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REVIEWS OF Exotics Racing IN Nevada

Zach H

Amazing location. Fantastic cars, everything was handled safety and professionally. Kickass driving a Ferrari 488! Well worth the money. Much better than SpeedVegas or DreamRacing

Pavel Sarkisyan

Staff and customer service was top notch. My issue is with their cars, they seem way underpowered, I drove their "630hp" lamborghini huracan performante, it felt slower than a BMW M4. They are obviously de-tuned, for safety and insurance purposes, wear and tear, etc.. Its false advertising. An average Joe off the street wouldn't be able to handle a 630HP exotic, so it makes sense. But I wish they'd be straight forward about it. The other issue are the brakes, they are not the factory Carbon Ceramic rotors, but some aftermarket 2 piece steel rotors, on ALL of their cars. Dont even get to experience true braking power of Carbon Ceramic brakes. :(


It's just awesome. Great facilities and the instructors want you to push it. I loved it. Teo is the MAN!

Aaron G

If you are into cars, you MUST do this. I can see where it may be a little stressful to a non-car person. But it is awesome if you drive/have driven fast, good handling cars. All of the employees were professional, but laid back. They make sure you have a good time. It is a little pricey, but where else are you going to get the opportunity to beat the hell out of these kinds of cars. I will definately do it again.

Tim Murray

Absolutely an awesome experience! Every employee was pleasant, welcoming, and seemed glad to be working there. I don't know what people are talking about that they don't let you drive the cars fast, the instructors are there coaching you on how to drive them faster, if you take the turns and shift at the correct times you can get more speed out of the cars than if you power slide into each turn.. I found it helpful and was told multiple times by the instructor coming out of a turn to put the pedal to the floor, not once to take my foot off the gas. Would definitely recommend adding a couple laps if you are able to, it took me a good 3-4 laps before I really got a feel for the car so I was very glad I paid a little extra to get a couple more laps. Plan ahead, budget for it and be ready to spend a little cash things do add up quick.

James S

WOW. These guys absolutely rock. I have tried many driving experiences over the years but this was THE BEST. The guys really let you put your foot down and explore the absolute limits of the car. They have no problem with you spinning up the tires and burning a bit of rubber as long as you stay in control of the car. The driving instructor actively pushes you to keep going faster. I can't wait until I get the chance to come again.

Steve Nickel

I cannot say enough what an amazing experience i had today at exotics racing. Seeing all the amazing cars, and getting to do laps around the track was such a cool experience. I did 7 laps in the Porsche 991 gt3 and it was fantastic. My instructor Josh was so articulate and easy to understand, I started to really get a hang of the car and the racing line around the track. Even though it was my first time on a track, I was able to clock a 55.59sec best lap, which i was told is a pretty quick lap. Josh was quick to correct my mistakes but also very encouraging when i drove a nice line and it just made the whole experience fantastic start to finish. I have been on cloud nine all day, and if I can come back again some other time, I definitely will!!

Spencer J. McBride

Once in a lifetime experience. I highly recommend drifting after the driving experience.

Shahzeb Hassan

Awsome place love it, love the cars GT3 all day! - Teo is the best instructor!!

ed s.

Loved driving a gt-r up to 120mph on the straightaway then slamming on the brakes. I really wanted to try the launch control on this car but that isn't a available option to do unfortunately. Had a great time even with the slight issue I had with my laps

Paul Juhnke

Great folks. They treated us like friends and helped me safely drive fast. No way to go fast or smooth without their expert in-car advice. When I tried a lap on my own, I quickly missed the braking points, apex and throttle points, getting sideways and much slower. Thanks! Great fun.

Jefferson Lebourg

Amazing place and the best entertainment in Vegas. Large choice of cars that you can drive full speed. Everything is made easy, we just show up without booking and could drive straight away. Instructors are very nice. Perfect place!

Thais Vieira

Such an amazing experience driving some of my dream cars! I got to take out the Ferrari 488 GTB for 5 Laps my first time. Not gonna lie I was pretty nervous before going into it. Im mainly writing this review though because my instructor Brandon Kennedy was phenomenal and having him there in the right seat made all the difference! I feel like it’s very important to try to be comfortable in a new environment especially one that can be a little bit dangerous like driving exotic vehicles at high speeds. I got partnered up with Brandon for my experience and it made all the difference! He could tell I was a little bit nervous and reassured me that if I followed his instructions I would have the best time ever and get a great lap time. We did some discovery laps so that I could learn the course and he explained to me where all of the turns were, cones, and where to apply more throttle and brakes. When it was time for me to get in the car and take it out on the track Brandon coached me the whole way. Obviously my first lap was very slow but Brandon was able to reassure me that we were safe and that I would be able to go faster. His reassurance and coaching made all the difference because I was able to trust the car more and trust myself to go a lot faster around the corners and on the straightaway. My best lap time was 1:03:30. Being someone who has done experiences like this before it makes all the difference who is in your right seat guiding you throughout the way. To anyone going to do this experience definitely request Brandon as a right seat instructor. And also if you’re looking for even more of an adrenaline rush make sure to request Brandon as your driver as well. I went on 2 hot laps and oh my gosh it was the most fun I’ve ever had! Next time I am in Vegas I will definitely be coming back out here to drive some more cars!

Jay Brazeau

What an amazing experience in every aspect!! This is now on my must do anytime I'm in Vegas. Instructors were great, car was great, very professional and well run.

Jen E

Had so much fun! Great cars, great course. I would like a longer straight away but it was exhilarating nonetheless!! The co-drivers were very helpful and brave

Roger K Ng

Your driving enjoyment greatly depends on your driving instructor. I had mine with a military mindset thinking he can turn you into a professional race car driver in few laps. As a result, it's involve shouting while you drive. There was a point he physically turn my helmet to make sure I looking the right direction. While I know it's for the right reason, but I also believe it can be done in a less aggressive approach. Be selective on your instructor. Let them know what kind of experience you are looking for. I believe it can be an amazing experience if I knew this ahead of time.

