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9458 Lanham Severn Rd, Lanham, MD 20706, United States Located in: Seabrook Station Shopping Center

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Lamrana Gbakamara

SP driving Academy is a good place to learn, they have a perfect learning enviroment and very good instructors.

Adina Robinson

This school is very great. Great teachers especially Ms Zee and Mr Johnson


I got a free shirt ayyy I enjoyed the class of mr Davis as well as the help of miss zee

Halimah Atolagbe

Having Mr Johnson as my instrusctor made my driving classes and driving skills awesome at S&P. S&P Is highly recommend; y'all won't regret it!

Isatu Kamara

Am so impressed because they have patient

Yaw Ahenkorah

Hands down Ms.Gina & Ms.Zee the best instructors there!

Doh Ruth

Wow im impress and satisfied at the working effort of. Mr Johnson. He took me up for driving lessons (BTW)and was patient with my learning process and the results were all productive. I will recommend SP driving Academy to anyone because of instructors like Mr Johnson.

Diamonique Henderson

Ms. Gina is a very happy, positive person who takes her time to help the class. She explains the notes thoroughly and answers all questions. She’s so nice and has faith in all her students <3

Samuel Folaranmi

Go to Mr. Reyes. Great guy! And I had Mr. Davis for mentorship and he was absolutely amazing.

hymete abraham

Mr. Johnson was the greatest instructor I ever had. SP Driving Academy is the best place to learn how to drive. I’m glad I came to this place!!!

Liandra Agyekum

Sp driving academy is a great driving school. The teachers are really nice and friendly. I would recommend this driving school to everybody.

Olatunji Baiyewu

It was a wonderful experience at SP Driving school. Ms Gina was wonderful all through the class. She is more than a teacher. She's passionate with her teachings. God bless her and her works.

Funmi Salami

At first, I was reluctant to enroll in the driving education at this school because I was not sure it would worth it in the end. Amazingly, I met an Instructor who made every single moment I spent listening to her in that classroom worth all the time and all the money. Ms Gina, you are the best...each of your units makes me a better driver every day. I will recommend SP Driving Academy anytime!

London Short

Mr. Johnson is a excellent class instructor! Passed the class with a 86%! Thank you for the experience SP Driving Academy.

Myles Harrison

Had a great time. Teachers were great.

Reyes Gonzalez

Had Ms Gina, and she taught the units excellent and fun, excellent teaching.

Cyrilyn Morfaw

I loveddd my class and they made things easy to understand. Thanks Mr.Johnson..

Erika andrade

AMAZING TEACHER AKA MS.GINA! Loved how she teached us. Definitely recommend this driving academy school.

Adaugo Ejezie

This is an amazing driving school. Mrs Gina is a great teacher, funny, nice personality. She really made me understand drivers education. I am proud that I came to this school

Maybe Man

The teacher "Ms Gina" was nice and I learned alot.

Gaby Rivas

Great driving school!

Avenn Scrivner

This school is amazing they make the class fun. The teacher I had Ms.Gina is Amazing. I recommend this school to anyone. I LOVE MS.Gina ☺️

ALie kay

The are very good. Thank you very much for your class

Samantha Bryan

At first when I heard Driving School I thought it was boring but I had one of the best driving instructor Miss Gina. She made driving school fun, she is full of light and make everything so simple. Thanks for a great 2 weeks.

Ariel McConnell

I didn’t know what to expect coming here, but I was actually surprised at how much fun at had in class and how much I learned. I enjoyed having Miss Gina!! She made early morning classes easier to get through, and made learning fun. I highly recommend her!

Jacqueline Flores

Mrs. Gina was the best I learned so much and most of all she made sure we all passed !!!!!!!!

Tasha Lengouh

Zee teaches passionately the Drug anand Alcohol Program at this school. will recommend her any day any time

Cheyne Walker

Ms. Gina was a great teacher ! Very informative.


It's a great learning environment I passed on my first try I didn't even study just use what the teacher has been saying and teaching

Sarah Nguyen

Driving school is typically not fun but this school made my learning experience amazing. The staff is great, Ms. Gina is a fantastic teacher. She made learning so engaging & fun. I would definitely recommend this place.

Amaka Ihuoma

It’s the best driving school in Maryland. I had a great driving instructor, Mr. Johnson who is well informed and made the class lively. I am glad I chose this school.

