Paid CDL Training in NJ for a list of corporate CDL programs. Please note that due to privacy reasons, I have omitted my name in the profile section. The question that pertains now for the reader or the prospective student is to decide which character they would rather be: the keen hard-worker or the JTTT student? Think carefully!!! - In response to the owner's comment; I had never received a quality assurance document while I was a JTTT student. Complaints were not raised directly to ownership due to fear of retribution by the other instructors or the "school" itself.

alban kolldani

jersey tractor trailer training is the write school for everybody who want to get the CDL......i had a good experencie with them and now i have my CDL already ............

bobby velazquez

CDL CLASS A MANUAL Jersey Tractor Trailer was great. Learning from multiple instructors was a 50/50 because they all had different ways of teaching you which could be confusing but it's also good because you can always learn something new. Failed my first time on my pre-trip in Lodi went to Wayne for the second and did and said everything the same and passed. Paul was a great teacher and a great help made me understand a lot. Make sure you study study study that pre-trip. This is a one on one school which is great. Price is about normal. Everyone is the office was also a great help if you had any questions. When I didn't pass the first time they didn't play around and got me another date in two weeks. Trucks are in great shape and always clean. clutch and gears are also very smooth Just want to say thank you to JTT Team and my teacher Paul

miguel perez

Mike and the team are very helpful and go out of their way to make sure you understand all the info and get the experience you need to pass you CDL road test. Overall great experience with this school! Would recommend them to others based on my experience with them!

Kid Casual

Couldn’t recommend a better school they teach everything you need to know efficiently 1 on 1 in truck training and made me feel comfortable driving in the tractor trailer perfect school thank you to all the staff

Kenny Clancy

Very professional school for you to train and learn the ways to get your CDL. I spent the last two and a half months to get to this point which was getting my Class A CDL. I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to get their CDL. The free classes they give for the Pre-Trip info is beyond exceptional. If you do the work and study there is no reason why you shouldn't pass on the first try. The school does everything it can to ensure you will be ready to go to DMV to do you road test and walk out with your CDL. This is why they have in been in business for so long because they know how to get the job done.

Kaitlyn Beck

Excellent program! There are significant benefits from being able to learn from multiple instructors. Equipment is fairly new. No BS! Absolutely worth every single penny! I passed my road test, for my Class A, on the first shot thanks to Jersey Tractor Trailer Training!

Matthew Morrisohn

Highly Recommend Jersey truck driving school. Stay sharp stay sharp stay sharp That Is there Motto If you don't you will fail The DMV test. So stay sharp thank you Calvin and all my instructors for keeping me sharp and helping me study. Stay sharp fellows


This is a 5 Star training school, I passed my CDL Class A manual Road test on my first try!!! Thanks to the whole JTTT team, and to my trainer Pauly! I recommend this school to Anyone who wants to get their license because my brother also obtained his license from this school!

Sara Kenyon

JTT is an exceptional school and I would highly recommend to anyone who is serious about getting their license and wants solid training. I took lessons mostly with Calvin and a few with Victor. Calvin is a great instructor and made what seemed impossible become possible by removing my fears of driving a tractor trailer and building my confidence. I was challenged every lesson and this helped strengthen my ability to keep a calm mind while on the road. Victor is very patient and explains concepts well. The school offers free pre-trip classes 3 days a week which is huge as this frees up your lesson time for driving. Dan was at the DMV on my last road test day and made a huge difference on getting me mentally prepped to confidently take the road test. Speaking to him and going over basic tips made me completely calm and at ease and void of the expected test day jitters. The best feeling in the world is passing. The hard work finally pays off and is truly worth it. The more you put into your lessons, the more you will get out. Thank you JTT, Calvin, Victor and Dan and all who helped along the way!

Huey Dizon

If you're serious about getting your CDL, JTTT hands down in NJ deadgiveaway. Very reasonably cost, effective quality training 1 on 1, flexible schedule, and a professional environment. Instructors are experienced, knowledgeable, and keep things simple. Very calm, cool, and collective. I had no experience of manual shifting at all. I passed and received my CDL in 4-6 weeks. They know how to teach, listen to your instructors.

