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REVIEWS OF Shippers' Choice - CDL Training School IN Maryland

Sam Clemons

Robert Caffery

Truck driving is what you make it. Getting hands on experience from retired drivers and drivers that are currently driving was very beneficial to me. I was taught everything i need to know from the instructors at this driver school and given all the support II needed from the staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience here and if given the opportunity to go through CDL training again I would choose this school.

Albert Mills

Highly recommend!! You won't be disappointed!

Dwayne Sykes



Torrence Lunde

Matthew you are correct hard work pays!! Thanks Shippers Choice

Spencer Gorley

Got my CDL yesterday and am so grateful to have come to this school. Meeting Kevin was a blessing as he gave me all the knowledge and support to start and finish the program successfully. I am also especially grateful to the trainers: Raoul , Tony , Everett , Chris, Tucker and the young man who’s name I have forgotten but not his support. I am also grateful to the office staff: Dan , Barry, Chris & Hope. You all make a great combination, and I owe you all my gratitude. To all the new and upcoming drivers looking for a new career in Trucking, I could have not found a better place to learn . Awesome location, friendly staff and opportunity I found here. It’s all in what you make it . Lots of success stories coming out of this building and the looks of accomplishment I will never forget. Good luck to all. Thank you Shippers Choice, I’m on my way !!!

brian hoskins

Dangmawi Haile


Great from day one! Have a hard shell on because it is a learning process and don’t take any criticism to heart. They want you to be the very best that you can be. You are driving the biggest vehicle on the road and you need to remember that when instructors are getting you right!

Tom Smith

Just Graduated yesterday. Say what- and now I start my job next week. Sweet, Thanks Shippers

Latoya Fleetwood

My Name Latoya Fleetwood shippers choice has been so far awesome school , very exciting place to come to actually from the very beginning. I never thought about trucking , knew nothing about the trucking industry. Sense I became a student here a shippers choice I have learn a lot !!!!! I normally don’t write reviews , but I had to write this one ☝️ . I attend classes on weekends at shippers choice . I enjoy coming to this school every weekend . Instructors are awesome it’s all what you put into if you willing . They well help you understand what you need to know Mike , Steve , Tom and Dominique , they help me understand more about what I was doing . I recommend this school to anyone ex specially females . Awesome school stay focus don’t give up suck it up ,be a champ . God bless

Edward Welsh

Fantastic training

Tomasina Allen

Awesome school and instructors , This is a school that makes learning fun! Best school to get your CDL license in 804

Dominick Davis

Shippers choice is a great school with great instructors. I knew nothing about tractor trailers before I attended shippers choice but with the help of Tony, George, T.J., and Daniel I got what I needed to pass my Dmv test and feel confident about driving a big rig. Along with the instructors Mrs. Hope, Dale, and Chris where excellent at helping me find the right company for me. I went to shippers choice with nothing and left with a class a cdl and a extended family. Shippers choice is an excellent school I highly recommend them.

Butterfly Jae Heart

I want to personally thank HOPE, KEVIN, CHRIS, TONY, EVERETTE AND DANI for their help/kindness while I attended Shippers Choice. Hope especially went above and beyond to make sure that I chose the best Trucking company to further my career as a driver. ** Ask for Chris today to sign up for your classes! Good luck**

Dave Cunningham

david fawkwas

Highly recommend if you are living paycheck to paycheck

Aubin Jung

Just Graduated and got a job what more could I ask for

Hussain Byrge

Couey Alvarez

RJ Shelley

A really good school to attend. Shout out to Tony, Joe, Keith, George, and Tucker. Those guys will make sure you know how to drive the truck and will walk you through your mistakes. I went from no experience to CDL by the end of the month long class. Thanks guys!

D'Arcy Gonzalez

Its been almost a year since I attended this school. The lot they were training us was to small to accommodate the trailers we were training with, so we had to practice off set parking and parallel parking with a trailer 8 feet shorter then we tested with. The trucks themselves were junk. The class started off huge and was half the size by the second week. As it was a 4 week course that is half way through we lost more then half the class. A blessing for whom was left as it gave the rest of us more time in the trucks. Time we paid to train was often taken up by trucking recruiters. The instructors did the best they could under the constraints placed on them. Had to remind myself many times that they were truck drivers and NOT trained teachers. At $100 a pop to retake a test plus the 45 min drive to and hour and a half drive back each time I went in for more training it became financial straining. As a family we decided I had wasted to much time and money on the endeavor. All in all including gas, loan, $500 down and $6000 in loans I wasted $7000 on the attempt. I would recommend going though a community collage or trade school to get your CDL.

kevin love

This place is just like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. All the instructors were knowledgeable, and willing to help. Ed, Mike, and Steve never had a problem answering any of my many questions. I graduated and have a job waiting. You have to go get it yourself. Nothing is handed to you. But they are more than willing to help in every step of the process. And I can't forget Nelson, my recruiter. He always returned my calls and was very helpful! Now on to a new future. Thanks Shipper's Choice!

Ghost Shines

Do not go to Newport news campus on weekends it's the worst people are always coming back for practice cause they have to retest so your time in the truck is cut short then you have to wait damn near a month before you can go take your test after you done with class and if you fail. It will take up to a month or two before they can set you up with a retest date and did I mention you have to give them a $100 before they can set you up with a retest date and while all this time going by they start billing you for the class so if you're not working cause you put all your time and energy to become a cdl holder and can't pay right now they will kick you off the retest list even if you already gave them a $100 so now you have to get things straight with there fiance company and wait for a new test date finished in September failed the test in October on parallel back cause I only was able to practice it twice the whole time in class paid $100 to retest went out there this morning a month later and they said my name was taken off the list cause I haven't made a payment thru the fiance company so I been out of class since September really since the end of August cause I forgot to tell you they will short you on a week of training if it falls on a holiday I strongly recommend not attending that campus I would like to speak with the owner to let him know how his Newport news location is really being ran

ryan poole

TyQuawn Creekmore

Chris Cooper

Great school for people eager and focused to learn. I appreciate all the help I got from shippers choice and all the instructors who helped me with getting my CDL license. Dale is great with his teaching. I never drove a manual car let alone a truck. By the 2-3 day of class Dale had me shifting like I’ve been doing it for years. Zeke is great with teaching how to do backing maneuvers. He teaches you how to back a tractor trailer in one try. He help me a lot with understanding how the truck moves. Tuck is great with showing you points to look for when backing. He helped me with knowing what to look for that would make the backing maneuvers easier. Raul and Tony very knowledgeable of trucking and help me with details on my pre-trip that got me to know it like the back of my hand. All great instructors that give you the tools needed to get your CDL. Kevin was a great recruiter who encouraged me and gave me his word on what the class will do for me and how he will help me and he kept his word. Mrs. Hope is great with everything. She helped me with little details to remember while driving. Also helped me when my test came but telling me to make sure to check once, twice, three times to make sure I don’t miss anything on my pre-trip. She was very helpful in the whole process of me getting my CDL. Overall this is a great school that I will recommend to other people to get there CDL. Thank you shippers choice.