Britanie Williams

Mr. Reyes is a really good teacher. He made the class very fun and engaging. I learned a lot about the different parts of the car and what it takes to be a good driver. The other staff members are really welcoming as well. You won't be disappointed and you will definitely be prepared for the road.

Syota Endam

I learnt about this onlone,from the other review I read someone talked sit about miss Gina little did I know I will come and meet her too. She is the only person this school who makes it times in class I will be what's wrong with her,but trust me she knows her job.

Lanice Kibler

Mrs Gina oh my where do I start. From day 1 I felt comfortable. Though I didn’t want to attend due to thinking it was boring. Mrs Gina assures that we would pass because she was going to give us the knowledge that I would need. She has done just that. She is a great teacher!!!! She knows how to get her students engaged in every unit! I will definitely recommend her to shy permit holders, to take Mrs Gina class.

Samantha Ramos

I took the 30 hour course with Ms. Gina and she was wonderful! I learned so much each day with her dynamic teaching style and welcoming energy. Request her class specifically.

eruanga kate omoda

I love Mrs Gina she the best I will recommend you over and again if I have to.i love are the best.hope sent you again.thanks for everything

Shuaib Macauley

It's a school of progress where you can find competent instructors that will satisfy your driving education with updated rules of the MVA. Like Regina Williams is one of a kind.Try Sp academy and make good use of your money

Bryant Shelton

Mr. Johnson is a good teacher for this driving academy.

Tyler Saunders

I would definitely recommend SP driving school! My teacher Mr. Johnson was the best!

zachary diezcanseco

I had fun experience here. I had great teacher Ms. Gina. She made it fun to be here. Made driver education easy for me to understand.

daedae chapple

Very good driving school. They helped me feel very confident in passing my drivers test.

Karen Flores

Had Ms.Gina as my drivers ed teacher and loved her. She’s very bubbly and has a vibrant personality, drivers ed in her class was the total opposite of what I expected. She made it fun and worthwhile. Would definitely recommend.

Ogo Nnorom

Ms.gina was the best teacher here she’s so nice

Oxford Haynes

Very thorough and exceptional teaching, and the material was easy to grasp and recall for the final, which was preceded by a quick and effective review! I was able to pass it and I can't thank the lovely people at the academy enough for their hard work!!

alpha jalloh

So driving academy is amazing. Great teachers.

Liberty Simmons

I rate this establishment at the lowest possible rating, if zero was possible that would be my selection. I registered my child for the 36 hour drivers class and received a confirmation. I immediately called to confirm the registration and provided my registration student number. I was told by the representative named Johanna that the confirmation could not be found and that she would have the manager call me the next day to sign up for the course. Today, I made a stop after work and spoke to Johanna and still my registration could not be confirmed ( I was also never called) and on site I was given a higher price than that on the website. Instead of checking, I was told that I signed up for the wrong location and thus signed up for a class that was more expensive. I asked to speak to a manager on site and was directed to Ms. Z who also tried to convince me that I signed up for the wrong location. I walked through the process on my cell phone and showed both ladies that the website quoted me the price for the appropriate location and I also provided the snapshot of the confirmation page that I took. I was told the manager was out but I ended up leaving and will not be patronizing the business. The poor customer service and lack of accountability put a poor taste in my mouth. I would not recommend this business. In response to the owner, at no time after an extremely rude encounter did anyone take responsibility or try to remedy the issue. It was formed as an error on my part until I probed it wasn't in the office. As an owner, accountability would have been nice and an effort to make the situation right. I would have been open to it but it never happened.

Samantha Ayling

Yay! U all Ms Gina did an awesome job of educating me on the on my driving education. Yay! Recommendation recommendations, recommendations .

Samora V

The best driving class. Ms. Z was definitely the best!!! Very sweet and funny!!. Mr. Davis was an awesome class instructor. I would highly recommend with out no doubt!!!.

Jakayylla K

I love this driving school and my driving instructor. He is truly the best!! Very understanding and very relatable. They really care about your best interest at heart.


nice place to learn.

Blessing Akande

I recommend this driving school to anyone, this school taught me a lot for the past two week. My teachers Ms.zee and Mr. Johnson really make these classes fun to attend. Don’t get me wrong , all teachers here are great!!!