Dakotah Romeo

Yury was a great instructor, who was very professional and helpful. He took the time to work on my weak points. Would definitely recommend this school and definitely ask for Yury! Wouldn’t of gotten my license without him.

peter urgola

Great learning experience and great people. Very well trained professionals. Really helped me work on my maneuvers and get me thru my cdl class A exam.

Kevin Kretz

Overall great school. Little nervous signing up and driving a tractor trailer, although i've been driving landscape equipment for many years. After 8 years of wanting to obtain the CDL, I simply walked in the office, talked to Antoine. Pricing was reasonable and I was happy to move forward. All the instructors at Jersey Tractor Trailer made me feel at ease and were thorough in explaining things. After lots of studying inside and outside the truck and watching the video many times, I was able to take the test with confidence and ultimately passed. Really appreciate the help from all the guys over at Jersey Tractor Trailer School. Highly recommend! Kevin K @ LPL / L2GO

Amro Mohamed

The best school to get your CDL from, Antwon Smith is a great recruiter and will help you find the best option that best fits your needs and schedule. Hector and Steve are really good instructors that take their time teaching you and are very patient when you make the same mistakes more than twice lol (that was me).

mike nydam

This school was fantastic! They give you every bit of information you need to get your CDL. They have an incredibly knowledgable and proffesional staff. The instructors were on point with helping you master all of the maneuvers. I couldnt be happier with this school and my experience there. With the help of this school i was able to pass my road test first try and take home my license. Calvin is by far the best teacher when it comes to pre-trip, he will help you get to the point where you can do your pre-trip with almost effortlessly. I want to give credit to all the staff for making this experience so pleasant and easy. 100% would recommend this school to anyone considering getting a CDL. You will not regret it! As long as you give 100% they will give you 110%. If you fail its on you!

Jack Ferreira

Great School! Everyone is fully invested to make sure you pass the DMV road test the first time. The instructors are great and easily approachable for any questions you have. I did the first half of my lessons with Ahmed and I fully recommend you make sure you take a few lessons with him! Not only did he teach me all the basic skills, but made me feel fully comfortable driving the Tractor Trailer. Absolutely loved his teaching style! I finished out most of my other lessons with Josh. Another great teacher! Ahmed started tweeking me to perfection and Josh took me the rest of the way. I passed my Class A the first time with flying colors! Definitely recommend Jersey Tractor Trailer!

Ms, MadKash

Going to JTT is 1 of the best decisions I've ever made. It wasn't easy for me to grasp the concepts of driving a manual, however they gave me the positive reinforcement needed to focus and keep going until I brought home that GREEN STRIP! I recall many occasions where I received free lessons bc another student called out, just walking into Antwan's office to vent bc I was becoming more discouraged and being given an extra lesson by Jerry to insure that I was ready. Calvin is the Messiah of Instructor's, from his ability to switch teaching styles in order to fit my needs-to his professionalism. He said "you give me the Pre-trip,and I'll get you to the finish line"! And that he did...Thank you to everyone at JTT, special Thanks to you Calvin, for your patience, expertise, and knowledge.

Ivan Gallego

The school point me out on the right direction, they cover everything that was critical to the test and thanks to them I am now ready for a new beginning...shout out to the Jersey tractor trailer staff you guys definitely know what you are doing .

sergio lugo

This place was definitely the best school to go to for your CDL license. There instructors are all incredible all very knowledgeable and teach you the best methods to help you pass that test. You give them

zack banka

STOP SEARCHING. This school is the one for you. From the moment I stepped in through the doors, the staff has been amazing. The pre trip classes are so in-depth and informative. Calvin is the man. He will go above and beyond to help you with anything. The owner ALWAYS says hello and shakes everyone’s hand making you feel welcome. Passed the CDL Class A the first time thanks to the help of the dedicated 1 on 1 training you get here. Look no further. This is the school for you.

