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REVIEWS OF National Driving School, LLC IN Nevada

Gianella Camara

Lake is very a big help instructor. I highly recommend him to be your driving instructor. And he’s also nice and friendly.

Rokhaya Gueye

I got a great experience and the best teacher His name is Lake and i passed with a score of 88 Thanks again Lake!!!

Naomi Tijerino

I had an amazing experience with this school! I did not have any experience driving when I started my five sessions but now I definitely feel more confident in my driving and know that I will pass my driving test next month thanks to my instructor Lake! He’s the best.

Jay K

I got my drive license because of him. He is patient, professional and comfortable. It's really fantastic.

jessica rivera

Passed my driving test yesterday! Thanks to habtu and alex they are awsone instructors.

linh duong

First thank you to my teacher LAKE , you very nice , friendly , thanks to help me pass my text first time , thanks so much . Every one want get driver license come to this school and ask for Lake he help you .

Tadele Behaku

Thanks Woldu. my wife go her driving license within a month I didn't expect that now I feel confident when she's driving.

Arina Grigoryan

The best driving school. And the best teachers!!! I pass the test easily!! Adn had no experience, I have never driven before. My teacher Habtu did a great work with me.

Shaw Miller

This driving school literally saved me from being a reckless driver. My instructor was Woldu. He made everything pretty clear and taught me everything I needed to know and how to be cautious on the road. Aside from making things clear, the customer service was legit and the price was pretty much reasonable. I would definitely recommend it to everyone who is planning to get their license to go and learn from the best.

Delaina Brooks

I pass my driver's test today and it's all thanks to Lake.. He helpful and understanding, he will guide you along the path that you need to past your test.. this school is cheap compared to most.. Once again thank you Lake for helping me pass my test

Marynell Narciso

My driver instructor was Alex and Habtu. I took two driving classes so I can learn as much as possible and be more confident at driving. When I first started driving I was a nervous wreck, always over thinking I'm going to crash, and I would always start to freak out when there's a lot of cars near me. It was frustrating cause I thought I would never get my driver license, and I would start to lose hope. But that all changed thanks to NDS and to my best driving instructors. Habtu was my driver instructor the week of my driving test. I'm probably one of his most complicated student cause I'm hard headed, and stubborn. But a huge shout out to him, he's soo patient with me, and not only he gave me advice on the road on becoming a better, safe driver, he also gave me life advice. The day of my test it's very kind of him to wake up really early and take me driving practice. I was so nervous cause during those practice I made so many mistakes I start to lose hope and think I'm going to make those same mistakes during the test. But Habtu believed in me. We had our fun times during practice, and laughing telling jokes but it was time to get serious. Before the test he gave me a pep talk. He motivated me. I start to believe in my self more. Deep down I know I can do it. Thanks to him I pass my first driving test with a score of 94% it was easy, and a great life experience. During the test, I remembered everything he had taught me. Who knew at the beginning I was scared to drive the road but now I'm a lot more confident that I'm not scared any more. All thanks to NDS and my two amazing driving instructors Alex, and Habtu, my whole perspective of driving changed. I'm glad I made the right decision picking this driving school. Not only it helped me get my driver license, I've met Habtu who I can't thank enough for not loosing faith in me.

Yonael Tamrat

Lake was a great instructor and with only two days of training I got a 96/100 on the test. Great experience.

Aregahagn Mahi

thank you so mach i pss my driver's tast to day and it's all thanks to lake He will guide you along the path that you need to past your test once again thank you helping me pss my test

Bete A

Thanks habtu. he is a good teacher really I appreciate you having good experience

vy nguyen

Highly recommend for this school and 5 stars for Habtu - my best instructor . I've just passed my road test on the 1st try and I'm very appreciate to his help. He taught, gave me a lot of good advises not only for test but also for real driving later. Beside that, he is very nice, friendly and especially so patient with student, so I'm very confident to do the test. Thank Habtu again for everything. If having 10 stars, I give all for him

Robert Lelis

Thank you very much! Lake, Willy and habtu of National Driving School. They are the best instructors in Vegas. Im so happy i passed the driving test because of them i got 92% score. Highly recommended... Thank you! Happy Driving......

yonas berhanu

First i want to say thank you to My instructor, Habtu.he is truly kind, professional, consistent, patient, and cares about his student's success . I would totally recommend for anyone who wants to get Driving license don't waste your time choose national driving school now will become the best and safe driver ........