Brian Blas

this place is a joke. the instructors do nothing to help you. they stand around and talk about other students and make fun. it's all about money to these guys. I withdrew after seeing first hand how they are. $$$$ if you want to go to a school that will help and stick with you 100% chose CDS TRACTOR TRAILER SCHOOL

Probst Gwaltney

Erica Johnson

This school is terrible!!! Classes are too big, they can't keep instructors, and they really don't care they only want your money..If you think I'm lying ask for a walk thru and talk to a couple of the students standing around waiting for a chance to get in the truck they'll tell you the same thing

Joe Davis

Berry and Kevin T is what makes this place great. Thanks guys

Grace Libby

Thanks Tommy

cheyanne mueller

Richard Corrales

Shier Coots

Thanks for getting me free tuition loved the training

Greg Dickens

Kevin Roy

I just recently finished school in Chester Va and obtained my Class A license Wednesday shout out to the the instructors Joe, Keith, George and Tucker they're the best at what they do I learned a lot we laughed and joked and they made learning to drive Tractor-Trailer fun thanks guys

Christopher Knight

Thanks Laura for getting me paid tuition reimbursement with my new job

Ashley Kirby

Becky Bowen

Danny Bryan

my experience was bad while getting my class B. My experience afterward trying to get help with finding a job was worse. I called and Laura the job placement person only told me about ten jobs that hire people with no experience for class B truck driving. The first two I looked into required at least 2 years of experience...??? The job placement is a joke... I dont recommend this school to anyone. They need to implement a real job placement program.

Bridget Cooper

Not a lot of other ladies at this class and it was a learning experience. Good instruction got me through it!

Candice Williams

I waited a long time to post about this place. I attended in 2016. I went into this with my all. This school is terrible for someone who has never been in a truck before. You have 2 instructors on the yard, 2-3 trucks going at a time, and 20-25 students spending 10 min at a time in the truck. I struggled with the back up. Once I got it, it was another persons go and when I came back to it, so much time had passed that I had forgotten it. Road time? That consisted of 15 mins on the road 2 times total during the class. I was not even close to prepared for the dmv test and had all intentions of going anyway but my mother passed a day before. They make you pay for your dmv schedule( $150 dollars) I would have had to pay again for a reschedule but wasn't ready. So I went back for a few more "sessions" of practice. Once again, 20-25 ppl fighting to get in trucks! I brought my concerns to ed, the guy who runs the school who called me a "liar". He also said I wasn't "cut out to drive a truck." Crazy thing is; I went to another school, been driving, a truck now for 2.5 yrs. No tickets, no accidents. I'm not crazy. I'm not a childish liar either. JUST READ HOW THIS GUT RESPONDS TO NEGATIVE POSTS.....LOOK A LITTLE LIKE A 5 YR OLD?! IMAGINE BRINGING YOUR CONCERNS TO HIM OR HAVING HIM OVERSEE SOMEONE TEACHING YOU HOW TO DRIVE A DEALY WEAPON....I REST MY CASE.

edith christian

Great learning experience and received my license

Dervis Austin

There is so much to say about my experience and the instructors at Shipper's Choice that I cannot possibly type it all. I had a wonderful learning experience going from knowing nothing about a combination vehicle to being able to name about every part of the Truck and Trailer. Ms. Laura is the "CDL Human-Hand Book" and she is filled with unlimited knowledge, experience, and wisdom of truck driving. She was always patient and willing to answer any question asked, and pretty much has a close relationship with almost every trucking company you can think of. I didn't have a learner's permit when I started at the school. When I tested at DMV for my permit ever question that was asked, Ms. Laura covered in the classroom portion and was also in my notes that she encouraged us to take. The hands-on portion of the class (On the Driving Range and Road) was challenging but fun. All the instructors were great and each gave their own personal technique on how to perfect straight backing, offset parking, and parallel parking. This is very helpful because one specific way doesn't always work for all. Out on the road was terrifying the first time, but through the direction and encouragement of the instructors "IF YOU LISTEN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!" you will be driving well in no-time. On the day of my DMV CDL examination, I felt ready and really had no reason to be nervous or scared because I was prepared and I was taught what I needed to know to be successful. I passed my DMV Test the first try. I am truly grateful and thankful for the time each instructor invested in helping me succeed. Thank you Tony, Keith, George, Daniel, Joe, and Gunny for everything. I also want to say thank you to my recruiter Chris helping me make this all possible. Special shot out and thanks to Barry Braxton who was always present and seen around the school checking on the students to see if we needed anything. Thanks to Shipper's Choice and its history I was hired as a full time driver before I even started my class......Now that is reason enough to give this place a try, I definitely have NO-regrets.

Denzel Tyler

Thanks to Shippers Choice I can reach higher goals in life. Proud to say that I've had the experience of being a student and a graduate of Shippers Choice Cdl School Thanks Again.

Jerry Wright

I greatly appreciate the support of Tony, TJ, Tucker, Daniel and Barry. Thank you all for supporting me getting my CDL.

Harry Forling

abagail mccurry

It was an fantastic learning experience

Gregory Lewis

Interviewed with them, didn't have folder info or brochures on all 68 companies they lined up with but like ten. Juan told me to look them up online. They advertise stuff and don't tell you alot of stuff in add if you truely qualify. Waste of time!! Coyld have done interview on ohone like i asked, it was so basic! Wouldn't go to this school, they have very bad ratings.

Jahmal Branch

Joseph Marsh

I really appreciated the experience at Shipper' Choice (Chester). They made it very easy to obtain my License.