Alex Iliev

Had a great time there. I also did the drive-along in a Corvette z06 and would recommend this to anyone. It's as much of a rush as driving yourself. At some point the driver was passing a Porsche while drifting sideways into a curve. Fun :) I wouldn't eat anything before doing this... Your body will definitely feel some solid g-forces. You can only do the drifting *after* you've finished your own driving session, though. You'll have more fun if you already are a confident driver. Don't expect the 15 min instruction to teach you how to drive. All they tell you boils down to this: 1) don't drift and 2) don't go off course. Doing either of those will end your track day. While on the track, you'll essentially only use 2 gears (3rd and 4th). There is an instructor next to you who will give you advice on the optimal line through the turns, when to break and accelerate, etc. Listen to him - he'll definitely teach you how to push the car to its limits. Not sure if this is part of the rules or not; I passed another contestant while on the track and my instructor awarded me with an extra lap :)


Event was great success, everything worked from signing in until signing out fluently and professionally. The selection of cars were impressive and the track was good for its purpose: short enough to get familiar with quickly but anyway included different kind of corners. Teachers was great. In total 6/5.

Jad Mahfouz

The entire experience was amazing. Staff are really friendly. Instructors are really good. Tired 2 cars with the second car at only half price and both were definitely worth it. Will come back here again if I get the chance. Great job!!

Jerry Wong

Bucket list. Bag a 911 Turbo S. CHECK.

Malena Everill

Oh my goodness this was such a blast!! I bought a two car experience for my husband's birthday and he absolutely loved it. I paid the extra fee to come along for the test drive around that track, and that was an incredible ride on its own! We also added the ride-along experience and that was insane!! Not many gifts give this much excitement and adrenaline, we will absolutely be back!

Nader Mardanbeiki

If I could give them zero stars I would. By far the worst exotic driving experience I have had in my life. Paid to drive the Mercedes GTR and spent several thousands of dollars in the past to drive practically their entire fleet. However, after arriving at Exotics racing I quickly noticed that the car wasn’t even available. I never received an email stating that the car wasn’t available so I booked and paid for the 3 hour flight and a hotel to set up this trip accordingly. After wasting 30 minutes of my time I was told that I would get an upgrade to a Porsche GT3 RS. However, just 5 minutes later I was told by Andrew (the joke of a manager ) that I now have to pay for the GTS-RS. The manager literally refused to honor what I was told just 5 minutes ago. This company lacks customer service and literally lied to me. I will never again book an “experience” with this company again.

Amanda Stanko

This is the main reason we came back to Vegas!! Second time here and still impresses! The first time at Exotics I was passenger in the Corvette Drifting Experience and laughed/screamed the entire time. Highly Recommend as well!! Coming back a second time my husband talked me in to driving my own vehicle this time... My heart was POUNDING I was so nervous! I've never driven a fast car before OR one with paddle shifters. My Instructor was Michael Hayes (sp?) who clearly and calmly instructed me through the whole track experience with added humor. I laughed and smiled the entire time, while I gripped the hell out of the steering wheel. Omg what a freaking blast!! I am so glad he was my instructor. Might I mention that I was only 5 and 7 seconds slower than the guys I went with. So thanks micheal haha, we will be back! With a looser grip and in a faster car! ;)

Ali McWilliams

For our 15 year anniversary, my hubby and I wanted to not only race, but race exotic cars. Man, what an adrenaline rush! If you love speed and are an adrenaline junkie, this place is for you! The cars are awesome and so are the instructors! You will experience great customer service throughout your entire time there. If you want to be pushed, ask for Vinnie, he rocks! We both drove the Ferrari F430 and the Lamborghini Gallardo. The Ferrari of course was more comfortable to drive, but we got the Lamborghini to go faster. :) The videos to purchase after are a must! Enjoy and have fun!!!!

Tatiana Fonseca

Great experience for a car lover. They don’t book a ton of appointments at once so the place isn’t crowded and you get to really enjoy yourself. I give it 4 and not 5 stars because when I called to book the appointment, the employee became impatient and condescending once I said I had a Groupon.

E Jays

These guys are fantastic. I booked a drive from Sydney, when I arrived I didn't have my license on me as needed. The email they sent didn't mention that a license was needed (given that it just makes sense to have the license, this is my fault) but it said it in the fine print. OK, mostly my fault - partly theirs (I suggested they add to their emails that a license is required, they agreed). So now what?? Well their policy says I cannot get a refund but can get a credit voucher. I don't plan to come back to Las Vegas so a credit voucher is useless. Long story short, the manager agreed to give a refund provided I went with a different 'experience'. I chose to be a passanger in a car on the track and got the partial refund on the balance. This is the ideal result. I HAD A BLAST! What a fun day which could have easily been ruined if the manager simply stuck to the policy and refused the partial refund. THIS is an example of virtuous thinking by the manager. Thank you so much Exotics Racing. You turned what could have been a terrible experience in to an UNFORGETTABLE one! 5 stars! Great service, great venue, great experience. I will definitely be recommending these guys.

Susan Heath

What a blast

G Stiles

Great experience. We were a group of 5 all trying different cars and options. Staff was great, instructors were very helpful, cars were beautiful. Very professional organization and they worked hard to make it first class.


It was awesome especially in the Ferrari 488 it was a blast but when I purchased the video after the experience know one sended the video to me and I hope that I can get it still cause I was very excited to show my family and I also came from Vancouver so it sucks to come home with no video

Ptoast Man

Lots of fun, very professional operation. Worth it.


The most fun I’ve had in a car !! Wow well worth it!! Barry my instructor made me feel like I was in an episode of Top Gear!! SO FUN!!

Carlin Fraser

Made this place a part of our bachelor party experience and let me tell you, it was f@&$ing incredible. The drivers literally let you max these cars out all while guiding your through a semi challenging course. I highly recommend getting 7 laps as by lap 3 you'll be dying for more and really wanting to beat your time. Staff was awesome with their pro assistance in driving and friendly customer support.

Ingo Bednarz

Awesome cars, fun track but the best part are the instructors. I'm a fairly decent driver and drive a 500+ hp car myself, but have never been on a track. The instructor helped me take and keep the car at the limit though, right after the first lap. These guys definitely know what they are talking about. They do a great job helping you to get the most out of your experience. It does get busy, so there is some waiting involved. Bring a snack and water. It's definitely worth it though. A truly memorable experience!!

Drayven 64

Kick ass experience. Way better than the rusty Wallace experience. These guys let you drive with no limits, super friendly, worth every penny.

