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8855 Annapolis Rd Suite 303, Lanham, MD 20706, United States

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REVIEWS OF Ifkean Driving School IN Maryland

Ainsley Bernard

Very good driving school with quality education. You will learn a lot here and the teacher connects with you and teaches in the most effective way possible that you may wonder whether you're learning or having fun! This driving school has definitely met my expectations, if not exceeded them.

Fuego Tracy

If you want a driving school that's fun and knowledgeable, this is the place to go. The instructors are very helpful and funny, which makes for a great combo with all the information we have to cover. Driving hours unfortunately get pushed back a bit due to the size of the class but that's just like most schools. Ifkean is a great driving school and I'd recommend it to anyone!

Othman Carew

I received a quality Driver’s Education at Ifkean Driving School. Thanks and appreciation to Mr and Mrs Rotimi for guiding me through to become a better driver. I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

Damola Aluko

Jay _

The best driving school in the area with the best teachers


This is school is Amazing and has met my expectations on learning everything about driving and the rules of the road.

Adanna E

Eric Jr Yalley

The class was very involving and fun without making you bored. Ms. Rotimi is a great teacher who makes you forget how tideous the work is. It makes her class more inviting and open to all manner of people. You won't be disappointed if you enroll.

Jordan Norris

This driving school was amazing and the teacher are very helpful .

luis rodriguez

Amazing school and instructors!

Sabrina Jackson

Driving school went by pretty fast to the best driving instructors ofcourse !

tiffany polson

Love this driving school so much she’s very nice listens and understands from our point of view. She also make sure I understand everything that is need to be teached


It’s an excellent school and very informational. I recommend parents send their teens to this driving school.

Milan Porter

TJakin 155

This was a great learning experience

Kesha's Journey

shamis hired

They really care and give the information needed to be a safe driver, highly recommend!

Forcha Stella

Coming to it ifkean driving school was a good decision I took.I learn new things and I think driving wouldn't be any problem to me.They have good staff and I encourage everyone out there to come and learn so that we can save LIVES

Antonia d'ALMEIDA

This was way more then I have expected from a driving school. They have thought me a lot. Ms Rotimi is the best. she is very nice and caring. I have the 10 days accelerated class and it was the best decision. Just make sure you came to each classes and listen to the instructor and you are good to go.

Abiodun Adewuyi

The instructors are really nice and experienced, they know how to deal with young people, and overall, with professional engagements. They also provide conducive environment, safe for learning.

sarah adams

This Driving school is over all professional! The classroom instructor and the driving instructor are both sooooooooo nice and down to earth , they treat everyone with respect. #ProudIfekanStudent

Mike Stewart

Mrs Ro was an amazing teacher,she makes sure young teens in the class understand what she is teaching,and I think the driving school is a good thing for a new driver

David Goodluck

Great learning environment and the best education of real life driving and how to drive defensively

ollo ollo

Very informative easy to find very patient with students its definitely worth it when u leave their ur better road user

Yovany Luna

Great place to take driving classes

Rama Ndiaye

Good and caring teachers

Christy Oyibo

She is the best teacher and she always listens to her students she has a beautiful heart .

Dakid Kennedy

The instructors treat you like family and make sure our class got the fundamentals we needed to drive. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)


A friend recommended ifkean driving school to me and i was not disappointed. The instructors are very nice and funnyand here to help you succeed in getting your license i would recommend this driving school to everyone and there price is awesome better then most driving school ive called in the dmv aera. The instructors give you hands on experience and are very humble and homie they deserve all the credit they can get, i really enjoy myself here and had a great learning experience. They was even willing to schedule my driving course to my busy schedule. Such very nice people and great experience. 5 stars all the way.-kels

Adrian Alphonse

Keziah Dickerson

This was a great driving school experience. I learned so much in such little time but I’m ready. Mr and Mrs. Rotimi really work as a team to get us all ready to be on the road. I really recommend this driving school.

Maria Lopez

Loved this driving school best instructors, they were very organized loved them

official 1cam

I like the school, it helpful and you learn a lot that u didn't know about driving, when u on the road

John Biney

The best driving school in Maryland

Liberty Simmons

Attentive customer service agent willing to answer all of my questions after a poor experience somewhere else.

diana wiana

I love this place! The instructors are really sweet and they make everything understandable :)

Curtis Perkins

Great staff, very informative!!!

