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REVIEWS OF Inflight Pilot Training IN Minnesota

Allison Miller

THE BEST FLIGHT SCHOOL AROUND!!! I came to Inflight after spending several months at another local flight school with no results and questioning my ability to ever realize my dream of flying. From the moment of my initial call to Inflight my experience has been nothing but overwhelmingly positive. Everyone takes time to talk with you, not just your own instructors. Trever, the owner, makes sure you are having a great experience and is fun and encouraging. The pricing is great compared to other schools, especially considering the quality of planes and instructors. The planes are clean, have great equipment, and are extremely well maintained. Scheduling both planes and instructors is easy, I have never had a problem finding a convenient time for a lesson or solo flight. I cannot say enough about my instructors Brian and Jeremy. They are both very professional instructors, amazingly knowledgeable pilots and make each lesson safe and fun! They both have taken time to get to know me, which has made my lessons highly effective. I have learned 90% of my aviation knowledge in the 4 weeks I've flown with them compared to 7 months with my previous instructor, all while having more fun than I could have dreamed of! I was confident when I started my solo flights just a few short weeks later that they had trained me well to be a safe pilot. Thanks to Inflight I am now looking forward to going beyond my private pilot license and will do all my future aviation training at Inflight! UPDATE: I took and passed my check ride on the first go! Thanks to the quality of instruction I received I felt confident and well prepared for my check ride. The friendly and supportive atmosphere at this school is amazing! I truly feel that everyone at Inflight from the owner, the other students, all the CFIs, and my CFI in particular made my check ride the best expirence a student pilot could hope for. I have already started my insrument training with my instructor and am looking forward to my next check ride! I will continue all my future aviation training with Inflight and would highly recommend them to every prospective pilot out there. Whether you want to fly as a hobby or a career Inflight is the school that you need to fly with.

Hiroshi Takeuchi

I have known the people at Inflight for several years and I have seen a lot of people graduate from this school. Participated in several of their ground schools and I have to say the quality and the professionalism is outstanding. The attention to detail and the quality of their service alone will be enough for you to feel comfortable for years to come.

Adam Laursen

Inflight is an amazing flight school. The moment I walked into the building I could feel such a great energy from everyone in the room. Inflight has such an outstanding staff that will always make you feel welcome, instruct you in the best fit for you, and help you achieve your goals. I couldn't have chosen a better school then inflight and I can't wait to look back in the future and remember such a great community.

Joseph Brooks

I've trained at 3 flight schools due to relocation and logistical issues. It was a huge pain to switch schools, but man am I THRILLED that I ended up here. I'm currently 75% of the way into my private, and I still learned a TON from my first lesson with Jeremy. I would highly recommend them to anyone!!! Enjoy.

Eric Kolkind

I can't say enough GOOD things about Inflight. I just completed my Private Pilot License with them and the experience was fabulous. I came to Inflight from another flight school that was closer to my home. I wish I had made the commute to Inflight sooner. The club rates can't be beat. The new facilities are top notch and the planes are always clean, fueled, and ready to go. App based scheduling is a breeze. I had Kevin Bondy as my instructor and I can't say enough good things about him as well. Professional and knowledgeable. Works very will with areas that need attention to make you a better/safer pilot. Don't waste time and money with other flight schools, go to Inflight!

Jacob Berk

I've had an excellent experience so far with my flight training at InFlight. The pricing is reasonable and transparent, and the online scheduling system is convenient and easy to use. Most importantly, however, my primary flight instructor along with others I have flown with on occasion have been professional, safe, and always have my best interests in mind. The planes are kept up nicely (no junkers here), and they all have inspired nothing but confidence from me in flying them. If you're looking to learn to fly, this is the place. Highly recommended.

Kassidy Rhodes

I decided to train at Inflight after researching flight schools in the Twin Cities area that could accommodate an accelerated student like myself- trying to obtain a Private Pilot license with as little time (and money) as possible. From the start, Inflight gave me all the information I needed to make a decision about my training. They have the fleet (Cessna 152 for me), the knowledgeable instructors, and the management and maintenance to reach my goal with as few speed bumps as possible. Their scheduling and billing system is easy to use and very transparent, so you always know exactly what you're paying for and when. I began training on April 12th and passed my checkride on May 19th (a total of 37 days), despite many weather days. I cannot speak highly enough about my instructor, Alec, and the whole team at Inflight. Every instructor there enjoys teaching and gives you their full attention. The right instructor, aircraft, and environment can really save you time and money on training and Inflight offered all of the above. Any time there was an issue with scheduling or maintenance, they ALWAYS offered the best solution possible and never charged for anything other than actual productive flight or instruction time. Flying Cloud is a great airport to learn comms and become confident in a busy traffic pattern. Ground training is structured and follows a thorough syllabus, so I always knew exactly where I was in my training. I passed my oral exam with flying colors, a true testament to my amazing instructor! Alec was patient, thorough, and extremely knowledgable in all of our training. Put the time in, come prepared, and you can't go wrong. If you are looking for a place to complete a rating, Inflight is 100% the place to do it.

Carly Davidson

I feel like I got lucky with Inflight! Just last fall I was completely new to aviation and had no idea how I could make my dreams of becoming a professional pilot come true. After doing some research, I decided to start my training at Inflight, and just received my private pilot certificate yesterday! I had an amazing instructor who worked with me the whole time, and I also had the chance to fly with a couple of the other instructors in preparation for my check ride. I felt like everyone was professional and knowledgeable, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I look forward to continuing on to my instrument rating this summer. Now, if only they could get a twin engine ...

