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REVIEWS OF Needham Driving School IN Massachusetts

Nicole Taylor (Nicole - 2020)

Meagan is a really great teacher and makes the class fun

Peter Stabnick

Needham Driving School was an excellent experience. I learned everything to make me feel comfortable behind the wheel, and informed about the law. The information was presented in an interesting and fun fashion, engaging all students and ensuring that they enjoy their learning experience. I highly recommend Needham Driving School to anyone.

Stephanie Martancik

Meagan was very informative and kept the class lively!!

Alexandra Amsden

Stephanie Godes

Daniel Filipski

Nairi Brown

If you want the driving school with the best owner, don't go anywhere else. Paul somehow has the ability to make 30 hours of driving discussion often very enjoyable and entertaining, while still doing a great job teaching. Paul is super funny and a great guy who really wants you to get your license. Not only that, but he's very friendly and very nice and somebody you want to teach your high school classes all year. He will help you get your license, whether that's helping you get your hours in, or finding the right class. I would definitely recommend Needham Driving School to anybody.

Olivia Rhodes

-100. Awful school. Appointments get screwed up. They then blame it on you. Only reason why these people have five stars is cause the OWNER BRIBES YOU INTO RATING THEM 5 STARS...

David Quinn

I have 3 of my kids go through this driving school. They all completed their driver's education with positive results and a responsible outlook to driving and safety. Thank you!

Lyndel Erold

Meagan made driving school fun.

Abbie O Connor

Giovanni Cavacini

Meagan is such an amazing teacher she has teached us so much and makes the class room environment so fun and exciting.

Elizabeth Kelly

Clare Rooney

I had Meagan as a drivers ed teacher and she was great! She was honest and upfront with you about what you need to know. All in all great experience.

Zach Harris

I had a great experience with Needham Driving School, but Anna Sab was especially awesome! She really cares about all of the kids she drives with. She has fun conversations while we drive, and makes the time fly by; she's really easy to talk to. Her advice is amazing and she really knows how to help coach you through learning to drive and improve. I would definitely recommend Needham Driving School and their driving instructor, who are all great, but particularly Anna Sab.

Clayton Braren

Awesome teacher learned a lot.

Francesca Curtin

Megan is amazing she made the learning really fun and I liked the kahoots at the end! Thanks!

Lauren Griffin

I recommend the drivers ed class with Meagan for she is super nice and funny and answers all questions and uses informational PowerPoints and then expands from there. I learned a lot from this course and highly recommend it.

MC Choi

Meagan was solid instructor. Great times with even better modules.

dude man

John Wilkinson

Meagan was a good teacher. Russian dash cams were the best part

Sheel Rege

I am an adult student who needed driving lessons. After much research I decided to enrol in the Needham Driving School- my choice turned out to be PERFECT. The school has the perfect combination of being professional yet caring. Thank you, Paul, Ian & Kristi !

halle sisenwine

Meghan was really funny and nice and let us build a gingerbread house in class (of corse still learning) now I can be an A+ driver. Thanks Meghan. U the MVP

Amel Vernon

Meagan made driving school really fun

Ivaylo Alexiev

As an adult I was lucky to enroll with NDS. The staff is very professional and reliable. For someone like me who started learning how to drive at age of 37 and never had any driving experience before, my experience with NDS was outstanding. A big shout out to my instructor Valdir Brandao who made this process very enjoyable with his personal and confident approach. Thanks to Valdir I passed the road test the very first time. I highly recommend him and NDS if you would like to get the best driving education in the Boston area. Definitely worth the money.

Serena Ski

Worst driving experience! Instructors that do not care about you passing, but rather to get as much $$ as possible! They promise to help you, but then take back their words.

Jenna Peterson

Meagan is an amazing teacher and is super funny and makes class so fun

James Topjian

Very good and nice instructor and I had a great time Meagan.

