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REVIEWS OF Dollhouse Dance Factory IN Mississippi

Aniyah Simpson

I love DD4L because it's so cool I watch your show every Friday then I love Christiana Cameron Kayla Miss D Selena Mimi Tina Brittany and Dana DD4L rule I live in Chicago my grandma was born in Jackson Mississippi that's why I love it so much

Tanedra Hampton

Ms.Diana you do a real good job teaching them I wish I could be on that team.<3 DD4L

Kaytlan Linen

I love the dancing dolls I want the merch and the outfits and everything. I am obsessed with you. I even went to one of your shows.

Julianna Jennings

I wish I could go there because it looks fun.

Christina Mcduffie

Being a Dancing Doll is Awesome idk if i can ask for better #DD4L

amia unseld

i love the dancing dolls christiana, makaya, and kayla are my favorites i love them they carry there selfes with alot of posture and there really pretty awsome they encourge me to dance

Ultimate Foxy gamer Odyssey

I love the doll house I did some research on it for a long time but now I going to be in it

SwagRosie Rosa

I am a big fan love dancing dolls hopefully I will tryout in the future

RaNyia Thigpen

Love It

Minnie O.G

I really want to try out here for the junior dancing dolls

(Student) Chantoria Jones

I love yall.

T Leslie

The dedication showned by Coach D, is priceless

Dreahxiconic Crusty

I love bring it i went to there concert and i saw coach d up close

Michael Jernigan

Hi Dancing Dolls I watch Y'ALL all the time on YouTube great job Y'ALL doing Mrs D.keep up the great job I missed Y'ALL In Ft.worth Tx.this weekend i guest I have to come to Jackson to see y'all Y'ALL BE BLESS AND TAKE CARE BRING THEM NEW CAPTAINS ON LET'S SEE WHO'S GOING TO BRING IT

kyla waire

Because as a grown woman mrs d has got my child into dance and the do the most awesomest dances

Sequoyah Moore

I like it cuz you dance so good

Tatiana Aikens

I love dancing doll I want to be a baby dancing doll. Can I be on your team please.

Theyloveekyanna Kyanna

hey my name is kyanna all i got to say is yall are awesome miss d you go gurl

deionghnae martin

i want to be yall dance team and the dancing dolls are good i want to join yall

Ajah Bowens

I love this dancing dolls and Miss D I'm coming to Jackson this week to come see y'all YAY!!:)

Jahriya Holmes

Their my favorite dance team dd4l

Shania Nettles

I love the dancing dolls and i was wondering when you have try outs because you guys bring it every day. My name is Shania.And I am 10 turning 11 and i really want to be on your squad.

Malishah Howard

you guys are the best team in the world and im a great dancer and u all are great dancers

Sandy Williams

Raw talent and discipline love you girls and ms dee


I think that the dolls can dance very well. they don't lower themselves to other teams levels when frustrated and that's good so they know to control themselves and keep a good image. DD4L!

Phillip Hawkins

After the way my daughter felt leaving Jackson, MS I had to let Diana or whatever her name is she is rude and a jerk... I love and support my black businesses but after tonight she will not be getting any more business from Texas...

Kathleen Childrey

I I'm watching the show right now and I love all that all of you do. I'm excited that I can leave this message. Coach D you are awesome. I love the discipline that you have over these young ladies. The squad has so much, so much talent. I applaud the parents that are on the show and that is being a stand up mother's. Congrats to all of you. Yaw Rock 2017

Vicki Lewis

I love the dacing dolls. I have been watching the dolls since I can remember. Kayla caught my attention when she was captain. I hope that one day I can meet the dancing dolls. All you young ladys have good talent. DD4L

Sharon Toah

Divas of Lovejoy Dance Company vs ycdt vs DD4L

Ruth Bell

Love the show watch it over and over again. What God given talent miss Dianna & the girls you're all my favorites


Omg It has a lot of space! Some places don’t, so that is a good thing! I recommend y’all to do a YouTube channel!