Tony Zappa

Great place to rent a plane and get training. Planes are well-maintained and fun to fly. Trever and his instructors are patient and professional, ready to offer advice and help whenever needed.

Trundle 069

Great flight school, the whole staff really knows what they're doing and make you feel welcome even when you're first starting out and have no idea what you're doing. I picked this school mostly because it was the cheapest but I soon realized it's much more than that. If you're thinking about becoming a pilot for a career or even just getting your license, this is the best choice in the area.

Ian Maret

Inflight is an amazing flight school! I've been nothing but impressed by the caliber of the instructors, airplanes, and Elliott line staff. I got my instrument rating and commercial license with Jeremy, and they were both awesome experiences. I found it challenging, but getting to work with him one on one made complex topics much easier to understand. The instructors are great about working with you at the pace you want. I have nothing but positive things to say about Inflight. If you're thinking about either becoming a pilot for fun or doing it as a career, Inflight is the perfect place to start.

Kelly Link

I took a discovery flight at Inflight Pilot Training in May. I am pleased with the experience I had. The employees were very nice as well as knowledgeable. I learned a lot from the discovery flight such as procedures and real life flying experience. I have recommended and gave rave reviews about Inflight to many friends and family.

Aaron Avila

I had the opportunity to participate in a discovery flight with Inflight Pilot Training. Overall, it was a terrific experience! Ambry was my instructor for the morning and started out with some pre-flight basic instruction. Next I helped her perform the pre-flight checks on the plane itself. Ambry was very professional and knowledgeable and encouraged me to ask questions throughout the whole process. She allowed me to handle the controls (under her guidance) right from the start, allowing me to fully participate in getting the plane off the ground and to our cruising altitude. After that she taught me some basic turning maneuvers and even allowed me to recover from a stall! We had a full hour in the air before landing back at the airport. I will be returning to InFlight Pilot Training in the near future to start the process of getting my Privates License. I highly recommend this company for the overwhelmingly positive experience I had!

Cory Knudtson

When I began looking at different schools, Inflight was the choice that felt best to me because of their rental rates, their planes, and their staff. Since starting with them, I have been treated very well. I appreciate the instructors flexibility and adaptability to meeting my particular learning needs. In addition, there prices are very competitive making them the best choice for me!

Roberto Blanco

Like the place, good location, airplanes in great shape. Staff always knowledgeable, and ready to help. I love the fact they are growing, always improving, and expanding.

Memo Ugurbil

Inflight is great. It is a flight club as well as a flight school. They are in Elliot Aviation, so it has an accommodating lobby with coffee. Important! Their instructors are great. They keep renewing their fleet, they have Cessna 152s, 172s, 182s as well as an Arrow I believe.

Daniel Concepcion

It is the best flight school in the area and help you complete your dreams and goals and the prices are the cheapest in the area I recommend this place.nice person out there for how you...

John anonymous

Great place!

Andrew Bank

Nice facilities with awesome instructors. Perfect place to work at your own pace to learn to fly. Well maintained planes and good availability is also a bonus.

Lea Harris

I'm a new transfer student mid private Cert training from a 141 in Colorado.They were one of the only greater MSP area schools to be willing to work with my previous training and have been phenomenal. they teach/train at what ever pace you want, whether fast or slow, its at your ease. Everyone is nice, and the best part is they're so open and accommodating to schedule.

Daniel Ayaz

Hands down the best flight school in the Twin Cities area. They're well staffed with instructors and provide excellent aircraft rentals services at reasonable rates. Their fleet is growing and is getting upgraded constantly. As of right now, they've made the decision to add glass instruments (Garmin G5's) to every aircraft. Robert was the one who trained me here while I was getting my Private Pilot's license. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start their training here.

John Isaac

Inflight is THE place to get your pilot license, add a rating or further your aviation education in the Twin Cities. With Inflight I earned my private pilot license in 43 hours and had my instrument rating 7 months later. The aircraft are always well kept and in excellent condition. The instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. The aircraft scheduling system is very user friendly and makes the rental process very easy. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my flight training needs.

Mitchell Williams

When I started looking for an FBO in which to begin my training, I walked into Inflight and instantly knew that I'd choose them . Having now completed my private, I can say that it was the right choice. First off, I was on a budget, and their rates are unbeatable. Not only this, but all of the instructors are very professional and make great use of your time. Everyone there loves what they are doing, and the environment is a perfect reflection of the passionate and supportive aviation community.

kohlton schmidt

I recently just passed the private pilot Oral and Practical exam at Inflight Pilot Training. It is impossible to express my gratitude to all the instructors who helped me on my way to becoming a PILOT. Every employee at Inflight is professional, and dedicated to each of their students. Just from being in the office for 10 minutes you will quickly realize the students and instructors all have the same goal, to get another SAFE pilot in the air. If you are looking for a flight school, look no further. Inflight has the best rates, professional instructors, reliable airplanes, and it is based at an airport that is perfect for students! If it seems to good to be true check it out yourself and set up an introductory flight, or even just give them a call. The only question you will have after talking to them is why didn't I do this sooner!! I would keep writing all the things that make Inflight perfect for me, but I am off to the sky with my first passenger as private pilot. Thanks Inflight Pilot Training!!

