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REVIEWS OF University of Nebraska-Lincoln IN Nebraska

Elizabeth Kwan

(Translated by Google) 8-31-19 Staying at the hotel and visiting the UNL campus at night [耶][耶][玫瑰][玫瑰] (Original) 8-31-19 下榻酒店 和 夜访UNL校园 [耶][耶][玫瑰][玫瑰]

Mohamed Mahmoud

Great researchers

yulichristine chang

A really nice place to study..people are so friendly and kindness.

Deborah Smith

All though I have never visited the university, I was disturbed by the videos posted on YouTube and Facebook advocating hate by one of their students. I have a nepbew attending the university and concern for his well being since no apparent action was taken against the student who posted the videos.

David Rozell Jr.

Claine Guilas

Thank you so much

Abdullah al-Musharfi

Matt Nye


Estrella Alvarez

j satch

Always a site

Ryan Sears

Go hawks

Jacob Gerval

F- hehe xd

Kevin Mccounley

Jbruce Teichman

We ekmuts

Shyar Kero

huskers are terrible

Josh Wenger

Don't be fooled but the kind tour guides and staff you meet. This University is just a business trying to make an extra dollar off anything they can. The counselors do not help you choose the most beneficial classes for you. Some classes they say are not required, but when you go to graduate they are required. The business college claims they have not raised tuition for students, however the additional fees of taking a 3 credit class at the business college equals about $400 after the $271 / per credit hour cost. The professors are overall not good at teaching effectively (especially in the math and science departments). The campus is pretty torn up all the time and don't forget if you plan a visit, also plan on paying a $40 parking ticket no matter where you park on campus. I will likely not be attending all four years here.

Abbey Walker

This place is horrible. They never know what is actually wrong with you and I went in with extreme plain but couldn't see me until 12:40 when I went in at 8 am.

AngeLof Lourdes

My experience isn't as important as my son's experience getting his education. He loves the atmosphere of downtown Lincoln so there is more to UNL then just the Husker football team. He seems to enjoy his classes, although he has a few professors that teach at their speed not the students understanding speed. That's terrible! On parent-student day, I was greeted very kindly by the staff but not so much on move in day.. I give more credit to the student body for their manners. My son transferred from Wayne State College which is a very personable college so it was quite a change but then again with all the funds UNL has coming in, one would think they'd work more on their welcoming committee.. including their professors. And the parking permits for students is OUTRAGEOUS! That should be included in the tuition for students living on campus. 500$ c'mon.

josue menjivar

Alexa Vanderhill

Members of their faculty protested a student by screaming profanities at her and trying to silence her free speech. Completely inappropriate behavior by teachers that should be supporting diversity on a college campus.

Ken Buterbaugh

The best all around

Jackson Perez


Carl Ice

Plenty of safe spaces! Wonderful place to be gay! 71/71!

Roselia Castaneda

(Translated by Google) Good university (Original) Buena universidad

Jignesh Vaghela

Hundter Biede

Debra Reddy

Took a tour with my daughter's 4th grade class and had a really nice time. Our root guide wasn't the greatest but he was knowledgeable and we learned a lot about the university's sports programs. Getting to out on the field was the highlight of the tour!

lorschach Who

Randy C

UNL will take control of your medical records WITHOUT your signature on any medical documents!

Vanesa Garcia

gaylan whitwer

Tanner Lee (“TL” ( The Loser)) couldn’t play Badminton! Riley couldn’t win in marbles! We’ve got a lot of potential players but we have to have a GREAT Coaching Staff! Goodbye Riley and the rest. Thank GOD “TL” is done!

Francis McWigglefoam

horrible train watching location, mean students, bullied for racism, never returning : ( too many triggered texans not enough safe spaces

Daniel T Peace

Dustin Waggoner

Guodong Xue

James Addison

Daniel Smith


Germain Intwali

Averi Kolb

Great campus .. nice people .. and great studies ... great programs ... and great dorms on campus

Jasie Beam

UNL campus proves that there is no place like Nebraska and that nothing is better than bleeding Husker Red!!

Augusto Mendes

Aboubacar Hamadou

I love this university



Mohammed Al Mamari

Salem NR

Win Bevy

majority of the classes are taught by grad students. that's not what i paid for. non-traditional students shouldn't even bother with this school. they don't care about you and their attitude toward you is "sink or swim". i found the left hand often didn't know what the right was doing. no one was ever on the same page. this was a lot of wasted time and energy and i'm really glad i transferred out. the education you could receive at UNL is mediocre at best but like i said, that's because you're being taught by the other students. if i could give it zero stars, i would.

richard hutchins

Jenifer Irons

I love cheering for the Huskers! They are the best!

Shuai Wang

(Translated by Google) study hard, improve every day (Original) 好好学习天天向上

David Ebute

Wivio 2

Best University EVER!