Lee kilo

Hayden is the man !! He was my instructor and did a great job and highly recommend this place for a fun and something diffrent experience its a little pricey but is worth the money... great spot and will come back for sure

Matthew Krepinski

I went there for my birthday and I got to drive my dream car the Audi R8. My copilot was Buddy, best guy around! My friends didn't pay to drive cars but they took them around in a nice Porsche Cayenne and did their best to entertain my guests. If it's your first time I would suggest getting the in-car camera. My friends and I get a kick out of me chuckling and laughing like a baboon as I cannot believe how this car handles! I just watched my video in the R8 and I just had to write up a review. They will pick you up from Aria (and another hotel as well) in a nice cool bus. You'll spend your time chatting with other car enthusiasts and I made a few pals as well. Amazing experience if you love cars. Just go drive your dream car, it's waiting for you!

Aman Jain

What a place it is. Must for every racing enthusiast. They have all the supercars one can dream of. Very reasonable too. U can hire the car and the track and live ur life there. Just pay them get instructions if u new with supercars and just press the accelerator. Ull love it for sure.

Ed Pulaski

The guy Dillon at the mall stands is awesome at his job , great to talk to and provides you with full information.

Adam Hector

Been here twice and had an absolute blast! Instructors are great and if you lsiten to them you will get every ounce of fun out of the car you choose. The drift experience is a thrill also!

Devin Smith

When I was here I was nervous at first but you dive with an instructor so that helps calm the nerves down. I left with a big smile on my face

Alessio Verardo

That was so amazing. I drove Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini Hurrican. The instructors are very friendly. Just go !

Alessandro Marchini

Great Experience. It worth it!

Harrell Thomas

Exotics Racing in Las Vegas, NV has a winning formula. The customer service regarding the driver's experience was classy and professional. These folks have a well-oiled machine (no pun intended) in this business model. I had a blast. Go have some fun yourself!

Mk B

The entire experience was amazing from start to finish. The entire staff was pleasant and helpful. The driving experience in the 488 was amazing with the driving instructor helping me to go faster each lap. What really made them over the top in my mind though was their customer service several months later. I had accidentally deleted my video that I had purchased of the drive. I called them up with the hope that maybe it might not have been deleted off their server yet. It had been long enough they could have easily told me that they never keep the videos that long and that would have been that. But the customer service rep took the time to review the files and see if it was still there. Turns out I was in luck and they still had it and they promptly re-sent me the video.

Sangmin Lee

Fantastic cars and facilities & Very nice and kindly staff !!

Andee Allen

Definitely try the drifting ride-a-long. Super thrilling, a bit scary and lots of fun. It was cool to watch the cars on the track and we were even lucky to be treated to the stealth fighter planes taking off.

Ian Whittal

A great experience! From pick up at the Aria the early afternoon started well. When you arrive they let you know this is an experience worth enjoying. No pressure on cars, in fact I noticed daily specials that were not advertised on nice cars (Porsche GT3). Rented the McLaren 507s with trainer Josh. The in class instruction, ability to take as many photographs as you want and fun instruction to keep pushing made the day memorable, started lapping over a minute and finished at 57s a lap :). They also automatically film your ride, I purchased, but my friend was given 90 days to decide on his and can purchase remotely. Overall a great experience, amazing private facility. Highly recommend to compliment your Las Vegas experience !! A nice plus is the Air Force base next door with lots of jets performing maneuvers and takeoffs overhead while you relax.

Dmitrij Lit

Absolutely recommend visiting this place! Go-karts are very good! And you really need to go on a 700+ HP "drift taxi" Dodge Charger SRT. Amizing experience!

Butlar Deganah

Great place, wife took me here for the first time. Got me a lambo to drive.. It was great had a lot of fun. Nice cars nice people, very fun.

Tyler Lanciano

The driving experience itself was okay, however I drove the audi R8, and the brakes were terrible! Extremely loud and squeaky, and very distracting. Ruined my confidence from the start, and I didn't have much to begin with. When I watched the (very) expensive video ride along at home, that's all I can hear. It is so loud and obnoxious! For the amount of money I paid, I would expect a better maintained vehicle. Pretty disappointed in my first track experience. At least the staff were nice.

James Barrett

First off, while they say you will need reservations, well, not always. Looks like all this week (December, typically slow in Vegas) has been pretty open. It's not cheap, and I'm sure the insurance and upkeep/tires don't help, but it is a ton of fun. You will break a sweat doing 5 laps, and perhaps that is a mental exhaustion thing. The youngish instructor helped out great, with some clunky lines I was taking, and the common malady of not being patient enough for the proper late apexes. I will be back, but if I could change one thing (and bump this up to 5 stars), I would make that 1st lap not a part of your paid time. At nearly $50 per lap (and up), I was dismayed to spend the first one just getting used to the car. Just my one criticism really.

Douglas Scott

A well run operation, every employee was very polite and professional, ie: let’s have fun, but stay safe. My driving instructor was a welcome addition, at one point he kept the Porsche gt3 rs from going sideways on the backside of the track. The instructor had the right balance of “more throttle” and “brake”. 120 mph on the straight, passed two other cars, and 57 seconds around the track, I enjoyed every moment. The Porsche gt3 rs is the car to pick for this experience.

Brian Negrete

Awesome staff with a awesome experience

Luis Maldonado

This was a great experience, hands down. It’s not every day you get to ride around in a Lamborghini. If you’re a car enthusiast I would recommend doing this at least once in our life. The instructors were very helpful and really let you try to get the most out of the car. The whole process from check in to butt in the seat was very efficient and streamlined. Definitely would do it again.

Scott Overacker

Highly recommend - lots of fun, well organized company, and great instructors! The track wasn't crowded at all, and most of the time I felt like I had it to myself. I wouldn't buy the bare minimum experience, but you also don't need a ton of laps or the most expensive car to have a great time. Be sure to bring some cash to tip the instructors

ian Myers

These guys are removing negative and low rating . Don’t waste your money here . They are basically driving you from the passenger seat

Kandoo ooo

One car is not enough. My boyfriend loves Porsches so for his birthday I booked the 3 Porsches for him to drive. The Cayenne, 911 Gt and the 911 Gt rs. He had a blast. I booked through the website for the 3 cars it came to $950usd. He said it took him a couple tries to get a feel for the track. So it was great that he was able to drive the cheaper cayenne before moving up to the 911. He wasn't totally stoked about having to drive with an instructor but afterwards was totally happy he did cause he wouldn't have pushed the car that hard with out the instructor pushing him to get a sub 1 min lap time. He was a little disapointed that none of the cars were stick shift but overall he was really satisfied with the experince & everyone was super professional.


