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Angel Figueroa

they're good and professional instructors

william barajas

WILLIAM BARAJAS .thanks to all instructors and others who made it possible to get my CDL on the first attempt, with their clear instructions the extensive hours of practice in the yard, the simulator that is undoubtedly a great instrument that helps to make the easy transition between fiction and the reality of a vehicle, thanks also to its videos and helps that allow learning to be simple. Today Driving Academy changed my life and I hope that many of them go through their classrooms.

Ilona Bastrzyk

Tyrell Mckenzie

John Busse

Zoltan Borbely

Great instructors, calm atmosphere, well organised, good practice place, easy to learn and very professional. Jonathan was very helpful with everything. Thanks for helping me to get my CDL. :-)

Cedric Joseph

Very friendly and professional.

Keiontae Saunders

Ewelina Murdzek

bill faria

Attention to detail is great at this school and the quality of training is remarkable, definitely recommend!

Stephanie S

Great customer service. Loved talking to Ileana.

Leon Kennedy

great tour

Rabia Saher

Richard Brown

Rosemarie Armington

Great instructurs calm atmosphere very clean and professional. Thanks for helping me pass on my very first try. :)

Zombie Jesus Christ

Adel Mikhail

I highly recommend Driving Academy to anyone seeking to obtain their CDL A! The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and the simulators nicely supplement yard and road learning. Unlike other schools, there is one truck per student, which means that you are not waiting for other students to finish their training before you can begin yours. All learning is hands-on rather than just watching other students. There's always more than one instructor to give your multiple perspectives on how to perfect your skills. Scheduling is never a problem; the school is open 8am-9pm, 7 days a week. There's always a training slot open to fit your schedule. Finally, the management is top notch and has a very good handle on what it takes to pass the CDL A test. They do their best to ensure each student succeeds.


I got my CDL Class A at Driving Academy. Johnathan and his team will help you until you pass either in class for written portion or in the trucking yard. They’re with you every step of the way. Everyone learns at their own pace you have a chance to do that here. The reason why I chose Driving Academy is because they have an affordable price & payment plan, customizable schedule, and was very convenient.

Brian Anderson

The absolute Best place to study and practice for your CDL! Jon is great at explaining what to do in order to pass your test the first time. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and Jon was there for every class that I attended. They have multiple top notch driving simulators for you to practice your driving and shifting. I also can say I never waited in line to drive a truck. They always have a truck for each student. I felt 100% prepared for road test. Thanks again ! 5 stars !

Raldaine McDonald

So today was a very long and hectic day for me. The reason why I had a lot of running around to do and I had an appointment with the Driving academy for my road test tomorrow. When I got there I was greated by a guy name Jonathan, who was very polite and I explain to him my situation with my cdl class A road test and with the knowledge that he have he explained to me that what I was trying to do is not going to work. So with his help I was able to make the right decisions, and I just want to say thank you for your knowledge and I will definitely recommend this driving school to any and everyone.

surjit singh

I like this school a lot. They had great service. I am Indian and they treat me very well. They can help u out too. I got a guaranteed course. I did not pass the first time but they keep helping me until I pass and get my CDL. Now I have my CDL and I am very happy to start working. They already help me get an interview for next week and I just passed my road test today. THANK YOU SO MUCH DRIVING ACADEMY.

Tierney S

wilfredo ortiz

bory Martinez

Dominique M

These people are amazing! Jonathan is great and very accommodating when it comes scheduling. He was able to squeeze in a one hour lesson and allow me to rent a car for my test last minute. Tony is a fantastic driving instructor and helps you feel at ease and confident. Especially if you're taking your test at Rahway, he gives you very practical advice about how to pass the road test. I don't think I would've passed my test without him.

