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REVIEWS OF Art Driving School IN Massachusetts

murali Pasumarti

They are helpful in getting a non-driver to get enough confidence to get on to the road!

Jo Jo

Awful! Arts driving school has a rude instrutor. She should not be working as an instructor. This type of job is only for people who like to work with people. She treats the students as if they were just numbers. Fifty dollars was paid to Art Driving School for her services . I wanted a class before my road test to correct/evaluate what I am doing wrong. At the end of my CLASS she was asked what were my weakness. The instructor was evasive and she did not tell me what I should improve. She just said to keep practicing!!!! Absurd!!! I would never pay for extra classes to her if she didn’t give me a professional evaluation of my driving skills after that class. She never said I was not ready for the test. How come? Fifty dollars was for one-hour driving class per school employee. The total amount paid to Art driving school was $180.00 cash. They only take cash payments. My road test was today in a car I have not driven before and I failed. I am fine with a couple of comments from the RMV examiner. But I do not agree with the difficulties faced with Art’s driving School’s car. Some students that I had chance to speak complained about the instrutor and the car provided by the school as well. The speed pedal (car used on the road test) demands more than normal from the students. I have a 2015 car and I feel comfortable and safe driving my car. Students have to step harder the speed pedal. The car does not move with a gentle touch at all. The only way to make the car move is by pressing harder the speed pedal of the car. However the car speeds up. Another student who failed the road test as well said she also had this problem and she believes she failed the test because of the car. She thinks the examiner understood she did not know how to control the car. In my case I think the examiner understood I was driving too slow, not in the proper speed. He did not realized the car has speed pedal issues. The car is not a normal car. I was driving safely. I failed when I did not use proper steering wheels technique to make turns. The instructor did not say anything I do not have “proper steering wheels technique “. I did the driving class with her!!!!!! I drove with her for one hour . If she had had told me that I would have practiced it for the road test. If I was not good enough to pass the test I was expecting the instructor to tell me to postpone the road test because of this, this and this. (Explain me the reasons). I would not have hesitated to hire another hour with the instructor ($50.00). I wasted $180.00+ $35.00 (RMV). I am not going to spend another $215.00 again. At the end of my road test I asked the instructor what I did wrong. She was paid to be my interpreter for the road. She did not say a word. She only said to practice more and more. In about 90 minutes wait for my turn to do the road test, I spoke with 3 people who said had trouble with the speed pedal too. At least 30 people did the test by 1 pm this Saturday. The schedule for the road test does not work. When you get there at the scheduled time you will have to pick a number and wait and wait. I waited for about 90 min to take the road test. The school was closed and you wait in the hallway and there is not heat at all. Next time I am going straight to the RMV and do the road test there. I will have a sponsor and I will drive my own car. I believe you will be treated with respect, not yelling, not rudeness. The instructor was paid to teach us! She should have pointed my weakeness. I wanted to correct my mistakes. I am going to hire another instructor in another driving school. I do not recommend the school.

Yashaswini K

Excellent driving school to learn good driving techniques in general and particularly for the road test. Jim was extremely helpful, patient in correcting mistakes and smart in providing tips. Classes well suited even for beginners. I could pass my road test in very first attempt, thanks to Jim. I would definitely recommend Art Driving School.

Andressa Santos

I highly recommend this driving school , they speak Portuguese and English. They are easy to get a hold of either through email or by phone. The price is affordable and most important they are very friendly. The teacher is great she made sure I was 100 percent ready for my driving test . Thank you Art driving school Fagner

Fernando Oliveira

(Translated by Google) Hello world! I recommend Art Driving School and instructor Nathalia. Because your instructions are excellent. Thank you Nathalia

Gustavo Almeida

Eu e minha esposa ficamos muito satisfeitos com o atendimento dessa auto escola. A Natalia foi muito atenciosa e o seu trabalho foi fundamental para a nossa aprovacao. Recomendamos com certeza!

fernanda moreira

I gave this place 5 stars because all the staff here are super friendly, especially Natalia. I was indicated to this school through a friend who said she drove with an incredible instructor- Natalia. She said she was super patient and helpful, making her feel calm and ready for her road test. I and my husband both took our tests here and we were epecially grateful for Natalia who was very professional and patient giving us all the neccesary support needed to pass our test.

Narayana Jujjavarapu

Jim is a very good instructor and friendly.

