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REVIEWS OF University of Montana IN Montana

Mike Spreadbury

I was maliciously prosecuted by a law student who needed to be supervised, and violated my rights, entered tampered evidence after discovery, and now works at the prosecutors office. The law school has covered up this and allowed many other students to practice unsuperivsed, known as felony impersonation of a public official, and in Angela Wetzsteon's case perjury for swearing supervision in sworn court document dated May 21, 2010. The cover up forced two deans to step down in Montana law in 4 years. This was the last ranked law school in the USA in 2012. A rape crisis occurred on campus: UM law alum not able to prosecute UM football players, ethics is not this last ranked law schools forte. The school pays the faculty responsible for criminal acts of students as advisors currently. WOW.

Rachel Gordon

Really beautiful campus with trees all over and places for people to walk, bike, or hike. The food is great and the people are really friendly, staff and professors alike. I like that it's not so big that you have to drive or even bike really to get across it. The oval is a great place to take a nap or set up a hammock or play frisbee.

Gary Goettel


Mazen Alahmadi

Horrible place , expensive , especially for international students . Most classes are offered once a year , so if you fail them , you need to waste another year to retake them and unlock other upper division classes . The school is very disorganized , the faculty and the administration do not know their job very well , they do not do it well , and they do not tell the students what do their really need to do to succeed , very disorganized . I spent the worst 3 years of my life here . They have unrealistic expectation for the students , and you cannot criticize them , I have been expelled from the university just because of my honest criticism about their policy and unfairness. You can pay the same tuition to go to a better private school in the country. MSU is much better than this one , Ask anyone who has been in both universities , and check the enrollment in both universities . There are not many classes in the summer . THE ENROLLMENT IS GOING DOWN AND IT WILL STAY LIKE THIS, APPLY FOR ANOTHER UNIVERSITY , YOU WILL REGRET COMIN HERE for the money , time , effort you spent at this university.

Tiberiu Goldstein

Emilian Kavalski

a very good university and a beautiful campus

Kevin Mccounley

Abdullah Alrasheed

Jesse Fulcher

teah Cree Medicine



The PA Mountain Man

Akshay Satish

This has a very good forestry program.

Ricardo Jimenez

Irfan Haider

Ethan Skalsky

The U Of M is highway robbery disguised as an education, $4,000 a semester(in state) for what feels like a free trial. Loads of made up nonsense fees on top of tuition. Professors that extort their students into buying books written by said professor, and never used in class. I could go on and on, but the U of M is one of the most morally reprehensible institutions in the valley and they don't deserve a cent more from anyone.

Richard Cobbler

Had a great experience here recently. There was a bad egg of a teacher here, and I talked with the adviser of their program, explained the issue and was backed by classmates. We showed examples of how the teacher showed favoritism towards higher level classes and students, how that teacher would grade us dependent solely on their mood, and the overall lack of communication or attempt from him. We were taken seriously about our complaints, treated like equals, and while many of us changed from majors to minors on the subject... I've been reassured that the teacher will never teach on this campus again.

Christian Zal-Herwitz

John Naigus

Chris Wright

Life Is Random

Mar Would

Beautiful, green, plush and clean. Perfect weather!

Daniel Withers

The campus isn't that nice. It is talked up to be a lot nicer than it actually was. I am not saying that it was bad, but it just wasn't that clean, and there were no places to sit down or eat.

Jered Freeman

Nice campus!

Kevin Martin

Ryan Jellesed

Most beautiful campus in America.

Doug Nettles

Visited my Brother here. Great school!

Jason Hatch


Rebecca McGill

Real Reviews

Awful and getting worse everyday.

Darwin Mckenzie

Great school when I visited last year. Good for fishing.

Chenli Chen

Scott Mckay


Syvil Nayon

Devin Rinehart

Emma Brown

This is a fantastic school! The professors are the best! I am very very happy with the education I received here.