danny spall

Jonathan does care about his students only when he is taking the money otherwise he don't pay attention to you at all. He does not have a little bit of relaxation for his students if they are in tight position. School are to hepl students not to take advantage of there position and make it more difficult money wise or any other way. I would not recommend this school. Dear Sir i am not taking about if he is a good person or not maybe he is a great person. But what i am saying is he a great teacher to his students who understand what a student wants or needs. We were not even allowed to drive or practice on the trucks which were suppose to be used for the test. Only went on the road twice for max 15 mins with no proper instructions given. The trucks we use to practice for parking they are not just old but expire trucks which you guys use not parts working properly steering,mirrors nothing working properly. We were not even allowed to use the real truck to practice parking not even once not even before the test. Thats just scam what you guys are doing

Kirsy Sanchez

At first I had requested the service of another driving school which it was the worst mistake ever

Mike Stancy

Jr Hec AAA05

The Driving Academy is the #1 school in world they have the best program and instructors wouldn't have been able to do it with out there help. I'm very grateful for all the help and patience they have.

Jenna McSam

Great school,excellent instructors. Mr. Tony thank you for instructing me . Because of your explicit teaching I was able to pass my road test today. To all the staff's thanks for your encouragements. I will recommend this school to anyone looking for a driving school that will help them pass their road test. Thank you Driving Academy.

Joe Soto

The instructors always go the extra mile to help the students.... I highly recommend Driving Academy

richard sime

today is the best day in my life because i got my CDL class B License with Driving Academy! I love this academy!

Diana Valdes

By far the best cdl school I've visited . The school tour really gave me great info about the cdl process.

vinicio oviedo

Excellent school

Enzo Suarez

If you really want your CDL license, they show you how

Brittany Caprara

angel gil

Worth every penny!

Shane Honore

Robert Roszkowski

girgis eskandar

Thank u so much for ur help driving academy school

Luis Rosario

Franklin Jimenez

Semey Ortiz

Great school I passed my road test on 7/22/2019 The staff from the office extremely helpful and kind and the Instructors on the yard they are professionals at what they do.they help me a lot I want to say thanks to Tony,Subbie and Darnell. Driving Academy got me on my road to freedom


Black Bwoy

Worse truck driving school ever, only one instructor who is a idiot, for someone learning to drive a truck for the first time he does not explain nothing to you, just put you in a truck and say drive

Jack L

The best place to learn - these guys are the real deal ! Make sure to talk to Jonathan - he is very helpful. Amazing experience overall

Yenifer Luna

This driving school helped me a lot. The people are very nice. I learned a lot about driving

Brad Smith


Victor Edmunds

Jonathan and his staff were so helpful to me. They went above and beyond to secure my success! They were very flexible with scheduling to suit my needs. My instructors Eli, Tony and Subbie were knowledgeable, accommodating and supportive. The ‘Driving Academy’ is a school for those with the innate drive to succeed! Now I have my CDL thanks to the amazing ‘Driving Academy’ team!!

sahil jadu

This driving school academy is very bad,they don’t care about student drivers,they only want money that’s it. So don’t go here and go somewhere else to learn. Share this on Facebook please because this happened to me and hopefully it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Thank you

Kate Frye

Awesome new place! Great atmosphere and even better instructors, very knowledgable! Thanks for all the help!

Peace Allah

Ain't worth your money..way overpriced for the services they claim to give. What you learn in the classroom you can learn by studying on your own and you dont have a truck to yourself you are sharing trucks . More built for if you getting a class A then a class B. Class B gets little to no attention and never enough instructors. Came twice to get on the road before my test and both times I never went on road. Paid over $2000 just to go one the road once. Waste of my money.

Joseph Macedo

Very helpful, organized and professional

Francisco Correa

(Translated by Google) The best CDL school, best of all is That the Classes are single and one truck per student, and the instructors are excellent .. I recommend Acadamy. Thanks Jonathan. CDL escula the best, best of all is that classes are individual and one truck per student, and the instructors are excellent .. I recommend Acadamy. (Original) The best CDL school, best of all is that the Classes are Individual and one truck per student, and the instructors are excellent .. I recommend Acadamy. Thanks Jonathan. La mejor escula de CDL, lo mejor de todo es que las Clases son Individuales y un truck por estudiante, y los instructores son excelentes.. Les Recomiendo Acadamy.

