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REVIEWS OF Wilson Logistics IN Montana

John Certainly

Stay away! You might as well work for Prime. Horrible miles, trailers are beat to death. Working at JP is pulling primes trailers and their freight. You run on primes elogs, use primes Qualcomm, and even use primes mobile app. Here is the kicker, you get paid less than primes drivers. Most customers are not drop and hook despite what they say, and you will sit ungodly amounts of time to get loaded if your lucky enuff to get dispatched. Detention? Ha that's a joke, never will see a dime of it. Be aware that this company is very nice and seems so upfront, that's either bc the office and recruiting staff don't know or are ordered to be that way. It's a scam, stay far away!!!

Dwayne Burkett

I read this review before but did not think it was true. I am retired combat Veteran that applied to work for them. They would train you to get you class A cdl. Pass the back ground check from the recruiter to be told we will push it for final review. Called today and was told we are going with more qualified applicants. Really need to stop saying they will train people if they are just wasting people's time. Dont know what I could have done. Clean driving record no felonies 11 years In The Army. If i could give 0 stars i would.

Jimmy okelley

Guardian 117

These guys are liars. They told me they were taking in people they can train and help get their CDLs. They were asking me if I could come to Missoula so I can start training. They said fine let's do that. Then when they called back to arrange the meeting for me to star. I asked to verify if the cargo was zero contact. They asked why and I told them in a disabled vet you had bad legs. they said it was zero contact. But I needed a doctor's note to clear me to work. I got the note. Torn ACL and multiple sprains to my ankle but driving and dropping off a trailer wouldn't be a problem. They changed their mind and said I wouldn't be a good fit. These guys are unpatriotic and breaking the law left and right. Cannot trust them with veterans at all.

Mark Hall

I am mixed about the CDL training program, very fast-paced and everyone at the Missoula yard was happy to meet the new students coming in. I was put with a trainer that had many years of experience and given opportunities to succeed, it's sad after 2 weeks you are given two chances to pass the CDL test which is two days in a row and then you are released from the training program. I also did not like stranding you 1000 miles away from home without help to get home. I am glad I was given this opportunity to succeed and fail because I know what to look forward to the next company. I gave it three stars because I was failed by the training department and I don't think I will ever say good things about Wilson logistics nor will I ever work for the company. Best of luck to the new students and hope you will make the best decision in your new future.

Gene Stonesr

I had the opportunity to work for Palmer Trk'n several, they treated me very well. With the companies I haved worked with over 40 years they were one of the finest in the country. Mr. Palmer was more than willing to see drivers to succeed . I retired in 2004,and I recommend him to anyone who is willing to show this company the respect you desire for yourself. Gene Stone Sr. Tampa, Fla. Rolling Stone


These guys rejected me while advertising to train new inexperienced drivers. Even though I am completely capable of this job. But I am a disabled vet so they don't want my kind working for them. Their excuse was "we are looking for more experienced drivers" Then 6 months later told me that I wasn't eligible to work for them. Didn't even let me take the physical to prove i can do the job. They claim to want to help disabled vets but are a bunch of liars.

Brian Breault

Wilson Logistics is an awesome company to work for. Plenty of home time for regional drivers and the employees including Mr. Wilson treat you as family. They are concerned about their drivers and how they are doing out on the road. I appreciate all they have done and look forward to a successful career.

J Wheeler

Damon Krause


dcijams M. BRADY

George, Was that you running north in I-95 last Saturday? A white motorcycle rode up next to you and give you a Tumble Up ? Say Hello to Allie & Spike for me.

Pete Rudie

Melissa Robb

My brother already has his cdl. They turned him down. I guess they only want untrained employees.

Adrian Lopez

As for katkumpler shut ur pie whole. Every company has its ticks.... it didn't work out for u. Ur bitter that's ur problem. Overall great company

Alex Murphy


terry Bell

just a thought... with what i had read on the reviews- its a mixed bag. i will say that all trucking companies have one thing incommon.. help moving the country. everything in stores has been brought in by trucks and without trucks- you wouldnt have what you have now days.

