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REVIEWS OF Academy Driving School of Troy IN Michigan

Joe Holder

Never left a review in my life. Instructor didn't care about anything. My son drove almost flawless and he failed him. I asked to him to explain why he failed and he just told me he was close and could handle a car but would not give me a reason he failed. He would not provide me with any documentation about it. Just said to sign him up again. Total scam. Beyond mad.

Orlando Brito

Excellent attention

Brendan T

So the reviews for this school are very mixed and I was skeptical going in for my road test. I'm going to put down some information I got from my own experience after just passing my road test. Will they fail you your first time? No, unless you break any of concrete rules you shouldn't have an issue. Those rules are: have all lights and features working on your vehicle as they request, do not run stop signs and make a full stop, do not run BLINKING RED or YELLOW lights, and be wary of no turn on RED. Is the staff rude? From my experience, not at all. I had good experience from the lady working the reception desk and my test administrator was very friendly and gave me constructive criticisms. If you make an appointment. ASK FOR ARNIE. He was a very good tester. Will they fail you over the smallest problems (besides the ones mentioned above)? No, if you display confidence and knowledge of driving they will no fail you over a few small mistakes. I improperly crossed lanes while turning and cut someone off, I once failed to use a turn signal while merging off the highway, and had to pull out of the parallel parking and try again. My tester acknowledged my mistakes and made notes but did not deem them failing mistakes. As long as you understand and correct for your mistakes. If you are a confident driver that meets all of their requirements you should not have a problem here. Breaking the major rules will fail you though, but that is the purpose of a Road test. To test you. Ask for Arnie for you road test administrator if you go here. Cheers

Carol marji

The teacher is very rude and she does not know how to teach.

Gladys M Brown

So I've read the negative comments and I respectfully disagree. My instructor, Arnie was amazing. He was very professional, calm, and nice. He explained everything and even gave me a chance to ask questions and to make sure that I understood what he was asking. I recommend this school to everyone. Happy Driving

meena reddy

Aaron is the best trainer from this driving school with whom i have taken classes with. His techniques and training is very good. He gives you more confidence to drive safely. Just took 3 classes and i am done. They dont ask people to take more classes for making money. He gives very genuine reviews about our driving and corrects us where we go wrong.

Kalyan Chatrathi

I took a 1 hr class and the driving test at the institute a few days later. During the class, the instructor gave a lot of tips not only for the test but for general driving conditions. He also gave tips on clearing Part A - the three tests prior to road test. In reality, i had a major fear of parallel parking and wasn't good at it earlier. With the tips from the instructor and 15 min practice on the day, i cleared the test a couple of days without much problem The test was conducted in an extremely professional manner. The instructor (different gentleman) was clear in his requirements and was happy to provide clarification if i didn't understand his queries. Will recommend the school for folks in the nearby area. Check them out ...

Adam Holder

I hope everyone here does. Enough said.

Sarina Khan

Hi everyone. I took my test with Patrick. I was really comfortable during the test. He was very patient with me and guided me throughout the test even if I would make small mistakes. He tells you about the turns n all way ahead of time so there's no need to worry. After the test he even explained where I made mistakes and what to take care of in the future. I would highly recommend everybody to take their test with Patrick. Ask for him specifically. Thank you Patrick for all the guidance.

Nile Washington

Elizabeth Poisson

I was very nervous to take my test here considering all of the previous negative reviews, but I am happy to say that I had a wonderful experience. My instructor Sue had a very calming and considerate presence. She was very pleasant to talk to throughout my test. I think many of the previous negative reviews are written by angry parents who are upset that their child didn't pass their driving test. These instructors have a very serious job, and if they do not follow the rules then they could be letting unsafe drivers have a license and putting other people in risk of serious danger. They shouldn't be passing people who do not demonstrate safe and legal driving skills. Make sure you have your proper paperwork (valid insurance/registration), your vehicle is in working condition, and that you actually take the time to read the "What Every Driver Must Know" and the "Driving Skills Test Study Guide" documents (both available online) and you will do just fine!

Maddy P

Lina M.

