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8275 S Eastern Ave STE 200-117, Las Vegas, NV 89123, United States

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REVIEWS OF Nevada Drive Academy DMV Licensed Driving School of Henderson Las Vegas IN Nevada

cruz sisters

Michele Royal

We could not be any happier with Jeff and Nevada Drive Academy! You owe it to your teenager to give them the absolute best training when it comes to driving. Jeff prepares his students to be on their own one day and he makes sure they are ready. Thank you Nevada Drive Academy!

Megan Pilkington

Jeff and his driving school are the best you can get. I more than highly rate Jeff. He helped me pass my test and get on the road. More than that he helped me build confidence about driving. There isn't a better driving instructor, Jeff is calm, patient, humorous and can put any driver (young or old) at ease no matter the level of experience or past experience. Thank you Jeff.

Amanpreet Bath

It was a very good learning experience for me. Jeff was very patient and helped me improve my driving. Due to his lessons I passed my test first time. I highly recommend Jeff

Kyungah Kim

i had never experience of driving before, so REALLY nervous of driving but since i took 12 hour basic couese wirh Jeff i learned a lot and able to get a confidence~ i strongly recommend him if you want to pass driving test!! He is very friendly and wonderful driving tutor!

Jules Martinez

Amazing teacher! Jeff does a great job at preparing you for the final test and help you drive safe! Highly recommended ! Ive got my drive test on the first try

Kerri Sherliz Apineru

Honestly this school was amazing, they helped me learn the basics of driving. My instructor Jeff was kind and very patient in helping me learn. I improved my driving perfectly with this school's help. I took my driving test today and passed on the 1st time. They work around your schedule and you get 2 hours worth of your time in each lesson. After your lessons they go with you to go take your test when you're ready. Would definitely recommend going to this school to learn driving! :)

Adriana Parker

Jeff my driving instructor was absolutely amazing! He made me feel comfortable and made getting my license a piece of cake. I would highly suggest him to anyone looking for a great instructor!

Ebonee Jones

Great experience! He’s very knowledgeable and makes you very comfortable. Thanks for everything

Sydney Kelley

Jeff is by far the best driving instructor in Nevada. He genuinely cares about the safety of his students and everyone else on the road. I understood all of his directions and instructions. He was extremely patient and very aware. Jeff skills are out of this world. After four lessons I passed my driving test. I basically learned how to drive in a week. How incredible is that. I also gained a lot of confidence behind the wheel. I would highly recommend him!


I needed a car to take the drive test at the DMV to reinstate me lisence. Prior to the test Jeff took me on a route very similar to the route the testers take you on. Jeff was able to give me a pretty good idea of what to expect. Of course with Jeff's coaching i passed. Many thanks Jeff!!!

Brett Knudsen

Owned by a great instructor who will give you tips on how to improve your driving skills to ace your driving test!

Cynthia Par

A very good driving school with a very patient and excellent instructor (Jeff Garrett). Not only provides good driving knowledge but also builds your confidence in driving. Took 5 lessons with Jeff and aced my driving practical test. I am a very happy that taking lessons from this school has made me a better driver that's why I highly recommend this school.

Vimala Ganta

Jeff was awesome and I would recommend him 100%... I am more confident to drive on freeways as well after his lessons. I am glad I chose Jeff to learn my driving!! Thanks a lot Jeff!!!

Sunjith P S

Just took a 2 hour lesson from Jeff to get confident driving around in Las Vegas. I'm a visitor from India where the driving conditions are very different and right-hand drive. Jeff was very friendly, gave me great instructions. He asked me what I find most challenging and gave me exactly the lessons I needed. One of the most important thing for me was driving on freeways. So he let me get on and off freeways several times to get me comfortable doing them. He taught me the traffic signals and signs and also gave many tips for driving in Las Vegas. He made me do all sorts of turns - left, right, U-turn. He also let me drive through the busy strip. He gave me a good idea about the layout of the roads here and how to get to what all places, what exits to take and all. Finally, he also gave me a holiday discount! It was an excellent session. Booking the session online was also very easy and he was very responsive and communicated all things really well. I would highly recommend Nevada Drive Academy. Thanks a lot, Jeff.

Ryan Gomez

I highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend you do this if your starting on the road. Jeff is a great instructor and guy when you get to know him. He teaches you everything from the do's and don'ts in driving, tells you what other driving proctors are like, and takes you to where the proctors take their students on their test. If you don't get it the first time like I did, don't get discouraged. Just take it as a learning experience and keep learning from Jeff. I wish future student drivers all the luck on their driving test.


It was great, learned multiple rules of the road and passed my drivers test first try. He's a great guy with a sense of humor! Highly recommend.

Алена Шелюг

Jeff best instructor with great patience! I think that I passed the test the first time, this is the best indicator. Thank you so much for helping me.I wish you many good customers. High recommendation!!!