Sophia Swan

megan is the best teacher

Matt Maio

This is the best and least boring way to become a licensed driver. I heard that going through the process of getting a license was a pain, but from my experience here, I have to say that I disagree. Between the classroom hours and the behind the wheel instruction, I felt engaged in what was being taught.

Andrew Stevenson

Megan is the best.

Ian Taylor

Joseph Noone

Meagan was a very good instructor who made being at Drivers Ed enjoyable!

Chris Walsh

Meagan is always trying to make the class fun and tells stories of real life instead of looking at a screen all day but also know how to control the class when she needs to.

Paige Gallenberger (Paige - 2020)

Meagan is an amazing teacher and I learned so much from her class. She makes learning enjoyable and interesting.

Alex W

Needham Driving School is the best! AnnaSab is AMAZING!!! My friends and I had her for the class and loved it! Her enthusiasm and love of what she does made it so much fun and made the days fly by. I loved her class so much I had her for all of my hours as well. Her experience as a life coach brings a ton of "positive energy" and makes learning enjoyable. She really connects with each of her students and genuinely cares about each and every teenager. She goes above and beyond as a teacher and also teaches students to think positively and believe in themselves. I could not have asked for a better driving experience and for a better teacher. Paul is also extremely nice and makes sure all students learn in a friendly environment. I would highly recommend Needham Driving School!!!!

Marianne Kulow

My daughter just passed her road test (first try) and I am confident that she is and will remain a safe and courteous driver thanks to Paul and every member of his team. From the effective and engaging classroom instruction (never would have believed that my daughter would actually enjoy and stay focused in a five-day intensive all-day course) to the parent class, to the on-road instruction, to the sponsorship of the road test, this program was of the highest quality and worth every penny.

Niko Warren

Meghan was a really good teacher and I would highly recommend going to this driving school with her.

Paige Young

Meagan was great! Thanks for teaching me all the information I needed to become a better driver!

Ellie A.

Meagan was a great teacher.


Meagan was great! She gave us longer breaks and she made class less boring!

Asemon Emami

Needham Driving School was amazing! The teacher, Megan, did an amazing job with teaching and the environment nice and clean. Safe and fun place! High recommended!

Abby Frank

Megan is the best I love her and class was so fun I actually looked forward to driving school. Her stories are funny and I had a lot of fun while learning

Alice Panchaud

Emma Bassett

Meagan is so welcoming and fun to learn from. 10/10 would recommend. classroom environment is extremely positive.

neilie alperin

Meagan was the best!

Noah Crable

Great driving school so far! Meagan is a great instructor and I enjoy her lessons - there's never a dull moment.

Alex Mosley

Meagan was the best.

Alik Gerovitch

Brian Ambrefe

The school prepared my daughter well and I feel that she is a cautious and confident driver. The instructors were all great and Paul made the process very easy and understandable for the parents. It is very apparent that three generations of devotion to driver's education produce superior results.

Meilani Ching

Paul taught me to be a safe driver and I enjoyed being in his class.

Zoe Tunkelrott

Needham Driving School was the way to go. Paul kept the class interesting and fun, keeping the students interested in the class. Paul is the best!

Dylan Rosen

Colm Kearney

My time here at Needham driving school was greatly enhanced by the exceptional instructions of Meg. Great lessons and even better friendships. Brackets and videos were fun good times.

Nan Alexander

Bad experience in so many ways. I would give 0 stars if this were possible. Very expensive. Each instructor has a different way of explaining parallel parking, so it is very confusing. When it comes time to take the driving test, the layout is so tight, the test is more difficult than at the registry. The OWNER is like a drill sergeant. STAY AWAY!

Koll Phillips

Meagan was an immaculate teacher and made drivers ed entertaining and fun.

adam Traister

Meagan is a great teacher and is very funny

Sal Uddin

Joseph Hamilton


Matthew Matejka

Just finished up my 30 hours today with the accelerated course! Couldn't have been happier. Although there was a lot to learn, Paul made the experience fun and exciting and was very interactive with the class. He definitely had to put up with a lot, and I applaud him for his teaching ability. Definitely would recommend the Needham Driving School to anyone who needs it for their 30 hours. Worth every dollar. Thank you!