Mario Olivares

I have put both my wife and my older son in classes with Art driving school. My wife who has a serious case of nervousness was able to drive after a few classes. They were very understanding and concerned with her nervousness. They took there time and were very patient with her. Never had any bad feedback from my wife when she got finished at the end of the day from her classes. All I know is that she was very happy knowing that she was progressing. Today she is driving very comfortable and calm and has her drivers license!. I'm so proud of her!! After such great experience the first time around with Art driving school I decided to put my son in class. They treated him with respect and made him feel secure. He did not take as many classes as my wife did. He actually took 3 classes and he was ready for the road test. Today he's driving with his new drivers license!. I want to say thank you to the Art Driving School. They did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend them to any one who is thinking about drivers ed or wanting to take a few classes before taking there road test. Thank you guys for the patience and working with my family.

Norma Chavez

Best of all driving schools!!! Both instructors are exceptional !!! Natalia and Jim taught me all that I need to pass the road test at the first time. They are always on time and they are very professional. They teach you to pass with flying colors! I highly recommend them because they have the best technique for teaching.

Rodney Oliveira

Fui muito bem atendido e instruido, obrigado pela atenção, profissionalismo, e comprometimento. Obrigado Natália.

Floriana Silva

A Natália foi muito legal comigo e a sua aula foi muito eficaz para eu passar na prova de direção hoje te agradeço por tudo

Vrushal Mhatre

Jim the instructor helps build confidence and prepares you well for road test. Would recommend art driving school.


The best experience ever. I took 7 driving classes in another school in Framingham and I took my road test in Boston without any success. Then I decided to try a new school and I found Art Driving School. It was a huge difference. The instructors are very professionals. They teach exactly what a good driver should know: How to make turns, parallel parking, safety rules etc. The instructors correct the students' mistakes without make the student feel like a fool. They also embrace the student's skills, creating an appropriate learning environment of confidence to success in driving. I highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to learn how to drive property without have to deal with a hostile school.

Cintia Deoliveira

They are very professional, the instructor is awesome, the whole team it's amazing,They try to leave you as relaxed as possible, I high recommend

Heitor Neto

(Translated by Google) Excellent teacher..recommend p who need to take wallet ... can trust did and already got my

williany ribeiro

(Translated by Google) Natália is a great teacher and helps you a lot so you can do well on the test. (Original) A Natália é uma ótima professora e te ajuda muito para que você possa ir bem no teste.

Johnson D

(Translated by Google) Just got to thank and praise the services of Art Driving School in special Nathalia, excellent professional, supportive, stimulating confidence. Best choice you could have made. Thank you so much for everything !!!! I will always recommend ... (Original) Só tenho o que agradecer e elogiar os serviços da Art Driving School em especial da Nathalia, excelente profissional, incentivadora , estimuladora de confiança. Melhor escolha que poderia ter feito. Muitooo obrigada por tudo!!!! Recomendarei sempre...

Sheila Domingos

Excelente atendimento e prestação de serviço.A melhor instrutora que já conheci super Responsável,dedicada e pontual.Obrigada pela sua orientação.

mauricio welington

(Translated by Google) This is the best auto school in the region. That's where I found competent people who work with respect and great quality! Valew Alessandra and Natalia! I am very grateful to you guys! (Original) Esta é a melhor auto escola da região. Foi onde encontrei pessoas competentes que trabalham com respeito e muita qualidade! Valew Alessandra e Natalia! Sou muito grato a vcs!

Hayden's Animal rescue Animal loving and care

Great driving school! amazing instructors and very well organized great place to take lessons and extremely helpful!!!

Kellen Gomes

(Translated by Google) Many thanks to Natália, instructor who made it possible to pass the test. In one class, I corrected and refined my driving. I passed first !!!! (Original) Muito obrigada a Natália, instrutora que tornou possível passa na prova. Em uma aula corrigiu e aperfeiçoou meu modo de dirigir. Passei de primeira!!!!

Stephanie Canales

Do NOT go here unless you plan on taking a few lessons with them because if you are not a student, they will try and find a reason to fail you or trick you. The owners and examiner did not treat me with much compassionate or respect. If I could give them zero stars, I would.

Aline Feitosa

(Translated by Google) Turning to thank Natalia who was patient and persistent with me, the classes I took with her were essential to take the wallet and without them I would not have been able to. Thank you for the attention and availability, for the relaxed moments and for being hard and demanding when it had to be, my approval has 50% of your merit, congratulations for your work!

Maria Eduarda Montans Semmelroth

Otimo atendimento, Minha instrutora Natalia foi excelente, prestativa e fundamental para a minha DL ser aprovada.

Marcos Pamponet Boston

Muito bom o service. Fiz aula pratica, fui muito bem orientado e consegui passar no teste de primeira. Obrigado pela atencao e dedicacacao. Recomendo muito a Art Driving. Marcos Pamponet

avani shah

Great experience. Driving school is very respective and flexible of your times. Would work hard with you for best learning experience.