Zach Schauf

I couldn't be happier with the experience I've had at In Flight. I came over from another Twin Cities school and have been really impressed with the entire operation. Great, experienced instructors, clean aircraft... and by far the best rental rates I've seen. Makes it a lot easier to get out and put some hours in!

Olivia Anderson

Inflight is the best flight school in the twin cities! The instructors are amazing at taking the time to make sure you are beyond prepared for your check ride. I wouldn't want to fly anywhere else :)

Aaron Geddes

I worked with them form about February (Though with the weather in February in Minnesota not much got done) through mid-May to get my private certificate. They have well maintained aircraft. Low hours on many of them. They have probably one of the nicest Piper Arrows in the area. The instructors are all great to work with. They are really focused on student success. They provide a realistic outlook on what someone can or cannot accomplish and realistic time frames to suit individual needs and goals. They are not the cheapest school on the airport, but the quality definitely shows. It is well worth the extra investment! The instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly, enthusiastic about aviation and all seem to love what they do.

Drew Conklin

Inflight has been an absolutely wonderful experience. In January 2017 I decided to take action to complete my private pilots license and was referred to Inflight Pilot Training by a friend. In just a few short months I've already had my solo and plan to complete the private shortly. The instructors all are such positive and patient people and help you learn at your own pace. The ease of scheduling and facility are great. If you've ever considered flight training look no further than Inflight! 5+ stars!

Daniel Moshe

Im getting my private pilot license at Inflight and loving it! Great planes, great technology, well organized, well maintained aircraft, fantastic instructors, and nice facility. Safety is a top priority and I look forward to continuing my aviation journey at InFlight!

Wesley Donaldson

After using other flight schools in the Minneapolis Area, I cannot confidently say Inflight Pilot Training is the best flight school in Minnesota and most likely the entire Midwest. Their fleet of Cessna 152s and 172s are in incredible shape and maintained to the highest standards. Additionally, they have a Piper Arrow IV, a Cirrus SR20 and SR22. Their CFIs are fantastic. They are all experienced, knowledgeable, and great teachers. Their facilities are excellent and their location is prime. Fly with Inflight!

Ryan Vaudreuil

In the past year I've completed both my private pilot and instrument rating with Inflight. They have lots of instructors and planes available which is important if you have a busy schedule and want to book a lesson last minute. I've worked with several different instructors and had a positive experience with all of them. They were all enthusiastic and very good at their job. They also recently upgraded all their planes with ADS-B equipped ipads so you can see other traffic in the air which is definitely good for peace of mind while you're flying. Also very helpful for navigating and when doing instrument training. Overall Inflight is a fantastic flight school and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to become a pilot.

Justin Bork

I have greatly enjoyed my experience with Inflight so far! I'm working on getting my private pilot's license, and hopefully will have it soon. The staff is always friendly, my instructor has been great, and the atmosphere is alway very welcoming. I would absolutely recommend Inflight to anyone looking to train or rent.

Oscar Luna

Lada Cisar

Inflight Pilot Training is the most professional and fair flight school with affordable prices in the Minneapolis area. I did my research prior to choosing a school when I moved to the Minneapolis and I can highly recommend this school. Friendly staff, low prices, well equipped aircraft in good condition and situated at controlled airport, I couldn't ask for more!

Peter Highum

Have used Inflight for the last 3 BFR's and rental. Never had a problem. Like the LED lighting and online scheduling. The Instructors are top notch and well prepared. Inflight is constantly adding planes and upgrading equipment.

Nick Rogers

I have been working with Inflight for the past two years and just recently passed my private pilot check ride on the first attempt. I took the long road due to work and other life priorities but the instructors were always very accomodating and it was easy to work around my busy schedule. I primarily trained in the 152s and they are very well maintained and also affordable. The price you pay with inflight is very predictable as there are no hidden fees and the instructors work to progress you in your training and not waste your money on hours you don't need. I was very happy I chose them to help me acheive my childhood dream and would highly recommend them to others.

Duane Johnson

This is "the place" to train in the twin cities. Rental and instructor rates are reasonable, aircraft are well maintained and more importantly VERY well equipped. You'll find all aircraft rent with an ipad and the aircraft have an ipad mount with ADSB IN receiver. All of the cessna 172 aircraft also have GPS, either a garmin 430 or 650. All instructors are very pleasant to deal with and extremely encouraging!! My instructor Alec (very highly recommended) was a treat to work with. The training received was outstanding. Their online scheduling system is fantastic. The elliot aviation building is also nice to work out of, the facility is always clean and inviting and the line personnel are pretty well on top of things. I'd recommend anyone looking into flight training pay a visit and take a flight with Inflight!! I've taken lessons at a couple schools and flown a few other planes around town and the competition really doesn't stack up. Also, learning to fly at Flying Cloud is great, it builds a ton of confidence and skill flying out of a class D with other traffic around.

Nick Bjornberg

I had started my flight training 18 years ago and never finished. I came to Inflight this past winter to resume my training. The instructors helped me come up with a plan to get me finished up quickly. They were great to identify the areas I was proficient at and the areas where I needed to improve. Along with easy scheduling and quality aircraft make Inflight a fantastic flight school!

mohamed ahmed

Highly Recommended , great Instructors and Their aircrafts is well maintained and the prices are reasonable. Best flight school in twin cities .