Justin Mercado

It was my first time behind the wheel and was nervous. After all the lessons I have gained confidence and the instructor is great. He knows what he is talking about, offers great advice, and patient/level-headed. I would recommend this school, any day.


Debbie Miller

Jeff was so helpful for my daughter. We had used another driving service when she first got her permit, which was ok, but called Jeff when it was time for her driving test. He was much more practical, had tips for her, followed up with details of what she needed to work on, and walked her into the DMV to get her signed up and ready. She passed and I am sure most of it was due to his last minute help the day before. Highly recommend.

Christian Manning

Great instructor who is very encouraging and patient. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to safely learn how to drive.

Darrin Datuin

I strongly recommend this driving school for anyone learning how to drive. Jeff helped me and taught me all the things I needed to do and what not do when driving in general and on the driving test. I aced my drivers' test on my 1st try with a 95, with only 5-6 lessons.

LV Am Vegas

Jeff was great for my 16 year old, new driver. My son was very nervous about driving and Jeff helped him gain confidence in driving. I would highly recommend!

Shobin Scaria

Good Trainner

Jesse Ballot

Jeff was exactly what I needed to get my head straight and get my confidence for my lisense test. He is very knowledgeable and teaches very well, he helped me with what I needed work on, showed me some tips and tricks for when I take my test. He was very calm and relaxed, one thing I liked a lot was he always was able to start a conversation so it wasn’t 2 hours of an awkward silence lol. I would recommend Jeff to anyone because he helped me become a better/safe driver and I believe he can do the same for you.

Monica Venida

Jeff was so patient with me and made sure I knew how to correct the mistakes I made. He was easy to talk to and helped me feel so comfortable on the road. Passed my test and it’s thanks to his help!

Anna Taing

Jeff helped alleviate my anxiety of driving by instilling a sense of confidence and familiarity was his lessons. He talked me through everything and I passed the driving test on the second go. Thank you very much I really appreciate you, Jeff

Kum Iwimbong

Best instructor ever

Tùng Lâm Trần

I would say that must need for a new drive. My instructor was Jeff, very calm, always safety first, knowledgable and very very generous. We have gone through a wonderful journey with him. In the end I am so confident with my driving skills and the quality of the course was excellent. The car is always in hygienic-keeping which creates a super pleasant zone. If someone is looking for a driving school and confusing by a lot of school, promise you this one is the best. Thank you again to my instructor Jeff

Diana Murphy

This is by far the best driving school in Las Vegas. My teenager daughter was very nervous to drive for the first time and Jeff made her feel very comfortable from the beginning. He has a lot of patience and really cares about his students. We had to reschedule a couple of classes due to our schedule changing, and Jeff was always so accommodating, never ones made a big deal about it. I am glad to inform that with Jeff's coaching, my daughter passed her test. We definitely recommend Jeff and Nevada Drive Academy :)

Yanisa Chimma

I studied the driving lesson with Jeff. That’s so good. I got a lot of things that made me passed the driving test easily with 100 points

Anchal B

Jeff is amazing at what he does. He went out of his way to help me with my drive test . I highly recommend him.

jen b

Hi everyone, I was looking for a safe & efficient way for my son to learn to drive. Jeff was just what he needed to get his license. My son learned to drive and has confidence now. Choose Jeff and you won't regret it! We had a great experience !

Deenadhayalan Balakumar

My heartfelt thanks to my instructor Jeff for providing numerous tips and techniques to pass my drive test yesterday at Henderson DMV. I wanted to pass desperately this time as I had failed in the first attempt when I tried myself, so I have reached out to him. He is very polite, humble and got great knowledge and experience in his field. Also, he was very punctual all the time. His instructions and reference points will surely help not just in the drive test, it will help to become safe driver in the real life as well. Iam very happy that I chose Nevada Driving Academy. Highly Recommended!!!

Shad Scott

Jeff is very patient and professional. I highly recommend him as an instructor.

Shah G

Mr. Jeff, is an amazing driving instructor. He is very patient and aware and very clear about his directions and instructions. He genuinely cares about his students and their well-being and their safety while on road and afterwards. I would recommend him hundred percent without a doubt!

Michael Goldstein

I wanted to get a driver's license again after abandoning one 15 years ago. Jeff, at NV Drive Academy, was consistently calm and reassuring while teaching and made it easy to get my license. Thanks Jeff!

angie kins

I have always been a bit nervous about driving, so it really takes a patient person to attempt to teach me. I had tried taking my driving test before, but ended up failing due to still not feeling confident behind the wheel or on the road. After months of avoiding driving or the idea of getting a license, I decided I had taken enough Uber's and Lyfts and decided I wanted to get my very own driver's license. After a long search on Google, I came across Nevada Drive Academy. From the very beginning, Jeff was quick to answer any questions I had and made sure to work with my busy schedule, which was very important to me. Every lesson I felt more and more comfortable and started to feel like driving was becoming a natural part of my life. I just took my test last Saturday and passed! I seriously almost cried. I can't thank Jeff enough for the time and personalized dedication he gave me every lesson. If you need that extra boost of confidence in your driving, call Jeff!