Elione Campos

Excelente serviço! A instrutora Natália foi muito profissional, passando todas informações, dicas e ensinando tudo que será cobrado pelo examinador. Apesar de dirigir há muitos anos no Brasil, se não tivesse feito aula não teria passado no teste de direção! Muito obrigada!

Vidhi Shukla

Jim is fantastic. Very patient while teaching. Learning from him has been the best experience for me.

Steamy Pickleslip

Let me just say that the staff was friendly and extremely helpful, they answered all my questions and the driving instructor was professional and courteous, if you wanna pass come to this school.

The E Sisters

I highly recommend the art driving school my experience with them was the very good they are very professional I did only one class, the way that the natalia teaches helped me a lot to pass the first time on the road test great school thank you guys!!!

Katy Machado

Foi maravilhoso o acompanhamento. SUPER RECOMENDO. Obrigada!!!

Venku Ani

Jim is an amazing instructor and with just 2 lessons, he taught me all the maneuvers that you would tested on and I passed the road test with flying colors, as the examiner commented that I was a good driver and all the credit goes to Jim.

Sergio Fialho

Best driving school ever.... Very nice instructors! I totally recommend to everyone that is looking to get a license...They will teach you the rules of the road and the importance of sharing the road with others!

ronak limbachiya

Perfect driving school...

Edmmar Souza

excellent teacher thank you

Asvini A

I just want to thank my instructor Jim, who taught me all the necessary driving skills patiently. I would definitely recommend. Thanks!

Michelli Fernandes

Recomendo muito está escola. A instrutora Natália é muito boa, me ajudou muito!

Lucas Jose Gomes Ferreira

My instructor was extremely aggressive and uneducated, so I could not pass the test and had to look for another driving school

Lucia Barros

Natalia was recommended by a friend who was also her student and loved the very objective work she recieved from Natalia. My husband and I did the classes and the road test with the art driving school and we were super happy with the confidence and the welcome feeling the art driving school offered, especially by Natalia. Just like a friend recommended to me, I come here to recommend the art driving school and the great work of these professionals.

Kelem Monteiro

I recommend! The best driving school! Very happy with the experience

Stephany Caetano

The best class that I had. With 2 classes I passed my road teste. Best teacher ever.

Tabi Dutra

Rude people, Nathalia was 15 min late for my appointment. She Did not say sorry or hi. Unprofessional people no patience to teach. Made me feel very uncomfortable during the class.

Jhol Holz

I waited for a long time to get my license, but then a friend told me about this place, I contacted Art Driving School and a couple weeks later I was already with my drive license. :)

Sandy Healey

My son got his instruction here and it was GREAT!!! Can't say enough nice things about the owner and his wife. I wish that my instructor had been as patient with me as they were with my son. AND, he passed his test on the first try. The convenience of the Saturday road test is just another perk!!!

Muthu Kumar

I have booked road lessons and road test through this school for my spouse, it was totally a mess right from the beginning. Their front office persons were rude and not approachable. They communicate timing wrong over phone and they won't communicate over mail. even if you send any email, these guys wouldn't respond as a note of confirmation.. They would say they are overwhelmed with no of applications. There is no process to track their communications or payment, they would charge twice or thrice for the same road lesson or road test. if you suffer by their mistakes, still they charge you. Owners wouldn't take your calls and front office would wash their hands saying they don't have any authority over financial issues.. If you are looking for a pleasant license experience, I would strongly recommend this is not the right place..

Lilla Martell

I can’t ask for better teachers. My son took the class before going the his permit test. He Passed the first time round. He also passed his driving test first time. They are very flexible and understanding with the driving lesson.

Ana Paula Miranda

Fiz minha aula ontem e consegui passar no Road Test de primeira. Ótima experiência.

Mauricio De Souza

The Art Driving School are great, instructor was so professional, gave me all the information that I need to know, I recommend!

Mehul Limbachiya

Staff is good and the owner is one of the best teacher I ever saw..

Naty larisse

queria por 10 estrelas, me falaram que era dificil o pessoal da escola, como eu acho que o mais facil não é o caminho, decidi procurar o mais dificil e valeu apena, a Nathalia é super agradavél e confiante no que faz, não erra e é otima pessoa. Gratidão !

Jairo Rojas

The best school , the teacher are friendly and respectful

Marcelo Campos de Melo

Essa eu recomendo. Excelente instrutora. Passei de primeira. Obrigado pelo ensino Natalia.


Waste of money.The instructors were super rude, petty, and irresponsible (Jim and Natalia). They should both lose their teaching license. Spare yourself or your child some time and money this place is ridiculous they have no clue how to run a driving school. Not recommended go to Anderson's for good quality teaching.

