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REVIEWS OF Ideal Driving School,Inc IN New Jersey

Nelsy Munoz

I highly recommend this school my sister and son went through their school and both passed their driving lessons good staff.

Claudia Gonzalez

Horrible driving school!!!!

Ozlem Celik

worst customer service!! the second driver Carlos used me as a taxi service made me drive to the other office to do what he needed to do i waited out side for 10 minutes then he dropped me off 10 minutes early. He was on the phone the entire time and didn't teach me anything. When i went to the office to talk about this they said we will give you a 5 dollar discount. They wasted my time and money and got ridiculed when I went to talk to them about it. Would not recommend this company to even my worst enemy.

Tanzim Choudhury

This is my FIRST TIME using and reading Reviews. So glad that the Male Worker on the Phone convinced me to drop the Lesson. He's such Hard Worker, He needs Raise from current Wage per Hour to Fired. It looks like he is "bettering" this work place Services.(since there is soo MANY Single Star Reviews) For Context: I made a Call last week; for an appointment for Tomorrow(8/8/17 2hr Driving Practice Lesson) Something in my private life came up which conflicted to driving appointment. So i call&asked the Organization(or Lack of) to cut the 2 Hours to an Hour. Nice Lady answered and found the schedule but switch over to the guy who scheduled me but this time its was different. He was COMPLAINING TO ME for asking to cut 2hr driving lesson to 1hr. I was confused and when I was going to confirm from a relative if i needed to change 2hr to Hour lesson because of personal life situation. The guy(on the Phone) tells me to call 10min later and hangs up with Mad Baby Attitude?! Baffled from this; I call and he picks up but speaks Spanish but not to me? He was talking to someone else for good min or two mins. I ask if he switch the line to Female worker who was handling my situation, when he refused I asked to Cancel my apportionment He then hangs up on me?!without confirming if I was no longer having an appointment. I call again after looking up this place by Google and DAMN single Stars like its 24 Official States in America(July 4, 1822 – July 3, 1836). It was sign that i needed to make sure i was not scheduled for appointment tomorrow because i don't need Madman at my place of living. Third and Fourth call he is dialing and screeching…yes Screeching(don’t know how; DON’T want to). I told a relative I need to go to this place to cancel. He tries to stop me and he calls the place to Cancel. I say: No; I DON’T TRUST this guy worker to cancel because he hangs up before confirming anything. I NEED to speak to Management so they can Cancel my appointment with confirmation. I don’t need a Madman at my living quarters. My relative gets the Confirmation because its different voice asking about their possible customer and HE CONFIRMS to my Relative that he is now cancelling it at my Relatives Request. In my mind: this guy is Crazy worker and People at internet NEED TO KNOW THIS. So here we are posting a Review about service where this unknown Male Worker at the “Ideal” Driving “School” is convincing possible customers to NOT use their money at their work place. So you be the judge if this is Organization(or Lack of) to give “Driving Education” where ONLY one guy seems to not like to have possible customers to do business with this “Ideal School”. Hope the business has Martin Luther's Reformation to it Workforce to better their service for the Public and not by Standards of One Man in this workplace(who doesnt CLEARLY want to work there) because u lost my support to try to get service from you & eventually MANY others will do so if they see these MANY single star reviews Online.

Melissa Matas

The customer service is just plan awful! The person on the phone needs to learn how to stop and listen to his customers. They should not yell at the person nor should they hand up on them. The women who was the instructor was amazing. It was very comfortable to drive with her. If it wasn't for her I would never return there. I would never recommend this place to anyone. I will use all social media to inform them of how awful the customer service is. Like I said the instructor is amazing the person who schedules and answers phones needs to go back to school on how to be nice to people and how to respect other people.

babu ngong

it is a shame that this place is in business in a civilized has the worst customer service and a revolving door for desperate student/learners. Wish I had read these reviews before enrolling.

andres gomez

the guy is lazyyy he just want to be sit there thats all. with this rate this place sucks.