Anthony moore

My family just love your show

April Ellis

I have a granddaughter that loves you guy. She lives in north carolina and always asking me (granny) to come live with me in jackson ms so she can be a DD4L. We both love to see your perform. " Keep up the good work Diana "

Yashica Roscoe


Jmiracle Mcalphin

Camryn is my favorite. And there dancing is amazing

Vanessa Weatherspoon

I Love you dd4l I wish I can dance with you my mother said it was ok to dance with you guys

Swag Gawd

HOME OF THE DANCING DOLLS im in Alabama just got to see them in person for the first time and from Mississippi

K Jade

I have SO much respect for Mrs. D and everything she does. She is talented, knows how to utilize her talent, dedicated to staying true to her moral compass, flawless at delivering the appropriate motivation for each situation, and brave enough to go out and perform herself. Even if she doesn’t have time to practice much because she devotes more time to her girls. The dancing dolls are truly blessed to have such a great coach in their life. #DD4L

Canyia Richardson

They are just the best love yall baby dancers and older ones i want to be with the baby dancers


I love this group I have been watching them since the 1st episode. I like the way she keeps the girls in line I used to coach a military drill team totally different from this type of dance I wish I had learned all the majorette type dance. I really respect Diana her team and the parents for all their dedication.

success omokaro

The dancing dolls is a great dance group that not only teaches you how to dance but teaches you how to have confidence in yourself and to have energy no matter what. I hope I'll be in that group one day DDFL!!!!!


I love this show and all of the members bring it is my favorite show i would love to be on the team or visit but i live in Florida.

Lemisha Johnson

I love your show i want to be in your team

lisa mccoy

We only seen the outside, but the children where super excited about

Abena Atuahene

I luv dancing dolls one day i wanna be part of the team

Latonia Webb

DD4L you guys are so awsome I can't wait to see more make sure you kick but like you guys always do just keeping it real

Its not Malena

Really good

Landree Mills

I love the Dancing Dolls any way....... My mom wants to know how to book yall for my birthday! The Dancing Dolls is a very CONFIDENT BUCK OR DIE Team. Keep on MOVING IN!!!!!!

Lucy Bouth


Ayanna Wilkins

Amazing dance team. They have a great coach in Mrs. Dianna.

A Google User

What a wonderful format where young ladies can Dance. Great job Mrs.D

Marcella Franklin

I love the Dancing Dolls so much that my school is thinking about inviting them because we are having a talent show and we would luv for them to come.

j Squad

I like all of my girl and the mom's funny mean and miss D and love her to

LeAnn Channell

Miss.d I love the show and I want to be on it to. And tell Kayla she's the best captain

Kimora Mitchell

This is why I like dancing doll because the baby dancing doll can dance and l like when they dance .so they are good.

ii Cupcake ii

DD4L!! For some reason I really wanna be on the dancing dolls team but its far away from me sooo...

YouTube SurvivHat Clan/SFD

My daughter love DD4L she wants to be on that team but we live in Wisconsin

Flawless swag

I love watching u dance it's so awesome to see you dancing I love to dance and I want to be a baby dancing doll and I know you are going to win this season buck or die and you are going to bring back a win and I'm going to watch it and I'm not going to let anything stop me because you guys rock

Akelah Reynols

I think it is a amazing dance team I have been watching thin from the beginning

Roderick Henderson

I was looking for a movie this past weekend and saw lifetime. I clicked on it and saw a lady and children, so I said let me watch this movie. When I click play it was dancing!! I watched, and watched some more, and 21 episodes later I am still watching. I have become a Dancing Dolls fan. I had never heard of them until that night 03/09/2019. My hats off to Miss D she really knows her stuff, and has the most talented group of dancers I've ever saw. I am a new fan rooting for you all the way from Green Bay, Wisconsin!!

Kira Wells

I love the dancing dolls on TV

Sheeri Corporal

Love the Dancing Dolls and Mrs. Diane... My daughters love the show too

Laura Antoine

I love dd4l and my dream is to be in it too but I living in orlondo


This a dance factory located in atlanta, Georgia, Birmingham, Alabama and Jackson Mississippi. It's and amazing group of dancers!!!

