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REVIEWS OF Coach's Driving Academy IN Mississippi

Maria Condatore

All the coaches were extremely helpful and I’m so grateful I was able to go to a place with such good teachers. I got experience driving and parking different size days cars, and my spacial awarness improved immensely. Would recommend to anybody in the Slidell area looking to get their permit/license.

Jamel Taylor

Coach's Driving Academy is a great place to learn how to drive and gain new experiences while driving. The people at coach's are very respectful, calm, and funny. I highly recommend this place; cheap price for good lesson and good time.

stephanie Joseph



An incredible driving academy. I've learned the skills necessary to handle the road, pay full attention, and be an effective and safe driver. The best and kindest people, too! Totally recommend. 10/10.

Asja B

I highly recommend this driving school! It was such a friendly, and good learning environment. Coach Chip and Coach Joe took their time teaching the class to where everyone understood, and Coach susan was very patient while teaching the behind the wheel portion. Overall Coach’s is a great driving school.


All the coaches are amazing especially coach joe coach Susan and coach chip. These people are amazing at their job and I highly recommend them!!

caley wilson

I had a great experience at coaches as well as really good teaching from coach Joe and coach Susan.

Allyssa Maloney

Overall a pleasant experience, but one of the instructors would talk more about his personal life than he would talk about driving.

Quan Nguyen

Incredible teachers! Chip is awesome and extremely helpful! My entire family has gone to him. I enjoy the entire staff a lot!


They’re okay

penny labry

My granddaughter went to coachs and loved it said it was informative and she did a great job with both the classroom and driving portion we are glad she is such a safe and cautious driver

Mary Barbosa

they take people's money and then they let you know that they don't have enough teachers to finish the process ..incredible and disrespectful

Sam Lopez

Olivia Mummert

I really enjoyed my time spent learning about how to drive safely and correctly. I took the 14 hour pre-licensing course and now have my Driver’s license. My instructor, Mr. Roy, was very patient with me from the beginning and never raised his voice. His calm state helped keep me levelheaded and I passed my driving test with a 97. The written test wasn’t too difficult due to the preparatory lesson beforehand and I still look at signs on the street and remember what I learned they are saying. This is just one of the ways I apply what I’ve learned when on the road. Of course, I’ll be needing more experience on the road before I become better, but Coach’s made me feel comfortable navigating my way around town. I definitely recommend.

Alexis Packer

All instructors are very nice and make it easy to learn. Coach joe is the best!

Gavionne Parker

Coach’s driving have been the best experience for me. I wouldn’t wanted to go anywhere else . They have the best stories ,very funny,and they are extremely understanding. They also made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Not one time i didn’t feel like i didn’t have a good time ! I enjoyed it so much , i miss it Love you Coach Joe !! <3 you’re the best!

Kole Martin

I was terrified of driving when I went to the class, and I expected to crash on my first road skills day. not only do the driving instructors teach you the basics of the road, they give examples and incidences to use a lot of the techniques you learn in class while on the road. On top of that, the instructors are nice and understand your limits. I had so much fun driving with them!


Coaches is a great place to learn how to drive. It’s fun and the instructors are very nice. Everyone is helpful and they care about the students.

torrie fairchild

coach joe is the best and taught me a lot

Calie Alsobrooks

Small classroom so learning is easy! Amazing drivers!

Caidence Jennings

Coach’s are all super sweet and my drives were completed quickly! Love the coaches here!

Boon McVagaBond

Very Good Teachers with alot of knowledge, very helpful. Highly reccomend them!

Christy Tamufor

I was an almost zero-experience driver who moved up the scale much more quickly than i imagined. Coach Susan took me through this absolutely amazing experience! She was super patient every step of the way and i had just the kind of relaxed and friendly atmosphere that i needed! I loved it here!

big booty larry


Emilyy Hiness

It was fun , the teacher and coaches are nice! They really do help you

Chelsea Dayl

Mrs. Susan was an amazing instructor. I was nervous about taking the driving part of the class, but she made it so much easier for me. She is such a sweet person, and an amazing teacher who helps you learn. She was so easy to work with and talk too about what I was doing correct and incorrect. Best driving academy around.

