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REVIEWS OF Great Commission Driving School IN Maryland

Keith Barrow

The class room experience was awesome! Mr. Martin was the best teacher. The class was 3 hours but he made it feel a lot shorter. He always made jokes and gave us extra information that is useful. Now the BTW experience wasn't as pleasant. I rode with Mr. Botts (an older man) and he didn't really say anything. He had a brake on his side and kept braking for me which was hindering me from turning properly, and he yelled at me when I messed up when it wasn't my fault. When I asked him about if he was braking, he said he wasn't. Also, I put the parking brake on when I parked outside a store for him, and he yelled and cussed at me for putting it on. Other than that, this driving school was great! Just ask NOT to drive with Mr. Botts.

Howard Prince

Great school. Good teachers

Jayli Anderson

Great instructors & very engaging classes. Also was able to complete all of my BTW sessions before I had to return to school. I highly recommend this driving school.

Me Puss-lie

Great school. Every day was fun, funny and educational. And the class was small.

Erica Babbitt

Tierra Sutton

I really learned a lot from this driving school. I love it best driving school❤️. Mr. Martin cool & funny lol.

Amber Price

HORRIBLE INSTRUCTOR. DO NOT DRIVE WITH MR. MARTIN. He yells, makes you nervous, belittles you, etc. If you mess up accidentally, he screams, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!". SO unprofessional. Constantly wants you to make stops for his personal needs. He makes you pick up other driving students after you finish your driving session, and they drive you home. (I personally don't feel comfortable AT ALL with this, God knows how experienced they are.) Great Commision is absolutely ridiculous. DO NOT PAY FOR FOOLISHNESS.

Essence Jones

mickey brown

Hands down a great learning atmosphere. Mr. Martin is a awesome instructor and makes learning enjoyable and relatable.


This was a very professional and supportive driving school, they made me very comfortable in learning how to drive properly.

Teetee Taylor

I like Great Commission Driving School because the classes and driving hours can be completed in 2 weeks. Before coming to this school, I called different schools and they said it would take about 1-2 months on average to complete classes and driving lessons. I did not have that kind of time, I needed something quick. I also go by ratings and seen that this school have almost a 5 STAR rating, I had to check it out. The classes were fun and everyone was engaged in every lesson. Mr. Martin is something else (in a good way! LOL) He made learning fun. I know he going to miss our class the most lol. This school is the best, hands down! Definitely Recommended for sure!!!

Alyssa Marie

Anissa Gray

I really enjoyed my driving school experience , and the instructor himself brought a nice positive atmosphere every where he went ! I learned a lot from this class as well

Marcus Dyer

Hands down best driving school!!! Nobody left out everybody participates. Mr. Martin & Ms. Johns are the best instructors, They will have you comfortable will you’re doing you’re driving portion they’ll rather break it down and teach! instead of yelling. Safeway driving school teacher yelled and slammed on breaks scarring me which is why i left that school to come here. 5 stars for teaching me all the rules and secrets of driving on the road keep up the great work Great Commission

Evan Robinson

Definitely had a great experience! Mr Martin was very helpful when it came to the classroom lessons and driving on the road. Never felt like a draining lecture since he was so funny and made the content more relatable and entertaining. I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone!

C Gsmith

I would highly recommend this driving school. Mr. Martin and Staff are very professional, and knowledgeable. My child had a "Great" driving, and learning experience!!


The class was one of the best driving classes I have ever been to ..good teaching off and on the road ..

RYU Kistune

Mr. Martin is a very good classroom and on the road instructor. I am glad that I went to Great Commission.

M Nicole

Where do I begin ? Im 21 & Im a new mother, It been hard to make time to do my driving hours with a 9 month old but when I say that Mr.Martin made everything a complete breeze & NO HASSLE whatsoever, Im so grateful. First of all, he let me schedule my driving hours on a day the office was closed. I was actually going to attend another driving school but the instructor wasnt patient, respectful, or flexible ! ALSO much more expensive. However, I literally knocked 6 hours of driving out with mr.martin in 2 days , WITH my driving test being the same week. I got everything done in time & I would truly recommend anyone come to this driving school. On top of me not knowing how to back into parking spaces & him being patient with me so I could learn, he was also Hilarious! My hours were minutes & I was completely comfortable. Im sad to be parting ways. If you’re looking for a driving school to attend, make sure you go to GREAT COMMISSION !!!!

Amanda Edge

Had a good time learning under Mr.Marttin!! Definitely a fun and educational environment.

