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REVIEWS OF Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club IN Nevada

Elizabeth Baker

Tony Smith

David Bozell

Had a blast took my scorpion out to test run it learned a lot about the car on this track while tearing out some good lap times and shutting up a few people who thought they were better or faster we all had a great day

Steve Hester

Corvette owners driving school was the best.

Al Mosher

Corvette Owners School was a blast, great, fun way to learn how to drive fast-- safely.

Bill Davis

Absolutely the best instruction I have ever received. The professionalism was exceptional. I learned more in two days driving the Corvette than I ever thought possible. Highly recommend this for every Corvette owner.

Dean Granger

Unbelievable experience!!!! Facility is first class, attention to detail, instructors and staff are VERY good. C7 Level 1 was awesome, ready to book Level 2 !!!!! Looking forward to seeing you guys in June with all of the Chevrolet dealers!!

Jerry/Florence W

Jason Firewicz

Been here three times as a guest and as a student. Everyone had a great attitude. The most you will ever get out of a Corvette. Plenty of feedback, almost overwhelming at times, but not restrictive in the least with how you are allowed to handle the car. I jumped at the chance to ride along with the instructors as a guest, which helped me when I became a student.

Jacob Herbruck

Geoffrey Brackman

Fantastic resort for racing enthusiasts. Instructors were great and driving race cars on a race track??? What more could you want in a weekend getaway!!

Richard Perkins

Had the best experience we could have asked for!!! Top notch people and facility! We will definitely return soon for more schooling!!

Josh Carpenter

V performance academy! This place is amazing! the staff is friendly, everything is clean and well kept.. the pool area and Jacuzzi are awesome. The clubhouse is a treat, Having billiards , board and card games you can play, a bar and TV's , plenty of seating and tables and outside seating as well. Instructors are awesome and take personal time with you to rate your performance and give you feedback. They thoroughly explain the car and handling techniques, amazing experience over all!

Chris Yi

Amazing staff and facility. Had the most fun I've ever had during the corvette owners school.

Tony M

Joseph Romero

Awesome place to go visit. Had a great time overall and the instructors are really respectful and they will make you feel like you're at home.

Seth Poland

It was a great time and I learned a lot. If you have a Corvette you have to come here and see what a Corvette can do. I was out there in February doing the String ray training and it was a GREAT TIME.

thomas takamoto

very nice resort

Barry Luterek

Spring Mountain Corvette Owners School was GREAT! It was my second school in the last 12 months. (The 1st was at BIR to get my SCCA License). My dad and I both attended the owners school in the Z51 Stingrays. The school gives you a lot of track time and you will not be disappointed. More important than amount of track time is the quality of track time and the guidance you receive from the instructors. The instructors are second to none and are very helpful. Every instructor there was there to keep you safe and keep teaching you to go faster and smoother. Instructors there are very experienced and a large knowledge base for you to use. The class had very different levels of experience, from first time on the track to road racers. They divided us based on skill level for the track sessions and made little adjustments as they saw fit. The lead follow exercises were very helpful. You follow the instructor around the track and learn the line, brake points, turn in, apex etc. They have radios in the car so you are getting live feedback from them and what to do next time if a change is needed or they are telling you good job. They will not hold you back from turning very fast laps unless they see you doing something unsafe or you are not ready for it. I feel like we were getting 90% to 95% out of the cars potential and 100% out of the drivers in the our group on the last day. Yes the cars are faster and more capable than you. On day two you get to ride along with and instructor driving. That was a real eye-opener. They (cars and instructor) are downright fast, smooth and very impressive. You get to see how they do it and feel them balance the car with the brakes or throttle. Then you get to go back out for more lead follow and keep learning. When not on track you are in the classroom learning about the car. They go over some of the features and how to use them. They answer any questions you have about the car, track or what you can do better. Having this many instructors to so few students is invaluable to your learning both on and off track. They are very welcoming to guests if you bring one. They let guests ride with the instructors during track sessions if they wish. I can’t speak highly enough about the upbeat and positive attitudes from each everyone there over both days!

Travis Westermeyer

Rich Rossi

Awesome experience thank you instructors a awesome!!!!!!


Brittany Jenkins

Prices to high

Jonas Bateman

Dean Anderson

Great experience had a blast. Thanks Rick JJ and the boys and Jen. Great time learned a lot

Tina Dewitt

Ok ,so showed up wondering why no one was under cabana,so we took spot only to find out later by Keith(employee) it costs extra to stay under. He was so nice about it and let us stay,because no one reserved it. I will continue to come .Back ! He handled the situation so well and could have took another direction if he didn't. Impressed by his mature bussiness like manner! Guy needs a raise...;) I will be back! Amazing lake.. Amazing pina colada's!

