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Spencer Haught

Never never choose this school. Before I started learning here, the school promised to book for a road test for me upon finishing the driving course. However, three weeks after telling the school I need a road test, they have done nothing to book a test for me and irresponsibly asked me to book a test myself at the RMV. Attitude of managers at the firm is absolutely horrible. Teachings are lenient. Coaches have contradicting instructions which were confusing - and they never tell you whether you are ready for a test or not so that they can trick you to have more unnecessary lessons. Avoid this school if you could.

Cow Cow

Good driving school ~ I pass tthe exam by one time. I think it is the best choice to u~

Connie Lau

Da Han

Ms.Feon is a very kind lady. She is the best coach in city auto Boston! I just passed my road test in Braintree. Ms.Feon is very helpful. God bless her!

Mandy Lee

This is a really good driving school, in driving class I learned a lot of the basics such as the hand signals and the rules of the road which has helped me while driving. The teachers are really helpful and take the time to teach you and give you feedback on what to improve on. My experience here is really good and I recommend this driving school to anyone!

Sunit Trehan

I didn't had a good experience at all. When it comes to rates, they are very cheap in scheduling for a road test and providing the Sponsors for the same but a lot more is expected. -While booking for the sponsor, I explicitly asked that will I be allowed to drive from there office to the driving test location. I was told that 'YES' I will be allowed, but the driver denied it completely on the day of test. -The car was really messy and not at all maintained from inside. -A lot more to put but I'll conclude. Conclusion:They have competitive rates but..its better paying more to any other reputed place.

Weiye Song

(Translated by Google) About a very fast test speed, a week, or even three or four days can be. When I test the accompanying exam coach (should be the driving school beauty manager) Very nice! Pre-test explained in detail the possible test routes and precautions, told not to be nervous. Exam, she has been chatting with the examiner, the examiner mood has always been great, so I passed the exam very smoothly, it is all the merits of the coach it is strongly recommended that this beautiful school manager choose to accompany the exam, coach appointment should be about 120 , But value for money. (Original) 约考速度特别快,一周内,甚至三四天即可。我考试时候的陪考教练(应该是驾校的美女老总)非常nice!开考前详细地讲解了可能的考试路线和注意事项,叮嘱不要紧张。考试的时候,她一直和考官聊天,考官心情一直大好,让我非常顺利地通过考试,这全是教练的功劳呀,强烈建议在这个驾校选择这个美女老总陪考试,指定教练约考应该是120,但是物超所值。

Charlie H

Exactly as advertised. Driving instructor was able to give location specific road test tips


Good driving school..they help easy way to get the license and provide good service.

Evelyn Hilario

Lewis and Kent are very good instructors! Would recommend getting lessons from both of them! If you’re road test is at Watertown good luck there rough

Zhe Lyu

(Translated by Google) The coaches here are very responsible, and the exam is very fast. I passed the exam here, thank you very much! (Original) 这里的教练都很认真负责,而且约考试非常快,在这里顺利通过了考试,非常感谢!

Lisa lopez

Horrible experience!! Rude reception. Only took one class with them, and the instructor is extremely unprofessional! What's worse, they use my personal information without permission. Actually, read previous reviews saw people had such troubles before, but didn't expect this could happen. Waste my time, money, and effort! Not recommended.

Aeris C

Most of the drivers are pretty good, but the cars are old. Some drivers/instructors don't even check for a flat tire before starting the lesson - resulting in me missing about 25 minutes of my 45 minute lesson without any consideration for a refund. Absolutely inconsiderate and often rude management as well, I understand the 24 hour cancellation policy but I think being in the hospital qualifies for some compassionate grounds for missing a class and not paying a full fee? I've taken at least 10 lessons here. 5 stars to the instructor James for being a great teacher. But other than that - the management doesn't care about fixing the cars or about you, just your money.

Drea d

I sadly didn't pass my road test the first time and out of desperation I purchased another road test since my permit was about to expire and I failed that as well! Moral of the story if you are paying money for services you should succeed! Not get this feeling of its your fault or pay more money! AVOID AT ALL COSTS! Go to school of wheels which I am currently taking classes at! Heck anywhere but this school oh and at the time the 10 class and road test was under 400 now I believe it is 400!


Excellent driving school

Eric Pinero

I worked with Eric. He was an excellent driving instructor and gave me lots of handy tricks. I passed my test on my first try!

Jiawen Rao

I have no experience of driving before taking lessons here. Instructors are nice and gave pretty helpful feedback. And I passed the road test on my first try after taking 11 lessons here. Great experience!

Metehan Yükselir

They are very friendly

Shirley Stephanie

This driving school helped me get my license in a breeze . Andrew & Raymond are the best !!

Anup Singh

I wish I could give a zero star to these arrogant fellows. The lady on the phone was extreme rude. She could barely speak English with correct grammar and was repeating the same thing over and over again "can not you understand", "will you come or not". I don't know if she has ever finished any school but since she gives driving classes she thinks that she is a professor at MIT.

junfeng guo

So kindly help and patiently give the instructions. The road test area is fantastic, the tester guy was well-talking! Great Experience!

Shanae Lawson

They are friendly and very helpful, especially for last minute. I called the day of becausey sponsor flaked on me and they showed up, with both the car and the sponsor for $80 ...and i got my Licence thanks to Keith (i believe his name was)

Gary H ou

The instructor is pretty good. It let me pass test for the first time. Their service is decent.