Lars Larsson

Yaya Mahamat

Adam FourTwenty

Eliza Winecoff

Sandy Hall

Attended the Pearl Jam concert Monday night August 13. Had I known this was being turned into a political liberal rally, I would have sold my tickets. Heck, I wouldn't have bought them if this was advertised truthfully. Now I see that disgusting poster they put out. Completely matches the crappy performance. Im all about our Constitutional rights but I'm also all about common decency. PJ abused their privilege of Free Speech in such a disgusting manner. I'll never attend a concert there again.

Dennis Schuster

J.B. Chandler

My alma mater

Alex Anderlik

Joe Zaldivar

I like the Griz. My sister not go there in 2003.

Rachel Meidinger

I have learned more at the University of Montana than at any other school! I love the atmosphere and academic challenge that the University of Montana has. Best school I have ever attended!

Tom Mellor

Underappreciated and underrated

Jason Davies

I love Missoula Montana

David Jorgenson

As always, different people have different fits for what schools would be best for them. The University of Montana has pretty large classes in science, such as biology where some classes are over 200 students, but there are also very good sized classes such as mathematics, where there can be as little as 20 people in a class. There is an Army ROTC program, but unfortunately there is no AF ROTC at this university. If one is looking for Greek life (fraternities and sororities), this university is a nice place to see it but not he overwhelmed. The community seems pretty anti-greek, but the fraternities and sororities still do some cool things. There are a lot of intramurals for anyone interested. There are also a lot of clubs that people can join. Overall this is a very good university, with very few problems.


Edwin Sanders

Colin Phlypo

Lots of good looking buildings, centered in the mountains. Not far from town.

user user

Katherine Crown

Debated between 1 and 2 stars. Faculty are unhelpful. Tuition is rising and services are dropping. A poorly managed school.

Mike Nelson

This is an amazing school and community to be at. Beautiful campus, great sports and an a atmosphere that is above all other schools.

Caliber Retention

Hosea B

Donal Yeang

Michele Maves

one of my nephew's best friends absolutely loves this school. he is in agriculture and he has convinced my nephew to transfer from Maine.

trublue Pensfan

An okay university. But disorganized and don't care about the hummaintes unless you play sports your nothing more then $$

Admin Doja

One of the best schools in the United States... I never regret being studying here


Thaís Diniz

Ch Ho

Sunita Bohara

dakota buerman

Mack Smith

Alexa Larson

Myo Naung

awesome great prof great classes

James Casey

Linh Hatzenbuehler

Love this school! I don't care what anybody says. Many thanks, especially, to the VETS Office for being squared away and for all their assistance.

Darren Sisino

Amazing university- changed all of our lives for the better in almost every direction and way of life. If Anybody is looking into a university - this would be the first and last stop I would recommend - good wholesome honest people is what you'll find here in Missoula at the UM. I've never met a large group of people concentrated in one place with such heart and integrity. The moral compass of the community is second to none.

sa ha

Erick Torres

Nate Souther

Love the U.

Abdullah AL-jamea

Just graduated from here, and if I had the chance to do college all over again i will still pick UM. Thank you all for the education and experience.

Melissa Dwello

Worst bookstore for a college half the books you can't get so you order from the rival college if you are on VA Voc Rehab! The change to B & N was a horrible choice, but thank you Bozeman for picking up the short falls.

Louis Isabelle

(Translated by Google) Thank you. Good. Beautiful.

Mollyjoel Campbell

Molly Gig. Mom.

Ellen Morningstar

Online courses here are a joke, you'll pay upwards of 15 grand a semester for copy and pasted youtube videos and articles. If you're expecting to be taught by an instructor, lower your expectations. You're essentially paying x amount of money a semester just for your work to be graded, not for learning from the staff. The argument is the "fair use" law where you can legally use articles, videos and shared educational resources without copyright infringement, but they take this to the extreme. I can count on one hand how many of my instructors have actually instructed an entire class, 2. Out of 20+ classes, only two have actually taught the class. I'm sure the situation is different if you go to school on campus, but they often talk largely about their ability to teach online and how it excels above other online teaching institutions and I'm not sure where they're getting their stats. So if you want to take their online courses, and you enjoy learning from random youtube vloggers, you'll love their online academics.