I was worried about the reviews, but decided to give it a try and I'm pleased to say that I've had a great experience with instructors Aaron and Greg. They were both very professional and done their job as expected. After taking a drivers road test Greg explained both of what I've done right and wrong and I was also given tips on what I could improve. My husband took his drivers exam couple of weeks ago too and also had nothing but good experience.

Tomas D.

Got all directions as per policy. Exam went well without any issues. The examiner did not try to disturb or do anything wrong. Happy with everything overall.

Sagar Shah

Aaron is a very nice driving instructor every time I call the driving school for a driving lesson they will say Aaron has a lesson available on Saturdays and I took one yesterday at 6:00pm to 7:00pm and Aaron even picked me up from my house and we drove to downtown Detroit because I wanted to practice there and he helped me with staying in my own lane and was never rude at all.

Think and Grow Rich

My daughter passed her road test today. I highly recommend Mr. Arnie Vandercruyssenn as a road test instructor.

Ernies Bar

Never actually took a driving test but they fined me for something that was the lady who answered the phones fault!!!

Erin De Francesco

Watched three other test takers, after myself, fail and get pitched the same 1 hour parking class. Must really need the numbers.

Carol Piva

Five stars for the excellent examiner Arnie and nice people that work there!

Miles Dostert

Tina Promos

Avoid like the plague. Given misinformation from the lady that cost me money and time.

Lou Canlas

My teenage daughter had her road test there today. I was hesitant to do her road test there at first but anyway made the appointment cause it's close to where we live. Greg was awesome and professional. He gave my daughter some tips and what she needed to work on her driving skills after the test. The person(man) on the desk was also friendly, gave some encouragement to my daughter that she'll be okay on the test as she was nervous and very accommodating. Of course, she passed on her first try road test. Take your road test there and you won't be disappointed!

Amber Halley

As a nurse at Troy Beaumont Hospital which is right by this school, I was told that this was a great place to go to and it was nearby. I am so disgusted at the turn of events that took place this afternoon. I called around a couple weeks ago to inquire about the fee and process of the test on behalf of my boyfriend who desperately needs to pass the road test because he now has his son in his custody. As every human being knows, children are important! They need transportation from their parents to get to school, to get food and supplies, etc. Troy Academy assured me that their instructors and tactics were the best around. They sounded professional on the phone and trustworthy. But when he got there, the instructor was very intimidating, strict, tricky, and deceitful in the car during the road test scoring. The instructor scammed him in a few area's as well. They made him pay $50 at booking non refundable for the road test, then failed him for going through an orange light. The instructor also told him to pay an additional $25 non refundable, for using their rental car because THEY REFUSED to let him drive his own (future) car because the rear window break light was out! But all other lights work perfectly. And now they want more money from him to re take it as he is already struggling to get by as a single dad. We are going elsewhere! ASAP! I will share this information with Beaumont's staff and posting board to detour anyone from taking their loved one or child to this corrupt and greedy driving school. God knows everyone's heart, and He is the greatest judge of all...

Airon Miller

Failed me because a light changed red as I was already half way through the lane. And when asked what I should have done other than complete my turn I was told by the "instructor" that he doesn't have time to explain to just go reschedule with the girl at the front desk. He would not show me the paper so I could actually see my score. But I feel I should not have been failed on one mistake. And if it was more than just one then they should actually tell you what is wrong. I should have read the reviews before going in. As they are all correct, this place is a bunch of money hungry scammers. That will fail you on your first test everytime. Do not waste your time or money on this place. Go else where.

Vineet Solanki

I have this incident reported to SOS...Worst Experience. First they will fail you, even if you did not lose more than 25 points. In-fact I passed the test but Sue (instructor) said that you need to keep your speed between 40-45 whereas my speed was 35-40 mph. I told her i follow more defensive driving but she didn't agree. Please don't go for the road test at Academy driving school. They just want money from your pocket. BHENCHODS..!!

Haneul Paik

watch out for Greg lmao

Sunil Nagtilak

Gyurgai434 Kozhuharova

Very good and professional work. Thank you Aaron and Su!

