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REVIEWS OF Anderson's Driving School IN Massachusetts

sreeram pulavarthi

I have no experience in driving car before joining this school, Rich who is my instructor for 4 classes has given me perfect training which let me pass my test and now able to drive car so confidently, thanks for Anderson school.

Matt Engelthaler

My wife spent one class with Anderson’s Driving School and it was a great experience. Lima was her instructor and he was excellent. He was very patient with her and also told her the things to do during the drivers test. He also is trilingual for those that would feel more comfortable with someone teaching them in their native language.

Chris Alfonso

Had a good experience with Lima for most of the process. Classroom taught a lot, driving was fun. Learned a lot and broke a lot of bad habits that I had prior to taking the class. Now I am a safe and licensed driver. Highly recommend.

Dalton Looper

Jusara Neiva

Very satisfied with the work of Anderson Driving. Thank you for the support and dedication of the instructor Lima. No doubt I could not have made a better choice.

Viki Held

The instructor Richard tried his best, but he teaches by yelling on you, this is what he knows. Really unappropriate manner to teach.

monka S

Monica Eisenberg

I was a really nervous driver at first and it’s safe to say that I am extremely confident with my skills behind the wheel. I took almost all my lessons with Rich. He’s very informative, organized, and writes down acronyms on your drivers sheet that has and will continue helping me remember important things while driving on the road. Rich cares about all his students, and the fact that he’s tone deaf can be perceived way out of proportion, he really is a phenomenal teacher and is passionate about what he does. I learned so much, and I am really happy with my driving!!

Zulma Cortez

Cristian Nuñez

Anderson is an excellent driving school, it has very good instructors, especially Lima who taught me how to drive well and carefully. I will be eternally grateful for his dedication and patience. Thank You,Lima!!!!

kim can

Anthony Callahan

I had a great experience with Anderson. They told me and taught me everything I needed to know in order to pass the road test and get my license. I had two great driving instructors. For my first 2 classes I had Lima, who was really calm and great at explaining new concepts to me. For the next 10 classes I had Rich and even though he can be “loud” I’m greatful that I had him because I’m definitely going to be the best driver I can be due to his teaching.

sara trainer

everyone there is rude and obnoxious. They have a couple of very mean and god awful instructors especially seth, some of the rest of the instructors are also mean( bill rich) but there are some nice ones.I paid good money for those lessons and the lessons before the test and got nothing out of them. They don't prepare you at all for the licence test or permit test and Mr.anderson is an awful teacher who is self righteous. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN, if i could give this place 0 stars i would do not go!

BayHead Road

Our 16 year old daughter went through the full program with Anderson's. It was an outstanding experience across the board. She found the classes helpful and the instructors excellent. In particular, Rich spent substantial time with her and was very supportive and "a really good teacher. Easy to understand and learn from". Our daughter passed her road test on the first try, all thanks to Rich.

Pranav Viswanathan

Really just a spectacular staff at the school. I had comprehensive, amazing lessons from day one. I walked into my written test and my road test with full confidence that I would pass. From the beginning of the on-roads, the instructors basically took you through the road test. The instructors I had, especially Lima and James, not only taught me how to drive, but how to feel confident about my driving. I would recommend Anderson's to anyone who not only wants to pass their test, but to anyone who wants to feel safe and comfortable behind the wheel.

Sean P


Mohan Feng

I just passed the road test today. I drove with Lima. He is patient and taught me everything I need to pay attention when I drive. And the secretary is also nice. Since my schedule changes all the time, I often need to call the office to change the time of my driving lesson but she is always patient and tried her best to help me.

Wendy Rodriguez

Rocio Moreno

La mejor opción para tomar mis clases de manejo, tomé las clases en español con el instructor Lima, el fué muy paciente y profesional. Definitivamente muy buena experiencia y super recomiendo esta escuela. Pasé el road test hoy con ellos y estoy muy feliz.

Angie Idzal

I started my first lesson as a really nervous and shaky driver. I ended my last lesson as a confident and decisive driver who felt a lot more comfortable behind the wheel. I had Lima for most of my lessons. He taught me a lot and was really helpful. He also wasn’t intimidating and didn’t ridicule me if I made a mistake. Instead, he told me what I did wrong and how I could fix it/avoid it in the future. I definitely recommend taking lessons at Anderson’s.


Toria Muziki

Lima was a patient and empathetic instructor. Am glad I chose Anderson.

Sabrina Jannetti

Amazing school with amazing people. I had a very smooth experience with the help of Lima and Rich. Lima was my primary instructor, he not only helped me with driving, but he made the experience fun. Rich helped me on the big day before I took my test. He was helpful and he really calmed my nerves. Passing the test was easier because of them.

Olivia Kennedy

Cecelia H.