You’re 4 Foot Nothin

Great Customer services and i learned a lot, If I can rate it to 10 Stars I would.

MJg Nhnf

Liaule Tekletsadik

Lake Thank you so much for your help and support to getting my driving license and you're the one who give me good confidence to gate a great passing score. I'll recommend you to any one who is interested in learning to drive. Thank you!!

Vans OniiChan

habtu is an excellent instructor, calm and easy to talk to


Called these people to learn to drive manual and they gave me the run around. Never showed up and stopped answering the phone. These people are no good...garbage!

Rupesh Kumar

Dave is an amazing instructor. Thanks to him for sharing his driving tips. I highly recommend him. Their cars are in good condition. But I could not pass the test the first time. They are so cheap in price but lack integrity. I took classes with them and they did not show up on my test date. For the retest they demanded me to pay for more hours. When I refused, they told to go with another school. Mean and rude guys. p.s: I passed the test the same week with another school. I would not choose this school again.

Raul Iglesias

My instructor was Lake, and let me say that he is without a doubt going to be the reason that I pass my driving test. He taught me so many valuable things throughout the three days of instruction, the biggest being how to park (not just parallel parking, but parking in general). He is incredibly patient with his students and never gets frustrated or erratic. He stays calm and collected which helps out a ton. Definitely worth your time. I'd definitely give Lake a 5/5. This place misses the 5 star mark for me and it has nothing to do with the instructors but moreso with the rules of the school itself. Being required to do a 4 hour class to get my certificate when a close friend of mine did nothing of the sort is very odd (and we are both under 18).

Sami Araya

National driving school is simply on of the best school in las vegas. My teachers are would & habtamu. They teach me only four times and I passed. Tnx

Jose Iraheta

Very excellent school and the instructor is so patient and very friendly. Lake is a great instructor and person, he helped me with getting my license fast and easy. I really appreciate it Lake! 10/10 school!

Miro Arakelian

Lake was a excellent driving teacher, and i passed with a 98%. I felt very comfortable with him. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

Taryn White

Lake is a very patient and skilled driving instructor. With 2/3 lessons he taught me everything I needed to know. Passed my drivers test on the first run. 10/10 recommend this company and Lake.

Diane Ross

VERY GLAD we chose this company! Habtu was my daughter's instructor. She was a brand new driver (just received her learner's permit,) and after a few lessons she took the driving test at the DMV and passed on the 1st try! The rates are very reasonable (much better than most), and great customer service.

hoang nguyen minh

Mr. Habtu is a great teacher. He helped me how I drive on street safely. I appriciate him. Let take the driving class with him.

Abigail Nathanem

Excellent Service, affordable price, good people my daughter got her driver license just in few weeks. Thanks again

Fitsum Woldeyes

Samrawit Gebreegziabher

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my driving instructor Lake. He is an excellent instructor with greate personality. In my learning experince he thought me very well all the driving skills with patience, calm and respectful approach. What I liked most about Lake is he appreciates job well done and tells mistakes calmly. His way of teaching helped me to pass my test 1st time with a score of 91/100. Thank you Lake I couldn't have done it without your unreserved help. The school has nice car and the payment is fair and I highly recommend National Driving school and Lake to everyone planning to get driving licence.


Chunyan Zhang

I saw this school when I was looking for a driving school online. When I called to ask for information. Joyce was very nice and patient to explain to me. And she recommended Mr. Lake to me. Lake taught me very carefully and patient that how to drive. He told me all details about driving. When I feel unconfident, he always encourages me, supporting me. Because of him, I passed my driving test with 100%. I am especially grateful to him. LAKE IS THE BEST!!!!!

shahram dehlavi

Heh . they are not teachers they are just businessman. They can't speak English .Just one word they are horrible awful .

Tadese Belay

I'm so blessed to have a great trainer Lake. He is so friendly and a true gentleman. I really recommend other people to get him to learn driving. I love you brother I really appreciate for your time and helped me to pass first time on my licences test. Thank you and May God bless you where ever you go and protect you God bless thank you!!!

Armell Mahtani

I finally recieved my driving license 6 days ago. With the help of my instructor LAKE. Kudos to this guy for being patient with me and showed me everything on his expertise of driving. If you want to get your license without STRESS enroll to National Driving School. Again, thank you LAKE, your the best.