Jamal Oney

If I could give this place no stars I would. My wife is new here to Michigan. We both are. We just moved here two months ago. She does not know these roads. Anyway we get there and she’s got this bubbly personality so she greets the instructor all smiles and apologizes for not having change for her $50 charge. She only had 3 $20s. So the instructor doesn’t even say hi before he says to her, “it’s fine I’ll put it towards your next visit”. She was already nervous and he said that to her making her discouraged. Anyway she proceeded with the test. They start with her reversing into a parking spot and then parallel parking. The guy was not clear with his directions so she kept repeating what she thought she heard to reassure him and her. However, he just got nasty with her and asked if she could comprehend his directions. On to the second part, he gets in the car and they go for their on the road test. She rented a car because we don’t have one yet so the car she was in she wasn’t use to. Before going on the main road she asked if she could adjust her mirrors And he did not reply. Completely ignoring her. At this point it’s tense and she’s humiliated because she feels like a failure. When they come back and the test is concluded, he says to her “I’m only passing you because I’m legally obligated to but you got more than half of the points an average driver gets which is 20/25 and one day you’re not going to feel good after you kill someone. You really need to do something about your driving.” When she nodded and said she understood what he was saying, he signed her passing form and she thanked him as he got out the car and he replied with “whatever”! This was an already nerve wrecking experience. But he totally crushed her soul. She wasn’t even happy about getting her license although she’s been driving since she was 15 and she’s 25. Living in the city they don’t care about you having your license or not but coming out here to the country she wanted to make sure she had it. He ruined this experience for her and he hurt her feelings. In my opinion, in a state where drivers are allowed to get their license at 14-15 years old, this guy is not someone I’d recommend because he will say things that will haunt your child for life. And if they ever get into an accident those are the first words they’ll think of. So don’t go here. Save your money, your time and your child’s emotions. Thanks but no thanks never again.

A Campana

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Very rude and unpleasant from the start-plus there is no feedback -no paperwork-they just fail you then walk away with no other words but tell you that you can take it again with them cheaper! $45 the first time and take it again for "only" $35! I should have read the reviews first online - All bad feedback left for this so called business! very disappointed. Don't waste your time or money! Very rude and not pleasant at all. BEWARE-you have been warned!


Marge Cousins

I would highly recommend this school for all students. I cannot tell you any instructor names, but I can tell you our overall experience has been really good. We first found this school 2 years ago when my son was struggling to pass the driving part to get his license. He has gone through the TIP training with another school and it was a totally disaster. One of the instructors pulled me aside and said that he was refusing to learn. He got his TIP and spent the next year and half in the car with his father and I trying to undo all the horrible teaching he received from the previous school. He then took the driving part of the test twice and could not get out of the parking lot. After another year goes by, I finally decided to find professional help as I was floundering on how to help him. That is when I found this school. He signed up for 1 - one hour class. In that one hour the instructor not only taught him more than the other school did, but they really worked to boost his confidence which had suffered during his learning process. He practiced what he was taught for about another month, then retook the test and passed. Because of this experience, I enrolled my daughter in their teen driving program. Again it has been such a different experience than the other school. Overall what I appreciate about the school is that the instructors TEACH how to drive and don't expect the students to already know how. It was well worth the money we paid for the school. Thank you to the teachers and instructors for doing such an amazing job - God bless you!

Jake Walrath

Do not I repeat do not take your child here. They're very strict, they have no wiggle room, they do not let you practice before. It's took 3 minutes for me to do the parking skills test and by means you have to pass the parking skills test before you can do anything else, so if you don't even pass they'll make you reschedule for another which COSTS ANOTHER 40 DOLLARS!!!! Let me ask you this... if it took me 3 minutes to finish the test why wouldn't they let me re-take it at least once to compare the two????? This school is ridiculous and inconsiderate! Do not go here unless there is no other place to go! I repeat once again they are horrible and I would rate them less than one star if I could.