JJ Davis

I recently attended this school and they will reply saying I’m not a real student because I’m not using my real name I was promised I would test and as soon as I finish the class they are all of a sudden backed up so do your research before choosing this school it’s caused me a lot of hard ship the instructors are really cool but 15 minutes of road time is not going to help people learn how to drive well it’s kind of irritating because if you fail they charge you 100 dollars to practice they’re quick to take your money but not to make you successful

Ditch Haught

Backing up was the hardest but know I can do this in my sleep

Shaun Terry

I just recently got my cdl from shippers choice and i would like to thank all the people that helped out through this experience.

Dave Stoneman

Shippers choice in Chester va was a nice school to get your cdl !! They were very helpful and the instructors know there stuff !! If I had to do it again I will have to go there!! I wouldn’t got my cdl with out there great instructors there!! If you let them show you how to drive and listen to them!! You will do great and have your cdl !!

Peggy Hughes

David Scott

John Mathias

The best place to invest into yourself

Alice Sabrina

I choose shippers choice because the other training companies wanted me to sign my car for collateral and Shippers Choice did not require me to sign my car over as collateral. It has been the best choice since they newer equipment.

Daddy Dee

Overall it’s a good school but Dale is gonna be the down fall on that place because he uses bad language and talks to students any kind of way. I was personally offended by some of his comments towards me.

Eloise Decker

Thanks Michael great advice

Deleon Thoman

Great hands-on teaching. I felt VERY prepared the test. Great instructors.

jami vow

Loved it taught me all I needed to get started with a career... great staff and CeCe is a great trainer.

Christi Mahler

Completed course in 22 days!! Thanks for everything!!

jamon Davis

From the start the staff was very good with informing me of the process and all I needed to complete this course on in a timely fashion. The instructors were all very good to me and always helpful answering all my questions to make sure I was prepared for my big test day. I would recommend this school for anyone looking to get into the trucking business!

Deborah Rohde

Thanks Shippers

Stanwick Andrade

I always say you get what you put into the program. I have tested and received my cdl within 25 and already starting my job.

Eric Martin

This school was great for me & helped me so much in getting my CDL.I learned alot from every instructor & was given all the tools & knowledge needed.They wont give up on you if you dont give up on yourself.I would suggest this school to anyone who truely wants to earn their CDL

Owen Garcia

Berry your the best man

Help LLC

Good school! Chris is a great recruiter, that was honest and straight to the point, he told me my test date would be 1 month - 1 1/2 months from the time I finished class however I tested and passed 2 weeks after class was over. The instructors are great also, they have a variety of instructors to match your learning ability they all have their own expertise. Shout out to Everett, Tucker, Raoul, Tony, Joe, Dale and Ray (my instructors). If you come willing to learn you will leave a commercial driver. The administration is also great, Mrs. Hope, Daniel and Barry. -Cornelius Fenner

Krystal Moore

My experience with Shipper's Choice of Chester, Va was simply amazing. From the beginning of the recruiting process Chris went above and beyond to schedule me an appointment because I had a busy work schedule. He was very informative and transparent with the information he provided. I've met many recruiters but never one to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Kudos to Chris!!! The training process was just as great. I received a lot of hands on experience from some of the greatest instructors. Everyone has their own teaching style and every individual has their own learning style. Take the time to work with each instructor to find your compatibility. On a daily basis I worked with Joe, George, Dale and Tucker. They took time to explain and demonstrate the task at hand. They always provided a few different ways to work maneuvers. Just like with everything in life, you get out of it what you put into it. If you show no assertion for your own learning in the skills of operating a commercial motor vehicle and everything that goes along with it, then you can't expect training instructors to provide a substantial amount of skill development for you.

john lowell

I'm new at Shippers Choice. Let me tell you, all the instructors I deal with are extremely knowledgeable about the industry and requirements to pass DVV CDL test.they all can teach you what , and how to pass. It's up to you to listen and soak up that knowledge. As for organization, this school is much more organized than other trucking schools I've dealt with. There is a clear chain of command, and all are approachable. They will help and answer your questions. Instructors are actively involved and committed to you education. There is 4 week schedule at this school, last school there were students who had been there over a year, because of lack of instruction and lack of drive on students part. Cost of education here is average to industry, costs are explained, you shouldn't act surprised. To sum up, this is en excellent, well run school committed to you.

Darrin Morrison

Awesome teachers here thanks to Barry and the guys for doing A++ work and makin me a A++ student !

Mychael Wood

Jonathan Javier

This review will be very honest & blunt. This school is not for those seeking a free ride to a cdl or looking for hands to be held. 1. Like any other buisness nothing is perfect, I agree you get what you put out. I was class of May 21st 2019 many things went wrong as far as structure, trucks breaking down from day to day abuse. The instructors gave effort to correct the problem. The school was constantly trying to improve and find a more effective way of operating. Many employers came for recruiting getting a job wont be a problem. Dont be lazy. Dont treat this as a social club. The tools are there for succes if you want them. The process cant stop at school go home and study go out and find a truck to pretrip on. The DMV test is not easy at all ! But if your well prepared it will make it that much easier to pass. I didnt do it alone teamed up with a couple of my classmates on my own time to make this happen. 1st try and i pass my test and got my CDL class A . if you took a loan make sure you get that tuition reimbursement from whatever company your going to work for. Good luck to all this is just the begining God bless.

R Smitty

Very poorly ran not alot of truck time training not very good pretty much have to teach ur self best teacher out therewas a guy name chris he heloed me alot.but he wasnt there everyday to me its not worth what u pay i would not recommend this school to anyone.

RJ Wanright

Randy Ward

Graduate in 2007 Barry did a great job training us in Richmond, Va. Hope the upgraded equipment by now.

Robert Eroh

Deborah Inapproachable

Hands down the best training school in Virginia.

Tariq Jordan

floyd blat

Thanks Shippers Choice

Christina Hirsh

All about the money!! They will tell you financing will cover it and 2 weeks in they say you owe a few hundred dollars. If u don't have it you get kicked and lose any time/money put in it. When I got out of shippers choice and went to training I didn't know diddley squat. It was horribly frustrating!!! School was fun and I liked my teachers they were cool, but the one who collects the money is all about $$$ and $$$$$$$$. I WOULD !!!NOTT!!! RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!!! I lost everything as I went to school and training. Could not pay my bills. But here i am 2 years later killing it.. my average take home pay is $1,050.

Kim Johnston

Best hands on learning I have received. Within 6 weeks I received my cdl and I am working full time. Thanks Kevin

Gingqi moorosi

Love this place. Classroom was only a little bit a day.