Taylor Rayford

Best driving school ever! I love Mr. Martin. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Candace Gabrielle

simone c.

the staff is great, special thanks to Mr.Martin making me comfortable behind the wheel and making it a great experience

Aaron Jasper

Great Teacher who helps the students understand the material.

Marche Harris

Great School Excellent teacher Mr Martin Really works with You .Helpful on the Road and in classes recommend This school for new drivers or Any drivers

Latrece Banks

Mr. Martin does a excellent job teaching and coaching the students. He is patient and makes the learning experience fun. I recommend everyone to come to this school, you will not regret it.

la Quon Parker

I really enjoyed the experience. Great teachers and driving instructors. I would definitely recommend this school to others!

Crystal Hughes

Mr. Martin is an awesome teacher. He makes the class fun and you learn great information about driving. I highly recommend this driving school for new drivers.

Ervin Canlas

great school! it was alot of fun, and educational

Elijah Dorsey

Seianna Mclean

I don't like that the fact that Mr.Martin Is Quiet And he makes me nervous with all the huffing and puffing he does

tionni jones


Destiny Armstrong

Great school, work is easy if you pay attention and do what you need to do. Great driving practice also. I would give 6 stars if I could .

Diana Santamaria

mr. martin funny guy. Makes the lessons interesting:)


Me.Martin was a great instructor, taught me a lot in just the two weeks I was with him. The school is very positive and helpful ! I highly recommended any upcoming driver/student to go to Great Commission Driving School !!

Alicia Benjamin

Mr Martin is a very great instructor full of professional skills in the class and on the road I would recommend this school to anyone that looking for a great teacher an driving experience

Dani Forehand

I really enjoyed Mr. Martin's teaching style, the material was easy to understand and he made it fun to learn while making us seem like we were not just students in a classroom. The all-ages class was a good mix of adults and HS/college students as well and as a college student, I got my driving lessons in early.

markayla lockett

Mr. Martin is a great teacher. He makes you feel comfortable and he helps you understand what he’s teaching. He plays around a lot and makes everything he a joke. But, that contributes to the fun of the class. Overall, this was a really great school and I would recommend it to anyone!

taheem baines

Great experience Mr. Martin is the best instructor

Shanaya Jameson

My Experience was Amazing! I definitely recommend Great Commission!

Dekari Johnson

Great driving school i recommend parents to bring their children here

LaTia Privott

Mr. Martin is an awesome driving coach, he is works with your schedule and he has a lot of patients.

Donovan Worthingtondiggs

Teidra Tillman

I am so glad that I picked Great Commission driving school for my 16yr old. She said the two week class was real knowledgeable, her hours of driving gave her a better understanding of the road. Class and driving started and ended on time. And all of the instructors were polite knowledgeable and tentative to all beginner drivers. Will recommend to everyone. And well with the price for the services. Thank you for everything Mrs. Tillman

Serenity Carver

I attended this driving school and enjoyed the entire experience I was able to learn a lot from both of my teachers which was good because they had a lot of patience with me .

Brianna Brutus

The classroom atmosphere is comfortable and the instructors are very informative, my learning experience at great commissions driving school enabled me to perform well on the road and take the test at ease I would advice it to any body in need of a license.

Brittni Haggins

Great Commission Driving School experience was excellent, the teachers make you feel at ease and comfortable. I’ll definitely recommend!

ajanae hansford

I like this school ! I recommend this to everyone.

Zipporah Sewell

Best school in the DMV. I really like that I was able to complete the Driving portion with in two weeks. I did not have to wait four months like my friends who went to other schools such as Genesis.

Kimberly Mcdonald

Mr. Martin was by far the best driving teacher. He’s funny and make you real comfortable when driving and in the classroom. I would recommend this driving school to any and everyone because you get to learn your weaknesses when driving and continue to work and learn from it. He works best with your schedule and always make sure your available to drive. HE’S AWESOME....

Leah Roberts

I felt very educated on the rules of the road after taking their driving school. Mr. Martin explained in good detail how to become a good driver.

Dee Shaw

Dana Harris

Mr.Martin is the best teacher ever!

Michael Jones

Mr. Martin is the best driving instructor in the DMV hands down! Highly recommended!

jamar bates

It was amazing

Jade Hull

Jaden Matthews

Great Comission was pretty cool for me. For the time I was in the class Mr.Martin was very easy going and funny while still teaching. While driving he never raised his voice and was patient when I got confused on parking. After completing the course I passed the test on my first try.

stella owusu

This is a great driving school. The material is easy to learn and the teacher makes it fun and entertaining to learn.