Amir Vahora

Driving academy best school in town to get cdl the best part of training is the school has each truck per person and instructor are so helpful!! So iam on road to freedom thanks to driving academy.

jhoan jimenez

Very good service, friendly instructors and comfortable cars fo the road test.

Piotr Zelazny

Great place to learn/prepare for a road test. The people there are great and friendly. They are willing to explain every detail to make sure you understand it. The car is also good, nothing crazy nothing special. It's an everyday small car which is good for the road test.

Christopher Sudowsky

I came into class on my first day not knowing a single thing about trucking. I got very comfortable being behind the wheel on the driving simulator, it gave me confidence with shifting and being in control of my truck when I finaly did go on the road. My training in the yard was great, the instructors were very hands on and wanted me to succeed. Because of the training I received I was confident and passed my cdl a driving test on my first shot! Hands down the best training you will receive.

hector rodriguez

My name is Hector Rodriguez I was a student at Driving Academy in Linden. I passed on 6/28/2019 on my first try and the reason I passed is I wanted my cdl. Driving Academy school made that possible for me. The staff in the school are friendly and courteous, they knew my name each time I went there. IF I had problems with scheduling or questions they would help me. The instructors in the yard are very helpful and will work with you as long as you want to learn. What they teach you in the yard is the same you use at your testing. They have new trucks in the yard and simulators in both the school and yard and that helped me alot. The yard is not huge, but enough space for what you need because in reality not everywhere you drive to won't have a huge space. So you would learn how to in a smaller space making it easier for when you go to larger parking space. I am very happy and satisfied with everything they have to offer plus I got my certificate and cap when I passed the exam. So I give them five stars that is well deserved. Thank you to all staff and instructors at Driving Academy School.

Mohamed Idomar

I paid $2200 for28 hours and only 1 road test. On my road test there was an air leak I couldn’t take it that day they have to reschedule it for 12 days later they didn’t offer any refresher training they didn’t even bother to call. I got scummed I thought that I’m dealing with a professional driving school because of all these videos on YouTube but the reality is different: poor communication, very very old bad trucks, very rude instructors I only drove on the road once on that 28h every time I tell to an instructor they say no I can’t ,Hector an instructor there told me once “fuck you I failed 6 times on my road test you’re not gonna get it” . Yesterday I passed my cdl test on Randolph thanks for Ez wheel I only took 6 hours they trained me very well went to the roads 3 time in 3 days training trucks are very descent instructors stay inside the truck with you during your training time and they give me lot of tips to pass my test. For 2100 ez wheel gives u 4 road test and they go to anywhere not just Rahway . Everything here is a mess

Alastair Jones

The place to get your cdl is driving academy the instructor here are grate I get my cdl on my first try I was well prepared this school is the best thanks you so much driving academy

dwaine gibson

Great school. Very helpful

Jessenia Ramos

Literally, about an hour before my road test I got help from Jonathan and he helped with the specifics of parallel parking, k turns, reversing, etc. and I ended up passing with no problem. He helped me out a lot and I'm grateful.

william pinheiro


They are very patient and professional, want get CDL Class A , this is the best school.


Ant Newark

Fernando Sanchez

Driving academy is top notch with their students. That one on one time with you and the instructors teaching you step by step to help you pass its rare to find in any other driving schools like them. They helped me get my CDL A and in one shot passed! Using their expensive driving simulator teaching you all types of real world situations and how to shift is like driving a real truck on the road! Also your time in the yard it's never boring the maneuvers you learn from them is on point imagine parallel parking a WHOLE TRUCK WITH THE TRAILER something you thought you never done ever! They will teach you I highly recommend Driving Academy Johnathan and all the instructors from the bottom of my heart thank you!

