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Lizzie Holka

I would highly recommend Nevada Driving Schools, they helped me get my driver's license and I am 100% satisfied. I especially appreciate my instructor, Ms. Perez, who is extremely patient and will always make sure that you understand what she is teaching you. She taught me how to be a defensive and safe driver and I couldn't have gotten my driver's license without her. If you are looking for an affordable and effective way for you yourself or your teenager to learn to drive, this is most definitely the school to choose.

Jeanette Mary

I will give my first review ever to NV Driving School. I am not one that writes reviews but I am SO pleased with the driving education my son is receiving. Ms. Ellie is outstanding, and extremely knowledgeable of Nevada laws. Her behind the wheel training goes beyond just placing my son behind the wheel and teaching him to drive. She takes him on a different route every lesson so he can experience the many different roads and traffic signs through the valley which is so important. For example, the North Side is not the same as driving in Henderson or Summerlin, so she covers EVERYTHING. She leaves NO stone unturned. I called around before finding NV Driving School and never booked an appointment with any other school before NV Driving School. I could tell just from my phone conversion with the other schools out there that they were all about the money and NOT the education and teaching my son correctly. NV Driving School is a Five Star School. Look no further!!!

Eloisa Perez

Ms. Noel Parisi, You must have the incorrect school. We do not have any employees with the names of Ben or Dean. Please remove this low rating if possible. Thank you and Good luck in resolving any issues you may have with the other school.

Charmaine Singletary

I would recommend this school to everyone, one of the best decision I made. The employees were nice and respectful. They take their time and are very flexible. The driving instructor Marco went above and beyond to help me.

christa hollister

I took the drivers Ed class to get my permit I was so scared and nervous of driving I never thought I would b able to drive and after taking these classes with Ellie I honestly couldn't thank her enough. these classes are so great & VERY helpful, I learned so much. I finally got my permit. if it wasn't for these classes I wouldn't have gotten it. & then following I also took behind the wheel classes with her and she couldn't be more nice and helpful I'm so glad she helped me so much thru all of this. best driving school in Nevada forsure :) I highly recommend!!!

Suhaily Rios-Rivera

I would highly recommend this driving school because of the way they handle behind-the-wheel experience to new coming drivers:) I thank them so much for teaching me how to drive. I, especially, want to thank Ms. Ally for helping me with driving lessons!! I am thankful and extremely satisfied with this school 100%.

Davide Butson-Luthier

Thank you to Ellie and Marco for being such great instructors!! They make a great Duo. Ellie is so flexible and always make it work to come and meet you. I highly recommend this auto school to everybody.

Alon Johnson

Welson Shine

Patricia Zara Haas-Kamaker

Thanks to Nevada Driving School, this school's service is amazing. I would highly recommend this driving school because of the way they handle behind-the-wheel classes. When I went to the school I had no experience at all, I never drove a minute. After the third lesson I was driving home. She explains everything how to do, what to do, and when to do it. My biggest fear was parallel parking after the second try I was perfect. I went to DMV and passed for the first time. I’m so thankful for her. She is the best.

Rawhee P.

I am immediately writing this review after finishing my driving lessons because an immediate review is what Nevada Driving Schools deserves for such extraordinary service in every department: -I attended the two-day safety class for the 15/6 package. Our teacher, Ellie, was great. She answered every question, explained everything and never judged us if we did not know something or our questions were obvious. There were plenty of breaks to stretch our legs so the eight hour classes did not drag and there were loads of material to learn and keep you educated and also entertained. After these classes, I went to take my permit and passed it on my first try. -Afterward, I had driving lessons with Marco. If you attend this school, I highly recommend going with Marco. I had him for my twelve hours of driving lessons and he was amazing. He was so genuine in his attitude and meticulous with his teaching. If I did something wrong, he didn't get mad or frustrated; he would just explain it again and again until I got it right. When I started driving, his encouraging comments made me relax and for a person with anxiety, that is a huge thing. -Finally, their service. For this I recommend contacting them through email rather than phone as when I had questions, they were better answered on there and faster. But, whenever I had an issue my email was answered within a few hours. Like, in this case, I wanted to request six hours more of driving lessons and emailed them. Ellie, who answered my email, signed me up through there so I didn't have to do it by phone or the website. That's what I called excellent customer service. So in closing: GO TO THIS SCHOOL. If you know anyone who requires driving lessons or you would like driving lessons yourself: GO TO THIS SCHOOL. I didn't know a thing about driving or cars but after going here, I feel like an expert. I would suggest purchasing the 15/6 package which is the two-day classroom lesson and six hours of driving lessons if you want the entire experience. I passed my permit first time after the classroom lessons and after my twelve hours of driving lessons with Marco, I'm positive I'll pass my DMV driving test first go. Thank you Nevada Driving Schools!