Noni Bowden

I love the dancing dolls I watch your show every Friday and y'all could dance I know that y'all are competition against other but i know y'all could do it. sincerely, Noni Cardona-Bowden PS: come get me if y'all have a problem. just kidding☺

Harriet Green

Mrs. D, I really love what you do, but in all fairness I know you trying your hardness not to let Christiana down, now really your Captain should have been chosen after that Captains battle, which anyone that was watching knows Makiya murdered Christiana on that floor, I like Christiana, but we all know Makya is a more powerful dancer and that's just fact, if you choosing to have a powerful team you as well as all the viewers knows that Makya is the one, Christiana is a good dancer, but the difference between the two is, Makya dance with an anointing you can't help but watch her, it's almost like singers, Fantashia has an anointing on her voice which moves you different than the other female stars singers, who can just sing. And one thing, Christiana mother feel she should be Captain, just because she's been there since 5 years old, which doesn't make sense, because the dolls need a powerful captain, who can bring them wins, that's all should matter not how long you been, but it's up to you Mrs.D, Quincy will love for you to put Christiana as captain, because if he was asked by someone else he would say Makya is powerful, but he wouldn't let you know Ms. D cause he wants to slaughter you in every competition, like I said I like Christiana, but Makya dance with thar anointing and that's what you need to break every yoke, when it comes to Quincy, just thought I'll give you this fair advice.

Npbone R.H.

I love the show Coach D is amazing. The girls(all of them) are tremendously talented. Cam and Faith are my all time favorites tho. DD4L!!!!

Nora Dixon

I have visit the Dollhouse Dance Factory I am the most Biggest fan of Dd4l keep dancing and inspiring the world. Dancing just isn't a sport it's a way of life. #Dd4l#Bring it.

brazil tryalor

It is so cool and pertty

shamari gray


Nancy Thomas

TaAsia Aryonna Thomas I Love Bring it i Wach it on my tv DD4L Dacing Doll

Naquajah Davis

I love dancing dolls I can dance in that's why I want to move there

Myjavious Watkins

We saw the dolls coming out of practice and we was hyped

Nadia Quinn

I love this show and the place

Grace Blount

Hands down the Best Dane Company

Aiyana Fuller

I watch dancing dolls on TV dd4l

Jasmine Mcghee

I looveeee this show my fav. Is Camryn and faith basicly all

PrincessNell Nelle

I love the dancing dolls and wish I can be one matter a fact when are the next tryouts

nevaeh hamilton

dancing dollll are the best team in jackson mississippi DD4L DD4L DD4L DD4L DD4L DD4L DD4L DD4L DANCING DOLL'S FOR LIFE

Camron Daniels

I like it because it is a pretty space + my favorite is Camryn, Crystianna, Kayla, Kanarie, Kenjanae, Sunjai and Dajia.

Valerie Wade

Because every time i watch myself on bring it i feel so good and i love my team and coach d and assistant coach kayla and we won battle royal in your face quinnc

nasiathatgirl nasiathatgirl

I love DD4L

Dorothy Woods

I love the dancing dolls. I love them so bad that i begged my mom 2 take me 2 the factory while we were in jackson 2 see my grandma .That's how bad i love the dancing dolls

Autumn Clark

They slay when they dance and there my fave and they are coming to my birthday in 4 more days

Lakiesha Shelton

I'm from Memphis and I enjoy the entertainment y'all bring to the floor... Watching Battle Royal TLC inspiration. ♥ ♥ ♥

Mikezja Lee

I love the dancing dolls and I look up to y'all as role models and as talented beautiful girls do not let any one tell u differently . I am only 11 but I just want to make a shout out to ms. Dianna u have a real big heart bcuz I would not b able to take Neva and the divas like u do , don't let them run u , y'all the best team down there , make us in the west side proud , love y'all , God Bless

Davion Johnson

I love Dancing Dolls BC the is the best Dancing team I have ever seen they is amazing I watch them on the Live Time app I downloaded

Attoria Abrams

Even though I haven't been here I thibk it is amazing watch bring it and I am trying to get flexible so I came be with DD4L

Allaina Mcdonnell

I love DD4L.. I'm they biggest fan.. I watch them every week. the reason why I watch them because they inspire me and other young girls. On how to dance better and have a great coach that can lead them to a better place. Without being lazy or without an attitude.