Robby Morton

lake was great driving teacher. this helped me a lot for the driving test. they take u on the same route as the test so u will be prepared.

Selamawi Bereda

I'm happy to be one of your student and got my License first try I'm excited to be on the road. Thanks Again

Morris Yang

Habtu is an amazing instructor! Couldn't have asked for better. He was patient and helpful; plus, because of him, I was able to pass on the first try. I will never forget his advice and his lessons.

Hazim Aal Ismail

Habtu is a great instructor. I strongly recommend!

Fasi Wolde

It has been one hell of an experience learning at National Driving School. The instructors are full of experience and excitement. I am grateful to be taught by such people who knows a lot about the road, rules and how to drive. I couldn’t be more right on choosing the school since they’ve taught me all the rules and everything to be a good driver. Anyone can drive but it takes a few to understand/know how to drive. If anyone is interested in not just passing the tests but if they want to be a good driver I recommend them to go to National Driving School and take lessons. - Thank you

Feven Kiflay

Today I'm so happy i passed a driving test because of those best teachers (Habtu & Alem) I really wannt to thank you guys you are the best teachers in vegas....God bless u !

Simar Kosa [STUDENT]

I recommend this driving school to anyone interested in taking some driving lessons. I had Habtu as my instructor and he did a great job with helping me understand the issues I had with my driving and how to improve on them. I passed the test using his student car on my first try with a score of 95, so he definitely did an great job.

Zelalem Alemayehu

The best driving school in town.

Chantel Cespedes

I definetly recemmond them if you want to learn or improve your skills of driving. I had no experience before they taught me & I passed my license test on the first time. I had Rosa & Woldu Tereda teaching me & they were super nice & very helpful people. 5/5


Nathan Chau [STUDENT]

If you're going to pay for lessons I recommend choosing Lake as your driving instructor. He is extremely patient, professional, and comfortable to be around. Lake helps especially during parking and parallel parking. He gave me the confidence of driving with zero experience at all and pointed out mistakes instantly. I was able to pass with a 98% and most of that credit goes to Lake.

Erica Lee

Lake was my instructor and I have passed my driving test on the first try. He is a very excellent instructor.

Kirk Chamberlin

These guys were great. I hadn't had a license in over 15 years and needed a refresher. Best thing I could have done before taking the test. Habtu was very knowledgeable and had me ready for the test. Price was also very good. Highly recommend this place!

yeabsira dubale

I'm so glad I chose to take my driving class with the national driving school. Lake was both very informative and friendly

genet Abebe

First of all I would like to pass my deepest appreciation to Lake who is the most skillful,punctual and most of all very supportive instructor. Anyone who need to learn driving ,I recommend to go to National Driving School. Again thank you Lake you are super!!!

Aleksandar Marinov

THEY DONT SPEAK UNDERSTANDABLE, "teachers" lie to us about the price at the beginning, and the day of the driving test the "driver" forgot the time and we went at the dmv to late, all they said was : I'm sorry, bad things happen , but remember WE are the cheapest place in Las Vegas. The "teacher" doesn't speak English and it was really hard to understand their african accent. Who care if that was the cheapest place , WHITCH IS NOT , SERVICE IS BAD , hours are not full 60 min and they are not responsible for mistakes !!!!!!!

Missy Satyr

My instructor Lake was super supportive and helpful. I used to get scared of driving but he was so patient and did his best to get rid of my fear. Highly recommended!

Heidee Zabala

Outstanding service! I passed the actual driving test in one take only. Thanks for the help of National Driving School, even though I have no one in the family to teach me how to drive, National Driving School boost my confidence and supported me a lot before the exam. Thanks to the instructors (Woldu, Habtu, Alex & Tad) who helped me to understand all the things needed to pass the exam and to be a good driver. You guys are the best! :)

Asri P

Thank you so much, I finally got my driving license this week!!. My biggest problem was confidence. I used to be very nervous and scared on the road. I took driving lessons in another school, but still I did not have my confidence yet. After a couple lessons with National Driving school, I finally got my confidence. My insturctor Lake helped me a lot to build my confidence and I got very good score for my test (first time). Thank you!!