Nick Gilbert

John Jackson

Proud alum of this fine institution!

Minh Vu

Dm ne

Kamin Khobjai

Do not even come to UNL as an international student please trust me. This univ is in a massively debt because they kicked the football coach out and they cannot afford the contract they had with him and they are doing everything to rip you off. Please hear me out and it is not fair for UNL to rip us the international students. Give us our right.

Arlen Skorr

I graduated from this wonderful school with a Phd in 1972. It was the best decision I have ever made in my professional career. Thank you very much.


i hated it here. very greek driven.

Dr. Leslie Robertson

It's not comfortable for folk of color

John Rima

Jacob Bandy

Great place! Very positive and diverse atmosphere. Busy between classes though.

Tony Armstrong

Henry Walter - LEH Student

Harley Martin

I LOVE this college it’s my dream college ❤️

Kevin Knudson

Jazz in June, Jamison Ross

Alex Nigh

Mike Brown

They just want your money, terrible education system, terrible workers everywhere

steve mccormick

Justin Tallmon

There's no place like Nebraska!

Jan Janisch-Hanzlik

Friendly and Clean Atmosphere




Great experience, very friendly people beautiful facilities! Best I've seen.


this was my first time ever going to an Nebraska game and enjoed it to the most i have been noe to 3 of the home game my great nephew is a walk on for the football team way to go chad

Luin Amoguis

One of my favorite university... I love it

Lathan Sullivan

Just.. bad

Jacob Shiohira

Great university for anyone looking to experience the benefits and have the resources of a Big 10 university with a small feel. As an out of state student that matriculated at Nebraska, I was able to quickly integrate into the Nebraskan lifestyle! It is also situated in a great area. It does not feel like you're in typical Lincoln while on campus, but you have access to the great amenities and restaurants in downtown and the Haymarket.

Ben Reinhardt

Go big red!

Anthony Summers

manjeet singh



Nathan Hanner

Stan Smith

We took our youngest daughter for a tour here and I cannot say enough wonderful things about how well we were treated during our tour. I'm pretty sure she's rethought all of her post high school plans and is making plans to live with her older sister after graduation!!! What an amazing place!!!

Michael Rothfuss

Best experience of my life was being a student at this University.

Jeff Wirball

Recently took a tour with our son and found it to be very clean with newer buildings and renovated dorms and easy to navigate the campus. We enjoyed the guide and she was knowledgeable about the college and answered all of our questions we had. We looked at a dozen colleges and universities and can say for the price and wide range of degrees they offer this university will be a great choice for us and look forward to seeing him make his way through college.

Scott F

Beautiful campus

Mateus Campos

Sarha Walch


James Hansen

A very beautiful area.

Mustafa Al-Neda

Hexxient Iam

great academics and facilities

ParmeleHouse BnB

Thank you so much for your awesome hospitality. You were a delight to talk to. Your place is a treasure and your service is wonderful. Even going out of the way to fix my husband's broken glasses on Easter Sunday. We love your special touches to the whole house especially the Welcome sign. T&B Missouri

Mutoni Angel

It's my dream school

Martha Martha

Great experience at this college. There's plenty of help if you're struggling in classes. The military resource center is the best I've ever seen.

Sandeep Muppireddy

One of the best colleges in midwest

Idris Tshibangu

Amber Woods

Alex Artz

Food was good but the service was terrible

Devon Schovanec

It is Saturday May 18th, 2013 and there is no reason I can find that it is still closed at 9:21 am. Most of the time I get what I need there and the doctors are considerate. But today I am quite irritated by the constant answering machine message, on a day they are suppose to be open.

Katie Kenth

It is not a good place for higher education.

Nickie Scherr

son goes there,very good school

Yanfeng Liu

Undergraduate students are able to participate in graduate school level research and get to work with professors side by side.

Brittani Ladehoff

Amaan Deep

Aaron Potter

Elza Maria

Juan Elkins Universidade of Nebraska- Lincoln.Eng. EXON MOBIL Petroleo e gás

Rajkrishna Paul

Great one! I remember every experience of it. Challenging times, times where i cried, yet enjoyed the warmth and loveliness of being a husker, and getting to study there... Love Lincoln and Nebraskans


I love the study experience here, people are friendly, and the cost of living is super low.

