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REVIEWS OF SIM'S Driving School IN New Hampshire

Youssef Saissi

Best driving school Ever. They know how to send the message and they do their beat to make you feel comfortable and be satisfied. I took only couple classes with them they showed every little thing and I passed the test. Thanks to them. Very professional.

Richard Andrew

Started my driving lessons and could not thank my driving instructor enough for all he had done for me with my driving experience. The best driving Instructor out there by far. So easy to get on with and his technique of teaching is amazing and easily learnt. Passed my driving test 2nd time, (first being a silly mistake I made myself) and was confident second time round and honestly would highly recommend him to a friend, family member or anyone who is looking for driving classes.

piyush mistry

Really nice school Best teacher is Mr Davis he is a good driving teacher at sim driving school. I really appreciate Davis sir He teach my wife pallavi driving lessons very well .Thank you so much Davis sir@ sim driving school I raquested you sim sir could please give a increase the salary Mr Davis sir Thank you sir

Thay A

Not the worst, but not very professional. The instructors I had were always late for my driving lesson. But, at least I was able to get my driver license here.

Tselmoon Zolbayar

If I could give this place a 0, I would. I agree with what the only other reviewer wrote. The employees there are exceedingly rude and dismissive. They don't respect the customer whatsoever. I believe this place has only one goal in mind: to take people's money. After I canceled a road test sponsor service, I was told I would get a refund. It has been over a month and I have called the place over ten times, I have lost count. Every time they have promised to take the steps to refund me, but they don't do anything about it. I haven't gotten anything in the mail. It has gotten to the point where I am contemplating legal action. More than anything, it has been a terrible, frustrating experience trying to get these people to act in a professional manner. A huge waste of time and money.

lexi lee

serenity san

Mr.P is a great teacher! i passed because of him, Mr.Davis is also a great teacher as well! thankyou to you both!!

TheReal Gabi


frida pipaliya

Cleared the test on first trial with the help of Benjamin. Great instructor!!

Morgan Alexa

"The driving school is great, the instructors were great and all my questions were answered. They showed me how to line up the car the right way and how to drive and shift the car the right way. I’m glad I picked this school and I would recommend it to anyone! And I did recommend it to my brother and that tells you a lot." Best Driving School in Lowell, I must say.

Frederic Mrozinski

I had two friendly driving instructors who prepared me well for the road test. The school is directly next to the RMV which makes it great to practice near the streets where the road test will take place.

Kaskona M

Honestly was a really good experience. The instructor was a good and cool teacher who helped me learn and improve on driving and he really calmed my nerves for the road test! I can’t thank them enough

sanjeev kumar

To begin with, giving a 1 star to this driving school is an insult to other companies having 1 star. We took his classes and booked him to be a sponsor for our road test. He was unbelievable rude during the classes but still we took it helplessly as we already paid upfront. On the day of examination, he was literally responsible for us to fail. Examiner was trying to open the door of this old car and was having trouble, my wife bent over to open the door with leg firmly on the break, he jumped from the back seat, came to the front almost near the rear view mirror and started scolding my wife " What are you doing, what are you doing do not open the door, the examiner completely lost impression and my wife got soo nervous that she did few errors. Even if he felt we did not keep leg on the break he could have nicely said from the back don't open the door. I strongly suggest no one should ever take classes from him.

Murilo Maciel

HORRIBLE DRIVING SCHOOL!!!! The instructor is very rude and the service is very unprofessional.

rick gagliardi

THEY should close this place down. i had a schedue road test at november took a day off from my job and a pay this school one month before i went there 800 clock to do my driving lesson nobody was there they show up 845 and my road test was 900 . they told me i dint pay and i never had my driving lesson and my road tea was cancel because they are suppose be my sponsor and they never show up RMV .

Troy Wallace

Everyone is amazing!! Thanks especially to Mr. Sim and Mr. Davis for the best lessons! And thanks for sponsoring my drivers test

omayra santos

Patrick Sexton

Classroom is dirty. One of the road instructors has a certain way of doing things and will give you the hardest time if you don't do things his way. There is another instructor that is more lenient; I have asked for him and he made me more confident in my driving. He is pretty consistent as well. You might have to call a few times as they might not pick up the phone the first time. Take your money elsewhere if you want a quality driver's ed service.