Zeinab Barry

Ya'll are soooooooooooooooooo lit

Niya Niyaboo

I love you dd4l and I will like to battle kalay

Eleanore Bradshaw

I am a 65 year old white woman and love to watch what you do with those girls. The only thing that I see wrong I'd the way Neva acts when she loses. She shows no sportsmanship to her girls and has no grace at all. Every instructor needs to take lessons from you on how to lose gracefully. Keep on teaching your girls how to acceptdefear as well as victory. DD4L

Junee Ross

I love dancen dolls and i have a cuzen on there

Tanya Sims

hi I just wanted to say that bring it it a wonderful show and it inspired meh to show my moves and now I am better at dancing I am 10 years old I am begging my mom to move out there so that I can be on the baby dolls I like in IL so It is very far away

Morgan Culver

I love this place because it is a inspiration to me to do lots of dancing and never back down. On day I hope to be on the team. #DD4L

Zyla's World

Best dance studio in the world Sorry Best dance team in the world

Almonia Woods

I love the dancing dolls even crystianna she is the bomb

Evonnah Rivers

Dd4l I love y'all so much I even wanted to meet you some day but Idk if that wi ever happen.........and your dancing is outstanding to me and I think of each and every 1 of u as a role model...p.s my birthday June 2

Z'leah Saffold

DD4L love yall

Miasherie Penn

Hi ms Diana my name is Ameisha and. I'm 12years old. I was. wondering. When are you having another. Dancing dolls try outs. And I think bring it is a very good. Show it. Inspire. Me. To dance and when we I watch the show I always try. The. Dances you teach the girls

Ty'Quon Henderson

Best dance team

Shakia McDuffie

My daughter got me watching the show..I love it DD4L

Farileyme Farileyme

People I need everyone to get on TV lifetime is the place to be bring it is back in full force. Coach d boss boss all day everyday and of course congrats to the seniors you will be miss miss. But the doll Factory Must Go On. So I need everybody to tune in and support DD4L. I am giving a shout-out to Sunjai hey girl and Miss reinforcements everyone know who she is you are missed. And mr. C what's up. happy dancing everyone

Ashley Flounnory

She had very bad attitude. I went January 4,2018 at 4:17 pm. She said that she had important things to do but she wasn’t doing anything

Mrs. McClintock

I LOVE DD4L,don't miss a show,seen y'all In Charlotte last weekend(2/21/16) ALL the girsl

Brittni Brown

I love your show I want my daughter to be apart of your BDD I'm from Springfield Illinois

Nadya Cherry

Hey Mrs d my name is Nadya and I love the dancing dolls so much and I love your choreography that you do with all the stunts and up beat motions u are my dancing idol and I would love to meet you some day

Brianna C

I love the place it remarkable and I love the show bring it

Tavariah hunt

Dd4l you're the best TV ever had like y'all bring on the TV show for real job work all day and I appreciate it❤❤❤❤

Melvin Brown

Girl dacing you me friend good

Madelyn James

DD4L will remain #1 in my heart and i will always love sunjai and Kayla

Britteny Townsend

I watch you all the time your the best better than any botey

Jocelyn Cervantes

Love dancing dolls they are coming to my middle school Albert Thomas Jr high middle school

Marvin Cuffie

They are really good at dancing go

kaylee howell

Dd4l is so fun I am on dd4l

Chandler Mitchell

Camryn faith christiana on doll meets world were my favs I love bring it yall done a lot of good work and it was a great idea to make this team work yall look like the best team I have ever seen in my life and I know that yall can do great for the live tour!#DD4L

A. Baddie Baddie baby 1

Because ms. D is the best and the team too

Melida Dominguez

las amo dancing amo a kayla camryn crystiana faith daija makayia kenjanei makala sunjai star sky love you las amo rspero que vengan a panama

keyundra freeman

I love the dancing dolls go ahead girls !