Ya Li

Best experience I have ever had! The receptionist is really patient and friendly. I can't speak English very well, but when I called, she was so patient and friendly. The instructor is professional and humorous, which really helped me build the confidence for driving. Then I scheduled the road test there and passed. I will recommend to every friend when they need instructor or road test!

Muhammad Ali

Failed me over something trivial that could have been overlooked. Didn't even write down what to practice. Would not recommend.

Lulu Rascol

The worst experience ever.Sue the instructor is rude and cheating people.Loving only the money she even moved the cones to make the parking smaller. And after you fail I made the appointment with other person and when I came there was still will her and fail me again and offers another service to teach me.that are the worst people hungry for your money.The woman rude and should retired.

A Kamat

They are very good. Very professional in the road test. We took Seg 1 and 2 at Courtesy but that place had an issue this month in the Rochester testing location. So we were new to them, Sue was the examiner and scored my son very accurately. They are one of the few places that will teach you the parking skills for $25. The best money you can spend. The negative reviews seem to be written by folks who failed the road test - maybe sour grapes. My son drove for almost a year and had no issues.

Mary Kloka

Experience terrible my brother who came from Ukraine and drive 25 years and his wife did not pass saw this Chinese girl before us because our driver his name is Pat total prejudiced he intimidates and make it impossible to pass that test he tell you turn last minute . He's basically shouldn't be working with people if he have disagreement with immigration policies shame on you Pat I hope you got to help

Paolo Vitale

Mohit Sangavikar

Initially my Roomate was skeptical to take appointment for this school going by the previous bad reviews but he tells me he had a great experience and it was a good decision that he went for this school Review about Patrick: he was my roommates test instructor. Gave very clear and precise instructions after every maneuver. He also gives you a detailed explanation about the points lost and the reason for it. Makes you feel comfortable. Front desk friendly and quick to attend to our questions. P.S I'm just the Google reviewer. I did not experience this first hand although I've visited this place with my roomate

brook Lynn

Instructor is extremely rude and unprofessional. Would never recommend this place to anyone.

Yugandhara Joshi

I had booked an appointment for DMV test with them before reading the reviews. I happened to read the reviews later that day and was so worried after that. I was so sure that I was going to fail. When I reached the office on test day I was late by around 30 mins and the instructor assigned for me had another appointment after half an hour. At first he told me to reschedule for which I would have needed to pay $25 more. He remembered that I had already rescheduled it once before at last minute and had paid the extra charges. He checked if any other instructor was free and assigned me for another slot without any charges. While giving test I followed all the rules, except for one or two times when I exceeded the speed limit by around 5-7 mph for a little while. At the end of the test my instructor told me that I passed my test and should be more aware of road signs and speed limit. I MADE IT MY PRIORITY TO WRITE THIS REVIEW as I don't feel that they are greedy but your vehicle must have all the documents and fulfil their prestated conditions. Also, make sure to be prepared before you give test, there are some rules which if you violate, you will fail and there is tons of material on how to pass driving test.

mohamed mameche

My experience with me cris it was very good and he gave me a lot of advices

Christian Shimoon

Great place good roadtesters

Ramya Mahalakshmi

Had worst experience.They failed me because I dint take classes with them and suggested to take classes.They just want money.

Ekim Koca

Passed my road test with Arnie at Academy today. Had a great experience!

Elizabeth Dersa

Horrible place front waste your time very rude and trashy

Katie F

Absolutely avoid. Told me the wrong information the first time and made the mistake of going back again.

Kevin Zen

The service here, from scheduling appointments, to friendliness is the worst that I have ever seen in a driving school. I made an appointment and had it confirmed, yet when I arrived near the vicinity of the driving school, I called to ask about their exact location, and was told that my appointment had not been made. They also refused to tell me where they were located, and only replied with "we don't have a spot for you". I had to reschedule my appointment for the next day, and in the end passed my road test.However, during the whole test, there was a feeling of negativity. My main complaint goes to the tall old road instructor as my whole experience was with him. I don't know about any of the other instructors. The scheduling problem did not end with me, as my friend who also took his road test here, had a appointment time issue as well. The road test supervisor is very strict, and a hard evaluator.