NJKatwoman Kuppler

To all professional drivers: Avoid working at this company at all cost! Not only do they pay slave wages, IE: .30 a mile, they will not allow you to idle over 7 percent! You will DIE OF HEAT STROKE in the summer, and you will DIE OF HYPOTHERMIA in the winter! They hold no value or respect for the people who keep them in business, the drivers! AVOID THIS COMPANY!

Julie Woodring

Growing and expanding is exciting and challenging. It comes with growing pains like every good thing. As a truckers wife, having the opportunity to talk with the recruiter through twists and turns has made it easier. The one star lacking has to do with the growing pains in the area of dispatch. I'm sure that as time passes and experience is gained, this won't be an issue any longer. As for the Wilson Logistics corporate team, I love you all.

Jason Ehrenreich

So apparently you have to have zero trucking experience to qualify for the cdl program. I have 14 years otr experience and I'm not good enough to work for them because i came off the road to spot trailers and don't have 6 months recent experience guess i forgot alot huh. No accidents perfect csa... i guess now days 6 months experience makes you a professional driver... get it together Jim Palmer

James Davis

I had made a previous review of this company, and I want to recant it. I made that review based on a few bad days that were solely caused by myself. Jim Palmer is a great company that has given myself and others an opportunity to succeed in the industry. They create an atmosphere where with hard work and desire you can make a decent living. Yea they utilize Primes assets and freight network but it's to the benefit of both companies, drivers, and customers. They have a very comfortable family atmosphere at terminals and you will always be treated with respect and known by name. Every driver has to make an assessment of a company to see if they fit you needs and I recommend looking closely at Jim Palmer because of their willingness to work with drivers to meet a common goal.

Christopher May

I talked to a recruiter today. They said I need to have atleastb18 months experience to start. The website is full of false information when they tell you no experience necessary. Waste of time waiting for them to call.

Ellie O'Daire

David Denize

Worst place i ever worked for in 6 years

Harold Smith

mean s

No respect.. rude. Inconsiderate.. and they will make lies about you.. and burn you at every turn.. even if you didn't do it.. and they don't let you fix the Jake brake they purposely turn all the way down. They over charge for the lease trucks and make false charges on payroll.. to get the most of your week revenue.

George Cross

Good company to work for

Dustin Mayo

Greg Gregson

Very fair company to work with. If you're willing to work hard and take home great pay, this is what you're looking for. As a company driver, was getting .43 cents per mile with a minimum of 2500 miles/week. Sometimes i saw 3000+ miles/week! Family owned, so you're not a number, everyone at the terminal knows who you are. Wish there were more companies like Jim Palmer/Wil-Trans.

Joe Whitaker

Been here about 1.5 years, Like all Trucking companies there are ups and downs. For the most part they keep me happy.

Jim Mitchell

I really enjoyed working here. Awesome miles.

James Stuhlberg

Kimberly Carmody

This company doesnt deserve a star even. Their driver on I77 outside of Statesville,NC was driving so erratically that we had to call 911 because we thought they were going to cause a major accident. We were behind them for a good 25 miles. Of course there is no number besides recruiting to contact the company. It was truck number 6073 plate 514009. That driver should not be on the road.

Joseph Brailey

I have been driving truck for 20 years and these guys are great...Ely was my recruiter straight forward and honest and excellent pay I highly recomend

Ken Saylor

Rastus Blackman

Easy there hombre! Maybe loosing sleep while sweating like a pig in a hot black truck/oven with no windows sounds like a good idea to you, but I'm glad for the warning! That's a real good way to get heat stroke. Life's way too short to put up with that kind of abuse. I challenge the owner, CEO and board of directors to turn off their a/c and throw open all of the windows in the offices at work all day long in the summer if you really want to save money! What? It's uncomfortable? Makes you smelly? Hard to concentrate? You friggin bet! But think of the money you are saving. I'll bet you treat your dogs at home better than you treat your drivers.

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