Willie Samuel

I just passed my CDL test at the DMV. This is a great school. As always, you will get out of it What you put in it..Wayne , Mike and Steven were always willing to help and answer any questions I had. The tight course made the DMV test a lot easier..There could be more time behind the wheel on the streets but you will get plenty of backing and the time to pre trip. I only recommend that there was a overhead cover to keep the students out of the rain and wind while they wait for their turn to get behind the wheel.

DanielCarol DanielCarol

I did not need to give collateral to go to training.

Thurman Throckmorton

From the initial phone call, until I received my Class A CDL license, the staff at Shippers Choice were very professional and genuinely cared about my well being and future! The front office made sure that I was getting exactly what I needed out of the program. The instructors went out of their way to make sure I understood the general knowledge and worked with me on my problem areas while driving the truck. When I passed the CDL certification at DMV, everyone at Shippers Choice was genuinely happy for me! If you are looking to get a Class A or B CDL license, I absolutely recommend Shippers Choice! recommend Shippers Choice.

Amore Winters

Does this school have lodging?

Dexter Driskell

Good school good instructors easy enrollment nice payment plan options thanks shippers choice

Rickey Cole

Thanks to the blond lady up front I was able to get my testing completed within my time frame.

Elmer Schumacher

Great instructors and friendly staff. Currently a student learning a lot from different instructors with different ways of doing things. Got find what works for you. If you have your CDL permit and DOT medical card on first day of class you go out and start learning how to shift gears and making turns. Best choice of schools I have made in a long time.

Spencer Sutherland

Shippers choice is the best! “You get out of it exactly what you put into it”, is exactly what everyone says but its the truth! I could not be more thankful for everyone over at the newport news campus!! Les, larry, helena, steve, and mike were all such good instructors i am so thankful for them! Got my license first try and im off to being a trucker!!!!

harrell family


Jennifer Goldsberry

I passed my test thanks to shippers

ymeister eckley

Tina K

UPDATE! 06/14/18 I would like to thank the owner of Shippers Choice for his quick response and resolution to our concerns. He has contacted my husband within a 24 hour time frame and offered him a solution that we are both really happy with. It’s good to know that the owner does care about the service that his company puts forth and will do whatever it takes to make things right. From a frustrating scheduling mishap to a very satisfied client, we would definitely recommend Shippers Choice. Mishaps will happen but, the key is taking ownership and making things RIGHT. Thanks again Charlie! UPDATE! HaHa you are too funny Mr Owner your last comment shows how professional you are Fake Fake Fake huh? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Excuse me if that fell on the NN location this is all about the Chester VA office. My husband went to the school which is why you don’t see my name. I decide to put your school on blast for the inconvenience you caused my family. Further more you will also be receiving a complaint from BBB as well. It’s already been filed so let’s see if you think that’s fake Fake Fake as well. Again I say why schedule some one to pay money and train at your school for a class B lisence when the only class B truck you have is being used for students that are testing. You have one class B truck and a model truck that is useless Ridiculous! Shippers choice in Chester VA is a joke. Please stay away from this location to save yourself time, energy and money. They’re very unprofessional. Scheduling proficiently is a challenge for them. Running a business 101 should include supply and demand. If you have 1 truck available; why schedule 10 people for Testing and Training on the same day.? Then recommend for you to call DMV and reschedule. After speaking to DMV I learned that this is a regular occurence for students from (SC) to have to cancel or reschedule. I could write a short story on the unprofessionalism and disappointment I received from this school but, I’m going to save that for something else. Just wanted to warn others about the headache and the fact that you probably won’t receive your lisence from this location simply because they don’t have the supply or man power to train you effectively. Beware of recruiters who only purpose is to get you in and get your money.

Amirdumptrucker85 Amirdumptrucking85

I attending this school about a year ago for my class B license.We trained in a 6 speed dump truck which i was very surprised to see,because most schools just have tractor & trailer,and buses,but the expérience was great the course was $2000.00 and the first deposit was $500.00 also you have to pay every weekend before class,or pay in full before mva test day.

Michael Clark

Mitchelin Keith

This is a great school excellent instrutors excellent staff. This school gets a lot of undeserved bad compliments. These bad reviews obviously come from those who expect the school to get your cdl for you. That is not the case and neither will any other school out there. If you come in and do the work take advantage of ever opportunity they present to you and put in 100% effort they will back you 110%. You get out what your willing to put in and then some. I went in worked hard, they saw that and helped me any way they could. I passed my dmv test first time with ease. Again if your expecting a easy way to get a cdl it isnt out there no matter where you go. If you are willing to put in the time and work that it takes. go to shippers choice. They are a excellent choice. I honestly wish i had to do it all over again. It was that fun. Thanks again to shippers choice. You changed my life! Class of 4-1-2019/4-26-2019.

Jourdan Howard

The instructors aren’t good, they aren’t any help I wouldn’t recommend this trucking school. And they take forever to get you a test date I’ve been waiting to take the test for 7 months now.

sfsfds azdc

Thank you for helping me advance and achieve my goals

Joseph Hathaway

As with any training anywhere their are things that are good and bad. If you are doing this thinking it's a cakewalk, your wrong. I took what I was given and got my CDL. I appreciate Shippers Choice for all they did for me. It's not the instructors responsibility if you fail. If you give 100% then you will succeed.

malcolm hall

If the lot that you practice in is a lot bigger than it probably wouldn't be so bad. You can't really learn what you need to know because the class is too big. I pay five grand for the school and I feel it was a bit too much. some of the instructors do care but some are just talk. I went to turn in my cdl after I passed and they didn't even know who I was. They do play favorites. I drove the truck on the road about two or three times out of a whole month.

george simmons

This is a gd school you get hands on experience good group of instructors,that will go above and beyond to make sure you know and have what it takes to pass your DMV test I took it once and passed thanks to, Mr.Everret,Chris,Tucker,Tony,Raul,Danny and Robbie I appreciate you all may God bless you thanks alot.I won't leave you out Ms.Hope you were very helpful in this process and throughout it thanks alot!!

Alex Artyukhin

It was a great experience. But you have to come with the right attitude. If you think it's enough to pay the money and everything will just fall in place and instructors will do all the work for you - not gonna happen. You need to put effort, listen, ask questions, take time to learn, be patient and be ready to use each and every opportunity to practice. Show respect to people around you and don't take criticism personally. Knowledgeable and experienced instructors are there, so do your part and you'll get a CDL.