Venia K

I definitely agree with Amber. I enrolled in this driving school in 2014 and the driving instructor does belittle and yell when you've made a mistake. Lol!!

Darius Fox

Class was very interactive and mr. martin taught very well and was funny.

Kyree Hunter

Best driving school. Best instructors to help inform you about driving. They have patience in class and on the road.. recommend anybody to attend This driving school.

Shaquita Penn

I really enjoyed this driving school. The instructors work with you and the class is pretty easy. My experience here has been great I would definitely recommend attending this driving school. It's great for beginners and expert drivers because this class teaches you everything you need to know about driving. Plus Mr. Martin and Mr. Botts are really nice teachers and are patient with you as well.

Agnes Howard

Awesome learning experience!Very fun and informational. Good class sizes and even better instructors

Danielle Henry

This Is a Good School I Came In & Out The Prices Are Very Reasonable !!!!! Mr.Martin Made Class Fun Especially With The Jokes Lol I Love Everything About It

Jasmin Holmes

Great experience I recommend this driving school!

John Paulo

Great learning experience for an up and coming driver. The instructors were thorough and gave insight on the rules of the road that made driving safer and easier to understand. I recommend this driving school for teenagers and people who recently got their permits!

Mia Jones

My experience with Great Commission Driving School was the best! Mr. Martin made the class fun while learning. Ms. Johns was sweet as pipe. Very friendly staff, just an overall great experience. Would def recommend to any rookie driver.

Gia Linton

Rikiya Taylor

Great Commission driving school is one of the best. Mr. Martin is very nice and friendly and helps you with any problems you have. I recommend great commission driving school because they are very organized and they teach you well.

Jasmine C

Mr. Martins words to a class full of students was "It is not the job of a driving school to teach you how to drive". This driving school if you can call it that whole purpose of being open is a con just to take your hard earned money while doing the least amount of work possible. Class time was ended an hour early playing hang man and trying to joke around with students. I guess Mr. Martin expected to text in his phone and be rode around for an hour lesson and I interrupted that by actually making him look up from his phone and do his job. Every mistake was pointed out and I was yelled at and talked down to. Then I was berated for speaking against his obvious disrespectful comments. As a student you are instructed to cancel a lesson 24 to 48 hours ahead of time but he will cancel a lesson on the day of whenever he wants and you will have to hunt him down through a secretary to even get your next lesson. I don't even know why this fake driving school is still open. All the reviews are right. Save your money and go to a professional driving school with professional, patient and competent instructors. P.s. He is the only driving instructor at the school so he can treat you as he wants, take your money and waste your time without the worry of you being able to go around him and complete the duration of the course. This man is rude, disrespectful and discouraging. It is not worth the hassle and disrespect that comes along with being a student at this driving school.

Dionna Shumpert


Great teachers. Very organized classes, and driving sessions.

Danielle Davis

This is an amazing driving school. The material was easy to learn and the on the road sessions were a breeze. I highly recommend this driving school to all young drivers

Jahde B

Great driving school! I enjoyed myself here. Mr Martin was an outstanding instructor and made me feel comfortable on the road, also extremely knowledgeable. I recommend this driving school to everyone!

Taysia Phelps

I had a good time here, the driving instructor is very knower and entertaining.

dahria clement

Best driving school in the DMV

Jameka Williams

Mr. Martin is the best driving school teacher ever He lets you know what you need to work on everything is just positive

Lil Emani

The best driving school to go to .Great instructors

Bessy Agwu

This driving school is great the teachers are very informative and have a lot of sense of humor in terms of teaching the rules and regulations of the roads and teaching new permit holders what do to and how to stay safe, you will surely enjoy your stay each class of this course the more you focus the more you understand and the faster the course finishes so I highly recommended.

Thomas Harris

Mr.Martin and his staff are exceptional at what they do. A truly amazing experience. Really enjoyed the course. If you have to take a driving class I recommend Great Commission Driving School. It was a lot of fun.

Arely Castro zavala

Very good school. The teachers are very knowledgeable. I will recommend this school to all my friends.

teresa brooks

I must have caught him on a bad day. Very rude, rushed my concerns, and not very polite. Not a place you want to go.

Briana Magee

My oldest daughter just completed driving school. She absolutely loves the instructors here at the school. I will be sending my other two children in the near future.

Chef Chris

The classroom environment is very calm and the lectures are never boring. Mr.Martin does an awesome job with breaking down the lectures to better our understanding. Mr.Botts is also a great on the road instructor.