EveryLife Vlog

Passed my driving road test today. Troy Driving Academy has a good and approachable staff esp my instructor Arnie. Arnie is the best! He's a good instructor during my road test. He's so calm and all the instructions given to me are all clear and smooth.

Melanie Woodrich

A great place for a road test! I took my daughter here for her road test and it was so much more pleasant than I expected. You hear horror stories and they're not true in the slightest here. We had a wonderful woman named Chris as the road tester. She was a warm and easy-to-be-around person who seriously reduced the stress levels in the car by sharing really interesting stories of her life. She was not interested in failing people for minor things, but clearly wanted to keep unsafe drivers off the road. I would highly recommend her!

Joe M

It was great!!! The people were nice and the service was fast. Arnie was the best examiner. He was polite, honest, and worked with you to help you! I recommend 100%!

Katie Fontana

Steven Lampos

Scheduling process was quick and painless! Booked my test and took it 3 days later! Asked for Mr. Arnie who was an amazing teacher. He made me feel calm and collected. He helped me with minor errors I could fix up and made the whole road test enjoyable! 5/5 would suggest and ask for Arnie!

grant walker

the place denied us service because we didn't have the center brake light, and said it was illegal when it would be fine to not have it, this place was a waste of time and incredibly frustrating, i would advise anyone to never go here as it is just one big waste of time and money.

Ashley Wilson

Being an adult over 20 I was nervous and unsure of where to go, but when I went here they were very friendly, understanding of my situation, and made the test not that bad! Even when my fiancé's car insurance paper was found to be expired, they kindly suggested he call his insurance and have them send him the info via his phone, and accepted that on the spot (thus avoiding a documentation failure!). Overall a great experience, and I was successful in getting my certificate! I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who needs to take the road test.

Steve Cats

I have never written a bad review on google and went out of my way to send one. This driving school just wants your money. DO NOT go here. Take your money somewhere else. They purposely fail you the first time, expecting you to come again a second time. I only went here because it was the only available option, now I can clearly see why. They are money hungry scammers.

Erica Prested

This place is so rude and unprofessional! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY

Kieran Tyrrell

I came here to take my road test. I had a very enjoyable expirience and I was given tips and lessons on driving. I highly recommend if you come here to take the test that you request Arnie. He is a big help and wants you to succeed.

tammy watson

for all you who left bad reviews... 1. NEVER pull into an intersection to wait to make a left turn. 2. INSPECT your vehicle before you take it to use on a driving test. 3. A RED (orange) light should never be run, watch those stale lights and be prepared to stop! I haven't used this company (yet) but get tired of reading reviews that are awful and are not the fault of the company, but the driver at the wheel.

Jinan Haba

Very professional good service.

Maithilee Apte

I took a road test last week, at Academy Driving School with Mr Arnie, who is an instructor here. He is a very warm, kind and wonderful person, who completely diffuses the test stress that any new comer would carry. He nicely explains all the test procedures and also guides you, if you were to commit mistakes during driving. I completely recommend this place, for all beginners.

Masimo 328i

Very nice staff and driving instructor.

Marwah Abdelaal

Just ok! I used to drive for many years outside the US. I failed the first time in the parking, where I'm sure that the parallel parking size wasn't set right for the huge car i was driving (car length + 6 foot) it was obviously the exact size of my car!! I passed the second time.. i believe that this is how all driving schools make money! They fail you in the first time! MAYBE!

Srirekha Panchavati

I had a very good experience with them. They are a bunch of very professional people. My instructor, Erin, is a great guy. He knows his stuff. His instructions were very helpful and practical. My examiner Arnie was another great guy. He made my driving test experience very smooth. It's very important during your test to be calm and he gave the perfect atmosphere to drive without undue comments or interference. Overall, it was a very rewarding experience for me. I learnt a lot, got my DL and now am a better driver. Do visit them if you want proper learning. Thanks.