A. Drozda

Cool people, great resources,a little pricey but that's just the way university is

taiwo angel


Richard Stock

Zheli Jiang

Kazi Mashfique Hossain

The people here are nice, UNL has good graduate program, good funding and great facility. Lincoln is very clean and they really take care of the city area. Actually it feels like a young city. Student living is expensive in residential halls if you are paying out of your pocket but there are a lot other option for a reasonable price just by the campus. The campus is spacious and breathable. Lincoln is spread out, calm and peaceful city. The bus service for the general public is not very frequent but the University bus service is really good. The rec center is huge and has newer equipment. You get a higher quality life style for a cheaper price in Lincoln. They have a new innovation campus (NIC) where you will find literally the most affordable "Maker Space" (like techshop) to work or train at. If you are smart, if you keep your eyes open there's more than enough opportunities in Nebraska, you just have to grab it. Most people giving UNL a "1" star mostly for the health center cost and service. I have to say, the insurance in not cheap but it also has great service. You can go to the health center and see the doctor without any cost. The insurance provided by the University covers a lot. I was a Grad Student at UNL, I had a good life there. I definitely recommend UNL.

Grey Pickerill

Great grounds, very walkable. Friendly atmosphere and the best place watch football in the country.

Lauren Richardson

DO NOT go here if you have another doctors office to go to. They will scam you out of your money and try and say that it was your fault. They do not give you a bill after your visit is complete so they expect you to know the amount and total and pay it ASAP. However, that is not the case and you will end up having issues with the student account services through the university after 30 days. This place is such a waste of time and money. You are better off at a different doctors office instead. This health center doesn't even deserve one star that's how bad my experience was.

Nathan Collins

NU does a soild job at what they do. Great college, if you put in the time. Be intentional with your education.

Josh Kurtenbach

This is a great and amazing place

Roxanne Barott

Aaron Guzman

Josh Bourgeois

A relatively fun place, but not the best way to get a profitable career.


Very not professional and careless nurses and super slow test results. The whole thing felt like a scam when i asked for test result details and got vague replies. i dont know y health center proudly shows their 92% satisfaction rate on the screen?? If i have other health insurance i would definitely avoid this place, i couldn't imagine relying on this place for 3 more years.

kevin g

You will fit in here if your wardrobe consists entirely of big red t-shirts. Save your money and go to school somewhere cool like Colorado.

Alison Reckewey


my older step brother went here he LOVED it he wants me to go there to!

Jack Lowell

Someone ate my dog and I was really sad about it and then a drank more beer

Nick Steffensmeier

Go huskers

Chris Rallo

Alexis Yim

Sheldon Kingsley

Julia Charles

Joshua Romer

If you are a party person, then this place is perfect. Otherwise, you have to find a place to avoid the noise, even housing.

Darrien Flora

amazing school

Sam Michal

unl is AWESOME you have to go here

Kelsey Corpuz

ursula rosa

(Translated by Google) It is a place that does not care for you, nobody is horrible and they don't care who you are (Original) Es un lugarcfeo no te atiende nadie es horrible y no les importa quien eres

youtube fan03

My aunt goes to this fine school

Daniel H

- nice place to walk around great trees - in the heart of downtown - union and love library pleasant - unl police and some of the staff can get rude and possessive but not all of them obviously

Don Agiro

Great place for any student looking for a cozy environment for learning

Harry Makam

Great University and great people.

Jon Forbes

Kapil Thakur

Perfect University for a student life and awesome city

Patrick Luddy

Ratnaker Kumar

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln, chartered in 1869, is an educational institution of international stature. Nebraska, a member of the Big Ten Conference and the Big Ten Academic Alliance, is classified within the Carnegie “R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest Research Activity” category. Nebraska is also a land-grant university and a member of the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU). The university is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The University of Nebraska was founded on February 15, 1869.

Zach/ Liv

As much of a rip off as any college, BUT there are a variety of programs, 2 campuses to accommodate for certain interests. Really a well rounded and unconsidered prestigious school. Go huskers!

Murtaza Nalwala

Really a great place to study with university thriving to keep the best professors and facilities available to the students with cuting edge technology. Really nice environment on campus! Highly recommended school!

Andrew Bohnenkamp

Easy to navigate and traverse around campus

Carol Thompson

Anthony Wags

Athletes are gods. The rest are plebs. Traffic is awful. Campus is small. Internet is slow af.

J Fitz

Very nice environment, the people were very friendly. A very diverse campus, with a lot to explore. It is a college town, so expect a lot of bars, which are very chill. There are a lot of big research labs to visit, if you got the time contact the departments to visit the research labs.

upendra adhikari

nick jay

Staff are polite and appointments are easy to make. You can get in to see a physician quickly. Free parking on campus. Can get expensive though if you are not a full time student b/c their is a huge co-pay. If that's your situation, go elsewhere.

ezra 1993


Patrick Griffin

Bailey U.

I never have been here but it seems okay. 10/10 would recommend.

ghjkkm fhj

It was a waste of time for me It was a waste of time for me

Ethan Conger [STUDENT]

A college I am going to because ever since I was born in Gothenburg I have always wanted to go back to it from Vegas where I'm from but college there is great my mom said and I want to be on the football team most of all

Brook Miller



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