Nate Bruss

Inflight is by far the best flight school in Minnesota. Their expertise in flight training and ground school puts them way beyond the competition. Inflight also gives you the ability to rent exceptional aircraft for a very affordable rate. You will be a better pilot after you visit Inflight Pilot Training.

Michael Isaac

This team is great. Customer service seems to be a focus point for these guys, which is a rarity in flight training. I'm currently doing IFR training with Inflight. The planes are solid, the instructors knowledgeable and friendly (but tough when they need to be). The facility is awesome! Preflighting in a heater hanger is a nice plus. Highly recommended for the first-time flyer or seasoned pilot!

Eric Spiegelberg

As a long time renter of Inflight, I have have been extremely happy with their aircraft, training, and service over the years. While I thought I couldn't be happier, in 2013 Inflight underwent a major transformation and is now even better than it was before. Combining rock bottom rental prices with well maintained and excellent aircraft, Inflight is the only Twin Cities FBO I will consider. This winter I seriously explored the option of joining several local flying clubs but, after comparing apples to apples, Inflight was the clear winner. Having had my license for nearly 16 years and having flown from multiple FBO’s within the Twin Cities, I choose to fly exclusively through Inflight. Offering a unique combination of rock bottom prices yet fantastic aircraft and services, their attention to detail in both maintaining their aircraft as well as in positioning pilots to thrive keeps me coming back. Of the several people I have referred, not a single one of them has anything less than great things to say about their experience. With the vision of promoting and growing aviation beyond individual pilots, Inflight contributes to the local aviation community and is a good thing for general aviation as a whole. Regardless of your aviation experience or needs, if you live in the Twin Cities area I think Inflight should be your FBO of choice.

Jeff Johnson

Amazing flight school and rental center. A+ maintenance, great staff and amazing ownership! Nothing better than learning from the best in Minnesota. Got my Instrument Rating and it was a amazing experience. I highly suggest going to InFlight

Max Brunner

I got my private pilot's license with Inflight over the summer and I couldn't have asked for more. The instructors were extremely accessible and the planes were maintained well. The school allows you to go at your own pace which was great because I only had a few months to complete my training. The instructors are well qualified and I never had any complaints about the experience.

Sam Roque

I've been flying with Inflight Pilot Training since 2013 and commute 1.5hrs to get there. Its been worth every day and mile with top quality aircraft, maintenance, leadership and training. It's fun and enjoyable to not only rent/train at Inflight, but to also meet a lot of great people and friends that share a passion for aviation.

Bob Buchholz

The best flight school in the Twin Cities without a doubt. Nothing is left to chance. I have been gone a year and came back to get a flight review and couldn't be happier. They treated me as if I had never left even with an ownership change. Dan gave me the flight review and was thorough and complete. I highly recommend this flight school as one to choose.

Patrick Brunner

I just successfully completed my checkride for my Private Pilot License. I was completely prepared and easily passed thanks to the thorough training and preparation I received from InFlight. Jason Saunders was my instructor and he made sure I stayed on track and was always focused on making sure I became a safe pilot. All the instructors I interacted with were always positive and encouraging during my training.

Riley Woods

Inflight Pilot Training is the perfect place for anybody that is in pursuit of aviation or just interested in flying. They offer ground schools to prepare student pilots or private pilots interested in advancing in certifications or ratings. I personally enjoyed attending the Private Pilot Ground school as they went through each and every topic thoroughly and promptly answered any questions I had. Each and every flight instructor at Inflight is dedicated to aviation and wants to provide you with the best experience they can offer. Not only are the staff great to work with, but the fleet of aircraft being flown are always well maintained and never present issues. I would recommend Inflight to anybody that has ever been curious about aviation or would like to continue previous training. FIVE STARS.

Sanjay Lanta

Inflight Pilot Training is a wonderful place to train or go up for a discovery flight. Instructors are really knowledgeable and skilled. Planes are very clean and equipped with GPS. And the planes are maintained to the highest standards.

Tony Verderame

I am nearing the end of my flight training at InFlight and I have had a great experience. Money and time have been big issues for me, but my instructor, Joe, has been extremely patient and professional with me. The whole staff is always happy and excited about what they do and Trever really knows what he's doing when it comes to running a business. The planes are always top notch and ready to go when you need them. Best flight school in the midwest!

Scott Gall

I have done time building in the 310, it's a great airplane and a very good deal! The instructors that I have met were friendly and knowledgeable in answering my questions.

Parker Foss

I received my private pilot's license from Inflight. They have the supplies, planes and instructors to help you succeed. You can even take your written test next door and take the check ride on site. Knowledgeable and fun staff.

Jonathon Korum

I can't come up with one negative thing to say about Inflight Pilot Training. I have flown with many of the instructors, and all are top notch. They all get to know you and cater their training method to meet your needs. The planes are very well maintained, and scheduling a lesson couldn't be any easier. If you want to go up for a lesson, or just for a fun flight, all you need to do is hop on the online scheduling tool, select your aircraft, instructor, and date/time and your all set. If you have been shopping around for a flight school, look no farther than Inflight. Their rates are the best in town, and they are hands down the easiest flight school to rent/learn from in the twin cities. If you have any questions, simply go to their website, and give the office a call. Trever (owner) or one of the other instructors, will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

James Cody

I have been taking lessons with inflight and it has been a great experience. The staff is knowledgable and approachable. It is easy to schedule online. I would recommend it to anyone interested in flying.