Rodney Hawkins

My experience at shippers choice I had a great time learning a lot from the instructors the guy Tony he's one of the new guys at shippers Choice. one of best parallel instructor i work with ! Thanks Tony! Tucker is a good parallel instructor to tells you to watch your landing gear and your tractor tires and make sure you bend it thanks if u looking for good school shippers choice is it can't for get about Barry and Joey Keith thanks for all The bad.need more time in truck and on road and need more time on parallel need have two lane open for parallel.

Andrew Skipper

Went to shippers choice in Newport News Mike and Steve were great instructors. You get out of it exactly what you put into it. I took my DMV test within 10 days of the class finishing. Got a perfect score had no problem passing my test and within a month of getting my license I was in my own truck. I would highly recommend this to anyone yes you have to take turns but that’s to be expected in any classroom environment. Great school and friendly staff.

Donna Moseley

Shippers Choice had some awesome instructors and would like to thank them for all their help. And would also thank Hope Marcotte for finding me a job so quickly I was really amazed. Thank you so much.

Cedric Gregory big TTF ft f

Shipper choice is a very good school great group of guys and staff thts willing to help you get started in trucking. They will teach you the fundamental and knowledge you would need to know not jst for DMV but real life problems you will face. My advice is take Knowledge from each one and make it work for you at the end of the day it’s on YOU to put in the work I GOT MINEs✌

sarah lindstrom

This is a great place to learn how to drive a CMV. All of the instructors are very knowledgeable and will work with you on any issues like backing, double clutching ect. I am very happy with this school. I had a blast the whole time.

Bridget Squire

My fiancée recently finished a class at the Hopewell location. He was told that students were able to come back freely to practice and get training on driving the trucks. Especially since the D.M.V testing is scheduled weeks even months after the training course, When he started going to practice he was turned away several times. This is an unfair act after paying so much money for the course and after being told he would be able to come back and train even after classes were over!!!!! One of the "TRAINERS" was extremely rude to him and lacked any customer service skills he should have. UGGGHH!!!! this problem definitely needs to be resolved if not this course is a complete waste of money.....smh

Preston Gray

i went to shipper choice and after i paid them over 3000 dollars i still have no beeb set u for my test and they are calling me for more money and now they said that i have been release and i ask them why you have not set me up for my test and they told me to set my own test up and they was going to put a lean on my license at the department of transportation and they are the ones that did not honor there contract and i still don't have my cdl a license i will see them in court ann i will report them to the better Business and get them for harassment because they have call all around to my family and friends and threatening my license that i don't have because they did not set up my test.i will see them in court.

Cory Johnson

Great school to train great instructors!! #1

Stralay anna

Thanks for putting me in the video. Great staff

Brenda Clark

I went to shippers Choice in Chester. Great place, extremely helpful staff and instructors, and they gave me all the knowledge and help with driving that I needed to successfully pass my CDL test on my first attempt. I am extremely greatful and appreciative. Thank you all for all of your help and I have been and will continue to recommend this school to people!!

Rodney Ellis

Well worth the money

Phoenix TD

Driving an 18 wheeler isn’t for everybody. And passing the DMV exam is not easy. These guys did a great job of giving me the skills I needed to get my license. The instructors each have their strengths and ways to reach individual students. Les did a great job teaching me and being patient with everyone. If you put in the proper effort on your end, the instructors will see you to the end successfully.

Alex Perez

Highly recommend this school if you're serious on getting your CDL. I had an awesome experience when i was in training. The instructors are awesome and have great stories, they made the learning experience great and made driving trucks for the first time stress free. These guys will not hold your hand, they can only guide you so far and teach you what techniques to use, the rest of the learning is on you and your effort. I've combined all their techniques to pass my CDL skills test on my first try. they have 5 trucks, 3 of them are backing and 2 of them are on the road. although i knew stick shift prior, they teach you how to double clutch in the most easiest way possible. It is best to have your medical card and permit prior to coming here if you are truly serious on getting your CDL but if you don't, not to worry, they will teach you what you need to know to pass your written test to get the permit. I will recommend this school to my friends and family if they want a CDL. they have trucking recruiters come by speak to you and the class, which gives you more options are there for you to decide which company you want to go for. these guys want each and every student to be successful, as long as you don't give up on yourself, they wont give up on you. the DMV is backed up, and my advice is if you want a sooner date, you determine that by showing them how ready you are on backing and driving. they will do everything they can to get you a sooner date; also they will let you practice due to the dmv lag and practice for 2 days before the test to sharpen your skills and to knock off any rust. I was serious on getting my CDL as quickly as possible, and although the DMV lag was bad, i was able to get in the DMV test date quickly due my seriousness. worth every penny and worth the experience. they will make sure everyone succeeds

Ben Seigler

well,my experience at shippers choice has been fast paced, an that was what i were looking for in a cdl training school. i learned from every trainer a bit here and a bit there all have made me a better and experienced driver,each took their craft an fashioned me as a student into a well rounded driver. phil,rodney,patrick,and tommy,i thank them and the school for a job well done.ben seigler

Tracy Baylor

I would recommend to this school to anybody who is serious about getting your CDL. It was a good experience but you have to go in with the right attitude and willing to listen and learn. Shout out to to all the instructors I took something from all of them with my time there. I finished the 4 week course and had my road test 2 weeks after I was in and out appreciate you all. Thank you Mrs hope!!!

Adam Powers

Von Ashburn

A special Thank you to Chris for helping through the program. For those extra times you stayed late to get me through the backing up.

Michael Otten

Great instructors, Thank you for the training

Trucker Dale

My experience at shippers choice was great! The instructor's was down to earth and showed me everything i would need to be successful at dmv and driving for a company. I would recommend this school to anybody who is looking to get their class a cdl.

Carol Moran

Dyeshame Boone

trash! don’t waste your time with this school. Unless you like to teach yourself.

Lela Hodges

my bf just started here for truck driver school. he has had nothing but good things to say. good teachers and good trucks. hopefully big money coming soon for our baby !!

Guess who

Newport News shippers choice, it is a good school but just like everything in life if you want something come prepared, do your homework and you get what you put into it. I knew nothing about trucking and finished my class and passed my DMV test first time. The pre-trip inspection was tough and it was exactly what the DMV was looking for. Get out there and put in the work the rest is up to you.

Adam Austin

Amy Owens

I would like to Thank everyone at Shippers Choice in Chester, VA for helping get my CDL'S. All the instructors were GREAT. I would like to give a Special Shout out to Ms Hope., Chris and Tucker for those last minute instructions for the Parallel. THANK YA'LL couldn't have DONE It Without You.