This school's service is fantastic. Eloisa is the instructor that help me and she is great. The school is backed up all the time but do not let that deter you from getting help in passing your written and drive tests. They will cover information in the current handbook and even handbooks from a few years ago so you won't be caught off guard when taking the written test. The BTW (Behind The Wheel) classes are great and the instructors are patient in making sure that you gain the skills necessary in order to drive safely. If you sign up for it, they can take you on the DMV routes so you'll be prepared for the drive test. It's because of this school that I was able to pass my written and drive tests at the infamous Sahara DMV office.


From far the best education you get in Vegas. In addition to your driving license, you'll get to know how to survive on the road. Instructors go way beyond expectations, whatever the experience you have. You'll get to drive everywhere in Vegas and around, days and night, when you like.. Again, I got a 100% score, I highly recommend Eloisa. Thank you very much!


This school is impressive! I learned so much with just a few lessons. I was extremely nervous at first, but I had a lot of fun with Marco and Eloisa. Before I knew it, I was talking and driving. I didn't even notice that my nerves were all gone and I was ACTUALLY DRIVING! My biggest problem was my speed, but now I say the speed limit out loud when I'm driving because Marco would always ask me, "What's the speed limit? " I'm more aware of traffic signs because I was taught to constantly look for them. Its become a habit. I'm unbelievably happy that I decided to get help with my driving at this school. They will go above and beyond to help you. THANK YOU SO MUCH MARCO AND ELOISA!!!

Kavitha K

We really appreciated the expertise and dedication of this school. The 15/6 package was great, and we took additional driving lessons with Ms.Ellie. She is the best, so easy and nice to work with, very knowledgeable and an expert teacher. Thank you so much Ellie!

Zineb Gm

Best driving school. I passed my test thanks to my instructor Eloisa Perez who was patient and very good at teaching me what I need in order to pass and she is a nice person. I highly recommend

Chris Tehranchi

Best of Las Vegas, Elli is great, I trusted her with my daughter. She went way above expectation and my daughter’s driving improved %100.

Cindy Amezquita

I did not have any patience to teach my teenage daughter how to drive. But, with this driving school my daughter had learned the correct laws and all the rules of the road because, they sit these students in class and thoroughly go through everything. My daughter has the confident to drive and passed and received her license thanks to Ellie and Marcos they are patience and they make sure the students are confident enough. You are not wasting your money or time they Want your teenager to know the rules and they are serious about safety. So, my 13 year old will be going to this school when his time comes! Thank you Ellie and Marcos!

Dillon heath

Great business! Great price! Awesome teacher. Took one 2 hour BTW the first day, then took the driver's test and passed the next day after a quick 1 hour refresh drive. So glad I chose Nevada Driving School. Give em a call or check out their website, they will work with you to help you get your driver's license.

Jayashree selvan

I would recommend Nevada Driving School to anyone who is totally new to driving, literally. My instructor Mr. Larry Semore is simply the best instructor and I am so lucky to have him teach me. He is so good at providing instructions, making sure that the student is calm and comfortable while learning which actually helped a lot. I just took 4 classes and one session on the day of the test and passed! Their service altogether is just awesome. I am so happy and a great appreciation to the school and Mr. Larry for getting me there.

Noel Parisi

I had a warrant out for my arrest because there was no follow up from this driving school. Ben is by far the most rude man I've ever spoken to. He hung up on me and talked down to me as if he's never been in a two way conversation. Dean on the other hand was an angel, sorry for the poor review Dean (you were awesome!). Don't waste your money.!!!!!!!!!!

kkl 621

This school’s provided me with the skills to pass the test and to drive on the road without any fear. I passed my driving test with 95/100. Kudos to Ellie for being a great instructor. She has tons of experiences and high patience with a new driver like me.

Joanna Orosco

I've been to different driving school but they don't break down the concept of driving I failed twice because I was confused and since I was confused I don't know where to start fixing my mistakes. After couple Of failure I tried enrolling myself at nevada driving school hoping someone could help me and they did, I got two instructors Elle and Marco they both communicate with each other and focused on my weak points. Marco evaluated/assess me and took me on my test day he also took me to the route where I got tested to. Elle let me attend her traffic school for free and gave me completion certificate as well. At her traffic school lecture she broke down everything I need to know and also made us understand the basic rules of the road and traffic signs which not all the drivers understands by the way.Elle made me get used to the road and focused on my mistakes constantly pointing out stuff I need to improve. She also gave me time and not in a rush to finish, she tired but she keeps pushing me and stayed with me til I figured out the things she wants me to learn. To sum it up I highly recommend Nevada driving school be new or experienced driver. They will not stop until you learn what you need. Thank you nevada driving school for helping me get my drivers license and giving me points I will be using for the rest of my life or as long as I'm driving. Again thank you so much for all the lessons and I will Practice safe driving like you guy's advise.

Ramón Estevanel

The best !!!