Loved spending the day with ExoticsRacing, a brilliant experience!! Facility is great, staff are knowledgeable and welcoming, the environment offers a lot of challenges for drivers of all skill levels, and the instructors ease the anxiety and help each driver to feel safe and to really improve their abilities!! I will be back for sure, can't wait to keep recommending you guys!! Thank you so much ExoticsRacing Las Vegas!!!!

Shweta R Moddi

Awesome experience:-) I had paid for two laps and Mike gave me three laps drive. I think I was bit upset because I saw him driving the police car and I was expecting that experience. One should see him driving that car. Anyone who hates speed will want that experience. Overall good experience:-)

Brent Mulvey

Absolutely some of the most fun I have ever had. I was nevous when I saw that there would be an instructor in the car, that he would try and hold me back. Quite the opposite happened, he pushed me to go faster and there was no way I would have done half as good or had nearly as much fun without his guidance. If you have a chance go

Moshe Ap

While I drove my instructor told me to clear the way so other instructor who was driving in his car will be able to pass me. I expect that if I pay a 350$ i will get a clear track for 10 minutes. In addition the instructor tells you what to do. You'd better rent a mustang and find some deserted road.

mark wellington

Called and asked if the cars were detuned or slowed down by any sort of govenor they told me no which is not correct, they have a guy ride with you that controls the power available. They give you a ride around the track in the back of a SUV then fit you with a helmet. The instructor limits your throttle the whole time, the check engine light is on. The Corvette Z06 I drove would not break the tires loose. I watched all the super cars being driven and nobody got rubber except the guy giving rides in a Hellcat drift experience. Small track about the size of a grocery store parking lot with only 1800 foot of straight away which would be good for a smaller car not a super car. Speeds are measured in KPH so it makes it look faster. They charge $79 to email a copy of the video the in car cameras take. The simulator was broke or not available ( didn't know they had one till after I drove) which would have helped learn the track for a better experience. Watch the no refund policy, you pay upfront before you see the little track. Next time I want to go fast I will rent a car.

Samantha Hart Simnett

My husband drove the Mercedes AMG. He said it was absolutely AMAZING! If you love exotic and fast cars, you will enjoy yourself here.

Big Ed

I purchased a package for my husband’s birthday & the experience was fantastic! My husband got to race around the track in his dream car, a Nissan GTR. He was surprised & very happy. He had an awesome time & is now talking about going back to do it again! Thank you to everyone at Exotics Racing!

Jessica M

Very friendly staff. Highly recommend doing this wile in Vegas! It’s so much fun.

Bing Zhao

AMZing cars, and good co-drivers. The only downside is the helmet, they do not allow use your own if not face open one. The rental one is fully wet with other people's sweating and smelling bad. My helmet with build in mic and speaker, they want to sell the on board video to see your face actions.


Great atmosphere Great service smiling friendly staff What more could you ask for

Chris Ward

This is simply an amazing experience. The whole thing is safe, professional and adrenaline fueled fun all at the same time. My instructors were all so great. I can't recommend this enough.

Trucking Annie

Didn't drive just walked around and looked at the cars. Wish it wasn't in Vegas, way to hot here

Jonathan Murray

By far the best experience I’ve ever had an a car I highly recommend it. Instructors made it better they just try to make me go faster!!

A San

Great instructor s great cars loved coming here will definitely be back

David Ayala

Excellent experience. Total rush! Driving instructors Baby J and Hayden are outstanding. A MIST DO!

Chris Thomas

If I could give them zero stars I would went there today was told by the attendant that I could go before a group that was there to do the drift car I could get in line signed the paper go to the cashier and was told I could not do it one simple fast ride they could not do I will never come back!!!

chad bacon

What an awesome and exciting experience! If you have time this is a must!

Tuscany O'Rilley

Had a blast riding around in a Ferrari! Great staff!

Brent Smisek

One of the funnest things I've ever done. If you like driving and speed there is nothing better. Great instructors and very friendly staff. Highly, highly recommend!!!

Stephan Schmidt

I drove 4 cars (nsx, McLaren, Ferrari, gt2rs) on Monday the 15th of this month. Cars were amazing, and the instructors in the first 3 cars where brilliant, however the gt2 instructor Jason (didn’t get his last name) was extremely rude and unprofessional. The instructions he gave directly contradicted those of the other 3 instructors, and when I questioned this he snapped rudely and threatened to pull me off the track. This left me confused and undermined my confidence therefore tarnishing what was an awesome day. Disappointed, especially given that it’s not a cheap activity.

Mark Uys

Awesome day spent there, great experience, great people and easy to spend a day out there racing Super Cars! Highly recommended!

Mike Fraganato

I did 10 laps in the Mclaren 720s and couldn't be more happy with my experience. I came in thinking I would be held back but I couldn't be more wrong. My instructor Jason was fantastic and he pushed me to go faster and faster. They did a great job educating everyone with technique and safety on the track. I will absolutely be back.

Toby Schlect

Great experience, The team was very friendly and knowledgeable but I wanted to give everyone a heads up this is aimed more for people that are into fast cars specifically on the track. I'm 100% of car fanatic. If you like Ferraris then I suggest renting one for the day to feel the car out and enjoy it. The whole point of exotics racing is to go fast! You don't have enough time to feel out the car with just a few laps.

Batalona Batalona

Took my son today to celebrate his 13th Birthday. He loved it so much. We're Definitely coming back for more then Birthdays. He wants to make it a family monthly fun day "

mark messinger

i paid for 5 laps i only got 4 you can see it in my video...the video was VERY poor they offered me a hat for the poor quality and inconvenience and told me they would email a coupon for a free video next trip, they never did i live in Florida and cant get back any time soon and if i did i would probably not get what i paid for anyways...driving these cars was a dream of mine, i'm very disappointed i didn't get what was promised


They are the best in town! We the best time of our lives!! Great service! Great you with a warm welcome!!! You’ll never want to leave, and if you do leave, you’ll leave with satisfaction!! No disappointment!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! They are like family!!!

