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REVIEWS OF Interstate Truck Driving School IN Minnesota

Michele Nelson

I recommend Interstate to everyone! The instructors and the staff is very patient and encouraging. They are so easy to work with, even with my crazy schedule. The materials are easy to understand and laid our honestly. Thank you for all of your help!!

Jimmy Ware

Sounds like a good school for truck drivers.

Flat Top

Yes, yes, and yes! If you put a solid effort into your education at Interstate Truck Driving School you will easily be prepared to enter the trucking industry. Great people, teachers and students, you will graduate with a whole new respect for truck drivers, and the industry they represent.

Keith Hatton

I had a wonderful time at interstate truck driving school. The level of experience that each instructor had was beon expectations. Dick is a very good instructor and answers all questions, even if he does not have the answer he finds the answer and gets it back to you the next day. The office staff are very good at what they do. The only issues that I have had is that my schedule got a little screwed up. I understand that there is rules to follow with the VA, I wish that there was other ways that the VA can give the school more freedom with they're students.

Richard Janowicz

My time spent here was well worth it. I was extremely pleased with the effort made by the staff and instructors to help when and where ever possible. I never heard a single complaint from any student the entire time I was here. That is nearly impossible to achieve at any training institution. The training pace is relaxed and flexible. I was in the "Professional Tractor Trailer" course. They have prepared me to start a career in the "Big Rig" which is very exciting. Please check them out if you can. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it can be with their professional care.


Very informational, with very responsive and patient instructors who are very easy to understand and are explain things throughly.

Wayne Halbach

I'm glad I left DDS school and came here love the one on one time you get with the instructors. I could go on and on about why I liked it there but I won't all I'll say is if your deciding to on a trucking carrier and want to go to a truck driving school look no further this is the school you want good people from the top down.

Elizabeth Tavarez

I love this school, they help you a lot, all the staff in Interstate schools are amazing, Matt, Josh, thank you for all your help, Bill the owner really patient and always asking me question to make sure I understand everything. I just want to said THANK YOU

Curtiss Cain

Amazing service great dedication reliability and dependability! Josh deserves a raise Matt too! Recommend to anyone that wants to get the five-star experience and get their license or licenses! Tractor and trailer!

Nassir Farah

Interstate school is the best . Great school and great staff from beginning instructors set you up for success . Will definitely recommend this school any body who pursuing career in trucking . Thank you pill, pat, Matt, and josh and all instructors to helping me get my CDL .

Lorenzo M

Scott Koepp

The staff was very interested in helping answer all questions and in giving ample training time.

abdisamad isse

interstate is good school if u want go to truck school and they teach everything that u need

Robert Ward

They walked me through the process. The staff was amazing everybody is so willing to help. I have reccommended interstate to many people that have inquired about what I was doing. Thank you interstate.

Anthony Mueller-Prantner

It's a wonderful school, the instructors are great, friendly, and extremely helpful!! I'd recommend this school to anyone who is new to trucking and in need of learning how successfully operate a commercial vehicle; safely!!

Craig Foley

They are good if you have never driven or seen a car maybe. Watch videos and audio tapes. I went to this class for almost 2 weeks and did not get in a truck so I called class A leasing and they had me test the next day and I passed right away and it was half the cost. Any company you drive for will not throw you in a truck and tell you to go without testing you them selves either. If you have any self confidence and and common sense. You will find that Bill boasts himself a lot and they do not run it on a case by case basis.

Derek Kuntz

My experience at ITDS was great the staff are very helpful and friendly. They give you all the things you need to get your CDL. I would definitely recommend anyone that wants there CDL to come here!! BIG THANKS to all the staff at ITDS. :)

Beverlee Kajer

Great place to learn to drive a truck,even for a beginner. You go at your own pace, but you need to study hard to pass your cdl. Awesome people to work with!!