Jeff Mason

The staff is great and extremely helpful to get your CDL. Starting from the office staff and to the staff in the yard. Driving Academy is definitely the road to freedom! Thank you

Big Rich

All i can say about driving academy is that it was well worth the money. The instructors john and tony help you in every way. I took my road test today and passed on the first try. The instructors only help you so much, you need to put in the work also. I highly highly recommend this school for anyone looking for a CDL. I will definitley refer my friends to driving academy. Thank you guys for getting me on my road to freedom.

Joseph Pastor

Samuel kang

Junior Sanchez

—Driving Academy—The best school in New Jersey, thanks to all the instructors,(ely,tonny and my boy who dedicated alot of his time to get me ready to pass Hector). I passed on my first try! Thank you Jonathan for this big opportunity. I really recommend Driving Academy in Linden, NJ +++++++++++++++

olger Zuniga

Thanks driving academy school for all your help to get my cdl. BEST SCHOOL.


(Translated by Google) friendly staff Very good school

alex neblett

Quana Knight

Very professional and very kind ! They took time out to answer my questions to the best of their knowledge and were very patient

hamza mghari fteri

Very Bad school big difference between you guys and ez-wheels.

Shameeza Khan

Love this school. Instructor are patient, friendly and strive to bring out the best in their students..highly recommend to friends and family. Overall good experience.

Jimmy Nicolas

A few months ago I was on the fence, trying to figure out which class A CDL school to attend. It was between another school and Driving Academy. Reading the reviews and going for a consultation with Jonathan, lead me to attend Driving Academy. I enlisted in the 160 hrs package and dived in soaking up any information given to me. Linked up with some classmates and formed a pack, making sure we all were grasping our daily task given to us. Myself and two other classmates got our class A CDL on the first shot. All the tools needed to get your CDL are at Driving Academy. From the State of the art simulator, online video instructions, to the helpful staff members who are passionate in seeing every student succeed, it's all there to help you accomplish your goal. It's up to YOU to make it happen! I am very happy with the decision that I made. Thank you Driving Academy!

Robert Tobolewski

Ronald Martinez

From my experience everything was great, you can’t expect to become good at something without putting in your own effort. The instructors we’re all great in particular Tony, John and Eli. For all the hard work and dedication, Thanks driving academy!

Samantha Harper

This school is the best place to learn how to drive. My driving instructor taught me so much in little time. Every minute is worth the cost. I ended passing my road test and receiving my license. I highly recommend them!

Lamar Mix

This school is a joke man I dont even know where to start with them. They say this school is a one on one training which they lied I went there and had to share trucks with 10 other people. The truck are damaged and a piece of s**t. Only then that's good about this school is they have truck stimulator which still is bad cuz it ain't the real thing. Not even the worst part after my training they scheduled my road test a month later like what school you no does that? If you want a real school go to 160 driving academy in Trenton NJ, thank me later No thanks I didn't take the road test because I had my cdl already from another school that was better. Take care

Christopher Bourne

Please check out Driving academy they're really dedicated to getting you your CDL or and drivers license for that matter they treat you like family plus take care of business I'm real proof.

Rafaela Sum

Such an amazing driving school! My husband had such a good time getting his CDL!

Sedar X

Great Instructors, Great learning experience = Great School. Could not of made a better choice of schools. Just one word of advice, Practice your pre-trip like the instructors tell you, they are not exaggerating.

Andrew Martinez

Very helpful and knowledgeable staff. Love to recommend to anyone pursuing their cdl license!

Arthur Yastrebov

Great school strongly recommend to everybody. And very friendly staff

Lisandro Almanzar

Great School, awesome teachers. Made me feel really comfortable the day of the test. Really recommend at least one hour if training and you will pass the test with flying colors...