Vernon Weinkam

Took our grandson there today. Staff was incredible. Sat in virtually every car they have and took pictures. Watched others round the circuit from the observation deck. He did a ride a long in the Huracan and had a total blast! I forgot the driver’s name, but he was totally cool with my grandson. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

George Javier

Had some free time last Sunday and decided to head over to Exotics Racing. Drove the GT3 RS and had Jason as my instructor. Great guy and I really learned some valuable tips about driving the GT3RS. Didn't beat LeClerc's time :) but had a blast. Cant wait to come back.


Had a great time here...guys really let you drive. Shoutout to Brandon who did an amazing job...very clear and friendly instructor . Would def go again.

Mohammed Alahmari

I'm coming from Saudi Arabia to Las Vegas and I'm thinking about this experience. Do you accept the Saudi driving license?

Raj rao

Great collection of cars. Well managed track. Helpful staff. Fantastic experience !!

Jan Cerato

Best driving experience ever!! Loved the staffs attitude and expertise. The cars were awesome to drive! Track is spotless and really well maintained! I will be Back!!

Gary Henderson

Awesome experience. The fleet and cars are awesome!

Matt Baker

Drove the Aston Martin Vantage had the best time in a car to date. The discovery ride along before hand is awesome. The drivers are all really nice. If you're a fan of cars or racing or just going fast in general this place is definitely worth the trip.

Jessi Love

My visit there was awesome. The people there were very friendly, helpful and professional. Had a blast and prices were resonable. Their fleet is impressive. I hope they get the Ashton Martin back in fleet. That's the car I really wanted to drive and at the last minute it went out of fleet. Thankfully, I was contacted and they made reasonable accommodation. My experience was good.

Wendy Spence

We signed up for the drifting experience, and it was a lot of fun and the driver was extremely friendly and professional. On the flip side they kind of nickle and dime you with all of the add-ons. They offer a video for an almost $40 charge, but then if you have more than one person riding they give each of you a video angle, the problem is the $40 will only cover one angle, the front one. It is a bit frustrating, and kind of cheapens the entire experience in my opinion. As a whole, the experience was entertaining and worth a try, it could just get expensive depending on what you are looking for.

Tomeeko Mitchell

My wife took me here for my honeymoon in April it was totally amazing one of the best adrenaline rushes I've ever had in my life if you're ever in Vegas you must give it a try. Everyone there was very friendly customer service outstanding.


A car lovers paradise, just seeing all of the supercars made me giddy. Even if you aren't a car person, there is go-karting for both kids and adults

George DeHesus

Very addictive. Had an awesome time! The instructors are great - very patient and helpful. The more laps you do, the more comfortable you get, the better you get, the more laps you'll want to do. Can't wait to do it again


I was invited last minute as part of a car group from Kansas City. I had no idea I what I was getting into, but I truly had the time of my life. The girls at the front desk were patient and kind on what was a pretty busy afternoon, as several groups arrived at once. I was surprised at the wide variety of cars they offered, at very reasonable prices. To me, $300 to drive a high-end Ferrari around a track [5 laps] seems like a bargain. Plus you get the experience of walking around millions of dollars worth of cars. Endless photo opps, and beautiful views of the landscape from atop their terrace, where you can see the mountains and watch your friends drive. It was my first time experiencing a high performance vehicle and my instructor, "Buddy" was super patient and fun. He didn't make me feel bad for missing a few cones or braking too soon on a corner. These guys are talented. For a few extra bucks you can have a video of your driving experience, which I also recommend, especially if it's your first time driving. Life is about experiences and I'm still dreaming about this one, days after my trip ended. I have nothing but good things to say about this operation. I will go back next time I am lucky enough to go to Vegas. Check this place out!

Brandon Mills

Next time I will book in the late morning. There were too many people there and I hate to wait in long lines. I signed up for the Lambo Aventador $500.00 for 5 laps. Before driving, you must attend a 30 minute presentation to discuss how to drive best when attacking a race tacks. After class, you head out to do a lap in an SUV, driven by your instructor. Extremely professional crew. The staff is amazing. I recommend exotics racing for a great time!

Blair Braunstein

Scheduled 10 laps in a Lamborghini last week while in the Las Vegas area. Upon making the reservation on the phone, I had inquired about transportation to and from their location. The receptionist said that they offered a complimentary shuttle from the Aria to the raceway. She said to meet at the tour bus lobby next to Avis car rental at 12:15 as the bus leaves promptly at 12:20. I arrived at the EXACT location at 12 (15-20 minutes early). When the bus never arrived by 12:20, I called and spoke to their receptionist who said that the bus had come and gone already. I said that was impossible, I've been waiting here since noon and no bus has come. We argued back and forth for a minute as she still insisted that the bus had arrived (And I did have a friend with me who witnessed the entire thing). She eventually said that I can either wait until 2:30 for the next shuttle or take an Uber. I was reluctant to wait for the next shuttle given the fact that the first one literally never showed up, so I took a $30 Uber ride to the raceway. I voiced my concern upon arrival and they did offer a $30 credit toward their merchandise. I am not one to buy souvenirs so I asked for an extra lap or two, but they said no. After my laps were complete, we inquired about the return shuttle to the Aria. We were told it was scheduled to leave at 3:30. We had some time to spare so we browsed around the other cars and took some pictures. At 3:15, we headed inside to get ready to get on the bus. We over heard another customer arguing with the receptionist because they too were told that the shuttle was scheduled to leave on 3:30, however, were told that it had already left and we would have to wait for the next one at 4:30. I interjected and said that we too were told the shuttle was scheduled to leave at 3:30. After going back and forth AGAIN, they called the shuttle back to take us all back to the Aria. Upon arrival to the Aria, we were dropped off at the exact location we had been waiting prior to pick-up, which proved we were in fact in the correct place to begin with and that the bus NEVER arrived. So in conclusion, while the driving experience itself was fine, the day started and finished on a very unnecessarily stressful and negative note. The fact that they dropped the ball with the shuttle TWICE IN ONE DAY is completely inexcusable when they literally do this every day of the week and your paying a lot of money for what is essentially just a few minutes of track time.