Keith Carr

82jake steed

This school was a great learning experience for me. You really got to want it to get it. The instructor's were very helpful, but you can't be shy. You have to ask questions. Overall I got my cdl and would recommend anyone to come to this school.

Monique W

It's not a fake review. I went to the school in June 2018. Don't care about the damn students, so of course you wouldn't know. Everybody has a fake review. Look at how you all respond to reviews without fact checking. If anyone wants to go to this school better think again. Go to TCC!

Aurora Clinics

Thanks Shippers Choice

Darryl Griffin

Overall experience was ok here. Would i recommend this place to someone I knew? Not at all. My time here I did learn a lot but felt that it was unorganized. School has been open to long for it not to have a plan laid out and for the ground not to be paved. Each student should be tested on pre trip daily and know how to straight back before being able to move to another backing maneuver. Instead a lot of people during my time were coming back saying they failed doing a straight back at the dmv or doing brake integrity test. They have to many people to a class which shows of course they are about the money as well as all the people who failed who come back for practice days or who havent been scheduled a test date at the dmv. Weekend class 15 students in 1 class 15 in another class 5 trucks 1 maybe out of service only 2 backing ranges maybe 3 instructors if your lucky. The head guy Ed talks to his employees like children can hear him yelling through the walls they dont like it of course can tell by there nagging on the range. Instructors Steve,Mike,Larry,Les and Helena all teach different but gained something from everybody

Kingston Sussman

Two Thumbs up!! Instructors where fantastic

Lauren Cephas

The trainers are hands on and make you feel very comfortable here. They really take the time to make sure that you are very well educated in this field. Everyday you learn something different and gets you closer to your goal. I enjoy coming here it is very much worth it.

Harry Steele

Miss Tasha

Chris was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with the process of getting me started. The staff is very nice and easy to talk to. Overall I enjoyed my learning experience at shippers choice.

Bad News VA

The location in Newport News is horrible...the place is dirty and small. The lot you practice in on-site is very small and not equipped to handle the trailer size. Majority of the instructors have no experience with the road and are showing students improperly how to handle tractors. Way to many videos and unnecessary paperwork and not enough lectures from the instructors. For the money you pay, the service they provide doesn't add up...horrible seating when they're keeping you in the faculty for 8 hours a day and throughout that week you might drive the tractors 2 days out of 5...smh...just horrible...I advise people not to attend the facility in Newport News because the success rate is not good either.They really need a new director at this place!

Scott Spencer

Good school, they will teach and prepare you to get your CDL. I caution those considering a CDL to make sure this is what you want to do. I saw students that really didn't apply themselves and I wondered why they spent the money. You have to do some basic things, show up on time, listen, ask questions when you don't understand, study (pre-trip) and apply yourself. If you're not fully prepared to do those things you will not be successful. All the instructors went out of their way to help me when I asked. Special thanks to Tony, TJ and Dale for taking the time when I was struggling. I see many complaints about the equipment. It's fine, it's not new and gets driven hard unintentionally by people learning to drive a commercial vehicle. My observation was school was aggressive in making sure equipment was available for the next days training. Enough equipment is an issue due to space and class size so you will be standing around waiting to get in a truck. Don't pass up any opportunity to get in the truck. I got more than most by being right there ready to get in a truck and practice while others goofing off, getting warm etc. The only thing I didn't like was the DMV testing scheduling. When I talked with recruiter I was told 2-3 weeks after class completion. First day of class was told 2-3 months. I waited 6 weeks. During the wait they let you practice 1 day week for 4 hours, then 2 days before your test. I don't think this is enough and equaled a short trip on the road and 2-3 backing maneuvers, per week. For most it's just not enough to maintain the newly developed skills. So again, don't pass up on any opportunities to get in the truck. If you're like me you'll need all the opportunities you can get to be successful. In summary good school, I recommend and they will deliver.

Jason Glass

Great instructors and overall a fantastic experience

Dustin Maxwell

I went to Newport News shippers choice, if you read the paper before you sign, it says they give you want info and tools you need to successfully be ready to take your test at the DMV. I personally took in everything they said and more, if you want to listen to what they are saying they go further then required. I appreciated it all, went got my Cdl, applied at tons of places while everybody offered me positions over the road I took a position locally with Pepsi, I am home everynight, great pay, better benefits than you could imagine also! Shippers choice is a great move for your future if you come here ready to focus and not joke around the whole time! Just like school, if you didn't pay attention you got bad grades, well, if you want to make a future for you and your family it's worth the investment!

Barker Milner

lovelaughprosper love

Never passed at this school not a fake review I can put this school on blast really do not waist your money or time go else where a lot of people end up paying double you fail and have to pay if I could give 0 I would thank me later oh and it's the most expensive school in the area

Shippers choice Victim

let Me start by saying that some aspects of the school are ok at best and the instructors are ok at best but what makes this place awful is the over crowding and the unprofessional employees that work here. The classes are about 15 to 20 students and maybe 2 to 3 actual instructors also since students struggle because of overcrowding you also have students from the previous class that either didn’t pass the DMV test or are waiting to take the DMV test and that number varies day to day but let’s say on average an additional 5 students. This creates a problem because you only have 8 hours to get in the practice you need and there are only 2 trucks going at the same time some days I will only get 15mins of practice time behind the will because it’s so crowded. Even with numerous complaints about this the school still does nothing to change this issue. Just recently the school took 12 students to take the DMV test for their CDL’s and only 1 passed. When the instructors returned they were upset and yelled at the students“we can’t drive the damn truck for you”. The school has no original content and the instructional videos they show are straight from YouTube. You basically pay 5,000 to use their trucks when they work. Just recently student were driving on the road and were pulled over by the police. The truck was in such bad condition the police wouldn’t let the student drive it anymore and the school truck had to be towed away and the school had to send a van to retrieve the students and the Instructor. The staff are all white except one recruiter and their are no female instructors. Often they employees tell racist jokes about Mexicans right In the middle of class. Whenever they want to say something that will be offensive to women the instructors tell the women to close their ears. Its like we went back to 1985 when you step into the building everything is old and I mean everything. The only concern they have is filling seats In the class. Employees openly admit to being drunk from the night before. I can confidently say this is the most unprofessional school I have ever attended. Beware and do not attend this school especially if your not white or a women because they will make you feel uncomfortable and unwanted. All the material that is presented in class you can easily get yourself and they only thing the school has for the students is their trucks and like I said earlier you’ll be lucky to get 15 mins a day behind the wheel. How they get away with this is they count the time your outside as driving time so on the paperwork it looks like you driven everyday for 3 hours and that is a lie. When they give test they let student retake the test as many times as they need to pass and I would say 75% of the student would never passs a test if they really had to take it. The students cheat and the instructors let it happen because it’s the only way they’ll make money but it’s just cheating the student out of their chance to learn it. The staff takes no responsibility when it comes to how bad test scores really are. I’ll rap it up by saying take your Money elsewhere so you have a chance to be a successful truck driver. You’ve been warned.

