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REVIEWS OF Chelmsford Auto School IN New Hampshire

Aidan Leffler

never normally rate places but this place deserves the 5 star

Vipin Vats

varvin Karun

Tendo Nkugwa

Σοφία Κ

I have just passed my road test after the driving lessons I had with Chelmsford Auto School. The school is very well organized and the instructors very professional and friendly. There was no cancelation nor any delay for the classes . I highly recommend Chelmsford Auto School!

Andy Noudaranouvong

Service not so great!! I should have done my research before signing up for my kid!!

Linda Abbott

They are terrible twice never showed up for my daughters lessons and then today the day of her drivers test no show had to cancel the road test no call no show called them over 150 times line busy every single time!!!! As far as im concerned Jay the so called manager should not be running nothing!!!!!!! Disgusted with them

Ryan Cove

SPEND YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE BETTER!! This "business" screwed me over several times. Three of my road lesson were cancelled. it would've alright had it not been mere seconds before they were supposed to pick me up. I called 3 times a day for a week trying to confirm my road test and they never answered. When i called the day before my test was scheduled to happen they told me i wasn't on the list. The MANAGER, Jay, was no help when i called. not to mention i was told that i would be personally added to the list two week prior and now they have me scheduled for 2 months later. They are the epitome of a bad business. DONT USE THEM!!!!

Tassy Cimini

My experience at Chelmsford Auto School exceeded my expectations. All of the instructors are extremely nice and provide many useful tips, even after my first lesson I had already gained soo much confidence! Thanks to them, I was able to pass my license test on the first try. I absolutely reccomend choosing this auto school, you definitely won’t regret it!

Magdalena Sta Maria

I had driving lessons with them, and the instructors were very nice and patient. I'm thankful for the owner, Marty, because he sponsored me during my road test, which I just recently passed. Overall, they were very helpful; I am very satisfied with the service they gave me.

Dawna matherly

Get some new driving instructors who teach the students to go the speed limit. I just got stuck behind a student going 15 mph in a 40 mph zone all the way from Pepperell to Westford. Not one of the posted speeds was below 30 mph. The person held up traffic for nearly 15 miles.

Sean Cunningham

Doesnt even deserve a star. Still need a refund. Wont contact or pick up to get driving hours in. Before i took the class i had to nag them for a week before they answered confirming there was even a class then. Awful experince. Awful business/ owners.

debasmita hazra

Horrible! Deserve negative star. Very unprofessional.

Nancy Kean

Wonderful local driving school. Quality instruction and easy to work with. I highly recommend them.

Brea Forbes

I had a wonderful experience with their services and I was fortunate enough to have the same instructor for all 3 lessons as well as my driving test. Their services is well worth the price because they do an extraordinary job. Marty was great, he was encouraging, he was very informative, and he just did everything within his power to ensure that I was ready to go. I am grateful and I’m more than happy I had him guiding me through the whole process. So thank you very much for helping me pass my test and I would definitely recommend them 100% of the time!

Kylee M. Araujo

Joseph Shen

I usually never rate companies through yelp but this place deserves the best of the best. I had one of the best instructors in this place, Mr. Enis. He was always calm through all my lessons and made me comfortable on the wheel. I was well prepared for my driving exam and I definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn how to drive to go here!

Tori Martin


I wish they could give me my money back because it was such a waste of money.


Horrible. The people that answer the phone are clueless. They cancelled the road test a thousand times and pushed it back to a tuesday night at 7?? It has been months of this! That is ridiculous! Worst auto school ever. I hope they see everyone’s reviews! My older daughter went to Nashoba, and it was awesome. Got her license on time. My younger one just signed up with a friend who was taking driver’s ed here, but clearly it was a BIG mistake! The rest of my kids will be going to nashoba!!

Evan McKenna

Brent duffy

They will never answer your phone calls

Samantha Oliver

This place is awesome!! Everyone is great and extremely helpful if you have any questions. I learned so much in class and on the road and was very prepared for my license test. The instructors are all great and easy to talk to when on a road lesson.

Charlie Willis

Richa Sinha

Good option . They are a bit more reasonable priced than other options in the area . Staff was excellent . They were always prompt in picking up . Highly recommend..

sam venna

One of the horrible experience i have ever had with this school, All they want to do is make money....

Brittany Oliver

Instructors and Office Personnel are very polite and helpful. Road lessons here do a great job at preparing you for your liscence test. Highly recommend!!!