Mahesh Pai

Jim is an excellent, patient instructor. He corrected my technique which helped me pass the test in my first attempt. I got to know of this place from a friend and I'd highly recommend it to any new driver.

laryssa siqueira

I recommend. I just have to thank Art Driving School for being part of this victory. Natalia is an excellent teacher and was able to provide all the tips I needed to pass the road test on my first time.

adilson cesar dacosta Dacosta

Thanks. Ar driving school. Keep good profissional. God bless Papaiemamae

Excellent school, provides all the necessary support for the pupil, I loved being with you.

Lucelene DeOliveira

Excelente escola,tive apenas uma aula com Natália,ela meu todas as dicas necessárias ,me deu liberdade de questionamentos sobre o test e foi o suficiente para eu passar no test e obter minha carteira.Eu super recomendo.

Fernando Martins

I drove in Europe for several years, but many of my friends informed me of how different exams and requirements are in the USA. Based on their comments I decided to enroll at the Art Driving School and take a few lessons before doing the exam. In two classes we went through all of the test requirements and the details of what is required in the USA. I can safely say that I learned a lot and that I would have most likely failed without the support of the Art Driving School. Thank you for all of your help! I highly recommend this location.

Mônica Moraes

Excelente , profissionais de qualidade. Transmitem segurança e te dão apoio do início ao fim. Muito grata e satisfeita.

Flavianny Marques

Fui muito bem tratada e auxiliada pela auto escola, Natalia super competente e rigorosa no ensino, pra um bom desempenho do aluno no dia da prova!! Eu e meu esposo agradecemos pelo excelente auxílio!! Thank you very much!!


Great school! The staff is bilingual and hel us on everything! I’m super satisfied with them!

Rayssa Muniz

Fui super bem atendida e preparada para a prova prática!! Nathalia explica e ensina passo a passo do que iremos fazer na prova, não teve erro, aprovada de primeira!!!! Nathalia tem um jeito super firme de ensinar, isso faz com que você aproveite mto bem a sua hora e aprenda o que realmente tem que ser feito!!! Super recomendo!

Marcelo Fernandes Victoriano

I recommend. I just have to thank Art Driving School for being part of this victory. Natalia is an excellent teacher and was able to provide all the tips I needed to pass the road test on my first time.

Renata Barbosa

(Translated by Google) Excellent experience. I already pointed it out to my friends. Do not think that arriving from Brazil and take your wallet here, which is the same thing do not do that. No professional help is practically impossible. Super grateful for the help of the PASSEIIIII school. (Original) Excelente experiência. Já indiquei para os meus amigos. Não pense que chegar do Brasil e tirar a carteira aqui que é a mesma coisa não faça isso. Sem ajuda profissional é praticamente impossível. Super grata pela ajuda da escola PASSEIIIII.

Maria Arana

This school is a joke they didn't let me take my road test because I gave them a one star, very immature. They're unorganized they made me drive an extra hour because one of them lost the sign in sheet and the wife is rude. Don't waste $700 on this "school".

Darly Morais

I take my licence this place its amazing very prossional!!! I love guys

Andre Filipe Lipe

I had class with Nathalia and she had so much patience to teach me! Thank u! best driver teacher ever!

HydBadBoy 90

The best place to get your driving lessons. Stop looking around for driving schools once you come across these guys. I'm definitely referring them to friends and family in future

Capricone Carter

I went there for several lessons and I needed to take the driving test urgently. The trainer I had would not teach me anything except how to turn left and right. He was rude and loud I reported them to the BBB every time I asked if I could schedule to take the test yet with them. They kept saying I needed to keep taking lessons they are a huge scam do not go to them and get your money stolen. Even their cars are junk too all the other reviews are full of lies I believed them went there and got my money stolen. After I have warned you if you still go to them good luck I didn’t try to get my money back because it was my stupidity. It’s so not fair what they are doing because people are trying to get there licenses so they can work. I don’t write many reviews but I felt like I should write this one.

Kumaran Muthukumar

I had a very good experience with this Driving School. The instructor Jim & his team were so kind enough and with their help I got my license last week. I will definitely recommend this driving school

Celina Teixeira

I had a great experience with Art Driving School. Natalia is a good teacher and was able to teach me everything I needed to pass the road test in my first try.

sunil t

The driving classes are very well planned. The instructors Jim and Boris are fabulous. They teach you all the necessary driving skills. They will make you well prepared for the road test. Thanks for all the skills taught and would definitely recommend.

krishna prashanth

Had a very good learning classes with JIM... Very confident to take road test. Little costly. But worth the money.

Priya Ravi

The driving license test was made seamless.

