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REVIEWS OF Nu-Way Driving School IN Maryland

L Estrada

I didn't even get as far as taking the class due to the rudeness and unprofessionalism of these people, from the receoptionist to Mr. Gaines. They seem to have issues with answering questions and informing their customers of the course process. They came off as aggressively annoyed and botherer by phone calls and wasn't customer friendly at all. I will take my business elsewhere in hopes of friendlier service and true professionalism. Beware and good luck if you chose to use these services.

Yaboy Dain

They are unprofessional and very rude and disrespectful and i am sad to say this but they should get fired

kiara smith

They we're the worst ! Mr.Gaines was extremely rude and mean while teaching me to how to drive, & it made me super nervous because I was a first time driver . He made it seem like everything I did was completely wrong & I had to hunt them down & call a hundred times just to get my driving hours & still didn't get all of them. Now there saying that I never finished the driving courses cause I didn't complete the 6 hours of driving & I have to pay $125 to continue, after alrdy paying $300 ! Now I have to chase them down AGAIN . If I paid the money, you would think they would be considerate enough to at least call me too tell me I needed too finish but there just after money. Find another driving school

Darlene Prather

Worst experience ever. Mr Gaines is the worst. My daughter and son had a bad experience. He had the nerve to be smoking while my daughter was driving. He was yelling at my son while driving.He was very rude and unprofessional to the both of them. He contradicts himself a lot while driving. He wants you to have 20 hrs of driving experience already. But what's the point in that if it's driving school???????they don't have patience for people that have no driving experience. I don't recommending you going there go somewhere else. The cheapest isn't always the greatest. They take on too many students at once.its like 20-25 people in a very small tight classroom. They take your money and have the nerve to talk to you any kind of way.This school doesn't deserves any stars because that's just how bad it is. If only there was a way to post this rating/review without any star I would but Google doesn't allow it.They deserve all ZEROS.

Helen Nesbitt

Gabriel Zannu

My cousin attends this driving school and judging from his enthusiasm to get there on time, i think they are doing a fine job. I may have to seek his opinion on his experience at the school.

Bladimir Bolanos

Most disrespect people i know


Mindya Owne

PLS DO NOT GO HERE !! my family friend had reported unprofessional service and rude interactions with the staff.

Nathaly Ramirez

the adults were very rude and disrespectful.

Don Hudson

My experience at this school was atrocious. I had to miss two days due to personal circumstances, and the day I had been set to return, I was told the classroom was overbooked and I was forced to go home (overall, I had to wait two months before I finally made up for my missed classes; this was after I paid for everything and no refunds were offered). The driving instructor and the teacher are both very condescending. Both of them talk down to all the students and have a general disrespect for the class if they don't adhere to their classroom standards. They are also very rigid and strict, and rule the class with an antediluvian iron hand. Also, the diving instructor refused to teach me until I earned more experience with my father -- which my father had paid him to do. After all, they are the driving school and they should spend as much time as possible teaching me how to drive without shunning me away. My experience with the school was extremely negative. Do not attend this school, and do not, by any means, give them your money. Customer service was awful, the behind-the-wheel driving instruction was dreadful, and I'm infinitely relieved to be done with this school. I hope my review was helpful. If this school piques your interest, by all means keep moving. There are better schools out there. They may be the cheapest, but you get what you pay for. These guys couldn't even run a hotdog stand.

Michelle Taylor

My experience with Nu-Way Driving School was exceptional, It is a Family owned and operated business and everyone there treated me with respect and was very professional. Mr. Gaines is awesome with the students and Mrs. Gaines is firm and caring at the same time when teaching the class. How do you repay someone who lessens the burden you carry on your shoulders of trying to teach your child how to drive? How do you compensate someone that takes on any task and completes it enthusiastically? How do you explain the effect an individual has a small group of students that are getting extra attention? What do you say to someone who is willing to offer support when the load is over whelming? What words do you use when you see the smile on a student’s face because an individual is praising them for their progress? The truth is there is no adequate way to repay someone who gives of themselves for the betterment of others. Their assistance is priceless. There are only two words I can think of and that is Thank you Mr. Gaines for all that you do for the students that attend Nu-Way driving school. Ms. Taylor

Beezus 280

Don't go here. Save your money and weigh your options. Even though the in class teaching and interactions were superb, my driving with Mr. Gaines was a poor experience. I was a nervous driver at the time and his yelling, cursing and smoking would only cause me to make more mistakes. In the end I finished the program but I sincerely believe Mr. Gaines just whisked me along because he didn't want to deal with me. At the end of the day it didn't improve my driving, in fact it might have made it worse. I feel like I wasted my time and money whenever I recall driving school.

Nefertiti Lyles

I actually cried 15 minutes into the driving session with Mr. Gaines because he kept yelling at me, cursing at me, and being so rude. It really saddens me that I have to go through with this school one last time before I can actually receive my license.

Carmen Miller

DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The staff is unprofessional, and truly only want your money. Mr Gaines is the worst instructor and has no business driving students. Both of my children, who were good drivers before going on the driving portion with Mr Gaines, couldn't continue driving with him because he was nasty, rude, and condescending! This school should be closed!!!

Angela Moran

I went to the morning class Mrs. Mc Duffy was really cool. I like how she took her time with me to explain certain thingsafter class was dismissed. I could tell Mr. Gaines is experienced bcuz he knew quite a bit. Thank you Mr. Gaines. Yes I will recommend anyone who needs to get a license in MD.

Haley Tompsin

Hey guys, its hayhaytomtom here. Overall, I think that this was a pretty decent driving school. I finished my classes in late august and finished my behind the wheel mid november, which when compared to other driving schools is pretty good. The classroom instructor was really nice. I recommend that before you take your first behind the wheel that you have some basic driving knowledge and practice because he may become impatient if you continue to make simple mistakes.


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