Mrinalini Deshpande

Thanks to Nevada driving school , I could learn driving and pass my test especially since I had no driving experience and starting at beginners level was quite a challenge. However my instructor Eloise Perez was amazing and extremely patient in her teaching , helping and guiding me throughout my learning experience. Thank you so much for helping me gain confidence in my driving abilities and become better in every class.

Paris Smith

The best experience that I have ever had, I had Ally as my instructor and she went above and beyond to get me driving, I cant say I'm an easy customer to reach, I have a crazy schedule but Ally made it work, very kind to me and a great teacher, I remember everything she taught me, went to DMV with me early in the morning to get an appointment because that was the only day I could take the driving test. I can now brag and say that I am a great driver, and a safe one at that too, and this wouldn't have happened without an amazing instructor. Thank You Ally, My Sisters are up next, and with you by their side, I have no doubts.

Julia Devito

My instructor was Mr. Shell, and he was simply AMAZING. I had my lessons with him only one day before my test, and i was very panicky about it, cause i was not prepared enough at all. I had huge problems with parallel parking and after my 2 hour driving lesson was over and i still couldnt do it, he did not stop until i did it right (and it took a while lol). I passed my test today and without Mr. Shell that would not have been possible. He is a fabulous teacher, and a very kind person. I can only say the best about him and the way he teaches. Thank you so much!

Endurance Oziegbe

My name is Simon. I have few words for this school, excellence, thorough, friendly and professional. All the staff are awesome! This school is a must for those intending to obtain a drivers license.

Valentine Baron

Passed my test. Marco and Eloisa helped me so much and are amazing instructors! I recommend Nevada Driving School!

Jason Bradley

roy f

I think This School is the best they really do care and want you to drive safely when i First started lessons i did not know how to drive at all. Now I have my licence and pass both permit test and and on the road test. The first time because of the help of them i got my First truck. I recommend them alot especially for young new driver's

Samuel Deimos

Just want to say thanks to the Instructor who helped me get over my fear of driving on the highway and helping me improve greatly. Thanks!

Amen Dah

I would give 10 stars! I had lary as my teacher. I couldn’t ask for better. I’ll start by saying that he such an amazing man, he is so patient and kind, funny with great stories that made me leave any stress behind. I took as little as 4 leasson with Larry and ever , and passed successfully my first driver test! Larry did everything to make me pleased and to teach me on a short term, even if I needed to start very early at 7am cause of my busy schedule ,he showd up ready for all! He is right to the point, will pull out your mistakes gently and will teach you how to improve yourself by saying very little. He will focus to improve your technics and will never forget to compliment when needed! He made me so confident on the roads And waited patiently in the DMV and helped with any other questions regardless. My experience was amazing with this school and will defently recommend if you really want to pass your driver test and become a driver!! The owner Eli was so nice as well while I made my first appointment. Thanks guys you the best!!!! Amanda .

Sabrina Hawkins

This is the best driving school. My instructor Mr. Larry Semore is the best. He was very helpful I had a real fear of driving. I had my mom trying to teach me how to drive but all she did was yell. Mr. Larry took his time showed me what to do and how to do it correctly . He told me now what did you do wrong and I answered it and I corrected my mistakes without him telling me the answer. He had me driving on the streets my second day. Excellent excellent instructor


I contacted Nevada Driving Schools to ask if I could schedule multiple driving sessions before scheduling a DMV test. I was told instead to schedule a DMV test in advance, and after jerking me around for two months refusing to give me a straight answer to my follow-ups (if any answers at all), they finally agreed to give me ONE driving session right before my scheduled DMV test. Then after the driving session, the driver refused the car for the DMV test and said I should have scheduled multiple driving sessions (AKA: the very thing I wanted to do in the first place and they said no for two months). I am fully confident that this was a deliberate ploy to try to squeeze me for more money than I would have otherwise have to spend, given that I have tried everything short of a note signed in blood tied to a rock flying through their window to tell them I am NOT giving them any more of my time or money and yet they continue to hound me. Do not give these worthless stool-bags your money.

Jiah Kim

I highly recommend Marco, one of the instructors in this school. I was a beginner driver when I started with him, and he got me confidently driving in a few sessions. He is patient and very good at making things easy to understand. Thanks, Marco!

Tiamariebabey Cos

Ellie was amazing and I would recommend her to everyone. My daughter took her class as well as her driving lessons and she just took her DL test this past Saturday on E Sahara she passed with a perfect score....

Irene Hernandez

After 2 failed attempts on the DMV actual driving test, my husband and I decided that I take professional driving lessons to familiarize myself with the rules of the road. So I enrolled at Nevada Driving Schools for BTW sessions and their trainors Ty and Sam are the BEST!!! They are friendly, helpful and experts in what they do! Without the training I got from them, I don't think I would have made it :) Thank you very much once again and more power. I will definitely recommend you guys! God bless you all!!!

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