David Wagner

In-flight pilot training is a high quality training center. The instructors are very competent, and the Elliot aviation staff they work with are very thorough. The rental website is easy to use and straight forward. Inflight is an innovative, adaptive , and growing training and rental company. The new electronic flight bag in all the planes addresses (in several categories) the little issues that might hold an ordinary company back.

Grant Rick

Highly recommend! My instructor Jason is very knowledgeable. Their aircraft is well maintained and the prices are reasonable.

Zachary Zyla

Inflight Pilot Training is my go to flight school. I am a 19 year-old Commercial Aviation student. I started my flight training at UND, and then moved back to the Twin Cities to continue my training after being dissatisfied with the UND program. I continued my training at a different flight school before moving to inflight. I am currently attending the University of St. Thomas majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Business. One thing that stands out to me with inflight is the instructors. Most flight schools would not be as flexible with my busy schedule but it never ceases to amaze me how open inflight schedule is to meet with Inflight's numerous instructors. I also find that the instructors always have time to help you and it is very easy to see that they are not just there to make money. One example of this happened to me recently. I was just hanging around the airport studying for my upcoming FAA written exam. I was having some trouble with a question, so I walked into Inflight, and saw that my instructor was there. He offered to help me for a half hour with no charge! That would never happen at any other flight school. From the first time that you walk into Inflight you will feel at home and relaxed. Many of the instructors have been in the industry all of their lives and they love to share there knowledge and experience and passion with you. Inflight is located at Flying Cloud airport which is a towered airport that has nearly 130,000 airport operations per year. This gives you plenty of opportunity to get experience with flying in and out of a busy towered airport which I think makes you a more confident pilot. The airplanes that Inflight uses are some of the best maintained aircraft I have seen. I fly them regularly without any problems. They are great for those long cross-countries as well! I know that they will be adding some new aircraft to their fleet in the near future! The cost of inflight is another exceptional quality that this flight school has. Me, being a college student, I am looking for the most economical way to do my flight training and there is not another flight school in the state that will get you an exceptional experience at a very reasonable price! Give Inflight Pilot training a call, you will be glad that you did! I highly recommend it!

Brandon Davis

Matthew Burkhart

I've done my fare share of flight training in the past and with doing a lot of training comes a lot of different experiences. When I started with Inflight Pilot Training I had many of my questions answered immediately after walking through the doors.I completed a fixed wing add-on. I asked to see the training aircraft and was escorted directly to them! All of my questions during my flight training process were answered in detail and in a timely manner. The aircraft were clean and maintained very well. The electronic flight schedule was VERY helpful for setting up a schedule that worked with my personal time. With so many flight instructors and there wide variety of backgrounds, real world experience was always presented and the way I was taught felt like it was up to date knowledge. I am very excited to get my future endorsements and hopefully other ratings with Inflight! Hands down the BEST flight school I've been too. interested in flying? Take the first step and go talk to them. You wont be disappointed!!!

Brett W

Great pilot training facility with clean, quality, aircraft. The instructors train you on an individual basis and will conform to your personal training needs. I'd highly recommend inflight for your pilot training.

Juan Mosqueda

A few days ago someone asked why you chose Inflight? this was my answer: You can find all the information you need in the web page, and I mean everything. Another reason I found to really enjoy my time in Inflight is the system they use to book your flight lessons. You don't have to call, you can schedule in advance and all the billing system is very detail. They have a good number of airplanes, Cessnas, and for me this was the last piece of information I needed it to start to work on a very old dream, be a pilot. Recomendados 100%.

Paul Redman

Well maintained aircraft with patient and well trained flight instructors. Best flight school in the twin cities.

Patrick Knudson

I very much enjoy going through my PPL training with Inflight. Their instructors are knowledgeable and friendly, the aircraft are very well maintained, and the scheduling system makes reservations hassle free. Very reasonable prices for aircraft rental and instructor time, and top notch learning environment at a fairly busy controlled airport. With their support, I will be going on my check ride within a few weeks and I look forward to continue to learn and build on my training with Inflight!

Caleb Zabel

InFlight is the best, working on my private pilot license with an instructor named Jeremy. The Pilot Training InFlight offers @ KFCM Flying Cloud Airport is a place of knowledge and advancement. Scheduling is EZ. It's Fly! Highly recommend to aspiring pilots

Charles Bentz

I got hooked on flying after my discovery flight here. The staff is incredibly friendly and the planes are kept in great condition. Getting my license was a great experience and I'm glad I chose this school to take me through it. I'll definitely be recommending Inflight Pilot Training to my friends and coworkers.

Justin Filan

One of the first things that you will notice about inflight is that it is an honest flight school. I know that sounds unbelievable, but it's true. When I came in to discuss my training, I met with the owner, Trevor. He gave me a very up front and realistic explanation of what flying, and learning to fly, really is. The cost, the work, what holds up a student, what helps a student succeed and so on. It was eye opening and spot on. Learning to fly is fun, but takes a lot of work, and a lot of support, which is what my instructor Travis was really good at giving. When I screwed up on scheduling, he did everything in his power to fix it. Above and beyond what I expected. Right down to my check ride. I set up the day and time with the examiner, but forgot to book an airplane. Travis somehow worked some magic and made it all work out. That is just one example. I would text him with questions and he would always answer and act like it was no big deal, even though it was his day off. I really do love inflight and probably spend more time there than I should. I recommend it to anyone who wants to fly nice planes in an environment that is what aviation should be to check out Inflight. Also go fly with Larry, he is a blast. And by the way I passed my check ride and am now working on instrument training. I took my wife up on her first small plane ride for our fifth anniversary. Thank you Inflight!! And a special thanks to Travis for waking up and calling me at 7 in the morning on fourth of July weekend to give me some last minute advice before my check ride.

john treptow

Wrapping up my Private rating with Inflight. The experience has been great: The instructors are all committed, professional, quick to help and a fun group of guys. Management and staff all are dedicated to a great culture and environment: In the past few months the school has moved to a nicer building and added a plane to their fleet. Planes are well maintained. If you’ve been thinking about flying...give them a call!