Christian Renner

Love the ppl great instructors and great training


Rock Solid!!! 100% worth the investment. You pay for high quality insruction & you'll get every bit of it in return!The individualized teaching and outstanding instructors are what set Jersey far beyond the other schools. Owner William Oliver is fully committed to your success & is a direct reflection JTTT's solid reputation. Instructor Jason Moody is GOD. He method man to me. The three step method to parallel parking a tractor trailer is sick!! An all around high caliber teacher & indidivual. Thanks Jay!!! My advice: Know the pre-trip before you ever set foot in the truck! They will tell you this:Take JTTT's free pre-trip courses, watch the video. Read it everyday. That's half the battle. Many students fail themselves not having fully grasped the pre-trip. If you nail it down, then Jersey can spend more time on your driving techniques.

Alberto Lima

Such an amazing school, all of the instructor are great at their job! I had Anthony as my driving instructor most of the time and he had very helpful tips to passing with ease. The pretrip class was a also a huge help, the pretrip class teacher Moody made class fun and helpful! I would give them 10 stars if i was able to. I highly recommend going to Jersey Tractor Trailer if you are interested in obtaining a CDL.

Jay Polis

Excellent School curtiuis professional staff. Professor Calvin was excellent and Antwon deserves an Academy Award for best Documentary for his spot on pre trip video. The instructors we're awesome, when you meet Victor you'll know why. Victor is exceptional, he taught me shifting and parallel parking when I thought I'd never get it, he trains his instructors to be a reflection of himself, and that's great when you're the student. Andre Yuri and big Josh I thank you.

paul stewart

If I could give 6 stars I would! The school is top notch with great instructors. They taught me everything I needed to know for the test and more. Unfortunately, not everyone passes on the first try. But, they didn’t give up on me. I failed 2 times and they gave me extra lessons at no extra cost. They were really personal and accommodated my style of driving (because everyone is different!). 3rd times a charm, I passed last Thursday and already had 3 job interviews lined up this week. Thanks again JTTT!

francis corvelli

Great school. Got the job done in two weeks at age 19. Instructed by Victor. Went to work in less than a week in the beer distribution industry. Thank You Jttt !

Flav Dfl

Great school they stayed patient with me help me out Even when I almost gave up they had my back till the end Pre trip class the best if u listen to what they say U won’t have no problem with yur pre trip

Efrain Vites

I graduated today from school and I can’t remember a better feeling than I have right now. My thoughts in the beginning was all over the place because I was so confused. But Jersey Tractor Trailer School has the best instructors and also me gave all the information I needed to pass my road test. Instructor Andre was great with me he worked the heck out of me but we did it. His firmness is what got me my CDL. He pushed me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and for that I’m forever grateful. Thank you Andre! And thanks to Jersey Tractor Trailer.

alexander leniw

JTTT is top notch and the crew there knows their stuff. They emphasize the pre-trip inspection and you have to pass their pre-trip inspection test before you can start driving. Some might think this is a waste of time. I assure you, its not. When you go to DMV, if you fail the pre-trip inspection, you're going home. As far as the driving lessons, they train you on exactly what you need to pass the road test. They go at your pace but push you to getting it. They really work with you as far as driving schedule and road test date. They accommodated every issue I had. The training is what you make it. I saw plenty of people that didn't take the pre-trip seriously and failed at dmv over and over. The JTTT team isn't there to hold your hand. Listen, take it seriously, and you'll be fine. I got my first driving job a week after getting my CDL. TOP NOTCH!

john jayme

Great place and good environment for a tractor course. Highly recommended

Tony Moore

Instructors and staff were very professional. One on one time was great and if you didn’t get the lesson they would make sure you do by the end of the day. I would strongly recommend a person that’s looking for a career change in trucking to go to this school.