TFF Christmas

Great Auto School. Thank you!

Erin Carney

I had my road test cancelled, pushed back and moved to ridiculous days with little to no notice! On roads lessons were okay.. The biggest thing this auto School should do is take their kids more through the town of Chelmsford than anything else to get used to the roads. I failed for something so unbelievably stupid. If you don't know the roads of Chelmsford.. you won't pass. Period!

Christian Giannino

As a student taking the class, I think it was amazing in both the classes and the lessons on the road. My Instructor was really nice and the road lesson was very enjoyable and I did not feel uncomfortable driving. Feel like it was an amazing service also because i was able to do my lessons and driving hours all done in a month. Amazing Service.

nakk willis

Horrible experience. Was rescheduled twice due to their incapability to schedule times while the registry was open. Was told to pay a fee to get it rescheduled. Then their next available time was another month away. Will not go here or promote this place. If you want to get your license this is not the place to do it.

sathish Doppalapudi

Very good place to learn

Joseph Bangs

I do not recommend this place. My daughter is 2 road lessons away from completing the required amount and they keep blowing her off. There has been 3 no shows where they were suppose to pick her up at the high school and they never showed. She ended up missing her bus and I had to leave work to pick her up. Another time they showed up only to give her a ride home saying they were double booked. I have asked to speak to a manager who is never there. Left messages for manager to never get a call back. I am at a complete loss since they are not showing up for appointments. My next step is to file a BBB complaint.

Yawen Hao

Took a road test lesson and took the road test at the school. The instructor said I am comfortable with driving and OK with a road test. But when I took the test, the examiner said I was driving too slow and not look. I did look at both sides every time I took a turn. I did parelell parking well and three point turn well. It's the same with the test you took at RMV, don't spent your 100 buck here.

Taya R

I don't have a lot of experience with them cause I just needed them for a car + sponsor for the road test. The provided car was fine, the instructor was really helpful: he briefly listed the main tasks for the road test and how to do them (I never had road lessons in Mass before). I also drove that car from my home to RMV and got some reasonable advices. This friendly, comfortable environment played a great role - approaching RMV I wasn't nervous and was able to think and remember all the hints. 4* - because they came for pick-up a little bit late than it was agreed.

Humming Bird

Megan Brennan

Do not go here for your road test unless you are a student there. I took a road test twice there and failed both times. I am using my wife's account to write this. I am an immigrant and felt personally judged for this by the woman who was testing me. Both times I took the exam there were younger girls in front of me who failed at answering basic questions like the proper hand signals. The girl that went in front of me this time failed parallel parking, asked to do it again, and was given this, and proceeded to pass. I did everything correctly except forget to once look over my shoulder for incoming traffic and 'used my mirrors too much' but successfully did each move she asked me to do. When I went only a few inches over the line and asked for a do over I was not given one. I feel the tests were not fair whatsoever. Why the girl was given more chances and failed at knowing what the hand signals are and still passed is beyond me. If you are an immigrant I strongly recommend not going here as I feel personally targeted by this woman who clearly had something against me. When I mentioned this to the person in the office they appears surprised that I didn't pass either. But simply said 'I'm sorry it didn't work out.' I feel very defeated by this whole process and cannot believe this is the kind of business done at this school.

Naveen Periasamy

Poor co-ordination with RMV and lack of communication with customer to inform changes in schedule. My road test was re-scheduled 3 times in a row and every time that happened, they failed to call up and inform me and I had to find out by calling them multiple times. They don't have a working email ID. The car that they have for road test has a spring projecting out of the break pedal for instructor control that obstructs the foot contact and makes for a uncomfortable driving experience.

Carolyn Caffrey

My daughter just walked in the door crying saying she never wants to drive again because the guy demeaned her so much. He was an older guy who had an accent and he was cruel and obviously is horrible at his job. My daughter has been driving for six months, this was her second to last lesson. My husband and I both feel she has good judgement and is a safe, thoughtful defensive driver. There is no excuse for people like this to be in any type of contact with our youth. We paid $595 to this school and since this guy works there, I would choose anyone but them.


I went originally to mass auto and understood nothing but i went here and did a pre test and passed! I highly recommend it!


Worst auto school my family has ever dealt with, canceled multiple times and rarely answer their phones. Most of the instructors are okay but that's if they show up.

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