YourGirl Mishka

She’s a very nice lady who cares about her students. I would recommend you to take her class.

Sheena Hall

Gloria Espinoza

Abigail Basima

justine tawiah

Very Good driving school you’ll learn and laugh at the same time !!

mambo neh

The class is very fun and I learned a lot. Would highly recommend.

cheyenne holliday

jackie mukam

Amazing driving school! Many people say that driving school is boring, however the instructors always managed to make the classes interesting and interactive, as well as providing any additional information to ensure that we are successful and confident when driving.

folo adebayo


tega pius

Yvette Mbu

Trevon Coleman

Ms. Ro is a great teacher . Highly recommended

Milo Jordan

Honestly amazing school. Good teacher.

Maryam Baruwa

Semira Said

I thought that driving school would be dull, but this class was the complete opposite! I had fun during class and the instructor is kind, sweet, and wise. You'll learn a lot from the instructor and she gives good advice. During class you'll have thoughtful and interesting conversations.

Yetunde Adebiyi

Jake Right

This is a great school. I love my teacher she is great and you learn all the right stuff.

Douglas Rodriguez

Great place to learn, Ms. Ro helped me better learn more about driving and how to get out of dangerous situations.

Dianthe Gordon


Highly recommended, Mrs Ro is the sweetest instructor!! Loved it

Alisha Thomas

This is the best learning experience I've encountered, in all my years. My instructor makes you feel like you're apart of her family. She helps break down anything you may have a question about along with inspiring quotes to help you feel more comfortable with learning to drive. I will bring my teenager to her in 2 years, because I feel secure in her teaching.

Zephaniah Williams

Kevin Ultimate

Really good driving school.

Nana Cherrie

If you’re looking for knowledgeable and courteous instructors then this is the driving school for you! I’ve learned so much about driving, road safety, and life long lessons in general. Mrs. and Mr. Rotimi personally work with all their students to make sure they understand the materials being taught. I promise you’ll leave here an educated and safe driver!

josue cruz

Great Place for Beginners !


I have found a warm and interactive lesson, and warned from danger of being careless in driving as if My Mom and dad has been telling me:the difference is this is scientifically boosted with grasping video show... Yes it has been presented to last through your driving g life... I have felt privilaged to learn in this driving school... the lecturer has become my superego when I drivee


Eghosa Ebhojiaye

Duncan Mnensa

Best driving school ever, they deserve more than 5 stars.

Justin Odum

This driving school makes the subject as a whole easy to understand while still sticking in your mind. It's very welcoming and I reccomend it.

Abibatu Jalloh

Ifkean driving school is one of the best so far for me

Eric Nkemtaji


Cynthia Moneke

I really like this driving school, they make you feel like you’re at home part of their family. They make sure you understand the information before moving on to the next unit.

Travia Fenrick

This was my driving school. Very fun and informative. Mr. Rotimi and Mrs. Rotimi are very kind. I would recommend this school to anyone!

Davis Garcia

Jay 2Slimey

Ms.Ro is hilarious, she makes sure everyone is on the same page. You are guaranteed to get the driving knowledge you need on the road from this program.

King Zoza

Good instructors with good understanding of the subject matter. Start times are respected as well as closing times. Lessons are well organized with the help of visuals. Instructors like Ms Rose pay close attention to student understanding. As she connects personal experiences to the craft of teaching.

melvin vivar

Lil Tracy

The best driving teacher ever

Assie T Sesay

Johana ayar

I couldn’t be any happier with this school! I’ve learned so much and the teachers show they really care. It’s worth the pay.

Linus Udorji

Festus Nick

If you are still searching for a driving school where you can get quality Driver Education, Ifkean is the place to be. Mrs. Ifkean is a High school teacher with over 30 years experience at various DC schools. No wonder she has a way with the kids. I strongly recommend Ifkean driving school to help you pass your road test and become a better driver... Festus N Egbule.

Gissele Anyi

Coming to Ifkean Driving School was one of my best experiences.I learned new things about driving that I never knew.Ifkean Driving School have good teachers and it’s good for all peer to come and gain more knowledge on driving.I really enjoy the school because it’s was so excellent.

CJ Christopher Campbell Jr.

Greatest driving school in PG County Maryland.

Bita Tayong

This driving education center is wonderful!! They exceeded my expectations. I have learned not just the basics but vital information for driving . It is come and see!!