Michal Lodziana

I was very pleased with my experience with Jersey Tractor Trailer, having passed my CDL (class B) exam on the first shot. I credit a good portion of my success to my instructors, who stressed the importance of the air brakes test (If you fail it on exam day, you get sent home immediately) and developing "systems". I am also very grateful to Mike, who walked me through the entire training process. Would definitely recommend this school to aspiring truck drivers. *Review #100!!!*

Sly Sly

Amazing school!!!!!! I never drove a truck before coming to this school and I passed the first time. I went from driving a little Scion TC to a BIG truck in few weeks. That shows you how good these guys are. The minute you sign up Mike gives you all of the information you need to pass the written and driving test. I mean he gives you everything, study guides, practice test questions on a CD (just like during the real written test). He even gives you a video that shows you step by step how to pass the PRE TRIP INSPECTION. A little studying during my lunch breaks and I passed A+. The instructors are amazing, super friendly and super patient ,and definitely very knowledgeable. Thank you for everything.

Julio Cabrera

I just passed my NJ CDL Exam and i have to give thanks and say that the instructor Josh Velez was amazing !! He was patient and motivating. He helped me understand the technics and skill needed to pass the cdl exam...He technically showed me how to parallel park 'offset' and straight back a tractor trailer, and because of him i learned the skills necessary to move to the next level. today I have a new career in the fast paced lucrative trucking business . My family and I thank you Josh . thank you .

Jabbi Da Silva

JTT is an amazing school, all of the instructors are great at their job! They are very knowledgeable and teach in a way that it makes it easier for you to grasp and understand how the truck moves. I had Josh as my driving instructor most of the time and he was great at teaching my how to shift and how to maneuver a tractor trailer. The way he taught basic maneuvers was simple and effiencet enough to the point where I understood what I needed to do very quickly . The pretrip class was a also a huge help, the pretrip class was made class fun and insightful . I would very highly recommend going to Jersey Tractor Trailer if you are interested in obtaining a CDL. The school is amazing. And I am very grateful for the school and the instructors for their help!

Arthur Gallop

Instructors and staff are highly trained and knowledgeable. They will teach you what you need to know to obtain you New Jersey CMV License. You get plenty of time behind the wheel and if you make this your priority, you will pass. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking to obtain a CMV license.

C Austin

I would absolutely recommend JERSEY tractor trailer training to family/ friends . Pre-trip classes are awesome , excellent seasoned instructors.. and one on one training in a great yard to learn and practice. Instructors that care and are there to help you get your license . I chose this school and made the right choice . I was referred and would def refer them to friends and fam. I got my cdl class A manual through JTTT. Thank you guys for everything. They are very professional and top the line .thanks JASON MOODY , CALVIN, and VICTOR , you guys are the absolute BEST.thanks again

Jose Guerra

Yes there right. It was last year & I didn’t get my CDL with them. I just want to let people know my experience at this school. Ok so where should I start. I was told this was a good place to train for New Jersey to get my CDL class A. Some trainers are really good some are not that great. They like to stare into there phones & think there teaching you something when there not. All there trucks are old & run down & falling apart. Some office employees are willing to help but they can only do so much. One office employee that works there is very disrespectful, yelled at me at one point just because I asked him if I can go from a manual to automatic. He has no understanding of customer service nor how to speak to a person what’s so ever. Again they do have a few good trainers there but they lack everything else. Go at your own risk.

Joseph Sellars

Awesome school awesome trainers passed 1st shot I recommend this school to anyone that's is serious about passing first shot

Chris P.

SIMPLY THE BEST TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL WITHOUT A DOUBT. I ACED my road test on the first shot and it speaks volumes to how logical & efficient their quality of instruction is. I WAS IMPRESSED WITH THE INDIVIDUAL TEACHING. They genuinely want you to succeed on your tests and Jersey will find you the right company after you pass. THEY FOLLOW THROUGH WITH YOU WITH SOLID JOB LEADS. Jersey Tractor will be there for you every step of the way, and that's what sets them apart from those other shady driving schools. A special thanks to William Oliver and all the skilled instructors at Jersey Tractor Training!!!

Elly Monteleone

I had no experience with tractor trailers so I got the premium package which was 30 hours of training. JTT gave me the tools and knowledge I needed. Less than 5 weeks later I passed my test the first time. The dmv administrator even shook my hand and told what a great job I did. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Thanks guys!

