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REVIEWS OF A-1 Truck Driver Training IN Nevada

Emma A.

I called a few minutes ago. Their main number prompts you to call one of two cell phones. I called one and a man answered stating the school’s name. He asked me if I gave massages. Then, said I could practice at his house! I am incredibly embarrassed. I hope no women are greeted that way at this school. As a former educator I am embarrassed. I hope he was not an instructor. I have never been treated with such disrespect by a school.

Todd Tomlin

Just the basics!!...because thats all you need. Super friendly & helpful staff are informative & supportive as you learn. Trust me on this one...just listen to them for the bare bones requirements NV DMV asks for. From hands on training to the VERY helpful DVD's. If you can remember & retain the lessons, especially from the DVD's, you will pass your tests. Hint: DO NOT ADD OR DELETE ANYTHING from the instruction DVD'S. If you get a lil nervous (like I did), take a deep breath and remember your training. You will pass & be on the road with the knowledge you acquire here. 5 stars! Thanks!

Leonard Lewis

Very knowledgeable and professional. If you need a CDL A-1 Truck Driver Training of Boulder City, NV is the place to go.

Jesus Romero

Gene and the crew at A1 made it easier for me to get my class A license. I recommend A1 to all my friends and anyone reading these reviews

Jennifer Collins

Beware!! They seem nice and cheap but get you for a ton of fees after all is said and done. There were fees that didn't even belong there. Read the contract VERY CAREFULLY! This is good if you just need to take the test but not to actually learn. The instructor will leave you for great lengths of time by yourself and say "just practice " but they haven't actually taught you to do it and keep in mind..they will keep you there for hours on end but you are paying per hour, which you will get billed for in the end. The women in the office were very nice though.

Jo Brown

Great place, trainers are professionalists . I got my cdl 6 years ago and till today I got no trafick violations.The old dogs teached me very valueble lessons . Thanks you very much A1.

Monica Ennis

Terrible owner does not care about anybody but himself. Rips people off and does not do a well job. I would never recommend the school to anyone. Most students that come out of it and less they have some kind of a training behind them, I have a few accidents after. Terrible school. Rip me off after my family died and I had to get an extra endorsement. And never told me I would have to pay more.

Visol Abulkhaev

Vitalie Panaguta

Best school!!!!

Pedro Duanis

Paco Fernabdez

Stop by A-1 truck Driver Training to get information on 03/13/2019 a lady instructor was very nice and helpful, showed me the app, gave me the DMV Nevada book, explained about the driving part after getting the DR permit, cost, etc them came into the office an older man RUDE must be the owner totally rude towards the instructor lady and my self ordering me to move to his office asking what i needed ? i explained that i got all information from the instructor lady that i did not have any more questions he proceeded with further rude questioning of my personal life where i live? where i worked? etc. i refused to answer his rude intensive questioning and he just flat out ran me off the property!! IF YOU LIKE TO BE DISRESPECTED ! RUDENESS! visit this school of drivers!


The best hands down

Andy Blea

Very helpful crew working there

Senor Dicknose

Anayancis Reyes


David Stone



This guy is the rudest person I have met within a span of time as long as I can remember - wouldn’t answer the simplest of questions when I’m preparing to hand him $1600 for training and certification. I need my certification but if first impressions mean anything this guys ramshackle dump of a training ground is any sign of what I’m supposed to get - I’M OUTTA THERE and I will pass the word to every driver needing what this creep says he can offer - steer clear of this truck accident!

elias navarrette

Went to this school and Gene and his staff are professional, Courteous, and care about the students training. I do not work there or had never met any of them till I started there. I will recommend this school to anyone that asks. These are 100% genuine people and you just don't see that anymore. Thank you for the way you treated me during my time there!!

Vikki Beko

These guys are very busy and don't bend the rules. Just do what they say and you will pass no problem.

isaac 33,000

Havnt went yet, but my Cousin said is was a great school looking forward, any one have Idea if bus routes that far outta Vegas??

alexis baez

oz cervantes

Spa RedRock

don harrell

He's the definition of a true greedy a******. He tells you 1800 in the beginning and at the end tries to add on all type of fees. I seen him do it to four people while being there. One guy ended up paying 5800 another guy paid 3600.


The rudest man I have ever met. I was referred by a friend and local business owner. When I called I couldnt even get enough information from him to set an appointment before he hung up on me! Let me tell you, I was not rude, just asking when he was available so I could set a time. Absolutely ridiculous. Do not waste your time on this guy. Some people do not need to be in business dealing with live human beings.


Jeff Funke

Went to this school a few years ago. Got my Class A in a week. I did nothing but study all day every day and was honest with Gene about my abilities and past of driving Tow Trucks and boat trailers. Yes he is very strict but he is also very honest. You will learn how to drive a truck and trailer and if I screw up I can end other drivers lives that are on the road around me. So he wants to make sure that I understand that. I had no problem with his rules. Yes they would sit me down in front of a tv to watch videos and then do a test but it works if you are willing to study. This is the real world you want something you will need to work for it, they do not just give you the license beacuse you paid him money. I stopped driving for a few years and want to get my License back and will be going backk to see Gene to accomplish it. Great place for a great price. Well worth it in my opinion. Just be ready to work and study hard!

Genzeb D

Wrong place!!!

Miranda R

I wish negative stars were a thing because one star is too many for this school! Be prepared that if you go here you could be audited by the DMV and out of 22 students chosen for audit from this school, the first 8 to go so far have all failed. So obviously this school does not train properly, they will pass you just so they get their money. Oh and if you go down to ask the owner Gene any questions or even want copies of your paperwork you signed, be prepared to be told to get off his property very rudely! Also if you are a female he will not even acknowledge you are talking to him so make sure you have a male to talk for you. Gene is a very chauvinistic unprofessional rude person. This school will waste your money and time, I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!


If you have some kind of knowledge or drove before a Manual Transmission truck this is the right place to go Mr: Gene is sometimes is hard on you but it’s because he want to make sure you will success his staff is very knowledgeable too .

Wissam Hnoosh

Brett Robins

I actually had some fun going through A1. Big difference from the shake-n-bake schools. You'll see the difference if you go OTR. Try to stay away from the training companies.


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