William Matthews

Awesome Awesome!!!!! This is a great time!!! Instructors ride with you and help you navigate the turns. Unless you have experience going 100miles + into sharp turns you be glad that there is an instructor with you. Ask for Jason he his a great instructor who rode with me. I drove the Porsche gt3. My pick for best all around accelerating, handling, and breaking . If you have kids you should have a life insurance policy before going.

Simon Landman

Amazing experience but a little expensive. It was my first time going to one of these places (Aug 2018). They have lots of beautiful exotic cars parked; you can sit in them, take pictures, and get an idea of which ones you want to actually drive. Sign up is easy. There’s lots of packages and lots of various discounts throughout the year. I did a two-car package and drove a Ferrari and a Lamborghini. You get five laps in each, which flies by. There’s an introduction video / presentation of the track, followed by an actual tour of the track where the instructor drives you in a Porsche SUV around the track (two laps, one slow and one fast). Then you eventually get to drive, with an instructor riding shotgun. The instructors are pretty good and you can push the cars. It felt safe. The one negative is that there’s quite a bit of waiting around, but overall great experience. There’s also ride along options where you can drift as a passenger, which was also great. All in all you’re looking at 500 USD minimum if you do two cars. It sounds expensive but compared to other things at that price point (eg shooting ranges) you get way better bang for your buck with exotics racing. I’ll visit again sometime.

Ali Altaher

Fast registration, super nice employees, helpful instructions, clean and neat area, highly recommend to give it a try.

Mike Fehrman

Amazing time! Fulfilled my childhood dream of driving a Ferrari! Everyone was super friendly. The whole building was full of so much excitement and happiness! Although not a 'cheap' experience I'm not full of memories I'll have forever (much better then losing the same amount at a casino) Again, everyone was awesome, but an extra props goes out to the instructor Mike (Baby Jesus) for making push my limits and get the most out of my experience.

Danielle Charles

Awesome time! We got a ride in the Dodge Charger Hellcat and it was exhilarating to say the least! I am sure they will feature my video as a demo because my reaction was hilarious! Great staff, great facility, amazing cars and lots of fun!

Kyle Pirlot

This was quite an awesome experience to say the least. We were in Vegas for a bachelor party and booked tickets ahead of time to come here. We had a shuttle ride right from the hotel which was great. The cars they had to choose from were excellent. The pricing wasn't horrible but obviously everyone would like something for cheaper. I drove the Ferrari 458 Italia which i highly recommend. I will never forget the experience i had here. It's a must do, worth the money.

Landon Nelson

What an incredible experience! First off, there's a free shuttle that took us from the Wynn Hotel to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where they're located. My budget only allowed for their base option which for $99 ride- a-long they take you 2 laps around the track in a Corvette Z06 with a professional driver. It was one of the most incredible feelings of my life. The driver right out of the gate takes you for a huge drift around corner, and if you've never drifted in a car before its a crazy awesome experience. He takes you whipping around the track way faster than you could with any of the other cars you can rent. We reached 100 mph, and that was only limited because of the size of the track. My brother also did the ride-a-long and that driver was passing the other Ferrari's and Lambo's on the track. It sounds steep for what you get, but the professional driver makes riding along an experience I will always remember. They also offer a $39 video with a recording of your experience. After your ride, they allow you to look around at the other cars. Overall super fun and I'd highly recommend it.

Torr Lillard

We have been multiple times to exotic and enjoyed it. Tried to schedule a not busy time on the weekend for a group of friends couple weeks out and double checked day before . Didn’t work out so great. Don’t go when they have other events close in schedule We got cattle herded in and out fast.had no time to shoot video of our friends because the business were in hurry to push new groups Got stuck on track with bunch other drivers. Instructors were no where near as personalable and fun as other tracks in Vegas. They have a great ride along drift experience in a hellcat is about the best thing we can say. We went to speed Vegas and dream racing same weekend and would have skipped exotic altogether if we would of known it was going to Be like this now If u want best track and your good driver go to speed Vegas. If your new to racing go to dream racing and want to have a blast Their driving sim will prepare you better and the track environment inside the nascar track and car selection is unbelievable. We will post links to our larger review of all 3 tracks later when complete. Read glass door reviews to understand what’s going on at this company to cause these recent problems. It’s enlightening

Matthew Sylvester

Had the most amazing time driving childhood dream a V12 Lamborghini at full noise! The whole experience was brilliant from start to end, the instructors were great and helped me get the best out of the car that I could in the short 5 laps I had, even manged to break into the top 20 fastest times in the Aventador. Without a doubt if I ever get the opportunity to come back to Vegas I will 100% be coming back to exotics racing to try and nab the top spot on the leaderboard!

Eakkapab Boonsombat

If you like super car, you should try, for my first experience, I'm like it very much, A+++

Michael Hamilton

Long over due took my dad her a while back he drove the james bond aston martin and i did the ride along for $99 fun fun fun and got to check out the Lamborghinis

Drew Mc

Had the time of my life! I enjoyed the 5 car package. Mike was an awesome ride along partner

Ross Weber

Went here over this last Labor Day weekend and let me say, it was incredible! I drove the Skyline GT-R and I loved every second of it and it was worth every penny. I had Pete as an instructor and he did a great job of keeping things light, because it is an intense experience. He was a lot of fun and really helped me get into a groove. If you want to go all out, they are there to help you do so. He even pushed me to catch up to a Ferrari on the straight. I was maybe 40 feet off the bumper of the Ferrari doing over 100 mph and he said to just keep pushing it, which was a very unique experience. Insurance is included with the car purchase and there were really no hidden fees. Like was said in another review, they do make a point that the instructors do really count on tipping and it was well worth a $20 tip. They had a deal going for an extra two laps for $40, so I spent $350 total to drive the GT-R 7 laps. This included the shuttle bus to and from the Hotel, the in class time and a scouting lap, the 7 laps in the car with the instructor, and tip. Great experience, would do it again in a heart beat. Don't worry about the cost, this was some of the best money ever spent!!!