(Translated by Google) Thank God today three wars finally passed, thanks to too many people too many of thanks. I am a quasi-pregnant pregnant, I had to do good in another ad about a car driving school exam, the results of a driving school principals lied to me about the success of the test, set at the March 18 5:30 am . I'm not worried about the next morning also specifically called to a driving school principals confirmed it. I desperately timed practice for two weeks, the day before the test results when I called to ask them to stay in the subway station coaching call the next morning, the person did not actually tell me about on! There are two weeks to wait around on! I have feelings timing Bailian! Later, I heard about Urban Driving test fast, thanks to help me succeed in urban driving school one week to about three times the exam. Because too nervous forget the first time put down your hand brake, died in the beginning. The second was too tight so that there's no right way to see the wide isolation belt when straight, so straight on straight driving and can be straight lines, then the opposite direction to the front of the car road ah, before the open road in the opposite direction the crossroads is the examiner brakes. Then about the exam, I was about to Friday, on Wednesday did not expect a test of the candidates do not, know Driving Wednesday 'In Dorchester examination by the examiner good rate, I see pregnant women only specially called me to let me take the test Wednesday , reverse linear results fell twice, the first shoulder away far from the second shoulder too, thought finished set is hung up. Examination of the boys in front of me lying parallel to the car also adjust the N times, I thought hung up, the results examiner hearts are too good, actually let us both over. Thanks again for driving school about the test so quickly, thanks to coach the careful guidance, thanks took me to the examination of female coaches to help me about the exam, take me to the exam but also to help me translate, on the way to the examination room has also been emphasized exam notes, thank the Lord I met so many good city driving school instructor good teacher, help me to find a good examiner about by the high rate of examination room. Thank the Lord's mercy again, let so many coincidences happen to me. Glory to God! (Original) 感谢主今天三战终于通过了,感谢的人太多感谢的话太多。我是一个身怀六甲的准孕妇,本来我在另外一个广告做的很好的某驾校学车约考,结果某驾校校长骗我说约考成功了,定在了3月18号早上5:30。我担心约不上第二天早上还特意给某驾校校长打电话确认了一下。我拼命练计时两周,结果考试前一天我打电话问第二天早上在地铁站接站教练电话时,对方居然告诉我没约上!还有再等半个月才能约上!感情我计时都白练了!后来听说城市驾校约考快,感谢城市驾校一周内帮我成功约了三次考试。第一次由于太紧张忘记放下手刹车,死在了起点。第二次还是太紧张让直行时居然没有看见宽宽隔离带右边的路,让直行就直直的往前开,可直直行的话前面是反方向来车路啊,在开向反方向路之前的十字路口被考官踩刹车。接着约考,我本来约到周五,没想到周三有个考生不考了,驾校知道周三这个In Dorchester 考场考官好通过率高,看我是孕妇才特意给我打电话让我周三来参加考试,结果直线倒车倒了两次,第一次离路肩太远,第二次离路肩太近,心想完了定是挂了。我前面考试的那个男生平行趴车也调整了N多次,我以为也挂了,结果考官人心地太善良,居然让我俩都过了。再次感谢驾校约考这么快,感谢于教练细心的教导,感谢带我去考试的女教练帮我约考,带我去考试还帮我翻译,去考场的路上还一直强调考试注意事项,感谢主让我遇到城市驾校这么多好教练好老师,帮我约到通过率高的考场遇到好考官。再次感谢主的怜悯,让这么多巧合发生在我身上。荣耀归给神!

Sanlin Tsang

The receptionist ladies don't know how to manner, and they are all so rude.Also, they don't explain things clearly and no patient for that. I wish I could give all of them 0 star in rating. I strongly recommended never even choose this driving school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yutong feng

(Translated by Google) The city driving school is very good! The road test is one time and the coach is very patient. The boss is also very nice. City auto is trustworthy and recommended to everyone. (Original) 城市驾校非常好! 路考一次过,教练非常有耐心。老板娘人也很nice。city auto值得信赖,推荐给大家。

Junling Guo

Great school!


Great experience! I went there to schedule the appointment and passed. The boss is a really nice guy. He drove me to watertown to take the test and gave me a lot of useful suggestions. And their attitude is great!

Christine Ho

Great teachers! Teach you everything you need to pass the road test. Passed mine the first time.

Xxx- Gachalife

Very very bad I don't recommend anyone to try these criminals they will book you for another day and give you the wrong date and time and turn around to blame you and any previous driving school you may have attended as the problem at the end they won't return your money or rectify their mistakes.

Behram AGT

The tutor explains everything in detail, they are same with the road test routine and the habbit of each examiner. I passed the road test in second time. Thanks to Louis. He is the one of the patient and well-informed instructor I have met in City Auto.

C No

The Idea of customer service is lost on this business. The receptionist are beyond rude, and on top of that can barely speak english. And to my unfortunate luck I got a driver who also barely spoke english, was impatient and just plain miserable. All of this after having waited 30 minutes to even be greeted. Do not spend your money here. It's not worth it!

Ling Qin

(Translated by Google) The coach is very good. It’s over! (Original) 教练人很好 一次就过了!

shaquira L.