Susan Pugh

I love this show! !♡♡♡ I want to go to Jackson Mississippi to meet Mrs. Dian and the dancing dolls someday my wish will come true !!!♡♡♡♡ keep up the good work Mrs. Diana and the dancing dolls .... in joy witching you all every friday. ♡☆♡☆♡☆


i love them and I wish they would come to my birthday Party Torrow!

Mark Brown

This is one of my favorite shows that I can relate to because I am a drumline instructor only thing different is that the kids I work with are drummers and musicians they're all very talented

Stanley Williams

I watch all if the bring it episodes so I..... Love it like faith is my favorite

Jasmine Beck

I love Dancing Dolls, PERIOD. I'm going for my birthday this year. Wish I could get VIP tickets but I can't afford, at least I still get to go though. Love you girls and Mrs. D.

cheyenne singleton

i really love the DANCING DOLLS im a dancer my self i do hip hop and i love dancing so muchhhh i really want to visit the dancing dolls


I really wanna go I haven't been there but there the best team ik and I'm trying to convince my parents to give me a ticket to go and they wanna move to San Antonio Texas.

Lacheryl Davis

I love you all so much Dianne please keep doing what you do.

Darrin Brittenum

Dancing dolls are my favorite majorette team and I love how the people in the first row is on the track and I like when coach D git on the floor with the girls.And I love the one when cb it out of the blue box and I love your team so so so so so so so much.From Darrin Brittenum dtr name Danisha Brittenum

Charlotte Redmon


queelai c

There the best dancer ever love all the girls an miss d

Manu Silva

I LOVE DANCING DOLLS !! Dollhouse are the best gym of dance!!! DD4L ❤️

lakeshia jones

There the best dancing group in Jackson Mississippi make us happy and win that trophy

Tink Production


Whitney Tucker

All i can say is Mrs. D u are a wonderful coach and girls y'all are wonderful dancers

Janiah Tate

Dancing Dolls I want to come join your dance team

Ada Dixon

Crystianna is the bomb mrs.dianna we are one of your big fans

Aniyah Simone

i love the dancing dolls watching one of there videos right now on demand !!!rated on-thursday august 11 2016

Andre Hamilton

I want to thank The Dancing Dolls for appearing in Nashville,TN for the Tennessee State University homecoming parade. We saw the other groups that you compete against they were okay but you ladies put on a show. My daughter is a big fan and she was sooooo happy.

PhaDarius Hill

DD4L know as the Dancing Dolls has a WONDERFUL coach. This coach makes the team WORK HARD to be the best and best♥️. This team in Jackson, Mississippi is one of the best. I LOVE IT❤️ Keep up the good work and stay battling! DONT LET ANY TEAM let y’all down❤️

Cheryl Hopkins

Hey how are you doing today my daughter dance so much for always been an amazing team ok in call you today

Thais Nunez

DD4L camryn faith kayla sanji is my favs

Shequita Townsend

This is a local dance school that competes in competitions and has a television show about them.

Ashanti Harris

I love the dancing dolls I just call them today I was shocked me and my friend my mouth drop to the ground I love Mrs. D and Kayla mom my said she is going to call u so keep up the good work y'all Mrs. D she is pushing u to put good movement so beat the purple diamonds next time k I no y'all can and Mrs. D to love y'all :'(

Tori Miller

I like the dancing dolls because they are very good dancers and Diana do really good death drops

Garionna Reed

I love the dancing dolls ever sence they been on I wanted to become one! DD4L

—Kaliya Dreams—

Dancing Dolls in Jersey was awesome!!! #DD4L

Hildigarda Grema

I love the dancing dolls but the moms are a little bit crazy i always watch them on TV

Shawn Nelson

Hay Diana I want to no win dancing doll tryouts for dancing dolls let me no I want to be on it so much and I no how to bring it I dance with you in my room when the show on so let me no ps I'm 10 years old so win you let me no I'm OK to be on big dancing dolls or small love the show

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