Josefa Siqueira

(Translated by Google) I just have to thank and compliment the services of Art Driving School especially Nathalia, excellent professional, encouraging, trustworthy. Best choice you could have made. Thank you so much for everything !!!! I will always recommend ... it was very difficult for me because I always get nervous when I'm in any kind of test

Alexandra Carvalho

I recommend this school pay attention in your lessons and Natalia so good person .... thanks

Arminda Souza

Obrigado a Deus por TD e vc Natalia sua dedicações com nós alunos eu recomendo a TDS obg

Hadi Moradian

I had one hour driving lesson at this school and I took my test with them too. They are very helpful, positive and polite.

Lidiane Desouza

She is an excellent tutor, thank you so much for helping me get my driver's license

Gabriela Palma

(Translated by Google) I highly recommend this auto school! Especially the instructor Natalia, super kind, capable and knows how to teach. The best of Framingham! (Original) Eu recomendo muito esta auto escola! Principalmente a instrutora Natalia, super gentil, capacitada e sabe ensinar. A melhor de framingham!

Deepak P

Good instructions, Friendly staff.

Oscarely Guerrero

Thank you for everything! So helpful and kind girls... 100% recommended!

Rene Ramirez

I got 3 classes with them! Boris and Jim are the best professionals I could meet for this type of classes,! unfortunately my first class was with Natalia and the money I paid her for this class was a rip-off and waste of time !! she was mean to me and all the time she was trying to teach me something! and while I was driving she was on the dam phone! she wasn't paying attention what hell I was doing 100% I was there to learn for my road test, I wasn't there to show her what I could do, But very happy I took classes with Jim, and Boris , and Roxana is the front desk assistant , she is very nice and beautiful lady!!

ygor coimbra

Great School, great staff, great service. Nathalia was extremely helpful and professional. I highly recommend Art Driving School . Congratulations on your best service. Art Driving School!!!

Kamilla Oltramari

Great school.and I say thank you for a patience with me.

Diego D.

Terrible school. My mom was a student at the school. Natalia, the instructor, frequently belittled my mother, was impatient, and yelled at her. Would not recommend this school to my worst enemy.

Welkin John

Great School. Very professional, help you with every little detail you need to know about safe driving. I learnt a lot and I passed my road test in first attempt. Thank you Art Driving School. I highly recommend this school for new drivers.

Gustavo Portillo

Good test

Yunielis Tamayo

Muchas gracias a la profesora Natalia por su paciencia y cariño !!!. Excelente escuela y equipo de trabajo. La recomiendo

Fred Magalhaes

Great School, great staff, great service. Natalia was extremely helpful and professional. I highly recommend Art Driving School .

Allanna Fabrinny

Excelente aula de direção!!! Natalia foi fantástica!!! Natalia was a great instructor! I passed my first time

Vaisu Vyse

There isn't anything wrong with the school or the teaching itself, it's their rotten scheme of getting rich (in cohorts with the RMV) that sucks. You can take the road test on Saturdays at this school, but the examiner who shows up WILL fail you due to any stupid reason that he can find, unless you are a student at the school itself - in which case, you will pass regardless of how you drive. Really, I have 6+ years of driving experience across many countries, but when I relocated here and took the test with them (because going to the RMV with a sponsor was a pain), I was failed for something so incredibly stupid that I would be wasting my keystrokes in even trying to describe it. Then I thought maybe the RMV is really that strict with its rules, and I resolved to keep that in mind the next time I took the test. But I was failed again, this time for something even more pedantic. Just when I started to think that it was indeed my fault again, I heard some stories from other people as well. I refused to believe them, but then I saw an instance of their unscrupulous practices myself: after the test I saw the owner asking the examiner to pass a candidate because she was their student! Needless to say, that was the last time I stepped foot in their office. If you have enough money to enroll in their driving course, by all means, go ahead and do so. For all I know, they are super-nice instructors. But don't bother giving an exam here unless you are a former student. You'll be milked repeatedly until you are dry.

honest reviews

I dont know what happened to my review but apparently it was taken off from here so I am going to write it again. Please do not go to this driving school. They are rude, ignorant, and irresponsible. We pay a lot of money to at least go and try to learn something and they treat us with disrespect. Please do not waste your time coming here. If you want a legit driving school go to Andersons. This is not the first time someone has complained about this places ignorance.

Carmín Marchena

Muy buena preparación para el examen, todo salio como me lo dijo la profesora.. los tips muy utiles... 100% recomendado

Amanda Caroline Magalhães

Fiz apenas uma aula a consegui passar no Road Test de primeira. Ótima experiência. Recomendo!