Laddawan McQuade

Amazing driving school! Habtu is an awesome instructor , because of him , I was be able to drive and get a driving licence !!! You are the best, Hubtu! Thank you so much for everything !! If you want to get the driving licence come to see him , Hubtu ! He will help you out everything that's you need to know to get the driving licence! He is an awesome teacher!!!

maday rodriguez

100% i recomend this school.. my teacher was (LAKE) excellent person, very patient & will teach everything you need to know to make sure you pass the test . I was afraid of the road & he gave me self confidence. Pass 1st try with a 90% !!!! Im really happpy with their services. Also really good prices compared to other driving schools.

Yishak Tsegaye

Thank you national driving school. I tried taking the road test using my car but I failed twice then I called National Driving School they showed me everything what I need then I passed it. i wouldn't pass it without their help.

Jacob Wilson

Habtu is a good driving teacher and is friends with all of the DMV employees. My driving test proctor gave me more credit because I did the test in a school car. I passed the test thanks to NDS.

koni tomas

i start my first driving lesson with my instructor habtu today he taught me everything i need to know .i gave him 4* thanks bro

biruk Bisrat

Big thanks to the school and instructor Lake. I got my driving licensce in a short time. Their service and cars are excellent. And their charge is so fair too. Recommend this place for beginers.

Divon Romeo

Great driving school. My instructor Lake was the best teacher anyone could have. Really patient, helpfully, and great person. Passed my test the first try with a 98 out of 100. Thanks again

Tracy Dooley

Lake was a super friendly, punctual drive instructor! My son scored a 100% on his road test.

Lili Chernet

when you learn from the best yow will only be best ! excellent teachers and nice car. I recommend this school for every one who wish to succeed in short time .

fast pace

Am Realy exited how they owe me such great knowledge about car.


My driving instuctor named Tadele was horrible. He was getting frustrated and impatient with me. Also, he proceeded to insult me and told me I wasn't listening and I was. He would instruct me to turn at a certain Street and I would then he told me "No, you're not listening." His English was off, so I don't think he knew what he was saying honestly. His frustration and impatient attitude made me full of anxiety and I had to end my course earlier because he made me so nervous. So I compensated him for his time which was only 1 hr 30 mins. Then he threatened to call the police on me because I didn't want to pay for the last 30 minutes, which I didn't use... Don't go to TADELE, he's a nightmare!

Michael Thwing

Its a scam Woldu the owner is a joke. Hes a scam.

Amber O'Connor

The National Driving School is the best driving school in Vegas! My driving instructor was named Lake, and I drove 10 hours with him. I just took my driving test today! Take their driving classes for a couple of hours, and you'll pass on the first try.

Genet Abebe

Habtu was a really good instructor and helped my son learn a lot about being a safe and focused driver.

rebecca zo

Great driving school .Alemseged thank you !you been a great instructor .

Tiarè T

My driving instructor Lake (pronounced Lucky)was excellent and extremely patient. He taught me alot, especially giving me the confidence to drive and to not be afraid of the other drivers surrounding me. With his help, I passed my first drivers test with a score of 92%. Therefore, I highly recommend him as your instructor. Please request for him and tell him I sent you.

Trisha Lou Micarez

I highly recommend this driving school. The service was great and the teacher was nice.. nothing more nothing less, great service.

abhishek sharma

Lake Meharie he is really cool

Neb Yohanns

Habtu Thank you for ur national driving school I was able to pass my driving test now I can be able to drive anywhere I want

thomas alene

Very Motivated and Helpful i went to Sahara DMV and Failed twice then i called National Driving School they Suggested me 6 Hours Package for $230 that was a cheap and i took it and i went to DMV on Stand by passed with 96% passing Score. Highly Recommend this Driving School.

Yarared Tiruneh

Best driving school ever!!! Location Is Great And Service Is unbeliveably outstanding.I Learned Alot so gratefull:)

Keri Par

National Driving School is the best driving school in Las Vegas. I tried 2 other ones around and they didnt teach much they basically just let me drive around and just didnt care and charged me so much money. My driving teacher ALEX is the best he will really explain all the rules and even the littlest details of what you need to know about the road. He also taught me how to be smart in driving. He was very nice and a perfectionist because he really wanted me to pass the drivers test! I rented their car as well for the actual drivers test and we had a practice before the test which was so helpful! I passed the drivers test the first time and got 94 percent and the examiner said I did really good! National driving school is so underrated that they are the most excellent driving school in Vegas that doesnt rip you off or charge you so much money. It is VERY worth it. Just as I expected I got my license and been driving around safely! Thank you to this school and my driving teacher Alex!! Keep it up!! I totally recommend this school to beginners and also those who want to refresh their driving skills. Dont take any other driving school esp. the 90 + bucks ones theyre just ripping you off. Dont get fooled by popularity on the website or yelp or whatever. From my experience this school helped me so much. They are very reliable.

