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3101 N 108th St, Omaha, NE 68164, United States Located in: Maple 108 Shopping Center

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REVIEWS OF Cornhusker Driving School IN Nebraska

Vanessa Dosoo

Great hands on learning and instructors. Good classroom environment. Learned a lot!

sarah e

I had so much fun in this class! I made a lot of new friends and I learned so much about driving!

Karrin Ledwich

Best in Nebraska!

Colin Kiichler

Emma Altman

The class was enjoyable and the teacher was very nice!

old school trucker

Did a great job training my nephew, as good as I could have

Abigail Goss

it was a good experience! i learned a lot of stuff i didn't know before!!

Derek Schweser

Jane Krueger

I LOVE DRIVING SCHOOL!!!!! it’s so much fun! i learned so much!! also this is Kiersten Capelle not Jane i swear. i met some pretty solid people!!

Royal Husker 2022 Husker

I have really enjoyed my driver ed class. Taking this class had taught me to become a better and safer driver. I highly recommend this class to students who would like to drive.

Marissa Ziemba

I have learned a ton about how to keep my self safe on the road!

Jenna Johnson

great teacher, learn a lot of helpful information

Hailey Dargy

great school , classes were fun i learned a lot and it felt like it went by so fast . instructors and demonstrations are fantastic!

diane hansen

Was a great class definitely worth it. I now understand driving a lot more and feel more prepared for the rode. Also Anna made it the best experience ever she is 10/10 !!!!

Reghan Svoboda

Best drivers ed class ever. Anna is the best and I loved taking class because she actually made it fun. Usually drivers ed is boring but Anna made the experience worth while. Definitely recommend Cornhusker Driving School!

andrew russell

I have set up 7 lessons and only had 3 the instructors keep postponing on me.

Chloe Surdell

Great class! Learned a lot about the rules of the road and safety measures!!

Emma West

Tried getting registered three separate times for the adult driving classes that they have offered on their website and every time I was told “they weren’t available” why offer something if it isn’t available? I’m disappointed. I was very willing to spend my money on the lessons but will be taking my business else where.

Tristen Menichetti

It was a great learning experience and I would definitely recommend to a friend

Emily Kelly

Jerry B

junior Trinidad

Ian Pinhero

Good school, useful, very helpful

Derek S.

Delaney Butrous

You learn a lot from this program and it actually is really fun. I like that you get your own driving instructor to get a more indivual and personalized experience!!!

Starfleet Intelligence - Section 31

Worst customer service ever! They don't even deserve this one star...

Santos Saenz

It was a great experience and learning opportunity for me !


I had a good time and I learned so much. They have great teachers and driving instructors!!

Quinn Sawyer

Fun experience and when your done you feel confident being out on the open road.

Kiley Root

This class was very fun and very helpful! Really taught me how to be a good driver.


The school was enjoying, great environment and a well educated teacher. She helped us understand the importance of looking and driving ahead. I will be coming back in the future to visit as she was funny and entertaining as well as energetic. She enforced the rules of the road which I hope everyone will decide to remember, regarding the 27 checks and other important features.

Eddie Schweikert

CORNHUSKER Driving School has fun instructors, good demonstrations using good techniques and visual aides... Would Recommend for any teenager learning to drive. They can teach students at any driving ability. I was originally worried it would be boring, however, ended up laughing and smiling all through the class, while learning fun, helpful, and interesting knowledge.

johnathan h

Great experience, You start learning from the ground up from day one, with your instructors, which put in videos and live demonstrations through it all.

Anna Schaeufele

I had a good time, learned a bunch of new things. It was informative and I would recommend it.

Victoria Gamboian

Very great instructors! They keep class fun. I loved Anna, she was very fun, I loved that she showed us lots of videos, that really helped me to understand the situations.

Allison Crain

I learned a lot and got hands on experience with a rollover simulator. Wasn't as boring as driver's ed is stereotyped to be. There was a break every hour with about an hour lunch break to get food at places in the lot. I learned plenty of things i had never been told before. Definitely worth it.