Lima, Eric, and James were really great instructors and were very patient and kind! Being able to schedule lessons online was very easy and helpful and allowed me to choose which instructors I had for each lesson. Although taking my license test made me nervous, the instructors thoroughly prepared me up until the moment I sat behind the wheel to begin the test. Overall, I recommend Anderson’s!


My son learned to drive with Anderson's, and now my daughter is a student. She was ill and missed out on being able to complete the classes in a timely manner, but the friendly staff at Anderson's took care of the issue for her with the RMV. Very satisfied customer! 2 months later... My daughter has been learning to drive with Rich and Seth. She finds both instructors to be extremely helpful. They are always on time, very patient and fun! I highly recommend Anderson's Statewide Driving School.

Victor Montepeque

Amazing driving school! Helped me prepare my drivers test with amazing instructors. Highly recommend them !

Jada Marquez

Lima was a great driving instructor and I was very satisfied with him! Thank you for having me :)

Alec Condry

Whatever you do don't take lessons at Andersons. The instructor I had was single-handedly the worst teacher I've ever had. He was conceited, arrogant, impatient and an all around bad person. He constantly berated me for the smallest errors throughout my time learning from my first lesson to the last. Finally on the day of my test during the review before he yelled at me and told me how I was going to fail giving me absolutely zero encouragement. Avoid this place as much as possible.

Athena Boulas

Rich is a phenomenal driving instructor. He knows how to teach very well and how to help keep us safe on the roads. I had a great experience with him, and would recommend him.

Giridhar Gummy

Worst driving school ever...! The guy name Richard is the worst human being on the earth. I'm about to file a complaint against the driving school as they humiliated a lady with his indecent harsh words. I paid 70$ per hour and he taught zero lessons for her. I'm about to reach the lawyer tor sue this guy. I would suggest please never visit take classes from this driving school. He is moronic and moronic driving school.

Jay McClure

Mishi Jaggi

My daughter just got her license through Anderson's. She had to stop driving lessons in the middle due to a medical issue, but the school worked with us on getting her back on track when she was ready. Anytime I had a question and called the office, the lady who answered the phone was always very helpful and polite. My daughter loved her instructor, Lima, and felt that his teaching method was very encouraging and not intimidating. In fact, she requested Lima for all her driving lessons. Overall, we were happy with the experience.

Julie Zhou

I asked the receptionist (Jamie) for Anderson's most patient driving instructor, and they delivered my request with Lima. He is the best instructor who takes the time to get to know both the student, and he caters to the student's learning style. With Lima's teaching, I was able to pass my driving exam on the first try!

Jeannine Adipietro

I'm giving this business 4 stars because my kids both passed their driving tests through them. The classes are over crowded and the place needs updating but they do what need to in order to get things done.

Ben Musoke

Awesome School, Thank you Lima for being an excellent instructor

Kaley Himmelman

Had a really horrible couple of experiences with one of the instructors before switching to Lima. Lima was very patient with me and used a lot of positive reinforcement to help me learn and assured me i was doing a good job which really helped me a lot. Also really liked that i didnt have to go to the RMV to take my test which was awesome. Passed and got my license last week! Couldn’t have done it without Lima!


Great place and great driving instructors. I had most of the lessons with Lima. He was very nice and helpful and always made sure I was 100% on everything I have learned. Overall I would recommend Anderson’s.

eliezer almeida

A arte driving oferece um ótimo trabalho estou muito feliz por ter tirado minha carteira com eles a equipe toda e maravilhosa a Natália e uma doçura e seu trabalho e excelente

Cecilia Definski

Patience is a key aspect that all instructors must have in my opinion , as a anxious student I was able to relax in Lima’s presence. Thanks, you are the best.


Nathalye Vicente

After getting my license today, I would just like to thank my instructor Lima for helping me all the way through! He was my instructor for all driving lessons/observations and really cared about making sure I knew my stuff! He was patient, encouraging, and never failed to make the time for my learning. Best instructor there by far!!

honest reviews

Amanda Moraes

Really great, felt confident when I had my driving test!

20Ezekiel Betancourt

Andersons driving school made the process of drivers ed and getting your license extremely fun. I never thought I would say I miss my hours but i do. James, Lima, Rich and Seth were doing my driving hours with me and they were all great people. They are social and very nice but they also teach you what you need to be a great driver. I passed my test easily, all thanks to the instructors at Andersons. There is no doubt in my mind Andersons is the best driving school in Massachusetts.

Caroline Stacey

Anderson's driving school prepared me very well for driving on the roads. I had Rich for most of my driving lessons and I really owe it all to him. Sometimes he could be a tad harsh, but it is only because he sees the potential in his students and aims to push them to their best ability. Because of him and the way he prepared me, I was way more comfortable during my license test than I thought I would be. He always takes you on the practice routes and thoroughly readies you for your test. The best feeling was getting my license, going back into Anderson's, looking Rich in the eye, giving him a fist bump and saying, "I did it, thank you for everything", and him telling me that he knew I would pass and that he believed in me. Rich is a great instructor and led me to be the driver I am today. I highly recommend him and Anderson's Driving School.