Dylan Saeng

MingYang Xia

Cameron Thistle


Hello Guys, I would highly recommend you Sim's driving school if you have immediate emergency for sponsorship. They are the best person to hire for quick response and right person. The guy there explains you very well whatever you need to know for road test besides your actual driving expertise which of course you will need for any road test anywhere in world. They have kind of old cars but it is positive for road test as their cars are set up according to the RMV vehicle requirements.. So it is good!!! All the Best to all!!!

Andy Nguyen

Couldn't even start the course off right. This place is horrible in service and looks. I applied for the accelerated driver's ed and what do I get when coming to the first day of class on time? Everything canceled for the whole week. Not even a notice in advance. Those ladies in the front for service only care about taking your money for the school. It makes me sick that I still have to attend next week to learn how to drive property. These other reviews that criticize this school are on point. I would give a 0 instead of a 1.

Juan Núñez

They do not pick up any of the numbers posted from online... most definitely unprofessional. I would not recommend sims to anyone i know.

David C


Antran Thach

I advise you to reconsider your choice of taking Driver's Ed at Sim,

Antonio Ortiz


Monique regan

I wish I could rate this less then 1 star. It took them a month to get me a road test didn't tell me what to practice for. And if you didn't do any classes with them you basically automatically fail. The driving examiner from the rmv is a total witch. And asked me if I did any driving classes with Mr sim. Which I'm pretty sure is irrelevant. Just another way to screw ppl over and take their money.

John Lee

This driving school is great! My driving instructor was impressive and I had a great time learning during my lessons. He was punctual and he even called the day before my lesson to ask me if I had any issues about the lesson. This made me feel much better. I felt more confident because of him and he helped me prepare for my road test too. I would highly recommend Sim's Driving School to anyone who wants to prepare for their road test thoroughly with a patient instructor. The owner and office staff are very courteous as well. I think Sim's Driving School is one of the best driving school in Lowell Massachusetts.

Lorraine Ruby

l just finished my class sessions with Sim's Driving School and I'm extremely pleased. I had some circumstances that affected while I was practicing, but my instructor was always flexible and able to work with the time I had. I always felt at ease while driving and more confident for my test. As your first step, I would definitely recommend calling the school and have an initial assessment to determine the number of hours you need personally for the driving class.

leena kshirsagar

We had a great experience here. They were kind enough to accomodate us at the last minute. And the instructor was fantastic.

Luis Pedraza

lA otceR

I would rate this. 5 star for the worst driving school out there. My wife took some lesson from this driving school, teaching and technics are horrible, my wife failed her 1st drive test, i t was the parallel parking that caused her, I watch her do the parallel p. There is no way near of achieving it, the technic is wrong. People at the info desk are rude, that place is a mess.

Boreth R. Sim

It is natural that we rate the school we love the best. But don't just take whatsoever people say, be yourself and experience with your insights. Thank you all; Reviewers and Students

Jingtian Li

Sim's driving school is really suck. I would like to rate zero start if it's possible. Never ask it to schedule your load test. Their staffs changed my load test date again and again, even there was only three days left, and then schedule my the busiest day to take test. More terrible thing was I couldn't change the schedule, couldn't refund. If you said you were not prepared, they would schedule one more driving practice, and then disappeared at that day. Even you called to the driving school no one would answer. In other words, they only care about how to make you take test as soon as possible and then earn money from next victim, but not care about your personal schedule and whether you are prepared, because you have signed you can't refund. They never send emails and messages although you ask, so you have no evidence about their any words. If you have plenty of free time to waste on clarifying which day is you road test day, or you want to taste the experience which argues with them why they just say "okay" but not follow their promise, so be it. Good luck.

john cena

road lessons are never on time, rude staff, rude instructor (mr. Davis), do not recommend

Bianca Saem

Ashraf Mohid

Easy to schedule classes and availability is high.