Linlee Nelson

It's a great state school; love the Griz; could use better adjunct teachers who stay for longer periods of time.

Snoop Dogg

Leneé Marjerison

The bureaucracy is enough to choke a giraffe! Run, and don't ever look back.

Hugh Janus

GO TO MONTANA STATE! The buildings at U of M are in really poor condition and for how much you spend it is a really poor experience. The library smells like hot depressed couch farts. The ventilation in the library is poor and there is just a stale warm smell with no comfortable places to study. When you take the tour they will only show the nice parts of the campus but go into the Health Science Building, the Library or Forestry Building and you will see how ugly the inside of the university can be. The Health Science building looks like an abandoned building on the inside not the Health Science building of a top tier university. My classroom in the forestry building had old stained seats that broke off. The walls in the classroom also had stains from the sweat and oil where students put their head. This classroom would also be extremely hot in the summer because the AC would break making focusing in class very difficult. U of M was awful and would go to any other school.

Caitlin Wind


zahra mahdieh

It was an absolute mistake to come here for graduate study. Yes, here is good for fishing but not LEARNING!!! Don't ever come here if you want to learn something and build a resume for your future!

Jerry Sullivan

Ya gotta love Missoula! Clean, wholesome city with great character, very nice university campus area and most amenities of modern life. Good food, craft beer, friendly folks! Clean, happy and low crime rates....

Trevor Anderson

The best decision I ever made was attending The University of Montana. Great academics across many fields, diverse group of students from all over the country/world, and second to none atmosphere on campus and in Missoula - especially if you like the outdoors. It is truly a world-class location for fishing, hunting, camping, hiking, etc. Couldn't imagine college anywhere else.

Amelia Newman

people are amazing there! saw pearl jam there on the 13th and not a signal rude volunteer !

Marie Garrison

Guy Crilly

Go Griz !!!

Tyren Nez

Like this school!! Missoula is awesome.

Arthur Kostuk

Best university in Montana by FAR!!

Luke Haruki

Arlen Nelson

James Zaksek

Ricky Lowry

Disorganized, so far college seems like a real scam! Just another obstacle to overcome on my way to a career I will hopefully enjoy

Devendra Yadav

Kristina Clarke

Though I have had a good social experience at this University my educational experience has been mediocre at best. I have had blood advising, struggles with the financial aid department and student health is a terrifying disaster. I have watched many programs be cut due to lack of money from dramatic unrollement drops. Missoula Montana is a wonderful city but I honestly wish I would of gone to MSU. Colleges should expand and enrich the lives of the people who are paying an arm and a leg to be there and instead it is like drowning just trying to find enough classes in your department to graduate.


Nice collage campus in a somewhat historical area. Easy walkabout or bike riding location. Many trails, although the "M" trail is a bit tough, other sections and river bridge to the old City near by. Hidden road trails on the back side on the "M" to car ride. Pet friendly area.

Alvaro Moreno

Nat S. Cole

literal garbage

Corbet Sandvick

This place is where I figured out what I want to do with my life. Amazing place but currently ran by idiots who can't manage a budget. Great professors are being cut left and right.

Icaro Marques

I'm a foreign student and this is my first year in the U.S., and so far i'm really liking the town and the people here. The University is fantastic. I can have everything I want inside of the campus! I'm doing pharmacy and i'm really liking the courses! I'm gonna be here for a year, so i think i will ha e a lot of things yet to do it!

Keesha Cain

To be honest this school is perfect for forestry student but other than that it was kind of a joke. I feel like a degree from the U of M isn't going to get you much further than Montana. If you want to progress you life, go somewhere else.

Rydian Frost

We really enjoyed the Bear Tracks event. My son and I learned a lot. Cannot wait for the fall semester. Great job.

Cassie Bartosik

Kelly E. Burns


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