Eli McCabe

Good class overall

Quwuendbsheu Ejeushsjidjr

The teaching is fantastic and they really taught me a lot about driving and how to use thoes skills to drive well! Great school and definitely would recommend it to others!

Maddie Carter

Good class and teachers!

Amy Beck

We had a awesome experience. Anna has been a huge help throughout the entire process. My son seemed to learn a lot too!!

John Latta

molly schmeits

It was a great and fun experience ! I learned a lot and it was a good learning environment ! Would totally recommend !

Adam McGauvran

I thought it was a good experience and I learned a lot that I didn't know already. And I also learned that always wear a seatbelt in a car because bad things could happen.

Emma Gibbs

My experience at this driving school had been tremendous. I learned a lot about driving and it has helped me gain much confidence about driving. Being at this school has actually been pretty fun and enjoyable. 10/10 would recommend. Maximum send for this driving school.

Aaron Peterson

I believe that this is a program with good intentions that helps learning drivers. Visual tests such as rolling a car helps in the education process.

Emma Wagner

Enjoyed this class and learned lots! I feel like everything is solidifying in my brain now :D Pretty relaxed environment and the teachers are great and helpful. Lots of classroom time but it's worth it!

Ciara Jurgens

I had a fun experience here. Learned a lot and did more than just go through the boring basics and manual.

jadyn rad

Kelly Brandon

Great teacher and class!

Amy Braun

Had a great experience!


Julia King

I learned a lot and the instructor was very knowledgeable.

Hudson Hooper

Pretty great experience and i learned a lot in the class. im definitely better prepared for the roads. probably won't crash.

The Click

10/10 would learn again

Kayla Harbour

It's been a pretty solid experience. It's valuable in the sense that you learn the lesser known rules of the road as well as the decrease of he cost of insurance when the course is complete. Though I will say that this class is truly one where you'll only get as much out of it as you put in.

Devon Minor

Grant Schmidt

Great teacher, helped me learn everything I needed all in one lesson, very flexible with your schedule


It was a good class.

Elaine Oetjen

I do not think they prepared my child for driving at all!!

Rico Campos

It was very informing and taught me alot about safety and being responsible. very respectful.

Pat Kimpson

sharon pelep

Anna is the besst!!! she really goes in depth about driving and it helps ALOT.

Cierra Hoye

Great experience! Does a great job of teaching the different aspects of driving and the rules of the road

Charles Pugsley

It was a very valuable experience showing me tips and giving me advice on how to drive and be a better driver.

Samantha Sass

I love this. I have some really good friends and I would concider some of these people my best friends. 10/10 would recommend!!!

Parker Wall

Just a fantastic experience!

Samantha Wahl

Cornhusker driving school was a fun experience where I learned so many new things that I wouldn't have known nor followed if I wasn't taking this class. Without this class I don't believe I would have been comfortable driving on my own.

Ian Beavers

It's a great school, it seems like it would be boring but in honesty it's great because they show the reality of what's going on and what is driving and how everyone messes up and how it's simple and easy but how to actually help out and become a safe and responsible driver

Angelique Fuentes

Ray Hasebroock

Anna is the absolute best and one of the all time greats when it comes to driving instruction! she has a great sense of humor and is open to all. She gave us great breaks and taught me everything i need to know about staying safe on the roads! I am SO excited to DRIVE with her and become an expert driver


I liked the videos and live demonstrations. It put what we were learning in the classroom to real life scenarios.

Ellison Troshynski

Not too bad. Pretty relaxed, but informational.

Ashlee Thalman

This class was very helpful and I understood things a lot better than trying to learn them all my own, I had an amazing time learning things and how to become a better driver

Hatty Hattington

Kalvin Green

It's pretty nice, calm and laid back. Lunch is nice because it's open campus. And it was all in all a good experience.


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