Theodore I Knopf (2020)

Meagan is a good teacher and allowed me to reach my peak learning

Jane ODonnell

Meagan made drivers ed an experience that I actually enjoyed. She's hilarious and honest, while also teaching us the rules of the road in a way that helps us remember them. She shows us current and relevant videos to keep us engaged in the material. She is more than fair with giving breaks and gives prizes when we play kahoot. I loved Meagan!

Julia Kasinger

Meghan was my teacher for the classroom section of drivers ed, and honestly made the experience worthwhile and a lot better than I expected. She was funny, low-key, and talk in a way that was interactive and interesting. Solid 10/10 teacher.

Ben M

Maura McLaughlin

If you're trying to choose a driving school there should be no question: Needham Driving School is the best one out there. Paul somehow managed to make the 30 hours of classroom lessons fly by. Not only does he teach us the required material from the manual, but he gives us lots of advice from his own experiences for when we start driving that will make it a lot easier to get started. I would recommend NDS to anyone!

Olivia Badertscher

Julia Patkin

I had Meagan for drivers ed and she was great! She is super funny and such a good teacher!


Meagan is pretty chill.

Camille Walter

Paul is remarkable. He is very understandable. He makes the class educational and fun.

Dana Grey

I just finished my 30 hours of instruction with the Needham Driving School and they could not have gone better. I was lucky enough to have Paul, the owner, teach my class who taught all the material in a fun and interesting way, which is difficult to do for busy teenagers. I am also completing my driving and observation hours with NDS and have been very pleased. All of the instructors I have received have been kind, helpful and have showed me exactly what to expect on the license test. If you want engaging and informative classes and driving lessons, Needham Driving School is a great choice.

Isabelle Page

I whish I could put 0 stars for this school but the Sysyen don't allow That this school It's a big ripoff and postpone the student because they are not organize AT ALL they are all about the money so do yourself a big favor and stay away from this school 0 in customer service 0 in keeping up with students 0 in calling back 0 in organizations make long story short 0 stars for this ripoff school there is many School around that are better service and faster respond and cheaper price

Allyson Tierney

natalie cutter

Needham driving school is actually really fun! All my friends who have taken drivers ed elsewhere said it sucks and is so boring but I have had a really fun entertaining experience at needham, while still learning a lot! Megan keeps the mood fun and light, but serious when needed. She's great!

Will McInerney

In drivers ed, we learned about the basics of driving while under the fearless and commanding leadership of Megan the Vegan. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable and thrilling education of the road

Ben Buckley

Great place to learn how to drive. They make it fun.

Melanie Homsy

I had a great time here at needham driving school, the instructor Meagan Ryan is great and fun. She doesn't make it a boring 6 hour class but she incourages you. Highly recommended for any one who is looking to taking drivers ed classes

Gabriel Harris-Fortney

Megan is an Awesome and fun teacher. I recommend going to this school.

Parker Jonissi

Top line is, Paul is a boss. Him and the other instructors ranged through a wide variety of looking at the various subjects we were meant to cover, while at the same time being incredibly engaging. Whether it be through personal narratives and stories, educational Videos, or simply interacting with the students, each 2/3 hour session was exciting and quick. The material needed was all covered, as well as remembered. Bottom line is, Paul is a boss.


Megan was excellent. Very nice and very helpful!!

Will Carlin

AnnaSab was the greatest teacher I have every had. She connects with the kids better than anyone else. She understands what is important in kids learning. She finds interactive ways teach us the material, and made the days fly by. I would highly suggest taking this course. -Will C.

Eamon Doherty

Meghan is a great instructor and makes class very fun! I would recommend going to this school.