Brielle Bel

Coach Joe is the best to learn from! Couldn’t of done it without him!

Christian Brown

Coach’s Driving Academy will definitely get any student ready for the road and the staff is very nice and provide great guidance for anyone learning to drive whether you are a beginner or have a little more experience.

Akia Johnson

Breion Smith

Ms. Janice, Coach Joe, and Ms. Lanette were very helpful!

Lily Zinkovich

Ms. Susan was an amazing driving instructor and taught me so many new things. Overall they worked with me and my busy schedule and helped me as best as possible!! Thank you to everyone at Coach's!!

Megan Thompson

I could not have asked for a better experience as an adult student driver with Coach’s Driving Academy. The in class portion for adults was laid back, informative, and comprehensible. My in class teacher, Janis, was an absolute joy and made the class a good experience. With her teaching, I passed the written test with flying colors. For my in car driving portion, Coach Joe helped ease my driving anxieties by not only kindly guiding me to fix the things I was doing wrong, but by consistently and enthusiastically praising the things I was doing right. This method of positive reinforcement really helped me feel confident and capable behind the wheel. Thanks to his teaching, I have achieved this important milestone at 27 years old and am a licensed driver! It’s never too late to get your license and Coach’s is the way to go!

Taylor Benham

They really make understand and help u if needed . They work with your schedule just as well as they own . Make learning fun and interesting and i made a great with them .

Austin Wyatt

susan schwaner

Teaching at Coach's has been an enjoyable and positive experience. The small classroom setting is conducive to engaged learning for young drivers.

taylor huynh

Coaches driving academy is great! My instructors, (Mr. Roy, Mrs. Susan, and Mrs. Penny), were absolutely phenomenal. From inside the class to behind the wheel every single part of the academy was very informative and useful.

makayla salter

Mrs. Susan and all the rest of the instructors here were so extremely helpful with working around my busy schedule and making sure that I was comfortable and well equipped with everything I need to be a good drive! I drove 3/4 of my days with Mrs. Susan and it was an awesome experience!

Rylie Boyd

Went to coaches driving academy over spring break. We had 38 people in my class but i felt like everyone had an equal opportunity to learn from Coach joe and Coach chip. When Chip comes in he's funny tells us stories and teaches us in a fun way. When Joe comes in he's a bit more serious and he teaches from the book but he makes parts of it fun with the sign bingo and the different videos we watch. I feel like we get a good amount of small breaks so that we have time to rest our minds for a few minutes. On the driving portions of the class the coaches definitely worked with each kid differently in a way that worked for them. Overall Coaches Driving Academy was an excellent choice.

summer stebbins

This driving academy is by far the best driving school! I had amazing teachers who helped me and my brother when we didn’t understand something. With my drives they were always fun, there was never a moment when I didn’t feel like I could do something because the coaches taught me everything I needed to know. Coach joe even made a special dance with my name in it. Would recommend this place to everyone.

Makayla Claude

I had a great experience at coach’s driving academy, all of the coach’s are amazing , and you’ll have a lot of fun with coach joe ! He’s hilarious, chill and will help you pass!!!! I’ll miss him the most ❣️

Jordan Weaver

Stacey Leigh

My driving experience here was amazing!!! The coaches are very helpful and they are excellent teachers! I was able to feel comfortable in the car and was able to focus and learn.

Kris Brown

Great atmosphere

myah kinler

Coach’s is a great place to learn. Almost every student in my class got above an 85 on the written test which shows how well they taught us. They were very nice and kind and I could tell that they wanted to teach us and help become better drivers. I felt very safe in the car while I was driving with the coaches and very calm.

Michelle English

THANK YOU Coach Chip and Coach Joe. My son Cody truly enjoyed his schooling and driving experience with the both of you. I am so glad we chose Coach’s Driving Academy for Cody.