Prima Noor

Drivers are very rude. You pay $50 for a one hour driving lesson, but you end up driving for like 30 mins...!?! I don’t know why I decided to use them as a sponsor for my road test, but I Paid $99.00, only to wait TWO! plus hours for the instructor, because they were late, and that doesn’t even include the waiting for your turn with 10 other people!, And apparently that $99 doesn’t cover the road test fee of $35! I didn’t pass the first time around so when I tried to reschedule one through the rmv the second time , I couldn’t schedule a road test until I paid that $35...which I thought was taken care of. They also never pick up their phones, I gotta call like 3 times a day every like 3 hours to get someone to pick up the damn phone.

Jovanny Yashira

Just saw this car drive by. Did not stop at the stop sign came back around speeding. What a joke.

Isaac Zaiek

aditya reddy

Ariel Swanson

This driving school is awesome! Within 12 days I was confident in my ability to drive. Mr Davis is the best instructor. You can tell that it is more than just a paycheck to him. He loves to build your confidence and see you succeed. He is personable and makes your lessons enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend this school!

Michelle Lussier

Thank you so much Sim's Driving School for teaching me to drive and helping me to overcome my anxiety and fear of it. I have recently bought a new car & feel much safer driving! I could never have done that without Sim's Driving School's help. Plus the instructors are very polite and the service is very professional. Thanks again.

Sean Horan

Worst place to go! I did the road test sponsor and it was a waste of $99. Their suppose to go everything over with you 30 mins or so before the test and failed to do so. I waited 4 hours just for the road test.

Phanide Debreus

Sim's driving school is the best, i have passed my road test . Good job

David Bryan

My daughter, Kelly (she is 20 years old now) had gone through Sim's Driving School a few years back but recently she underwent a tire blow-out on the highway and was able to stay relaxed and move the car to the ledge carefully. When I asked her whether she was scared or not, she said a little but I remembered the training provided by Sim's Driving School and was able to handle it. The training from Sim's Driving School ingrained in her and made a huge difference in how that event unfolded. I thank Sim's Driving School and appreciate the abilities my daughter learned with Sim's Driving School and that my son will be coming through soon.

Changa mbiri

Save your money. Today was my last road lesson. I waited until I had completed my last road lesson to post this review. Listen to the reviews posted about this school and other schools The first lesson I had a nice teacher, Mr. En. The next the guy swore abd yelled at me. No one should swear and yell at you, Mr. Davis. He ended up being chill after he saw that I would not be having any of it. He gives great instructions though. I then had my first teacher again and he held the steering wheel the whole time. At this point I had been driving for a while and was getting good. I was only in the car to press on the acceleration pedal and to spit out commands to. I gave up with that and made sure that I would not have him anymore. I then had the owner's son, I'm assuming and he was good. My turns got better because of his instruction. No swearing and no holding the wheel the whole time. Then I had the owner as my teacher for my last lesson. He was a few minutes late. He acted as if this was my first time on the road. I'm not saying that I am a professional but you will NEVER learn if you don't do things by yourself and are allowed to make mistakes. This guy took me to roads I had never been on before and expected me to know where everything was. When I asked him if he could let me drive, because he kept on pressing on the brakes and turning the wheel, he said that he wouldn't be doing that if he thought he knew that I could drive. When he went to pick up his next student, I decided to walk home. I had wanted to stop the car after he made that comment. The first teacher came a little late for road lessons. The second teacher came 5 minutes early and ended 15 minutes early. I had a word with him and he ended 5 minutes early. The rest were 5-8 minutes early. All the teachers contradict each other. Don't go here for your road lessons. Their website is a lie "treating you with the respect you deserve". Thing is when someone tells you that you don't know how to drive, you will not know how to drive. I highly suggest that you find another school that does not have bad reviews. I ignored the reviews here and I'm paying for it, literally.

ballah yengbeh

I really appreciate your service; the instructors were polite and very professional. Thanks

Sonia Lazu

There operational side of there buisness is a mess. They charged my account without authorization 6 days AFTER I had made a payment for my son's road test. So PLEASE don't pay with credit/debit at this establishment.

Anika Z

Thanks Mr. P!! Punctual, great instructors/sponsors if needed

George Sherring

My Wife Took Lesson from Sim Auto.Very Nice people she is driving now for almost 5 years.God Bless them.

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