Victor Herrera

Hugo J



Christ Ramirez

I really recommend yadira she is the best driving teacher you should choose her as your driving instructor

Khanh Linh Nguyen

ASK FOR FREDDIE!! Honestly the best instructor I could ask for. The way he taught was very easy to understand and I felt very comfortable. Unlike with my first instructor, Freddie actually made use of my 2 hours.

Bosko Karamacoski

I was just about to enroll in this school, but after reading those reviews I won't even attempt. Thank you all, you probably saved me a headache.

George Taaffe

Called the place doesn't answer the phone with the name of business then I ask if it's idea driving school he says yes with a attitude then tells me to call back not asking me to call back then hangs up on me .. Now I know why his rating is low rude and very UNproffessional

Luis Delgado III

Rolando Contreras

Fredi el mejor instructor lo recomiendo gracias a él pase mi examen el mejor

Marek Maciejewski

Had a phenomenal experience learning to drive with this company. My instructor (Freddy) was extremely observant and informative as to highlighting mistakes as they happen and quick to showing how to make quick fixes on those mistakes. In addition to actually teaching, he had no trouble keeping conversation and making the process of learning go by as relaxing as possible. Guaranteed well-managed and efficient teaching, with a certain degree of professionalism that still allowed for a relaxing experience. I would definitely recommend this school for anyone looking to have a smooth transition in learning how to drive in the real world.

Jeff Darby

I called to get information on how to reschedule a driving test and the guy who answered the call from this location was unprofesional, impolite and not helpful at all. They need someone who has a warmer and more pleasant voice, plus, knows how to answer questions properly (without an attitude). I will never refer anyone to this place at all.

Moe A

Very unprofessional the way they talk to you on the phone. I called on 5/11/19 the guy was nasty and screamed at me like I did something wrong.

Giovana Rojo

I do not recommend this school, the teacher is not good (Female Dominican)

antonios ninos

Excellent customer service and very professional staff. Passed the test with no issues.

Liliana Pichardo

Vionda Rios

Renae Austin

I love this place and I highly recommend the instructor Freddie. He made time fly with fun conversations but when it got down to learning something wether it was to park or do a turn he was serious. He gave helpful feedback and instructions so if I didn’t get something the first time then I got it the next. One of his best qualities was his patience and remaining calm when driving on the road. Overall, I learned a lot and had a good time doing it.

akeem haynes

Yoo yoo Victor and Freddy the best instructors ever man passed my road test with flying colors

Tzvi Abrahams

They don't answer

Ana Polanco

Ideal's crew in Clifton, NJ is awesome! The manager can get a little overwhelmed due to so many calls and walk-ins all at once but other than that he's cool. I cant imagine him being nasty like someone mentioned on the reviews. I would recommend Kiko as your driving instructor. He rocks! and will make you feel comfortable and definitely makes sure you learn!

Erick Carr

Debajyoti Naha

poor customer service

Ruumy’s Jazz Room

The MOST disrespectful, angry, unprofessional customer service I have ever encountered in any industry within the Tri-State area. This place must be making a ton of money because they have NO respect for the customer. I asked if they have a straight truck and how much hourly. The kid who answered the phone tells me I MUST pay first to find out the availability. I asked him to clarify what he said to me and told him I want to know if any classes would be aviavaila in the next coming days. That's ALL I asked. Not the time, nor specific date, just will they have any availability within the next 3 days . He responded to me by saying: Call somewhere else. WTH? I called back and an older gentleman answered and explained to me what's required. I said to him "I completely understand. That makes 100% sense". He said "Sir you must he having a bad day". I tell him NO I am agreeing with you. He says it again. I said to him I am a woman. Then he says "Why don't you go see Charlie in Union City at our other location". These people are completely UNPROFESSSIONAL and hard of hearing or plain out ignorant.

