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REVIEWS OF A-1 Driving School IN Nevada

Jonathan Castañeda

I had a great experience at A-1 Driving School. The teacher was nice, patient and always willing to help anyone with any problems. We even got free pizza and was offered granola bars while on our 1 hour lunch break. Overall the class was interesting and learned some new defensive driving rules.

Dalton Mangan

Absolutely loved that driving school. Our instructor was very funny and very straight forward. She made the content fun and time flew by fast.

Cheylin Dutra

Couldn't have picked a better place to take Defensive Driving. The teacher was EXTREMELY friendly and personable. The last time i took a defensive driving course (not at A-1 Driving School) I felt the day would never end! A-1 Driving school made it fun! Our teacher even bought pizza for us for lunch! Go to A-1 Driving School for Defensive Driving

Benjamin Gutsman

I came in thinking that it was going to be the longest most boring thing ever, but my instructor not only made it fun, but i learned some more new things on how to be a better driver!

Rachel Hook

Ryan Buffington

I went to A1 Driving School to lower a ticket. I found the scheduling easy and the staff extremely helpful. They even let me reschedule my class with no additional fee. I highly recommend this company.

Jackie Hunt

My experience with A-1 Driving School has been great. I was even able to download my certificate once the course was completed. Great work Mike ! Keep it going! Jackie H.

Mary Madden

Our instructor last weekend for Defensive Driving was very good. She made it not boring at all. We appreciate her.

April Dale

I attended the Gainesville location and my instructor was Machell Mize. I'd have to say the instructor was my favorite part, she was really funny and just made the class interesting. Give this lady a raise.

Misty Chadwick

New drivers, old drivers, anyone needing to brush up on their road skills should know about A1 Driving School in Desert Shores. They are professional and dedicated to safety on our roads. Thank you for taking a young scared newby and turning him into a safe and confident driver in our city. I would recommend them highly!

Hunter Coles

great experience. Got done Very quickly for a good price. the instructor's took the time to help out . overall would reccomend.

jerie Olsen

Rachel Taylor

A-1 is the only driving school I would ever recommend! Courteous, professional staff. Great for your new teen driver and people that need to brush up on their driving skills!

Rosie Perez

My son took the defensive driving course due a judges order. Ms. Claudia and the instructor were very nice and helpful. My son said it was a good class with good information; he liked the instructor & pizza.

Rich Suplita

The material was a little dry, but it's important stuff to review. The instructor made it as painless as possible, and when I had my court date (for speeding), my fine was cut in half and no points were assessed to my license. I really enjoyed Mr. Ford's relaxed, friendly, approachable demeanor. He's a real asset to the driving school!

Amanda Johnson

Like most people that have to take a defensive driving course I was not at all looking forward to spending 6 of my precious Saturday hours sitting in a class learning about things I already had a pretty firm grasp on. However, it was not the fun-sucking torture fest I was imagining. Harry Siebold was such a sweet instructor. He was very nice and joked around easily. It made the class fun. Not to mention we got free pizza on our hour lunch break. Nothing beats free pizza! 10/10 would recommend A1 to anyone else looking to take a defensive driving course!

Samantha McCoy

Very friendly staff. Got free pizza for lunch! The defensive driving course was very informative and surprisingly one of the least boring classes I've ever had to sit through. Definitely didn't feel like 6 hours! I definitely recommend A-1 for classes. If I ever have to do another, I'll be doing it here!

Tre'sela Jordan

I never had to do classes; Everyone was excellent and welcoming!

Robert Poole

The instructor was very passionate about what he was teaching, so it wasn't boring and I actually learned some stuff. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone in need of a defensive driving class.

Heather Abercrombie

The staff was very friendly and you could tell that the instructor really cared about getting you on the right path and graduating you from DUI school.

Ronny South

The information received was valuable and the instructor was great. Although, I did notice a few typos in the PowerPoint presentations. Other than that, it was great.

Derick Story

Cupcake Princess

Was amazing and very educational, would recommend throughout all of GEORGIA seriously! You will absolutely love this class the teacher has over 20 years experience And is a certified counselor

Kendrick Peterson

Its the best took the class twice both different classes but it teaches you alot.

Marco Lopez

Emily DeLeon

The instructor I had was great, and kept the experience light, easy and made everything easy to learn by giving a person experience. A1 driving school is definitely recommended in my book if you’re looking to take a defensive driving course.

Meganne Jackson

Great place to get your defensive driving certificate! fast and easy! I'm glad I chose A-1 driving

Rachel Ehl

Matt Smith

Excellent facility and excellent people. I Highly recommend A-1 driving school for defensive driving. Time and money well spent.

abbie wilson

john mcfarland

A-1 was a great experience to learn the defensive driving rules. Not only was the instructor nice and helpful, we even got pizza for lunch. Thank you for the learning experience that has been helpful with my driving.

Ryan Dexter

The instructor Lulu was fabulous. She made the classes intresting and fun. Not to mention they feed you pizza one day and then feed you cookout the next day. I would recommend this school to anyone who has to attend dui driving school.