Samantha G

Absolutely discriminatory towards females! Owner is a liar who tells you to record the examiners at the DMV when you take your test because he hates the state of Mn licensing. Then is involved with multiple law suits against the state of Minnesota and they try to shut him down by FAILING HIS STUDENTS! DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANT MORE STRESS!

Mickey FC

The staff at Interstate is experienced and knowledgeable-They are enthusiastic about sharing this with their students.

Preston Molvig

Jason Jones

Great course for anyone who is looking to get in the truck driving industry, friendly and knowledgeable staff and instructors , highly recommend this school!

michael carter

Good information but if you are a class b dont expect much help in placement. they save that for the class A guys. also be prepared to rent a truck if you fail either your pre trip or road test. I had to because it was another month wait to get an appt to retake my pre trip. So I rented a truck and was able to get in the next day at another exam station. good school but I wasnt 100% satisfied

Nabil Moh

This good school

Richard Johnson

Alejandro Rojas

Awesome experience, excellent program could not be happier with my investment I recommend this to anyone interested in driving class A. They'll get you right for the road real talk

TylerR .Strickler

Awesome experience with the staff and training! Dedicated to training safe truck drivers. Thanks for everything interstate!

Christopher Hartkopf

Cory Zignego

Bill Collins and the entire staff at Interstate Truck Driving School are great! They are very knowledgeable about the industry, the rules and what it takes to succeed and prosper. This is a new industry for me and they have answered my many, MANY questions with patience and knowledge. Plus their atmosphere in class is fun, friendly and like family. Highly recommend!


All staff and instructors were friendly and helpful with any questions or concerns during my course of training. They worked around my work schedule during the course, also the internet training combined with classroom time was very informative in helping me understand what it takes to be a safe and successful truck driver. Thank you to all the great staff and instructors for being there you are all awesome and recommendable to anyone who wants to become a truck driver. Isaac Cullinan (graduate on 1/12/16)

Mike Sollars

Best experience I've had at a school. All staff members are VERY helpful and full of knowledge. THANKS GUYS!!!

Chris Williams

Every day was a new challenge for me, but the instructors were very helpful

Herson Maltez

Amazing school with an amazing staff!! If you are willing to learn and work hard to be successful in the trucking industry, Interstate Truck Driving School is your best option!!

July Saw

I went to this school in 2015 I wanna say Best truck driver school ever the owned are nice all teacher nice I wanna thanks for this school change my life. If you instersted be come truck drivers come to this school they will teach you how drive, backing, rule, etc after get your CDL license you can work with too many company around the country start make real

Hayley Rask

My experience at ITDS could not have been more awesome. From the classroom instruction to the simulators to the behind the wheel time, I would definitely recommend investing in your future by attending Interstate.

abdukhaadir cawad

Interstate is the best school in Minnesota. The way they teach, the teachers are good. I like Interstate and everyone want to be a professional driver, they have to go Interstate.

Abdirahman Mohamed

It was really good. I learned a lot from this school. I will refer anyone I know that wants to go truck driving school to go to Interstate

Matthew Schwope

I had a good experience. The staff at Interstate worked with me to accommodate the needs I had and were very accommodating for my on site work with my schedule due to the fact I was driving from a further distance to make it as efficient as possible. They provided all the tools necessary for me to succeed.

Dottie Madison

It was a great hands on learning experience filled with knowledgeable and patient trainers.

Latresa Holmes

Justin Omlie

This school is great! I enrolled here using Post 9/11 benefits and was able to graduate within the VA required timeframe while still working part time. Being Military this school offered the great structure for both classroom, study, backing and driving time. I would also like to say that the instructors both classroom and driving were exceptional and set you up to succeed. Lastly, if you are looking for a 160 hour program to get into the Professional Truck Driving Industry I would look no further than the program here at ITDS.

Matthew Parrow

Truly a great experience. The employees and trainers are top notch and extremely professional. I came in here without a shred of experience and now can drive the 10-speed like a pro. Thank you Interstate Truck Driving School!!