Shook Eth

Honestly you guys don’t even deserve ONE star

Ethan Betancourt

I got my license through Anderson’s and I found it to be an awesome expiriece. The instructors were some of the best people especially Lima in particular and also James. They made it really easy and enjoyable.

Richard Page

I recommend Anderson Driving School. My instructor Lima is the bessssssssst!!!!!!!! He I amazing! He is patient! I took eight lessons and I took my road test and I passed!! I am so happy! Thank you Lima and thank you Anderson Driving School. Rosilene Page Anderson’s Driving school e uma otima escola pra voce aprender direcao, eu tomei 8 aulas com meu instructor Lima, gente ele e um otimo instrutor, muito paciente, eu amei minhas aulas com ele, otima escola, eu recomendo, depois de 8 aulas de direcao, eu fiz meu teste de rua e passssssseeeeeiiiii!!!! Obrigado Lima, voce e o melhor, obrigado Anderson’s Driving School!!! Rosilene Page!!!

Inbar Artzi

I had Lima as my instructor and he was fantastic. He made you feel at ease in lessons and he gave me pointers that helped me become a safer and more confident driver. Thanks to his lessons I passed the test with ease.

Quinn Calder

I went through their entire course and they taught me everything I needed to know to hit the road. My instructor Lima was awesome and very knowledgeable about driving. And Anderson's even had a license instructor come to the school to administer tests so I was able to get my license without having to drive all the way to the RMV. Awesome school

Ryon B

Great instructors and the lady on the phone is very sweet

Shannon Walker

I really enjoyed the program that Anderson’s Driving School offered! From the Drivers Ed course, through all the driving hours to the final day of the road test, the Anderson’s staff and program did a great job at demonstrating the necessary driving skills and provided hours of practice. All the instructors made it their goal to make me and everyone else in their program the best driver they could be through patience, constructive criticism and respect. I just recently passed my road test and have them to thank!

Abhishek Sharma

Thnx to Anderson. For helping me to get my licience. Rich teach how to drive on proper way. He is angry man but I like to learn with rich. I m done I got licience. First test drive I get a success only only because of Anderson & rich . Thnkx to ANDERSON driving school & rich.

dyanna londono

Finished all my classes with my instructor Lima he’s so nice and patient, i had a great experience at anderson’s!!

Christina Furtado

I took driving lessons with Anderson's Driving School and had a really great experience. My instructor was Lima and he was patient and straightforward with instructions. I had many on-roads with him over the summer and I learned so much. Eventually after a few months of lessons, I passed my road test and got my license! I would highly recommend this driving school and Lima as a driving instructor.

Akanksha Ramesh

Aarthi V

It's a wonderful driving center. I had this driving instructor named Lima. All instructors are well trained and they teach you patiently, provide useful tips so you can improve. Every class he taught me all the maneuvers and helped me perfect them. Thank you Lima. I took about 7 classes and I passed my driving test smoothly. :) I definitely recommend this place for driving lessons.

Taty Melgar

Anderson driving school is great!!! I had Lima as my instructor and he was AMAZING!!, great way to teach ,positive and very patient ! I had my road test last week I felt so confident doing it and I passed it the On the first time!! Thank you Lima and thank you Anderson school!

Everton Costa

I highly recommend Anderson’s Driving School. I had the best of experiences with my instructor Lima who helped me immensely. As an adult learner, I had been dealt for years with anxiety and trauma about driving and Lima’s classes helped me overcome a long time personal fear. His non-judgmental and always-positive approach gave me confidence and I passed my first road test a week ago at the age of 38, a great achievement made possible by a great instructor. The scheduling, the staff, the options of bilingual instructors are also highlights.

Andrea Muszka

Very friendly and helpful! I learned a lot, I feel confident in my driving abilities, and the teachers are great. Lima is very patient, kind, funny, knowledgeable, and an awesome guy!

Eliane McClure

I passed my road test today!!! I’m so happy. After a bad experience with another driving school in Framingham that left me apprehensive, Anderson’s driving school was very professional. They made the whole process comfortable and easy. LIMA was my instructor, he is amazing, extremely patient and kind. I highly recommend him! Thank you so much!

Mark c

Skylar Rubin

11/10 loved the driving instructors! They are very helpful and super friendly!

Amit K

I recently finished with driving lessons at Anderson Driving School. It was a great experience, the instructor Richard was very helpful. He took the time to explain all the rules of driving in this country. Thank you so much for everything.

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