I passed!

kareem shaaban

I did my drivers ed back in February and at the beginning of march I went to do my road test, I passed on my first try and got my licence a week after from the rmv, it's now July of 2014 (about 4 months later) and I've graduated highschool and got my first car :) , I enjoy driving very much and it can be heavily expensive for a new driver to own a car..for example I'm paying about 1300 for insurance because I just got my own policy and I'm still young..keep in mind..1300 and that's just for 6 months..but my premium does go down as the more I drive.. Anyway about the was a great classroom experience, also I want to mention when I did do my first driving lesson, I had Jonathan and he was byfar the worst Instructer I've has...he always yelled ate and told me I was doing it wrong and then he tried to persuade me to take more than 12 lessons and pay more because I wouldn't be ready for my road test ..anyway the next day I had another 2hr lesson and it was amazing, I actually felt like I was ready for the road, with messing up here and there alil bit I still felt as a confident driver...anyway by my 12th lesson I was ready..I even took a 13th lesson out my own pocket right before about 1 hr before my road test and did great..highly recommend paying 28 bucks for a lesson right before your road test to get some rust off you..anyway the experience was great. I forgot my favorite instructors name but he was the one teaching the class and one always wore like a big black jacket lol anyway great school, enjoyed the lessons and training and now I'm the driver I am because of them, thank you city auto school ..I've been meaning to do this review for soo long now because I promised myself I would do it if I got my license because of them lol 7/22/14

Dyana Jackson

Ittai Dayan

Excellent, very calming instructor!

Emre Kilic

thay are so good and have patience. they teach everything very clearly . also cheaper than others.

Rachel Man

I can't believe all the bad reviews, I feel very comfortable in this school, and I learned a lot of driving skills! Thank you City Auto, and I highly recommend this school to others. See you on the road!

akia maiden

They were great! Took me too and from and every time I went I didn’t feel as if they were just in it for the money, I’m from Roxbury and I’m telling you the $$ is worth it passed the first time I went - rmv instructors are very ruff tho

Da Shu

The tutor explains everything in detail, they are quite familiar with the road test routine and the habbit of each examiner. I passed the road test in one try. Thanks a lot!

Timmy Luk

Good experience driving on the road and also made me pass the road test. Would recommend it.

Zainab Alyahya

Really good experience overall

candy liang

Very thing is good

Jiafeng Lu

Aditya Rao

Loved the people and the school. Especially because they have the dates available anytime you want. They gave me a quick cheat-sheet lesson a day before my driving test which was very helpful.

Kelvin Chu

Good instructor with dual language teaching, patient and tech well, I just pass the road test wroth them.starting zero to pass within 2 weeks. Nice staff and easy to book for schedule. Great school near Broadway T

Sean Jung

Ruoxi Zheng

(Translated by Google) The service was great. The teacher is very responsible. Very recommended (Original) 服务态度非常好。老师很认真负责。非常推荐

Colleen Dalton

City Auto is great and super affordable. I set out to get my license... at 27.. So needless to say, I needed alot of practice and even more patience, and the instructors at City Auto provided both. I appreciated that the school pairs you with different instructors throughout your lessons because each instructor has a different style and approach... . And I passed my road test on my first try last Friday! I definitely reccomend using thier car for the road test so you can practice in it. I also booked a lesson immediately before my test and I am so beyond happy I did -- if definetly helped me warm up and get comfortable for the test.

Way lee

(Translated by Google) Very good coach, about the test soon, the election of the examination room is relatively easy. I took the test several times before passing, if experience is the road test fails, do not worry about an exam, the exam questions for the emergence of more practice, you can also find different coaches to gain experience, it is uncertain what exactly useful to you. (Original) 教练挺好,约考也很快,选的考场相对容易。我是考了好几次才通过,经验就是如果路试失败,不要着急约下一次考试,针对考试出现的问题多练习,也可以找不同的教练获取经验,不定哪个就正好对你有用。

Phyllis Ju

THIS PLACE IS A NIGHTMARE!!! I scheduled my road test with this place, but they gave me the wrong date. When I arrived at the RMV, the office told me I was not scheduled to test on that day, and in fact they scheduled me for an exam one-month later. I had to take a day off from work and pay for the transportation to get to the RMV. THIS DRIVING SCHOOL ONLY WASTES YOUR TIME AND MONEY. DO NOT USE THEM!

fladani Silva

They did a very good job and I really recommend the training road before the road test. They teach you exactly what you need to pass. Great school !

Jane W

I think it's very very good. They give you all the tips to pass the exam. They even take you to the exam, provide the car for you and sit in the exam. I passed on first try.

Adham El-Batal

Overall a good experience. I took a couple of lessons that helped me polish up my technique (after much practice with friends). The instructors are very friendly, very patient and easy to work with. And for the incredibly low rate for lessons, it's a steal. For the road test, do expect to be crammed with 2-3 other people and to wait your turn for the road test. It does the job, but the road test is a little bit overpriced for that inconvenience.

austria arias

The wost

Dae Dae


George Yang

Front desk ladies are friendly and reminds appointment every time. Instructor Man is very experience and friendly, my wife took the package and passed the road test without problems. Highly recommended.


Don’t go over there it’s all rude the Chinese women on front it’s very rude and she doesn’t speak English very well The drivers too it’s very rude and nervous and hard too understand because the Chinese accent, I try all drivers it’s Sam 0% except one driver from hung Kong I don’t know his name at least he is friendly not like other I ask questions he said don’t talking no question !!! And the big problem it’s they take for me the road test without my accept no one called me it’s 2 times when I need to take appointment in RMV I paid $70 they said I coming to road test but I never know the school take a road test for me This is a retaliation because I don’t finish with them I take just 3 hr I don’t like those drivers and that Chinese women on front disk she rude and don’t know nothing about customer service

David Kelley

Not friendly for deaf people and not let them drive on the road. Deaf people please teach them!

Royally Rae


Aarzoo Kataria

Great place for driving lessons, passed my test in first go!! Excellent techers ans supportive staff.

Ajinkya Taware

Good service and thorough driving lessons. They are also a great value for the money. There is really nothing to fault here. Worth the $240 i spent for 5 lessons and driving test, absolutely! Highly recommended.