Chris Hartkopf

john kamau.

one of best the best place to be....

Ali yusuf

Dick Jackson

Interstate Truck Driving School was a very through in their training! The school gives a realistic presentation of the trucking industry. The instructors all have years of experience on the job and will guide you in making a decision as to your choice of what to do trucking. You will be properly prepared.

Ayla Spry

ITDS was a great learning opportunity! Professional and easy to work with, I passed my test on the first try thanks to ITDS!


My brother and I had a great time learning at this school! The chance to mix taking some classes from home with hands on learning was a perfect blend to start us on our way to a great trucking career!

Matthew Lange

The instructors at Interstate Truck Driving School were great. Extremely knowledgeable and always willing to explain things so you can understand them. I was able to pass my road test on the first try. I will recommend them to anyone looking to enter a career in truck driving.

Nathan Johnson

What a great opportunity, This school is great. not only do you learn so much but the people here really care about you succeeding. I would highly suggest anyone who is trying to become an over the road truck driver to take these courses so you can be a succses.

Steve Demo

Great school. Bill and all of the staff are very personable and very knowledgeable. I would recommend this school for anyone looking to get their CDL license.

Troy Tangen

If you do EXACTLY what they tell you to do, you WILL get your CDL. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. If I can do it, anyone can. Highly recommend.

matt kraft

I recommed this school for anyone trying to get their CDL. They gave me all the tools and resources in order to achieve success. The instructors and staff all are amazing and know what it takes for you to pass your road test and pre trip. The owner Bill is very hands on and really cares about your success. Everyone knows your name so your not just a number. I felt respected and was encouraged by the great atmosphere. Highly recommend!

peter Mwaura

I had a life saving experience here at Interstate Truck Driving School. The director here, Darrell helped me get a job with Sysco, despite my not so good driving record. The school is relatively cheap and with big rewards afterwards. Thanks Interstate!

Kevin Mahoney

This is the most professional school I have ever attended. The classroom portion is taught by highly experienced people from the industry that not only know their stuff but are interesting and very good teachers. It is well organized and top notch. When you complete your classroom training you are ready to take any test the State and Feds can throw at you and are as well educated about driving in a very professional way. The hands-on training is just as professional as the classroom portion. All done by experts who are student oriented. The cost of the school in relation to the career you are ready for is a great value. The proof is the fact that every week at least one of the major trucking companies is at the school looking to hire Interstate graduates. I am a very satisfied customer

Randall Shively

I'm proud of my accomplishments at Interstate Truck Driving School. The staff here helped me get through every thing smoothly. I couldn't of done it without them. Thank you Interstate.


Amazing staff and school! I went to Interstate with no experience and passed my road test on the first try. They have all the resources you need to obtain your CDL. I was enrolled in the 160 hour course and graduated school in 6 weeks.

Moises Romo

I left the comfort of my swivel office chair to build some economic momentum in a different field. I would recommend this school because they seem to have a high standard of integrity.

Dan Belka

This is a great school. With Interstates courses and all the instructors help I was able to pass my exam on the first try. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to get their CDL.

John Graves

Very wonderful experience hands on!! super nice staff! Would recommend this school to anyone in pursuit of there Class A or B CDL!!! Thanks!!! Sincerely John R. Graves

Heidi Omari

If you are thinking about getting your CDL or need a refresher, I highly recommend coming to this school! I now have my license and the confidence to drive.

tanner ladwig

I had a great time at ITDS. The staff was awesome and continued to push me towards success. I did the 8 week VA program and ITDS was able to work around my schedule throughout the 8 weeks. I highly recommend this school if you want the training and tools that you need to succeed.

Kervin Gonzalez

Best school to get you CDL training good staff members and the owner is a wonder full person to talk too. i will recommend this school to anybody looking for the best school in the state. thanks again Kervin L Gonzalez

John Sullivan

i all ready had my class A CDL had not driven in 15 yrs the staff made sure i was up to date in the current laws and help me refresh my stale skills. They took the time to answer all my questions Thanks Guys

Michael Fellows

The training from Interstate Truck Driving School is outstanding. This is the place to go for all the training you need to succeed in the trucking industry. The employees are polite and try their best to help you in any way possible. I can't stress enough on how Interstate Truck Driving School is just the place to be for learning.