brian fernandez

*Please Read* To begin with the instructors aren’t the worst in the world but they aren’t the greatest teachers either. Secondly if you are trying to get your CDL Class B be prepared to wait a long time for classes and especially if you fail one of your road test. I failed My road test and wasn’t able to get another date for 25days. Overall I’ve had a pretty bad experience at this driving school altogether. Lastly to whoever is reading thiS and trying to obtain a CDL license please make sure before you go to DMV for your road test. Please make sure you go to DMV and get a Commercial Driver License Manual from DMV. Not one person from the driving school gave me that very important suggestion which lead to me failing my Road test. So instead I watched hours worth of YouTube videos on what to do for my pre trip inspection. Which lead me to think I would be ok but man was I wrong. After failing I was finally made aware from the people at DMV that they specifically need to hear details from the Commercial Driver License Manual. Good luck to whoever has read my review. I really hope that maybe this has helped at least one person so that they don’t have to go through what I’ve been through. I’n the end i wouldn’t say that Ideal is a horrible driving school but they definitely have to work on improving their teaching curriculum.

Carolina ma

Antonella Coloma

I just called no more than 5 min and this guy Jaime who was really disrespectful on the phone when I was trying to obtain info even tho I went to this place they never treated to me like how this nasty guy did on the phone. I will never recommend this guy ever again!

Angie Pizarro

Instructor was very professional, for my first driving class I was not nervous at all.

Bibi Pepitone

Steven Corrales


Great place didn’t take long to learn to drive and they were patient. Highly recommended

Daneishaly Delgado

Best instructor hands down Freddie !! Thanks to him I passed my road test 2.5 no problems

jashua acevedo

Nolan Yurick


This is the worst school in the world I didn’t learn any thing they wasted my hours that I paid for worst experience ever I have to find another school before my road test NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL

christian fuentes

Shout out to my Freddie for explaining everything. I passed with his help.

Nicholas Vivanco

Great driving school, I highly recommend this school to any one who wants to get their license. Also I recommend having Luis as your drivin instructor, he's a great guy.

Daniel Bustillos

WORST SCHOOL EVER!.. As soon as you step in you'll encounter a Dominican guy who is just the most rude arrogant doucheface I've ever met as if his attitude and costumer service wasn't horrible enough he also indulges in having loud conversations over the phone while people are trying to study.. might have a hard time concentrating.. Extremely unprofessional and nowhere near a learning environment and on top of that they'll screw up your paper work so just be ready for your plans to be delayed.. And God forbid you call them when there's a problem because since you already paid doucheface he'll start yelling at you on the phone as if he's somebody.. worst experience ever!.. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AND SAVE YOURSELF THE AGGRAVATION!!!..

Luis Martinez

So I just passed my drivers test at Lodi DMV thanks to Freddy :) best instructor at Ideal !

Kim Alta

Great place definetly recommend!!! Freddy, one of the best instructors 10/10 funny guy gets rid of the nervousness that comes with trying to pass the driving test. I passed xD

Bhavik Rana

The customer service was amazing, got my lessons booked in no time with great price. Definitely recommend.

Shabina Ali

John Doe

Talks on the phone ALL THE TIME. All the instruction you will get is "turn here" "turn there" etc. You spend half the time driving to the next student's location. If you like listening to Spanish people talking on the phone while learning, this is for you.

Jesandry Perez

Lori Timbiano

Ideal driving school is the best! My son had the best experience with Freddy and Rafael as his instructors. They made him feel very comfortable behind the wheel. He just passed his road test on the first shot!!!Thank you both for all your time and patience.Ideal driving rocks!!!

Elements The Producer

Great place. I liked it there friendly. And give you really good tips. People on these reviews complain that is un professional. Not true. They put the driving trust in you.they don't stress like 99% of other places do. My instructor was a guy named victor. Great guy

Alex Montalvo

Pésimo, cuestionario de preguntas antiguo


Debbie Kobylarz


Best learning experience ever, highly recommend Instructor Hugo. He made everything seem so simple.