Dohmelo Dorsey

Great place to learn how to drive.

P Dub728


Nadia Wilson

Payed for 1 hour practice drive over a month and I didn’t get a call

Lisa Newman

I would recommend going to this driving school. I had a wonderful experience and the teachers are excellent driving coaches

charnique jones

this school is excellent. I enjoyed the staff and the instructors are very knowledgeable. I recommend this school to everyone.

dania abundez

Olivia Hill

It was fun and great place to be.

Destiny Brevard

I experienced a pleasant time at this driving school. The teacher was very understanding and relatable.

Aniyah Taylor

Mr. Martin is the best he helps you learn and will help you become an excellent drive.

Indigo Emanuel

Mr. Martin and Mrs.Johns were both excellent teachers! I came to this class with no knowledge regarding driving, and I leave with the confidence to take my driving test.

Jasmine Sanders

This class was really fun. Although the content probably was boring, the instructors made the lesson fun and more interesting. The students also made the classes fun. We all worked together. Overall this is s great driving school.


Lena Stephenson

The class was a blast always kept me laughing everyday but we always put the work in highly recommended in my book

nana 2

I think working with Mr. Martin and Ms. Johns was an extremely rewarding experience. The environment was extremely friendly and the way the class is taught, it insured that we understood the content each lesson.

Domonique Brown

Great experience! Mr. Martin made the whole course feel like a breeze and made it very entertaining. Great commission was the best

Briana Bryant

daeshanae owens

Great commission was a good experience Mr. Martin and Ms.jons did a great way of explaining the road

Ashia McCraw

This driving school is amazing. The Instuctor mr.martin is great at teaching and behind the wheel. He is very patient and allows you to ask questions and he always makes sure you understands before he moves on to the next topic. I highly recommend this driving school.


I have great experience is the best driving school ever

Crystal Miner

I recommend this driving school. Great experience. Mr. Martin was a great teacher and driving instructor.

Crystal Loren

a great school

Mia. Paris

I Highly recommend this driving school. Mr.Martin is a great teacher. The prices are great. You will learn a lot. Best driving school ever!

marie spiñaro

Best driving school in MD , I highly recommend this driving school

Seasons of Winter

Great Commision Driving School provided me quality education on the rules, hazards, and laws of the road. As a former student, I enjoyed each of the instructors’ teaching style including energy and elaboration on material. I highly recommend this driving school!

kobepullupgang 29

Great School

amanda tillman

they were very helpful especially Mr.Martin!! i would recommend this driving school to everyone.

Yanni Jackson

This driving school is great. Mr. Martin is a great teacher and Mr. Botts is as well as being my instructor when I drove my 3 times. I recommend this driving school to everyone.

Dorian Valentine

symone sobers

Great commission is a great driving school ! Mr. Martin is a great instructor. This school is highly recommended.

ricardo aguilar

The staff is great. I enjoy how the instructors made the class instresting and fun.

Cori Robinson

wonderful school

Nia Chase

Driving school was a great experience . It wasn’t a drag like I thought it would be . I became comfortable driving on the road within a week with Mr.Martin. I am telling everyone to go there !

Jordyn Foster

My experience at Great Commission Driving School was amazing. Mr. Martin is a phenominal Driving Instructor. He is very knowledgeable, I felt comfortable asking him questions and knowing he would give me the right answer. He has a great personality and will keep you laughing every time you are with him. He is a calm Driving Instructor, he'll tell you what you need to work on while you're driving and what to do better in a very calm, relaxing way. Ms. Harbin (Teacher) is a very good Teacher as well, she teaches in the school and she gets through the lesson quickly and she has many stories about her life which are educational and funny. Overall, I've had a great time at Great Commission Driving School and would recommend it to everyone.

Marlin Parham

Great instructors and a great learning experience

Javai Ashley

I enjoyed going to class. Mr. Martin made the class fun and he was very knowledgeable.

deja hunter

I love this driving school Mr Martin is a great teacher you will learn a lot with him he full of energetic and fun you would love it here

Jerimiah Pitt

I personally love the teachers and the school as a whole I learned many Hong’s coming from this school and the classes are very informative

Ciara Contee

Mr.Martin is a great instructor.

Andre Cole

Definitely do not recommend at all. He was a bad instructor who expected me to know how to drive already when the whole purpose of his job is to teach me how to drive! Also, he made most of my driving time driving around the parking lot and picking up his friends or running errands.

K Stoddard

Great experience and this driving school will prepare you for everything you need to know while on the road. Great teachers for instructional and driving purposes.