Tristan Sagastume

I originally received a discovery flight as a gift for my birthday, and since then I have started taking flight lessons with Inflight. The planes are all well maintained, and my instructor is quite knowledgable and is a good teacher. All of this makes me feel safe and confident that I'm getting quality instruction. Its been great working with them so far, and I can't wait for more!

Dan Truong

Coming from a different flight school, I immediately felt at home at Inflight Pilot Training. The instructors are always very professional and available for questions. They helped me go through my transition and all the program of the private license. The school has an important fleet, and planes are rarely overbooked. I never had problems making any reservations. The planes are always very clean and well-maintened, they are all equipped with GPS, so their avionics is very up to date. The school is constantely upgrading their fleet, most of the planes are now equipped with LEDs. I would recommend Inflight Pilot Training to anyone for the excellence of their flight training and rentals.

Ken Nordlie

I just completed my biannual flight review with Brian at Inflight and it was both educational and enjoyable! I think Inflight has struck just the right formula for a flight school - a friendly no-hassle FBO with quality instructors, very well maintained airplanes, and reasonable rates! I've been a renter there for several years and have never had a bad experience.

Marty Wheeler

From my first phone call until earning my private pilot license, my experience was positive with Inflight Pilot Training! All the planes are well maintained, I was up with 5 flight instructors and they were all knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I appreciated the reservation system as I can book a plane and/or instructor on my computer 24/7. While some times and planes are busier than others, the booking process is quite efficient. Check out Inflight for your flight training.

Jonathan Tobia

I found Inflight Pilot Training while looking for a place to build some multi time in preparation for an airline job. The rates were reasonable, the process was streamlined, the instructor (the owner Trever) was top notch, and I ended up having a lot of fun flying a pretty neat aircraft (the Cessna 310). Overall, my experience very enjoyable and I will definitely be coming back to Inflight for all my general aviation needs.

Skip Cady

I did my flight review in my airplane with Dan right after having lots of new avionics installed. Dan knew everything I needed to learn about the Aspen glass panel. His training really made the transition easier. Everything was handled very professionally. I learned many things during the review which made it worth the time and money. I would highly recommend this organization.

Lydia Werner

Inflight is just a great place to be. I have loved renting from the company and the planes are clean and well-maintained. Their prices are the best in the state and I know that I'm getting the most bang for my buck. Their instructors are competent and dedicated to training pilots safely. It's also easy to sign up to rent and convenient because I pass Flying Cloud Field during my daily commute!

William Segerstrom

I flew in from California to finish my Commercial Multi-Engine rating because I needed a place where I could do it fast. The people at InFlight are very friendly, professional, and responsive. I was impressed with how their instructors and maintenance staff were committed to getting things done right, on-schedule, and at a good price. I also enjoyed flying their Cessna 310 compared to other twin trainers. The performance makes it a lot more fun to fly and makes a great transition into larger twins. Overall, I learned a lot during my short stay at Flying Cloud and highly recommend it.

David Kittelson

Did my MEI at Inflight. Equipment is very well maintained and prepared me well for the checkride. Would recommend Inflight for any multi-engine training or rental.

Michael Afrin

My experience with Inflight is unparalleled by any other flight school. The professionalism and honesty they show is a welcoming sight for the world of flying. I had been flying for years with out a whole lot of progress before coming to Inflight, but after getting here, my instructors were honest and helped me buckle down and get my license in a year, even though I was only able to fly during winter and summer breaks for college. The instructors are all very helpful and ready to answer any question, regardless of whether they have flown with you, and the management staff only more so. Inflight has 2 152's and 4 172's to learn to fly on, so don't worry about scheduling. At the end of the day, if you are in the Minneapolis area, or anywhere within 30 miles of Flying Cloud, you should checkout Inflight.

Joe Godfrey

With Inflight's help, I just completed my Private Pilot License in much less time than average. Their ground school program was a big help in preparing me for my flight instruction. All of the instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable and truly interested in seeing me accomplish my flying goals. Their large fleet of aircraft are in great shape, extremely affordable and available when you need them. One thing that has impressed me the most is their continual focus on enhancing the experience of their clients. I would recommend Inflight to anyone who wants to pursue flying!

Shane Van Hoven

I've participated in a PPL ground school, and a few hours of flight time at Inflight so far. Enjoyed all of it so far. Low rates, trustworthy planes, and awesome instructors. I recommend inflight over any other flying school in the metro area!

Benjamin Borchers

Earned my private pilot certificate after training at Inflight. Already working toward my Instrument Rating. All of the staff at Inflight are genuinely excited to be flying and helping their students learn how to fly. The instructors are also very knowledgeable (I've seen them quizzing each other in their spare time) and go out of their way to help students who may have questions. Aircraft at Inflight are in great shape and are a joy to fly.

