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Nowadays the firm gets a rating of 4.7 out of 5 and this score has been based on 42 reviews.

You may have noticed that its rating is basically the best one, and it is founded on a high number of scores, so we may say that the valuation is very faithful. If there are many people who bothered to value when they've done well, is that it works.

You know that we don't usually bother to place opinions when these are correct and we usually do it only if we have had a problem or incidence...

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REVIEWS OF Starlinx Driving School IN Maryland


Great experience! Mr.Charles and his staff were really friendly and humorous. As a transfer student, I prefer Starlinx way more!

Serge Gbazie

Great school and very professional staff. I got my license after one training with Mr. Charles. This school is really amazing. Great service and good couching.

Roman Erazo


(Translated by Google) The truth is a nice, respectful staff; The classes are very easy to understand and are not boring at all. I recommend this school!

Idris Romodan

DON'T GO HERE! No vayas aquí !!!!!!!! If there was a no star option i would gladly pick that. In my opinion, this driving school was TERRIBLE! They were so unprofessional, and late for everything. For the in car sessions, they were always late, and sometimes didn't even show up! During the in car, my "instructor" was on the phone, asking a friend for headphones! I was placed in a spanish/ english class, when i told the instructor I did not understand spanish every well. They are overbooked and it takes a really long time to make any appointments. Save your money, your time, and most importantly your sanity. Take your bussiness else where.

Sham Abraham

Mr Charles and his staff was great and helpful they made the process easy, they also work with your schedule which is great! Would definitely recommend

Ogemdi Orji

Super professional and very polite staff. I enjoyed my classes there. My whole family did. You should try them

Prince NV

Zack Wathen is very fair and accurate. As for my experience it wasn't super smooth but they saved my records after a couple years hiatus which allowed me to avoid retaking the in-class session and proceed with the driving portion of the course. I had John as an instructor and he is highly recommended. In addition, the whole team offers a lot of encouragement, strategies and advice on how to successfully get your provisional license. I passed my drivers test on the first attempt with minimal out of class driving practice.

Koni Tangara

The experience was great

Yuze Jin

As a transfer student, this school helped me a lot before the day of road test. The school helped me get my driver license.

Santos Alonzo

Nate Saindon

Bless Emperor Quarshie

I will say Starlinx Driving School is one of the "Best" Driving School in Maryland .... because they Instruct in every language irrespective of your status ie. either you Speak French, Spanish, English, Twi, Ewe and even in the Chinese language ... i never regretted going to Starlinx Driving School... Please i wish you also give it a trial...its one of the best Driving School....

Douglas Quintanilla

Great School! Charles and his staff are amazing, worked with me through the entire process. Great coaching, Felt really confident after doing of my classes and well prepared to take my driving test, which I passed my first try!

Brian Abane

Starlinx Driving School is not only a driving school but it is a life changing place everyone needs to go and achieve greatness and real professional driving skills , knowledge and advanced experience in driving. It did not only teach me how to drive it taught me the real qualities of being a good driver and how to respect the traffic rules and regulations for safe driving. The instructors are incredible polite and respectful. I would recommend every one any to go there for better training. I really do love it.

Zack Wathen

Attention ladies and gentlemen. This review is dedicated to those of you who are deciding on what driving school to choose. I am going to give it to you straight no chaser. But first I am going to address the reviews that have come before me. In the first review a woman complains about how Starlinx driving school made an error in her scheduling process. For this she gave the school 1 star. Seems harsh if you ask me and in life you're going to face companies that make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. I am almost certain that this review was made out of complete anger towards Starlinx and I am equally certain that this customer would not have written a review (let alone a bad one) if the scheduling error had not occurred. Nevertheless, she decided to write it and I will not let her review ruin the reputation of Starlinx because in my opinion that is unfair. The next review I would like to address was written by a customer who was very happy with Starlinx's service, calling it "The best driving school in the world" or something of that nature. That also seems farfetched. Starlinx isn't perfect. For my first Behind the Wheel Driving Lesson I had to wait an hour or so for it to begin. Mind you that the wait occurred half on my part because I wasn't aware who my driving instructor was and my instructor didn't know who his pupil was either. Even though I did have to wait a fair amount of time I was quite comfortable for the atmosphere in the waiting room was a pleasant one with comfy chairs and a television that was always on (I also got to charge my phone). But to address this review again, I would assume that this person wrote this review after passing their Driving Skills Test. Now I would like to address the last review. I would suggest you read the most recent review before this one so you are fully educated on the subject I am soon going to talk about. I actually know the person who wrote this review and I was present for some of the aftermath and I spoke with both Idris Romodan (the writer of the review) and Charles Kodozo (The owner of Starlinx) after the incident. With what I was able to piece together from each side of the story, Idris was placed in a spanish speaking class and was very unhappy. Most people would politely ask to be removed from the class and I believe Starlinx would apologize for the error. Although Idris claims he acted politely I can assume he did not considering he has a very short temper. (I myself have been assaulted by Idris on multiple occasions for minor offenses). When I asked Charles (who is very approachable and a very kind person) about the incident he said that Idris "mocked his accent in front of the entire class" and "corrected his grammar during a heated discussion.) It was clear to me that Idris did not show any sign of respect towards the Starlinx company and Starlinx retaliated. Idris was promptly discharged from any Behind the Wheel Sessions. After this Idris decided to write his angry review. In all, Starlinx made a simple mistake, Idris was very disrespectful towards the company when this happened, Starlinx did not stand for it, Idris wrote the grotesque review. There is no need to "take your business elsewhere" if you live within 5 miles of Starlinx Driving School. The school is fine. It's a driving school what do you expect? You're only there for 3 weeks plus your Behind the Wheel Sessions. Behind all the bureaucracy and red tape that plagues every driving education institution, Starlinx has a warm heart that accepts anyone accepting of them. The school is satisfactory bordering fine. I had a great time with a few hitches here and there but overall I'm glad I chose Starlinx. I passed my test with 100% accuracy the first time and I credit that to Starlinx. Don't let the few angry reviews ruin Starlinx reputation because it is a fine school. You'll be happy if you go there. P.S. During my Behind the Wheel Lessons, the instructors bought me Wendys, Pizza Hut, and Chipotle.