Duong Tran

This school is very helpful in helping me taking the road test. The service is very quick and instructors are very friendly

Lidia Guerra

This is a good driving school, they are very kind and they give good driving techniques. They don’t set you up to fail. I passed my road test the first time. They schedule your road test quick and I never had a problem with the school.

Carlos Rivera

Went to City auto school February/March of 2015 and was taught by multiple instructors which was wonderful if you asked me. 1 driver told me I was like a natural to the stuff he taught me. Another make it very clear that any mistakes I make will potentially cause me to fail, which stuck with me. I obtained my licence a month later. Between my last class and the test was about a 2 week gap which is amazing due to the fact that I passed on my first try. I do not regret coming here to learn , is like to think I'm the best driver out of all my friends , and I give credit to City Auto!

Fausto Sosa

If I could give this 0 stars I would. They are really unprofessional, $260 gone to waste. I did not pay that amount to get yelled at when was being super nice to them. I wish I could get my money back.

Taylor Arvanitis

I was hoping nothing but good to come from here but these people are rude and they hang up on you when you’re asking them a question and argue with you over the ohone

Isa Chen

It is a great driving school. Teachers here are all responsible.

jinghai wang


Sabuhi Azimzade

the worst autoschool!!

xin wan

The teachers and staff of the school is very nice and responsible. I really enjoy the lessons and the service they provided. Give them a thumbs up.

Rey Plazaola

Took 6 classes and the road test price was good, always gave me a call to remind me when a class was coming up, and if the road test was cancelled was let know before hand. Would recommend 10/10

ocalon seven

My child has passed the road test today with flying colors! Thank you everyone from City Auto School! I have just received a follow-up phone call from the school to inform us about license and auto insurance procedures. They have really done a thorough job. Eric is a very patent instructor who has done a great job both in explaining and demonstrating everything from checking the blind spot to how to parallel park. MR. STANLEY is the BEST classroom instructor who has really driven home the importance of following the driving rules and obeying the law. My child's class of 6 students has the one of the highest average (somewhere above 90) that the school has ever recorded. More importantly, his home baked goods has really helped lighten up the week long classroom training session.

William Garcia

(Translated by Google) the receptionist is too rude the teacher who attended to me is not patient and if you do not handle good English it will not be easy to understand the instructor is nothing love him if it was because I am Latino or that but these people are not friendly at all (Original) la recepcionista es demasiado grosera el maestro que me atendio no es paciente y si tu no manejas un buen ingles no sera facil entenderles el instructor no es nada amanle nose si fue porque soy latino o que pero estas personas no son para nada amables

Brandie R

I went to City Auto School with close to no driving experience. I purchased a package for lessons and a road test. I took 8 lessons and passed my road test today on the first try. Great school and great instructors.

Evgeny Shabashov

These guys are awesome! Ask for Erik as an instructor, he knows how to teach people to drive and pass a road test!

Vignesh Veerapandian

I took my test through the City Auto School and they were very responsive with their services, although it was at the last minute. The driving instructor was very helpful and she was very good with the tips. Overall, it was a stress free experience.

Jing Mi

The lady on the phone is extremely rude and arrogant. Initially I like this school because their coaches are patient and careful. The annoying things came later. I told them when I book my first class that I want to buy a 5 classes+1 test package. But they still charge me 85$ for road test. That's insane. The most annoying thing is they used my information to register me for a road test without my consent. I don't know why they did that. Maybe they want to reserve a spot in case anyone want to take test earlier. This makes me very angry. Moreover when I try to check with them on phone, the lady totally deny that and throw bad words at me. If you are sure you won't have such issues with this school, I will still recommend this school because their coaches are rather responsible.




This place is amazing they gave me a road test date when no one else would and on top of that I passed the road test with ease.... Absolutely would recommend this place to a friend Sincerely, Hassan

Ghost dance617

Great teachers. It helps to use this school in addition to practicing with others. A couple different teachers taught me different methods for parallel parking which was a little confusing but now that I practiced more on my own I realize all was sound advice. Passed the test!

Kristi Foto

Very bad school .in this place money come first after is customer .if you are not from china this place is not for us .this place need to be in Quincy not in South boston (Broadway ) no body speak English.....

Soham Sinha

Pathetic service. The teachers are rude and have no sense of decency. They pass you if you pay more or you are just on your luck. I won't ever recommend anyone to go here. Terrible experience.

clarky wough

(Translated by Google) Boston's best driving school election exam is easy too! thank you very much (Original) 波士顿最好的驾校 选的考场很容易过!非常感谢

Dachao Huang



It's good and helpful. The test appointment is quick to make.

Suveer P

The instructors are knowledgeable and tough (in a positive way). I highly recommend taking at least a couple of lessons with Eric before taking the road test. I could clear the road test without a second attempt.

Charles K

I took 1 lesson with them to review before the test, and the instructor doesn’t helpful at all. Rude! And disrespectful with annoying facial expression all the time. Bad English accent is okey, but they are not even to try to explain when they said. I got Ielts band 8 on Listening, I have no idea what they said. When I asked a simple question “what should I do when I saw...sign”. He’s boring replied that “what do you think if they said stop!!! (That was unacceptable) I came here as a student not for a test!!! Even we get the road test pretty fast within 2 weeks, but we have to go to far like 40 minutes from Boston. Furthermore than that, the instructor doesn’t help us anything before the test. Poor driver instructor ever! If you are an owner of this business, Please hiring someone friendly with a sense of human! Not recommended at all for anyone to get a car sponsor from this school! There are a plenty school in East boston area. I wasted my time for 5 hrs and almost $200 to get nothing.