Greg Walter

Carter Sanders

Needham Driving School(NDS) is the best. I got my permit a couple days after I finished my 30 hours with Needham Driving School and as soon as I got on the road I already felt comfortable because of the training. Paul, the owner of NDS, is an awesome and funny guy who makes the class fun while at the same time teaching really efficiently. It was also really easy for me to get there even though I lived half an hour away because my parents didn't have to drive me or pick me up because NDS is a 1 minute walk from the Needham Heights Commuter trail station. I would highly recommend NDS to any new driver, it was a great and helpful experience.

John Banelis

Meagan is the best teacher!

Issy Forte

Needham driving school makes 30 hours seem quick! Paul is really funny, too!

Jenna Simes

Meagan is the best drivers ed teacher ever and I learned so much in her class

Juliana Kwon

Megan was a really great drivers ed teacher, she made the class really fun yet she taught us a lot through slideshows, videos, and her own personal experiences. Really great class.

Michael Derenzo

Mr. B was one of the best Instrutor, he went out of his way to drive me to Milford RMV to let me take the Road Test. At no Point did Mr. B become angry for going out of his way, and didn't want to except any graditude for the work.

Grayce Unger

Meagan was a great teacher!

Julien Gomez

Megan does Kahoot. So there's that. She's super chill, and an all around nice person.

Carleton Bilyew-Conn (Carly - 2020)

Megan is the best! Makes the class more fun.

Marisa Mootoo

i took classes at the needham driving school and i have my lisence now thanks needham driving school !

Samantha Burns (Sam - 2020)

Meagan told interesting stories and made the lessons enjoyable and intriguing

Charlotte Underwood

Meagan was great! Made driving school less boring

Anna Hennessey

Meagan was a great teacher and helped me really learn.

Matthew Nielsen


Harry Golen

I had Meagan Ryan as my instructor. She was extremely entertaining and made driver's education a riveting experience. Overall, I rate this experience with five stars because Meagan's vast range of life stories and wealth of experience made me a good driver.

Olivia Caporizzo

Anna Sab is the best driving instructor i could ever ask for. Her passion and devotion to her job and helping us 16 year olds learning how to drive is truly incredible. She gives her students the real information and common sense that is needed to master the roads. With out her i do not think that i could have learned as much as i did. I highly recomend needham driving school and their wonderful instructors.

Andrew Deery

Meghan was a very good teacher and I felt very prepared for the test.

Henry Huvos

Meagan was a great and chill teacher and made waking up early on a Sunday a bit better

Spencer Karofsky

Julia Bilodeau

Meagan is so funny and a great teacher!

Christopher Bezdedeanu

Had a great time here at Needham Driving School. Meagan Ryan was an awesome teacher and the PowerPoints were very informative and much more effective than just a lecture with note taking. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs to take Drivers Ed (try to take the weekend or weeknight classes with Meagan!)

Jackie Regenauer

Shwetha Vinay

A great school with exceptionally engaged instructors and an incredible staff as well. I want to especially mention Cynthia (who is an amazing teacher with a lot of patience and a great personality). I just had one lesson with her but she was amazing. I also want to say, a big thank you to Ian. Though I didn't do classes with him, he was present at the road test and put me at ease both times and walked through the whole process calmly and gave me a lot of last minute pointers which most definitely helped me with nailing it the second time around. But my biggest thank you would be for Bill who gave me a lesson a couple of days before the road test. He is such an exceptional instructor who went that little extra mile and totally made me confident about getting it right the second time around. I wanted to thank him for his encouragement, patience and confidence in me that helped me smoothly pass the test. You are one heck of a teacher, Bill!!!!

Henry Underwood

Meagan is the best driving Ed teacher ever and she is super nice, chill and funny!

Eric Tase

Very nice and funny instructor named Meagan. Had a great time!

Camron Dioun

Thanks Paul

Eleanor Boyd

Claudia Cortell

Meagan is a great instructor she’s super chill

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