Scott Harvey

great facility, great staff, great experience!

just ask

Again by far one of the best experiences you'll get when buying a new Cadillac or Corvette from your local dealer you have the option to go to the school. Learn how to drive it and not have to repair it and baby yours. LoL. I'll tell you where the greatest spots are for racing cars and anything that has to do with going fast. This is still one of the places to hang out that is by far the best as far as West coast racing goes. About the best track in North America. Talk about the greatest job in the world, just to be one of these instructors. One of the best schools in the United States. if you buy a Corvette or Cadillac and do not go to the school with the option from the dealer something's wrong with you

Casey Smyth

Rick Tieken

Nick Longenecker

Harry W

I took the Ron Fellows Level 1 course April 24th thru the 26th. Last year I went to the 2 Day Corvette Owners class and was blown away. This year was just as amazing. I know you see a lot a 5 star reviews on here for this place and there is a reason. It is a 5 star experience! They had all of the same instructors as last year, plus added more, highly qualified instructors. The cars are kept in really good condition and so it the track. The Condos are very comfortable and very quiet, as long as no one is testing on the track, but hey that is music to my ears anyway. The instructors are very patient and very knowledgeable. Think you’re fast…think again! How they can drive a car with 200 less HP in front of me, one handed while talking on the hand held 2 way radio and looking in the rear-view at what you are doing, or not doing, and I can’t keep up with them is beyond me! I am a pretty fast driver too and have some experience with my Z06! Not only is it an absolute blast doing 128+ mph down the back straight, but I learned more about not only good racing techniques, but good/safe everyday road driving than I can even mention in this review. This is a bucket list must do for any motor head, or want to be motor head! BTW April is a MUCH nicer time of the year to go to this area than June!


John deWit

I recently participated in the Spring Mountain Performance Driving School for my third time. The C6 ZR1 3 day, level 1 school a few years ago and the level 2 school the past 2 years. The staff do an excellent job of providing instruction that complements the performance level of each student. Our classes were divided into 2 sections with one section in the classroom and the other on the track. Beyond that, the section on the track was divided into 3 or 4 groups, by skill level, providing a very personal level of instruction. The instructors are all very good and give very consistent instruction. The instructors exhibit incredible patience and encouragement. The level 2 school is structured in a way that amateur drivers can take the school many times and continue to receive challenging instruction tailored to an individuals performance level. I’m anxious to do track days next summer to apply the skills from the school. SMPDS provides much more value than more horsepower when it comes to reducing your lap times for your track days. Compare the cost of the school to the cost of driving your own car at track days - you’ll find that SMPDS is an incredible value. I hope I’m able to go again (how many more?). This would make an incredible gift for someone special. It would also be an exceptional way for a company to show appreciation to great employees or customers.

Darren Kozinski

Possibly the most fun I have ever had somewhere. Lets talk about the Corvette performance school, extremely fun, great instructors, all around just amazing. As for the resort, the rooms are very nice, clean, and up to date. I hope to come back in the nearby future because I had a blast. Only about 40 minutes to Death Valley and about 50 minutes to the Vegas strip.

Bob Smith

James Bond

A life changer! I had the pleasure of participating in the Cadillac V-Performance Academy. The instructors and experiences are truly unbelievable. The staff complied at this Academy are world class. The instructors make the experience incredible. The lessons I learned are applied to my everyday driving routine. I can not say enough good things about this organization. Bucket list worthy! The skills and techniques life saving. One of the finest experiences in my life. I am already signed up to come back. 11/10!

Doug Pederson

Greatest vacation ever for my wife and I AND the most exciting driving experience we’ve ever had! The room we stayed in overlooked the track - WAY COOL! The instructors were all very patient and very knowledgeable, took what they did very seriously and focused on keeping us and everyone safe but at the same time magically helped us learn how to drive FAST:-) and have fun doing it. None of the staff took themselves too seriously but they created a very relaxed atmosphere while teaching us how to do what they do so well! By the way, I’m very frugal and do not spend money loosely or foolishly but I am just returning today from our 3 day “level 1” driving school at Spring Mountain and am already booking our return. Next time my wife and I will do two days of “one on one” private lessons. Again, I’m frugal but I have no idea how they let us drive their brand new Corvettes like this and make money charging us what they charge us! By the way I’m 6’10” and they installed a custom seat so I could fit in the car with a helmet and it was glorious! But, being “limited” to my car because of the custom installed seat, I was really bummed when I saw on my dash my TPM showing a tire problem. They immediately took me into the mechanics bay and (I’m not exaggerating) with an instructor riding shotgun threw 4 mechanics at me and 1) found the problem and 2) changed out the tire in 25 seconds! Just like on tv! I was back out on the track and with my group without missing any track time! I don’t know how they do what they do for the price they charge and we will likely go back at least twice a year and maybe more, my wife and I both think this is one of our “top 5” vacations and life experiences!

Narendra Kumar

Jack Senn

Great experince. Instructors were funny and very informative. Track and cars were very well kept. Had an absolute blast!

Danny G

Just finished the C7 Corvette course. Wow what an experience!! Top notch professional instructors, high class accommodations, delicious food, and a perfect way to learn what your C7 is capable of delivering an owner. Mucho thanks to Ron Fellows team _ job well done and a class act for sure!!! Worth way more than the reasonable cost for the instruction. The spouses and other family members enjoyed ride a longs with the lead instructor car. An owner cannot know the limits of their C7 without taking this course. I plan to take the next level in 6 months. Holy cow - smiles from everyone in the class!!!

