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REVIEWS OF Emile Driving School IN Massachusetts

Hana Haloui

I didn't know anything about driving, taking 10 hrs of driving was awesome and worth it because now I know many things about driving that I never knew before.

kevin sharer

Took a 1 hour drive with the instructor here, and I have to say, I'm normally a really calm person on the road however I felt nervous with him. Constantly grabbing the wheel and constantly pumping the brake 100+ feet from stop signs going only 15-20 mph. hit 21 mph and tells you to lay off the gas in a 35 mph zone... picked up phone while I was driving and constantly telling you to not step on the gas... we can't go if you don't hit the gas...

Nu Nu Laphai

tushia akhter

Worse driving school ever. I took 10 lessons from him but didn't learn anything. He keeps himself busy talking over phone at his native language that is totally disgusting. I never recommend this driving school. Don't waste your money for nothing!!

Ron Rodgers

I'd like to say this is a great driving school. They make you learn each and every part of the road test to make sure you will do well in the road test. 10/10 anytime.

Lauren Kayondo

Emiles driving school is very good and this is me personally speaking and I've learned a lot being in it I highly recommend it

Kady Dorvelus

Really great driving school they taught me everything I know Baden was an awesome instructor as was Joseph

Courtney Ryan

I LOVE emile. Ive been terrified to drive for years and Emile eased those nerves. Its cheap, hes very patient, lessons are easy to schedule. Hes great!

Calvin Ly

Emile Driving School has one of the best instructor -- Joseph Emile has patience with all of his students, so regardless if you make a mistake or do something random, he will never shout or yell at you. In addition, he actually comes to pick you up at your very own home for your driving lesson and drop you off at your home when you finish -- no need to worry about commuting. In the driving lesson, he brings you to less crowded streets and avoid place where there are traffic jam in order to give you the the best environment to sharpen your driving skills. Let's not forget that Emile offers one of the cheapest driving lessons. Emile also provide the best instructions when it comes to the road test; he will give you all the ins and outs and everything the examiner will ask you to do during the road test. If you follow the guideline he sets, you will be guaranteed to past the road test since he has been through many road tests before. Emile Driving School is the best place for one who is looking to get his or her driver license within a few months and learn to become a safe driver.

Camryn Ryan

Mohammed Yaaseen

Best experince of my life. EMILEEEEE!!!!!!!!

esther jules

Van Nguyen

Emile is a wonderful person. This place is great and has a great price compared to others in the area. Highly recommended

Irma Ayala

David Kelley

Not allow service for Deaf people

Jennifer Sterling

Worse driving school ever was suppose to start classes May 1st at 4pm from malden station they never showed up. I was their for an HOUR and when I called the guy said he was their for 50 minute's. Really because I looked out front and out back. Didn't see a car that said Emile on it at all. Don't waste your money here.


It was a wonderful experience, Vardim was an excellent instructor, as well as Baden. I would definitely recommend Emile’s driving school to anyone, they are very patient and the price is reasonable. Wonderful experience overall..Thank you Emile!!

Nithesh Javvaji

I wish I could give zero. Very overpriced and worst experience ever. Believe me guys you’ll regret if you join here.

Mekdes Tsige

Dejan Skrcheski

Darshna Patel

I was surprised that they have good reviews here. Then I noticed 6 out of 14 reviews don't say any name, so probably fake. First of all, if you are sending your teenage son or daughter here, please reconsider. The man himself does not know how to speak, can not decide which words to chose and curses a lot. One of his assistant took me for a driving lesson at 6pm on highways and the whole time he was trying to read a novel on his smart phone!!! Didn't stop doing that even after I told him that it was making me super nervous. They are also very bad at keeping records, this friend of mine went there upon my suggestion (stupid me) and ended up loosing her money.