Alfonso Carreon

Don't come here they just want your $$$. Will say that you fail the exam and make you repeat it for more money

Hermaine Carballo

Nick Waters

I took segment one in July. The program is excellent! The teacher Mrs. P assigns a good amount of work, but it isn't too excessive. My driving instructors were awesome! They were very nice and helpful. If you can try to get Mark or Kyle, they are both very good. As long as you do your work, and pay attention in class you will get your do great. To anybody that is uncertain, this place is really worth considering.

khagendra chaudhari

Explained all procedure properly for Road and parking test. it was my first visit and no problem faced at all. Mr. Patrick is nice and genuine person there. full rating for perfect driving school

Blanca Araceli Bolonius

Great experience!!! Definitely I recommended for classes , even if you have experience driving they gonna fixed your bad habits and mistakes, Erin was awesome I have a great time learning whit him, for the time you have your road test you gonna feel confident and less nervous. My driving test was awesome and thanks to my previous class and the instructor than make the test very calm, I was capable to answer the questions and not be nervous, even if you don't speak English very well. Thanks!!

Tommy V

hannah Withrow

I took a road test here, not segment 1 or 2, but I had a wonderful experience. The staff inside the building were very nice. My road examiner, Pat, was very professional and welcoming. He answered any questions prior to the test and was very sincere! Definitely recommend!

Sheeja TG

Please don't waste your time and energy here. Should have seen old reviews or taken hint from the nearby mexican eatery. Did'nt realize it. As most reviewers said.;these guys are only there to fool you and make quick money. Even before I hit the road; I was given options to make a new payment and re-take the test. I must say they are good while fixing up an appointment. The lady did'nt even bother to provide me with anything in writing citing my mistake.The examiner sue is rude and highlights only your faults. I am still not sure about the mistake I made. I am done with these guys. Even if she offers a $10 re-test fee I will not go back. I guess you are better off elswhere. Betty holmes...

Deepali Sahane

Ifrah Akhter

I had Patrick as my teacher and have taken two lessons so far. Absolutely great! Has a super gentle nice way of teaching, gives good pointers and you learn what you need to learn. :) Loved this instructor.

Elizabeth Woods

Should have listened to the poor reviews, DO NOT GO HERE. **Update: Call Alert Driving School and make an appointment with Jennifer. Much better experience** I read the reviews before coming here, but decided to give it a chance anyway because they were able to get us in the soonest. My adult brother needed to retake his road test (for other bs reasons I won't go into) so that he can drive his son who now lives with him to school. He's not an inexperienced teenage driver trying to get his license for the first time. After being told they couldn't do the road test in the car because the small center brake light above the trunk was out, I was given the option to either pay more to reschedule, or pay more to use a car they had available. So it was either that or lose the $50 I'd already paid in advance, which, by the way, no other places make you do. So I coughed up the extra money to use the rental since we were already there. My brother was told in the beginning that he could get up to nine points taken off and still pass. I waited in the lobby by myself while the guy at the counter hid in back instead of talking to me. Upon their return from the road test, the tall old instructor Greg asks me to step outside and starts telling me that my brother did great, and had good control over the car, but there was one small mistake and therefore couldn't pass him. He tells me that during a left turn, my brother went through a yellow light that turned red mid turn. That is quite actually what he said. I was trying to read his face to let me know if it was okay to laugh, I thought that he was joking. Once I realized he was in fact not going to pass him for that, I was just speechless. Now there is so much to say. The incident was hardly even a mistake at all, you can't stop in the middle of an intersection while making a left turn because the light is turning red, you have to complete the turn! But whatever, I wasn't there. The fact is we were provided no documents showing the single "mistake" or how that called for more than nine points to be taken off. They just wanted us to reschedule another test with them to get more money out of our pockets. It's a shame really, that people like them get away with things like that. I ask you please, PLEASE TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. Don't support these PETTY, money hungry people.