Riley Groh

I drove with Coach Joe for three of my four drives and my behind the wheel test was taken with him also. Coach Joe was very patient and walked me through everything very thouroughly to make sure I would be ready to get behind the wheel safely. Throughout my four days of class, Coach Joe made learning fun but also made sure every student in the class understood the material. Coach Chip was a very good instructor as well, and I drove with him on my third day. He also made sure every student in the class was taking in the material properly and answered any questions students had. I’m very pleased with this driving course, and I can confidently say I will be able to drive safely.

Haley Raeanne

I actually learned a lot. Coming into driving school I had basically no experience whatsoever and now I passed my driving test! Shout out to coach Joe and Coach Susan!

Alana Loren

I think they are a very thorough academy to go to, especially to get all the knowledge you need to be road safe. They are very, honest, funny, and thrust worthy! I would highly recommend going, or sending my kid to this academy.


I thought i knew how to drive before i took this class, but they taught me new information that made me a better driver. The class time is informative and fun at the same time and they clearly explain everything. Plus coach Chip has great stories, and Coach Joe has great videos. In the behind the wheel test coach Joe and Ms Susan are great teachers and are very calm in the car. They both give great direction, and help you to get the best learning experience so that you can be a great driver.

Kristian Z

All of the coaches were amazing and impactful. Thank you Coach Joe, Coach Chip, and Coach Susan

brandi alexander

Best driving school slidell has to offer! Myself and all 3 of my children are outstanding drivers because of coach chips expert guidance

David Hanson

Very nice and taught the kids well. Very easy to drive with also

Aidan Holloway

Coaches were great they helped learn a lot behind the wheel. Mrs. Susan was the best instructor!

Dominic Bruno

The driving instructors are amazing. They give the info you need and make the students into good drivers. Coach Joe, Susan, and coach Chip all taught the classes very well. If you are looking to get your license or your permit, Coach’s Driving Academy is the place to go!

Maria Vu

Alanah Destiny

Had a very good experience! I drove with coach Roy, Great teacher!

John Wilson

The owner is very unprofessional, and they take to long to get you your license. "Coach Chip" is in business to take your money, not to help you.

Roy Gault

I have noticed that they work very hard to work with difficult schedules. They go out of their way to insure that everyone gets their drive time as quickly as possible.

joe snell

I started working at Coach's Driving Academy in September of 2017. After spending 30 years with the St. Tammany Sheriff's Office I retired in June of 2016. I have always had an interest in teaching and instructing students on how to drive. In September of 2017 I decided to look into the possibility of pursuing my ambition. I met with the owner of Coach's Driving Academy, Coach Chip. He appeared to be very professional and knowledgeable. After meeting with Coach Chip I made a decision to join his team of instructors. Since that time, I have had a chance to meet and work with the schools other instructors. One thing I have learned is that the instructors are as professional and knowledgeable as Coach Chip. I have learned that the goal of the school is to teach and develop both students and adults into a safe and knowledgeable driver. I am proud to be part of such an organization as Coach's Driving Academy.

Christy Wilson

These classes were worth every penny. And the driving instructors are fanominal. Put two children through Coaches and would recommend them to anyone. Plus Joe is patient, kind and funny to boot.

Tomyree Thompson

I really enjoyed my time at coach’s driving academy , they helped me improve on my driving . My coach’s were ms.Janis , ms. Susan , mr.Joe & mr.chip.

Meaghan Carter

Wonderful School with Caring Instructors I attended the 17 year old class and had a wonderful time. I was in a class of 14 and got great instruction. Coach Joe and Coach Chip are superb instructors. I drove with both Coach Roy And Joe and both were calm are pleasant. I'd highly recommend Coach's Driving Academy to anyone looking for a driving school.


High quality instruction, friendly staff. Owner is abrasive.

Hunter Phillips

Great teachers! Help a lot with driving and teaching on the rules and regulations!!

Kayli Wilson

mr.joe is an incredible teacher!! very encouraging and easy to learn from!