Rafael Gonzalez

Great experience, starting with safety, super staff service, facilities, cars and the overall experience. Karts are propperly maintained with a ton of fun in a good controlled safety environment. The ride in the drifting police interceptor CHARGER HELLCAT is a must!

Glenn Hanlon

A really well run operation. They are really invested in ensuring you have a fantastic time. The track is big enough you don't feel limited and technical enough you can really experience how fantastic these machines are in the corners. Fun for everyone, even if you only do the drift ride alongs.

Gary Meyer

If you have even the slightest interest in cars, this is a must have experience in my book. I’ve been here twice and both times the instructors were fantastic, I’ve learned so much, and had a thrill of a lifetime. The price may seem high but it’s worth it. You could rent these same cars to drive on public roads for 2x the money, but why not spend half that and see what these cars can really do? Basically, the most fun you can have in Vegas with or without your clothes on.

Vlad K

The instructor forces you to drive the car well below it's limits so that the cars don't wear out as fast. You can't rev to red-line and they slow you down despite the fact that ESC is far from kicking in. Doesn't make sense to spend that much money on a Lambo to drive it like it's a Camry.


Went to Vegas specifically to drive their McLaren 570s for a birthday. A very inviting staff and atmosphere made it a great experience! The class was very informative and the instructor I drove with was safety oriented yet constantly pushing me to take the car faster. I brought alot of my family with to take pictures and such as they allow costumers to sit in any car not in use and get snapshots. I recommend you book earlier in the morning when it may be less busy as I booked at 10:30 and it was mildly busy. All in all an amazing experience and I will definitely be returning soon! (Edit) My instructors name was Buddy and he was a great one to say the least!

New You

Track is great good cars and coaches


A lot of fun racing exotic cars. Some instructors are better than others, you never know who will be a better fit. The track is short. I get dizzy after 7-10 laps. Once I did 24 laps and took me a few hrs to recover. Expensive experience but you need to try at least once. Don’t bother with low cost cars, drive one of these, Huracan Perfomante (my #1 choice), 488 or 458 (#3 choice), GT3, MB GTR (#2) or any McLaren (720 rocks), the rest are cheap for a reason. The Nsx is fast but honda like boring, the R8 is boring and not exotic enough, the Nissan GTR too big and heavy. Good luck and don’t be affraid to floor it, they can take a lot more than we think.

Meir Giles Hazon

Perfect place - loved every drive.

Barnald Regiies

We came here witht he wife. we had a blast we had bet on the race, of course I won

Tommy We at the Fjords

I've wanted to drive a GT-R since watching Initial D as a kid. I got to today and it was a great experience! The staff is energetic and fun, the facilities are great. They take you on familiarization laps before you go and let you take pics with all the cars while you wait. My driving instructor with me as I drove was fantastic. He was patient, informative, and calm in teaching me how to drive and really helped get me the most out of this experience. If I had more disposable income, I'd have kept going!

CT Studio

Pretty amazing experience for my whole family. They were very detailed from the beginning to the end. They took their time going over the track and the car before you begin. Mark my instructor was awesome, he was helpful with plenty of verbal instructions without ruining the experience or intervening while driving, he manage to give me a safe but thrilling experience pushing me to my limits as I got comfortable with the car. My son had a blast on the drift car also and talked about the whole day. It was a priceless experience that we will do it again when we are in Vegas.

Christian Frank

The best exotics driving experience I've ever had! The instructor was amazing. The vehicles, top notch.

Mike Doran

A lotta of fun! Took the GT3 for a blast and really enjoyed it. A very professional company who take the time to ensure you have a safe and super experience. Highly recommend to put on anyones bucket list. My instructor was super cool and very helpful. Thank you Exotics Racing.

Sam G

As a car enthusiast, this was damn near a spiritual experience. I had the pleasure to drive both a McLaren 570s and a Lamborghini Huracan Performante and both of these cars are an absolute blast to throw around a track. While driving, you are joined by a driving expert who gives you pointers on how to shave precious seconds off your lap time. I can definitely say Mike Hayes did an absolutely excellent job teaching me how to thrash a Lamborghini around at 100+ miles per hour. Major kudos to this guy!!

CJ johnson

Don’t pay online they have deals at the track. I pay $100 more at their web site and there reply was no refunds. Really their web site and still make you pay more. Cars. Track and people are great. But if you order on line you pay more


Today I went for my 2nd visit to Exotics Racing LV and drove the new 991.2 GT3 after having driven the 991.1 GT3 2 years before. 2 times in a row I've had Mike as an instructor and the bloke is a legend. Trys to push you to your full while also having a good laugh and general talk with. Highly recommend Exotics Racing and Mike. Mike, I will return to drive the GT3 RS with you soon!

Nathan Robirds

Pretty cool place and experience! Was also pretty fun to walk around and take pictures and sit in all the cars haha

Anthony Jarantilla

Amazing experience! If you are a car enthusiast you have to try it! I liked having a coach and I felt like I was a better driver after. Especially getting to really practice proper brake modulation to control a vehicle. Pay for the extra 2 laps, because that's when you start to understand the course and get your lap times up. And the drift ride along is a must! Is it a lot of money for a short period of time? Kind of. But if you consider the caliber of trainer you have, the cost of the car (including maintenance) and the ability to drive this car as hard as you are able to (safely) the cost makes sense. It's a business not a charity. I saw a couple of people whine on here about their experience, but are those people professional drivers? And they complain about the assists on. With a vehicle with that much power you are unfimiliar with, you should have the assists on. This team teaches you how to drive cars fast on their track, safely. You have to try it at least once.

John Malan

Took our buddy here for his bachelor party. Bought him 7 laps in both a Lamborghini aventador and a Ferarri 488. Unfortunately the Lamborghini had a mechanical issue which made it unable to be driven when we got there, but exotics racing offered 3 other cars in the same price and performance range and gave him 3 extra laps for free. Facility and staff were top notch, definitely visit here if you want to experience exotic super cars for yourself.

Dent Doctor Toronto

The driving experience was excellent. Cars were well kept and staff was pleasant. I purchased the in car video package but never received it and have had no response to emails or calls to resolve this. I don't recommend purchasing the in car video package.


Crazy fun!!!