Nia Brown

This is a good school solely based on the best driving teacher one could every have Ms.Gina When most people think of driving school they think of it as boring. Ms. Gina’s class was never boring not once through out the whole 2 weeks. She was very energetic, informative, and inspiring every single day. She has got to be one of the best driving instructors ever. If you want to have a good classroom experience with this school demand to take Ms. Gina’s class. You will gain all of the knowledge you need to have in order to Ace your exam. However the driving school itself is unorganized and on the first day you need to get your behind the wheels scheduled.

kathery canales

Mrs. Gina is amazing! I had a great time! I enjoyed it and she made it a fun experience!:)

Kadeem Edwards

I’m not sure what I was expecting as far as teachers go. But Miss Gina most definetly exceeded my expectations. She made boring lessons actually seem interesting and fun.


I learned a lot and had an amazing teacher you will learn things your parents can't teach you , I recommend everyone to send their child here

Lee Mendoza

A very good school and great teachers. I enjoyed every minute of it.

carol kalunga

Excellent tutors! IAM ready to be a responsible driver!

bonnie martinez

I never imagined Drivers Education Class could be so much fun, but it was just that. I have to say we had a phenomenal teacher. Ms. Gina is truly good at what she does. Her teaching kept all of us engaged, focused and genuinely interested. I looked forward to being there everyday. I had only pleasant experiences with all staff. Highly Recommend SP Driving Academy.


One of the best teachers I ever had was Ms.Gina definitely someone you want to reach you the rules of the road

Jason M.

Mr. Johnson very good instructor

dikana mbando adel

The course was good, well digested Thanks to the amazing course instructor Miss Gina who gave in her all and made sure everyone was in line. She is so patient, loving n the best instructor ever. Love her!!!!!!!!

Olga Gomez

Driving school is for two weeks I thought I was going to be so bored for two long weeks but they actually went flying by quick.. and our teacher Ms. Jina I love her very good at teaching, very good teaching skills! This school is the place to go!

Abby Mills

All the instructors teach excellently and review to help you understand concepts. And it’s all for a good price. Also Ms.Zee is one of the best.

oluwafunke fadahunsi

Mr Johnson was my teacher and he was quite patient with us. Educative and knows what he is doing. He makes it easy to learn and understand. SP driving academy is a driving school I recommend for anyone looking for a driving school in the DMV area. Ask of Mr Johnson.

Mesha H

Ms. Gina is an amazing teacher. She is very interactive throughout the course and will always greet you with a smile. Every teenager dreads signing up and going to driving school, but Ms. Gina’s class is very fun and the two weeks will go by VERY quickly!

Solomon Aladekoba

Great school. Even better staff. Fun experience. Shoutout to Ms. Gina

Sharon Wong

Ms. Gina was a wonderful teacher. She was dedicated to her teaching and cared for her students. If possible, try to request her.

kisha mason

Ms. Gina made my experience awesome! She was informative and lively. Would definitely recommend SP driving academy

Ikediashi Ikechukwu

The classes were interactive and fun.


Wonderful instructor. Learning made easy and enjoyable. Time went by fast and much was learned. Would recommend.

Chids Ego

Very interactive class, with excellent and patient teachers (Mr. Bolaji specifically). I 100% recommend

David Villeda

Ms.Gina made this class really entertaining and made all the material as interesting as it can be. The class went by very fast which I didn’t expect, it was great.

gianna amadasun

I had the best driving instructor for my training at SP driving academy. 100% delivery from Mr Johnson.


Mr.Johnson is the best instructor!


Ms.Gina is a really good teacher, definitely was worth all the time, had fun and learned a lot at the same time.

frank ndip

Miss Gina is very friendly, making learning less stressful.

John Lima

The entire course was worth the $300 and I don't regret a single penny. I learned a lot throughout the span of 2 weeks and it really didn't seem that long. The teachers really care about you and want to make sure you understand the material which creates a perfect learning environment. There can be some instances where you forget some of the material but there are reviews that help you remember and relearn the material. I would recommend this place to my friends and family. Thanks for the learning experience!

Chanfashionworld MUA/Hairstyle/designer

MS Gena I don’t even knw what to say about her because she is so amazing,lovely she will make understand everything she teaches you. I love the way she talk she make me laugh everyday I come to class.. she is so funny am so happy I meet a teacher like her. God bless her

Ibukun Michael

I attended SP DRIVING SCHOOL and í got the best experience ever , í recommend you come experience the best instructor MR JOHNSON . you will love every bit of the class .