Orlando Soriano

I had a great experience. I think that Fredy the instructor was very helpful. I was able to pass my road test on the first try.

Isamara Lozano

Make sure you confirm as many times as you need, so they pick you up at the right location. Certain areas cost a little more. And give yourself an extra half hour while the next driver drops you off.

Merilyn Vincent

Romel Navarro


Flaca UB

Feliz de haber pasado mi examen con el instructor Fedry

Medhat S.

The instruct was good! The Managment is really bad & I won't recommend them to anyone! Bad attitude and Their price is about the same everywhere else. Bad. Bad. Experience.

Moad Salim

Rude people in the office such waste of money they don’t teach the correct way they are waste of time and they always act busy. The instructors them self don’t know how to drive and barley speak any English

Cimone Campbell

The gentlemen is very nice but failed to explain to my son the policy if you PREPAY and make an appointment, if an emergency or something happens you LOSE your money. My son was promised 3 sessions, but we had to PAY for the third one. I think this is BAD business. At least they could have gave an HOUR out of the 2 hours we already paid for! Especially since the appointments were made 2 weeks in advance because NOTHING sooner was available. Feel like my son was cheated..

Parviz Hasanov

Even one star is too much for thi school. Receptions man was horrible. He talked with as very rude that's why we even didn't try that school. Instead of that we get Universal Driving School.

Axel S

yeo my boii freddy he the best out here tbh.. i just took the road and i pass 1st try.. when you scheduled a appointment ask for freddy he’ll teach you everything in 2 hour

Hayder Iraq

Remas Kooz

Fredy was amazing highly recommended him only took one lesson with him and I passed my road exam on the first try in Newark.

Walter Faust

Stay away from this garbage school. Better use your money elsewhere. Useless people!

shaima berkaoui

Worst driving school ever!! The guy up front was extremely rude. This happened about a year ago or more but I never got the chance to share my experience. First off I needed to practice my parallel parking and asked them if I could have an hour of just that. Instead of politely explaining that they can't do it for whatever reason he started getting loud with me for absolutely no reason. In addition to all of this when they come pick u up they spend a good amount of your time driving the previous person back home.

Felix Jimenez

yo this guys legit best teacher out here Freddy knows it all and has extreme patience and is the real deal !! Take this driving school best in NJ

Kenny Espinoza

ASK FOR DORI she is the nicest lady I’ve ever met. I took a two hour driving class with her on Saturday and today I took a two hour driving class with her before my road test and the tips and tricks she showed me made it easier for me to drive and I took my road test today in Lodi and I passed all thanks to my parents and then dorI for showing me how to park the easy way ASK FOR DORI SHE IS THE BEST.

Mehmet Orhan

Do not waste your money and time.Non professional and very very very poor quality driving school and their bus is very old model and they are liar


I paid for 2 hours that I had to share with 3 other people. I only drove 30 minutes and for the rest of the time I just had to watch the others drive.

kathy paladines

The worst school ever

sirhan abdallah

This is by far the worst driving school on the planet. The manager or so called owner in Clifton Nj is very nasty and disrespectful. The customer service is disgusting. Don't waste your time and money they are extremely nasty and have no respect for people.

Maximo Inoa

Minel Castro

Horrible Service They just Want There Money And then Treat You Like Garbage !!!! Don’t Recommend This Place At Alll and That Professor Victor For Get About It( Unprofessional )

Zeynep B Oder

I gave two starts because their teacher Victor is really great teacher, I had a class with him it was good but whenever I call the office for scheduling the guy who picked up the phones is so rude and you have to discuss with him for anything if you would like to get appointment. I want to get class more because of this rude guy I don’t wanna call them. Bad service, bad customer relations!!!! Please find someone else if not you gonna lose more customers!!