(Translated by Google) The road test is very smooth. The driving school teacher is very nice. Very careful. (Original) 路考很顺利 驾校老师人很好 很细心


(Translated by Google) The teacher is very good, once passed, thank you. (Original) 老师很好,一次通过,谢谢。


libing Hu

(Translated by Google) I arrived at the road test in a week, great! (Original) 一个星期就约到了路考,超级赞!

Sheen Xin

I recommend one of their instructors, LEON. He is really a good teacher for beginners, even those who have Driving Phobia. Leon is very patient and considerate, he could understand your fear, so that he would never make you feel more nervous. He taught me little by little, and gave me lots of encouragement. After about 5 classes, I totally got rid of Driving Phobia, and even felt that driving is an interesting thing. In addition, he is professional and reliable. During every class, he taught me many details and techniques which are not only useful for road test, but also crucial to daily driving. Compared with instructors who taught my friends and my husband, Leon is definitely one of the most ideal teacher for you to choose, no matter you want to pass the road test or you just need to improve your driving skills. Only one thing I'm not satisfied with, it is too difficult to make an appointment with him, because he is way too busy... By the way, the instructor who took me to road test is a very good instructor, too. His name is Zhou, very nice and kind-hearted.

Ch en Li

(Translated by Google) The service is very good. The road test is very smooth. The coach is also very good. (Original) 服务非常好 路考非常顺利 教练人也很好 五星好评

Suhail Tahir

This is excellent driving school.. i learned from Leon and chan..they were very nice patient teachers and teach everything in detail..I whole heartedly recommend this driving school...

Venkat Gopi

I lose confidence rather than gaining it by going with this school. There are instructors who literally shout at you making you feel even more nervous for the road test. Plus they don't give you any information regarding the road test when you book it.

Pegasus Lee

After three weeks training, today I pass my road test today. I want to thank my driving instructor Eric and the driving school. I am new immigrant to US. Like some other students, I know how to drive in my country, but did not know that much about the traffic rule in US. I chosed this school because my husband passed the road test several years ago and recommend it to me. That's why I practice driving with their instructors. Well, they have lot of instructors and each is different style. So, pick one that fits your style. I paid the 15 classes package, thus I have many chances to drive with different instructors. Only thing I need to do is make appointment for the class and road test. They booked the road test for me and bought me to road test area, so you do not have to worry about it. It is easy for me that I do not have to go online to book the road test which takes three months waiting time. That's what I want to share, so good luck to you all.

Danielle Danielle

The school was awesome. If you are someone who can't take constructive criticism constantly than this is not the Auto School for you. The criticism made me a better driver, more aware of the rules of the road and very cautious. Driving on the road is not only about your safety but the safety of others as well. I brought the 10 Driving Lesson + Road Test package and purchased three other lessons the week of my road test. I had James and he was awesome!!!!!!! He was very practical and easy going. He called me out on all my faults and was very patient every step of the way. I also had a man named Ray who was very very patient and kind. He was not full of critiques but he made driving seem so fun and totally let me take control of the wheel (with his foot on the brake the whole time of course). Closing my review I would say this school was an overall 5/5 for me. Everyone was patient and kind I would definitely advise everyone to take an extra lesson an exact hour before there road test like myself! It worked wonders! I PASSED.

David Morse

Bad experience with school and owner

Thelonious Monk

The people in this school are engaged in illegal behavior. After I did my road test and failed, they continued scheduling road tests for me without my consent and without letting me know!. I realized about that because I tried to book a road test at a different school and they told me that RMV detected someone else also booking for me. Because of this, I had to cancel my second road test twice and lost my money with the second school. When I visited the auto-city driving school a couple days ago they admitted that they been booking illegally without my consent. This whole RMV system in Boston is very rotten and this school is at the core of the problem.

limin wang

When I decided to apply for a driver license i find a couple driving school online. After comparison I chose city auto driving school. It turns out to be really wonderdul. The teachers are rich in experience and responsible.The staffs working in the office are very nice too. I always call to make a appointment for class.They did their best to provide us a satisfying service. Before taking my road test,they gave me a lot of useful advices.Now I got my driver license. All I want to say is thank you for everyone in this school. I would tell more friends about this great school.

Judii Grant

Great school, great teachers got my license easy

Nicholas Chen

Please take in mind that the other reviews for this school are mostly 2 years old. I'm not sure how City Auto was in the past but as of 2014 they don't deserve their 5 star review. I've been taking lessons from City Auto for about a month now and at first it was going well. I had a fantastic teacher called James. However every time I scheduled a new lesson I would be treated with the rough customer service. Every single attendant I've spoken to has acted as if they have better things to do and wanted to get off the phone quickly. They're extremely disorganized and couldn't keep track of how many lessons that I have taken. When I called in to ask if I could book lessons they just yelled at me "Do you have a permit?!" not even a Hello was uttered. I recall the first time I went down to the City Auto offices and the lady managing the "front desk" was just trying to shoo my money out of my wallet. She didn't notify me that it would take 45 days to book a driving lesson and now I must wait for a month and a half before I can take my test. The website is also very vague on the packages that they offer. City Auto claims to be a bilingual driving school, however they only say this because their teachers only know basic english words like "right turn" "reverse". This makes things very difficult when you mess up because you're stuck in the middle of the road without someone to give you clear, concise instructions. These kind of situations happened to me multiple times when I had to switch teachers. I have given this review a 2/5 because I had a very good teacher. Unfortunately the poor customer services will lead me to discourage my friends who are looking for driving schools in Boston. If you are someone who doesn't like to spend 30 minutes on the phone with someone who can barely speak English simply to book one lesson. Or you would like a teacher who provides clear, concise instructions in coherent English City Auto is not for you.