Terrence Wordie

I loved my experience with Ifkean Driving School. The Instructors make you feel like family. They guide you through most of it to make sure you understand everything. They work with you really well when it comes to Scheduling the road test as well.

Benvee Lavelah

This school helped me so much they make driver easier and simple thank you so much

Tete Youn

Mrs.Ro is the best and would definitely recommend to everyone.

Angelica Hernandezvelasque

Highly recommended !! Treat you like family and learn very important life lessons on the way. best driving school to learn the ways of the roads !!!

ihuoma chikere

kwamena hayfron-benjamin

Great Teacher, Miss ro is committed to student understanding and safety.

Rodiat Omolola

Ifkean driving school is the best I will recommend this thanks to Mrs rotimi for being an excellent teacher, her skill of teaching is fantastic she’s very calm when teaching you ,and explained in the best way for you to understand she’s kind jovial and loved by the all .and she’s is like a mother to me and to the all classes she treat us like her children a great place to learn God will always give you wisdom knowledge and understanding ma

Keylin Amaya

Jessiella Devera

Ms. Ro is the best! She is very knowledgeable about driving and she makes sure the class understands the material. The only thing I wish she did was go over the answers we got wrong on our daily quiz. The class consists of reading and answering questions from the workbook that is provided to us. Then she shows us videos in relation to the lesson of that day. At the end of class, we are quizzed out of 10 questions. What's also great about this class, is that you get 3 free behind-the-wheel lessons grom Mr. Rotimi. He gives you great tips about how to operate your car. He taught me how to park backwards without using the rearview camera and later, how parallel park (something I thought I could never do)! Because of this class, I was able to obtain my Learner's Permit on my first attempt at the MVA!! If you happen to miss a day, they let you make up for it the next time they teach the lesson you've missed.

Steven Romero

You think you already know everything but you learn more in this driving school.

Dimitri D

this class is very helpful especially if you’re just now learning how to drive . the classes go by quick because you actually enjoy the things you are learning. it is a great experience

Brayan Orellana

Ms.rotimi is the best! Never met a teacher who cares so much about her students, she makes you feel like you're a part of her family, and she really answers your questions, she's very calm. She's the best, and best school to come too.

Temi Tope

The class was funny but my instructor (Mr.Rotimi) scheduled my driver time w/ him 2 months after my class. When I asked him if I could move my date closer because I was going to be in school, he said "No". Class started 6/6/16 Class ended 6/17/16 Drive time 8/8/16 8/9/16 8/10/16

Dennis Butler

Great experience, very informative.

Cheikh umar barry

Safia Hired

Great learning atmosphere, easy to comprehend for all, highly recommended.

Vincent K Oduro

I started taking driving lessons because I wanted to be more independent and it was as easy as I thought it will be. I was very lucky to have Ms Rotimi as my Teacher. Her calm way of explaining things and different situations made me understand the car and the traffic better. I've learned to anticipate potential situations on the road which helped me understand what safe driving really means. So, thank you Ms Rotimi, it is a pleasure and a privilege to learn from you. I Would gladly recommend Ms Rotimi to anyone looking for a patient, calm and knowledgeable driving instructor. Although I'm not done with the class but I've found the good and perfect things there. I wish everyone would go there for thier driving experiences.

marandalee bolton

Ms.Ro is an amazing teacher I’ve learnt a lot that I didn’t know at first. I practice the skills and methods she taught me everyday while driving the best driving class u can sign up for!!

Godlove Dayebga

I am happy i chosed this particular driving school. Its just great the way the teacher passes on the knowledge, makes you have a picture of the real world and classes are highly interactive too.....

Matthew Outlaw

I learned a lot and the people in my class was helpful as well. I hope everyone gets there license and stay safe on the roads out there! Thanks Ms. Ro & Mr. Ritimi

Sarah Douglas

The instructor is great. She is respectful, patient, and will not let her students down.

Lul Vee

Samuel Reeves

Learned a lot a Ifkean Driving School

venkata sree

Daniel Salazar

They are very kind people and always want the best for you.

Brittney Adinuba

I loved the class wouldn’t choose anywhere else. It’s a friendly and warm learning environment.

edwin amaya

It’s areally good school I think is the best school in Lanham

Jabouri Toby

Mr. and Mrs. really make sure you develop not only as a driver, but as a person too. You should definitely come to this driving school.