Ryaneia Russell

Mr.Martin is the best teacher! He making driving school fun and not boring. He is the funniest person there is. His personality is great. And he’s a great teacher. When it comes to driving you tell him your availability and he will make it happen!


This school is a excellent place to learn the basics of getting your provisionals, they will guide you through every class and show you the ways of driving.

Keonna Thomas

Makes me feel comfortable while driving.


Excellent school, wonderful instructors in class and on the road, Mr Martin's is the best instructor ever. Will recommend this school to everyone.

Adrian Ladson

Great people learned a lot ..

Anjanique Williams

Great Commission Driving School is a great center with outstanding instructors. Ms. Johns is very informational and makes sure you understand the content of the lesson. No one is left with questions unanswered! Mr. Martin is very entertaining and makes learning become a simple task by having everyone engaged. I would definitely recommend this driving school to every new driver!

Paris M.

Very helpful. Love the program. I recommed everybody to take place

Naeemah Simone

Aunye Coleman

Fatima Ibrahim

Great Driving School !

Maria Morales

It was a nice experience and fun

Sakari Edmonds

The classroom and car teachers are great, my experience at this driving school was really good. I don’t regret choosing this one.

Anika Moore

Great School. I am glad that I decided to go to Great Commission. The instructors are great. I especially enjoy the driving portion with Mr. Martin. He was very patient with me because I never drove before. Thanks for everything.

De Chaun


Ara Aleese

Good driving school

Tia hembry

Great driving teachers. I learned everything thing I needed to know

Keepin up w Arieyanna

Mr.Martin is the best driving school teacher. I had an awesome time. I learned at lot in 2 weeks.

Tee Marie

Awesome Experience! The Staff Is Very Friendly. I Learned So Much In My Two Weeks Being There.. Overall Great Driving School, I Would Recommend This School To Anyone!

Dejah Liggins

Great School! If your looking for a driving school, this is the one to go to!!! 100% recommend!

Kahrizma Costen

I had a tremendous experience.Mr.Martin was a very helpful and fun driving instructor and classroom instructor.I would highly recommend this driving school.

Twiztergirl R

I really enjoy this school especially the driving portion. I was able to finish my six hours within the two weeks of the course unlike some other schools that takes four to six months to do the driving portion. I am grateful that I came to this school.

mia lucky98lady

I enjoyed everything about the school. Mr. Martin and Ms. Harbin are excellent teachers.


Mr.Martin the bestttttttt teacher❤️

Anthony Rhodes

Great driving school! Got me in and out in 2 weeks and not expensive like other schools. Driving instructor was also great, very calm and funny at the same time.

Victoria Martinez

The classroom instructors are good teachers. Mr. Martin makes the class fun, despite it being 3 hours long. The female classroom instructors (can’t remember their names) are kind, and very helpful. So is the secretary. The road teacher, Mr. Botts is the worst driving instructor ever. He rides the brake the entire time you’re driving and won’t let you go over 45 mph (yes, even on highways), he screams in your face if you mess up, and he kept turning on the heat in the car on a 70 degree day. If I had the chance, I would’ve requested a new instructor, but I’m not even sure the school has another one. If you’re an experienced driver, you should be okay with him, but if you’re a beginner with not much practice, I highly suggest you find a new school. He will be expecting you to know exactly what you’re doing. He doesn’t keep track of how many times you’ve driven with him, so he wouldn’t know. Someone needs to take that passenger brake away from him before he causes a serious accident.

Imani Johnson

My experience at Great Commission Driving School was fun and never boring. Mr. Martin is very funny and makes the time go by faster and is also very informative . All the staff is very nice. Highly recommend driving school.

Javielle Broady

Great experience and great teachers.

Dawn Sharpe

Wonderful Instructor. He make sure everybody understands before moving on to the next unit. Best driving school!

Cocalanyi Dream

Teacher was very good made the class interesting while still teaching us. I would recommend for first time learners

Serenade Ln.

The teachers at Great Commision make sure that each concept is fully understood by the students. They are patient and friendly, and provide students with the proper knowledge to effectively be a safe driver.

Tiyonna Boone

Mr. Martin is the Best. This is school is wonderful.

alexandra hamilton

The teachers were very informative and helpful.

Taylor Merriweather

I really enjoyed this driving school. I enjoyed how the classroom portion was at my school. Mr. Martin also made it fun to go to driving school everyday. He made sure “everything is kosher”.

Kiernan Deed

They fully prepared fully to get my license! I knew everything about the road and what they were going to require for me on the test.


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