I highly and strongly recommend Art Driving School. I had a need for my son to get his license quickly. Art Driving School setup an aggressive and flexible schedule at a very reasonable price to prepare my son for his license. My son now drives with great confidence.

Jesi Vasquez

This school has a bad instructor


Really enjoyed. Jim is a great instructor, teaches the simplest techniques in terms of parallel parking and other tests. Need not go through online videos, just follow his instructions and practice.

Alan Silva

Great instructor.

Sieder Madrona

I recommend. I just have to thank Art Driving School for being part of this victory. Natalia is an excellent teacher and was able to provide all the tips I needed to pass the road test on my first time.

Evgenii Balai

Great experience with the (behind the wheel) lessons and the driving test! Jim is very professional. The price is probably the best across the States, and the lessons often were even longer than an hour for me.

Pablo Pinheiro Machado

I strongly recommend the school. The test has so many details and you need of an instructor to pass it. Thank you.

Ana Paula Laudares

Family owned driving school! Instructors have great teaching and learning principles, will provide every student with the tools to succeed and allow for every student to pass on their first try!

Suzan Suh

(Translated by Google) I just took a class with Natália, and I got through. She was very attentive and gave us all the key tips to pass the test. Highly recommend! (Original) Fiz apenas uma aula com Natália, e consegui passar. Ela foi muito atenciosa e deu todas as dicas fundamentais para se passar no teste. Recomendo!

Andréia Chaves

Eu recomendo demais! Rápido o processo pra avaliação e as aulas foram bem aproveitadas e ensinadas! Eu amei!

mari simoncelos

I really recommend art driving school .amazing instructors ,practical people ,and very caring towards they student , I was so glad I checked their reviews and when get my road test a day after my class , responsible staff, caring professionals ,inspiring human beings!!! Natalia it's such a good soul.thank you guys for the amazing experience!

Conexao Boston

I just wanted to thank you to my instructor Nathalya, without whom I don’t think I would have passed my test first time round!!! If your looking for an instructor then She is the person to go to!

Robert Temoteo

Great folks. Whole process was considerably quick. Check them out.

Marcio Silva

Very honest , great job , very professional...

Rosileide Pereira

The owner is very professional.

manasa shankar

The instructor is very experienced and teaches extremely well. From my lessons from him, I could pass the test on the very first shot. I'm glad to have joined their driving classes and would recommend this to every novice driver who's looking to get their license done. Thank you Jim and the staff at Art driving school. Keep up the great work :)

igor pedroso

This was pretty awful. The woman there is extremely rude and doesn't communicate at all, which is frustrating because during one of driving sessions she spoke portuguese half the time. The classes themselves were extremely inefficient since all they do is pop in 30 year-old vhs tapes. Most people who gave this a 5-star were probably told to.

Tico Bostonian

Worst experience ever .... dont waste your time or money . My aunt had 3 road test with them until she was actually able to pass . In my case I went to a few lessons. In one of the lessons I drove them to dunkin donuts they got a coffee of course I was still paying 50 per hour . Well they told me I was ready . I schedule the road test . It was a saturday morning when I was in the line . The instructor who was gonna do the road test said .( no one is passing today ) laughted sarcastically and walked away . The pedals of the car where kinda loose , they really need to check that out . I did my test . When I finished the road test he was like your a good driver but still failed me ?? So it didnt make sence . I schedule a second road test also failed it and I wasn't even able to do the test . When I told them I was gonna report them to the rmv they told me If I did they where going to suspend my driver's permit for 6 months . I went to another school passed in the first time . To everyone out there dont waste your time or money here. Really read the comments they are real .!!! Too bad I cant give negative stars because it would be a negative 5.

Flavia Ramos

I highly recommend Art Driving School, Natalia was very instructive and professional, hitting me with great driving tips that were necessary to pass my Road test. My sincere opinion if you need a driving school, they are what you looking for but do it with an open mind so the professionals could lead you through. Thanks for everything!

Mira Gomes

I high recommend this school.Nathalia was very helpful and able to teach me everything I needed to know to pass my road test in my first time with only one class. Thank you so much for your help.

Marcio Jose

Super attentive. Guidance, I was successful on the first test.

Larissa Cequeira Pinto

My husband and I had the pleasure of meeting Natalia, we needed to take our driver's license and look for her. We did classes with her and we really like her. She is a very patient person, teaches you right and gives you all the necessary support. Thank you Natalia for excellence in service and patience. The Moura instructor who did my test is also very polite. I indicate this school to all without fear.