Matthew Martinez

A-1 driving school in Gainesville is a very professional business and the people are friendly and respectable

Juan Gordillo

Great place to go for defensive driving courses. The classes aren't too big, and the instructors have really good people skills. It's location is also really convenient, and who doesn't like free pizza.

Mayela Yebra

The people were great and friendly.

Jefferson Kirby

I went to this driving school in late May 2019 to lower a speeding ticket. It was easy to schedule just 5 days in advance for a Saturday. The instructor was funny and also knowledgeable. I learned two key things: 1.if your car has not entirely cleared an intersection before a light turns from yellow to red, then you could get pulled for running a red light 2. If you see a deer in the road at night, turn your lights off and back on so that the deer will run away from you and off the road.

Ted Mecham

My son did his driving instruction here and the teachers were very knowledgeable, helpful. Most important, my son learned to be a safe driver. Thank you A1!

Joseph Parks

Wonderful teacher, learned a lot from them! Free food and nice people that treat you with respect!

Susana DeLeon

it was amazing! learned so much and such a great teacher too

Lars Leonard

The instructors were really great and incredibly helpful with any questions I had on road tests and observations. Up until the final written road test I wasn't able to complete my course in a timely manner because of all the commotion that was going on in the classroom. Other then that I would definitely recommend A1 driving academy as its is one the easier more straight forward. driving schools.

Maranda Leigh Mitchell


Logan Bentley

Cara Lea Black

Jill was by far the best teacher I've ever had. She gave her students time to talk and tell their own stories and she kept the class interesting with her bright personality, humor, and personal stories. The facility itself was very clean and simple, and the other staff were friendly and didn't mind carrying on a conversation during the breaks. If I ever have to take a defensive driving class again (which I probably will just to help make my insurance cheaper) I hope Jill can be my teacher again.

Jared Zoppetti

All the driving instructors are awesome. Got done very quickly. Convenient method to schedule drives and observations. I definitely recommend it.


I really enjoyed attending the drivers defensive class at this location. I never expected to really learn so much information in one day very easily. The instructor gave so much good examples of what to do and what not to do. The instructor was very hilarious and very entertaining. I’m very glad that I chose this location.

Cari Bray

The instructor John Ford, was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. Because of his abilities as a teacher, I had an awesome experience, and I passed the class. Thank you, Mr. Ford & A1 Driving School!

Johanna Stokes

10/10 would def recommend.

Qiong Han

Tei Till

I have had a great experience at this location and the Orem location. The lady Geenie I spoke to at the AF location was so helpful and nice. That kind of customer service is hard to find these days. Would definitely recommend.

Maria Mendoza

Did the driving course about 6 months ago. The instructor was really nice and patient, i knew nothing about driving and now have a license! Absolutely recommend!!

Kerri Lloyd

Did the Saturday Sunday and Monday evening class and the teacher was EXCELLENT! He made a lot of sense and made it easy for me. The students were pretty cool too. Would HIGHLY recommend A1 driving school Gainesville to anyone who needed it.

Zackary Warren

The instructors were very encouraging, nice, and relaxed. Will definitely recommend this place, loved it and it was a very fun way of learning to drive.

roy ybarra

Leslie Gutierrez

Amazing !! If I could rate it more than 5 stars I would, my instructor Patrick was so patient and friendly, I only took 2 lessons with him and I finally got my license, thank you so much Patrick !!!!!!

Erica Garcia

I came in dreading the day. I could think of a million other places I would have rather been. But after coming in and being greeted by Ms. Diane, I didn't think it'd be so bad. The DDC teacher, Mrs. Hobbs, was fantastic. She actually made the course kind of fun. If I ever had to do this again, there's no doubt I'd come here. Course taken: January 9, 2016

Lisa McCollum

On Saturday morning 9/23/17 I had to complete a course for Defensive Driving for the first time in my 50 years after having 2 minor accidents so close together. I am so happy that I attended. Dr. Averhart was totally awesome from the moment I walked in & he explained the 6 hour course with his wonderful personality. :) Everyone at the Jesse Jewel location in Gainesville Georgia was off the chain with niceness & the classroom was perfect. Thank you for everything!

Joy Allgood


Sam Memmott

Pablo Aragon


I recently took a Defensive Driving Class at A-1 Driving School and I thought it was very informative while not being super boring. They even fed us pizza and we got to learn about road rage driving. If I ever need to take defensive driving again, I definitely would take it here.

Ty McHenry

I would recommend this company to anybody !!! Patrick is a good instructor, he helps you in a way that you would remember and his techniques are easy to do !!!

CJ Hayweird

All the instructors were very nice and cool, and very respectful to the students as well. I find that super important, so it was a great experience for me. If I had to go back in time and choose, I'd still choose A-1. <3

Alondra Santillan

Instructor made the class interesting by engaging the students. Really not a bad class and actually learned from it.