J Smith

Honestly I wish I can give 0 stars this school is garbage if you want to waist your money..... I suggest you waist it with them... Johnathan is a crook he doesn't care about his students you go there you pay for 4 hours a day but Yu only get on the truck maybe a half hour..,... NORTH AVE DRIVING SCHOOL THEY ARE THE BEST

Casey Tobolewski

Best driving school in the tri state area!

Kariem Coston

When I got there I was not ready after my training I was definitely ready to go on the road

Jesus Es tu Salvador

(Translated by Google) If you don't know much English, I don't recommend this school. 1 coaches are good people but they only have one Latino sometimes two, but in most cases they are not present for some reason. 2 the role it gives you to study

Sirius Star

Juan Carlos Gonzalez

Very Professional and them videos will motivate you to reach your goals obtainign any Type of Driver license,

stone king

Terrible school, they don't teach how examiners want, Very expensive. Just waste of time and money.

Bayaan Oluyadi

Great place and great experience learning. The instructors make it a priority that you understand every aspect of driving and the vehicle you are driving. If you want to get your CDL or any other driving license Driving Academy is the place to go!

Alkia Ross

Jason Soto

Ronald Davis

Best cdl driving school, that I came across! Passed on my first try! Would highly recommend this school to anyone! Have to give a special shout out to! Darnel one of the instructors at the yard! Helped me out tremendously! Thanks bro, and keep up the good work!!!!

Lucky Singh

The Queen on 18 Wheels. Lusaka Freight services

Driving academy was the reason why I was motivated to get my CDL license. Not only did they teach you about trucking, the mentor you and make sure you win. Thank you to the Best mentor Jonathan

Stephanie Lix

Driving Academy is simply fantastic. The professionalism of the instructors, the quality of the training, and the friendliness of everyone...I could not more highly recommend Driving Academy.

Syed Shahzad Zaidi

I would give zero stars if possible. The owner is full of himself. He is smart when it comes to marketing, not so much as far as customer service is concerned. He does a great job luring you in through his youtube videos but once you sign that check over or handover the cash. The entire demeanor changes. The trainers have no experience, however, work the best they can under pressure from the owner. There is no such thing as one on one training here. BELIEVE ME!! No one to keep count of your hours. 4-5 trainers training a crowd of 15-20+. While another individual is driving, expect no less than just to stand there and do nothing but to practice the pre-trip yourself (as if you couldn’t have done it without paying). Everyday I left concerned that another 4 of my 20 hours purchased were wasted and I was being taught nothing. When all of my 20 hours ended, the owner took me on the road, for the very first time (as he tested me), mind you. Down talked me, discouraged me and blackmailed me to take the automatic truck for test. When I said that I’d like to take my chances on a stick shift, he said that he was not going to send a stick shift truck to the DMV just because I wanted to take a chance and that there was nothing I could do. There was another guy taking his test on an automatic truck that day so he tried to pressure me into taking my test on that truck (all because it would have been more convenient and economical for him). Felt powerless at that point. I have no respect for the owner (or the guy at the reception, Jacob, I believe his name was). Nobody is helpful at this place. They want your money and nothing else. For those of you, who think that 20 hours was way to less anyway, what they couldn’t achieve in 20 hours, competition did in 8. Got my CDL A in first attempt with the competition. I wouldn’t recommend “Driving Academy” to anybody. Absolutely go here only if you want to waste your money. I’d be happy to name the competition but then they would claim this review as a strategy from the competition. This review has been long over due. P.s. Driving Academy still owes me a Road Test. Not that I need it (since I already got my CDL) but they should refund me its worth from the $1800 I paid. A great school for people who have a lot of time to learn because they have signed a contract with Companies to drive for them if they paid their CDL school fee, terrible idea if you are going to lay out of pocket. They like to suck every last penny out of you. Save yourselves.