Maria Manoela Moreira

Amazing experience! Recommend

Vanderlia Deleia

(Translated by Google) Hi guys today I just have to thank God first then this wonderful person who is natalia. Then it helped me a lot. Thank you very much. Natalia you are a wonderful person q God bless you all good recommend all the time to anyone.❤❤❤ (Original) Oi pessoal hoje so tenho que agradecer priimeira mente a Deus depois a essa pessoa maravilhosa q e a natalia .pois me ajudou muito. O meu muito obrigada. Natalia vc e uma pessoa maravilhosa q Deus ti abeçoe tudo de bom recomendo toda hora para qualquer um.❤❤❤

Rachel Freire

Natalia was good. I got all the details I needed for the road test. Thanks

Camila Dayrell

Super I indicate the school, therefore they have commitment with the students and very seriousness in the moment of the classes.

Laura Lima

(Translated by Google) The school teaches us exactly what it takes to pass the test. No winding and very focused !! I indicate. (Original) A escola nos ensina exatamente o que é preciso pra Passar na prova. Sem enrolação e com muito foco!! EU indico.

ludmylla albuquerque

Nice instructors. very helpful helped me the whole process really easy going. Over all very honest people the explain everything always very patience. I fell very comfortable and now I'm very happy I finally was able to pass my test thank you guys.

estael magalhaes

I have no words to describe how this driving school helped me !! Nathalia is very professional, patient and efficient in her work, without her I would never have passed the first time on road test! Thank you!

Talha Rehman

Suggestion: There should be a system of Online Payment for lessons and test. Some people are not comfortable with paying over phone. Everything else is 5/5. I had a class with the instructor Jim. He is very courteous and professional. What I highly appreciate is he figured out that I have been driving for sometime and have control and road sense. So he taught me other skills like 3 Point Turn, Parallel Parking, Reverse and Pulling Over to the Curb. He told me his reviews about my driving and then let me decide if I want another class or not according to it. I have my driving test in a month. I will take another class close to the test date. I highly recommend ART School and Instructor Jim.

marcelino oliveira

Excellent school of driver! Thank you for helping me get my drivers license!

modelo autodetail

I really recommend art driving school .amazing instructors ,practical people ,and very caring towards they student , I was so glad I checked their reviews and when get my road test a day after my class , responsible staff, caring professionals ,inspiring human beings!!! Natalia it's such a good soul.thank you guys for the amazing experience!

Kaivalya Deodikar

I highly recommend this driving school . Best driving school in Framingham ! Driving instructor Jim was very helpful and thorough with his road lessons. He was very friendly and spotted everything that can go wrong during driving test. His instructions and guidance really helped me not only to get my Massachusetts driving licence but also become a good driver. Initially I felt its a bit expensive but now I think money well spent on all road lessons ! Thank Jim !

Danielle Cimini

It's a good. They speak Portuguese and English. Excellent!!!

Phyllis Liao-Cellucci

This is for the receptionist. I called last month to make an appointment for driving practice. She told me that I had to pay on the same day. At that time I didn't have enough funds to cover it so I said I'll call another day. Who knew she would keep that appointment. Who knew she wouldn't call ahead to confirm whether I can attend the class or not. So this morning I received a phone call from the poor driving teacher who came to my apartment to pick me up. Like I said, I didn't know she kept the appointment and I didn't call out of work today so of course I had to cancel the lesson. I called the school to apologise for the miscommunication and to cancel all the other classes only to be told off by the receptionist for her incompetency. It's not my fault she had to pay $50 for the cancelled class. I did not know about any of this. What ever, this lady made a loss already. It's fine if I can't drive with this school not that I can anyway. She told me to go look for another school. I'll just look for their competitors then

Josnei de lima

Hi Everyone! I m so happy with art school driving... Natalia! She's very good teacher! Thank so much for everything! I got so happy with my drive license! A hugs

Rodrigo Robson

Natalia is very competent, serious and demands the best of her students. She is responsible for the high approval rating of Art Driving students. Thank you very much for everything!!

Solange Balbino

(Translated by Google) I super recommend this school, especially with the presence in instructor Nathalia Very helpful, leaves us very quiet note 10

Gaurav Juneja

Don't even try this driving school. I wouldn't recommend this to any person. The owner of Art Driving school is arrogant and the way he teaches driving even a good driver wouldn't be able to perform well. Plus he has some links with the RMV people and even if you do well in Road Test, you are on the mercy of these people to get you through.

Leomara Lacerda

Be careful when you choose this school. Be prepared to fail several times so that they can earn more money.