Olivia Hanseen

We had an absolutely wonderful experience! I took my boyfriend here for his birthday, he drove the Ferrari 458 Italia and could not stop smiling! Seriously worth every penny. All of the employees were so friendly and knowledgeable. All of our questions and concerns were answered and taken care of. We will definitely be back with family and friends! 10/10 would recommend. Thanks again! :) Side note: My boyfriend loved this track. He liked how it was a bit technical and it also has a section that is raised. He was able to experience the handling of the Ferrari better.

Greg Mosier

Awesome experience and the staff was super cool.

Candice Drew

Five stars all around! We pass by this track all the time driving through Vegas. Tonight we took our 11-yr-old son, who was blown away by getting to see all his favorite race cars up close and personal. We appreciate Gilbert taking the time to show us around and give us an experience we won’t forget! Thank you so much, we will be back.

James G Rust

Top Notch. If you're like me and the other 99.9% that can't afford these cars, then this is the place to go. I've been on the track plenty but never in any these exotics, with the exception of R8, and these guys will let you push the cars to whatever level you're comfortable at. The instructors are great and help you learn the track quickly. Let them coach you around the track and in only a few laps they'll have you running 55 second times in a car you've never driven and on a track you've never seen before. The only problem is the laps go by very quickly leaving you wanting more.

Kyle Korn

Very fun, clean, and professional experience. Just as these guys will teach you, you will drive these amazing cars as they were meant to be driven... pinning the throttle down and leaving it there all the way to the turns!

Alex Ghiaie

This has been an amazing experience all together! From the moment you walk in the staff is very friendly and welcoming. The driving briefing is very well put together. Then the fun stuff starts! Your course familiarization is quite the ride, nice way to break you in to what you have just decided to put yourself through haha. Now the driving. It was possibly the best experience I have ever had besides my fiancé agreeing to marry me! The driving instructor Jason is very professional, personable and man does he know how to coach you to pushing the car to its limits! I can’t wait to do it again! Definitely coming back with my friends and family! Thank you so much for such an amazing experience to everyone especially Jason!

Patrick McCune

Took my brother to Exotics Racing for his bachelor party weekend. He had a blast driving the Lamborghini Galardo. The staff was extremely friendly and the entire registration/safety briefing was seamless. The staff let the bachelor party check out the cars that weren't being used while my brother was driving. The AC was nice inside as it was 114 degrees outside. There's an outdoor balcony observation area with amazing views of the track and desert mountains. I visit Vegas three times a year for work and play; I'll definitely visit Exotics Racing in the future. HIGHLY recommend the Hellcat ride a long!!!

Lisa Fuqua

Worth every penny to watch my husband geek out by driving a 488 Ferrari. He enjoyed every exciting moment of this experience. Everyone was friendly and professional.

Ryan P

Quite possibly the worst driving experience I've ever paid for. I had a Steering Wheel grabbing instructor (Steve) screaming for the brakes 10 car lengths before the braking markers. The experience is expensive, but more so when you don't get to drive the car even at 5/10 without being told you will be kicked out of the car. In the briefing we were told there were no limits. This ordeal cost $500 for less than 5 minutes in the car, then they ask another $20 for a picture (my eyes were closed), and another $79 for your video to be emailed to you, as well as mentioning multiple times that the instructors work on tips. The experience is expensive enough! I bought my video so I can upload to YouTube to show how slow you have to go to keep some certain instructors happy. 'Management' kept me waiting for 30 minutes after to view the footage and basically fobbed me off saying this is all normal. Not impressed, I would advise people to stay well clear, a $50 Go karting session is twice more fun and ten times cheaper. The cars also feel underpowered and have Check Engine Lights illuminated. Zero stars would be too many...

Ali Akbari

It's just like driving a super car with your Grandma baby-sitting you..! Imagine that, plus a custom extra brake paddle (like the one in driving school cars!) that she will be controlling your speed with..!! And the most crazy part is that the traction control is switched ON...!!! So don't waste your time and money if you have some experience on driving fast cars and expecting to be able to accelerate and having fan. Simply because Grandma will not allow you to do it, specially on the curves, where you must go very slow. You can not even shift up and down by yourself unless Grandma tells you to do it. The conclusion is, if you have that much money, rent a super car and enjoy it on road.

Anvay Sule

I had the chance to visit this place during my recent trip to Vegas and was extremely thrilled with the overall experience. For all those of us driving the mundane everyday sedans, let me assure you that driving these beasts is a massive step up. One can literally feel the adrenaline flowing through the veins while cornering at mind boggling speeds or driving flat out on the straights. The entire staff is extremely courteous and professional to boot. For those craving the need for speed, this is the place to visit. Will definitely repeat the next time I am in the city !

Internal Vibrance

2nd time here are Exotics. I enjoyed this time much more than then the last time. Buddy is a great instructor, calm relaxed and made handling the 488 enjoyable. That said, the ties on the car I drove were shot and I could feel it. But they are very organized and professional here. If you can find a good deal its worth giving it a shot. Better than wasting money at a casino that's for sure! Men and women should try it.

Francis Schweitzer

Loved it. My Instructor "Buddy" had me fast in 3 laps. I was driving a McLaren... not the biggest horse in the stable but he had me on a One Minute Lap in no time at all. If you like to go fast and you are in Vegas... come here... Run the Exotic and then go down the street to the Petty Experience at LV RACEWAY P. S. Leave your ego at the door..... these cars WILL humble you.

Karen Fletcher

Very disappointed after coming all the way from Western Australia, being told that both Lamborghini Aventadors were out on service and all I could have was a Hurricane. Not the same. The staff didn't even ring me before getting there. Told on the day and no offer of merchandise for compensation. Driving instructor was constantly pulling me to the side to let the fast boys go by, never got over 130kmh on even the long straight. I drive a 2014 HSV R8 Clubsport 340kw back home and I go 245kmh in that. I know how to drive fast cars. It seemed it was all about the boys and women were treated like we couldn't drive. The certificate at the end, was posted out to you and boy did I have to wait for that 4 weeks. Disppointment there also as it looked exactly like the gift certificate I had given my girlfriend. Nothing about the fastest lap or anything personalised about it. Overall very disappointed. Even my girlfriend who is from Seattle couldn't believe the treatment at this place. Would not recommend it. Not worth the hype it is made out to be.

Clemon Waters

Very nice and friendly staff


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