Wishtoremain anonymous

Dear Emile, It is with such distraught and sadness I write this complaint but I must do so because I want you to clearly understand not all students are the same. As much as I didn’t want to do this for students, I must make sure whoever runs the business - whether it’s you or your family takes time, PATIENCE to read this for the better because if this doesn't stop, it will create a horrible reputation. What's worst is I am pretty sure if this is brought to your attention, because you are so stuck in your ways, you will raise your voice in complete shock and you will most likely not see your own errors. All you need to do is take time to understand where others are coming from. Sometimes teachers get stuck in ways that are comfortable for them and they forget to BE EQUALLY THE SAME WITH EACH STUDENT THAT STEPS IN THAT SEAT. This letter/complaint is not to put a red flag on your business but to sincerely bring some concerns you need to change for the better. Emile - you have an absolute way of having no patience when it comes to teaching. I firmly believe, one of the golden rules in teaching anything whether it's cooking, learning a new language, subject, whatever it is that you're expertise in YOU MUST SHOW PATIENCE AND BE PATIENT. When you don't do that, you make the person nervous and the learning process bad. Something you are skilled at for so many years, the next person may not be so skilled at even though they're intelligent in something else. The same goes for you - someone might be skilled in something and you are not and in order for you to be taught, you will need patience, calm attitude, and willingness to teach from them. For example, learning English is a process. In order for someone to teach a brand new English learner, they must remove from their mind they know English more than who is being taught and start with baby steps regardless if how long is the class. The huffing puffing, hand gestures which shows frustration is not a good response when students asks you to verbally repeat the steps for them. I understand maybe you might mean well by huffing and puffing but remember the student is a student. If someone verbally asks you the steps in something they don't remember, it is a way for them to memorize it verbally and you are supposed to help the student to show you mean well. Response such as "exactly what we just did, you will do" is not a good answer. It shows no patience, no courtesy. Another issue is you must understand that when you tell the student what to do over and over prior to them actually doing it is not a good way they'll remember what to do. You must allow the person to make an error or stay silent while they're driving with you. It makes it easier to remember. You must know that not everyone who steps in your car has a car on their own where they'll finish taking lessons with you and go practice so the steps makes it easier for them to remember. What I'm trying to point out is that students pay you. You must do the best you can even if you have 1 HR. Do you know the more you show students a softer side, they'll remember that more than anything and it will calm them down more and give them some boost and confidence? Also, another BIG suggestion is in the end of the 1 HR session - pretend they're in an exam - stay silent - try to see what they remember whether it's verbally or physically - whichever way the student prefers to do. This will be a great refresher in the end before they finish each hr session so when they go and do the actual exam, they know what to expect. Separate 15 or 10 minutes in the end of each session and do a revision of the things you realize the student is weak at. I hope you take some time to think this through and not say "there will always be a person complaining" because as you can see this was a sincere one. I hope you take this into consideration. Thank You for reading.

Allen Tang

abid shariff

DO NOT JOIN THIS SCHOOL. You will not pass the road test ever . The trainer drives half the time holding ur steering. You will end up learning nothing.

Sameer Thompson

Great driving school, taught me everything I needed to know in order to pass the road test, and even beyond that. Got my license very quickly also. GO HERE!

Gigi Hunermund

Emile is a fantastic instructor! I had a real fear of driving, so much so, I didn't get my license until I was well in my 30s. I was so afraid the first time my legs were shaking. He was very patient but didn't coddle me too much. I had tried many times in the past to learn to drive but Emile was the only one that could get me there. The first couple of lessons he was patient but by the third, he had more of a tough love approach which I really needed otherwise, I would have quit. I highly recommend Emile, he is especially good with foreigners and those who are older and learning to drive for the first time.

Monika David

nabuan naufer

I am an international student and I've been driving for 3 years back there in my country. And still I found there was a lot to know after joining this driving school. Thanks for them i got through the road test in the first attempt. Commendation granted for their friendly service and I'd happily recommend this school if you are looking for a one

Latoya S

The driver is very friendly and accommodating! If you pay attention and ask questions you'll definitely pass your road test with flying colors! Joseph is immensely patient. He literally never shouts at you even if you make a mistake. He's the best!

Andrea Fonseca Gonzalez

Its the best Drive school... I really enjoy my time driving and learning from the instructor, he is really patient and fun man who makes u feel comfortable driving... I really reccomend this school and the way as they teach u is the best..I really love it .. and I got my driver license thx to them..

Sylvia Shen

The door is closes. Does seem to be a lot if business. Only 1 driver maybe.

Baptiste Evens

Samer Mogador

The most bad driving school

camila morare

Amazing Driving classes, he is super nice and very recomendable.

AmazingWishMoney - AWM

Nalia Leviner

I'll give 3 stars because I had an incredible experience with the first driving instructor, It was my first driving experience and he made me feel super comfortable and confident. The next 3 sessions I had a different instructor, Emile, all I can say is I ended up crying because of all the pressure and bad energy. I wouldn't recommend it if you are a first time driver and are anxious about it.

Carolina Runyan

I never leave reviews, but it is not fair for us to give our money away for nothing in return. The Service is TERRIBLE. The owner was my instructor and in 40 minutes of driving class he answered his phone 6 times. I asked him to please not answer the phone while I was driving and his answer was "I will answer the phone no matter what"...I asked for my money back but he was like "There is no refund" cause I paid for the $195.00 package...huge mistake. I recomend you to pay an hour the first time ..and if you like it go ahead. I also think the positive reviews here are fake. Be careful.


Do not go to this school, they will steal your money they are not proffesionals at all. they will try to push the brake so hard and hold the steering wheels that you will never learn anything .

Gbatima Bonney

Best driving school in Malden MA area, would recommend this to anyone looking to get their license at one try!!! Keep it up Joseph and others!

Amanda Owens

Cheryl Cato

didnt get all my lesson i paid 195 for 6(YES IT WAS CHEAP BUT!) the owner isnt really good with english! my driver was okay,he help alil but i will not tell anyone to waste there time or money i dont usually write review but DONT GO HERE!!!!!!!!

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