Laura Jones

Everyone at the school was great. Easy to work with and helpful. I had to take a leave of absence and when I came back they were very accommodating and got me right back into the swing of things. Thanks for everything!

Jeffrey Lutz

Fantastic staff. Excellent study materials and instruction down to the last detail. They work with you after you graduate to help you get a job. Great school!

Anne Anderson

If you aren't a corporate student client they will sidetrack your training hours and you will wait for months to get enough instructor led training. It can be 2-3 months before you get into the driver's seat of a tractor trunk on the road. They have too many students and the feedback is internal within the school and you are not given adequate feedback.

Cierra Jaycup

Billy Silkworth

Took longer than I wanted,but that is the industry. Thanks to Pat and Cyndy for being positive and real!

qadar saleban

I invested time and money to this school to get my CDL; however, the program I was in was about $895 for 26 hours, broken down into pretrip class which sucks and few hours of backing without instructor. You definitely fail if you don't use outside resources to master your backing skills and pre trip portion of CDL exam. They scheduled me the test and my instructor was late, then come 15 minutes later with electric cigarette; then we spend about one hour of useless exercise, but the vehicle I am about to use for my exam is very old and not the one I used for practice. Make long story short, I passed the pre trip, but failed road test, because of their vehicle. I won't recommend to this school to anyone. Go to community college which will train you to graduate with dignity and putting a lot of efforts for you to graduate and get your license. If you need short course, Dakota County Technical College will be your best bet. If you good skills for your driving and need a vehicle, just lease one for only $230 at the website below.

Ali Hamid

Sebastian Pose

The staff was very helpful and nice from start till finish. Everybody made sure that all questions were answered and that I was never unsure or uncertain of anything. They give you more than enough time on simulators and backing.

Zach Paradis

This school is fantastic! The instructors are great, they focus on you to make sure that you pass your test and get the job that you want. Recruiter are in the school every week looking for drivers. I'd recommend this school to anyone!

Angelo Katasse

Let me start out by saying Interstate Truck Driving School was able to assist in me getting my CDL Class A on my first attempt. There is information I’d like to pass on before you make a several thousand dollar investment. I had to borrow money to pay my tuition. I paid a week before my “permit class” began. The front desk people were accommodating, and informative that day, and throughout the CDL journey. The first day of “permit class” Bill (the owner) told the class that the information of what to study was free on his website. Like much of the entire program, what you did with that information was up to you. The first day of actual class (you must have your permit to begin) I was informed that the majority of classes would be in Hudson Wi, which added 20 miles to my already 35 mile commute. HE DOES OFFER REIMBURSEMENT AT THIS TIME* The school itself was mostly online for the learning aspect of things. I spent roughly 100 hours online watching videos and taking quizzes. Still, learning the pre-trip is all up to you. Once you pass the online aspect you can take simulations and scaled down backing. I had experience on my own from driving a manual my whole life so this was a breeze. The simulations are also much more difficult than being behind the wheel. Due to high volumes of students everything at this point was scheduled a week, to two weeks at a time. The issue I had with driving was they put me in an automatic despite passing all simulations, and ALL of my backing took place in an automatic. You pay good money, you should get what you pay for. The instructors take notes, but I do not think they share or read what took place in previous lessons. They are also condescending and there is a correlation between attitude and time of day. If you get an instructor really in early in the day, things are great. If you get him at the end of the day, after several lessons, there is attitude and a holier than thou mentality. Interstate Truck Driving School provides the means to succeed. What you do with their resources is entirely up to you. Do not go there if you are expecting tutelage and classroom atmosphere. Do not go there if you are not self motivated, or have difficulty comprehending written information. Do not go there if you are not ready to kiss the butt of instructors. DO GO if you are motivated to get in, get out, and do whatever it takes to get your CDL. The front desk staff is beyond accommodating. They will go the extra mile for you always. Bill will make you feel welcome, and is an open door. My expectation of Interstate differed from the reality but ultimately they did what they promised to do. They got me my CDL in under two months, and on the first attempt.