Somesh Chadda

Thanks to Lake and National Driving School, I got my driver's license. I still remember his words "Be professional". Lake is very professional and patient teacher and gave valuable inputs for driving correctly. I scored 91% on the test.

Misha Vrabii

My teacher was Habtu, super awesome guy, i failed the first time, called him, got my licence on second try with a 100 score! Super friendly, easy going! Highly recommend!

Lam Phan

National Driving School is a great school! Started out with an instructor, Habtu, who was great and be able to answered every question I had and was very informative on how things are done. 10/10 would recommend!!

Persabel Tela

Lake Lake Lake is the best instructor ever. I passed my test with a 94% and I couldn’t be more proud. I didn’t have any confidence in myself at first but he totally changed my mindset. Lake is very supportive, patient and understanding. Of course I made few mistakes but he calmly told me what I did wrong and how to fix it. He’s also funny and he’ll make your whole day within those two hours. I highly recommend Lake and I’m pretty sure you’ll pass your test if you listen to him and have some confidence in yourself. Thank you so much Lake.

Tonie Alvarado

Lake is the best instructor ever. I passed my drive test with a score of 94 and it’s my first time too. He’s excellent at teaching and guiding. Highly recommended.

Rahel Ware


Teme Haile [STUDENT]

Great service and excellent teaching

mahlet mesgan

Thankyou national driving school and instructor habtu

bella cooper

Lake was my driving instructor and he was amazing! He was very patient and fun and made sure I was 100% ready to take my test. I passed with a 97! Thank you guys!


I am very happy with the services of National Driving School and its trainer, Habtu as he has given very good training to my wife and she managed to pass the driving test successfully. We are glad we chose this school and got more than what we expected.

Joey Hotdog

Amazing driving school! Habtu was the best driving instructor I could ask for. He was really patient with me and I passed the test on my first attempt with ease. If you're looking for a driving school and great instructors, I recommend NATIONAL DRIVING SCHOOL!

Mal Rodriguez

My driving instructor was Habtu and he was a great instructor. He is patient and gives great instruction. I did a total of 5 lessons (2hrs each) with Habtu. I passed my driving test on our last lesson and was able to use the company car. I passed my Driving Test with a 97%

Gabriela Wilson

My husband and I took manual driving lessons with Woldu Tereda. He is the owner. We wanted to be able to drive cars when we travel, as we have ran into the problem of no automatic transmission cars being available while abroad. Can I say that he is amazing ?! After the first 2 hr session I was able to drive on the streets of Las Vegas with very few problems. He is very patient and calm, doesn't overload you with information, and is there to make you feel very safe. Even when I made mistakes he never made me feel bad. The car he uses is an instruction car with redundant pedals for the instructor. Definitely take lessons with him! You won't regret it !

K'neesha M.

Instructor was patient, respectful, and understood what it means to be a beginning driver on the crazy, wacked-out streets of las vegas. He taught exactly what was going to be on the actual test so there were no surprises (except for the location of the test but that is nothing to worry about). Took the driving test the day after my lessons finished...passed with a 98%!!! I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to learn how to drive!!

Becky Ransom

Woldu was very patient with me as I learned how to drive a manual transmission. He was able to enstill confidence that led to me being able to quickly catch on. I would recommend this driving school to anyone.

Ana Luz Barahona

(Translated by Google) If I liked, they teach very well (Original) Si me gusto enseñan muy bien

Alexis M

My instructor Lake was so nice and patient. He always explained what I could do to drive better and made me a very confident driver. He made the parts of driving like parallel parking very simple. Lake is so good as an instructor I passed my driving test on the first try. I highly recommend this school if you want to learn how to drive well.