Bradley Brown

Very solid instructors! Worth your time

Eritoby God'son

SP driving academy is the place to go, when it comes to everything about safety driving.

Victory Wilcox-Omubo

Great experience. Loved my tutors

Kevin Ayala

Great school, learned a lot and had great experiences.

Abubacar koroma

Zee is a wonderful instructor at SP Driving Academy. She is passionate about what she is doing

Deven Luck

SP driving academy is the best school in Maryland. Mr.Johnson is a amazing teacher. I would recommend this school and class to all my friends and family


It's a very good school.. Specially my instructor miss regina .. Such a she is a very good teacher..

Ray Johnson

Classroom instruction was great. The drive scheduling was a bit difficult initially but Avril stepped in and took excellent care of my son.

Tayla Dickens

I definitely would recommend SP driving academy! The teachers did an Outstanding job by teaching me lots of important information about driving. They were also patient, friendly, and helpful. Thank you Ms. Zee and Mr. Johnson :)

Chidex Ezeh

Ms.Gina is a good teacher and helped me understand driving and the rules of the road better. Ms. Gina made my two weeks fly by.

Sierra Gorham

Ms. Gina is the BEST instructor! Very enthusiastic and made driving school fun!

Mark Will

Was so great being here miss Jina is the best I do believe I will be one of the best drivers in the world because miss Jina gave it to me all. Thanks miss Jina

etduar herrera

Ms.Gina is the best teachers I could of have

Kevin Tezi

Just great.

Antonio Somerville

Ms. Gina is a good teacher to go to if you want to learn about the road easily. The other staff members are amazing, but she makes it interesting and allows other students to interact with each other in order to gain multiple perspectives. If I were to recommend a teacher at this school, it would be Ms. Gina.

Taylor McCormick

This driving school was great! Shoutout to Ms.Gina!! She’s the best driving instructor you’ll get. She was always full of energy every day and made it fun.

Linda Kennedy

I came in to sp Driving Academy a while back , Joanna was very helpful and she tried to the best of her knowledge to provide me with the information I was asking . Although there was a lady over her shoulder yelling at her to take care of the other customers while I was standing in front of her. I thought that was very disrespectful of her to do so iknow she saw Joanna trying to answer the phones and also talking to me.. but overall i would recommend this just because their receptionist she’s so friendly and makes you feel welcome . Keep up the good work Joanna.

josh nicholas

Miss Gina was awesome, she made the class intresting with great stories and amazing instruction.

Bogs Clemente

I love Ms. Gina. She's a good teacher. She always make as laugh and she is always serious when teaching.

michael2k 2000

Very good environment, absolutely helpful, and professional

Pre& Tayy

Very good experience and the best teachers!

issa. bril

Ms. Gina was a great teacher, she made the class fun and active. really broke me out of my shell and sometimes i even forgot i was at driving school. she also made the process of learning super easy and i definitely learned a couple of stuff❤️love you Ms.gina

Nnamdi Chikere

Ms. Gina is a GREAT driving instructor. I came to driving school expecting for it to be boring, but she actually made it really entertaining. I would definitely recommend her to be your instructor.

Keiry Flores

Great experience with wonderful teachers and staff! Shout out to Ms. Gina, Ms. Zee, and Mr. Bj! They took their time to teach untill the class fully understood what was being said. They made sure the classes were fun and enjoyable. Would recommend!! :)

Maclean Kanyinsola

I attended SP DRIVING SCHOOL, This is the best driving school ever. Mr Johnson is the best instructor , no question asked is ridiculous and he takes his time to teach until you understand. I recommend you come experience the best . ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nnamdi Nwachukwu

the best driving school with smart instructors and a conducive classrooms.

Ayyub Abdulrezak

Ms. Gina is a fantastic teacher. I learned so much in her class, and she made it fun! Love you Ms. Gina!


Ma. Gina wonderful, everybody friendly. If your willing to learn come here. Fast they make it easy and understandable!

Baka Boi Gaming

The Teachers here are great Ms. Gina and Ms. Zee in particular very nice and energetic and if you have Ms. Gina your sure to have a good class and pass your test.

Fenkil Netsereab

Had Mr Johnson as my drive teache,the best personality, charismatic and wonderful person .I would recommend every one to learn in sp driving school.