Cdl a students be aware, trucks for training are not old they r “ Antique “ n falling apart, most instructors r not certified to take u on road n have very little experience of driving. Instructors r rude n give no pointers or tips if u need help, scheduled appointments r canceled without u r knowledge, Only thing good is the marketing n advertising of this place, I m person with lots of patience n forgiveness n don’t really put reviews to hurt any business, Good luck

Franky Baby

I came to Driving Academy for Class A CDL training and have nothing negative to say about the operation they run. After visiting 2 other schools in the area and finding Driving Academy on my third shopping around trip I was sold on the spot! They have a very expensive/realistic simulator like the mega carriers to practice driving, real world situations, and shifting before you go out on the road. The yard time is truly one truck per student! Yes the trucks on the yard are million mile trucks and beat to death; BUT you get your own truck to practice backing with! Only the mega carriers would let you burn clutches and grind gears on new $150k+ trucks which you will end up paying back in the long run with rates! The trainers on the yard are very helpful and want you to succeed! This company is a true mom and pops type of school! I highly recommend checking them out! Check out Driving Academy's youtube training video's! Everything Johnathan spoke of earned me a 100% in cab + pre trip! Thank you Driving Academy for being one of the few CDL Training company's left in the North East who actually do what they promise after your check clears !

Shivani Kalia

Driving academy and Windsor school not good for Indian people don’t go there they are not good they are only making money that’s it ???


Passed Dmv test with Driving Academy Sept 13 , 2018 . Started job searching on my own with no luck . Finally called the Academy before Thanksgiving John the recruiter got me an interview with a company before Christmas . They hired me in January and I am now currently employed . I recommend this school the staff and instructors are all helpful . The lifetime job placement is no a gimmick its for real , let them know you want job placement they will find companies who will train new drivers and pay fairly . As long as you put in the required work you will have a good experience .

Karina Luna

I had a really great experience with this school, great instructors.

Guillermo Cruz

Ryan Burke

Jonathan is a great teacher. He is very thorough and really knows his stuff. I passed on my first try! Don't look any further than Driving Academy in Linden, NJ!

Gabriel Ventura

The experience was great, I was given lots of time and teachings to get me ready for the road and i would recommend this place to a friend

David Fanous

Tony is a great instructor, he helped me with my road test. Tony helped me with everything I needed to know for my road test. And he helped me the day of the road test by telling me that I got this and I passed thank you Tony.

Benny h

Diana Bohorquez

Tony is an awesome instructor, and he made me feel super confident and prepared for my test. I would recommend him to anyone.

Dave Perry

Academy gave me the information to pass my CDL. I would highly recommend anyone going for a CDL to attend.

Jacob Lamega

Mauro Vitor Veloso

I am extremely disappointed with the service Driving Academy has delivered. I have paid for the truck driving lessons which I was promised: 1 to 1 training, no waiting in line for my training and small classes like the big sign they have outside say.. That's misrepresentation of advertisement.. My schedule driving hours was from 5pm-9pm… I have been waiting hours to get in the truck. I have instances where I was in the truck for 30min, 1 hour… My instructor has left at 8:30pm. They switch students every 30 mins! The owner have time to reply my review and not my emails or call the students.. thanks

Harpreet Banga

Kyle Brum

This school is honestly a great driving school. It really helped me and the instructor was just so good and actually tried and I could tell he enjoyed what he does. Come to this school

Ilse Pais

Passed my road test and got my drivers license all thanks to this school! My instructor help me practice and practice on what I thought I wasn't good at. (I get nervous on the road) They encourage me so much even when it came to my road test. So after 6 years of trying n giving up I finally did it!! Special thanks to my instructor John subbie! And thank you for having patience with me

Jon Han

The crew at Driving Academy are awesome. Very professional and informative. They will help you achieve your goal on getting your CDL. Took my road test on September 15, 2017 at Rahway MVC NJ. Passed and received my CDL A. Thanks again to Jonathon and the whole crew at Driving Academy.

noel gross

One on one training Friendly staff Comfortable atmosphere

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