America LiaoZhang

Sơn Trần

Thank u so much Lake i got my license bc if you and my score 96%. Thank u again. U help me a lot for this

Zekariyas kassa

if you want to get your driving license , the first thing you should have is great instructor. I got my driving license because i got the best instructor LAKE who showed me everything with patience. Thanks to him for everthing he has done for me. Best driving school and best instructor(Lake). .....


i wrote the review on yelp and I'm doing it again after i got my new CAR. WOLDU is the Best Instructor and he is very Responsible for what he is doing i recommend NATIONAL DRIVING SCHOOL for everyone. Thanks again.

Desalegn Gebrihans

I am so proud of my instructor Lake he is the best teacher for me .the way he teach and giving feedback was excellent . I had no expetience in driving it was my first time however i got 94% .Tnx Lake

Rahel Shita

This is an awesome driving school the instructor's are proffecianal and they really nice teachers !!! Tnx so much My instructor habtu!!!

Jing Cotter

The best driving school ever!!! Got my driving license in 1 take, thanks to LAKE, WALDO & HABTU as my instructors, they shuffled their schedule due to my work hours and also my driving test time. But they are the people who works with people. If someone needs help getting driving license - NATIONAL DRIVING SCHOOL is the place to go. Thanks again!

Tg Ketema

Thanks habtu. he is a good teacher really I appreciate you having good experience

Mia Kelly

This is a great school to learn how to drive. My instructor, Lake, was really good at teaching me how to drive and taking me on roads similar to what’s expected on the exam. The school hours are really flexible to your schedule and will even help you with scheduling a driver’s test. I passed my driver’s test on my first try thanks to Lake and the national driving school.

Bianca Truong

Alex is the best instructor! Thank you so much !!

Nhu Huinh

Lake is awesome instructor. He is very pay attention. He will guild you perfect for parking, parallel parking, stop way and change lanes. He helpful and friendly. School has good services. You will feel safe when driving their cars. Thank you for help me get my driver license.

Deborah Bemnet

I really want to thank Lake...he was a great instructor while he taught me driving....and he was very patient to correct me when I made even worse mistakes.

Karen Sam

My daughter went to national driving school. She has amazing driving skills in short periods of time. I would definitely recommend people to go to national driving school. Great customer service, great teacher it is just feel right with them !

Megan Maroky [STUDENT]

Habtu was a great instructor, he’s very nice, hilarious, and makes you feel comfortable and confident. Very sure that you will pass your drivers test if you choose him as your instructor!

Nafkot Emu

I really want to thank you lake,he was a great instructor while he taught me driving & he was very patient to correct me when I made mistake,he was nice agine thank you ....great service

Crystal Reese

Horrible. I called and someone picked up the phone and hung up first.. then I called back and a guy answered saying he doesn't speak English and just hung up the phone.

Addis Kefale

National driving school is the best driving school in town!

Olanma Treasure

I took 4days only and I pass my driving test on my first try my instructor was Named Lake was patient and good teaching. Everyone should go to this driving school.

kuma fita

Great servise

Jada Fletcher

This is the best driving school in Las Vegas my instructor was WOLDU Such an amazing instructor he taught me everything I needed to know within 10 hours I was always so scared and nervous to drive it was my biggest fear he took that all away now I’m driving and feel more confident then ever as long as u following the rules and watching and driving for everyone else driving will be a success Thankyou for everything You’ve done theirs been plenty of people who tried to help me drive but I had the most success when it was with you u had patience and was just willing to teach me and I was willing to learn I appreciate you more then you know and I encourage everyone else who is wanting to learn how to drive go through National driving school and ask for woldu he will get you out their and prepare you . I couldn’t of asked for a better instructor I’m happy with my driving I finally got my independence

Esrom Daniel

Great driving school. My instructor Habtu and weldu was the best teacher anyone could have. Really patient, helpfully, and great person. Passed my test the first try with a 98 out of 100. Thanks again

Sylwia Gaska

Lake is a great, patient, understanding and very accommodating driving instructor. I was able to build my driving confidence within a few classes. A few days ago I took my driving test and was able to pass it with 100%. I would truly recommended National Driving School to anyone who is planning to become a safe and confident driver.

Jhune Pearl Del Rosario

Lake is a great instructor that you could ever ask for. He will not just teach you how to drive professionally but also he will boost your confidence in driving which I think is the most important. I had a bad experience before in different driving school that's why I decided to give a try in National driving school. So long story short, I just passed my road test today with 96% score

seenu v

.........Thanks to habtu. Because of him I get license.good teacher........

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