Joe Stinson

Great people. Great planes. Joe Harbison is a great instructor, patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommend Inflight for pilot training on a budget.

AJ Gillespie

Very knowledgeable flight instructors that are easy to contact when I need help on flight instruction and guidance. The airplanes are well maintained. Scheduling of instructors and aircraft is easy. Billing is easy to understand. I have really enjoyed learning to fly at InFlight Pilot Training and getting my Private Pilot's License with InFlight.

Justin Wollenburg

I've earned my private pilot and instrument ratings with inflight. The instructors are top notch and focus on creating safe pilots. They have a large fleet of aircraft so with a little planning, you usually will have no problem getting a reservation in. But last minute can be a challenge on these nice summer days. They are not necessarily the cheapest flight school in the Twin Cities area, but their aircraft are well maintained.

Brendan Porter

I trained for my Private Pilot License at Inflight. They are great to work with.

Brandon Johnson

Will Dehn

Update August 2019: Still believe that Inflight is THE best place in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to pursue flight training - I recently completed my Instrument rating at Inflight and continued to have a fantastic experience building off of what I learned during my Private Pilot training. If you're looking for an Instrument Rating program, definitely come to Inflight. --- Undeniably one of the best flight schools in the Twin Cities area – I completed my Private Pilot Certificate at Inflight over the course of about 6 months, and am planning on continuing additional ratings here. If you’re looking for a Minnesota flight school, I would highly recommend Inflight. With a focus on customer service, safety, and the use of technology in the cockpit, Inflight has a modern approach to training students. I started my flight lessons at a different metro flight school, and ended up switching to Inflight due to their aircraft/instructor availability and customer-service focus – one of the best decisions I could have made.

Alex Courrier

Great school with quality instructors. The staff is knowledgeable and supportive, and they were flexible enough help me at short notice a few times. They give you everything you could need to get your license(s). On top of that, they have the most affordable prices around. I drive an hour out to their airport because it's more cost effective (car gas included) than any other school from the cities to Eau Claire.

Stevie Times

Today I did six instrument approaches, two holds, and intercepted and tracked courses; all on their simulator with a CFII present! I did all of this in two hours; the amount of time it would have normally taken me to shoot three approaches, and the simulator was way cheaper! In the winter months in MN, this was a great option to maintain my instrument rating. It was (compared to flying an actual plane) cheaper, and I did everything I needed to do in one shot. I didn't get weathered out either! Their simulator was more modern than I was used to as well; it even let me land at the end. I had gotten so used to saying "we're at decision height, I don't see the runway environment, going missed"... but there it was! It was fun.

Hayden Bowe

Couldn't have picked a better flight school to do my training at. Great instructors with awesome aircrafts. The prices are very affordable as well. 10/10 recommend

Alex Wade

Earned my instrument rating with Inflight and found the staff and instructors to be qualified and genuinely interested in their students’ success. Inflight makes good use of technology in their planes and systems with iPads, Garmin Pilot, GPS, a BATD simulator, electronic airplane logs, etc. They also foster a sense of community among students and instructors, which is appreciated.

Peter Makredes

I can't say enough good things about this flight school. Trever and the Inflight staff do the best job in the Twin Cities! I did my Commercial Multi-Engine rating with Travis in their C310 and loved it. Great airplane, great instructors, amazing new facility, very personal, and always professional. Thank you Inflight!

Afolabi Adeneye

Had a wonderful experience time building at in-flight. Amazing instructors and well maintained aircraft at affordable rates.

Nikolas Pardoe

Good instructors/facilities, and the iPad-equipped aircraft are very nice. I moved here just before completing my training and they were very helpful getting me familiar with the area and finding a good examiner for my checkride.

Greg Weamer

Inflight helped me realize a life long dream of learning to fly. I received my private pilot rating back in 2011. From the instructor led ground school, all the way to taking the check ride, the well qualified instructors helped me achieve this goal while not compromising safety. I continue to rent from them 3 years later. Whether maintaining currency, or taking a cross country, their aircraft are well maintained and always ready to fly. The online scheduling makes it easy to schedule airplanes and instructor time.

Mark Paterson

Inflight pilot training is a great place to learn to fly whether you are doing it for a career or as a hobby. I got my private pilot license at inflight and am currently working on my instrument rating. I couldn’t be any more satisfied with this flight school. They have clean facilities, friendly staff, and very well maintained airplanes. I personally went around and compared the school amongst some of the others around the twin cities and nothing compares to inflight. 5/5 stars no questions asked.

Mitchell Templeton

This is probably the best part 61 school I've been to, and they were able to help me navigate a bunch of unlucky situations and get my commercial + CFI in just a month. The staff are top notch, the airplanes are all well maintained, and the airport is a fun environment to fly from. This is an expensive flight school, but if you can afford paying a little extra I believe it's worth it here.

Evan Robinson

I did my Private Pilot training from start to finish in 6 weeks at inflight. Ben - chief pilot - worked with me on an accelerated schedule, following through on the promise that there would be plane and instructor availability, and the experience was fantastic. I did flight training at the same time as two other friends - one in New York, one in California - and we shared stories throughout the process. I was consistently glad to be the guy at inflight after story time was done. They talked about a rotating band of instructors many of whom were on their cellphones during lessons instead of paying attention. And once, I had a CFI at inflight who filled in when Ben was busy that paid less adherence to sterile cockpit than I would’ve liked, so it goes. But by and large the attention to detail and quality instruction was crucial in helping me finish a lifelong dream in just over 40 hrs of training with great reviews from my DPE during check ride. I’m still learning with less than 100 hours TT but inflight gave me the tools to safely enjoy aviation and I’ll always be glad for it.