Albert Green

Berry is the best instructor in the business.

Jack Rabbit

Clyde Lorena

Class act training. Best training to date

Daniel Erazo

Had a horrible experience here. All they want is your money. They have faulty equipment. The bus broke down twice and I couldn't take the test. The instructors just stand around and you basically teach yourself. Would not recommend anyone for this school. I withdrew and got my loan cancelled.

Johnetta Jackson

Shippers choice was my best choice. I was a rookie to the trucking industry until shippers choice instructors blessed me with there expertise. TJ, Tony, Daniel, George, Dale, Chris, & Steve. Also let’s not forget about the office team! Chris, Dale, Hope, Jennifer, Kevin, & Barry. I had the drive & dedication to succeed, but if it wasn’t for the entire staff of shippers choice believing in me, encouraging me, and putting so much time and effort in me; I wouldn’t have made it as far as I did. The support offered here is absolutely amazing. Also I failed my first time testing with DMV. I was in shock! Thanks to Chris the recruiter, my spirits was up lifted and I was back in the trucks practicing preparing for my next test date. I practiced, practiced, practiced and practiced even when I didn’t have a test date because you never know when you may randomly get a call asking if you’re ready to test. I made sure I was ready at all times! I received that call for my next test date and I PASSED!!! The key is to practice no matter what and communicate with the instructors and office staff. Shippers choice is here for the people/students. Thank you shippers choice team for all you have done for me and my future!

Ana Brown

My husband went to this school three months ago,. He's a hardworking man and it's paying off big time for our family he ain't just bringing home the bacon he bringing home the whole dang hog!

MihaEl Shakka

You'll have a great time at Shippers Choice learning a new career from the instructors T.J, Tony, Daniel, Chris, Joe, they were all Great Thank You!! My recrituer Chris was a very good dude very friendly and open. Ms. Hope the BEST!!

Prolifik Measurez

Pretty bad training i basically taught myself how to drive the damn truck. They also have outdated job leads so when you complete your dmv exam they don't have anything to offer you but a certificate of completion this place is a joke. There are like two out of ten instructors that actually know what they're doing. The rest just pick with you and talk about other students like it's a big circus... i don't recommend anybody to waste 5k going here. If you don't have a job and you get unemployment or food stamps go to your local workforce center and apply for the workforce investment act program it payed my way thru this bogus school and I'm grateful for that.

Mario Morgan

Went to shippers choice in Newport news from april to may and it was a fun learning experience. They give you the tools that you need to pass the test. A lot of people complain about not having enough drive time but the driving part is the easiest of the test. If you can't pre trip or even off set backing pr parallel park well you dont even make it to the drive part of the test. Mike and Steve are very good instructors and they know what they're talking about. I took everything they taught me real serious and I passed my test on the first try. Thank you Mike and Steve for helping me get my CDL class A.

Kim Miller

On the road again

Orlando Arnold

I looked at a few other schools before picking Shipper's. other schools seemed kind of run down and their equipment wasn't as new as shippers choice. Im glad I picked here.

Nakashima Bynum

Thanks Mark for all your help

Jason Gregg

The contract states 40 hours class time, 80 hours drive time. It's black and white. We got the class time but the actual drive time...nowhere near 80 hours. The progress paperwork was never filled out consistently so the different instructors didn't know my strengths and weaknesses. The class was 19 people with 3 to 4 trucks running if we were lucky. The trucks were junk. There where long waits just to get into a truck. I'm extremely disappointed with the coarse. They focused on the strong drivers and the weak fell behind. Had I actually gotten what I'm now stuck paying for I surely would have passed the coarse. I wouldn't recommend the chester school to anyone. Unless you have some kind of previous experience or understanding this won't work and you will be stuck paying a 6000 dollar loan.

Robert Champion

learned a lot

Gregory Newby

Shippers choice is all about money!i would NEVER recommend anybody to this trucking school!I went on the weekends and half of the time they only had 2 trucks that were operating!NEVER GO TO SHIPPERS CHOICE

Clifford Calvert

Richard Tucker

I attended this school and obtained my CDL. I would not have been able to do so with out the help of all the instructors. George,Tony,Dan,Dale, and TJ all took the time to help me improve and perfect the techniques. They can only do so much as instructors though and you have to be willing to put the time and energy in to actually learn and perfect it. Hope in the front officer will take the time and help you find companies to apply for that best match what you are looking out of a company.

Jesse Kovalaske

The trainers are hands on and make you feel very comfortable here. They really take the time to make sure that you are very well educated in this field. Everyday you learn something different and gets you closer to your goal. I enjoy coming here it is very much worth it.

Orlando Critzer

I wanted to take a few moments to show my appreciation for the professionalism exhibited by the employees at the Chester, Virginia Shippers Choice. I recently graduated from the program and have also obtained my Virginia CDL as a result of the training and education I received during the October course. I am a recently retired United States Army Colonel that spent most of my career around logisticians and most importantly--around professionals like those working at the school. The instructors are of the highest caliber and each of them brought a different level of understanding and work experience to both the classroom and the hands on training with the equipment. Each one of them took the time to explain the tasks being taught and went out of there way to ensure each student was afforded maximum time to master the task. They did this every day and in every type of weather and they did it over and over again as some of us simply needed the additional help. Their patience and experience is truly and example for all instructors and is the biggest reason students are successful in both completion of the course and and in obtaining their license. Specifically I want to recognize, Barry, Dennis, Lora, Cliff, Phil, Keith, both Georges, and Dale. All were instrumental throughout the program and I have the utmost respect for each them and for what they have accomplished as drivers and instructors. I want to especially thank Dennis for all the extra time he put into helping me and for taking his own personal time away from class time to provide me additional instruction and understanding. I am grateful to have worked with, and learned from, each of them. I also want to thank those not doing the hands on training but who are also a huge part of making everything happen. Juan sold me on the program after numerous meetings and I credit him with helping me make the decision--he is a total professional. The rest of the team including Kevin, Mike, and Debra all played a key part in my success and completion and I am thankful to have met them and had the opportunity to get to know them. Kevin even asked me and another senior enlisted veteran in the class to help with a commercial promoting the school to Veterans. Simply put--that was a no brainer as part of my focus in life since retiring from the service is to chip in wherever I can to help Veterans. Your program, and helping promote it, is an excellent way assist them as they move away from the military life. Promise to be a voice and continued supporter for Shippers Choice! You get what you want out of the program based on what you put in to it!