Madhava reddy Bomana

Surya Irawan

With the help from City Auto School i passed the road test easily. The staffs and the driving teacher are really helpful and friendly.

Aazer Siddiqui

everyone here is friendly. probably the best driving school in the boston area -- you get a car, sponsor, and test within 2 weeks for $120, all you have to do is bring your permit. good whether or not you speak chinese. was able to pass my license test through them.

bdz fdb

Was great and really cheap, passed on the first try.

Humoyunmirzo Abdujabborov

Excellent bilingual driving school! Very quick in road test registration. Usually can get any road test registry within a week. And at last, they helped me to get my license!

Emilia Chen

I make an appointment at 8:30 in the morning for a road test, but instructor shows up at 8:56. He doesn't say sorry for being late.There is 28 degree after the snow day. The receptionist is extremely rude. She told me to wait for 8:30 in the T station and instructor will come to pick me up. I wait about a half hour in the freezing morning at the T station, don't she need to feel little sorry for me? All right, she thinks I am wrong because road test is at 9:00am. Excuse me, if you already know the instructor will show up close to 9:00 am, can you please let me know? And why you told me to wait for 8:30? No one wants to wait in cold like a stupid dog. ------------------------------------------------------- This is bullshit. Don't! Please don't ever go to this drivings school. Their sucks operating system and extreme sucks workers will definitely give you a big surprise. I went to this driving school last year, yes. It is last year!! After I find out this school doesn't work out for me, I switch to another driving school. This is the time I noticed this the worst ever driving school is a completely bullshit. They kept schedule me a road test without my knowledge, since the time I went to this driving school. I only scheduled one and took one road test in this driving school. However, I find out in RMV that I have scheduled 10 road tests in my record. ( I fail one road test, since I took 10-15 classes in this driving school, the instructor didn't teach me how to drive. It made no sense for me. Front desk is extremely rude, always try to blame you). Don't ever trust them will negotiate with you if you come to the driving school. They are a GOOD LIAR. They will tell you they never do that, and they don't have proper to do it. They pretend that they are innocent. Please Don't ever trust them, because you will have unexpected road test come to you again and again. If you plan to take your own road test, RMV will reject your request because your EXAM BOOK. I believe the owner is sucking here, they even try to record your voice without your permission. BE CAREFUL with this driving school, they use illegal behavior to make money. BE CAREFUL to give out your personal information and your permit!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- First of all, I am really appreciate it of your RESPONSE, but it does not change you are a GOOD LIAR!!! The first thing you mention is you are "care each of student so much"??? and? Was I not your student ?? You didn't need to take care me? Second, it was not I received a phone call from extreme rude front desk, the fact was I call to confirm the pick up time. Please be CLEAR!!! Third, you were not negotiate with examiner. The fact was I refused to pay when there wasn't sure that I could take the road test. And then instructor finally let me took last. There was not friendly service, all right! Instructor even say something bad to me, never nice to me. It was unprofessional at all !! Fourth, I took at least 10-15 classes in your driving school, and I still failed!! Those were continues classes, how much I paid to you guys?? You tried to blame me because I didn't take enough classes, I failed?? The only statement could explain was instructor didn't teach me anything. Fifth, This is MOST IMPORTANT ONE !!! You actually schedule road test for me again and again without my knowledge. This is a FACT, not an assumption. I went to your driving school since I received my permit. This was a first place I went to, and is only place has my permit information at that time period. I started to have road test since August, and every month I have road test been scheduled. However, my first road was 12/30/2015. You are such good explainer, can you explain to me more? How does those road comes from?? By the way, Thank you for bringing up Brockton, this was the only one I scheduled when I tried to figure out what was going on. Please make a good explain to cover those fault.

fatih toy

I liked my experience about taking road test with the help of City Auto School. Sometimes it is really annoying to get this exam. I have two Driving Licenses one from my country, and one from Michigan but it was expired 8 years ago. I know how to drive but I failed at my first test, and I moved to another state. From other state it is really hard to get that exam but they help me a lot.They are really very friendly and helpful. I can trust them without hesitation. If you have some issues about Driving License I am sure they can figure out a way to help you.

Paul Dooley

Hello, I am currently 18 years of age and had no drivers ed of sorts. Looking to get my license I called 4 places within the city to schedule a test ASAP. Every one had a minimum of 2 Weeks before I could take the test, except for City Auto. I was able to schedule my test within the week and had the option of a lesson before to give me an idea of what the test pertains to; hand signals, hill parking, etc. After taking the test (and passing!) I've come to the conclusion that I would have failed had I not taken the lesson before. Thanks to my man Louis and City Auto school I've gotten my license and would highly recommend them to anyone interested in driving.

Michael Terine

A really great place for driving lessons. The receptionists are extremely informative and kind. Louis is an incredible instructor; very helpful, patient, resourceful, and knowledgeable.