Kelsea Mcmahan

This driving school experience was excellent. The speaker was engaging and the testimonial videos were very touching

Kaylee Woodard

I was able to do the online study course and when I went in to take the final written test they were very nice. On my drives and observations they were calm except for one instructor. Headed last minute decisions making it hard to drive. Other than that it was an over all great experience

Blake Granley

Lisa and Tammy are the best instructors ever

Mckenzie Dyer

Really good. Really relaxed too

Alex Zipfel

The class was actually a lot better than I thought it was going to be. The teacher was able to keep us all entertained while learning.

Alex Romero

Very easy to get started, no confusion and great service.

Clara Sanchez

A-1 driving school was not only affordable but they also provided us with coffee and pizza for lunch. The instructor was very easy to understand and kind hearted. Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a defensive course or DUI course.

Theophilus Akhimie

Professional and respected driving school! I recommend them any day.

Jean Claude Lugo

I couldn't have picked a better place to take my defensive driving course. The facility was very tidy and very well managed, staff were very friendly and understanding, and class was very comprehensive and actually provided you with great information that many people don't really know. I highly recommend that this be the place that you pick to get your courses done!

Im Champ

My experience at this class was good, this was mainly thanks to my instructor for the class. John Ford was very good, he took the subject of defensive driving seriously but also made it interesting for us all. I was able to learn something in this class which I will be applying to my driving.

logan m

the instructor was awesome!!! the material is mostly common sense but you do learn alot and its a great thing to take!!!!

Chey Compton

I had a wonderful experience! A very laid back classroom, no monotony and/or strict setting. I personally feel as if that I walked out of the classroom with something that I learned and like a much better prepared driver!!!

Jim Lulejian

A-1 Driving School is a fantastic place to take a course! The instructor was amazing, and we really enjoyed the experience. They are professional, polite, and want to help you learn to be a better driver.I wouldn't hesitate to use them again!

Susan Patricia

A-1 is a fantastic place to attend defensive driving school. The faculty at A-1 are amazing, they are super friendly! Taking the course with A-1 will for sure make you a better driver out on the roads. The class is taught to where you stay interested the entire time and you will learn so much that will keep you safe on the roads. I would recommend A-1 to everyone, it's great!

Hannah Sartain

The instructor was great reminding me of things I had forgotten! The class flew by because it was actually interesting. The people were helpful in every way. Machelle Mize is the best instructor I have seen!

Nikita Koba

They performed an excellent job instructing on how to become a defensive driver and reduce risk of getting into an accident. Instructor was knowledgeable and answered all questions. Environment was friendly and pleasant. Overall experience was great.

Claudia Mauri


Clay Fabynick

A-1 Driving School was one out of the many driver education schools I could attend but I am glad I chose this one! I walked in the receptionist had all my paperwork ready I paid online the teacher was so nice and always asked us if we needed any help! There was free pizza provided on our hour lunch break and I got a 10% discount on my insurance for just taking the course! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!+++

Todd Williams

I had a great experience at A-1 Driving School. The instructor was great, and I gained valuable knowledge on how to drive safely.

Austin Hughes

The instructor was kind, and you could tell she cared for each of us and our future well being! They bought us pizza the first day for lunch and Cook Out the next day! The test was easy and the certificate came via email the next morning!

Anna Shaw

I absolutely did not want to waste my entire day in a defensive driving class, however, I had an amazing experience through A-1 Driving School. The signing in process was SUPER easy. I registered myself online and even paid before the class date with no complications. Then once I actually arrived everyone was just so friendly. I met my instructor, Ron Gibbons, while I was walking in. He was funny, willing to help, and someone I would trust to instruct me through this time. During the class he made everyone feel safe, comfortable, and he created an interesting learning environment. A-I Driving School also had up-to-date technology and intriguing videos/ slide. They also provided pizza for lunch, and it just doesn't get better than that ladies and gents. The staff truly devotes their day to see you succeed through this course. I would highly recommend this program!

cameron matthew

Very helpful team! Weeks after I took their defensive driving course I had lost my Certificate stating that I had completed the course. I emailed A-1 asking for a digital copy and they sent it to me within the hour. Couldn’t be more grateful


A-1 defensive driving school was great . I can really say that I enjoyed the class and actually learned something. The instructor was knowledgeable and conveyed the information in a way that easy to remember. If I had to take a driving class again I would come back to theirs .

Colton Roth

A-1 driving school has great classrooms and teachers; the facilities are also nice.

John Knows a lot

Kenny Bryson

Helpful, and very good to have this extra chance to become a better driver


This place is expensive and the lack of value means that the cost is not justified. My daughter did their program and not only did she learn VERY little in order to drive legally and safely and pass her test, one or two of the instructors that went on the road with her were mean and rude. She's a very sweet people pleaser type person so it wasn't any bad behavior on her part. There are other driving schools out there. Don't pick this one.

Kimberly Cappuccio

As an adult who never received formal education when it comes to driving, I sought out an instructor to teach me everything I needed to know for the road test. My instructor was great! I started out as anxious as can be and ended the two hour drive feeling confident and ready to schedule my test.

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