Elrae Carino [Wiener ES]

This driving school and my daughter’s instructor Jeff were great. My daughter learned good driving strategies overall and things to hat helped her be confident and successful on the driving test. Jeff was flexible with our schedule, had great communication and always arrived on time. My daughter felt very comfortable driving with him. I highly recommend them for student drivers.

Darwin-Hart Robelo Dacayanan

I strongly recommend this driving school and it's instructor. The intstructor is observant, informative, and understanding with his students. The car has great controlling ability for first time drivers. The lessons are stable, but also loose enough to adjust for any student. You will drive with ease and direct understanding of what you can improve on. All and all, my experience was fun and instructive.

James Baker

Jennifer Lee

joana vieyra

This is seriously the best driving school! I have so much fun going from being completely afraid of driving to getting my license in a month. I strongly recommend this school. Jeff the instructor is super patient and understanding. He will teach you everything you need to know to pass your test in the easiest way. He is also very patient when you make mistakes. Jeff is definitely the best at instructing!

Gary Brennan

Great driving school for nervous teens. Very patient and knows the DMV road test. I highly recommend this school.

Cynthia Mapes

A very professional and helpful driving school. I would definitely recommend using this school for new drivers.


My son just finished his behind the wheel lessons with Jeff. He went from knowing nothing about driving to being a licensed driver in just 6 lessons! He got 100% on his driving test. Jeff is an excellent instructor, he explained things very well and he was also very patient and kind. He made my son feel very comfortable. I couldn't be happier with the lessons my son received. Nevada Drive Academy and Jeff come highly recommended!

Isaiah A.

The Driving Instructor is awesome! He is relaxed and very funny guy. He knew how the DMV grades and how to help me get better with my driving and how to pass it. I am glad to have the opportunity to have him as an instructor. Also, thanks to him, I actually passed my test! Thank you so much for everything!

Ariana Halama

I took lessons here and it was great! The instructor Jeff was really patient and understanding. He answered all my questions and helped me understand and fix any mistake I made while driving. It was easy to plan the days that I had a lesson and he told me about what would happen at my driving test so that I was prepared. I passed the test! Really nice person and would recommend to anyone wanting to learn driving for the first time or anyone re-learning driving!

Yvette Grubich

I highly recommend this driving school. My Instructor Jeff was very patience and calm, hard to find that kind of attitude from an instructor. I was very impressed and super thankful for his support and help. Now I’m driving. A+++++

Rina Segawa

Justine Villanueva

Jeff was my instructor. I PASSED THE ROAD TEST. He’s amazing. As an instructor, he tells you what you’re supposed to do and not do. He is straight to the point. He knows how to fix your driving and what needs to improve. He will make you apply your driving in real life like he lets you practice driving from your home to school/work. It enhances your confidence while driving. He will teach you how to pass your DMV road test and lets you apply your driving not only for the test but also in you daily driving activities. I recommend this driving school. Thank you so much Jeff!!!!!

Jheyne Hanke

I just took my test on Thursday and I passed. I couldn't be more happier. I Definitely recommend Jeff. He is patient and I learned a lot. Thank so much.

Jim George

Jeff is a very good instructor and knew exactly how to teach driving. If you get a driving instructor, you want to get one like Jeff.

Wendy Saavedra

Jeff was great and my daughter enjoyed the 6 hour course! She is 16 and after a collision was apprehensive to drive. After the course she is now more confident on the road. I highly recommend Nevada Drive Academy!

Raden Cuntapay

Nancy Knight

YAHOO!!!Got my license!

justine villanueva

Jeff was my instructor. He's patient and funny. I enjoyed my driving lessons with him. He made me more confident and comfortable when driving. Jeff will teach you how to pass your DMV road test and lets you apply your driving not only for the test but also in your daily driving activities. I recommend this driving school. Thank you so much Jeff!!!!! Thumbs up!!!!

Angel Fellows

Before I met Jeff I had other instructors which didn’t go well , then I met Jeff and started over . He gave me confidence in a short time . He is an awesome instructor with patience . He treats his students like his his friends which makes it much easier to learn . He has a great sense of humor which makes you smile / laugh and that is a good relaxation of harmony for a student . I will recommend him his school any day and to all ages of students . Thank you so much for helping me to be a good driver . Most of all thank you for all your patience with me . God bless you Jeff

James H

Amazing driving school that helped me get my license.

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