Zaki Chowdhury

Fun class the instructors were great. Do it with a friend though it takes a while

Zinkzy OIN

Miss Jania Was a Great Instructor I Recommend Her To Many

Drew Money

I had miss Gina she did and exceptional job!!!! I would definitely recommend her as a driving instructor she also makes sure you have all that you need to pass. THANKS MISS GINA!!!!

Jesus Carino

i liked the instructers but the receptionist were mean and not flexible. but overall i recommend this place to everyone in need of a driving class but i still believe the receptionist could be retrained on customer service or just replaced as a whole


Ms. Gina was a great teacher! She’s super friendly, knoledgeable and she made driving school fun :)

Ashly Figueroa

I wasn’t very excited to go to driving school i didn’t think I’d actually enjoy it but i did Ms.Gina was a great teacher she makes the class fun and enjoyable she is an amazing teacher I’m glad i had her as my teacher.

Mian Ghulam

It is the best driving school. Teachers are fun and they know how to engage students in study. I would highly recommend this driving school.

Larissa Khan

Great experience..great environment..and the teacher Mr Jonshon makes it better.."it's time to face the music "


Amazing teachers . It was really fun. Defiantly will recommend to others.


I was told by all my friends that driving school would be a waste of time, as it is very boring and time-consuming. I came into class under the impression that I’d be bored out of my mind. But my teacher Ms. Gina was able to change that mindset through her group debates, activities, and YouTube videos. She was very passionate in teaching us which kept me interested. This wasn’t a job to her, it was a lifestyle, which had all her students more active and engaged. I had missed three classes and I was still able to pass the final test, because the final jeaopordy review we had done was sufficient enough for me to pass. I highly recommend Ms. Gina as your driving school teacher at SP Driving Academy.

Sydney bowman

MS. GINA omg i love her she’s amazing it’s no way you can fail her class at all she is the BEST

Nathan Cannon

Amiable, professional, and very friendly staff who take their jobs seriously. Plenty of food and drink nearby for before and after class. Modern amenities and up-to-date teaching aids. Some typographical errors on course presentations which should be reviewed for correctness. Bus stop right next to the school which travels between Bowie State and New Carrolton.

Jeneice Anglin

Had Mr Johnson as my drivers ed teacher Very Good Teacher good instructor!! he has a vibrant personality,wasn’t what I expected. He made it fun and worthwhile. Would definitely recommend.!!!! He’s The great Bob Marley second cousin.

Donnell Cole

Ms Gina is the best teacher she helped me a lot without her i wouldn’t have passed

valantine che

Her class was wonderful She was full of passion for her job

Gilbert Mbah

With SP driving academy, skilled and safe driving is guaranteed. The school surrounds by good staff and people willing to help you get over fear of driving and make you a model driver. The best about them is that they are so patient with you in everything. Go there and start driving immediately with ease.


I highly recommend this driving school, especially instructor Gina. If you want you or your child to learn how to drive safely and in a friendly environment, this is the perfect driving academy.

Samiat Dosunmu

The environment and people here are nice. The teachers take their time and help us understand what we are learning. 5/5!

promise Field

Mr.Bj made the class so fun. You guys won’t be disappointed..

Evangelist Twins

This is the BEST driving school! Both driving instructors, Ms.Zee and Mr. Johnson are amazing driving instructors and very professional, polite, friendly, and helpful to all of their students and staff. I recommend this driving school because they speak the truth when it comes to driving and are very knowledgeable to all the the traffic laws of Maryland. I’ve enjoyed my two weeks here at SP Academy and wish the best for all future students. (Ps* Today is also Ms.Zee’s birthday and we will all be congratulating and celebrating her birthday with ice cream cake and pizza! Happy birthday Ms. Zee!)

Alannis Cordero

Ms. Gina is a great teacher literally teaches you exactly what you need no more no less! super sweet & funny as well!

Astrid Moscoso

Ms.Gina is a wonderful teacher. She taught me a lot and prepared me for everything I needed to know for the Final.

Randy Padilla

On all honesty I can say that I had a memorable experience here at SP Academy. The teachers here are REAL people. May God bless this school. 100/100

Kayla Greenfield

Ms.Gina is an amazing instructor. She gives you all the information you need to know in order to pass.