Wayne Stockstill

My Wife and I were told that we would share the experience and I would be able to watch her Training. We drive from Houston to Parhump for Cadillac CTSV Driving and Operational 2 day Course. That all changed and I was not allowed to watch the training. This left me without anything to occupy my time because the Swimming Pool was not operational, the Gym was not open, and that pissed me off to say the least. A Vacation shot due to misrepresentations and poor Management Coordination. Get everything in writing.

Genaro Gonzalez

Ok place

Roger Warnken

Michael Grubb

I had the time of my life at Spring Valley Motor Resort in mid October 2015. I went with three friends to attend Corvette Owner's School for two days. I drove a Z06 on the track and learned a lot about my car and my driving abilities. The instructors are patient and talented. The condo we stayed in was clean and well furnished and the food was good. It was an awesome experience driving America's greatest sports car in the desert!

Dennis Peterson

Just got back from the 2 day Corvette Owner's Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain! The Instructors, cars, track, Team and facility are Outstanding! It was an Incredible experience! I'm Ready for the next stage!

Peter Doran

Phenomenal driving experience!

Glenn Rodgerson

A great track. Being a driver for over 30 yrs, I must say it's a challenging course that will test you well. I just loved being there.

rob fierek

A1 all the way.great hosts.very nice lodging and amenities. And the driving was a blast

Mr Derp

Membership starts at $45,000 a year.... The VP of sales and marketing, Mike, insists you pay more to have your family on the track with you. So there is not a great sense of community... Which is a shame, because most "car guys" value that very highly. Other than that, the staff is extremely professional and accommodating, and the facilities are wonderful. But, I would not recommend it, solely on their aggressive collection/billing mindset towards members. If the Vice President is proactively enforcing these fiscal values, over customer relation values, the whole facility may be headed in the wrong direction at this time.....

brandon hulderson

Do the electrical so i go daily lately and worked on just about every building on site and for the lake best work day was rowing the transformer to the island of lake for lighting.It is a place im glad to be a par for of building it. :)

Joe Orsolits

Tom Lowe

Michael Rogers

Jonny Petaros

Edinardo Potrich

Mary Anne Kolb

RIck Picken

I went through the second day of the level one C7 class as a ride along with my brother, & I can't wait to come back this summer to take the class for myself! The reviews for this place could seem made up, but I promise you that they are ALL true...first rate instructors & facilities. My demo laps at "70%" with Paul were some of the most fun I've had in a car.

Lilli Marie

It’s really good there food is cheap and you have cheap things to rent to ride on. The only thing I hate is that you can’t play with the sand kids get really sad a cry when they can’t make sand castles and the sand is good but in some parts in the water there’s no sand and there are hard parts and cut my toe open for that. NOT GOOD! But it’s a good place! You can party!

matt melito

I was there in 2011 for the level 1 school. The training and instructors, as well as the facilities were awesome. I never thought I would drive or could drive like that. The combination of classroom and in car instruction was a home run. Worth the money. Pahrump may not be las vegas, but Spring Mountain rocks.

Sally Sukdol

jason case

What a blast! Beautiful place! Top notch staff. I highly recommend checking this place out!


Awesome Facility great racing experience great food ,

Justin C

Point by's are mandatory during track days here. Unless you're the owner of the track. Delusional owner who has a lot to learn about customer service and basic track etiquette. Corner workers need to learn how to pick up a blue flag once in a while.

Debbi Holmes

My husband surprised me a year ago for my birthday with a brand new Cadillac CTS-V with an insanely high sticker price - the Performance Academy here came with it. We were told that I could take the course and my husband (my guest), although he couldn't drive, could be with me in all classrooms and ride with the instructors so it would be a shared experience. Everything was going well until mid morning when my husband was told he could not go out to watch and should wait in the Clubhouse. We would never have driven all the way from Houston, Texas to Pahrump, Nevada if we couldn't do this as a shared experience. Right now we comprise a very furious husband and an extremely disgusted wife. This left my husband alone with nothing to occupy his time because the pool was closed for work on it starting today, and the fitness center is down, which also upset other attendees who had families here. This could have been a really cool experience but was miles off the mark.

Gintare Mirinavicius

Just got back from Cadillac CTS V class, it was very informative and lots of fun. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. I wish there was More Cadillac classes. Definitely recommend for those who are willing to learn how to really drive your car. Thank you much

Michael Christiansen

Spring Mountain Raceway is one of the premier road racing tracks in the country. High-speed driving events are managed by highly experienced professionals. It's been a pleasure to participate!

Wes Burmark

The instruction for new Corvette owners was outstanding. I learned so much about the car that I never new before. The driving activities were all geared to showcase the car's abilities/features and to increase our driving skills. The on-track experience was awesome! (Make sure you take an SD card to record your experience.) This is the safest way to explore your Corvette's performance potential. The high point was a ride-along with an instructor piloting a Z06. I witnessed that a car can indeed fly! Many thanks to all of the instructors.

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