Hernando Martinez

Best Driving school my man Freddie was the best driving instructor, because of him I passed my test.

josue savari

minhajul ambia

Very good service

Jasmine Angulo

Freddy the best instructor out there. I would recommend taking classes with him. Out of just three classes I passed my test. Thank you so much

Jesus Es tu Salvador

I like this school. the teachers are direct. They tell you the truth. the administration is good. but I recommend you take a few hours, so you can meet the teachers. here to get my CDL

Jose Vazquez

I was incredibly nervous and instead of my instructor being patient with me, she went from scolding to yelling at me. Very discouraging towards the learning process and would not recommend. Didn't help that she made walk home on the rain. I did try to work with them again to reschedule lessons with another driver, but it was clear through their demeanor that they had no intentions of working with me again. At least the gentleman on the phone, Jaime, was very professional in which he spoke while trying to defend his staff member.

Ashley Palmer

My experience was great with ideal driving school. Freddy was a great instructor, thanks to him I passed my road test on my first try !


BEST SCHOOL EVER..I had kiko , he took me to the test and he taught me the parallel parking in like 10 minutes, he's so good and comes on time, not like the other school I had, prices are reasonable and they don't care about money like other schools, they care about the student first, even though I failed cause I was super nervous and overwhelmed but I'll take the test again with them too!!

nancy alois

worst school you could possibly go to,the instructor talked on the phone and almost made me hit someone,they make you take on the other students home, the instructor forgot my paper work all three lessons so i had to wait on the corner for 15 min until he got it so that's 45 min that i paid for that i lost i couldn't even understand the instructor, they don't actually teach you its just turn left turn right and overall crappy service and very unhelpful the man at the office yelled at me when i asked about pricing and any other concerns. i had go spend your money somewhere professional...unless you want to learn how to drive with someone chatting away on their phone in spanish and you possibly causing an accident then this is the place for you.

Katerine Rodriguez

Si van a buscar instructor busquen a Freddy es el mejor 100%

murcielago Batman

Horrible the her

geremi guerrero

Jay Patel

This is the worst school ever I have heard about. My friend went there and on the very first day the Spanish lady teacher whose name was nancy started shouting at my friend on a very small mistakes. All I need to say is you should be polite to the people who never drove before and trying to learn if from the experience person. Do not even come here. These guys are pretty bad and unprofessional. Even I can do better than them. That stupid Nancy kept on talking over the phone and looking in to mirror while teaching. Very Very Unprofessional...

charlie herrera

Pass my test today because of Freddy, He the GOAT

Evanescence fan

Everything is perfect about this school, except for one important detail. Let me start with the pros: my instructor, Nancy, was punctual and highly competent, the cars are all identical (which is essential, since you know that the car you practice in is the one you will take to the test), the parking cones used are the correct size (also essential for the test), and they don't bill you for missed appointments. That said, here is the one con- but it doesn't have to be a deal breaker: CALL THE UNION CITY OFFICE FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT. This is because the receptionist/appointment coordinator at the Clifton office is the single biggest jerk you will ever encounter at a front desk, hands down. He bungled my appointment the day before the test, and when I called to ask where my teacher was he blew up and started ranting about how no one there would work with me because I was so terrible (which is unlikely since I passed my road test the next day). Even worse, when my mother called up to see why I ran off crying he did everything in his power to ensure that my mother never let me use her car (thank God he didn't succeed). It has been over a month and I am still completely traumatized. In today's labor market I cannot imagine why they don't just hire a decent human being- or a machine- to answer the phone. Ideal Driving School is the way to go- IF you call Union City. Just tell them about this review if they won't make a Clifton appointment for you.

Valerie Agudelo

Fredy was a great driver instructor! Explained everything very clear to me and helped improve my driving skills.

lola smith

Mal servisio , llame para haver una cita el siempre me ponian en espera , se escuchava horrible y cuando porfin pude hablar su actitud era horible , trate de darle mi dirrecion y el me decia k esa no era no me dejava terminar de decirle , muy mal servisio no me explico los precios queria salir de mi , ese HP .