Zyshawn Smith

Brian Dockery

I graduate today from Shipper's Choice and I'll say this about it. This is not a hold your hand and walk you around the yard school. You will get out what you put in to it. Before signing up to attend Shipper's Choice, I had never driven a manual transmission in my life, and while it doesn't take for weeks to learn how to do so, I will say that if you come to this school looking to learn how to drive and back a tractor-trailer, they have the staff that can teach you. I will say that they can be a little more organized than they are but all and all, I would recommend this school ONLY for those who are go getters and who LISTEN & FOLLOW DIRECTIONS when trying to learn and do something that they haven't done before. P.S. I went from not ever driving a stick to testing before I even graduated and passing the DMV exam on the first try, so that should speak for itself.

jeremy darden

This place is horrible if you thinkin bout goin here don't

Chris Jones

This program was easier than I thought. I really enjoyed the staff at Shippers Choice. They where courteous and gave me the attention I needed to receive my cdl. Highly recommended.

Reese Lynn

Go anywhere else you are wasting time and money with this company!!! They have no clue what they are doing!!!

John Pennell

cornell evans

A life changing experience!! Love my classmates we are a great team together!! Thanks again to Ms Hope as well as Chris yu guys get it done period!! Trainer's are the best!!!!

Christa York

Instructors gave me the time I needed to complete the training during training. I did not feel rushed and they worked with me one on one

Joe Jones

All this school does is take your money

Michael Mayer

Jerry conterras


I recently visited Shippers' Choice in Chester. I was very surprised to say the least. The CDL school I drive past sometimes in Northern VA is so small and cramped compared to this school. Plus it never really seemed busy. When I was at Shippers' that place was alive with instructors and students, and the trucks are pretty new. Newer trucks was surprising to me as every form of driver's ed and motorcycle ed I've ever seen had old crappy vehicles. This place is a cut above the rest.

Antoine Branch

I really enjoyed learning at the school.The whole staff was awesome! I finished up on Friday and tested on Tuesday and passed i want to say a special thanks to mrs hope she really is a amazing person. And the teachers. Especially George, TJ, tony thanks.

Jason Verde

Thanks Kevin T for the sweet job I landed

Michael Rivera

Bests school they help me a lot Alan ,Patric , juce and jou thankyou guys

Mae Fyfe

Great equipment, I had a pleasurable time learning at this location

Quantez Parrish

Shippers Choice instructors are cool pretty much. I can never get Ed on the phone I’ve called & left messages he doesn’t return my calls & he’s in charge of everything! If you ask an instructor something important they’ll say you’ll have to talk to Ed about that. Smh, It Takes for to get to DMV.

Cerrin Willsan

thank you for the extra help, I took over the road job since I want to see the United States and get paid for it.

Shante Elmer

Fantastic school

Judy Moore

One of the best hands on instructions that I ever had.

Barbara Thimen

Nivea Gray

Shippers Choice is a great place to attend to learn the basics about driving a tractor trailer. They prepare you for whatever company you plan on attending. Recruiters come in to speak to you about their company and provide answers to every question so you'll be able to determine what's better for you. Most of the instructions is here to help you so you will be successful. My favorite instructor is Jimmy. Jimmy make sure you understand one one technique before you move on to the next. He take his time with you and always patient. If you want anyone to teach you that really care please see Jimmy.

Matt Brantley

Overall the school was disappointing. Lack of communication within the office staff. Instructor was blatantly prejudice because I was white and had tattoo he didn't agree with which hindered learning from that instructor. 2 excellent instructors Jimmy and Joe!

Matthew King

Chris Scroggins

Adrian Pollard

Just graduated Shippers Choice one of the greatest experiences of my life, the instructors were great!!! Thank You Mike, Helena, Les, Mack and Nick...1 and done March C/O 2019...

Tomesha Macklin

Chris was very helpful and professional getting my then fiance started. We were super excited to get him started in school. Sad to say he did not graduate. After completing the class he had to wait two months for his test with NO PRACTICE DAYS that he was told he would have up until then. He took his test at random by calling the receptionist repeatedly until he was able to "fit in" where he could. After not being able to make payments for the loan after the class there was a hold put on him so he was unable to retest. Feel more like its a setup for failure than success. No communication, trucks in badly need of repair, no refund of any kind, no second chance. Just a huge loan to pay for nothing. AS I STATED I DID NOT ATTEND BUT MY HUSBAND DID. THE FACTS ARE NO ONE BOTHERED TO HELP, NO ONE WANTED TO RETURN CALLS. YOU GUYS ARE ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Russell Leslie



David Gough

The company I am employed by has hired 4 drivers that had completed this school and they could not operate a manual transmission in a truck. They should be ashamed for not fully training their candidates. It is not the responsibility of the carriers to teach the drivers how to operate the vehicles. This is why a candidate pays over $5000.00 for training.

Kappler Hoerner

Thanks Matt, Love my new job

aazra ASF

Thanks for the extra help

Steven Ballard

Excellent instructors with plenty of hands on experience.

Gregory mitchell

The school is great ..The teachers are great! Les, Helena,mack, are great!!! They really take there time and explain all material needed to obtian your CDL.Mike another teacher is a father figure who has many funny stories about truck life.Mike has "The father stern look" cause he cares and a great teacher. Get him a ham sandwitch !!youll understand when your in class lol..


Thank you all and GOD BLESS !!!

F jr

Tasha Jackson

This school is awesome I got everything I came for knowledge and tools to go and make money and safe driving skills,that school is so blessed to have great instructors like Rodney and Keith they had no problems with sharing their skills with you ... The mental book part and test taking ,and the physical driving part....(Its this saying that I love to say; it takes nothing from a candle to light another;and when you make it threw the door don't forget about the people behind you )..they showed me that! I recommend this school if you want to learn and be pushed for the real driving world...thanks Shippers choice!

Devin Williams


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