Tucker Canary

SP Driving Academy is the best driving school that I have ever worked with. I never thought that I would enjoy a driving school class until I met the wonderful people within the organization. I would recommend everyone in the market for a driving class at SP Driving Academy!

Jose Mazariego

Best academy school in lanham ,I had mr.daves and he was the best teacher and also fun

DragonSlayer Q15

They were very flexible worked with me just make sure you call the MVA to make sure your paperwork went through. My paperwork did not go through the first time I went it's normal so just check. The instructor was cool very laid back easy to talk to and drive with.

Kello Daboh! SP Driving Academy is absolutely proficient in term of service delivery; the instructors are breakable to the max. Mixed with humor and accomplishment. I definitely recommend them, you will love it!

Bukky Akiyemi

This is a very nice school for everyone I will recommend this school for anyone I really enjoyed my last 2weeks here.

baben barry

Great learning experience! The instructor was very patient and caring.Thank you Ms Gina, it was a pleasure being your student!

Maddie Parker

What makes this driving school unique is that they go above and beyond. They don't only teach you how be a safe driver, they also teach you basic things like car insurance, oil change, car damage, and so much more. You will rarely see any other driving school that takes the time to do that. And everyone is so patient and nice.

Keven Maclin

The classes were personible, interactive and fun.

Giovanni Martinez

Wow, it was amazing. Ms. Gina was such an amazing teacher and made class so much fun. All the staff is so easy to engage with and everyone was always such a pleasant experience.

Hakeem Abubakar

I had a great experience at SP driving academy. I learned so much and the teachers were so helpful when we had any questions/ concerns. I would definitely recommend coming here.

yeslin castro

Mrs.Gina you’re the best!!! I learned more than what I knew.

Manuel Ramirez

If I knew that this is what they do at SP Driving Academy, I would have gone elsewhere. They display a high level of unprofessionalism. To start with Zee; their admin would enter the class in an uncourteous manner while an instructor is teaching and will be talking loudly on her cellphone, distracting the whole class and interrupting the lesson. I consider this very rude and ill-mannered. I also observed that nobody wants to call her to order which is sad for their business. The staff will misinform you and will never take responsibility for the misinformation when you confront them. To be objective, the instructors are knowledgeable and good with communicating except the tall instructor guy that just reads through the motions and chats on his phone like he was forced to work and the elderly man who takes evening classes calls student fools in class. I have a personal experience with him on a behind the wheel where he told me that ‘’his dog can drive better than me’’. The staff lack customer service, they have a bad attitude and are uncoordinated. I hated every single experience I had at this driving school and I will never recommend them to nobody. Take your money elsewhere, this place is not worth spending your money and time here!

Enoch Adekola

Ms. Gina I have to say is absolutely wonderful. If you ever get a chance to take her all I have to say is you will make those 2 weeks the best two weeks of your life!!!! Thank you very much for the experience Ms. Gina

Dominique Hawkins

Ms. Gina was amazing!

Ibrahima Balde

The school is pretty good. Ms.Gina is a very good teacher and I gained a good amount of information from going to the school. I don't really have any problems except for having a limited number of driving instructors for the moment.

Beatriz Jose

Highly Recommend! Mr. Johnson was a great teacher. He calls on students randomly but atleast you'll come out the class learning something.

David Andrade

Best school. Nice teachers and patient with the students.

Red Angel

It was great and the best experience I had. Everybody is friendly, I definitely recommend Ms. Zee and Mr. Johnson for your instructors, mostly Ms. Zee though

Idris A.

The class was extremely fun and enjoyable. Ms. Gina actually made me look forward to coming to class and taught us a lot. Love you Ms. Gina ❤️


brilliant staffs! Ms Zee is awesome

Tosin Doyeni

Great driving school and very informative


Great driving school that strives for your completion. They make sure you know what your doing

Stephanie Yamoah

I had Miss Gina for a driving instructor. Now before I started classes I was warned by my Brother in law that driving school would be really boring so this was my expectation. However, it was actually really fun and engaging from the first day to the last day. Not only did she make sure we had everything we needed to pass the final, she also gave her input on what to do and not to do based on her own experiences and gave us general advice about life that still connected to driving. Also she made sure we were alright each day.

Ryan Brown

Great teachers and a nice classroom environment! If you can, take the morning class, Mr. Johnson is a great teacher and there's lots of open seats.

Elkin Segovia Campos

They take care of you and actually get to know you. I really recommend them.

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