Kurt Weimer

At Inflight Pilot Training over the past year I worked on my Commercial Pilot's license. But for several prior years I have rented planes from them. What I recently recognized about the community of this pilot training center is the camaraderie of the six plus instructors and multitude of students. This is an environment where everyone can be a "student" learning from anyone. Yes, a student does have a specific instructor, but need not be hesitant to share a concern or express your inquisitiveness with those around you at Inflight Pilot Training.

Taylor Stone

matt kalin

I’m really enjoying my experience as a student at Inflight. I’ve just passed my private pilot checkride and will continue with instrument training right away. I'm feeling pretty exhilarated but humbled by how much I still have to learn. My instructors have been wonderfully supportive. Most of my lessons have been with Kevin, but I’ve also had great flights with Trever and Travis. They’ve paid attention to my development as a new pilot and challenged me when I’ve needed an extra push. I felt very well prepared when I was up in the air proving my skills to the DPE who signed my new private pilot certificate. What I love most about Inflight is the community of people I’ve met there. The high school junior who passed his checkride on his 17th birthday, the flight attendant who wants to take the controls herself, the cop who handed over his badge on the morning of his first solo flight and aims for a new career in aviation, the European immigrant who has built on his experience as a private pilot and recently added an instrument rating in pursuit of a future in flying, the newly rated commercial pilot who’s getting his instructor ratings and hopes to teach others soon, the retired airplane salesman turned CFI - all are infused with the passion for aviation. The informal, welcoming environment of Inflight encourages sharing our stories. Conversations around the school almost always begin with “how did you get started in aviation?” and evoke the same answer: we’ve all “always wanted to fly.” The planes are clean and well-maintained. The prices are very reasonable. But what makes Inflight stand out is seeing the same look in the eyes of the 20-hour student, the 55-hour new private pilot, the 1,000-hour CFI, and the 8,500-hour veteran as we watch someone heading out for their first, introductory flight and remember our first experience at the controls of a mechanical bird.

Steve Kickert

I have been a customer of Inflight's since 2009. They have always been super helpful and very professional. They taught me how to fly! Their instructors truly care about you and your training. All of them have a ton of experience and are not there just to build hours. I am going to be a life long customer of Inflight's.

Ambyr Peterson

I got my Instrument and Commercial ratings with Inflight. The instructors are top-notch. All are highly skilled and it was nice to be able to work with different personalities to find the right CFI for me. No less important is the aircraft maintenance is great. Knowing I will have options of different aircraft and well-maintained aircraft was very helpful in my training. Highly recommended!

Mark Aitchison

As a new student pilot in my 40’s Inflight is the best choice for training. Inflight instructors are professional, the airplanes in great shape, and the facilities nice. Trevor runs a great organization that is 100% about top notch training. I passed the Private Pilot checkride the first time and plan on continuing my instrument rating with Inflight in 2018.

Jacob Huschke

Training at Inflight over the summer to get my private pilots license was a great decision for me. The atmosphere was great and there was almost always a plane available. Inflight also allows you to get your training done very quickly compared to other flight training schools.

Zach Frank

Inflight is an excellent flight school and flying club! I think they are truly the best in the twin cities. I took a discovery flight with Alec one of the instructors and was hooked. I ended up doing my whole PPL training with Alec, I highly recommend him as an instructor. When you do your training you will have the opportunity to fly with other instructors too and every instructor I flew with was very knowledgable and gave me new tips to make my flying better and safer. Inflights' planes are really nice! They have 152's, 172's and a Piper Arrow. The 152 is a great price and a great plane to learn in. All their planes are super clean, well maintained, and have great avionics with GPS. Flying Cloud is a great base of operations too. When you do your training there its great because you get the experience in a class D (busier airport) with control tower right away, it makes later flying into other airports a breeze. I really enjoyed my experience with Inflight. I highly recommend them.

Ross Gullickson

Completing my private pilot with Inflight. The instructors are professional, informative, and engaging. Striving to produce the most professional and safe pilots is paramount to them, and they are masterful at making the flying experience personal and fun. Highly recommend them to anyone.

Casey Arends

I looked at many flight schools around the Twin Cities but chose to do my private pilot license at Inflight. They were extremely transparent and never made me feel silly or uncomfortable. They have a very easy to use system for scheduling, the facility is fantastic, and my instructor Benjamin Porch is absolutely amazing. The atmosphere is very positive and they really help to simplify a complicated process. I would recommend checking out Inflight to anyone who is even thought about getting their pilots license!

John Weiser

I completed my private pilot license with Inflight. The instructors were top notch, had a fantastic affordable ground school, and the planes are kept in great condition.

Eric Pittman

Personable and dedicated instructors, clean aircraft and facilities, easy online scheduling and dispatch. Any pilot training part 61 would have a difficult time finding a more efficient flight school to advance their training. Whether you're just starting out, adding a rating or building proficiency, Inflight Pilot Training is your best bet. Time building in cost effective 152's, IFR training in a brand new Sim, complex training in the piper arrow, G1000 fun in the 2017 Cirrus. They cover all the bases.

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