Habib Bouchaa

AVOID,AVOID,AVOID, Pity there is not zero star, Instructor is extremely rude and unprofessional

Kwadwo Boakye-Yiadom

I had my road test yesterday with Arnie of Academy Driving School and it was nothing but a wonderful experience. In spite of the bad weather, we completed the basic controls skill test and road test with success. I was a bit nervous at first but Arnie made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I was able to perform well to pass my test. I highly recommend this driving school and please ask for Arnie if he is available! Keep up the good job Arnie!

dea moratilla

The first time i took my road test here was with some tall guy (forgot his name, not sure if he even intoduced himself or not) and he was very irrational and to what i think was deceiving and scamming. He failed me because i was going 60 on freeway (which has 55 minumum speed btw), and he said car was sloppy on my turns, which i think would not even amount to 25 mistakes which was the passing criteria for the road test. He said i made 26 mistakes!! Geeez. The 2nd time went very well anyways. I took it with Arnie and he was very nice, he made the instructions very clear and he talked to me to ease my nervousness and make me feel calm.. so, if you are about to take your road test here, i highly recommend to go look and book an appointment with Arnie, i assure you, all will be smooth and easy.

Shraddha Shetty

My colleague recommended me to take driving road test from Arnie in Academy Driving School. Based on my husband's experience there and reading the reviews I was highly skeptical, but just took it based on my colleague's word. Arnie was very clear and motivating, he also kept me relaxed throughout the test. If you are taking test here I would highly recommend you take it with Arnie.

Drew Johnson

They don’t even deserve one star. They are rude, disrespectful and just want to scam people. Take your money somewhere else.

sydney markeith

avinash blais


I had Arnie Vandercruyssen as my road tester, and he was very good. He was calm, collected, and would tell me what I did wrong on the road. It was not stressful at all, and we talked, which helped me feel like it was just a normal day driving in the city. If you need to take a road test, or want to take one here, ask for Arnie. The location is great, and their classes were very informative on how to pass the road test.

Sagar N

Observations: 1) The parking test area at the rear end of this building is uneven for first timers. Beware! 2) The rods on the cones are not straight. Most of them have a 15-30 degrees bent. I guess this makes it difficult of first timers 3) "Sue" the lady instructor has her own set of rules. I have referred 3 first timers who had been driving pretty well on freeways and highways; yet to my surprise all of them were failed in less than 5 minutes into the test with the same old reason. "Lack of control" 4) Most of them cleared the test the very next day from some other testing agency with very good feedback. It would have made sense if the instructor had abruptly stopped the test if the potential driver made some major/dangerous/illegal mistake. Where is it written that one has to complete parallel parking within 5 step turns? So long as the driver manages to safely park the car within the assigned slot without hitting the cones/crossing the lines; it is fine. This is exactly what other instructors told to all of the fist timers who posed the same question after their respective tests. BTW; all of those who were failed passed the road test from nearby by institutes within 24 hours with good feedback. So my question is ; can one develop vehicle control within a day's time. Bottom-line; sue was only interested in making quick money from first timers. Make them fail for silly reasons which would puzzle most and then quickly offer them with payment options to re-schedule the rest. The worst part is she won't even allow the student to try out the recommended procedure at the same spot after declaring the student is failed. This is what irked me the most. I guess an additional 5 minutes of her time was too costly. I would NOT recommend this institute to anyone going forward. A good instructor needs to be approachable for a first timer otherwise no one would feel comfortable to learn and come back. There are many good professional managed driving institutes & instructors very much available in Troy-MI. Please look elsewhere if you are a first timer.

Joe LoGrasso

My teenage son took his drivers test with Arnie. I have to say it was an excellent experience. Arnie made him feel at ease with his comments and was very helpful and encouraged him to ask questions. He pointed out some things that teen drivers sometimes miss and how to respond in typical real life driving situations during the test. My son and I were very happy with the entire experience and it was quick and easy to schedule the test. Would recommend others go there for drivers test, even if you take drivers class somewhere else.

Tim Martin

Greg Canjar - you have a glowing contradictory review of the you not also work for Academy?? Are you not also the "tall old guy" referenced in one of the other reviews?

Alejandro Galindo

Kelsey Tucker

Jill Walters

Great experience-Ask for Arnie - great instructor, very fair and wants you to succeed!

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