Si Bea

I was very nervous to do my road test, and Natalia made me feel so comfortable. I'm very thankful for her patience. I really recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive and who wants serious instructor. I had no problem at all, since I took the lessons I was be able to pass my test. Thumps up!

juliano Sampaio

Definitely recommend Art driving school !!!

elvin dilone

The best school

Thayla lopes

Super rápida em responder, calma, paciente, da ótimas dicas! Super recomendo

Alexsander Linhares

Natalie the instructor helps and prepares you well for road test. Natalie

rochele monaco

Excellent service!

armando martins

I had a wonderful experience at ART Driving School. Jim and Natalia helped me the whole way through to make sure I was ready to pass my road test. Their prices are fair and they are reliable. When my son is ready for drivers ed this is where I will take him!

Angelica Rodriguez

Great experience. Driving school is very respective and flexible of your times. Would work hard with you for best learning experience.Thanks

Sandeep S R

Jim is a great instructor.He prepares you well for the road test. He teaches you everything you need to pass the road test.Highly recommended if you want to avoid the hassles of renting a car , going to rmv and give your test.

Alessandra Reis

This is school is the best! Instructors are very professional, patients and great motivators! Just loved my experience with them! I just had one class with Natalia and she teached me everything that I needed to take my test, she is a great instructor. I passed my test at first! Thank you so much for the great and professional support! I recommend them for everyone that needs to get the license. Also they have a great price! Thanks a lot! Esta é a escola é a melhor! Os instrutores são muito profissionais, pacientes e grandes motivadores! Amei minha experiência com eles! Eu so tive uma aula com Natalia e ela me ensinou tudo que eu precisava para fazer meu teste, ela é uma ótima instrutora. Eu passei no meu teste no começo! Muito obrigado pelo ótimo e profissional apoio! Eu os recomendo para todos que precisam obter a licença. Também eles têm um ótimo preço! Muito obrigado!

hoje estou aqui DGO

Galera essa auto escola é muito top passei de primeira com ajuda da auto escola, Obrigado. This high school auto is very top-notch with the help of auto school, thank you.

Emanuelle Marins

I highly recommend the art driving school. They have great service. With excellent teachers Natalia the best thanks guys!!! Cassia marins

Rocio Hernandez

I took 2 clases one with Jimmy one with Boris they both were very nice and tough me how to drive and parallel parking like a pro the stuff was very nice and my test on Saturday was not even 5 min. I recommend this school 100% they were very helpful with me.

Neyla sampaio

Thank you for everything Natalia , you are awesome teacher and amazing person . Definitely recommend

Liliane Batista

Great team ! I got my license there !

Marcelo Souza

Art Driving School deserves a five star from me, had a positive experience with them, I started as a beginner driver, from the Permit process to the Driver License, I received all the support I needed, Ms.Nathalia definely walked the extra mile for me, so much that, I am proud to say that, I sucessefully completed my training and passed on my first try. I highly recomend Art Driving School, specially for new drivers. Geizilane Silva Souza, Millbury MA

Shanmuga Sundaram

Rude and Unprofessional behavior, Cheating etc etc., Made false promises and they will always insist us to take more than 2 or 3 driving classes even the student drives well in the first class. They will call you more than 10 times for schedule & remind us for the drive class by Jim, but they will surely forget to include the name in the list sent to RMV - so weird to hear this cooked up story. I paid the amount $170 for drive lesson and drive test on Nov 7 and got an email confirmation stating that the road test is on Dec 9. Also, went for drive lesson with Jim who is very rude and always finds some negatives in driving and insist to take 2 or more classes to get more money. Please keep in mind, if you did not take two or more classes, you will definitely FAIL in the road test even though you perform well. Because they will try to find a simple mistake and claim it as BIG one, so that they will get extra dollars. They called me on Dec 7 evening and informed me that the name was not included in the list sent to RMV by mistake. They messed up the name by providing another person name (who is already licensed) in the list and informed this at the last minute. Unable to believe this story. Not sure whether the name was actually included in the list that is sent to RMV or they are cooking up this story. So, please "THINK 1000 TIMES" before going to this school. You will definitely get de-motivated after each class and also during drive test. After reading this review, Jim called and shouted/yelled like anything. Asked him to keep that 50$ as TIPS. Worst experience ever. Never seen such type of person in my life.

Nadir Ribeiro Barbosa Lima

Quero agradecer a atenção e dedicação que recebi da Natália, uma excelente instrutora! Super recomendo!

Cintiamar Cintia

(Translated by Google) Very good, I liked the tips I gave, it was essential for me to become the newest licensee .I'm very happy (Original) Muito boa , gostei das dicas que mim deram , foi o essencial para mim se tornar a mais nova licenciada .estou muito feliz

Patricia De Souza Pimenta

Eu e meu esposo estamos muito felizes por ter tirado a nossa carteira de motorista, com a estrutora Natália , desejamos a você muito sucesso.

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