Anthony Severo

Such a great school full of nothing but great instructors with great energy Not only has every and each instructor of the school helped me to my success of a commercial drivers license but I’ve also built a bond and a friendship with each and every one of the instructors. I failed my first time and basic maneuvers (because we all know it’s not easy) but the school and all of its instructors made it their priority to make me pass the second time and thanks to them I have successfully Acquired my class A commercial drivers license. Thank you jersey tractor trailer you guys are the best !!

Lukasz Kutarnia

The best school for CDL. When i first thought about getting my CDL i went to different schools to nrowse around. JERSEY TRACTOR TRAILER TRAINING earned my trust. The guys at the office explained to me how everything works. One-on-one training, the best thing you can have. The instructors at JTTT are very knowledgeable. They know their stuff. I went thru everything smoothly. Got my CDL license after my first Road Test. I highly recommend this school!!!! They make it very easy for you. Once you get the Pre -Trip inspection the rest is easy. Thank you guys for everything. Big shout out to Jersey Tractor Trailer Training!!!!! A+++++++++++++++

LeftLane Osc

Jersey tractor trailer. By far the best school. Easy to communicate. All the instructors know they’re stuff really well. Had classes for one week. Came to my road test. One day got my CDL CLASS A. All due to jersey tractor trailer. Really great. Prepared me really well. All great guys.

Vito DiCarlo

I highly recommend them! The training staff are real professionals and the trucks are in good shape. Andre, Steve and Moody are great instructors! Use them you won’t regret it.

D Marte

New Jersey tractor trailer school it's a good school if you wanna get your cdl I went for my class A and passed and I have to give IT to THE BEST INSTRUCTOR JOSH ASK THE BEAST HE HELPED ME SO MUCH!!!

Dougy Fresh

I cannot thank this school enough for all the training and hard work that they put in for each of their student! I want to shout out one instructor who kept it real with all the students and made sure they stayed sharp. Calvin... The Original.. Pretrip Master... thank you so much for everything and helping me pass the road test! I can’t express how thankful I am to have had you as an instructor, both inside and outside. You are awesome!


I failed the first time for rushing. But the instructor tell u im class not to rush because you will fail. Secomd time i got it. Just pay attention i sat in the front ao i can hear everything amd see. Moody is funny guy but want u to pass. He told me i will fail again amd whem i pass he was happy and said i never meant to say them words. I was just upset u failed and knew me getting u mad u will pass. Now the only situation i have they. Say u have life with them with jobs i past 2016 3 years later and i cant even log in no more. Hope i get this fix asap

Joshua Martinez

Amazing school and great teachers... I also want to say thanks uncle MOODY for really helping me achieve these task, one of the best teachers if you ask me. (Three piece chicken with no biscuit)

Jon Siek

I highly recommend Jersey Tractor Trailer Training. The staff I met at JTTT were professional, polite, and helpful from my first meeting until my last day, and they really cared about their students. The instructors' knowledge, skill, and patience levels were truly impressive. The combination of class room instruction, written materials, videos, and behind the wheel instruction, were highly effective. The facility was well maintained and the location was convenient. I got my class A CDL on the first try, and they deserve much of the credit.

albrim limani

Wish I can give the school 10 stars. Don’t know where to start. The owner says hi to everyone on a daily basis and is beyond friendly. The instructors go above and beyond to help the students and ensure success. I had an issue with parallel parking and the class instructor went out of his way to make sure I master the maneuver. Went to a few different schools in the area just to check them out, but having a class with a real instructor really made the difference. Passed on my first shot, don’t get tricked by the schools that tell u “we’ll send you to DMV 4 times” - with a real school that’s not required. PS PROMOTE CALVIN- the guy really has a passion for his students success!

Justin Corchado

Best school in new Jersey made me a great driver


Passed first attempt, class b auto. Thanks Andre and JTT. Just watch the pre- trip YouTube video over and over. Pretty soon you will dream about Moody

Joel Rodriguez

Thanks God i pick the right school this people take their time to show you every little detail and make sure u have what it take to pass if i di it you can too God Bless this school and every employee here this is where you need to be

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