Travis Jan

Nice auto school

Tyler Cheng-Tau Chan

Roman Yepishev

The only suggestion I'd like to give to City Auto is to improve the interaction with the students on the phone. Since English is not the first language for the staff, some phone conversations may seem to sound rude. I have never driven in my life, but decided to sign up for 10 lessons + road test package despite what the reviews here said. The sign up was easy. Lesson scheduling is done on paper, which makes it hard to find out the times of the appointments later (and I failed to show up for one lesson due to that, the school called, but I was too far away to get there in time), so make sure you record the date and time of the lesson in your calendar as well. At the end of my 10th lesson I was still not sure I have what it takes to get through the test, and my instructor suggested taking more lessons. Two lessons later the instructor was still not entirely happy about my overall skills, but suggested that I am ready for the road test. The road test can be scheduled a week in advance if the location does not matter (that's what I chose), or, if you prefer a particular location, the wait times may be much longer. My test was held in Lynn, and the road was completely unknown. The test itself was easy - turns, T intersection, parallel parking and three point turn. Unfortunately, I was the only one who passed. The other students failed due to: not looking into the mirrors/checking the cars on the left while merging into the street, turning too fast, running the stop sign, not stopping before the T-intersection, not understanding the "park downhill", "park uphill" context (where you are supposed to assume you are parked that way and adjust the wheels accordingly), and demonstrating no sufficient English knowledge as examiner tried to ask the student to turn on the blinkers/switch into reverse. I would recommend this school, provided that you can can handle the corrections voiced by the instructor and are willing to learn.

jiahui shi

(Translated by Google) City auto is very good. The coach is very good, the conversation is very careful, the exam content and details will be carefully explained. The service is also very good and will be notified by phone before the course begins. I passed the exam today and I am very lucky. Thank you city auto. (Original) city auto很好。教练很好,讲的很仔细,考试内容和细节都会认真讲解。服务也很好,课程开始前会电话通知。今天通过了考试,很幸运,谢谢city auto。

Weng Lam Lou

Great school Awesome instructors. Louis is patient and teaches well! Passed on first try.

Xiaojin Wang

Coach is perfect and very kind.

dashuri coadari

They are horrible. Rude with no customer service skills

Gladys Saruchera

Feon is awesome. Very nice, I passed :)

Chon Kit Pun

Good experience, staff are nice. Louis is great and I learned a lot from him. Thanks Louis!

Sunil Bn

I recommend this school to those who are serious to learn driving. I took 10 classes with them and another one just before the test. Passed the road test in Braintree. This school is economical, Instructors are well educated and is Located near Broadway (redline). Ask for Eric or Raymond, they are excellent instructors. Overall, very good staff and school.

Ahmed Bashe

Good school

cindy zhang

This school saved my life!! I didn't pass my road test for three times for some stupid reasons and ended up choosing this school for it's great reputation and it didn't let me downnn!! The instructor went through every details before the test and made sure I knows everything and I passed it perfect! This school will let you pass 100%!

Jhoan Martinez

I heard that people are nice over there

Sihang Cai

I would definitely recommend City Auto to friends. I scheduled a driving test with them, the lady who helped me was really nice and responsive. She also gave me many tips on the test day, which were tremendously helpful. I was able to pass the test the first time I took it. I didn't take any driving lessons with them, but my friends who did said they were great.

Leslie Shepherd

i can't thank this school enough. The Teacher's you want to train you are 1. Erick 2. Matthew 3.Leon 4. Lewis. Erick is the man to see. He will get you well trained for the road test ,he is the best. Never rush your progress and take your time you'll get there. They provide the best cars to train. The Best Driving School in Boston. They care about your Progress. My Sister and i both passed the test on our first try. #Grateful

Yamile Lugo

I had taken classes here and was told I was ready to take the road test. I waited about four months to finally schedule a road test, and a class right before the road test so that the instructor could give me some last minute comments on my driving. Well, when I finally take the exam I fail. The reason Im giving them 1 starts is because when I asked the instructor where I had gone wrong he first said " I was sitting in the back I don't know" and then proceeded to to explain the reasons I had failed was because I did not signal correctly when I was parking. Mind you, that same morning I had parked 3 times for him and each time he said I had done well, he did not think to comment on that... mmhh ok. but he also said I failed because I did not give right of way to another car correctly. Something similar had happened that same morning where I was giving too much right of way and was not exercising my right of way enough. Even though he said that he did not think to refresh me on it, that was the time he was supposed to refresh me on it, not after I had failed. This must be some weird scam, we went all the way out to Lynn to take the exam. A girl that came said that was her 5th time and a dude said it was his 3rd. It was just all off-putting. I will not be going back there, I recommend you find somewhere else to go.


The teachers here are really nice!!!

Kathleen Li

I passed my road test finally after 4 tries. Previously, I hadn't taken lessons and was a very nervous driver. The instructors here are really good and put you at ease. Kent especially helped me stay calm and was very funny. Bought their package of 10 lessons. It was worth it.


(Translated by Google) Bu research dog strongly recommended, the teacher is responsible, took a class to talk about the main points. Mainly the coach and the examiner are very familiar with the various skills. (Original) bu研究狗强力推荐,老师负责,上了一节课把要点都讲到就过了。主要是教练和考官很熟,指导各种技巧。

Инна Лобанова

I had a very positive experience with this school. I took 3 classes with Andrew and learnt a lot of helpful things. Each class, we did a lot of parallel parking, 3-point turns, etc., and driving in the area. Andrew taught me a more efficient way of parallel parking and gave me a number of hints that I find very helpful for my future driving. I previously took 3 classes with another school in Cambridge, and that instructor barely taught me anything. I'm very happy I switched to the City Auto School. Also, before my first class, I read the reviews online and got quite scared. But the ladies at the reception were nice to me, Andrew is a great driving instructor, the prices are lower than in many other schools, and passed my test. I recommend getting a class right before your test, this helped me to stay calm on the test day.