Bevelair Alberca

Starlinx driving school is worth it. The teacher is very understanding, kind, and respectful. Even the staff is respectful and kind. I definitely recommend coming to Starlinx for the best education on driving. Thank you Starlinx.

oscar tlatenco

The teacher was nice and taught well. Very fast and easy process. Nothing but a good time and experience. And I’ve gone to multiple school and not one can compare

Ralin Alberca


I had a great time here, the classes weren’t boring and i actually learned Some new things, mr.Charles was a great teacher and all the staff there were great as well

Etsube Yitbarek

I love this place! All the teachers, especially Mr. Charles, are great! The secretary, Mr. Devine, is awesome. Anyone considering to take a driver's aid class, come to Starlinx. I give it a 10/10.

Nancy Falola

I had a wonderful driving experience here, the staff has great relations with students. I passed my road test at first attempt. I recommend.

Raynolds Awusi

Good driving school

Jordan Beckett

Excellent teaching. Pay Attention to detail. Great Job

Chris KD Aye Hazel

Great service, super professional. I recommend.

Bajia S

My daughter says these guys are the best in the business. I would recommend their services to anyone; l mean EVERYONE.

Christelle Nzouakeu

I had a fun time learning how to drive with Mr. Charles. He made driving fun. I’m glad i chose him as my driving teacher. He is very professional at what he does. He teaches you all the techniques you need to pass your driving test. I passed my test on the first try. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Mikey Brown

Sam O

Best driving school in the DMV: clean, professional, and fun. Mr. Charles is a great teacher and knows all the tips and tricks to make you easily pass the driving test. Would recommend the school to anybody.

Tumi Ipaye

Stephen Jackson

Really goes through the important things for driving. Friendly people that helps you get better at driving and tell you what u need to work on the most. It is great school I recommend you going there to learn how to drive!!!!

Akiko Chetana

This school is completely scam. They cancelled my reservation without notice, change the schedule around, and says they can change or cancel schedule anytime without notification. Never try this school.

Constance Agbor

My experience with this driving school was fantastic. You have a great knowledgeable instructor who provides high quality instruction to his class (which doesn’t even feel like a class at all). If you are looking for a great school where you can get the most out of your driver's education course, I highly recommend Starlinx.

Olivia Smitty

The driving instructors are very nice and they care about you.

Samantha Gill

I had a great experience with Starlinks driving school. The instructor is very helpful and teaches you great techniques to pass the driving test and leaves you with a mentality of a safe and efficient driver.

Justin Brawn

This is the best and most professional driving school out there. The instructors are well educated and knowledgeable about the curriculum and are very respectable to the students.

Ingrid Atouba

It's a great driving school with great people!!! Everything i have learned in that school wasn't only to pass a road test but everything they teach me is for life!!! Thank you Mr Charles!!!

Jesse Cringan

Súper professionals and good people

Joseph M

While I was taking Starlinks driving school classes, it was one of the best schooling experiences I had. No distractions in class, everyone was respectful and easy to get along with. The person that was teaching the class when I was there was Mr. Charles. One of the coolest teachers that’s there that is always willing to help you out or explain it differently if you don’t understand a question or what he is saying. But towards the end I passed the class and went to go get my provisional licenses, all thanks from his teaching, his help, and encouragement.

Clarissa Mitchell

Good driving school. The driving instructors are very nice and professional

Chris Villatoro

I highly recommend starlinx driving ! Instructors are very taughtful and teach you everything you need to know when driving and driving safe !

Joe Kselman

I signed up for 2 driving lessons 2 hours each. Both lessons ended at least 15 minutes early and the instructor during my second lesson was very inattentive. She spent the entire 2 hour lesson listening to music and playing with her phone. I found the whole experience to be rather unprofessional.

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