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Asim Ali

My experience here was great, but it could have been better.

Dan McCoy

I recently attended the 10 hour OSHA class. Our company sent a handful of us to the class under voluntary circumstances. I truly believed I was in for a day and a half of torture. The truth is, our instructor did a fantastic job. He was very knowledgeable, truly talented, well spoken and very professional. I feel the need to point this out simply because most of us have been through even a 60 or 90 minute class that was difficult to get through. He used multiple teaching techniques that clearly touched on all of our learning styles. The class was interactive and well put together. I highly recommend this class to any company or individual that has the desire or need for a general safety class. And for the record, our instructor was Stash. He represented the Safety Council well.

Derek Schweser

Denise Schultz

Daughter took class and passed written test but not driving. She told me that the teacher kept yelling at them when they did something wrong which made them more nervous. Now I have to pay 55 dollars for her to take it again after I taught her. Not exactly what I was expecting!

randomanonymous smith

I'm really glad that i decided to take the eight hour Defensive Driving course/class for a two point reduction on my driver's license. I took the class that is offered on Saturday for eight straight hours as opposed to the class offered during the week which is broken up into three shorter classes. It was so much more convenient because of my unpredictable work schedule Monday through Friday. They also offer other useful courses such as beginner and returning motorcycle operator; (motorcycle provided for beginner's course) and even other helpful courses on adult and infant CPR certification and court ordered S.T.O.P. and S.T.A.R. classes to reinstate suspended driver's licenses or to eliminate infractions on a person's driving record such as speeding tickets and other more serious infractions.

Shanon Valencia-Galvan

heaven lawson

Linda Jenkins

This is the worst driving experience I've ever had. It was much more confusing then it had to be. There was many confusing things like hand to hand steering which I've never seen any one use. And they way they make you adjust the mirrors is preposterous. Very disappointed, going on the interstate was very scary I had no idea what I was doing and very little instruction was provided.

Brian Bayliss

My soon took the Driver's Ed class and was able to get his driver's license without taking the driving test at the DMV. The class gave him more confidence and taught him some things that I didn't think to mention.

Derek S.

Brittani Kellogg

They don't even deserve one star. They took all of my money and I still don't have my license. I think they are running a scam. I had 3 different instructors with them. Each instructor that I had wanted me to pay them under the table to get extra lessons on the side. They would not teach me everything I needed to know. They would want me to test too soon. I think they did this so I would have to pay more money. I have spent so much money on NSC and still do not have my license. All the instructors do is yell, confuse you, and take all of your money. They are not worth it.

Kayleigh Marie

Employees are not helpful when inquiring about classes at all.

Andre Rivera

The customer service from one of the front desk workers made me really upset. Her attitude towards my father was super rude and clearly visible. My father being a foreigner, makes it hard for him to comprehend some things but for the person helping him to visibly show signs of annoyance and to laugh at him is unprofessional. I care about my father and he doesn't deserve the disrespect for not understanding. So please I'd like to ask the woman at the second from the last cubicle wearing the green sweater to show some respect for future people that may come up to her. Thanks;)

Thomas Meola

I have had good experiences with the staff. No complaints.

J Ess

They rush you through the class. They do NOT teach ANY type of parking. Took the class... GREAT driver, horrible Parker, evident my the 3 cars and 1 hydrant he has hit while parking. When I told him he was taking the class again.. he chucked and said... why they didn't teach parking.. can't you tell!?! Smh.. not the first time I've heard that! He will now be taking the class.. again.. but through cornhusker driving!


I do a search for Omaha or Nebraska Safety Council and all I get is sites to connect to for the National Safety Council <<>> so I am giving up - defeated.


Kristina Reed

The teachers and instructors are very down to earth and supportive. I'm glad I went here to learn how to drive. I highly recommend future drivers to go through them.

Subramanian N

I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to National safety council, particularly to Mr. Ron Malmquist, who has been my driving instructor, during my Adult Driver Training Program .My DMV driving test has been successful, in the first attempt . I find the program very comprehensive and well packaged and Mr. Ron covered many of the important aspects during the driving sessions. Narayan Subramanian (NS)

Chase L

Took an additional week and a half to mail professional license I needed for work, and then when they mailed it, they put a completely different mailing adress on it, causing an additional weeklong delay.

Andrew Kozak

Great Place for Safety Training. Instructors know the material, and are prepared, Price is up there, but members get a bit of a cut off the final price, and State grants help out.

Rick Mahnn

You can share the message of "distracted driving". But the bottom line is, nobody in our society cares at this point. Instead the judicial system should throw the hammer down. I was rear ended by a Texter and you know what. They still didn't care. The person SHOULD have been charged with attempted Manslaughter imo. Because they took a chance at my life and didn't care. If there is a fatality involved when there is a cell phone that was in use while driving. It should be a Class 1-B FELONY, or better yet. Add it as a class 1a felony. Texting and drinking, while driving. It's NEVER going away until people know they are NOT getting out of jail or face Capitol punishment. The bottom line is. You operate something that weighs in excess of 1,000 lbs and you intentionally are operating a Cell phone or blitzed out of your mind on booze while operating a car. Than it's time the strong arm of the law can do its job. Problem solved. These offenders don't care about MY life, other people's lives. So why should we reciprocate the same? Nebraska law makers and US justices. DO your job.

Allen Brunner

Knowledgeable Staff, Friendly Environment

Dean Thorsen

Kendrick kaea


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