Denise Bailey-Castro

Ryan is a fabulous instructor and very patient. I was an extremely nervous driver but he worked with me and made me feel more comfortable. I was prepared for the road test and passed with Ryan's help. I have recommended him to friends and they have all agreed.

Yuting Kou

Best driving school ever! I didn't know how to drive before, but I learned it well and passed within just ONE WEEK with the coach KENT. He is so brilliant and patient, teaching me what the key points I need to notice. He taught me not only the skills how to passed the test, but also how to driving safely in the real life. Best teacher, best school!

Veronis Sanches

Took 10 classes, different instructor EACH time. Could only understand half of my instructors. I was taught the basics around South Boston but when I went for my road test, I was brought all the way to Watertown. I failed my road test in an unknown city for something I was never taught.

Shalin Sitwala

I've had a pretty good experience with them. I wanted to be done with my driving license process/application ASAP! I took the online test at Boston RMV on a Wednesday. Next week on Monday, after quite some research online and multiple phone calls to different driving schools, I finalized City Auto School. Went there on Monday to pay the Road Test fees (they accept only cash.) As I wanted it to be ASAP, I had to pay a little extra than their normal fees, but they got me the road test for that Thursday. Took 2 lessons with them the next day, the instructor tells you a lot of things, where you are going wrong in every situation. Side note, I have driven for quite some years in India, I took these lessons just to get familiarized with the rules here. On the day of the Road Test, they called me to the driving school at 1 pm. The lady took us (me and some other students) to Dorchester for the road test. I was the first one to go, they make you do the usual things (3 point turn, parallel park, pull over) and if you know how to drive, it's pretty basic. Passed the test. The lady dropped us back to the school. Went to the RMV, paid the fees. One week later, got the license in my mailbox. Not knowing people who own a car and all the other hassle is saved if you go with them. Great for international students who want a driving license here. Tweet me @shalin99 if you've any questions.

nur hasan

very bad. the receptionist lady doesn't know manner. the reschedule lesson time without even letting you know. i wish i could give them a zero rating. the instructors are very difficult to understand due to their poor english.

Tural Alizada

Absolutely unprofessional place. I took an appointment in Dorchester and they brang me to Braintree. When I argue they just said sorry. That's not how it works.

zhao xuan yi

(Translated by Google) This driver's license is very good, very responsible, the person in charge is very nice, the exam is faster than other drivers, recommend everyone! (Original) 这个驾照很棒,非常负责,负责人很nice,约考试也比别的驾照快,推荐大家来!

Huan Mi

I am so happy today, I passed my road test just for once. The teachers here are very nice. They are pretty serious and teach me how to drive step by step. The staffs here also very nice. They help me schedule every class and my road test. They help me save lots of time. I really appreciate their great help~


Rose Ioannidis

Awful! They don't bother to explain the most basic things you need to pass your test.

abhishek sinha

Maggie Lee

I recommend going to this driving school because it helped me learn a lot and it made me become a good driver. The first driving lesson i went to, i was so nervous since I had no experience at all but the instructor guided me and taught me what to do. All of the instructors that I had were all so helpful in helping me learn to drive and I am very thankful for that! This is a really good driving school and I wouldn’t had passed the road test without being at this school and learning from these amazing instructors. This was a very fun driving experience!

ying wang

(Translated by Google) Great driving school (Original) 很棒的驾校啊

Alinson Sanquintin

They scheduled my road test at the braintree RMV in just two weeks. Also, the instructor gave me advice prior to the road test which made the test so much easier to pass.

Di Shen

Very nice teachers there! Recommendation: Leon! He is manager and anyone who wants to pass the exam just go there find him~

Zihao Wu

I got my license very quickly with their help!


(Translated by Google) I finally passed the exam today, thank you for your kind help! It is recommended that you can engage in an online system and learn about the classes directly on the website. (Original) 今天终于通过考试了,感谢老板娘的热心帮助!建议约学车可以搞一个网上系统,直接在网站上进行约课,方便很多!

yafeng chen

I am student of City Auto School. I spent good time with my coach and my coachs are really nice. They help me a lot! Now I passed the road test! If you want to study driving , city auto school is good option.

Nekkitta Ransom

I took this driving school before my road test and Andrew helped me pass with flying colors. I strongly recomend!!!!

boochy diayi

The instructor was really good and patient after I failed my driving test twice, I decided to try out City Auto school did a road practice with them on Monday and on Tuesday went for my Road Test and I passed. Am so happy

Au'SHAY Chucuma

I called city auto right before my permit was expiring in a week. They had multiple open test dates as well as classes before then , I was able to practice with city auto right before taking the road test which was very helpful , they have the best advice as well as training and I passed with flying colors definitely recommend city auto to ANYONE who needs a driving school.

Peter Masch

Horrible service

Yuhan Wang

(Translated by Google) Very good driving school. Teachers praise, as well as Cantonese teaching. Helping to book an exam is very fast! ! I arrived in three days. (Original) 非常不错的驾校。教师好评,还有粤语教学。帮忙预约考试非常迅速!!三天就约到了

shiz coleman

Just got my license back! Nice quick service! The lady that works there is very helpful and nice!

aly Gonzalez

If you do more then 1 or two lessons you get different drivers with two different ways to teach you how to do things so you end up confused as to what to do. I also had a family emergency on the day of my lesson legit family member in hospital in a coma and was told she wasnt doing good as it just had happened I called and they told me I couldn't cancel the appointment because of there policy. So a family member could have possibly died and I had to go to the driving school. The receptionist had the nerve to ask me while I was there if I was going to take the lesson. What a dumb question.

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