The best driving school ever with a great teacher. She makes driving fun and it was one of the best learning experience I ever had

Selma Adem

Ifkean Driving school prepared me well thorughout my 2 weeks class!! I Highly recommend it for beginners and especially teenagers. Ask for Mrs Mutimi when you go there. She’s very helpful and a dear mother :)

jose guzman

Amazing class with an amazing instructor!

Toluwanimi Adejumo

A very fast paced educative class with the best driver ed teachers you can find. Tolu

Chelsie Ihuoma

100% would recommend. Learned a lot in this class. Would go through content till I fully understood.

Gabriel Ntitebem

My teacher was absolutely amazing. She was so funny and always made sure we learned the material she taught. I honestly feel like I learned a lot because of her and I am grateful to have her as a teacher. She always makes me feel welcome when I enter the room. This has been a great experience!

Isata Peah

Gladys Mensah

If u want to learn how to drive, als about life ifkean driving is the best Choice for u. Ms. Ro makes sure u understand the teachings before she moves on to the next topic. It’s a fun and comfortable environment to study.

Crescentia Tanjang

This driving school is one of the best and you are guaranteed to get all the information you need to pass your driving test and get your license. They also make you feel like one of them. I really admired Ms. Rotimi's policy of no student left behind. She made sure everyone understood what was being taught. I can honestly say it was worth the money and I HIGHLY recommend.

Omar Mata

Adaranijo Abdul

Lore F

Very welcoming and hospitable school and instructors.

Kola Oladiji

Beldy Bee

Learned so much at the ifkean driving school, thank you so much

awah muma

I learned all kinds of knew stuff from the class. And the teacher was amazing and she always found a way to help and teach every individual if they didn't understand something

Alexander Odum

This is good school to come to learn about driving. The classes are very interactive and the teacher will go over any questions that you have trouble with. It is definitely a good choice.

Theophilus Yalley

Both instructors are very informative and caring. They always wanted the best for us as a driver and a person as a whole. The class was interactive, exciting and I really enjoyed the class

olawepo Oladayo

Very reliable fast a accurate, the best you could ever imagine in Maryland. You will never regret going there believe me

tiffany canales

Adeola Adeyemi

Amazing place to be. Ms Ro has been a great teacher. Would definitely recommend the school to anyone that needs to go to a driving school.

Sshayee Tv

Very helpful and informative

Best player

A really good environment, the teachers are really nice. They really care about their students, 10/10 recommend to go here especially if you’re a new upcoming driver. They teach you things in a clearly and understanding way.

Teeea s

Donshae Thomas

I really enjoyed Ifkean Driving School. The instructor was very nice and welcoming and answered all my questions.She even asked about my newborn and family everyday and how I was enjoying motherhood. If you want a very friendly and helpful driving school I suggest you attend here I really loved it.

Adebowale Adedeji

Wonderful school with experience. You surely have value for your money and depth of knowledge. Recommended for all.

Daniel Nava

An amazing Driving school. The instructors are friendly and funny. She or He really interacts with everyone. I thought it was gonna be boring but it’s a entertaining class. I recommend this place.

Kwe Ma

This is the best driving school I have ever done my Drug and Alcohol Test, the inspector was nice to me she tech very well to your understanding , I will recommend Ifkean Driving school to you, George K Manye

Wilfredo Urquilla

Great experience very detailed and amazing staff

danyelle cole

Great instructors experience, and they are very knowledgeable in driving. You can go 10 days straight including the weekend. Ms. Ro will have you laughing all class long. I recommend this school for new drivers.

Gerald Egwuagu

It was such an awesome experience,my teacher always makes sure we understands everything.

andrew flores

A great driving school. You learn very well.


glory days

Koji Bello

The best driving school in the world

Oluwatobi Eyinfunjowo

Exclusive Ki TV

You receive a great amount of education in class. The instructor makes connections to the real world. Instructor connects with you and helps you get a better view on driving. They provide a lot of information and A+ notes on every little thing. It’s very hard to fail your unit test if you ask me. Always maintained a 90% or 100% nothing lower than that. You always take review notes to help you and you also connect with your classmate because instructor brings us closer and gets us to get out our comfort zone to speak out.


It is a very great interactional place to learn about driving

Adama Kamara

Don Kizzle

Very nice

Tomas Molina

Great Experience & Great Educators

kimberly vann

Ms. Ro is this best instructor ever, if you want to learn how to drive perfectly go to Ms. Ro !

Alexander Artiga

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