Autumn McCarroll

Really happy at how nice my instructors (Mr. Roy, Mrs. Susan) were! Helped me get over my fear of driving and I ended up doing really well! I’m glad I went to Coach’s!

alexus anastasia

Coach Joe is the best coach. Choose him for driving if you can.

captain wilson

The course was very good. Great, easy going instructors. The classes are informative and when driving the instructors are patient! Would definitely recommend this academy!

lexie ackles

leaned a lot during the classes, and all the instructors were definitely helpful and patient in teaching me. I would definitely recommend.

Shaylee Hebert

This was a very well organized driving academy. The coaches are very willing to teach and help you and they are very friendly and enjoyable. They make you comfortable as you drive and don’t keep the car silent they interact with you which is great.

Destiny McRee

Brett Thomas

My daughter went here to take her driving class and Coach Chip did a great job. She aced her test!

Kaleb Stumphf

Coach joe and coach Susan are really good at teaching, totally would recommend this place to any new drivers

Olivia Hodge

its great

Taylor Chadwick

coach joe is amazing! i’m going to miss him & he made me a much better driver!! so thankful for himmm

Christian White

They really helped with my driving...Thx Coach Joe!!!

Cody English

Coach’s is the best driving school around. Coach Chip and Joe thoroughly teach the class and make sure the kids, like myself, fully know the material. Coach Joe makes behind the wheel so fun in the Scion tC. Makes sure you know how to do Roundabouts!! Overall, the class is great!!!! Definitely Recommend!!!! P.S. Joe’s Sign Bingo is amazing!!!!

Maddie Lodice

I had a very fun time here. The coaches are very funny, and taught me a lot about driving. At first I was terrified about driving and pretty sure I was going to fail, but they taught me what to do and I was fine. This was the first time I made Straight A’s on tests.

Cameron Clark

I learned a lot from the school. The class was fun, exciting, and good. Everyone was helpful and cared for the students. Would recommend to anyone looking for a driving school in the area.

Lexi Reeves

Coaches is the best!

Ronald Luebbe

Really fun! The instructors made clear instructions in classroom and behind the wheel. They made the lessons fun and gave plenty of time for breaks. 10/10 will probably bring my future children.

Nolimit Fazo

Coach joe is the best!! Yall go check him out yaa digg!!

Lexie Nichols

Lizze Lou

I highly recommend coaches. I personally have had a great experience. The teachers there are very helpful! I also recommend Ms. Susan as your coach she helped me a lot through my training.

Aline Batalha

My experience at coaches driving academy was amazing ! I love the coaches ! My coach for driving was Ms. Susan, she is amazing ! She taught me with patient! She always asked if I was comfortable and if I had any question! She is AMAZING, I loved driving with her, she is very patient ! Y’all have amazing coaches

ally mason

coaches to me is an amazing driving school. when you walk in it honestly feels like family and all the driving instructors are very nice and fun to be around. they make learning fun and make sure youll be able to pass the test to become a safe driver. coach joe is my favorite tho:) and im proud to say that i now have my license because of coaches driving school:) when i first went there i hardly knew anything about the road and now i know so much and driving is so much easier!

Kenzie Harwell

Coach’s is a great place to learn how to drive coach joe is funny and is able to teach you very well

K 'ar

Coach Chip helped me so much with my corners and breaking!!!

Tiffany Labruzzo

Taylor Williams

The coaches are well trained. They teach every thing you need to know and then some. I would recommend my friends there. Overall great people and great teachings

Mallerie Benfatti

Coach's is an amazing driving school that is fun an teaches you everything you need to know to be an excellent driver. The coaches are all really nice and funny; they are all amazing. They are a great driving school. It was a pleasure to have coach Joe and coach Susan as my driving instructors, they were both very helpful and a joy to be around, they taught me so much.

Destiny Guillory

It was a fun and educational. The coaches always want what's best for you, and they are extremely funny. They make driver's education fun, and everyone is equally able to pass the class. In my class, the lowest grade was a 90! They taught well! I am happy with Coaches Driving Academy!!

Anjana Donaldson

Coach chip and coach Susan are amazing at what they teach. I had a good time learning the right way to drive at coaches !

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