Andrew Aadland

David Wenzel

Amazing Trainers ,Teachers, Staff and Other Students. I had absolutely no idea of what to look for in a Driving school and could not have been more fortunate to find this place. So greatful for all of the patience, care and direction they showed me during training. I am leaving here with an excellent foundation and a passion for safety and a huge respect for the industry. You can do it with their help! At 53 years old I was able to find a new career that needed me! #1 Class A School!!

Adem abdulahi

I graduated from interstate tracking’s the best tracking school you will find in Midwest they do have a flexible schedules n they give you all the tools you need for training no rushing you at all ...professional staffs ..n great place to be ..highly recommend

Abaaba Buulka Abaabiina

Thanks for everything. Interstate made it easy for me to get my cdl.

Scott Leavens

Excellent training. Taught me everything I needed to know to pass the state exams. Staff was outstanding, answer every question I had. I would recommend interstate truck driving school to anyone looking to change careers.

ty reese

GREAT Staff!!!! I really enjoyed the experience!!!!!!

Gus Me

In 2 months I went from not even having a permit to having a Class A CDL. Every step was laid out in a natural progress and each step led into the next seamlessly. The staff is great to work with and I was made to feel like I was part of a family. Literally accepted a job on the same day I graduated. In my first month on the job I have also recieved a perfect score on both of my safety reviews because of my knowledge gained from ITDS. Thanks a bunch!

roblee perkins

Great Staff !!! Thx!!!!

Scott Cypher

Awesome school! Very interactive and helpful. No yelling and always someone to ask your question to. The access to the trucks was great too. The simulator was tough at first but you get the hang of it! The online training was good too. Fun videos and you felt like you were in a real classroom. Other than not being able to ask a question right then and there it was really interactive.

Abdifitaah Mohamed

Rosie Badowicz

I was very nervous with this whole experience at first but the folks at the school are incredibly nice and the enviroment is very relaxed. The instructors had great tips and information. I never felt mislead or rushed. Great experience and I'm feeling pretty confident in my skills and knowledge at the end of my training.

Freeman Wabe

Interstate Truck Driving School was a great choice for me. This was been a life changing experience. The instructor was very informative, and the practice on the range was very helpful. I would recommend Interstate to anyone who's interested in a career in the trucking industry.


Best Trucking school in Minnesota, I got all the help I needed and passed the test. All the instructors are there to help you. Thank You Interstate Trucking for helping me and my family.

Charles Fleury II

Great place.....great people!

Curtis Jacobson

Interstate Truck Driving School provided me an invaluable service. Thorough training on becoming a professional truck driver, excellent time behind the wheel, and a opportunities for great jobs the day I graduated. They made all the difference.

Sarah Beachy

My experience at ITDS was a very awesome one!!! The Instructors are very focused on training you and helping you get through your problem areas while staying calm and relaxed, which was a very big help to me! I would definitely recommend coming here to get your CDL!!! A very big THANK YOU to everybody at ITDS for helping me get one step closer to fulfilling my dream!!!!

Karen Paul

Comfortable with every single instructor. Solo backing practice was my favorite. Classes are in the morning so I could work in the evening. Any training that wasn’t working for me was adjusted so it was perfect. I learned so much. The test drive I passed the first time. I knew everything on that truck! I watched videos, made flash cards, listened to audiobooks. My classmates shared test and driving info. I called 2 other schools, and I knew right away this School was the most experienced in working with students. Every part of being a safe driver is covered and practiced. My husband is a truck driver and I’m so glad he sent me to Interstate!

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