Miriam Chavez

I past my Driving test today!!!

Jeidy Castillo

(Translated by Google) An excellent instructor who is really a person who knows how to teach for his patience and dedication, congratulations and continues blessings (Original) Ecelente instructor de verdad que es una persona que sabe enseñar por su paciencia y su dedicación felicidades y sigue así bendiciones


Guy on the phone is an INCONSIDERATE jerk and RUDE! Some instructors are ok, but then you have the one that talks on the phone and don't teach. I'm not even sure how a company like this be in business.

Janea Lemmon

Listen man, this is driving school is 10/10 the driving instructor named Fredy BOOK HIM ASAP he helped me get my license and that says ALOT!!!!!!

arlen meza

This school is extremely inconsiderate, absurdly abstract and irresponsible poor/fair are definitely not the words for this more like incompetent/ out of sort. I called one day called to make and appointment the man who answered sounded kind like he was under some type of influence and it was only about 330 4o'clock so I asked can I make an appointment he said call back in 5 minute I'll tell you if we have Any available time and hung up so then I call back he said 10 o'clock next day good for you I said ok so I wait for the next day and called because I wanted to know whether they were going to pick me up or If I had to go to the school. When I called the man ask me my name and when I told it to him he said that this name is not on the list that I never called here, it must have been some other school. So I said ok and then ask do you have any available time for tomorrow, he said call me back in five I'll tell you never called back this customer Service was terrible and I so not recommended it.

Nabil Nasreddine

I never went to this school, but my friend does. He advised me to not go their. He had a very hard time with all school stuff.

Bethy Betancurt De Sanchez

Worst driving school my husband had the worst experience ... please read the reviews first before you choose this unprofessional and non customer friendly place!!!!!! It’s frustrating the way the treat the customer.

Giselle Gomez

jairo velasquez

Rude. Attitude throughout the entire school. Would not recommend

Melanie's Cams

I was attempting to schedule an appointment for my driving test. The man that answered the phone was very rude because I had asked to repeat what he had said. He gave me an attitude and told me to call another school, and you know what I will. Clearly they don't want my business.

Wildre Paulino

They're actually pretty good. Stephanie explains parking better and has more patience, but Victor is a lot better at explaining how to drive. They're both great, highly recommend.

hellyn dasilva


Tatchiana Gabriel

Kirsy Rodriguez

I went for my first driving lesson on 01/18/19 and it was excellent, the instructor is sooo calm, professional, and patient. She talked and guided me every step of the way. I never thought someone can teach how to park so easily lol. Bout thanks to her I definitely have confidence on driving. Thank you and I definitely recommend this school and instructor for teaching.

Belmari Santana

Pensaba ir aquí a tomar mis prácticas pero con TODOS los comentarios NO GRACIAS!!! Mejor voy a otro lugar dónde tengan ganas de trabajar y traten bien a la gente. Este lugar NO se lo recomiendo a NADIE

Di'Andre Davenport

Freddy was the best instructor ever! I failed my first test and went in for the second time thinking the worse until he helped me out for an hour and made all my nerves go away. Now I have my license before my 18th birthday. Can’t thank you guys enough.

Carlos Alejo

unprofessional instructors!!! While i was practicingalley docking the bus, the instructor was outside on his phone talking and texting, then left me by myself while he went to the office. The second or third day was no better, big ripooff!!! Go somewhere else. Vehicles are old and falling apart, they dont teach you anything

Abdul ALIM

Owner/Manager very disrespectful they lie a lots. He said we did call and cancel the appointment which is we didn’t.


Fred has taking me to my road test and I passed. I've been depressed and very stressed out but he has really helped me stay calm with words of encouragement and helping me improve my driving skills. Achieving my license has put me in a better state of mind and I'm glad I made the decision to have Fred as my instructor.

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